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Bernardo was a Spanish bandit. And right now he was a Spanish bandit in the possession of a very beautiful and rich young noble lady. Even more pleasing, the young noble woman was at the moment on her knees in front of him, pleading to keep her maidenhead so that she would still be untouched upon her release. Such release would come tonight when her family left the money in the place that he had denoted. Whenever it came to these young innocent women he could always find such pleasure in the multitude of things that they had to offer him.

First a foremost, the money he got from their families. Also the time spent looking upon their beauty. And lastly, watching these beauties please him sexually.

Innocent as they were, they didn’t realize that their maidenhead was quite easy to protect, and that he would still be able to soil them. But since there would be no signs of the impurities forced upon them, that they wouldn’t be disgraced except to themselves. And to God, but that was for them to deal with later. Certainly he was putting his own soul in danger much more than theirs.

As the girl wound up her argument as to why he shouldn’t ravish her, he smiled. Lady Purisima immediately fell silent at the malicious and anticipatory look on his face, fearing that her pleadings had done no good and that she was about to be ravished.

“I will not take away your maidenhead,” he told her, and she relaxed, “It would be a shame to deprive Lady Purisima of her name.” The pun on her name was obvious to her, her name meant “Pure”, which was what she strove to be. He grinned at her relief, “But you will have to make it up to me.”

“How??!!” her eyes were wide. A 20 year old virgin, he thought, so shockingly old and not even in a convent!! Never mind that the convent had been her destination before he’d plucked her up out of the baggage train. Really, she should have been there years ago. He wondered why she hadn’t been able to get a husband, being both pleasing to look at and endowed with a sizable dowry. Perhaps the rumors that she had fought her parents, demanding to be sent to the convent, were true.

Smiling he reached down, she trembled and closed her eyes as one of his fingers slid along the curve of her breast.

“Disrobe.” he ordered her. Lady Purisima looked up at him, shocked.

“But…” she started, breathless and afraid. Had he not just said that he would not dishonor her?

“You will keep your maidenhead,” he didn’t allow her to finish, “But you will still pleasure me. Or you will not keep your maidenhead and I will take you by force. It is your choice.” His smile was most unpleasant to her now.

Mutely she stared at him, and then got to her feet and began quietly undressing. For whatever reason she trusted that he would keep his word. Innocent as she was, she had no idea how he would be pleasured without taking her maidenhead, but she trusted that he would not as long as she cooperated.

Naked and afraid, she hugged herself as his eyes roamed her body. “Take your arms down.” she didn’t moved. “Take your arms down.” he ordered again. Purisima’s eyes pleaded with him as her hands and arms covered her plump breasts and the patch of hair between her thighs. Angry, Bernardo stepped forward. Lady Purisima closed her eyes as he forced her arms to either side of her body so that he could look upon her nakedness. She was beautiful, breasts heaving with her terror, ivory skin soft and supple. He ran his hands along her body and she shuddered.

“Get on your knees.” he told her. Eyes sparkling with unshed tears, big brown orbs in her tight, drawn face, she obeyed. Undoing the laces on his pants, his thick meat sprung forward, bobbing in front of her horrified eyes. Obviously this was the first time that she’d seen a man; instinctively she leaned away from his manhood. Grabbing her hair he pulled her forward. “Open your mouth.”

Staring up at him, her eyes pleaded, “No…”

As soon as her mouth opened he shoved his cock forwards, warning, “Do not bite me, or you will lose your maidenhead.” Obediently, she kept her mouth open, even as the first of her tears began sliding down her face. They did nothing to mar her beauty, and he admired how pretty she looked with her pink lips wrapped tightly around his dick.

“Use your tongue, suckle on me,” he ordered her, and began moaning his gratification as she obeyed. Her mouth was obviously untried, but there was something about innocence that made his balls tighten anyway. And she was quite the innocent. He began pressing his meat in and out of her mouth, making her gag slightly as he pushed more and more of his thickness down her throat. But she wasn’t resisting anymore, and stopped holding her so roughly with his hands, using them instead to caress her hair and face as she sucked him.

Reaching down he grabbed hold of her breasts, and could hear her muffled protests around his dick. However, she didn’t make any move to try and remove his hands. Pinching her nipples gently he began to squeeze and knead her round breast-flesh, enjoying the feel of a woman in his hands. Especially since he was quite sure that he was the first man to ever get his hands on these exquisite tits and their alluring pink nipples. Despite her lack of technique, the knowledge of her innocence brought him fairly quickly to orgasm. Probably helped that he hadn’t had a woman in several months either, and he certainly didn’t intend on wasting anything with this one. She was much too pretty to waste.

Holding her head tightly against his crotch as she struggled weakly, he poured his seed down her throat and into her stomach. When he finally released her she gagged, dry-heaved a little as the taste of his seed lay heavily on her tongue, and burst into tears. As she cried he gathered her up in his arms and took her over to the blanket covered hay, laying her on one of the bales. She tried to curl up on her side, but he forced her back onto her back, looking over the splendid expanse of her body.

Entranced by her beauty, he began running his fingers over her breasts, teasing her bashful nipples back to hardness. He lowered his lips to them, and she moaned as his mouth engulfed the first sensitive bud, her body starting to hum with pleasures that she had never experienced before. The tingling traveled all the way to her womanhood, which began to itch with a kind of need that she had felt before but had never known what it meant. Lady Purisima didn’t know what was happening to her, she wanted to pray but felt that she was too filthy to at this moment; her mouth still tasted of the bandit’s seed, and her body was responding to his mouth and hands being upon it. More tears leaked from her eyes at her body’s betrayal, her other nipple erect and yearning for the feel of his tongue rough against it.

Bernardo could feel the responses he was getting from her, the way her innocence was slowly turning to passionate fire. He sucked the other nipple into his mouth, biting down gently and listening to her faint moans of pleasure as he suckled at her breasts. Lowering his free hand to her pussy, he spread her thighs easily, caressing the soft plump flesh of her legs. Lady Purisima shuddered and moaned, the soft trailing along her inner thighs had her burning with desire, she could feel cool air touching the moist flesh of her womanhood, tantalizing and teasing.

Slowly his hand caressed its way up to the apex of her thighs, his fingers sliding along her wetness and tugging gently at the hair there. Her hips bucked as his thumb brushed against her engorged clit, that sweet bud which was now peeking out between the folds of her pussy. Bernardo grinned as he maneuvered himself between her thighs, fiery kisses burning a path down her stomach to her groin. Lady Purisima’s small hands entwined themselves in his hair as his tongue slid along the musky sweetness of her slit, and she shrieked her surprise as his mouth touched her innermost being. Quickly his tongue began to dance along her womanhood, making her gasp and twitch, her body slowly lost to sensation.

It would have been quite easy for him to take her now, she wouldn’t have even protested… and yet he didn’t. He kept his word. Instead, his tongue played her body, his mouth suckling at her clit like it had at her breasts, taking that small bud between his teeth until she shrieked with pleasure. For one so innocent, it didn’t take her very long to reach a long and roiling climax, her body jerking and convulsing on the hay. His mouth stayed at her wetness, drinking her juices, and deftly prolonging her orgasm until she lay exhausted and twitching, her body glistening with sweat.

When he raised himself up, her eyes were bright and her cheeks were flushed, despite the fact that she felt soiled and dirty. She couldn’t deny the pleasure he had brought her.

Carefully he flipped her over, arranging her body so that she was draped over the hay, her knees on the ground and her hips pressed against the corner of the bale. Her delectable ass cheeks were open and spread, ivory orbs that enhanced the pink wetness of her pussy. Leaning down he blew out air across that heated flesh, listening to her whimper as it touched the over sensitive organ.

Reaching over, he grabbed a can of lard, coating on of his fingers into it. Pressing that finger against her pink, crinkled anus, he used his other hand to hold her down as she protested. It wasn’t a very long protest, she realized that she was at his mercy, and as disgusting as having his finger in her bumhole was, at least she would be keeping her maidenhead. The more important things first after all.

Slowly his finger slid into her ass, greasing it with the lard, and she moaned, wriggling with discomfort. His finger felt impossibly thick, spearing her and spreading her apart, and her asshole felt distended and swollen around it. Eventually her bum had swallowed up the entire digit, and he began moving it in and out of her, mimicking the sex act with his finger and her asshole. Lady Purisima moaned and wriggled, trying to get used to the strange sensation of something invading her most private area. After a little bit it stopped feeling bad, in fact, it started feeling rather good. Something uncoiled inside her belly again, fueling the itch in her pussy.

Bernardo smiled as his finger slipped in and out of her ass easily, his own dick was already hard and ready to go, but he didn’t want to hurt the girl after all. Especially not after the display of sexual passion that she’d put on earlier, such an aptitude for sex should be rewarded.

Pulling his finger from her ass, he re-greased it along with his middle finger. Lady Purimisa panted as her hole was emptied and then stretched even further, the strange ache that it caused feeling rather pleasant as her hole was widened. Moaning she waggled her hips in time with his fingers strokes, feeling deliciously full and wonderfully naughty, her pussy burning with the same need that had preceded that wonderful feeling when he’d put his mouth on her. Despite her innocence, her experiences in the last hour made her feel quite sure of his intentions, but she was not at all reluctant to accede to them at the moment. Not at all in fact, her bum felt absolutely wonderful if slightly uncomfortable.

Looking down at the writhing beauty before him, Bernardo decided that she was ready. He had thought to place three fingers in her backside, thus completely preparing her for his assault on her posterior, but he wanted to feel the exquisite tightness of her innocence. And from the way she was responding to just his fingers there shouldn’t be too much of a problem anyway.

Removing his fingers, he wiped them on the blanket and then lined up the swollen head of his rock hard dick with her crinkled rosebud. It looked impossibly large next to that barely stretched hole, and he could feel even more blood surging to the thick weapon. Placing the tip at her entrance, he slowly began to push.

Lady Purimisa groaned as her ass was stretched its widest yet, panting as the head of his shaft entered her body. Small jabs of pain traveled up her body as he began to work back and forth in her ass, entering her a little more with each small thrust. She gasped and panted with each renewed invasion, pressing deeper and deeper into her tightest hole, invading her inner being. Behind her, Bernardo marveled at the elasticity of her ass, the way it stretched so whitely around his meat, the way his thick pole split open her ivory cheeks. It was magnificent, and he was only half way in!

When he finally had worked about three fourths of his dick into her ass, he couldn’t take it anymore. With a loud groan of sexual frustration he made the final plunge, and her back arched with surprise at this sudden assault. Lady Purimisa shrieked as his groin pressed firmly against her upturned cheeks, his pubic hair rubbing against her soft skin, and the length of his dick pressing deep into her body. She sobbed at the aching pain, his dick was so much longer and thicker than his fingers, and that last brutal thrust had completely undone her. Not only that, but the pain reminded her that while she may have kept her maidenhead, she was still being disgraced by this rough and uncouth bandit.

Bernardo savored the sight of his dick, completely buried in her backside. She was exquisitely tight, her shocked hole rippling around him and massaging every inch of his length as she cramped and adjusted to the invasion of her body. Holding himself inside of her, he just luxuriated in her heat as she got used to the new arrangement. When he felt he start to relax he began the long drag out of her body, pulling out until just his head was lodged inside of her. Then he thrust, all the way in with one long and determined stroke, before repeating the process. Over and over he ravaged her backside, until she began to moan, her pussy beginning to respond to the dick in her ass as it had to his fingers.

Then he lowered his hand to that sopping aperture and began to stroke the wet folds of her virgin pussy, continuing to thrust roughly into her deflowered ass. The girl began pushing back against him with every stroke, trying to push more of him into her tight hole, moaning as she writhed against his insistently stroking hand. He held himself back from cumming, wanting her to know pleasure with a man inside of her body, feeling the hard length of his dick in her ass. The ultimate domination of this pampered young noble woman, this girl who thought to enter a convent.

Harder and harder he stroked her ass, bouncing off the firm curves of her buttocks, using his hand on her pussy to push her up towards him with every thrust. She groaned and tightened her hole as he pressed in, massaging his dick as it ravaged her body. Finally the girl threw back her head and screamed out her orgasm, her pussy dripping wetly over his hand. As her backside tightened painfully hard on his dick he thrust into her one last brutal time, savoring her shriek of mixed pain and pleasure as the agony was wound up in her orgasm.

Spurt after spurt of seed filled her belly from the other side, white frothiness disappearing into her darkest hole. She could feel his dick pulsing against the tender walls of her ass, and she sobbed her sexual release and shame.


Later her family would leave the money and he returned her to them. Much later he would hear that she left the convent after less than a year, deciding to get married – much to the joy of her family. Silently he tipped his hat to the lucky husband, hoping that the man would find out what a lucky find he had in his possession.

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