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Peggy’s Initiation & Submission

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Peggy peered out into the room, her eyes squinting from the stage lights as she realized she was back in the same amphitheatre style room where, a short while ago, she and her friends had been drinking and telling stories. She had wondered why the seats were elevated above the stage as she watched the D.J. play requests from the crowd. Now standing half naked with her arms restrained against the wall and a ball gag stuffed into her mouth, she knew why the room was arranged in this manner.

It was so everyone in the audience could easily see the stage and the sex show which she was now part of. The room reminded her of a medical theatre, where students watched surgeries from elevated seats, giving everyone a good view of what was happening on stage. But these seats were plush swivel chairs with small tables in front for drinks and ashtrays to be used by the patrons.

Peggy’s body trembled with fear and excitement as she surveyed the room frantically looking for her friends who she thought she had seen as the wall rotated from the other room. Straining her eyes, trying to see past the stage lights which were a combination of white, green blue and red, she spotted them sitting in the same chairs looking at her. She had noticed the smiles on their faces fade when they recognized her as the one restrained to the wall. She wanted to scream out to them to help her but the gag in her mouth stopped any sound. Her eyes tried to convey her fear of the unknown to her friends as she shook her head back and forth, pulling helplessly on her restraints. As she struggled hopelessly, she noticed a gentleman enter the stage from her right and walk toward her.

“I see my assistant Tom has found another beauty. I’m going to enjoy watching you tremble with pleasure tonight” he said looking her up and down with a wicked smile on his face as his hand reached out and cupped one of her breasts, pinching it hard between his thumb and finger.

Feeling the familiar pain in her breast again, she tried to cry out, to tell him that they made a mistake, but the feel of his fingers pinching her naked nipple sent another type of chill down her spine. This one was more sensual and lustful as her body swayed against the wall. Looking to her left, Peggy saw the other woman standing at attention with the ball gag in her mouth, her hands tied behind her back. There was something about her that seemed familiar when their eyes met as if to reassure each other that everything would be alright.

“Oh I think the two of you are going to experience a lot of carnal pleasure tonight” said the mysterious white haired man. He put his other hand on Peggy’s heaving breast, gently massaging both nipples until they stood straight out. Grabbing each one between the thumb and index finger again, he twisted them slowly watching Peggy’s face to see her reaction.

Peggy moaned as his hands roamed over her bare chest, closing her eyes tightly when he twisted each nipple, sending a delicious pain through her body. This man was taking his time, amusing himself with her breasts in front of this crowd as if he had all night. When she opened her eyes again, she saw the smoldering look of sex in his eyes as he intently looked at her.

Smiling at her, he pulled his hands off her breasts watching them heave up and down from her heavy breathing. He turned to face the crowd who were now murmuring their approval of the two women on the stage. “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our special show tonight. Tonight we have two delectable women who are to be initiated into our circle even if not by their own accord. We would like to thank Cheryl and Lindsay for making this all possible and also Master Tom who readied them for tonight’s festivities.”

Peggy glanced past the man to see her two friends stand to take a bow as the audience clapped their approval. “This was no accident! They set me up” she yelled to herself. “That was why they were so insistent on coming to the Cave tonight. They knew what was going to happen!”

Peggy’s mind raced with thoughts of past conversations with the two friends who had now betrayed her. Last month when they were out at a local tavern, the three of them had met another woman and after one too many drinks, began talking about their sex lives. Peggy heard her voice through the alcohol induced haze admitting that she wanted to be fucked by a group of men but never knew how to go about it. She again glanced to her left looking at the other woman, recognizing her as the other woman who was with them that night.

“How could she be so stupid not to notice her in the other room with Tom, another slave Master? Not that she had much chance since he came up behind her and pulled her arms behind her back as he asked what she was doing in the room. When she hesitated in replying to his question, he restrained her and took his liberties with her. She fumed as she thought about how he had the audacity to say he was her master when this man in front of her appeared to be clearly in charge” she thought to herself as the man told Cheryl and Lindsay to come down to the stage and start the festivities.

Peggy watched wide-eyed as Cheryl and Lindsay swaggered up onto the stage, swinging their hips suggestively to the audience with each step, all the while smiling at the crowd and Peggy. The man told the women that they were to start things off by making sure their guests were prepared for the long night. Cheryl and Lindsay looked at each other and smiled as they began to take off their dresses, wiggling their asses as if tempting others to join them. Peggy felt a surge of hot desire flow through her pussy when she saw that they had dressed exactly alike in black leather bra and thongs with black nylons and garter belts.

Cheryl walked up to Peggy and whispered in her ear “Peggy my dear remember last month when you said you wanted to be fucked by a group of men? Well tonight, in a little while, you are going to get your wish.”

Peggy felt Cheryl’s hand on her breast softly kneading her flesh between her fingers as her lips moved to her ear, lightly kissing and sucking on her earlobe. She felt Cheryl’s body press against hers, pushing her against the wall. Pulling helplessly on her restraints, Peggy wanted to hit this woman for not telling her that she was being set up tonight. But the feeling of Cheryl’s breasts pushing against her also made her want this woman more, wanting her to keep pressing her breasts against her. She found her anger waning as her body responded to Cheryl’s touches and kisses. Squirming under Cheryl’s touches, Peggy yearned for her to run her fingers down to her pussy so she could feel the wetness and the heat growing between her thighs.

As Cheryl kissed and licked her ears and neck, Peggy looked over to see the other woman being led by Lindsay toward her. Lindsay pulled her by a leash attached to her studded neck collar until she was standing directly behind Cheryl.

“Cheryl I have just thing for our little captive” Lindsay laughed, pushing the woman to her knees.

“You remember Jackie, don’t you honey?” Cheryl whispered in her ear.

Peggy could only grunt through the ball gag and shake her head yes.

“Jackie belongs to Master Tom and he was going to show her off tonight until you stumbled into that room where he was preparing her for tonight. We were going to let you watch her get fucked but after you stumbled into the room where they were, we thought it would be great to let you in on the fun too. Jackie told Master Tom about your passion to fuck a bunch of guys and after conferring with Lindsay and me, we decided to turn the tables on you so to speak. Oh and by the way after tonight, you will belong to Master Rick just as Lindsay and I do. Do you understand?”

Peggy nodded her head up and down with fear in her eyes, indicating that she understood what they were telling her. She again looked out over the room and saw Tom who had earlier fucked her from behind, standing off to the side of the stage, arms crossed, smiling at her dilemma. She remembered the feeling of his hardness pressing against her and then filling her entire pussy as she stood, helplessly restrained to the wall, afraid one moment, then excited the next at the thought of being fucked against her will. The thought of his hard cock in her pussy made her body shiver with anticipation.

Lindsay pushed Jackie toward Peggy, making her crawl on her knees until her face was close to Peggy’s pussy. She ordered Jackie to lick Peggy’s sweet cunt lips until she was begging her to stop. Peggy looked at the black haired woman move her face closer to her body, anticipating the feel of her lips on her mound. She jumped a little when she felt her soft lips running up and down the wet folds of her pussy lips. Peggy felt another fire begin burning inside her as Jackie’s lips and tongue feasted on her delectable pussy. She swiveled her hips and spread her legs to give Jackie more room to maneuver and when Jackie’s tongue snaked between her moist lips, Peggy moaned, thrusting her hips outward to Jackie’s mouth. She looked at her two friends standing on either side of her with lust for them building in her eyes.

As Jackie savored the taste of Peggy’s treasure on her lips and tongue, Lindsay and Cheryl each rubbed her aching breasts. If as on cue, they each leaned over, sucking a hard rigid nipple into their mouths as Peggy squirmed with delight. She felt the heat of her fiery furnace grow hotter between her legs, knowing that she never wanted them to stop the sensuous torture of her body with their caresses and kisses. Her hands grabbed at the rope restraints, pulling against them as she bucked against the wall from the sweet torture these women bestowed upon her. The three women took their time pleasing her body as it ached longingly for their tongues and lips to never stop as the passion in her body increased.

Peggy moaned against the ball gag with each bite on her nipples by Cheryl and Lindsay. She felt their teeth biting gently then with more passion as she thrust her chest toward the exploring mouths. Closing her eyes, she pushed her chest toward the women, offering them her luscious breasts to feed on. Her body jerked when each of them sucked a nipple deep into their mouths before pulling it away from her body until it would not extend any further. Their hands explored her body, massaging and pinching her skin. She groaned as she felt one of their hands move down to her mound where Jackie was trying her best to lick her pussy with her hands tied behind her back.

Peggy felt the women’s lips leave her breasts and with her eyes closed, savored the feeling of their hands and lips running all over her hot skin. She pushed her hips out to the wandering fingers, rotating them, trying to encourage them to place their hands and fingers on her dripping pussy. One minute she was in ecstasy and the next she felt their presence gone only to be instantly replaced by strong hands of two males. Her eyes flew open and she gasped into the ball gag when she saw the two men, one on either side of her. They looked like body builders with muscles bulging everywhere and wearing only a small thong to cover their manhood. They each smiled wickedly as they picked up one of her thighs in their strong hands and lifted her slightly, pulling her thighs wide apart. At 5’3″ and 105 lbs., her body was as light as a feather in their arms. She wondered what was going to happen next, feeling her thigh muscles stretch as they pulled them open, and exposing her pussy. Looking down, she didn’t have to wait long as a shiver tore through her body when she felt the familiar lips of Jackie on her now wide open exposed pussy.

As the men held her thighs wide open, it gave Jackie the leverage she needed to attack her pussy. Her mouth attacked Peggy’s clit with a vengeance, sucking the swollen jewel into her mouth, licking it fiercely with her tongue. Peggy’s body bounced with ecstasy in their arms as Jackie’s tongue moved over the hard nub and then snaked lower, licking the sensitive skin, before delving into her wet womanhood. Her hips moved of their own accord and when each of men sucked on her breasts as Cheryl and Lindsay had done, she knew she was close to releasing an overwhelming orgasm. She pulled at the restraints trying to maximize the intense pleasure she was feeling throughout her aching body. When one of the men placed his fingers at the entrance to her ass, she grunted into the ball gag wishing she could scream for him to fuck her hard in the ass.

The liquid nectar in her pussy had spilled out and now one of the men wetted his fingers with her juices. Gently and insistently he pushed one finger against her tight opening, slowly pushing at the entrance until it penetrated the opening. Peggy’s body pushed back against the finger inviting the man to shove it deep into her ass. Her mind was a fog of sensual feelings as the heat inside her drove her body to the edge of orgasm. She wanted to grab this dark haired beauty that was kneeling between her spread thighs and pull her mouth tight against her womanhood while the finger in her tight ass sawed in and out. Reacting to a tongue in her cunt and a finger in her ass, Peggy’s body gyrated on the stage to the delight of all the patrons. She didn’t care now who was watching her, her body and mind only wanted to find release from this intense canal pleasure. Bucking wildly, her body gave way to the passionate feelings inside her and the intense pleasure these people were bestowing on her body. Her eyelids closed tightly and she screamed loudly into the ball gag as her body slipped over the pleasurable chasm into the abyss of a shattering orgasm. Different shades of color flew through her brain as her body, wracked with pleasure, trembled uncontrollably before the crowd. Peggy felt her clit throbbing with intense pleasure from the relentless onslaught of Jackie’s tongue as wave after wave of passion washed over her. The finger in her ass stayed embedded deep within her as her body danced on it, heaving up and down trying to force it deeper into her ass.

As her orgasm began to subside, she felt Jackie’s mouth leave her mound and the finger pulled from her ass. Her breathing was ragged as she tried to suck in air from around the ball gag. She wasn’t sure how long she shook in ecstasy in the capable hands of these two men but her body felt warm and tingly all over as it began to return to some form of normalcy.

Opening her eyes, she saw her new Master with four more men in addition to the two who helped Jackie get a better leverage to lick her pussy. The men had put her feet back on the floor and Peggy felt her body sag against the restraints as her knees seem to buckle slightly. She watched as Cheryl and Lindsay came up to her, smiling as they helped Jackie to her feet and led her to another part of the wall where they restrained her into some shackles that hung from the wall. Turning her head, she watched as two of the men approached her and undid her restraints. As her arms dropped into their waiting arms, she again felt the blood begin to flow through the veins in her arms.

Peggy felt the two men grab her arms and pull her toward Master Rick. She had sudden pang of fear rip through her as she looked at the men standing in a semi-circle in front of her. Each of them had only a small thong covering their manhood. She looked at the bulges in their thongs and felt a pang of lust course through her body. She wanted to see if the equipment they had really matched the big bulges standing in front of her.

Master Rick looked at her standing before him with her tattered dress lying at her feet that Master Tom had ripped earlier and spoke loudly so everyone in the room could hear him. “So did you like your little treat my sweet pet?”

Peggy looked at him with some fear in her eyes, trying to figure out what these people had in store for her. She knew in her heart that she had enjoyed Jackie’s tongue and the man’s finger in her ass. She knew that she was captivated by the crowd watching her and told herself that she liked being the center of attention. Slowly and with fading doubt in her mind, she shook her head up and down confirming to everyone that she had enjoyed the pleasures bestowed upon her.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe our newest member has passed her first initiation test” Master Rick announced to the crowd, who responded by clapping their hands to show their appreciation of her nodding confirmation. Looking deep into her eyes so that there was no mistaking his intentions, Master Rick continued “But as with all worthy conquests, she must pass other tests which will tell us if she really wants to be one of our love slaves. Are you ready to submit to the next test my sweet little pet?”

She again shook her head up and down but this time a bit more tentatively, wondering what was now in store for her. Peggy didn’t like being called a pet but she knew since Master Tom assaulted her behind the stage, she was hooked on the feelings that her body produced when she was subjected to this kind of treatment. And in a way she was now Master Rick’s little pet to be treated as he saw fit. Somehow the thought of being owned and made to perform for him, brought a satisfying sensual feeling deep within her.

The two men holding her arms pulled her arms behind her back and before Peggy could struggle, she felt leather handcuffs being secured to her wrists. She wanted to scream out and ask what it was she would be required to do but the ball gag kept any sound from coming out except for an occasional grunt. A pillow was thrown at her feet and the two men slowly guided her to kneel on the soft cushion. Master Rick moved to stand directly in front of her and Peggy found herself staring at the bulge in his thong.

“Cheryl and Lindsay I’ll need your assistance for awhile. After we’re through you can play with your little toy slave Jackie again.”

Peggy looked out of the corner of her eye and saw Cheryl and Lindsay teasing Jackie with a riding crop. Cheryl was fondling and kissing Jackie’s breasts while Lindsay ran the riding crop between her thighs, rubbing it across her glistening mound. As Peggy watched the pleasure on Jackie’s face, she could tell Jackie appeared to be hot and horny with no relief in site, she thought to herself, “I hope they don’t leave me high and dry like that.”

Cheryl and Lindsay smiled as if they knew what was coming to poor Peggy kneeling before their Master. They walked briskly to where he stood, waiting for him to speak. Peggy noticed how the other men moved to either side of her so the two women and their Master were in front of her and the crowd. She heard the murmur going through the crowd as they evidently knew what was coming next.

“I think our young sweet pet is ready for the next test” announced Master Rick.

Peggy watched helplessly as the two women began kissing their master, rubbing their bodies against his in the most provocative way they knew how. She shifted her weight aware that her hands were cuffed and the ball gag was still in her mouth. Cheryl and Lindsay continued to rub against him and every so often looked at Peggy staring at them with lust burning in her eyes. Cheryl kissed his naked body as she dropped to her knees and shook her long hair out of her face, her tongue sliding out of her mouth, seductively roaming over her lips as she peered at Peggy. With a deliberate stare at Peggy’s helpless body, Cheryl slowly licked Master Rick’s covered cock, making soft mewing sounds as her tongue worked its way up and down his growing manhood.

Peggy saw Lindsay out of the corner of her eye sliding down his backside. She gave Peggy a sexy smile as if to say the fun was about to begin. She stared wide-eyed at the two women who now were only about two feet away, kissing her master’s growing manhood. Peggy felt the sexual wanting return to the vee between her legs as she watched transfixed as the women kissed and rubbed this man.

“It’s time to see what toy we get to play with” Cheryl whispered suggestively.

Peggy wanted to scream that she wanted to play too but the restraint between her lips garbled any sound she made. She watched as Cheryl and Lindsay laughingly pulled their Master’s thong off his hips, revealing his semi- hard erection. She felt her body ache again with lust to the visual stimulation before her eyes as she shifted from one knee to the other. Lindsay’s hand snaked between his thighs, cupping his balls and cock, slowly stroking him to a greater hardness and offering him to Cheryl’s waiting lips. Cheryl’s mouth made contact with the tip of his manhood and Peggy heard him moan with pleasure. Slowly and with an eye on Peggy, Cheryl took his cock into her mouth, sucking on it until her cheeks were drawn in. Lindsay kissed his hard butt cheeks, running her tongue over his skin like an all day lollipop.

Peggy felt the ache between her thighs grow stronger as she watched Cheryl suck vigorously on her master’s cock. She wanted to be in Cheryl’s position, feeling his hardness penetrate her mouth, wrapping her teeth around his member, biting down just enough to let him feel some exquisite pain and pleasure. She moaned into the ball gag wishing she could tell them of her desires to suck on his erection. To feel it sliding into her mouth so she could lick it tenderly with her tongue. She shivered each time Cheryl pulled her mouth off his rigid pole and saw it glistening from her saliva in the multi colored stage spot lights.

“What are they doing to me? Why are they teasing me and torturing me at the same time? Don’t they know I want to taste his cock just like Cheryl’s doing? Please take this gag out of my mouth and let me taste your sweet hard cock” she implored to herself as she watched Cheryl suck him deep into her mouth and then release his wet member for her to look at.

Lindsay decided it was time for her to also taste her master’s cock and Peggy groaned as she watched him turn his body slightly towards her, wishing he would bring it close to her lips. Instead Cheryl grabbed his manhood and slowly stroked it as Lindsay’s mouth converged on the rigid pole. Peggy watched helplessly as Cheryl and Lindsay took turns licking up and down the shaft before plunging their mouths over it, taking it as far as they could into their mouths. Peggy felt the unmistakable tingling in her pussy growing with more intensity as she watched the two women stroke and play with their master’s cock.

Peggy didn’t see the signal between Rick and the two men standing behind her. She groaned loudly into the ball gag when she felt their fingers on each of her erect nipples, pulling and pinching them. The sensation of their fingers pulling and twisting sent a shock wave of pain and pleasure through her body. She arched her back in response to the pain, closing her eyes as the sensations coursed through her body. Her breathing became more labored; her sexual want more demanding with each new sensation shooting through her. Opening her eyes, she looked into Cheryl’s eyes trying to plead with her to share some of her dessert with her. She saw the sparkle of mischief in Cheryl’s eyes as she lovingly licked the precum from the tip of his cock.

“Do you want this cock?” her master asked.

Peggy looked into his sexy eyes and nodded her head up and down. She wanted it now and the desire in her body yelled in her brain that she needed to taste this cock. If she could have jumped up and taken Cheryl or Lindsay’s place she would have done it with no hesitation. Her head swam with erotic images of her sucking his cock deep into her mouth, feeling its soft texture slip between her lips until she couldn’t take any more.

“Are you going to pleasure my cock inside your mouth?” he said in teasingly.

She looked up into his smiling face and nodded again. “Please stop teasing me like this. I want to feel your hardness in my mouth. I want to suck you hard and feel your hot cum shoot deep into my throat” her brain screamed.

“Once you have had me, you are mine to do with as I wish just like your friends Cheryl and Lindsay. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Peggy again nodded her head up and down knowing that she was resigning herself to the fact that she desired this treatment from this strange and erotic man. She knew now that she was his and whatever he desired, she would try to please him. She again thought of her ordeal with Tom backstage, realizing that her body craved this attention and she wanted to please her master.

Rick signaled the two men who were lovingly torturing her nipples. One of the men untied the strap at the back of her head that held the ball gag in place. Peggy felt an overwhelming relief when the gag fell away from her mouth and she was able to take a deep breath of air. She gasped for breath as her lungs filled with fresh air. She didn’t have time to think about any discomfort as Rick moved his cock to just inches from her face and heard him say “I want you to taste this cock that Cheryl and Lindsay have prepared for your pleasure. You do want to suck on my cock, don’t you?” he said again teasingly.

“Yes I do want to taste your cock in my mouth.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes master, please give me your cock so that I may give you pleasure.”

“Good girl. I want you to savor the taste of my cock like you would a delicate tasty fruit ripe off the vine.”

Peggy knew what he wanted and moved her head toward his wavering shaft. She felt a jolt of pleasure pass through her when her lips barely touched the tip of his cock. “He wants pleasure. I’ll show him pleasure” she thought to herself as her tongue licked gently on the bulbous head.

With a slow and deliberate movement she opened her mouth to take only the tip of his cock into her mouth. She sucked on the sensitive head, hearing his moan of desire waft through the air. Peggy was in no hurry as her mouth slowly engulfed his manhood deeper into her mouth. She knew she was not in control when suddenly Rick thrust his hips forward, sinking his meat deep into her mouth, almost making her gag as it went to the back of her throat. She instinctively tried to pull her head away only to feel the hand of someone on the back of her head, holding it from bucking backwards.

Peggy felt helpless again just as she had when she was shackled to the wall. She wanted to touch and feel his manhood with her hands but each time she tried to move her arms, she was reminded of the cuffs holding her wrists together. Rick pushed his manhood in and out of her mouth as she tried to suck the sweet white milky fluid from deep within him. Just when she seemed to catch her breath, he pushed it in as far as it would go, holding it there, feeling her throat muscles massaging the tip of his sensitive tool.

She felt her own body heating up again with lust for this man who now had complete control over her. The throbbing between her thighs began to grow in intensity with each thrust of his cock into and out of her mouth. The hand on the back of her head, grabbed her hair, forcing her to accept his manhood again and again in her mouth. She felt her head being pulled back until his cock lay at the tip of her mouth only to be pushed forward, engulfing him again.

Peggy fell in to a rhythmic motion, clamping down on his shaft each time he pulled out and relaxing her cheeks muscles when he plunged it back into her. Just as she felt his manhood throb from her sucking, she felt his cock slip out of her mouth. Looking up into his eyes, she saw that he was close to climaxing.

“Let me suck you master until you fill me with your seed” she implored.

She saw Cheryl grab his erection and pull it up against his abdomen. “Suck his balls into your sweet little mouth Peggy” she hissed at the kneeling woman.

Peggy looked at his swollen balls and without being told twice, moved her mouth closer to accept one of them. She licked around the swollen ball sac feeling his hips move in unison to her tongue. The loud gasp from his mouth surprised her when she gently took one of his balls into her mouth, licking all around the sensitive testicle. When he pushed his hips harder against her face, she drew him deeper into her mouth, letting her tongue lick wantonly over it.

Peggy sensed he was close to cumming as she sucked one ball then the other, feeling Cheryl’s hand slowly stroking the length of his erection. Cheryl whispered lustful words to them as his body jerked from the heightened sensitivity. With each encouraging word, she sucked harder on his highly sensitive ball, wishing again her hands were free to roam over his manhood.

She heard him grunt an animalistic cry as his body began to jerk against her face. Her thoughts were on his impending orgasm and her desire to taste his hot seed in her mouth. Pulling away for a second she called out “Please master fuck my face. Fill my mouth with your hot juice.”

Cheryl responded to Peggy’s wishes and pulled his cock away from her face. She began to stroke him faster. Peggy moved to close the gap between her lips and his throbbing cock but found her head held back by someone holding her hair. She knew what was coming when Rick’s body began to jerk spastically.

“Come on Master Rick let’s fill her mouth with your hot seed just the way she wants it” Cheryl yelled as he grunted and groaned.

“Ohhh yes sweet little Peggy your going to feel my hot cum shoot all over your cute face” he shouted as Peggy watched his body go rigid for a second before seeing his fluid eject from the end of his cock. She opened her mouth to accept the prize and felt the warm sticky fluid strike her lips and flow into her throat. Swallowing hard she opened her mouth again as the next shot splashed across her lips and chin. Each ejaculation of seed from his cock landed on her face as he emptied his load onto his new slave.

Peggy wanted her master to offer his cock to her lips so she could clean him, but as she bent her head forward, she heard a voice from behind. “Mmmmm you really liked that didn’t you? Why don’t you let me help you clean up since you’re a bit tied up?” Lindsay whispered laughingly into her ear as Peggy realized it was her holding hair and guiding her motions during the cock sucking session. Peggy felt Lindsay’s mouth on hers, her tongue licking the nectar that Rick had deposited. Their kiss lingered, tongues invading each other’s mouth, Peggy moaning softly against Lindsay’s insistent tongue.

Peggy wanted to grab this woman and pull her down on the stage not caring who watched now. The ache in her body needed to be satisfied and she needed to find that relief again so soon after being licked and sucked to orgasm by Jackie. She felt Lindsay’s tongue licking all his seed off her face as she watched Cheryl slowly sucking on Rick’s deflating cock, cleaning it with her expert tongue. She started to say something about it being her job to finish what she started when Rick put his hand on Lindsay’s shoulder, pulling her away from Peggy.

“Now, that we’ve finished this part of your initiation. I think it’s time for the next phase of your initiation my sweet little Peggy” he said smiling as the six men who had stood behind her, now moved in front of her.

Peggy looked at the men standing before her, surveying their hard bodies. Each of them had been hand picked for their physical attractiveness as witnessed by their bulging muscles. She remained silent as each of them slowly pulled their thong off revealing their manhood’s to her. Some were larger than others and some thicker than others but Peggy didn’t care because she had an ache growing hotter between her legs that needed their attention and she knew exactly what remedy would cure her ache.

Two men came forward and grabbed her by the arms, helping her to her feet. Peggy wondered what new degradation they had planned for her as they led her to a table behind the men. Rick walked behind and when they got to the table, he opened her cuffs, allowing her arms to be free. The two men held her arms tight and turned her around and pulled her onto the table, pulling her arms above her head. Two other men each grabbed a thigh and ankle holding her down so she couldn’t move. They moved her so her ass was on the edge of the table, pulling her thighs apart to expose her wet pussy. Peggy moaned knowing that they were going to pleasure her and didn’t try to fight for she knew she was no match for all of them.

“What the hell do they have in mind?” she questioned herself as she lay completely exposed to the men and the audience.

She watched with anticipation as the last two men came close to her supple body. Her heavy breathing caused her chest to rise and fall and she knew her nipples were hard and ripe. One of the men climbed onto the table and straddled her head. The men holding her arms pulled each arm to the side as the man on top pinned her arms under his body. His cock waved in front of her face as he positioned himself for his pleasure. She felt his manhood slide along her lips and inside her mouth until only the head was lodged against her teeth.

She waited for him to plunge his hardness deep into her mouth but was surprised when he only kept it just inside her lips. Peggy didn’t have long to wait to know that he was waiting for the other man to position himself between her open thighs. She couldn’t see him but felt his erection poking against her pussy. Moaning loudly against the cock in her mouth, she felt the other cock penetrate her slippery channel quickly until it was completely embedded within her. Her kegal muscles went into high gear as they flexed around the rigid intruder as it slid deep into her waiting pussy.

As if by a silent signal, the man on top of her leaned forward on his knees, forcing his cock to plunge into her mouth. Peggy moaned again as one cock slid into her pussy and another into her mouth. The men seemed to have a rhythm together as they both began bucking in and out of her, pleasuring themselves with her prone body. She felt the two men holding her legs let go of them and she immediately locked her ankles together behind the back of the man plunging his cock in and out of her cunt.

The two men holding her arms let go at the same time and moved their cocks to her open hands so she could fondle them. She heard them grunt when she grabbed each of them, rubbing the sensitive tip of their cocks, then grabbing their balls in her hands and squeezing them tightly.

Peggy pushed her hips against cock that plunged into her as she sucked hard on the one fucking her mouth. As she felt the desire to have each of these men, she felt hands on her breasts, squeezing and then pulling on her aching nipples. Her pussy dripped with lust, her body ached for release as the men used her body to pleasure themselves.

Becoming lost in the world of carnal pleasure, Peggy enjoyed the sensations shooting through her entire being from the things these men were doing to her body and mind. She felt the ache in her womanhood grow as her kegal muscles tried to squeeze and hold the pistoning cock. The cocks in her hands were muscles growing harder as they responded to her touches and squeezes. The cock in her mouth, rocking back and forth gently, coated her tongue with its precum, mixing with her saliva. The hands on her sensitive breasts pinched and pulled her nipples, keeping the hard nubs rigid. She felt one hand leave her nipple only to be replaced by the warm mouth of one of the men. Peggy knew her body was squirming on the table and she knew it needed only one thing, release from the growing sexual tension building in her body.

The men moaned with Peggy as they pleasured each other in front of the audience. With each stroke of the man’s cock in her pussy, the closer she came to falling off the orgasmic ledge that she hung on so precariously. The man’s cock throbbed inside her and she squeezed her muscles around him harder, silently urging him to spill his seed inside her. Her mouth worked hard on the cock buried inside it as she climbed higher and higher on the cliff. She knew the sexual excitement had built to the point where it was too much for her and felt her pussy throb around the cock deep inside her as she tried to scream that her she was about to cum. The cock in her mouth prevented her words from coming out but the loud groan along with her body stiffening like a board signified to the audience that Peggy was about to orgasm.

Pulling hard on the cocks in her hands, Peggy’s body thrashed around on the table as the throes of orgasm overtook her body. She felt the cock leave her mouth as her loud moan filled the room for all to hear. Her body jerked in orgasmic glee, her head rocking from side to side as the intensity of her orgasm increased. She felt the cock in her pussy leave only to be replaced by a larger thicker one. Her pussy was still throbbing as she felt the new cock stretch her tunnel walls wider than the other one. As her orgasm began to subside, she felt another wave of orgasmic desire course through her body as this new cock fucked her harder and faster. It was as if she was allowed to slide down the orgasmic mountain to a plateau and now she found herself climbing the mountain again.

The two men with their cocks in her hands moved slowly up toward her head until they were on either side of her face. With no cock in her mouth, Peggy knew what they were waiting for and aimed not to disappoint them. Turning her head to the right, she looked at the large cock looming close to her lips and pulled it to her mouth. Licking her lips, she licked the glistening precum from the tip before covering the head with her lips. As she licked and sucked this cock, her other hand kept the other cock stiff and ready for her mouth. Sucking the cock deep into her mouth, she felt it throb when it made contact with her throat. She tried to keep it lodged deep inside her mouth but she felt it slowly slide out and her head forced in the other direction. There was no fanfare with this cock as she felt the sensations in her body climbing higher toward another orgasm. She stuffed as much of this cock into her mouth as she could, her hand massaging the erection, coaxing it to dive as deep into mouth.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw two men bend down over her breasts and then felt their hot breath on each of her nipples. As she alternated sucking one cock and then the other, she felt the two men licking and sucking her hard nipples. She moaned on one of the cocks when she felt one of her nipples being pulled deep into the mouth as the teeth of this man held her nipple tightly. Her whole being was now being assaulted and she wanted more.

The cock in her pussy made her channel throb again as it slowly but surely entered deep into her, holding it for a short time as her hips gyrated on the rigid pole, then pulled out to the very edge of her opening before again descending quickly into her hot wet tunnel. Peggy tried to figure out who was who but soon gave up when one of the men she was sucking pulled away and was replaced with another with an equally big member. She only knew now that she didn’t want them to stop playing with her body as they sought to bring her to another orgasm.

Her hips danced on the cock sliding in and out of her, she flexed her kegal muscles, trying to milk this cock to spill its seed inside her. The sensual sensations in her body built to the boiling point and when one of the men slid his hand down her abdomen to her mound, her body stiffened instinctively, waiting for the fingers toying with uppermost folds of her vulva to touch her enlarged clit. Her breathing quickened as she sucked whatever cock was put in front of her face, waiting for the moment her clit would be touched.

The cry came from the bottom of her stomach and reverberated throughout the room when the man finally touched her swollen jewel. Her body arched off the table as the sensations of lust screamed through her body. She felt her pussy quiver around the cock now lodged deep within her and not moving except to keep his cock buried deep within her as her hips jerked back and forth. Her orgasm caused her body to jerk up and down as the men kept up the erotic pleasuring of her body. Her mouth clamped tight on the cock in her mouth, trying to suck its contents out into waiting mouth and bringing about a loud groan from his lips. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her as her body squirmed on the table in front of the audience. Peggy felt her orgasm begin to subside and when she tried to move against the cock inside her, she felt the men shifting around her body. She tried to watch what they were doing but soon lost count and closed her eyes, feeling the deep sensations of another orgasm.

The man buried deep within her pussy pulled out and the rest of the men pulled back away from her hands and lips. Peggy opened her eyes and watched as the men shuffled around her and then she felt her body being pulled up into a sitting position. Feeling a bit drained she didn’t resist when one of the men picked her up in his arms, seemingly holding her tenderly in his arms. She watched with interest when a man lay on his back on the table.

“What the hell are they going to do now?” she questioned herself.

Peggy felt other hands on her naked body helping to lift her onto the man’s stomach. The man lying on the table put his arms around her, grabbing a breast in each hand, holding her close to him. Looking up toward the ceiling, Peggy noticed for the first time that large monitors facing the audience had her image displayed.

“So that is how they all watched her without being blocked by the men.”

Cheryl’s image appeared on the screen moving toward the end of the table where two men held her thighs apart. “Mmmmm it looks like you need a woman’s touch” she said loudly, picking up a tube of KY jelly. She put some of the lotion on her fingertips and then ran her fingers along Peggy’s exposed anal opening.

Peggy shivered knowing now what they intended to do. She watched Cheryl in the monitor as she greased up the hard cock sitting between her thighs. There was no where to run to as the men who pleasured her now held her down on top of this virile man. She knew it was useless to fight and if the pleasures she had received thus far were any indication, she wanted to experience this man in her ass. Cheryl put more jelly on her fingers before placing her fingers at the entrance to her ass. Peggy waited for the penetration and moaned when her fingers slid slowly into her rear opening. Peggy’s ass wiggled as Cheryl’s fingers entered into her tight opening. After pushing her fingers deep inside Peggy’s ass and watching her squirm, Cheryl announced “I think she’s ready men.”

Hands grabbed her in different locations, hoisting her in the air, and then sliding her down until her ass was directly over the head of his cock. Peggy panicked for a second wondering if the man’s cock was too large for her small opening. She felt the group working together and when she wiggled her ass against his cock, she felt it slip inside bringing about a loud groan from her mouth. They didn’t need to help her now because she wanted this cock in her ass and pushing down; she felt it slide deeper into her filling up her anal canal. Peggy closed her eyes for a moment feeling the hardness of the man filling her to the hilt. She tried to rise up but felt hands holding her down again. Opening her eyes, she again watched the monitors as a man approached her stroking his cock. She saw him move between her thighs and then felt his hardness rubbing against her clit.

Peggy groaned squirming on top of the man lying underneath her and feeling his cock stay buried deep in her as another one slowly rubbed his cock up and down her slit. He took his time massaging her sensitive clit with his hardness making Peggy squirm on top of the man’s cock in her ass. She felt his erection move to her opening and cried out her pleasure when his cock slipped inside her moist pussy. Her pussy reacted to the intruder by squeezing it tightly as it slid slowly into her dark passage. It felt as if the two cocks were going to split her in two as they rubbed against each other in her pussy, separated by only a thin piece of skin. The men holding her arms and thighs let go as the two men fucked her ass and pussy. Watching herself in the monitor, Peggy shivered with delight to know that she was the center of attention.

The man lying under her put each of his hands on her breasts, his fingers toying with her hard nipples, pinching them, which caused tiny waves of pleasurable pain to be sent to her brain. He didn’t have to move much as Peggy did all the work pulling off his cock in time to the other man fucking her pussy. Peggy found herself climbing the orgasmic mountain again, moaning at the full feeling in her pussy and ass as the two men plunged their cocks into her openings.

Through glazed eyes she watched her image on the overhead monitor wavering on top of the man below her. Turning her head sideways she watched Cheryl and Lindsay toying with Jackie as she thrashed against the wall unable to get away from the pain and pleasure they were giving her. Cheryl had a riding crop and was slapping it against her bare breasts and stomach. Jackie moaned with each strike, thrusting her body outward as if pleading for her to continue the treatment. Lindsay knelt before her with a large dildo in her hand, rubbing it against her mound before pushing it into her wet pussy. Peggy saw Jackie’s wetness on the inside of her thighs and smiled to herself, knowing that while Jackie struggled against her restraints, she thoroughly enjoyed what the two women were doing to her.

The sudden feel of someone’s fingers on her clit brought her back to reality. Turning her head, she saw one of the men’s hands rubbing her mound as their fingers toyed with her sensitive swollen jewel. Arching her back, she groaned loudly, feeling hot sensual sensations shoot through her pussy. Her body felt as though it went into overdrive from all the sexual stimulation it was receiving. Peggy’s breathing became faster and louder as she gasped with each penetration of the cocks in her pussy and ass. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the exquisite feelings flowing through her body. She wanted to devour these two men and make them grunt and groan until they exploded deep inside her.

“Ohhhh. Fuck me you bastards … Mmmmmmm … ohhhhhh … yesssssss” she yelled, feeling her own desire reach a fever pitch.

Peggy’s mind and body were lost in the lustful sexual world where she seemed to lose all sense of reality. She yearned to find release from this sweet sexual sensation as her body gyrated for these two men. Her hips jerked on the cock buried in her ass as her pussy muscles contracted to try and keep the other cock in her pussy. The fingers rubbing her clit kept up a steady touch, keeping in contact with her bucking hips. She knew she was close to orgasm again and for an instant tried to figure out how many times she orgasm tonight. The simple math was too much for her mind to bear as the sensations from her pussy sent lightning bolts of desire directly to her brain. She opened her eyes and groaned when she saw herself withering on the monitor with men standing all around her. With one last surge, her body gyrated and spasm in orgasm as the cocks in her pussy and ass pistoned in and out. Closing her eyes tight, Peggy yelled loudly “Ughhhh … Ohhhhh … I’mmmm cummminggg.”

The men held her tight as her body jerked and rolled trying to find the release she longed for. She felt her cunt muscles spasm around the cock as she tried to milk the fluid from it. She was lost in her own world of carnal lust, her face muscles skewered from the intensity of the climax. Her breathing, labored from the sheer physical exertion of having both her openings penetrated and feeling fucked so well. She felt her body spasm as the fingers still rubbing her sensitive jewel kept up a steady massage. She wanted it to stop but whenever she wiggled, trying to get away from the fingers, they seemed to be like a magnet, following where ever it went.

As her breathing slowed, she realized that the men had not orgasm yet. It wasn’t only these two men but it all of them. The men surrounding her lifted her spent body off the man below her and when he got off the table they laid her back down. She looked into the eyes and faces of the men surrounding her and realized they were not done with her yet. She felt as if every muscle in her body was weighted down to the table. She had multiple orgasms and she wanted a rest. She wondered if she would get one as the men grasping their cocks in one hand, stroked themselves over her as their other hand roamed over her naked spent body.

Peggy felt their hands and fingers roaming over her sweaty and well used body, wishing she could get some rest after all the fucking and sucking she had done. She heard a whimper to her right and turned her head to see what the noise was all about. She saw Lindsay plunging the dildo in and out of Jackie’s pussy as Cheryl hit the tips of her nipples with the riding crop. She wanted to say something but couldn’t find the energy within her to call out to the trio of women. Looking around her she saw all different sizes of cocks being stroke just out of her reach.

“Is our little pet is worn out?” Rick said standing next to her.

Peggy turned her head toward the voice and saw that Master Rick was hard again as he held his erection in the palm of his hand. “What are you planning now?” she whispered, knowing the answer before she said anything.

“The final part is about to begin so relax and enjoy it” he commented, moving to the end of the table.

The thought of his cock penetrating her flashed through her brain and Peggy thought she wouldn’t be able to take any more as she realized what he was about to do. Two men picked up her thighs and pulled them apart, exposing her wet moist channel to her new master’s view. Looking to each side of her, she saw the men move closer holding and stroking their cocks over her body.

“Please I don’t think I can take anymore right now. My pussy is so sensitive right now” she pleaded to Rick as he rubbed his cock along her still moist opening.

“Ohhhh I think you can if what Cheryl and Lindsay told me was right.”

Peggy was confused by his words and then her mind flashed back to the night in the bar when she told them about a lover who played with her while she had enjoyed multiple orgasms. Afterward he toyed with her clit and pussy with a vibrator until she came again when she thought she couldn’t. She moaned when she felt her master’s cock slide between the sensitive lips of her channel, making her squirm a little with some discomfort. Her only thought was of shifting her hips, trying to ease the discomfort of his cock sliding deep into her pussy. She wanted him to stop what he was doing and remove his cock.

“Please pull it out of me. It hurts to have you in there” she pleaded.

“You weren’t saying that before” he taunted, pushing his cock all the way into her sensitive pussy.

She gasped and held her breath as his cock assaulted her, staying deep within her, then slowly exiting her tunnel until it was at her outer lips. She closed her eyes, fighting back the tears from the pain, when he suddenly plunged back into her. The low groan that escaped her lips was one of discomfort and not joy as Rick rocked back and forth against her open thighs. Peggy tried to sit up and move away from the intruder in her pussy but felt the strong hands of the men hold her down.

“Cheryl and Lindsay bring Jackie over here. We are going to need your help with our little pet” Rick commanded.

Peggy turned her head, looking at the two women unshackle Jackie from the wall and lead her to the table. “Please help me?” she implored of the women.

Lindsay looked into her eyes and whispered “Oahu we’re going to help you all right. We’re going to watch you get what you really want.”

“Take Jackie’s ball gag off and let her feast on our pet’s nipples and I want you two to hold her arms” Rick called out as he jammed his cock back into her cunt.

Cheryl and Lindsay did as their master commanded, relieving Jackie of her mouth restraint and then moving to the head of the table and taking her arms from the men holding her. She looked at the men who now were in varying states of excitement. One man put his cock near her mouth and stroked his cock faster as he grunted from his self inflicted pleasure.

Peggy moaned against the stiff erection as she felt Jackie’s mouth and tongue working over her highly sensitive nipples. She tried to pull away from the agony she felt in her body; wanting to free herself from the discomfort she felt flow through all parts of her body. Turning her head she felt another cock brush against her lips from the other side of her. She opened her mouth to accept the cock when she heard a loud moan come from the man’s labored breathing. Just as her lips made contact with the tip of his cock, Peggy felt his manhood throb with desire and felt his warm liquid flood her mouth. It was all she could do to swallow the white substance when she felt her head being pulled to the other side where another cock began spurting its contents on her mouth and chin.

Peggy pulled against the strong hands of Cheryl and Lindsay, trying to get away. She cried out when Jackie took one nipple, sucking it deep into her mouth as her teeth tightened around the sensitive nub. The feeling of Rick’s cock in her pussy began to stir another wave of lust in her already used body. She found herself wanting more of this treatment as another cock exploded on her neck and exposed breast. She felt Jackie’s mouth and tongue licking at the sticky substance when another load landed on her other breast. “I bet Jackie’s enjoying this” she thought as her mouth moved to the new deposit of sperm.

The desire in her body seemed different then before as she remembered her lover who had taken her to new heights of pleasure. Her hips began to move in unison with the cock penetrating her pussy. She wanted it deep inside her and when the men let her legs go; Rick pulled them over his shoulders as his cock plunged in and out of her. She didn’t care whose cock it was, all she wanted was to feel the new lustful sensations in her body grow. She no longer fought the hands holding her and welcomed Jackie’s soft mouth on her breasts.

Her head moved slowly from side to side watching the people around her but not really comprehending their existence. She wanted the feeling in her body to stay for a long time as she felt her carnal desire growing. Looking into the monitors, watched with fascination as Jackie hovered her and the two remaining men stood near her head, stroking their hard members over her face.

“Suck my nipple bitch” she called out to Jackie, feeling her suck hard on one nipple.

“Come on master, fuck my pussy. I want you fill my pussy with your hot cum. Ohhhh that’s it fuck me harder.”

Peggy’s body took on a life of its own as Jackie and Rick pleasured them. The two men were close to cumming and with each stroke of their hard members, they groaned their pleasure. Turing her head she felt the head of one cock inside her mouth. The man grabbed her head and pushed his cock as far into her mouth, holding her tight against him as his body jerked and spasm in orgasm. Peggy thought she was going to choke as the hot sperm hit the back of her throat and slid down her throat. Gasping for breath, she felt her head pulled off the hard cock and another cock forced down deep into her mouth. Swallowing hard trying to catch her breath, Peggy felt the new cock explode the same way the other one had just done. Gulping with every last ounce of strength, she managed to suck some of the sperm down her throat. What was left spilled out of her mouth only to be captured by Jackie who was waiting for the creamy substance?

The sensations in her pussy grew with each thrust of Rick’s cock in her tunnel. Her cunt muscles grabbed at his cock trying to milk the sperm into her waiting tunnel. She heard his raspy breathing and felt his cock throb deep inside her. She knew he was about to cum and she wanted him to shoot his load into her. Clenching his cock with her pussy muscles, she used all her strength to try and hold him deep inside her. His grunts of pleasure told her he was planning to do just that as his cock began to throb harder. Peggy felt the overwhelming desire start deep in her body as she started to cum again. This one was different than the previous orgasms. The feeling inside her grew more and more intense as her body began to squirm on the table, unable to maintain control.

Crying and feeling the wonderful utopia all at the same time, she cried out “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk.”

Her inner walls contracted hard around the cock lodged deep inside her as she felt his cock shooting its contents deep inside her. Her pussy seemed to be in an almost endless wave of contractions, so tight and intense that her body stiffened as if every muscle in her body was frozen. Her orgasm seemed to go on and on as if to never end. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her body jerked and withered in the most intense orgasm she had in a long time. Her eye lids fluttered wildly as the orgasm consumed her entire being. Closing her eyes tightly she seemed to lose contact with the world, her body surrendering to the orgasmic release.

Peggy felt as if she was floating in space and it was so restful and peaceful that she never wanted it to come to and end. She heard clapping and slowly her brain woke from its euphoric slumber, realizing where she was. She felt lips kissing hers, a tongue slowly pushing into her mouth and was surprised to feel her body respond. She realized the clapping was for her and a soft smile formed on her lips.

Rick pulled his head back from her mouth and said “welcome back to the world and welcome to our group my precious slave.”

Peggy knew that she was hooked and that whatever pleasures awaited her in the future, she was looking forward to the adventure.

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