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Attention from Strangers

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Julieanne slowly pushed her shopping cart down the isle, her heels clicking on the linoleum floor. She was excited about the prospects of the evening to come. Charles had promised to take her to theater, something they had not done in a long time. He had also arranged for the kids to be out of the house, at a friends place, so they would be alone.

As Julieanne selected a few things of the shelf she couldn’t help but hope that she and Charles could take advantage of that time. It was rare that they could make love and when they did, it was often short and abrupt. Julieanne almost never reached climax and it left her frustrated. Charles was a Christian man and sex was purely a function of procreation, not entertainment.

There was shopping that had to get done, and since Julieanne didn’t want to be late after getting home from the store, she had dressed up first. She felt a little awkward, being somewhat over dressed for the supermarket, but the more heads that turned her way the more she started to enjoy the attention.

Her dark blonde hair was touched with highlights and she had tied it up in a french twist. Curls of hair framed her face and her dark brown eyes were accented with shadow offset by the dark red lipstick glistening on her lips. Her ivory blouse was satin and buttoned up to her neck. The blouse was tucked into a long pleated skirt of the same color, the waistband concealed in a black suede wrap around belt. Julieanne was in her 40’s but she kept her self in great shape.

Her blouse fit tight enough to show that her 36C cup breasts were still firm, the belt affirmed that she had a slender waist and the skirt, dropping to just above her calves, revealed a pair of fantastic legs. She wore he best shoes, a pair of sling back peeptoe heels in black suede. The heels were four inches and elongated her five foot six frame. She wanted to show off the red toenail polish she had applied the night before. Sheathing her legs in a shimmering silk where a pair of nylon stockings. The gossamer fabric added the final touch to her outfit.

And it seemed that Julieanne’s legs were getting the most attention. She asked a stock boy where she could find something she was looking for and she caught him glance down at her legs. He seemed to stare at her toes for a moment before answering. She was hoping that this would have the same affect on Charles.

Picking up her fruit last, Julieanne was selecting oranges when a tall man stepped close to her. She didn’t look at him, since she assumed he was reaching for something, and was shocked when she found out it was here. A strong large hand cupped her right ass cheek, and Julieanne squeaked in surprise jumping away from his grasp.

“That’s how you pick the best, right? Giving them a squeeze?” He smiled broadly at her, his steel blue eyes ogling every inch of her body. Julieanne was too shocked to say anything. The man that grabbed her was large, strong, and as far as she was concerned very handsome. Not the type of man she would expect to grope a woman in public. “The stockings are a nice touch.” He said looking her in the eye.

“Excuse me!” Julieanne said flustered and blushing. She pushed her cart away and was so mixed up at the encounter it was a minute or so until she realized she had pushed the cart back to an isle she had already been on. She was embarrassed, and she felt a little violated. Julieanne was sure she had felt the garter strap that held her stocking in place.

Julieanne rarely wore her garter belt and the stranger grabbing her made all of her clothes feel strange. She smoothed her skirt and felt behind her to make sure the garters where in place. She wanted to go home and rushed to check out. She could get oranges later.

As she was checking out she noticed the man who groped her walking out to the parking lot. She felt relieved that she wouldn’t have to see him again. The young man bagging her groceries missed the bag a few times because he couldn’t get his eyes off Julieanne. He was all to pleased to take her shopping out to her car and load her minivan for her.

Julieanne thanked the bag boy and carefully got into the drivers seat. Once the door was closed she looked around the parking lot to make sure no one was about then slid her skirt up to reveal her stocking tops and garters. A quick inspection insured that she had no runs in her beige stockings and she slid her skirt back down over her legs.

The drive home was short and as soon as she was parked Julieanne started taking groceries into the house. On the first trip in she found Charles sitting on the couch, watching a ball game. He didn’t even look her way as she walked past with the bags and into the kitchen. Charles was wearing his typical lounging clothes and was still unshaven. The show was going to start in about an hour.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready?” Julieanne asked him.

“For what?” Charles said, again keeping his eyes fixed on the TV.

“Charles! The play? you promised we’d go!” She felt hurt. She felt even more frustrated that every man at the store, young and old, had stared at her. One had even groped her! But here, at home, from the man she wanted attention from hadn’t even noticed that she had dressed up.

“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry sweetie. I didn’t know the game was on. The team is in first place, don’t want to miss it.”

Julieanne left the room and back out to the minivan. She couldn’t help the tears that started to well up in her eyes. She didn’t notice the Black Tahoe that was parked on the street, and when a large hand from behind clamped down over her mouth. The hand gripped tightly and another arm wrapped around her waist. She caught a glimpse of a large black revolver in the hand holding her waist. The sight of it terrified her.

“Don’t scream, and don’t resist.” A gruff voice said in her ear. He was pressed up against her, her body pressing into his. She could feel his hard cock pressing inbetween her ass and it was clear what he had in mind. “If you do,” He wiggled the gun in his hand. “Understand me?”

Julieanne nodded, and as soon as she did the man whisked her away from the minivan and was forcing her into her house. The man, keeping his arms around her, forced her into the house and slammed the door. Charles was still on the couch watching his game and the sharp noise of the door got his attention.

“What the-”

“Shut up!” The man holding Julieanne said. He pointed the gun at him. “Get on the floor now.” Charles hesitated and the man yelled. “NOW!” Charles slid to the floor. “Lie flat on your chest, turn your face away from me!” Charles did as he was told. “Spread your arms out, palms up and do not move, or I’ll blow her head off.” Charles again did as he was told.

The man released Julieanne, pushing her toward her husband, and for the first time she got a good look at him. He wore a mask but she could see his dark blue eyes. He wore a pullover hood and sweat pants and he had a backpack on. He had a familiar build but she wasn’t sure if it was the same man from the store. “Get over on the far wall.” He ordered Julieanne. Put your hands on the wall and spread those legs, sweetheart. Keep looking at the wall and don’t turn around unless you want me to shoot your husband here.”

Julieanne did as she was told. She couldn’t help but tremble as she stared at her living room wall. She could hear a zipper sound and then the noise of duct tape being stripped from it’s roll. She also could hear Charles grunting as the man in the mask did something to him. She was worried and wanted to turn to see but was afraid of what would happen if the man in the mask caught her.

And then she felt hands on her ankles. His fingers gently slid over the tops of her feet and then ran over the opening of her shoes, tickling the tips of her toes. Then his hands slowly slid up her legs, pushing under and lifting her skirt until they found her stocking tops. Julieanne couldn’t help it, but she felt excited as his hands groped her legs, she felt her nipples tighten up and she knew she was getting wet.

The man in the mask groped her further, rubbing his hands over her ass and then one hand diving into her panties to feel her pussy. When he found that she was wet, he heard him chuckle to himself. “Oh you want this bad don’t you, sweetie?” When he said “this” Julieanne felt him prod her ass with his shaft.

The groping continued as his hands found her chest and squeezed her breasts. “Nice melons.” the man said and continued to grip and grope her. The frisking seemed to take hours as his hands explored every inch of her.

Abruptly the man in the mask pulled Julieanne off the wall, his strong arms wrapped around her waist, lifting her in the air and then setting her down to face her husband. Charles was lying on the floor, hog tied with zip cuffs and his mouth covered with duct tape. He was facing Julieanne and the man in the mask.

“This is how this is going to work.” Said the man in the mask. “I’m going to strip and fuck you right here on your own living room floor. If you fight me, or struggle, I’ll kill your husband. If you cooperate I’ll leave when I’m done with you. Understand?” Juleanne nodded. “Good. And since you’ve been so good I’ll give you a choice. Either I can turn your husband around and he can watch his ball game, or I’ll leave him as he is and he can watch how a real man fucks his wife.”

There was a moment of silence as the man in the mask waited for Juileanne’s answer. “Well?” he pressured, “You have to say something.” Julieanne thought about all the men staring at her while she was out. She thought about the stranger who had groped her, very likely the same man who was now going to rape her. And she thought about how little attention she had ever gotten from Charles.

“Let him watch me.” Julieanne said quietly.

The man in the mask laughed and then started to roughly unbutton Julieanne’s blouse. He stripped the blouse off her and then started groping her breasts, still in a white lacy bra. “How could you sit there and ignore this?” Said the man in the mask. “This bitch has some nice tits and you’re going to just watch a baseball game?” The man snapped off the bra and pulled it off Julieanne. “He must have a buxom secretary he’s fucking at work.” Said the man to Julieanne.

Her tits out, the man in the mask groped and pinched Julieanne, causing her a few involuntary gasps. “See how hard her nipples are?” Said the man. “She wants this.” The man in the mask tore the black belt off Juileanne and then yanked down hard on her skirt. The skirt and the half slip under it both slid off her hips and pooled at her feet. The man in the mask gave her a sharp slap on her ass. “Look at that ass!”

The man in the mask walked around Julieanne and she realized that while he had tied up Charles, he had also stripped off his own clothes. She saw his thick erect penis, and noted that he was quite a bit larger than Charles. “On your knees!” The man in the mask demanded.

Julieanne knelt and the man in the mask gripped her hair by both hands. Julieanne realized what he had in mind and started to resist, putting her hands on his thighs, to push away. But he pulled her mouth toward his cock and it slid between her lips. She was amazed at how thick and hard his thighs were and she gripped him as his penis started to trigger her gag reflex.

“Have you never done this before? Work that tongue, girl! Lick it and suck on it like a popsicle.” Julieanne complied, sliding her tongue back and forth under his shaft. The man in the mask groaned his approval. “She’s never done this for you has she, buddy? She’s not too bad. She needs practice though. That’s it sweetie, keep those lips pressed against my dick.”

Julieanne continued to give the man head as he instructed her. Soon he had let go of her hair and stood with his arms at his sides and Julieanne bobbed over the man’s cock. Julieanne noted that he had already lasted longer than Charles ever had. She looked over at Charles, and noted that his eyes were fixated on her as she sucked this man’s cock.

Suddenly the man in the mask pulled out of her mouth, knelt himself, and manhandled Julieanne onto her back. “I’m also betting,” said the man as he pulled her panties off her, “That you’ve never done this for her.” The man pushed his face into Julieanne’s muff, his tongue and lips attacking her pussy. Julieanne let out with a yelp and couldn’t help her self as she grabbed the man by the mask gripping it tightly. Julieanne kicked her legs and her toes curled as the man in the mask ate her pussy.

Julieanne realized that she could tear the mask off if she wanted, but she was afraid that it would make him mad. And then she couldn’t think at all and could only yell out as the man in the mask found her clitoris and worked it with his tounge. The man in the mask ran one hand along her silken leg and the other pinched her nipple as he licked and teethed her muff.

The man in the mask came up for breath, but kept his hands moving over he leg and breast. “Does she make those noises for you?” he said to Charles. I bet you don’t last long enough. Hows that little erection you got going on right now? Do you like watching me fuck your wife like this? You haven’t looked away yet.”

The man in the mask dove back down on Julieanne and she squirmed as he ate her out more vigorously. Charles had never done this since he felt that oral sex was a sin. Julieanne squealed as the man in the mask committed his sin on her.

Sitting up, the man in the mask put one arm under Julieanne, pulling her toward him. His other hand guided his shaft into her. Julieanne’s hands found his chest and she kept her hands on him as he slid into her. The man in the mask started to slowly thrust into her and after a few moments of confusion, the man in the mask placed her legs around him and thrust harder.

The man in the mask wrapped his large arms around Julieanne as as he pressed into her she could feel his tight abs slide against her. He seemed carved of wood and she held on to him as he pumped into her. His thrusts built up speed and she held tighter with her legs to keep from getting battered by his rock hard thighs.

Julieanne felt the fire below burn brighter and started breathing faster as he thrust into her. His thrusts came harder and faster and her left shoe came loose. Julieanne became aware of herself yelling out and looked up to see Charles looking back. She wanted to say something to him, to apologize that this man was doing this to her, but she couldn’t help her self and speaking wasn’t possible between the gasps he was forcing out of her.

The man in the mask bit down on Julieanne’s neck and his tongue slid along her skin. With so many sensations at once Julieanne was having trouble seeing straight. She kicked a leg in a muscle spasm and her shoe came free, fling in the air and landing near Charles.

The man in the mask slowed his thrusts, pulling his shaft all the way out and then sliding back into her. The slow dilation from closed, and empty, to open and full forced her to vocalize with each thrust in. Then the man picked up his pace again, thrusting in deep. He propped himself up by holding Julieanne’s wrists down. He was breathing hard and sweat ran down his body.

Julieanne had never had sex like this. It had never lasted this long and it had had never been this good. She hated that this man had this power over her, but she couldn’t help but enjoy it as it happened. She looked up to see Charles and caught him straining to get his nose close to her shoe that had been kicked free.

Suddenly Julieanne erupted in orgasm. She had heard of the G-spot before, and she wasn’t sure if that’s what the man in the mask had found but she was sure that it was the best thing she had ever felt. She screamed out her pleasure and the pure sensation that was forced into her was too much.

Julieanne struggled to break free of the man in the mask, the blinding ecstasy spread from her core to her fingers and toes and she felt like she would explode, but his iron grip held her down, and his iron dick pressed on. After what seemed like an eternity he pulled out of her. Julieanne gasped and her body trembled from his actions.

But it wasn’t over.

The man in the mask flipped her over and manhandled her until she was on her hands and knees. She felt him press his shaft into her anus and she yelped out “NO!” The man grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up so he could talk into her ear.

“Do not, resist. You’re going to let me fuck your ass or I’m going to shoot your husband.” He threw her forward and he thrust into her. The sensation was different but Julieanne was surprised to find that there was still pleasure. Pleasure that increased when his hand reached around her and fingers roughly rubbed her clitoris in a circle. Soon it was all Julieanne could do to just hold on as he rammed into her ass.

The man in the mask cried out his own orgasm and she felt his cock throb as he ejaculated into her. She felt his penis pulse over and over and was glad all that cum wasn’t in her pussy. She never took any kind of birth control.

The man in the mask pulled out, and flipped her onto her back again. Julieanne wasn’t sure she could take any more but the man in the mask pinned her down and pressed his lips into her ear. Whispering he said “This isn’t the last time we do this. You’ll get a package in the mail. You will wear everything in the package. When I see you at the store, wearing what I’ve sent you, I’ll take you. If you don’t, your family will suffer. Understood?”

“Yes.” Julieanne breathed.

The man in the mask got up, leaving Julieanne gasping on the floor. He dressed and gathered his backpack. Before he left he knelt down near Charles. “Have her suck your cock. She needs practice. I want a better performance from her next time.” With that the man in the mask left.

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