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Becca and Steve

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As you can tell from previous stories, Katie and I have a very active sex life. We are open to a lot of different options and very rarely turn down an opportunity to try something new. Of course, with her being best friends with Becca, they share their deepest wants and desires with each other. That usually ends up with something new happening and everybody gets excited to give it a go.

Katie and Becca have been up to some shenanigans lately, but we just weren’t sure what. They seemed to have more secretive conversations and lots of extra giggles and what not. Needless to say, Steve and I were about to find out first hand, what the hoopla was all about. It as winter time and that’s when a lot of goofy stuff goes on. Sure enough Katie was going full tilt with some upgrades.

I went with her when she decided to get her clit and nipples pierced. She looked totally slutty hot and it just made me love her appearance even more. To top it all off, she got a tramp stamp tattoo of some cute swirls and little doves. Her desire to look slutty was easily accomplished, especially with a husband like me, who is willing to accommodate her wishes.

Also during the winter, Katie had been filling Becca in on all her exploits younger guys and black cock. Becca’s eyes were always wide with the exciting visions of hearing about Katie’s exploits. She kept looking at Steve as if asking him for approval to have some more fun of her own. It’s not as if they don’t do anything extra, because they do, just not the same stuff we have done.

During all this time the girls had concocted a plan to have a big old fuck fest for themselves over the 4th of July holiday. They put the wheels in motion and then gave us all the details. Ultimately we would rent a houseboat for the week and party our asses off. Of course, as avid boaters, we knew where all the party coves are, and we have visited them on occasion. However, this trip would be a little different.

The girls want to be the center of attention, so they plan to pull out all the stops to see who can be the sluttiest. We would bring our boat with us, to go out and gather up some party crowd and bring them back to the floating sex shack and fuck our brains out. I was up for it as Steve was squirming in anticipation of seeing them go all out. This was still a long way off, but it sure was fun planning the trip.

Summer came and When we finally pulled the houseboat from the dock, you could feel the excitement in the air. Both girls were very giddy with anticipation of the upcoming week and not exactly sure how well it would go. They had some good ideas in the works and we were all ready to see it play out. They both brought a ton of super skimpy bikinis and slutty looking tight clothes. Steve and I had no real plans other than to watch our hot wives prance around, getting everybody hot and horny. We knew that they were gonna get fucked silly and couldn’t wait for the action to start.

The girls agreed to only drink minimal amounts of alcohol all week. They didn’t want that to be the cause of their debauchery, they wanted to see who could be the sluttiest without being impaired. And they also wanted to be picky and not bring in tons of drunk people, as nobody wanted tons of drunk kids puking on our boats. So that was just about the only rules they made. They seemed pretty much up for anything, and I’m sure their plans would put any of the ‘girls gone wild’ videos to shame. It’s important to note that my wife is 44 and Becca is almost 47. However, they are both still very hot and guys of all ages would die to get in their pants.

Katie is 5′-1″ tall and about 120 lbs. She has dark black big 1980’s hair. Her boobs are nice saggy mom boobs with a 36C cup. She has all the lines and wrinkles associated with giving birth to 2 kids but carries it very well. Her full hips an slight tummy pouch are accentuated by her tiny waist. Becca is the same height but maybe 110 lbs, with big fake boobs. She is not quite as curvy as Katie, but still built quite nice.

Our first day there consisted of nothing more than finding out which coves had the biggest crowds. We parked the houseboat and got setup for the week. There were several other houseboats tied together with large groups partying like we planned to do. There were also several other large groups of smaller boats, all rafted up, enjoying the ultimate party atmosphere. Girls were flashing their tits and pussies and guys were busy trying to get a glimpse or even cop a feel. It was a massive mix of young and old. Some of the 40 something moms, like Katie and Becca, were as hot as the 20 year olds. That made things even more exciting, and the girls had their eyes immediately on the younger guys.

The girls finally emerged in some of the smallest thong bikinis I have ever seen. Their appearance got the attention of several onlookers who were close by. The hooting and hollering began and the girls just soaked up the attention. Katie wore a black leather bikini with magenta and purple flames. She teased her hair into a huge 80’s style doo and painted her nails to match the magenta in the suit. Her tat was on display for all to see and her tan was top notch.

Becca’s fake boobs were squeezed into a white suite that would become see-through when wet. The material covering her pussy was so tight and thin, that her camel toe was the main draw to her outfit. Everybody could easily see as she was advertising it openly.

They fell right into the moment and began to give brief glimpses of their goods, by flashing some of the onlookers. We even invited about 20 or so people to come onto our boat and party with us. The boat is 75′ long and has a fully usable rooftop, half of which was under a canopy. The roof also included a bar, tables and chairs, driving area and a huge 20×20 padded sun lounger. The sound system really set the mood as this week’s party was just beginning to heat up. The sun was bright and it was every bit of 90 degrees.

Steve and I tended bar and just mingled about. We wanted to make sure that everybody had something to drink, but not allowing anybody to get out of control. The bar had 2 margarita machines so we kept them full all day. There was a big storage box mounted on the roof that looked more like a little stage. It was maybe 2’x4’x18″ tall. And that’s exactly what Katie used it for, a little stage. She stood up there and faced the crowd and gave a loud whistle. “Alright, listen up people. We are the Queen Vixen’s here and this is OUR party. We make the rules as we want and we change them as we want. We decide who stays and goes. We decide who gets to do what and with whom. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Play by the rules and see what can happen. Piss us off and you’re gone”.

Everybody cheered and the party resumed. Again it didn’t take long for a few couples to pair off and indulge in some sex. One of the guys was sitting in a chair, getting a blow job from some girl. Another couple was getting hot and heavy in another corner. Nobody seemed to mind how quickly things progressed and several of the people just watched quietly. However, all the boats around us were starting to catch on and there was partying going on everywhere you looked.

We knew where this party was headed and it couldn’t happen soon enough. The majority of the group was in their mid to late 20’s and a mix of guys and girls both. Each one of these chicks was hotter than the next and I even briefly wondered if the wives even considered what Steve and I might feel the need to do. It quickly turned into a boob flashing contest to see who had the nicest boobs. Of course, both the wives were the center of attention, because they were old enough to be the mom to some of these guys, and of course, all young guys want older experienced women. There were no prizes or anything, just the satisfaction of cheers from the crowd. As all this was beginning, we saw more and more boats pulling up to watch the festivities.

The rooftop turned into a huge dance floor as the music got playing. Everybody was bumping and grinding. The wives even had guys squeezing into them from both sides. It was obvious that the guys wanted them badly, but the girls easily fended off any unwanted groping. Don’t get me wrong, they allowed it, but curbed so it was not just guys pawing at them animals. The guys, who danced with Katie, had their hands all over her gorgeous curves. The even gently ran their hands over her full MILF boobs, but it was all in the context of dancing and body contact, nothing more.

Becca’s guys did the same with her and the rest of the crowd just danced with each other. Steve and I just sat back, drinking a beer and enjoying all the entertainment. We both smiled and nodded to each other in approval of the activities going on in front of us. I just settled back and watch as all these hot bodies became a mess of sweaty, tanned skin, just moving with the beat of the music.

I quickly spotted a real cutie that I would love to get better acquainted with. She appeared to be maybe 19 or 20 at the most with dark black hair with a pony tail sticking out the back of a baseball cap. She had naturally saggy C cup boobs, and still packing some of her freshman 15, which resulted in some serious hip and waist curves. Her super smooth skin was golden brown from the sun. Her body swayed to the music as I admired how she was poured into a little bright red string bikini. Her belly button charm dangled wildly as it was attached to her loose hanging belly chain. My dick twitched in response to seeing such a nice piece of eye candy.

It didn’t look as if she was with anybody in particular. She appeared a little more conservative than the other girls and was not flashing her boobs. She was even fending off the guys who just wanted to grope her wildly. I could sense her self confidence while she danced, but I also detected some shyness. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and we even made eye contact a few times, with both of us smiling at each other. I suddenly was aware of thinking about Katie. I wondered if they planned to allow me and Steve to have some out of control fun too. All along, this trip was about them, but what about me. I guess I’ll just go for it and see what happens.

I knew instantly that I wanted to fuck this little hottie before somebody else did, so I put my plan into action. I figured if I gave her plenty of attention and put on the schmooze, then she would be mine for the taking. I got up and approached her on the dance floor. I introduced myself as the boat owner and she said her name was Kiki. What A nice little slutty name for a little hottie like this. She was here with some cousins, but got separated during some boat shuffles earlier in the day. She just came to our boat when we invited the group she was with. She didn’t even really know any of them.

Sure enough, she’s a 19 year old freshman at a college down south. She was easy to talk to and quite confident about her body in such a small suit. However, I still sensed a little bit of shyness. We began to dance and she was really into it. She wasn’t shy about grinding her mound into my cock, which stiffened instantaneously. She obviously knew I was hard, and I felt as if she deemed it a victory. During the course of dancing and talking, I told her that she was invited to come party with us every day. She was very appreciative and seemed to add a little more body contact as we danced.

Katie and Becca were really enjoying being the center of attention. Even with some people paired off, our wives were still drawing a crowd, and they hadn’t even really done anything. I was still attached to KiKi at the hips. While Katie mingled, I was behind Kiki, with my hand on her hips, pulling her ass back onto my throbbing cock. She knew it and she responded by gyrating her ass very slow and deliberately.

As Katie danced with more guys, we made eye contact. She saw cute little Kiki and gave me a thumbs up and shook her head yes. That was my green light to know that I was allowed to get my groove on too. I wanted the connection with Kiki to last all week, yet I wanted to just fuck the shit out of her right now. Somehow, she knew that as she turned around and pulled my head down for a kiss. She jammed her tongue in my mouth and kissed me wildly. I responded my doing the same. Just as I was getting warmed up, she stopped. “I wanna be like them.” “Like who?” She pointed to Becca and Katie and replied… “Like them, the Queen Vixens. I want to be up there and be one that EVERYBODY wants, just like them. Just look at them. EVERYBODY wants to be with them, even the girls. ” “Well, I’ll see what I can do. This is their party and they will need to approve.” “Well let me give you some incentive to help me out.”

With that, she pushed me back into a chair and dropped to her knees between my legs. She reached up and grabbed the waistband of my shorts. She began to tug, so I lifted up my ass to accommodate her actions. My cock immediately sprang to attention as this smoking hot 19 year old was getting ready to blow me. She leaned in and sucked the purple knob into her mouth and sucked as if sucking on a lollipop. My body tensed up as she did this and her hand went right to my shaft.

She wasted no time at all slobbering all over my dick while jerking me off. She sucked my head into her warm moist mouth again and then proceeded to suck me off while getting a firm grip and rhythm working with her hand. After a moment or so, she squatted way down and licked the underside of my ball sack. Her tongue twirled and flicked my sensitive skin and I almost jumped out of the chair. She could tell she hit the right spot and went for more. Next thing I know, her tongue brushed across my taint and I broke out into a cold sweat. It was only a matter of minutes until I was blasting my load into her mouth. I didn’t even need to ask, she just swallowed it all. She swallowed as fast as I blew it into her. As she was done, she gave a devilish look. “Damn, that was goooooooddddd.” “Old man, you haven’t seen nuthin yet, watch this.” She walked over and hopped onto the box with Katie and pressed her body up tightly and the two began to dance every so seductively with their sweaty tummy and boobs just grinding away. Without warning, she pulled Katie in for a kiss and stuck her tongue deep into Katie’s mouth as their hands explored each other’s curvy hips and waists. Their tongues were an entangled mess of moist flesh. She stopped and pulled away. “That’s your husband’s cum in my mouth. How does it taste? I hope you liked it because I sure did.”

Just like that, Kiki just walked away and disappeared. Katie and I looked at each other with total shock. I told Katie what had happened and she said that Kiki could join them at the top. I just grinned from ear to ear as I knew that was the key to getting into Kiki’s pants. Katie was more than glad to have her as it was just going to add another dimension to the fun.

Katie jumped back up on the box and called game time. She asked for 6 couples to volunteer to play and there were no shortage of hands. She picked them out and they all were giddy with of not knowing the event or the prize. Katie had the crowd determine which was the hottest couple by applause. When the crowd made their choice, she sent the rest back and the winners to the sun pad. “Alrighty folks, the prize is for us to watch you two 69 each otherrrrrrr.” Again, the crowd went nuts and the couple just shrugged and went right at it. They stripped each other very slow and seductively. It was obvious that they were going to play it up big and that they did. The guy covered the girl’s body parts with his hands as he slowly pulled her bikini top off. She just played like the shy girl and pretended to resist. After a few moments they were both naked and on the pad. The guy lay down and his cock aimed straight for the sky. The girl straddled his face with her gorgeously trimmed pussy and pounced on his cock like mad.

He growled as he ate her pussy and she moaned and groaned as she bobbed up and down with reckless abandon. His ball sack bounced up and down in unison with her jerking his cock and her little butthole twitched as his tongue probed deep into her pussy. He had his hands on her hips trying to bury his face as deep as possible. He must have been doing a good job, because, after a few minutes, she was panting like mad. She could not even suck his cock; all she was doing was jerking him off.

He didn’t care as he was going to get his rocks off no matter what. Hell, they were probably gonna go fuck somewhere right after the event. I could see her thighs starting to tremble as her breathing became very irregular. She even lost her rhythm of jerking for just a moment as she screamed out an orgasm. Just as fast, she began jerking him faster and harder. His balls drew up tight and he unleashed multiple shots of thick warm cum into her open mouth and face. In turn, the cum trickled right back down on his dick and down his balls. The girl slurped it up greedily and licked him clean.

The crowd roared in approval and they both smiled triumphantly. Just like that, they both gathered up their clothes and split. The party continued with several more contests, lots of happy winners and even more satisfied guests. The rest of the day, Katie and Becca danced with whoever came up to them. They allowed the guys to grind them into oblivion, but nothing more than that. That night, we fucked like wild animals, and we could hear Becca and Steve in the next room doing the same.

The next morning, things started pretty simple with a huge breakfast and discussion of what to do today. We kinda figured that things would come looking for us and of course we were right. The boats started showing up before noon and you could tell everybody wanted to party on our boat. The girls dressed in their tiny bikinis again and we escorted them to the roof. However, they both just lay there for a while working on their tans and sweating away under the bright sunny sky.

Just as I figured, I saw Kiki making her way up the steps. She looked stunning in a glittery black bikini top with a tiny little plaid schoolgirl skirt. It was actually a bikini bottom cover up, but it did not cover much. It was also quite obvious, that she did not have anything on underneath. My cock immediately stirred as my mind raced with perverted thoughts. She waltzed up and stuck her tongue in my mouth, while she moved one of my hands down between her legs. “This is for you old man, I will share it with your wife too, but I want you to have some first”.

My fingers gently probed the smooth area between her legs to find her pussy bare and warm and I could feel a hoop style clit piercing. I wanted to stuff my fingers deep into her gash right then, but she pulled back and strode off, looking at me with a dirty look over her shoulder. I wanted to be the one to make her beg for it but it seems that she beat me to the punch. Katie saw her too and pulled her over to front of the boat and they chatted. Steve and I realized that we could make a few bucks off the event. We charged $5 per person and provided the margaritas. We allowed about 50 people on board and shut the gate. Still, it was obvious, that other boats hung around in case there was more room on the roof.

Katie took her spot on the box and announced the ground rules again, and she introduced Kiki as one of the Vixens. Then she announced that the games were going to begin. She had KiKi do a little pirouette, and flash her boobs and pussy to the crowd, even thought Kiki tried to pretend to stay covered up and innocent. Kiki grinned and giggled like a little girl, because in reality, she still was. “Ok boys; take a look at Kiki’s sweet little pussy, because that is going to be the prize. I need 6 guys to come on up and they each need a female teammate.”

Knowing how bad I wanted Kiki, I was not going to let anybody else get there first. I lunged like lion to the front of the pack and some cute little girl offered to be my partner, even though we still didn’t know what we were going to be doing. It only took seconds to get all 12 people up front as EVERBODY wanted a piece of Kiki. She just stood there in all her glory, soaking in the attention, but still appeared a little bashful. “Here it is guys. The girls are going to suck your cocks and whoever can keep from getting a boner the longest, will get to eat Kiki’s pretty little cunt for 2 minutes. So let’s get moving.”

This is an easy one for me as I can have pretty good control over getting an erection. All I had to do was occupy my mind with something else while this girl sucked my dick and I was good as gold. Sure enough, some of these young guys were hard even before the girls touched them and I won very easily. The kicker was that I had to eat Kiki’s pussy right there on the sun pad for all to see. The easiest way to do it was for me to sit on the sun pad and tilt my head back and have Kiki just straddle my face.

Kiki played the shy little girl while I was busy prepping for my 2 minutes of bliss. She sashayed over and presented her smooth snatch for my taking. I buried my face deep into her bald pussy pie and licked her lips and sucked her clit for the full 2 minutes. She ran her fingers through my hair and grabbed a handful. She pulled my face in tightly and my tongue reached deep into warm moist cunt. Even when time was up, I had to be pulled away. She bent down and kissed me, not even caring that her pussy juice was all over my face. She leaned in and whispered. “Don’t worry old man; you’ll be the ONLY one getting my cute little pussy this week. I am saving it all for you.”

The crowd cheered for us and all I could do was grin from ear to ear with my face shiny from Kiki’s sweet pussy juice. I went back to sit down and Steve hooked me up with a drink and gave me a high five. I was more than stoked to hear that from her, since she was all that I had on my mind. Kiki stayed with the girls up front during most of the games. Every so often, she would come get a bottle of water and give me a kiss flash of her succulent pussy. It was hotter than blazes even in the shade, so everybody was plenty thirsty and sweaty. As MC of the show, Katie offered up game after game, and all the horny sweaty young people were just eating it up. I watched it all go down and I could tell that Katie was scoping out the group for her catch.

Just then, everybody heard a ruckus and all eyes went to the sun pad. There was a guy fucking a girl doggy style, right there in the middle of the day. Neither one cared as they were having a vigorous hot sweaty fuck. Katie strolled over and whispered in the guy’s ear and he grinned in response. She got down next to him and grabbed his cock as it slid in and out of the girl’s wet cunt. All she could do was sweat and hang on tight, as he was giving her a good pounding.

Suddenly, Katie pulled his slick cock out of her pussy and she began to suck the girl’s pussy juice right off of it. She sucked and slurped and then put it right back in her juicy gash. Then she did it again and the guy was really getting off on this. I knew what Katie was up to, and sure enough, she acted. You could tell by his face, he was ready to cum and he pulled out. He proceeded to cum all over this girl’s lower back and ass. Katie, being the cum slut that she is, swooped in and licked all the cum up from the girl’s glistening sweaty skin. She sucked and slurped and made a total slut of herself. Kiki was even there and massaged Katie’s boobs throughout the whole event. Katie got up and showed the crowd some cum that remained on her tongue. Kiki quickly jumped in to suck it off and the crowd went nuts. They both just basked in the glow of victory.

The crowd cheered wildly as Katie stood with the freshly fucked couple. She was in the middle and she grabbed a hand from each of them and raised them as if they were the winners of some contest. Neither of them cared that they just fucked in front of a crowd, they just gathered their belongings and disappeared into the party. The day progressed with some basic debauchery of horny sweaty people trying to get any sexual excitement they could.

Katie called out for another completion. She had 6 girls and 1 guy. The guy was kinda homely looking and very skinny and pale. I had seen him earlier, and he seemed pretty content to take in all the visual action. I’m sure the last thing on his mind was actually getting a piece of the action. Of course 6 girls jumped at the chance to compete, none of them seemed to mind that the guy was no stud even though they still didn’t know what the contest was yet. “Ok ladies, whoever has the smoothest pussy, gets to suck his BIG dick, and I hear that it’s a WHOPPER”

The guy turned 10 shades of red and tried in vain to cover his growing manhood. The girls all cheered and the game began. Becca was going to be the judge but with a twist. She was going to use her tongue to see who had the smoothest pussy. Again, none of their girls seemed to care, they were all that into it. All the girls uncovered one beautiful cunt after another. Becca dropped down and had a taste test with all the pussies lined up and finally declared the winner.

The girl jumped up on the sun pad with the guy and started tugging at his shorts aggressively. You could tell he was very apprehensive, but Katie went over and helped him relax by talking to him and seductively rubbing his chest and stomach. She moved behind him and mashed her big saggy boobs into his back. She ran her fingertips up and down his rib cage and he was just squirming away. Sure enough, when his cock sprung out, there was a collective gasp from the crowd. The boney kid had a cock that ANY guy would die to sport. It was easily 10″ long and not the thickest thing in the world, but much thicker than average. The girl just absolutely melted when she saw it. She drooled and sucked him onto cloud nine.

He didn’t last long at all and was draining his jizz deep into her mouth. She couldn’t swallow it fast enough and some dribbled down her sweaty cleavage, but she got most of it. The guy looked quite woozy from a combination of the heat and blowjob and he got a little pale, but he held up ok. The girl jumped up and danced a little victory dance. Katie was right there to lick the cum from the girl’s sweaty cum drizzled boobs. Katie just doesn’t care about much, as long as she gets to eat some cum. After a moment, they too, just disappeared.

The rest of the day was uneventful as Katie and Becca just bumped and grinded with whoever they were dancing with, both guys and girls. And of course, that night was nothing but hardcore sweaty fucking after everybody left. This time, we didn’t even make it to the bedrooms. All 4 of us just fucked our brains out right on the couch and chairs inside the houseboat.

On day 3, the morning dawned bright, clear and hot again. Boats were rolling in before noon again, and we had a crowd of people just dying to get into our party. Kiki was there again, bright and early, ready to go. However, the girls threw us a curveball, all 3 of them loaded up in our 20 foot bow rider and left. They didn’t even give us a hint about anything, they just left. Steve and I looked a little bewildered, but opened the gate, took their money and let the people start partying. Of course, we tended bar again, and let them drink but not get drunk. The shenanigans were going full tilt on their own, even without the Vixen’s to instigate it.

A couple hours later, the girls returned. They said they were out scoping for some boy toys, as if the ones on the boat weren’t enough. The games continued throughout the day. Kiki was in another skirt style cover-up that didn’t cover-up much again. Her bald pussy was ripe for fucking and she was ready to do it. At some point in time, late in the day, she came over and sat on my lap with her back to my chest while I reclined in my chair. I immediately reached for her heaving sweaty boobs and caressed them gently. She moved one of my hands to her pussy and I began to lightly rub her smooth bulging vulva. Her tiny inner lips were protruding slightly and I flicked them ever so softly. I could feel her moistening up and did not want to waste time. I lifted her up enough to remove my shorts and lowered her back down.

My cock was now mashed down tight by her sweaty butt crack and she began to massage my tool by squeezing her butt cheeks. I knew if she kept it up long enough, I would cum, so I began to get her up and onto my tool. She had her feet flat on the floor and her butt facing my chest and just lowered her slick cunt down on my cock in one long slow thrust. The combination of sweat and her juicy pussy helped me enter her so easily Katie saw this and began to watch intently. She never even blinked as she was so engrossed in watching this hot young tramp ride my cock. Katie was even oblivious to the guy who was grinding her from behind.

Kiki put her feet up on the edge of the chair and used her legs to squat up and down on my rigid tool. She deliberately going slow and deep and her insanely tight cunt was driving me nuts with pleasure. I had my hands on her hips but did not really help her motions, I just held them there. My ass was at the edge of the chair and my balls were hanging low. Everything was going along fine until I felt a jolt of electricity. I was stunned and not sure what it was until it hit me the second time. I looked around Kiki’s body to see my wife licking the bottom of my balls. She gently sucked one in and twirled her tongue around it. Shivers went up my spine and Kiki had my cock completely buried in her warm snatch and my wife sucked my balls.

Kiki broke out into a faster rhythm and Katie licked and sucked furiously. After a minute or so, I felt her warm moist tongue sliding up and down my shaft in unison with Kiki’s motion. I heard Kiki groan deeply and I knew that Katie had tongued her clit too, as she slid up and down my throbbing cock. A man can only hold out so long under extreme conditions and my time was up. I grabbed Kiki’s hips hard and pushed my man meat as deep as I could. My body spasmed out a thick warm load of sperm deep into her tight cunt. I shot again and again and then felt it oozing out of her cunt and down my balls.

Of course, my cum lovin wife was there to suck it all up. She even gave my asshole a little lick, which caused my whole body to flinch. Kiki squeezed her pussy muscles draining every last little drop of jizz from my manhood. She left my cock inside her and lay back on my chest. She turned her head to the side and we began to kiss very deep and passionately. I reveled in the moment as I had conquered my quest of fucking this 19 year old vixen. It was only a quickie, but it was a start. We still have the rest of the week.

One thing I noticed today was a couple new people. More specifically, a couple of well built black guys. I hadn’t seen any up until now, and I kinda figured that something was up. Katie and Becca seemed to be talking to them an awful lot, but just talking, no dancing and grinding. However, I just got back to partying and didn’t think much of it. Again, after everybody left, the four of us cut loose and fucked like rabbits again. This time we swapped and I fucked Becca and Steve fucked Katie. We didn’t plan it that way, it just happened.

On day 4, Kiki showed up early as usual, but wearing a full bikini this time. I was disappointed as I was getting used to seeing her sweet cunt out there for everybody to see, but only me to touch. She had a very sexy belly chain that attached to her naval piercing and huge hoop earrings. She looked very hot with her pony tail sticking out the back of her hot magenta baseball hat. Again, all 3 girls just got in the boat and left. Steve and I kinda took the early part of the day off and closed the back gate. No partying for now. We kinda rehashed some of the stuff we had seen so far and wondered how much more there could be.

When the girls got back, the crowd rolled in with them. As the climbed the steps to the roof, they all looked very different than when they left. It was hard to tell what was different until they got really close. It was then that we saw that all 3 of them had gotten body paint. They took their bikinis off and had bikinis painted on them. Katie’s was a tropical sunset, Becca’s was black, red and white plaid, and Kiki’s was black with pink and purple flames. They looked totally hot and all the crowd appreciated it as that was even more skin for them to see.

What really set it all off was the fact that you could really make out Katie’s new nipple piercings. I was also excited that her plump meaty pussy really seemed to stand out too. Kiki’s little clit hoop was visible also and I was just dying to take a lick of it. I knew better since they would not want to get the paint messed up this early in the day.

More fun and games erupted with Katie leading the festivities. It was totally hot knowing that EVERYBODY could see our wives naked, with the exception of the body paint. Their pussies were painted too, but you could still make out the shape of their lips and bulges. Their nipples jutted out due to the erotic environment but none of them allowed anybody to touch them all day long. I was bummed as I wanted some more Kiki pie. Kiki would lift her leg and let me see her painted gash, but the waltz away teasingly. Steve and I just sat back and soaked it all in. My cock ached after having an erection for hours, but I knew I would eventually get rewarded.

Of course the rest of the party was going full tilt and Katie had people fucking and sucking all over the place. The games were out of control but Steve and I still monitored the booze, just to be sure it wasn’t too bad. Actually, there were non-drinkers than drinkers. We were very liberal with handing out bottled water too as the sun was blazing all week long. As usual, everybody had a good time, and we guys finally got in on the action. Once everybody left, the girls said they needed to get all the paint off and the only way was good ole warm soapy water. What better way to get naked with hot women than with soapy water.

The back deck of the boat had a warm water hose, and we brought out the girls shower gel. Steve and I took turns soaping and hosing each one of them. We made sure to rub them extra slow, not just to get all the paint off, but actually as a form of foreplay. We all knew that we were gonna end up fucking and this was a great prelude. When the cleanup was all said and done, Katie invited Kiki to stay the night. Kiki just almost jumped up and down with excitement and gave Katie the biggest thank you hug ever. I knew that I was in for a good time.

No sooner we went inside, Kiki jumped me and was sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. She had waited all day and teased me terribly, and now here she was giving up the real thing. I felt a second set of hands on my body and Katie embraced me from behind. Her tongue found the nape of my neck and between the 2 of them, my cock rose to an instant erection. None of the girls had clothes on, and they were still somewhat drippy from getting hosed off. I caught Becca and Steve paired up across the room and just smiled enjoying the moment.

Katie moved around to our side and joined us in a 3 way kiss. Our tongues attacked each other madly as our hands roamed and explored each other’s bodies. I made sure to stroke each of them as I caressed their sexy curves graciously. What a feeling to be there naked with my wife, who was enjoying the company of this tight little 19 year old girl with us. Katie was just as excited to be with Kiki as Kiki was to be with us. I had never seen Katie this openly aggressive with another women but I wasn’t about to question it either. The 3 of us tumbled onto the couch and fell a pile with me on the bottom and Katie sitting on my lap cowgirl style with her legs straddling my lower body. Kiki was along side of us and squeezing her hands into our mess of body parts.

Becca and Steve were holding their own quite well. Steve had Becca on all fours on the floor and was just penetrating her when I glanced over. His thick cock slid easily into her sweet cunt. He wasted no time at all getting in a hard fucking rhythm. He grabbed her curvy mom hips and fucked the shit out of her. She was panting like a puppy and her big ole fake tits were even jiggling quite wildly.

Kiki saw this and hopped into action. She dove down onto the floor and crawled underneath Becca, so the 2 of them were in a 69 position. She lifted her head up and tried to lick Steve’s bouncing ball sack, but unsuccessfully. She had Steve stop thrusting and told Becca to slowly do the fucking herself. Becca began to fuck Steve very, very slowly as Kiki then had the opportunity to tend to his balls. Katie and I stopped and she turned to sit sideways on my lap. We both really love to watch and decide that’s what we would do.

The 3 of them were sideways to us, so we could see all the action very well. Steve just kneeled there and let Becca slide her pussy forward and backward on his thick man meat. Kiki lay underneath Becca with Steve’s big balls hanging into her face. She sucked each of his balls into her mouth one at a time. His balls are huge, her mouth was full. You could see she was using her tongue to help stimulate him and by his moans, you knew he loved it. After she released them, she then used her tongue and just flicked it across his scrotum relentlessly. All of the sudden, Kiki’s breath was taken away, and we noticed that Becca had mashed her face deep into Kiki’s pretty little cunt. Becca even made ‘num num’ noises as she ate Kiki’s pussy with gusto.

Kiki re-gathered her composure and continued to tongue Steve’s balls. She licked furiously as Steve just knelt there. Becca had even stopped fucking him, while she chowed down on Kiki sweet pie. Steve decided he had enough and started to bang Becca again very aggressively. Kiki just lay there enjoying her pussy getting eaten. All of the sudden Katie got up, gave me a sexy look and went to join the party. She got down on the floor lying on her stomach and joined Becca in pleasuring Kiki.

Becca actually had a hard time breathing as Steve was really pounding her hard and she was panting. She pretty much gave up on Kiki’s pussy. That was just as well, because Katie picked up where she left off. Katie licked and sucked Kiki’s pussy like it was some super prized possession. She used her tongue to tease Kiki’s clit. I loved watching it and finally had to jump in myself. I positioned myself lying on top of Katie and rested my cock in her butt crack like a hot dog in a bun. I was grinding my cock in her crack as she was wiggling her butt trying to help.

I didn’t even need to get her prepped; Katie’s pussy was ready to go. I spread her legs a little and placed my throbbing cock head at the entrance to her velvety slit. I sunk my full length into her in one easy long slow push. She helped by pushing back with her ass and getting me as deep as possible. So now, here was Steve, fucking Becca Doggy style, while she was onto top of Kiki 69ing her, with Katie eating out Kiki and me fucking Katie. Damn, this is the life.

Steve started first by pulling out and shooting a huge load of thick cum on the outside of Becca’s cunt. He continued to produce multiple blasts of man juice which dripped right into Kiki’s open mouth. She sucked and licked all the remaining cum from Becca’s pussy, who was very appreciative by her moans and groans. I was next as I unleashed several blasts of my own seed, deep into my wife’s warm fuck hole. We finally all collapsed from exhaustion. Eventually, we all went to bed. Kiki joined Katie and I and the 3 of us stayed interconnected all night long.

The next day started out very slow for all of us. We must have drunk and fucked more last night than I thought. We took our good ole time getting ready for the day, but the day was more than ready for us. Of course, as soon as we opened the back door to the deck, we were greeted with tons of people waiting to party. We didn’t disappoint.

We got about 35 people up top and did the typical daily stuff. Kiki was the last one up top and she blew me away with her outfit for the day. She looked like a 19 year old version of Pebbles Flintstone. She had on a tight leopard print top which hung from one shoulder and a matching SHORT spandex skirt that barely covered her voluptuous ass. Her sexy belly and waist were bare as the top just came below her boobs and the short skirt rode well down the curve of her hips. Her hair was pulled up and into a pony tail ON TOP of her head. It looked like a little palm tree and she wore a necklace, earrings and bracelet that looked like prehistoric little dino bones. Even her belly button piercing looked like little dino bones.

She planted a huge kiss on me and my hand instinctively went right to her crotch. I was not surprised to feel the warmth of her bare pussy. We got right up and started dancing as dirty as possible, but not breaking out into fucking just yet. But we sure did bump and grind as tightly as we could. A short time later I saw Katie and Becca dancing on the box. Katie made eye contact with somebody and motioned for them to come up. It was the same black guy from the other day.

They smiled and hugged and talked for quite some time. She seemed to be asking questions, while he answered. I could not hear what they said, just judged from their mannerisms. Becca was part of it all too, but Katie did most of the talking. They were eye to eye as Katie was up on her 18″ high box. Eventually, he moved behind Katie and she started to grind her ass into his crotch. This guys was huge, not fat and not overly muscular, just a monster of a guy. Maybe 6′-4″ tall and every bit of 250 lbs and couldn’t more than 21 or 22. His hands were like huge mitts and one of them immediately went to Katie’s sexy waist. He pulled her in tighter to him as they were grinding into each other quite hard. They actually swayed to the music quite well together.

Katie likes to dance with her hands above her head and he made sure to take advantage of it. With one hand on her hip, the other big mitt wrapped around and gently stroked her smooth tummy. He dragged his finger tips very lightly across her sexy tummy and rib cage. She loves this and it’s one of her major erogenous zones. I could see her gasp and inhale deeply. There was no doubt that this guy could have fucked her right there, he hit the right spots and she was primed, but he did not. He was very gentle and slow with his front hand and didn’t do anything other than stroke her uncovered skin. This drove her nuts and I knew it was only a matter of time until she wanted more. I was right and I’m glad I kept watching. He was teasing her with his hands, but still did not try to touch under her bikini material.

Katie reached around behind her and jammed her hand down his shorts. He was only wearing a loose pair of rather small gym shorts with and elastic waist. I’m sure it was for the purpose of quick removal in order to stuff his cock in some girl and I figured this was going to be the one. Katie grabbed his dick and was jerking him off in unison to their dance rhythm. Becca had actually picked up on it too and decided to join in.

Becca and Katie are both only 5′-1″ tall and about the same weight. Becca moved in front of Katie and mashed their tits together tightly. The immediately locked into a deep wet French kiss with their tongues thrashing wildly. Then Becca’s hands explored every inch of Katie’s tanned skin, that wasn’t already being taken by the black guy. Katie was goin to town with jerkin him off and he decided to offer up a little more. He slid his shorts down freeing his thick black cock. His cock was easily 10″ and thick as a bat. Katie has small hands and barely could make her fingers go all the way around his shaft. That made his cock look even thicker.

His cock was erect but it was so big, it just hung down, it didn’t stand attention like most. I could tell that Katie wanted some part of it, and was wondering how far she would go with the crowd right here. Well she answered my question right quickly. She let go of his cock and whispered in Becca’s ear. Becca got down on her knees and Katie spread her legs wide. Becca reaching between katie’s thighs and grabbed the guys cock and pulled it forward. Katie clamped her legs shut with his cock squished tightly between her muscular thighs. Basically his cock was between her thighs, with his shaft mashed up tight to her covered pussy. His dick was so long, that the head of it stuck out from between katie’s legs. It looked as if she had a dick of her own that stuck out from below her pussy slit. She was pretty much sitting on it, as if it were a banana seat on an old style bicycle.

Now the guy grabbed katie’s curvy wide child bearing hips with both his big paws and began to hump her from behind. His bulbous knob would pop in and out of the front of her thighs with each thrust. Becca stayed on her knees and let his knob slip into her mouth each time it poked out. Katie had her eyes closed and hands in the air, just giving him the green light to keep on going. Kiki saw this too and we just both stopped dancing and watched intently. Katie’s curvy body and deep cleavage were getting covered in sweat and she glistened so sexily in the hot sun.

It was obvious there was enough pressure from his dick, on her pussy slit. I’m sure her clit piercing was adding to the moment and helping her get off. The look on her face was of pure ecstasy as his cock just slowly pumped back and forth. I think Becca had finally pushed her face so deep into katie’s crotch that her nose was pressing tightly to Katie’s clit. Becca kept her mouth still and wide open, greedily sucking his head as it kept poking out. Katie reached her limit way quicker than usual. I think the atmosphere, alcohol, audience and thick black cock, pushed her over the edge. The crowd watched wide eyed as she ripped out an orgasm. I could see her tummy tremble and her thighs begin to quiver. Her breathing was erratic and she was gasping with every thrust.

Her whole body finally convulsed as she was losing control of her muscular ability and her legs wobbled and she could barely stand. The guy just grabbed her up tightly and continued. She wasn’t even done yet, when I could see the look on his face. He too was at the limit and he unleashed a porn star size cum shot. Becca was graciously sucking it from his cock as fast as he was shooting it. Steve was layed back just watching his slut wife suck black cock and the cum. There was a slight smile on his face and his thick cock was in hand just slowly stroking away.

I was so lost in thought, that I did not even notice that Kiki was rubbing her own clit quite furiously. She ripped an orgasm, just as they were finishing up. The crowd showed their appreciation by giving them a thundering ovation. Katie just wallowed in the spotlight and did a little curtsy bow. The guys pulled up his shorts and disappeared. Becca stood kissed Katie with a mouthful of the guy’s jizz. Katie sucked it right off Becca’s tongue and then they began to French kiss again. Damn, what slutty women and we are the lucky guys to be married to them. Katie just looked at me with a blank expression, but I could tell that she had been thoroughly satisfied.

The party started to wind down, so we began to drink heavily with a few remaining regulars. We ended up getting so drunk, that nobody could do any night time fucking. We ended up having bodies sleeping all over the boat, even on the roof in the lounge chairs. Of course the morning was just terrible with everybody hanging over. So we put up a sign that we were having a private party in order to keep it small. Actually, we weren’t even really doing any partying; it was more of just hanging out on the sun pad relaxing. We were drinking enough just to catch a buzz in the hot sunlight and enjoying some good conversations. At this point, it was just the 4 of us plus Kiki and we were all having a good time. Katie had on a sports bra and those micro spandex shorts. Becca had some cheer shorts and 2 really tight tank tops with no bra. Kiki had on a super tight halter type bikini top and one of her short cover skirts with nothing underneath. As you could imagine that my dick was hard all day long, with the 3 of them dressed so hot.

Early in the afternoon, there came a sudden knock on the back door. Katie got up to see who it was and I could hear her talking to a few people. When she came back up, she was followed by 5 young black guys. I made eye contact with Steve and something told me we were in for a real show. Any hot 44 year old women with 5 young black guys in tow, has some kind of plan working, and I already had a guess as to what the plan was…… an interracial gangbang for Katie and Becca. Steve and I grinned at each other like a couple little boys and gave each other an approving nod. This was going to be the grand finale to an already incredible week. This is what the girls had been giggling and giddy about all those months while we waited for this week to arrive.

Katie introduced all the guys, but I was so lost in the thought of envisioning them fucking her, that I never even heard their names. The all made rounds and shook hands. I recognized the biggest guy from the party yesterday. I guess all the talking they did was setting up the plans for today. All of them were a good 6′ tall or more with and very well built and I would guess all in between 18 and 22 years old. I could only imagine how big their dicks were, but soon enough, I would see for sure. I had already seen the big guy’s cock and didn’t really know how that thing was going to fit into Katie or Becca, but I’m sure he was going to give it a try. “Ok boys, I think you all know why you are here. Becca and I want a black cock gangbang. If you don’t think you can handle it, then go ahead and leave. ” They all looked at each other and just stood still with big grins on their young faces. “Alrighty then, that’s what I thought, let’s get this party rolling. My husband and Steve will be watching the whole time, so please DO NOT disappoint them.”

A couple of the guys high fived each other and smiled. Two guys led Katie to the box that she has used all week. They knew that would put her at the right height to do whatever it was that they had planned. The 3 other guys lifted Becca up and carried her over to the sun pad. They stood her right in the middle and began to touch and grope her entire hot body. She just threw her head back in ecstasy and enjoying it all. Steve had reclined in his chair as did I. Poor little Kiki was lost in the moment. I could see that she wanted to participate, but she was not sure what to do. However, I just let her go to see which direction she would take it. Either I was going to get to fuck her again, or I was going to watch one of these black guys fuck her. Either way works for me.

Katie was on her box dancing with the two guys. She was engrossed in a deep French kiss with the guy in front while he was slowly pressing his cock into her pelvic area. The behind guy had his hands on her hips and was pressing his pelvis into her ass cheeks. They danced and gyrated to the music and I could sense how relaxed Katie was. Even though this was something so totally new and slutty, she is a seasoned veteran and she was more than comfortable with the happenings.

Meanwhile, Becca was being stripped of her tank tops. Her hands were above her head and the guys slowly peeled off the tight material. He big fake boobs popped out and one guy greedily began pawing at them. Another guy was busy rubbing her pussy right through her shorts and I could tell she was very aroused by her body movements. Steve had now pulled out his cock and was slowly rubbing himself off. Kiki was roaming around all over the place. She was very intently watching as close up as possible. She actually seemed more interested in the girls than the guys.

Katie’s guys had removed their clothes and she was wide eyed with excitement of seeing their big dicks. Each one was packing a good 10″ and very thick around. They went right back to grinding themselves into her succulent curvy body. Slowly but surely, they began to lift her sports bra up. She lifted her arms in order to help and her saggy 44 year old mom boobs spilled right out. The front guy bent down and began to suck and lick her jiggling melons and the back guy started working her out of her shorts.

My wife still has some very sexy hip spread after giving birth to 2 kids. Anything that she wears that is the slightest bit tight, usually takes some wiggling and jiggling to get it on and off. He grabbed the waistband of her shorts and pulled down. She wiggled and shook to get them over her curvy hips and down to the floor, which were then kicked aside. Now my wife was naked with her two new black lovers. Her belly button charm dangled ever so sexily and her big hoop earrings swayed with her body movements.

Becca’s group was moving along quite nicely as well. The guys had gently removed her shorts as she shimmied to help them. As soon as her shorts were off, one guys stuffed a finger deep into her pussy slit and she gasped in response. The other guy had a handful of her nice ass and was massaging it, but a little roughly. The last guy had his tongue so far down her throat, that it was almost gagging her. Kiki was right there and she was busy with checking out Becca’s fake boobs. I guess she has never seen any up close.

Katie’s crew moved to the bar. They sat her up on the short end and her legs hung over the end. One guy sat on a barstool and positioned himself between her legs. He began to make a feast of her sweet meaty pussy. He pushed her knees up to her chest and spread her legs wide. His tongue was huge and covered almost her entire pussy pie. She threw her head back and let out a deep moan, which told me he knows what he is doing. He really seemed to love her pierced clit and he paid extra attention to it. Katie lay flat down onto her back. The other guy hopped up onto the bar and squatted down over her face. He stuck his huge dangling balls right into her mouth and she promptly began to suck them.

Becca’s crew moved lowered her down to the sun pad and got themselves rearranged. One guy lay down flat on his back and Becca straddled his dick as she prepared to mount him cowgirl style. She lined up his enormous piece of meat with her pussy slit. She pushed herself down so his bulbous knob just penetrated her lips. She slowly rode up and down trying to get her pussy juice to lube up his meat and it didn’t take but a half dozen strokes for him to be balls deep inside her.

Katie was having the time of her life with the guy eating her pussy. I have always considered myself a very good pussy eater, but this guy seemed to have a ton of extra enthusiasm. He slurped and licked and sucked her pussy until she was cumming like mad. Her breathing was labored as she tried to maintain her focus, which was not working. I could see her tummy begin to tremble as she also began to lose control of her leg muscles which began to quiver uncontrollably. She screeched and yelped during her orgasm, like I have never heard her do. She kept trying to push him away, but the guy above her face continued to feed his monster size balls into her mouth. He got downright forceful, which caught me by surprise, but she did not REALLY fight him off with much effort. So I let it go.

Becca rode her guy for a minute or so and then leaned down so her boobs were pressed against his chest. She motioned for another guy to start working on her butt. He jumped into position and spit a huge wad of saliva right onto her winking brown eye. He wasted no time in stuffing his slobber covered finger right into her tight hole all the way in. In mere seconds he had 2 fingers jamming in and out of her gorgeous butt hole. The third guy started moving to her head and I figured he was going to stick his meat in her mouth. Of course, I was right and she just gobbled it right up.

After Katie’s orgasm passed, the guy sat back in the barstool. He pulled Katie down so her pussy was touching his now erect cock. Her back was up against the bar with her arms spread out on top of the bar surface, holding herself still. Her lower body was sitting on his lap facing him with her legs spread and her feet behind him. Technically, she could have wrapped her legs around his waist, but she needed to stay spread so she could see what she was doing. I could see that she was trying to impale herself on his meat by moving her hips up and down. His enormous head appeared way too big to go into her still tight pussy, but they kept working at trying to get it in. He allowed her to take her time and she kept grinding. The guy above her on the bar just waited patiently.

Becca’s back door guy was now using his thick knob to stimulate her pulsing sphincter ring. He used more spit and then gently ran the full length of his shaft up and down sliding along the outside edges of her butthole, stimulating her puckering muscle. This sent her over the edge and you could see her pushing her hips back in an attempt to get him to enter her. The more she pushed, the harder he rubbed her butthole with his thick veiny shaft. “Fuck my ass already boy. Take that big black cock of yours and stuff it deep and fuck my ass already.” He just smiled and continued to torment her to no end. The guy in front took note of her frustration and grabbed her by the back of the head and stuffed his thick snake right into her mouth. I have no idea how she got her mouth open that wide, but he helped by being quite forceful.

Up until now, Kiki was just in awe of the whole situation. I’m sure this was far beyond anything this tight little 19 year old teeny bopper has ever done or seen. Just then, she decided to become part of the action. She stood on the floor next to Katie and grabbed the guy’s dick and helped him prep her for penetration. She spit some on his thick head and vigorously rubbed it all over Katie’s tight slit. She gently stuffed his head just into Katie’s pussy lips and they parted just enough to allow that thing inside her. Kiki’s little hand kept working at it until half of his monster cock was inside my wife’s cunt. Her cunt flaps looked stretched to the hilt trying to accept his big piece of meat. As his dark black cock slipped in and out, it became quite shiny with Katie’s pussy juice covering it.

Out of the blue, Becca’s butt guy decided it was time. He grabbed his tool and placed the shiny black head tightly to her anal ring. With a gently push, his knob penetrated it and you could almost hear it pop inside her. She gasped in response, but relaxed just as quick. After getting that huge knob of his past her anal muscle, the rest should be easy. He grabbed her hip with one hand and used his other hand to force feed his thick cock further into her bung hole. The guy happened to look around and caught Steve’s eye. “Go ahead man; fuck her with that black cock of yours. She is beggin for it, so fuck her ass hard.” I was surprised by hearing that, because Steve is not a very vocal guy. But this was something totally different than anything they have done and he really was getting off and getting into it.

Somehow, Katie got most of his cock inside her and she rocked her pelvis with a slow steady stroke, getting him off. Once she was settled, her attention went back to the guy on the bar. He was above her and behind her, so all she had to do was tilt her head back and aim her mouth straight up. Again, he squatted down and this time he fed his cock head to her openly awaiting mouth. She sucked it in with a slutty slurping sound and that made him stuff more of it in. As he did this, his huge ball sack was laying on her forehead. He just fed her his cock and slowly jerked himself off as she slurped and sucked it like the true slut that she is, while the other guy was getting his cock waxed by her sweet succulent pussy.

“Hey…..old guys…..get over here. I want what they’re having and you two are going to give it to me.” Steve and I raced over to the sun pad like 2 kids racing to the candy store. We both stripped off our clothes and soaked in the sight of Kiki’s hot little body just poured into her slutty little outfit. She pushed Steve back into a barstool and bent down to lick his cock. He got a handful of her thick black hair and held it out of the way. She began to suck his thick meat with gusto and grabbed his shaft by the base, jerking in the same rhythm as the sucking. I just stood there for a moment and took in the site of her bare ass sticking out from under her undersized little skirt cover-up. Her thighs were tightly together and her bulging pussy lips were squirting our from between them. I lick my lips and prepared for my own feast.

Both of Katie’s guys appeared to be near the end. The guys who she was sucking off, was jerking himself as fast as she was sucking. He grunted and groaned and shot multiple loads of his man jizz right down her throat, she didn’t even have to swallow. Then he pulled out so just his knob was in her mouth and he let her suck the rest of his thick warm cum from the eye slit. Typical of my cum slut wife, she didn’t miss a drop. The guy below her announced his arrival and shot one shot of juice into her ripe cunt. He then pulled out and covered her smooth belly in glob after glob of his own man sauce. Katie looked down and was rubbing it into her tummy and boobs as if it were lotion or something. She had a smile on her face the whole time.

Becca sucked the first guy off until he came. He pulled out and gave her a very hefty facial. She had strings of his cum all up in her hair and dripping down her chin. That triggered the underneath guy, and he began to pump his loads of cum deep into her velvety cunt. He shot so much into her tight cunt that it squirted out while he was still inside her. He kept pumping her until his cock deflated and slipped out on its own. He actually slid out from underneath her and sat off to the side. Now it was just Becca and the butt guy, who was still fucking her ass with reckless abandon.

After a moment, I grabbed my throbbing shaft and guided it towards Kiki’s bulged out pussy slit from behind. As soon as my head penetrated her lips, she forced her hips back and I stuffed into her in one long slow glide. I placed my palm on her lower back and began penetrate her with my full length. I used my thumb to massaged her cute little anal ring. I gave it to her long and slow and she reached even reached down between our legs and began to fondle my balls. Her perfectly manicured nails dragged across my tight bag and felt beyond incredible. It actually felt like and electrical stimulator. Then I felt a second hand and realized that Katie had joined in also. But just for a moment, then she left.

I saw Katie get down on the floor next to Becca. Katie saw all the expelled cum and started to suck it up. She licked it all off Becca’s glazed face. The she moved in so she could help the guy who was fucking Becca’s ass relentlessly. She reached between his legs from behind and massaged his dangling balls. She tugged and pulled and tickled them until he announced his arrival. He held his cock deep in Becca’s willing butt hole for the first squirt of man juice. Then he pulled it out and shot the remaining 4 loads just barely into her well worn out asshole.

“Go ahead old man, fuck my young little pussy. I hope you like how tight my little pussy is for you.” I grabbed Kiki’s hips and began to pump her pussy with every ounce of energy I had. She stopped bobbing up and down on Steve’s cock and my motions picked up where she left off. Her mouth was full of his meat and all I heard was some slurping and moaning. I could see Steve was now really forcing her down on his cock and her lips were all the way to the root. He still had a handful of her hair and just held her head still as my fucking rocked her body back and forth, up and down his thick shaft.

The guy pulled his limp cock from Becca’s well fucked asshole. Katie was right there to suck the rest of the jizz from his oozing slit. She really made a slut of herself with how she devoured all the cum today. But this was no different than any other fuck fest. Cum is cum and she doesn’t care who shoots it, she wants it. Then she turned her attention to Becca’s dripping butt hole. The cum was dribbling down her open pussy slit and onto the sun pad. Katie did not want it to go to waste, so she began to lick and suck all the cum from Becca’s ass and pussy slit. Again, the slut in her came out as she absolutely inhaled it.

Steve and I were both on the verge. I saw him tense up and readjust his grip on her hair. She gripped his cock tighter as his ball sack generated a thick stream of cum that erupted from his cock. She swallowed and slurped it all up and didn’t even leave any for Katie, who was right there in anticipation. However, this pushed my buttons as I could feel my own orgasm building. I pulled her tighter and fucked her harder and deeper. She squeezed her pussy muscles which almost felt like it would rip my dick off. Her tight pussy milked my spasming joint until all the cum was drained from my balls.

I pulled out and the cum began to ooze. Katie didn’t miss this opportunity like the last one. She didn’t even wait for the cum to drip. She stuck her tongue up Kiki’s sweet pussy hole and began to lick it out. Kiki was squirming all over as Katie continued to lick and suck all the cum from her spent pussy. I just stood back and admired my own work and how lucky I was to have just fucked this little 19 year old college hottie. Steve had gotten Becca and they were sitting on the couch kissing very passionately. Katie came over to me and gave me a big hug. “I’m sure this will trip will provide you with a life time of memories dear.” Kiki finally came over and gave me a big kiss and rubbed her gorgeous body all over mine. “Well old man, I sure had a good time and I know you did too. Maybe we can hook up some other time and we can all fuck again.”

Just like that, Kiki jumped in her boat and left. All the black guys dressed and followed suit and cruised off in the sunset. The four of us just kinda lounged around for the rest of the evening and then turned in early for a good night’s sleep. We had to return the boat by 11 am tomorrow, which meant our houseboat fuck fest for 2010 was over. We will surely have some good memories and maybe we can do it all again next year.

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