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Bi Truth or Dare

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Alex and I had been dating for a year our relationship was going great and our sex life was amazing, we had tried many things and were very open with each other sexually. She knew I was into things that were generally kinky and out of the ordinary. One time we were naked kissing on her bed our tongues were sliding across each others and her hand slowly started to caress my leg. She was making little circles on my skin as her hand slowly made its way down my leg towards my now hard cock.

Before she got to my cock her hand slid to my inner thigh and started to go down further near my ass cheeks. She slowly rubbed my ass with her finger tips and made her way to the crack of my ass. I wasn’t sure what she was planning on doing but as we kissed I slowly got the idea as her finger tip slowly started to rub my asshole.

She started to rub my asshole as we kissed deeper I felt her other hand on the back of my head as she started to play with my hair holding me deep in our kiss. Then I felt it her finger slowly started to push and enter my asshole, it slid in as she grabbed me tight and moaned into my mouth. As we kissed she slowly started to push her finger in and out of my asshole fingering me deep. My cock was really hard and lying against my stomach even though she had not touched it yet while continuing to finger fuck me. Eventually I felt her hand slip from the back of my head and immediately it found its way down to my cock as she slowly starting to stroke me. In no time I started to cum as her finger slid in and out of tight asshole fucking me deeply I shot hot sticky cum all over my stomach. That was one of the first times we had done something really kinky but I knew it would not be the last.

About a month later Alex told me she invited her friend Jessica and Jessica’s boyfriend Glen over for a few drinks. They were supposed to come over around eight pm so I needed to go to the liquor store and pick up some things after work. When I got to the liquor store it was pretty quite as usual as I went through the isles trying to think of what we were going to have to drink for that evening. I decided that Glen and I were going to drink beer while the girls were going to have some vodka. I knew that Alex always got horny when she drank vodka and I hoped that when everyone left she would want to fuck. After I got everything together I made my way to register. The girl at the counter was cute and young she looked about eighteen years old, she smiled as I set everything down and reached for my wallet. As she started to ring everything she laughed and said it seemed like I was in for a busy night, I laughed saying she had no idea as I made my way to the exit.

When I arrived home I found Alex in the living room she was putting the green poker pad down on our table. I asked what she was up to and she said she thought that we could all play cards while we drank, I agreed as she flashed me a sly smile. Around eight the door bell rang I opened it and was greeted by Jessica and Glen. Jessica was really hot she was about 5′-9″ and had straight blonde hair but with brown underneath. She had nice tits and a really tight little ass I had been admiring for a really long time. She always wore g-string thongs which made it hard not to stare at her ass any time she bent over. As they walked in I noticed Glen was pretty good looking as well he was Jessica’s same height but with black hair and a nice firm butt as well. Alex came out of the kitchen and threw her arms around Jessica and they kissed and said hello then she did the same to Glen. We all made our way to the living room and sat down coupled on the couches.

We had a few drinks and talked for a while getting to know each other, when it seemed like we were all pretty relaxed I suggested that we play poker. Jessica asked if we had any poker chips but Alex told her we didn’t have any, but jokingly added that we could always just bet with out clothes. I think Jessica wanted to see if there was any truth to the joke because she plainly said sure as long Glen doesn’t mind. He stared at both the girls seemingly checking both of them out probably thinking what it would be like to see them naked as he responded saying he was fine with it. We all sat down and I started to deal the cards, the first few hands were pretty tame only small pieces of clothing like shoes and belts were being taken off. As the game progressed and we got to the last hand everyone was soon in there underwear. Alex suggested that for the last hand we should all just go all in as she giggled and slid her panties down her legs dropping them on the table. Jessica followed Alex’s lead and slowly slid her pink g-string thong down her legs and dropped it on top of the table along with mine and Glen’s boxers. We all showed our cards and Alex laughed as she realized that she had the best hand out of everyone. Since she won Alex decided that to pick them next game that we were going to play. As she thought I slowly reached for my boxers but was stopped short when she said we were going to play truth or dare but everyone had to stay naked.

The dares started out pretty tame, when it was my turn Jessica told me I had to stand in front of our front window naked for thirty seconds. As I stood looking out the window I felt everyone’s eyes staring at my ass which started to make me excited. I decided to be little as my thirty seconds started to come to an end I leaned forward allowing my ass cheeks to spread a little further exposing my asshole to everyone. My ass is cleaned shaved and very smooth so it isn’t hard to see everything when I bend over. As I turned I noticed both girls and Glen were staring right at me my cock was hard and pressing against my stomach. When I looked at Glen I noticed his cock was really hard and then an idea popped into my head. It was my turn to make someone do something and I wanted to see how far everyone was willing to go. For my dare I told Alex to stroke to take Glens cock in her hand and play with it for thirty seconds. At first she seemed shocked but then she slowly leaned forward and reached her hand towards Glen’s cock just touching the head. As she did this she looked over at Jessica to make sure that she was ok with what was going on.

Jessica smiled at her which was all the approval Alex needed she wrapped her hand around Glen’s shaft. Glen leaned back and closed his eyes as his cock started to get even harder rubbing against her soft palm. She stroked him for a little longer then thirty second but no one really seemed to mind. When she was done she sat back on her legs and looked at everyone then I saw a gleam in her eye as an idea seemed to pop in her head. She told Jessica it was her turn, Jessica eagerly leaned forward and waited to hear what her dare was going to be. Alex told her to turn around and get on all fours showing off her ass to everyone. We all stared as she bent over showing us her nice round ass and hot little pink asshole. After a couple seconds Alex leaned over and whispered in my ear, she told me that she thought I should get on all fours as well. When I bent over I felt Alex’s hand on my hip pulling me closer to Jessica until I felt our asses touch together. There I was bent over on all fours with my pressed up against Jessica’s who was also on all fours.

I looked over at Glen and saw his hand was now slowly stroking his cock as he started to get hard. I felt Alex’s finger tips slowly sliding across the cheeks of my ass and then into the crack as she started to rub my asshole. Then I heard a moan but it wasn’t from Alex it was from Jessica, she was moaning because her asshole was being rubbed at the same time as mine. While she was rubbing she slowly inserted her finger into both of our assholes and started to finger us. As this was going on I looked back at Glen who was now stroking his fully hard cock watching everything go on. After a few minutes of fingering us Alex stopped and jumped to her feet and started to make her way out of the room telling us to stay where we were. When she came back into the room she was carrying a bottle of lube and a double ended dildo with a wicked smile across her face. Before she sat back down she stopped and whispered something in Glen’s ear but I couldn’t make out what she said. Sitting down she put the dildo on the floor and popped the cap on the lube. She took some and put in on her fingers and started to rub in on Jessica’s asshole then mine.

I felt the end of the dildo press against my asshole as it slowly to push into me and stretching my tight asshole. I closed my eyes and tried to relax as it went further I could feel Jessica’s ass getting closer to mine. After a few minutes I started to feeling pushing and realized that Jessica was fucking herself onto the dildo causing it slide in and out of my ass and into her pussy. Then I sensed that someone was in front of me, when I opened my eyes I came face to face with glen’s cock he was really hard and a drop of precum had formed on the tip of his cock. I couldn’t help myself as I felt my tongue flick across the smooth skin on the head of his cock I tasted sweet salty cum. I started to get really turned on with Glen’s hard cock in front of me and Jessica’s ass pushing against mine as we fucked each other. Glen pushed forward and his cock slowly parted my lips making its way to the back of my throat. I felt it pulsing and getting harder as I started to lick and suck it cause Glen to moan. As I was sucking I felt a hand slowly wrapping around my cock and realized that Alex was stroking me as she played with her pussy. So there I was on all fours with a cock in my mouth fucking a double ended dildo ass to ass with Jessica while Alex jerked me off. After a while it became too much and I could feel the urge to cum, then it happened I started shooting cum all over our floor as Glen’s cock started to jerk and pulsate in mouth flooding it with cum. I felt a push on my ass and heard Jessica moan loud as she started to cum on the dildo, while feverishly rubbed her clit cumming hard.

After everyone cleaned up and we all had clothes back on our guests made their way to the door. We all exchanged goodbyes as Jessica and Glen made their way out to the car. As we swung the door shut Alex grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deeply. When our lips parted she looked me in the eye and licked her lips telling me she had a great time.

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