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Big Bed

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College is a crazy time. Everybody is broke, and broke all the time. Sure, there are a few around that seem to have it made, but that is the exception to the rule.

Most of us had to figure out ways to have fun, and being young we usually managed that.

I was a little bit luckier, or perhaps a little bit more clever than most, and I had no intention of starving.

I found a house to rent, it was two stories and close to downtown, on the East side. That meant a short bus ride or bike ride across the bridge to the school.

The house was best described as old, and big. The upstairs was all bedrooms with a common oversize bathroom on the end of a long hallway that ran smack dab down the middle. There were four bedrooms up there, one on the main floor, and a full daylight basement that had a dirt floor when I took over the place.

I asked for and got the right to sublet from the little old lady named Dorothy that owned the house. It helped that she liked me, of course I sweet talked her as much as I dared and that seemed to work.

“Oh, you are such a nice young man!” She said to me with a sweet smile. I held her hand for a shade longer than I really needed to, tipping my head attentively.

OK. A bit much to be flirting mildly with a 60 year old lady but a guy has to do what a guy has to do.

I got the place for $600 a month, a steal at the time. After I mentioned that my family were all contractors and had access to “anything and everything” and how much I “loved” fixing up old houses, I could almost write my own terms.

No point in mentioning that my Dad drove a bus and both of my Uncles were schoolteachers, of course. I didn’t get to that, besides Dorothy was enjoying holding my hand too much to notice I was talking pretty fast.

I moved in, the first thing I did was go to a local building supply yard and buy some of those ready poured cement squares. I used a shovel to level the floor carefully in the basement, soaked it with a garden hose and brushed it out with a barn broom. As soon as that was dry I covered it with the blocks. It made a perfect solid floor, I found an end roll of thick leftover carpet at a local company, bought that for $50 and the room looked great. Some cheap two by fours and some inexpensive paneling and I had two more rooms downstairs. I filled the walls with plastic wrapped styrofoam, that made for cheap sound proofing and insulation.

I modified the wash basin and laundry room down there, hooked up a drain line and shower. There was a monstrous heater of a design I had never seen before. The walls of it were filled with sand, about six inches thick, it was wood fired, and controlled by a series of vents all hooked together with a long chain. A round floor vent went straight up to the first floor, it was surrounded by a square steel box.

A simple arrangement, cool air went down the outside, then heated, it rose straight up to the main floor. In the ceiling were floor vents that let heat on upstairs, if it did get a bit too cool up there or warm on the main floor all I had to do was open the upstairs door.

I spent a long time checking that out. Built before the turn of the century, it was so simple and easy it amazed me that anyone would use electricity to push heated air around.

There was a wood stack in a room just alongside the furnace. It was a huge area, and would hold an easy Winter’s worth of firewood. I knew I would need to buy firewood but I had done the math, this place would be cheap to run.

I found some cheap track lighting at the surplus store and wired that into each room using the new low draw light bulbs. I got those at the local dollar store on sale, 4 in each pack for a buck, what a deal.

Then I went to work upstairs. Every room up there had plain untouched ship lap on the walls, it was ugly as sin.

I thought about paint, but instead went and got some stain and shined the walls up. When I got done it looked like someone had spent ten’s of thousands of dollars on real wood walls.

I borrowed my Dad’s angle head grinder and scratched all the paint off the cheap ugly doors, those were all put in much later after the house was built. They were plain flat wooden doors, painted over dozens of times. I stained them all dark. That made a high and low effect, they looked good. Some light yellow paint on the trim, more end rolls of soft carpet and the upstairs was almost ready.

One thing I did notice was every door had glass doorknobs, I spent hours trimming the old layers of paint off each one of them. They also had magnificent heavy bronze hinges, those had to be 75-80 years old, maybe more. I took all of them off and went down to a local machine shop and had them boil them out in their hot tank. Yep, they looked brand new.

The place really did look like I had spent literally thousands on remodeling, and I would have if we were talking about today’s dollars using a contractor, but the old place was built in 1886 and I did everything myself.

I showed Dorothy, the little old lady what I had done and she was tickled pink. She even hugged me and gave me a couple of month’s rent for free.

That worked out to almost $20 more than I had spent so far. By now I had my arm around her shoulders as we walked around the house.

I held her hand some more as I guided her around showing off my handiwork. By the time she left I had talked her into a 3 year lease with an option to renew.

Dorothy was smiling and actually giggling, she kept reaching up and flipping her hair back from her face, also.

Off to Goodwill, I found some small tables, chairs, and some bed frames. Then I got some phone wire and put in phone jacks in every room. I set that up so that it was local dialing only, I knew all about telephone bills from watching court TV.

Five counter top hot plates and five small refrigerators finished furnishing the rooms. I had to put those on my credit card, I was now getting low on capital.

The last thing I did was install computer access as a stand alone, the DSL gave me a wireless flood so I had internet in every room in the house, even the bathrooms.

The entire job took me just 60 days, I was ready.

I ran some ads on the local free internet board for room mates. I knew I could beat the market by a few dollars and even include utilities and internet, plus garbage.

It didn’t take very long. I rented the basement unit to a young man named Gary who was one year ahead of me in class. He was a nerdy type and I figured he would be nice and quiet, plus the basement had outside access. By the end of the first week I had more than two dozen applications.

I spent some of my dwindling supply of cash on background checks. I selected 4 of them, all women. The first one was Sylvia, a heavyset little brunette that was a first year student. The second one was Janet, she was a runner and long and lean. A few days later Carol and Beth joined our household.

The last two tickled me, they both not only easily passed the background checks but they both were hotties.

It wouldn’t hurt one bit to have a few decorations around the house.

With the first and last from each of them and a solid security deposit, my bank account was flush again. I got a grand in security deposits from each, I just opened a separate account for that.

More lessons from court TV.

Now I could fix up my own room on the main floor. I moved the big fancy wooden water bed frame from my bedroom at home and set it up. It was one of those California kings, huge would be the word. I had long since gotten rid of the water mattress, it just made my back hurt. There really wasn’t much else to do in there. I had my own private kitchen and dining area and bath. I installed a door between the huge living room and my area, then I converted the living room into a community area. Everyone had the run of that place. I found some old couches and chairs in good shape down at Goodwill, and even a good used TV.

I was set, looking at a nice fat profit every month, surrounded by females. Gary down in the basement did come up once in awhile, but that was rare.

The only pain in the ass was tending the fire, but Gary started helping with that after I offered him $50 a month to do it. He was one of those broke all the time guys, he got a stipend for some kind of program he had qualified for that covered his rent and fed him. He spent almost every waking moment peering at his computer screen, glasses perched on his nose.

In short order we were all pretty comfortable. At first the women were always fully dressed when they were out of their rooms but after a little while it was like I became just part of the furniture.

I was constantly seeing the girls come downstairs in their robes, or cutoffs and a T-shirt, halter tops. I never really realized just how many possible designs and colors there were for women’s panties, I saw everything from huge and purple to thin and white, and ruffles on the edges. None of them paid much attention to me, other than I caught a few obvious poses.

Women sure do like to tease us men, it seems. A t-shirt and panties became more or less the house state of dress. I always did my best to act like I didn’t even notice, that just seemed to encourage them.

Janet was the one that did surprise me, she had this outfit that she went out running in and when she came back in she would be soaked in sweat. The material was thin, she looked almost naked, her body outlined perfectly.

I didn’t mind, she didn’t seem to either.

Once when I went upstairs to repair a door hinge in Sylvia’s room, Janet walked out of hers to the bathroom wearing a towel around her waist and nothing else.

“Morning, Danny!” She smiled as she walked by me, totally unconcerned about being bare to the waist in front of me. Her bare breasts were capped with very long pointed nipples, I knew that already from her running outfit but seeing them in the flesh was fun. She acted unconcerned, I nodded to her and went right back to the bad hinge.

Sylvia giggled at that, I just shrugged.

“I have seen girls before.” I told her. After that, Sylvia was unconcerned too. For some reason Sylvia managed to break a lot of stuff, if a door hinge wasn’t pulled loose it was something else.

Once she asked me to look at her hot plate, I went up and checked it and found nothing really wrong except the screw holding the handle had come loose. What I did find was Sylvia wearing just her bra and panties, and her bra was a sports bra that was pretty sheer. She just sat there and watched me. Sylvia was certainly blessed up top, I had assumed that she was on the chubby side, but sitting there in just her underwear I realized that she was just a big gal.

I didn’t mind one bit.

Janet often came down to our living room to watch TV wearing just a robe and nothing else. It didn’t take me long to find out that she got regular wax jobs.

I sort of knew that already from her running outfits.

In the space of about a month, I had seen all four of the gals in various stages of undress. Both Carol and Beth started out being on the shy side, but when Janet took to just running around half naked most of the time and nothing happened, they all seemed to forget that I was male.

Which I didn’t mind one bit.

Carol was blond, she wore her hair short in a pageboy style, it was oddly longer on one side than the other and swept forward. Her hair always looked the same, never out of place. Beth on the other hand had thick black hair, I suspected she was of some kind of East Indian descent or maybe Greek but I never asked.

The two of them were almost impossible to find more than 10 feet from each other. They were as different looking as night and day and joined at the hip.

About three months into us living together Beth came downstairs and knocked on my door. I was pretty relaxed with all of them by then myself, I had been kicked back on the bed reading up for a test coming up. All I had on was my shorts since it was warm. Gary tended to over stoke the fire a little bit.

I answered the door, hiding my lower body behind it. There stood Beth, her hair all wet and a white towel wrapped around herself.

“We don’t have any hot water.” She said, seeming mildly miffed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I will go check on that, let me get dressed.”

“Please hurry, Carol is soaped up and I have soap in my hair and I am all wet!”

OK. Now what were both of them doing in the shower at the same time?, I wondered.

“Uhhh…OK.” I just opened the door and went and got my toolbox. The hot water heater was in an enclosure in the kitchen, don’t ask me why. It had seemed strange to me but then it was probably an afterthought since when the old house was built there hadn’t been any electricity anyway. That I knew from wires running along the corners of every room in the place.

Beth was right behind me. I was extremely aware of her being right behind me but I tried very hard to not keep looking her direction.

You would need to see Beth to understand, she not only had a set on her that was spectacular, she was always riding her bike so every inch of her was snug and in shape.

I had to crawl into the cabinet where the hot water heater was, I shined my flashlight in there and saw a nice fat Mouse, deader than a doornail. It had chewed through the wires and shorted out the unit.

Obvious problem, I slid back out and as I did I glanced up and realized I could see under the towel. Beth had about as much hair on her beaver as she had on her head, it was a huge mass of curls.

I hesitated for a moment, it was quite a sight. Beth didn’t seem to realize, or maybe she didn’t care, I wasn’t sure. Then it hit me that she was staring at my crotch. I was starting to erect and that was happening all by itself, she got a sly smile on her face.

“Excuse me.” I told her, she stepped back but not before bumping my legs. I got some wire, checked the breaker which had tripped, slid back under the cabinet and repaired the circuit.

Beth stepped forward again to watch me, I swear the damned towel was even higher now. I could even see her tiny button, the tufts of pubic hair right above it curling upwards.

I knew I was getting harder, then I heard her giggle softly. I got the wire spliced, tripped the breaker and nothing caught fire. In short order I heard the heater doing it’s job.

“There should be some hot water in about 10 to 15 minutes.” I told her.

“Thank you, Danny. You are so nice to have around.” She leaned in and kissed me, which didn’t help my state one bit. Then she headed back upstairs.

I stood there and watched, her snug behind came into view about halfway up, at the top she turned and looked back at me and smiled.

I let out a deep breath, went back to my room. Now I was all fussed up, nothing to do but relieve that. I barely got settled in my bathroom when there was another knock on my door.

I yanked my shorts up, answered it. It was Beth again.

“It’s not hot yet, can you come and check?” She smiled. She still had that damned towel wrapped around her, except even more tit was showing this time.

“OK.” Hell, it had only been perhaps 5 minutes, but I followed her out and up the stairs. By the time we got to the top of the steps I was wishing the place was four stories. Her behind had exaggerated movements, from below I had a clear look up the back of the short towel, and her lips were actually showing clearly with each step.

I was sporting a boner to end all boners. We got to the top of the steps and went down the hall. Beth opened the door and there stood Carol still in the shower, soapsuds in her hair. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she was completely naked except for a towel over her shoulders and held together in front of her. She had one hand on the railing I had installed and was just standing there, the sliding glass door fully open.

Unlike Beth, Carol was completely shaved. I went to the sink and ran the hot water, it was getting barely warm.

“Just a few minutes now.” I told Beth, looking over at Carol. Glancing back at Beth, she was hanging her towel on the rack by the sink.

Lord. Now I was in the upstairs bathroom with both of them naked, me in nothing but my briefs and sporting a hard on that I had no place to hide.

Beth reached in and turned on the warm water, Carol stepped into it and started to rinse off. She didn’t even slide the damned glass door sut.

“Oh, it’s warmer now.” She said.

I beat a retreat, thinking all of that almost had to be deliberate. They had to know it took a few minutes for the water to heat up.

I got back to my room, got the door shut. Nobody bothered me as I finished the job at hand, I was so turned on now I had no choice.

I had a fantasy of Beth on one side and Carol on the other as I climaxed.

No way did I really want to put the make on either one of them or both of them. Sure enough that would mess up the works, next they would be expecting free rent and all of the rest of the mess that comes when business turns into relationships.

Like I said, I watch court TV.

Then the vision of Beth’s big dark nipples, contrasted by Carol’s soft pink ones popped into my mind and I had to take care of myself again.

The next day Gary came up and gave me his notice. Just crap! Now I had to go find a new tenant. I didn’t think that would be too difficult since I still had the list of applications, but after around the 10th phone call I just ran another ad. It seems that people needing to rent a room can’t wait around for one they like to become available, all of my carefully filed applications were useless.

Then Mary showed up to apply. I remember Beth knocking on my door to let me know someone was out there about the room. I was a little bit crabby, I had been trying to understand some technical terms for a test I had coming up, plus I was having to run downstairs every 30 minutes to check and tend the fire.

I would have almost missed her, she was so short. I looked down, big dark eyes looked up at me.

“Hi! I am Mary, I want to apply for the room you have?”

Mary was about four foot six inches tall, she had on a simple blue sweater and jeans. It popped into my head that if she leaned over just a little bit she would fall over, the bulges in the front of her sweater were magnificent!

I gave her the application I had written myself, by the time she finished filling it out I had already decided. When Mary smiled the entire room lit up. I didn’t even bother with the usual background check, that was money I wanted to keep in my pocket. Besides, I spotted the new Acura she was driving so I knew she wasn’t broke.

She moved in the very next day. I asked her if she knew about tending fires, explaining that this house was all wood heat. She said she could do that, I showed her how it all worked.

The first evening in our community room was interesting, Mary came in and sat down, realized that she was the only one wearing jeans and a blouse. The other four were sitting there reading or watching TV, in various stages of undress.

Part of that was because the house was always a bit on the warm side, wood heat isn’t like forced air, there really is no thermostat. If it feels cool we opened the draft, if it felt warm we closed it partly. So the house was nearly always toasty, all of the gals liked it nice and warm.

I got used to it by wearing just my shorts and a t-shirt most of the time.

Of course Mary went right over and plopped down in the big soft easy chair, which was mine by unwritten rule. They all looked at her and then at me, I made my first real mistake by not saying anything right then. I had to with all of the others, but for some reason I didn’t want to upset or embarrass Mary her very first night with us so I just went to my own room.

After that, my chair became first come, first served. Within a week, Mary was running around the house in panties and a t-shirt, too. I found myself walking in on them huddled together in conversations, they would then stop and look at me.

I put that out of my head, just my imagination.

Without fail they would beat me to the community TV, there was always a silly chick flick on or some damn soap opera. I was slowly becoming the outside guy in a houseful of girls, and I knew it.

Some guys would think they were in seventh heaven, but having five on the sexy side temptations running around the house nearly all day and night, combined with my own personal rule of don’t touch?

I whacked off a lot. Both Carol and Beth had boy friends, so often it was just Mary, Janet, Sylvia and me. I liked those evenings best even though Beth and Carol were fun to look at. The nights they were out meant more room for the rest of us.

I never went anywhere but to school and sometimes to the store for things I needed to fix what the girls managed to break.

One day I was leaned back on my bed, there was a sudden pounding on my door. I opened it to find Mary standing there in a panic. I smelled smoke, too.

Dashing downstairs, I saw the furnace door was glowing, the draft was wide open, too. I shut the draft quickly, then ran outside to check the chimney. Sure enough, flames were coming out the top of it.

Once the fire department got the fire snuffed out, I asked Mary what had happened. She told me she was just burning up some papers and it took off.

Swell. I explained to her about not burning papers in the furnace, she was thoroughly chagrined. She wrapped herself around me and bawled, the only thing I could do was hold her.

I was just comforting her but Mary’s big melons mashed against my stomach were just too much and I felt myself begin to erect. I tired to hold myself back from touching her but she pressed tightly up against me anyway. She tipped her head up to look at me and smiled that big smile.

“It looks like you might forgive me.” She giggled. I blushed and managed to disengage.

I barely made it back to my room. I stayed in there most of the evening, this situation was getting difficult.

It was becoming a bit rough on me. This living with five good looking women, who seemed to delight in teasing me with no mercy was tough to handle. So far I had seen four of them in various stages of naked, and I was young and virile. Pumping the monkey just wasn’t doing it, I had blue balls most of the time anyway.

Around midnight that evening, I heard a quiet knock on my door. I answered, it was Mary.

“Can I come in?” She whispered.

I stood aside to let her in, closed the door.

“What’s up?” I asked her, thinking something was wrong or broken.

“Nothing, I just wanted to visit.” She gave me that big smile.

“Visit? It’s almost midnight.”

“I was thinking maybe you might like to have some fun?”

“Fun?” I asked her stupidly.

Mary stepped up to me and wrapped her arms around me, then her hands slid up my bare back under my t-shirt. She tipped her head up for a kiss and I couldn’t help myself, I leaned down and kissed her. As soon as our lips met, I was lost.

We managed to make it to my bed, tugging at each others clothes as we did. Her big soft breasts came into view, the first time I had seen them bare. Her nipples were larger than a silver dollar, sticking out in excitement. I began to fondle and lick them as I felt her hand reach down and wrap around me. She actually tugged me backwards on the bed by the end of my cock, her grip was tight. I felt for her, found her lips and using two fingers I spread her open. Her legs lay out wide allowing me access, her tiny hips moved around seeking me. I felt myself slide inside her, then slowly go deeper and deeper until we were fully joined. She let out a soft groan at my first thrust, then began to pump her hips in time with my motions.

I didn’t last very long but she didn’t either, the last thing I remember was blasting off so solidly it felt like the top of my head came off.

I woke up to find her still there, pressed tightly up against me. In a dream like state, I stroked her side, getting a soft murmur from her.

“You guys look like you had fun!” I heard a voice. I opened my eyes, Carol was sitting cross legged on the foot of my bed. Beth was right beside her, her legs dangling over the side.

“Well, he’s not gay!” Beth said, with a giggle.

“Nope, doesn’t look like it.”

I reached down and tugged on the covers, realizing I was lying there naked on top of the bed. Carol lifted up her behind to allow me to pull them up.

“It’s a shame to put that thing away.” She giggled.

“Yea, it’s a nice big one!” Beth said. She reached out and rubbed my stomach, just a bit too low for comfort.

Just then Mary woke up.

“What’s going on?” She asked, rubbing her eyes.

“We were just checking to see what is going on.” Carol told her.

“How did you get in here?” I asked.

“Your door was unlocked.” Beth smiled.

I looked at my door, it was standing open. I saw Janet step into my room, followed closely by Sylvia.

“Well? What’s going on?” Mary asked again.

“We just wondered, we have been trying to get Danny in bed for weeks now and he just wouldn’t do anything.” Carol answered, like I wasn’t even there. Her hand started rubbing my thigh through the covers. Janet sat down on the edge of my bed on the other side.

“Maybe now he won’t be so selfish.” She grinned.

“Uhhh…Ladies?” I managed.

That got a laugh from several of them.

“Besides, both you and Beth have boy friends.” I told Carol.

“Well, we can still do this…” She tugged the cover down and leaned over and engulfed my cock, just like that.

“Yea, as long as we don’t actually fuck you…” Beth said, standing up and pulling her pajama top over her head. Her fat breasts were high and firm, her nipples tiny and crinkled up tight in excitement.

Janet’s hand was now cradling my balls, I could feel Carol’s mouth completely engulfing me. I sensed more than saw Beth slip around Carol who was now on her knees over me, her fanny in the air. Beth reached out and peeled Carol’s panties down over her behind and buried her face between her legs.

That more or less confirmed my suspicions there.

Mary was propped up on one elbow, I glanced over at her expecting to see her upset but her expression was one of interest. Only Sylvia still stood there, she had a look of surprise on her face.

“I don’t have a boyfriend!” Janet exclaimed. She gave Carol a little push, then rolled over and hiked her leg up and over me. She settled down, I felt hands I knew had to be Carol guiding me into Janet. Janet’s long legs and slim hips began to swing her lower body back and forth. That felt odd, she wasn’t bouncing up and down like I expected. She was mashed against me and rubbing her pussy against my pubic bone. It didn’t take 30 seconds and she orgasmed with a groan, her upper body collapsing against my chest.

I was still firm, Mary reached out and stroked me as Janet lifted up and off. Carol was licking Janet’s fanny, her hands around her belly and busy stroking her bare slit. I could see why Janet had gotten off so fast. Beth scooted out from behind Carol and began to suck on me. All she got into her mouth was the head of my cock but her lips and tongue were magic. Mary still had her hands around my shaft and was stroking it.

I felt more hands cradle my balls, I lost track of who was doing what as I finally blasted off. I realized Beth still had her mouth on me and was sucking greedily. Finally she leaned back, and she licked her lips.

“That was good!” She smiled up at me.

Then Mary sat up, Carol and Janet sat up, too. I was starting to come out of the sexual haze, I looked around and saw I still had three naked women on my bed.

There was no sign of Sylvia.

“What time is your class today?” Carol asked Janet, like this was all normal.

Janet looked at her watch, I glanced at her and realized it was the only thing she had on now. I had never seen her take off her clothes.

“In an hour, I gotta hurry!” She hopped up, grabbed her nightgown and left. Beth rolled over and sat up, smiled at Carol who leaned over and kissed her.

“That was fun!” Carol said to me as they got up and left.

That left me with just Mary. She scooted over close to me and reached down to fondle my now soft penis. No amount of effort was going to make that work again for a few hours, I knew.

“Well, that was different!” Mary giggled.

“You didn’t mind?” I asked her, mildly surprised with her reaction.

“No. It’s just sex, besides, you are kinda a hunk.”

“I wonder what set all of that off?”

“We girls talk.” She grinned at me.

All that day and the next I expected there to be some kind of trouble, something to happen. Nothing did. They came in and went out, I went to my classes and came home. The only thing I was worried about was Sylvia, I hadn’t seen her since I saw her standing at the foot of my bed with a crazy sexual orgy going on.

I knew that she usually came in at 7 PM, and she did right on the dot like always. She looked at me and said hello, then went upstairs to her room.

I guessed everything would be all right there, I thought she just wasn’t into what was going on.

Around 10 PM I came out to catch the early news on TV, they all knew I wanted to watch that and they switched the TV over for me out of habit. I sat on watched the first 15 minutes, then got up to go back to my room.

“Hey, want some company?” Carol smiled. I looked at her, why not?

“Me, too!” Beth said, they got up and followed me into my room. Mary was downstairs, Janet was reading a book and just waved. Sylvia sat there in a chair watching the news, she didn’t even look up. I did notice she was wearing blue jeans and a blouse rather than her usual T-shirt and panties.

We no more than got into my room before Carol was tugging at my clothes. Beth just peeled hers off and hopped onto the bed. In no time the three of us were all naked, Beth and Carol were spending as much time playing with each other as they were with me. I was delighting in burying my face in that huge mass of black pubis hair Beth had between her legs. I actually had to dig a little bit to get the hairs aside to find her sweet pussy. She was letting out little squeaks as I licked upwards across her clit, while Carol was sucking my cock firmly. How she got the entire thing in her mouth I don’t know but she did, she even let her tongue slip out and licked my testicles each time she swallowed me down.

Then she lifted off of me.

“I am going to fuck him!” She announced, to no one in particular. That just sounded strange.

“Really?” Beth said. “What about Jerry?”

“To hell with Jerry, he is a lousy lay, I bet this thing is lots better.” She had one hand holding my erection.

Then she scooted up, pointed me and I felt myself go in to the hilt in one motion. That got a giggle from Beth.

“God, you are such a whore!” Beth said, laughing as Carol began to bounce up and down.

“Oh, shut up, you want some too!” Carol managed to mutter between strokes. I just hung on for dear life, Carol was really energetic. I gritted my teeth to keep from coming, finally I felt Carol begin to shudder so I just let it go.

She let out a scream that I knew damn good and well could be heard clear in the other room. Then her body relaxed, she flattened against me. Her breasts felt wonderful against my bare chest.

“I felt that hitting me clear up inside!” She said softly, looking me right in the eyes.

“I suppose you got all of it?” Beth giggled.

“Yea, I think so.” They leaned towards each other and kissed, Carol was still sitting with me embedded inside her. She slid up and off of me, rolled over to Beth and went to work between her legs. I lay there on one elbow and watched as she licked Beth to one orgasm after another.

“I get to fuck him next!” Beth said afterwards.

“Really? What about Jerry?” Carol asked with a grin.

“Fuck Jerry, he is a lousy lay.”

“Wait a minute, you are both going out with guys named Jerry?” I asked.

“Same Jerry!” They said in unison, then laughed loudly.

“Oh.” OK. I got that.

They finally left, I lay there with a now sore dick and thought about the events of the last few days. I figured I might have just screwed up my landlord status beyond belief.

A few uneventful days went by, the first of the month came and every one of the girls paid me right on time. Now that was a surprise, I was expecting at least one or two of them to think that giving up some sex meant free room and board.

Mary did come into my room late one night and we had another glorious session. I actually would have liked her to stay the night but she got up and went to her own room downstairs. I heard the draft on the fireplace trip so I knew she was even tending the fire. After she has almost burned the place down the one time, she seemed to have gotten the hang of it.

Sylvia was still my one worry, she was around but now she was always dressed. She talked to everyone like everything was normal but something wasn’t quite right, I knew. There had been a change in her that started with that first wild crazy day in my room. Janet after the one time seemed to have no real interest, either.

Mary wanted sex about once a week, but she also started dating a guy so she didn’t come into my room after about 2 or 3 times. Then Carol and Beth began to spend more and more time with each other so I never did get to fuck Beth.

That pretty much left me with Janet, but she was way more interested in being out running than she was in any sex sessions.

I went from more pussy in less time than I had every had in my entire life to no pussy at all.

I have to admit that I had almost gotten used to sex coming at me from all directions, but the truth is that everyone had their own lives and they just moved on with that.

Mary seemed happy with the guy she was dating, I met him once and even shook his hand. He seemed like a nice guy and he drove a Mercedes, I figured that part out quickly. There was no point in letting him know that I had had my cock buried in every hole his girlfriend had, yep, even up the rear during the last session we had alone in my room.

When Beth came home one night with her mass of dark hair cropped very short, I got the picture there, also. They both quit dating the skinny guy named Jerry, they had now gotten into each other. I had no way to compete with that, I didn’t even try.

They all still ran around the house in various stages of nudity, let me say it really is possible to just get used to that?

Another few months went by, actually pretty good ones. Nothing broke, no one tried to burn the house down. Rent came in on time, nobody was trying to deal drugs or getting into any fights.

My life settled in and it was good. I aced my tests to top off everything. All was on schedule.

Spring break came around, all of a sudden our house was empty. I had no plans to use the time for anything but resting up, the idea of drunken parties just didn’t do it for me. I was sitting in the community room by myself reading a book when Sylvia walked in.

“Hi! I thought you would be going somewhere?”

“No, I don’t really party much, I don’t fit in with all of that.” She smiled shyly at me.

“Oh. I don’t either. It will be nice to have company, otherwise I would be all by myself.”

Sylvia went and sat down across from me, she watched me for a few moments, then blushed when I looked up.

“What?” I asked her. I could tell that something was on her mind.

“I don’t know how else to say it so I am just going to.” Her eyes met mine, then looked down.

“I…..I am not like the other girls. I am big.” She looked up at me again.

“You look just fine to me, Sylvia.”

“Everyone says that but I know. Guys don’t..ask me out, or anything.”

“I can’t imagine why not, you are beautiful!” I told her, and I meant that, too. Her hair was always nicely done, she had a pretty face, and hourglass figure, she was just….big?

“You have never asked to….be with me?”

“I thought you would let me know?” I answered, mildly confused.

“Oh. Well…..would you like to? All the other women get to…have sex and I never get asked.”

I blinked at that. No one in my life had ever just asked me? It had always been something that just happened? I looked at her, her face was bright pink, this had been very difficult for her.

I felt the glimmerings of an erection.

“I would absolutely love to!” I told her.

Her eyes brightened, it hit me that she had probably expected me to perhaps say no. I set my book down, got up and walked across the room towards her. She had her hands in her lap, I realized she didn’t know what to do.

I just smiled and held out my hand. She took it and got up. We walked into my room, shut the door behind us. I took her in my arms and kissed her, she kissed me back. Something happened at that exact moment I can’t explain. I wanted to kiss her some more, so I did. We sat on the edge on my bed, it was like I couldn’t get enough of my lips touching hers.

Finally we stopped.

“Would you like to take a shower? With me?”

“OK.” Her voice seemed shy, but her eyes were sparkling. We stood up, I reached for the buttons on the blouse she was wearing. I got them undone, reached behind her and untripped her bra. I had seen her breasts earlier but just though the semi sheer sports bra, now her beautiful globes were bare and in my hands. Her nipples were round and puffy, the tips were tiny. I used my thumb and index finger to roll the very tip with a light touch, her eyes closed for a moment. Then I suckled one into my mouth while rolling the other. I felt her hand drop down to stroke me through my jeans, I was already fully erect. Her eyes got big as she felt me, her upper body began to tremble slightly.

I tripped my belt, she unzipped me as I worked on the buttons on her pants. I leaned down to slide them down her big legs, then slipped my tongue in between her thighs. Upright, I could barely reach her, so I pulled slightly on her hips, my tongue touched her vagina and she moaned.

She stepped out of her clothes, stood there as I stripped my pants the rest of the way off. I turned on the shower, set the temperature to the hot side of lukewarm. She stepped in and I stepped in right behind her.

We soaped up, paying close attention to each others genitals. Sylvia was carefully washing my now burgeoning erection as I washed her beautiful breasts. Then we stepped out and carefully dried each other off.

We walked hand in hand to the bed, she lay back, her legs together.

“I want to look at you, I want to see everything.” I told her.

“Oh….” She said, blushing again.

“Show me your pussy, I really want to see it!” I asked again. Sylvia opened her legs partially.

“Wider, please. All the way! Use your fingers, spread it open.” I leaned down to with a few inches. She was still blushing, but she opened her legs. Then she reached down and placed her fingers on each side of her vagina, and tugged it open.

“God, I have never….” Her face turned bright pink.

“You are so beautiful.” I told her. I leaned in and drew the flat of my tongue up and over her, getting a shudder that made her breasts vibrate. I repeated the motion several times, letting my tongue lift and flick her button. Each time I did that it expanded more and more until it was the size of a pea and firm. She was still holding her pussy wide open, I could see clear inside.

I slid my index finger into her, getting a gasp for a reaction. Then I stroked upwards towards her navel as gently as I could as I licked her repeatedly, her hips began to move up and down. I saw her nipples snug up, then her eyelids fluttered. As her breasts began to heave, a flush crept across her abdomen.

Just as that began to happen, I slid up and inserted my now rigid cock into her, all the way in one smooth motion. She began to orgasm at that and just kept on. I backed off and stroked into her, she moaned. Each time I pressed she let out that long moan again. I could feel her inner muscles conforming to my shape, then suddenly her inner body clamped down and she groaned loudly. I could no longer hold back, I pressed as hard as I could and blasted off over and over inside her. Her fingers were digging into my back as her body went completely tense.

The experience was something more than I had ever known, I wanted to be inside of her, I wanted all of me inside her somehow. But we subsided, I kept up the tiny little motions as she came down. She let out a little grunt each time I probed her.

Then as I softened, I felt myself begin to slip out so I withdrew.

“I never…..” She muttered, her eyes still squeezed shut. Then she opened them and looked at me.

“I have only had one other man inside me before. It was nothing like that.” She rolled over on her side and started nibbling at my chest, finally her lips settled on my nipple. I felt massive waves of pleasure waft over me, this was different, too.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I asked her as she leaned back. I had damn near orgasmed again from her sucking on my nipples.

“It gets me going so I thought it might for you.” She answered. Then she looked own, I was fully erect again.

“Oh, my!” She reached for it with both hands, she was like a kid at Christmas.

“Can I?” She asked.

“Can you what?” I wasn’t sure what she meant.

“I want to see it….do that.” She smiled.

“Sure!” Sylvia began to stroke me, it was obvious she wasn’t real sure what to do. She had me getting close to a climax but then she would change pressure or speed and I would ease off.

“What do I do?” She asked, finally.

“Make your hands just like that beautiful pussy of yours.” I told her.

She understood, she wrapped both hands around me and stroked furiously. I felt myself building, then finally I blasted off into the air.

Sylvia let our a moan, I realized from the look on her face that she had orgasmed from jacking me off.

Damn, what a woman! Right there in my house for months, right there in front of me and I had missed it.

She lay with one arm across my chest, we both dozed off. I woke up a few hours later, she had turned and was lying on her stomach. I had half a hardon, I reached out and stroked her big behind as she lay there softly snoring.

I leaned over her, spread her cheeks and looked at her anus, it wasn’t brown like I expected, it was more of a pinkish color. I could also see the fat lips of her pussy, they were multicolored and large. Her clit has softened and now was once again hidden under it’s tiny hood.

I slid one leg over her naked behind, rubbed it with my hands. It was big and unblemished, I placed my now full erection between the cheeks of her ass and slid it back and forth. I felt her come awake at that.

“What are you doing?” She giggled.

“I am thinking of fucking you in the ass.” I told her.

“OK. I would like to try that.” She smiled over her shoulder.

I reached into a nearby drawer and got some vaseline, it was all I had. I slicked myself up, put the head of my cock right against her butt hole. She lifted her hips slightly as I pushed. It went right in about an inch.

“Ouch!” She said.


I waited, then felt her relax.

“OK, just a little more.” She said.

It took a solid 15 minutes but finally I was all the way in. She seemed to like it, it felt incredibly tight though. I pulled out, got up and went to the bathroom and washed thoroughly.

“Now what are you doing?” Sylvia asked me again.

“I want to fuck that nice pussy of yours some more!” I laughed, coming back in with my cock pointed straight out.

She rolled right over and spread her legs wide, no hesitation this time. I watched as her fat lips parted and opened up like a flower, then I slid up on top of her and entered her again.

That time lasted a very long time, finally I felt myself building. She reached down and lifted my balls as I went off, holding them in her hand as they convulsed.

“That was amazing!” She said as I finished up.

She lay there and watched me rest for awhile.

“Can I suck on you now?” She asked.

I blinked at that, too.


She leaned over, and stuck out her tongue at first. Then she gave me a few tentative licks. I lay there with my hands clasped behind my head and watched, enjoying every second of her learning experience. It was obvious as hell that she had never had a cock in her mouth before.

Finally she rolled her lips over her teeth, I managed to not bust out laughing at the way she looked. She slid her mouth over the end of my cock and sucked. In short order she was going at me like an expert. She even managed to get me about half hard but that was all there was, I was now done for the night.

Finally she lay back, completely satisfied.

“Well, now I have done everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“All of the things I have heard about and read about I have done, even sucking on a penis.”

Well, that explained the rolling over her lips carefully over her teeth at first, anyway.

“Honey, you can suck my cock any time you want to!” I told her with a laugh.

“Really? We can do this again sometime?”

“Yea, probably tomorrow.”

I reached for her big soft breasts, nuzzled them.

“And tomorrow night, too!”

Sylvia smiled ear to ear.

She spent the entire week with me, we were in bed most of the time except for once we did it standing up in the shower and since no one else was around we also did it on the couch in the community room.

By the time Carol and Beth got back I had Sylvia moved into my room. They realized that within 2 minutes of arriving home.

“I can’t believe this, we turn our backs and you grab the best cock in the house for yourself!” Beth teased Sylvia, who blushed furiously at that.

“It’s the only cock in this house.” Carol laughed.

“Yeah, and I didn’t get any of it yet, either.” Beth retorted.

I glanced at Sylvia, she was looking at me questioningly.

“I think Sylvia and I have hooked up.” I said.

She looked at me in surprise, then her face lit up. Carol looked at her, then at me.

Both Carol and Beth said, “Cool!” in unison, then they busted out laughing.

“Oh, one more thing.” Carol said, turning back to me as they headed up the stairs.

“Mary is getting married, so we need a new housemate.”

“I think we need two of them.” I said, looking over at Sylvia. She smiled at me.

Later, Sylvia and I were in bed, she was on top of me, slowly moving her hips back and forth, teasing every ounce of pleasure out of our lovemaking.

“Well, Hon, is there anything else you need to get out of your system?” I asked.

She thought for a minute.

“Well, I have never had two guys at once.” She grinned at me.

“Uhhh….I don’t think I would like….”

“Relax. I will just fuck you twice and call it good!” She grinned at me.

“Man, you sure got over being bashful, didn’t you?”

“Yep!” She smiled.

“What do we do about the whole house being full of half naked women?” I asked her. She was sitting cross legged beside me now, tugging on my cock.

“Look all you like if it will help keep this thing upright.” She grinned. “But this one is all mine now!”

“That works for me.” I told her.

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