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The Things I Do For You

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I walked thorough the lobby of the hotel, wondering if the fact that I was a complete slut and slave to your every whim was apparent to all who saw me. Did it show through my casual clothing and downcast eyes? The concierge has sneered at me and tried to look down my blouse when I asked for the other key to your room.

I wondered what he thought of my hard nipples and the barbells that clearly showed through my thin shirt. The walk down the hall was a long one. I found the room and knocked quietly before using the key.

You were waiting for me, but no one else was there. I was nervous. You kissed me, held me for a minute. Then told me to strip and fold my clothes neatly on the dresser. I knew what you wanted so when that was complete I stood with my feet wide apart and my hands behind my neck while you inspected me.

It was hard not to want to cover myself, still not being used to such close scrutiny. You flicked one of my nipples as you walked around me, then seemed to like the idea of my nipples hard because you started rolling both of them between your thumb and finger, a little harder when I moaned. You told me to hush, but I moaned again under my breath a moment later and you pinched one of my nipples really hard. It almost made my legs buckle under me, and it made you laugh and move your hand to my pussy.

“My, aren’t you my wet little slut? My little pain slut.” I closed my eyes against the tears of joy that threatened to run down my face. “I hope you can please me with your task today, Slut.”

You directed me to the edge of the bed and told me to sit and open myself to you. I felt ridiculous and whorish spreading myself open, but it was what you wanted and I could tell you enjoyed seeing me that way. It was in your eyes, in your very slight smile as you leaned close to look me over. You stayed there a long time, brushing your fingertips across me once in a while but not really touching me otherwise. I must have started to relax the position I was in, because out of nowhere you smacked my clit with the back of your hand. I cried out and tried to close my legs but you stopped me.

“I am not finished with my inspection of you, Slut. You can close your legs when I tell you to.”

I felt so ashamed that I had made you unhappy, and so quickly. I wanted to cry and apologize but you didn’t look like you wanted to hear it.

“Put your legs together slut. I would like you to bring me the bag in the closet.” It was heavy and I wanted to open it and look inside, but I knew I’d better not. When you had the bag you pulled out a blindfold.

You then told me that today I would be subjected to pleasuring men for you, but that I was not to know who they were. That they had been told already what they could and could not do to me, and that I was not to object or shy away from whatever they wanted. I was so scared. As you gently pushed me to my knees you told me not to be afraid, that you would be there the whole time and that I would enjoy myself for your sake. You wanted me to find pleasure in being your pet. I shivered when you called me pet, and you noticed and said it again.

“My pet.”

Then the blindfold, and I was told to stay where I was and that you would return in a bit. It seemed like forever that I knelt there alone. My knees hurt and my legs strained to hold myself up the way you had taught me, not resting my thighs on my calves. My palms were sweating, I was nervous. It was hard to breathe normally as I got more and more agitated and uncomfortable.

When you finally returned, I could tell there was at least one other person with you by the noises that accompanied you. I couldn’t tell how many, though I tried. Being naked, blindfolded and kneeling with my legs spread made me panic a bit, that these people cold see me but I couldn’t tell what any of you was thinking. There was more than one voice other than yours, whispering.

I heard someone settle on the bed, and from the direction of your voice as you told me to stand I knew it was you. My legs shook and I almost fell as I tried to rise. I was shaking uncontrollably, and one of the unknown men seemed to find it amusing. There was a chuckle and then a hand against my chin, tilting it upward so that whoever it was could look at me. It felt strange, trying to make eye contact thru the blindfold. You told them to inspect me, and I spread my legs and placed my hands behind my head. There was a comment in a cultured voice about my willingness to bare myself. I flushed in embarrassment and tried to look down at the floor, but the hand holding my neck wouldn’t let me. I felt like I was going to cry and held it back. A soft kiss was planted on the blindfold, another against the corner of my mouth. I tried to turn away from it and couldn’t. I could smell his breath as he chuckled again, fresh and masculine. Then there was breath down near my pussy. I felt my labia caressed and then spread.

“Oh, she’s all wet and ready.” A deeper voice than the first one, he sounded mean.

“I told you that she was my slut and would do anything for me” you replied to him, and that made me able to hold myself straight and regain control of my near panic. I knew that I wanted to make you proud.

Two fingers thrust their way inside me and I gasped. They were big fingers, and rough. I wondered what the man they belonged to looked like. They wiggled inside me and then were pulled out. Pushed in again. Pulled out. Again, three fingers this time, stretching me open. I almost fell over as the hand on my neck was removed, I didn’t realize I had been leaning into it. The fingers disappeared.

A hand on the top of my head pushed me roughly to my knees and then before I could think or even steady myself there was a cock in my mouth. It was big, and thick. I felt my lips stretch as I tried to keep my teeth away from it. The man pushed himself down my throat, which had never happened before. I couldn’t breathe and I gagged and tried to pull away.

“Relax, bitch” was all I heard, and a hand in my hair holding me tight against his groin. I was going to pass out; there was no air. Then it was gone and I gasped for breath before it happened again. I tried to relax this time, and realized that if I calmed down I could breathe through my nose a little, although my throat kept trying to push him out. He smelled like hard work and beer. I concentrated on breathing and then started licking the underside of this strange mans cock, letting my lips close around him. He pulled out of my mouth enough to let me lick and suck on the head of his dick, making little thrusts into my mouth as I did my best to please him. I even started to enjoy it before he slammed himself back down my throat and started thrusting. I did my best to relax and take it and he sped up his thrusts, groaning. He sounded like a construction worker.

When he came it was down the back of my throat, with him holding me pressed against his body. I didn’t even taste it. He pulled out and it hurt to breathe, I was raw inside.

I just wanted to rest for a moment, but I knew there was another man in the room, the one who had touched me earlier. I wondered what he had thought watching me, and if the first man was his friend. Did you know them personally? I wondered if I was pleasing you so far.

“Rub your pussy.”

The voice was soft and firm, like yours. The command came out of nowhere and it took me some time to realize it was addressed at me. I didn’t want to play with myself in front of these men. I hesitated. A noise from the bed and I knew you had gotten up. Shame washed over me as I felt your presence behind me. I started to cry as you knelt behind me and to whisper that I was sorry.

To my surprise, I felt you settle yourself against my back and kiss my neck. You took my hand and guided it to my clit, moving it so that I was rubbing myself in small circles. I leaned back against you and moaned, rubbing myself harder and pushing a finger into my pussy to lubricate it. You kissed the side of my head and got up.

I was intent on pleasuring myself when I felt a hand curl itself in my hair. I turned toward the cock I knew was waiting, the one attached to the nice voice. I tried to suck it into my mouth, but was stopped by the hand in my hair. I tried again and was allowed to wrap my lips around the smooth head before it was taken away. I moaned. I wanted to suck this man more than I could believe possible. My fingers were moving on my clit, fast and then slowly so that I wouldn’t cum. The man held me immobile while he rubbed the head of his dick around my mouth and across my lips. I licked my lips to taste the precum I could feel there.

I could not believe how turned on I was by this mans teasing. I wanted to beg him to use my mouth, to fuck it, but I could never beg anyone but you without permission. I moaned against the tip of his cock, and finally he loosened the hold on my hair, running his fingers through it.

I gratefully sucked him into my mouth, using my tongue the way I know men like it, absurdly grateful for the taste of him. He held still and let me suck and lick and even nibble lightly just under the head. I pulled back and thrust myself forward on him, and he rewarded me with a quiet growl of pleasure. I had stopped playing with myself. I wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft and placed the other against his stomach, using it to steady my body as I drew forward and back.

I felt his hand leave my hair, and then he grabbed my wrists in both hands and pulled them up above my head to hold them against his chest. I moaned in ecstasy around his cock and he laughed lightly, easing himself in and out of me with measured thrusts. It seemed like it would never end, just him and me and you watching and approving as I became more animated in my role here. I wanted this man to fuck me, to use me. He obviously had the control to play me like an instrument for his pleasure. I worshipped his cock while you and the other man watched, no longer caring what I looked like or what kind of slut the nameless man thought me. I wanted you to be proud of me today.

I almost cried out when he pulled himself away from me, lifting me to my feet by my wrists. He held them over my head and kissed me, teasing my lips with his tongue and pulling back as I strained forward for more. I could feel the length of his body along mine, lean and muscled, his hard-on lying against my stomach. He was tall, I had to tilt my head all the way back to give him access to my mouth, which he teased until I was moaning into him, begging without words.

As I floated on desire, another pair of hands encircled my wrists, pulling my arms back behind me to lock around the neck of the man suddenly there. He easily held both of my wrists in one of his massive hands, keeping me on my toes. He was taller even than the other man. I could feel his cock against my back, throbbing and hot. His free hand reached around to cup my left breast, savagely pinching me. I felt my wetness running down my legs as he pulled on my nipple hard enough to make me yelp. He laughed cruelly and did it again, rubbing himself against my back and leaving it sticky with his juices. I was dizzy with the pain. He reached further around me to my other breast, and the pain was excruciating as he seemed to be trying to yank the barbell out of my flesh completely. I felt the man in front of me bend his legs, reaching down to pull me up and open. My feet no longer touched the floor, I was held up by my wrists and my thighs. I was entered in one smooth motion, all the way to the core of me. I let my head fall forward and moaned as he pulled out and slammed back in.

Suddenly he was gone; my wrists were let go and I fell on the floor only to be dragged up by my hair. I was tossed toward the bed by the rough one. The other one caught me and pulled me on top of him. I almost came when he shoved himself into me, I had to just breathe for a moment to regain control. He seemed to know this and held still, letting me calm myself before slowly moving his hips in circles, grinding my clit while he fucked me. It was intense, all the sensations I felt while not being able to see. I felt the bed shift, knowing that the other man had joined us. I had an awful realization that my ass was in the air just before the man under me said “Do it.”

He held my hips steady as I was brutally opened and filled. I screamed, and my mouth was stuffed with something. I was in so much pain, but my pussy was dripping and I was so close to coming.

They started moving together inside me, one pulling out while the other thrust in. My ass was dry and every thrust hurt but I was beyond caring. I wanted to beg to cum but my mouth was full. I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer, and I couldn’t displease you by coming without your permission.

All of a sudden you was there, petting my hair.

“Come for me sweets. Come for me with these men inside you.”

My orgasm crashed over me. Everything seemed to get quiet as my juices flooded down my leg and over the cock inside me. I vaguely felt the man in my ass pumping harder and then the hot flood of his release was running out of me as he pulled away. I was pushed over onto my back and then tasted my own pussy juice as the other mans cock was shoved into my mouth just in time for me to catch his cum. I licked and sucked him clean, loving the taste of us together.

Lying there, sore and unable to move, I heard them leave. Water ran in the bathroom and then a cool washcloth was cleaning me while you whispered about what a good job I had done and how pleased you were with me. I waited for you to make me service you, wanting to please you with my abused mouth. Instead you lay down next to me and cuddled me to your chest, kissing my hair and forehead as my breathing slowed. I felt so happy lying there against you, knowing that I had made you proud and that you were pleased with me. I would for anything for you.

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