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The Transition

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At last, I see them leaving the house; she is now alone and no doubt, logging into the computer and; expecting to see me there for our regular chats. Looking around I could see that I am totally free to enter, nobody showing any interest in a delivery guy, I mean, who cares? I go around to the back door and finding it unlocked, I quickly slip inside and make no noise that should alert her to an unexpected visitor.

Quietly, I move through the house, searching, until I see the familiar glow of a computer screen, showing under a door. Ah! I have found her!

I edge the door open slowly and I can see her peering intently at the screen, wondering why she hasn’t got a message to say, I’m there, but she is just about to find out why. Taking out the black silk scarf I have in my pocket, I walk up behind her and; just before I slip it over her head, she catches a glimpse of my smiling face, reflected on the computer screen. Can it be? Is it? Then everything goes black!

Strangely enough, she doesn’t feel the need to cry out, or even be frightened, she feels safe with this ‘stranger’ in her house. Saying nothing, I tie the scarf around her head, not too tightly; just enough so it won’t slide off and I lean forward, gently kiss her hair, her ears, her neck and finally, her sweet lips. At first she doesn’t know whether to respond or not, but eventually she can’t help herself and returns my kiss with a passion, pent up, over the short time we have known each other, not that she is absolutely sure it is me, of course!

I lift her from her seat, take her hand in mine and lead her through to, what I have already guessed, is the bedroom. We stand beside the bed and I slowly begin to undress her, caressing each part of her as it becomes uncovered. Kissing her warm flesh, sucking, where appropriate and watching her become more and more aroused. Her nipples stand so proud and erect, wet from my lips and tongue, her navel shining from my mouth kissing it, her naked mons damp from my tongue and her pussy lips, puffy from my kisses. I take her hands and place them on my clothes, she needs no further encouragement and she begins to strip me too, anxious to feel what she has only dreamt about.

When she uncovers my hard chest, she gasps and takes my nipples into her mouth, as I had done to her just a short while ago. Her fingers fumble with my belt and as she loosens it and pulls down my trousers, my cock springs to full hardness, she needs to believe it is all for her. Slowly she sinks to your knees, stroking my erection lovingly and when she is able, she takes the head between her hot lips, licking the pre cum from the tip and tasting the slightly salty, but not unpleasant, sign of my arousal.

After luxuriating in the feel of her sweet mouth for a few minutes, I lift her to her feet and gently push her backwards onto the bed, gazing at her nakedness with unashamed lust. I position myself between her legs, my face inches away from her flowered open pussy, and a faint hint of an earthy smell emanating from her juices which were shining and lubricating herself for me, a woman aroused and ready for sex. There is nothing better in this world, or any other, for that matter. I lean forward and run my tongue the full length of her juicy slit and she shivers with anticipation. Again and again, my tongue traces this route and my hands have to keep her legs apart, for I am in grave danger of having my head crushed between her jerking thighs. My lips find her erect clit jutting from its protective hood and demanding attention. I suck it slowly between my lips and flick it gently with my tongue, her juices are flowing and she moans as she calls out my name. Is it me though? How does she know? A sixth sense maybe, or is it just that she knows, that this is how I would treat her?

After bringing her to the brink of climax, time after time, I feel it is only right to reveal the truth. I climb over her supine body, kneel astride her heaving breasts and slowly remove the scarf.

“Hi Minx, how you doing hon?” I ask, as if we were chatting on Yahoo and as her eyes adjust to the brightness, she instantly recognise me and bursts out laughing,

“I knew it was you!! Well! I hoped it was!” I lean forward and kiss her deeply, our tongues devour each other and this has the desired result and I lay above her, my erect penis pressing hard against her so soft pussy lips. We adjust slightly and I slip inside her lava hot tunnel, she feels my circumcised head gently scrape her tender walls and her internal muscles pull me deeper into her body. Our lips are stuck like glue and as the feelings of lust overtake us, we thrust in unison, our bellies slapping together, my fingers teasing her bullet hard nipples, pinching them and biting them.

At least she knows that this time, she will be allowed to climax properly. Her movements become more frantic, my cock is aching for release too and with one last thrust, I release jet after jet of my fiery spunk against her womb. As she feels it, her inner muscles contract around my spurting manhood, milking me dry and she climaxes with me. She cannot help herself, her teeth bite into my shoulder, but I hardly feel it, lost as I am, in the throes of my own climax and I also leave my mark on her tender, white breasts. She has become mine, at last! Well, for this short period of time anyway and I have started on the road to my transition from cyber Dom, to real life Dom!

Like we have done so many times before when chatting, she curls up against my chest, my arm around her, hugging her tightly and we say nothing, we just luxuriate in the afterglow of our recent joint climax. My free hand gently caresses her glowing body and I feel her drifting off to sleep. Carefully, I disentangle myself from her arms and her legs, which envelope me, as if to hold me a prisoner in her bed and I silently get dressed. I look down at her and see her lips set in a smile, a peaceful, satisfied smile. I bend down and kiss her and just before I leave, I whisper,

“Sweet Dreams Minx”

The Transition 2

I logged into yahoo, unconsciously rubbing the still livid love bite on my shoulder. It served as a reminder of just how well that first visit to Minx had turned out and I really hoped that we could repeat that on a more regular basis.

There were a couple of offline messages from her, just to say that she had enjoyed our first meeting and that she was looking forward to seeing me again. I waited patiently for her to get online and continued writing a new story, no doubt she was fighting over the computer with her kids again and then, finally she got her turn. We chatted about everything except what had just taken place, probably both a bit hesitant to start talking about it, as somehow, it still felt like a dream. My fingers went to her mark again and I knew that we couldn’t just forget that it had ever happened, so I typed hesitantly,

“Come on Minx, tell me! Was it as good for you, as it was for me?” There was a bit of a pause before I saw her start typing again and I began to wonder if it had all been a huge mistake, but she replied eventually with,

“Sir, it was wonderful, you made me feel like a woman who is wanted and loved, but do you remember why you first got in touch with me? I wanted a part time Master, not a lover and we both know that neither of us would ever leave our respective partners, don’t we?”

It was my turn to hesitate now, had I really given her the impression that I wanted love and that I wanted more than just fun and uninhibited sex. My hesitance to chat more about a Master/sub relationship was more due to my total inexperience of the ‘scene’ in real life, than wanting her to drop everything and have us run away together. I typed my reply with a lot of thought before saying,

“Hon, there is no way that I would ever want to come between you and your husband and family, as I am sure you know, you wouldn’t come between my wife and mine. I just have no experience of being the Dom you were looking for, which is why the sex side of my visit was so ‘vanilla’ none the less enjoyable for all that, I hasten to add. LOL” There was a much longer pause this time, followed by a ‘brb, give me 5 mins” to which I replied, ‘Ok, xxx’

After what seemed like an eternity, but was only about the five minutes, she had said she would be, she typed,

“Hi, think I’d got lost? lol” I sent my usual welcome back message and saw that she was already typing, “Sir, I’ve had a word with my husband and as he first stated, he wants to meet any potential Dom I may have in the future. He has also said that if he approves of you, novice Dom or not, then he would allow me to teach you in the ways of the ‘scene’ and allow you to become my part time Dom. Before you answer, think very carefully, because another of his rules is….. That you tell your wife everything!”

I very nearly fell off my seat when I read this and she had to ‘buzz’ me to see if I was still online. I quickly typed back,

“Ummmmm, Ok Minx, this is a huge step for me and I’ll let you know Ok?”

We continued with our usual chat for a bit longer, but what she had just said, I couldn’t get out of my head. My mind was in turmoil and as I joined my unsuspecting wife in bed that night, I got very little sleep, I can tell you.

I will not go into the details here, suffice to say that after a lot of heart searching, on both sides, we came to an agreement and she would allow me to visit Minx on a regular basis.

It had been a couple of days since we had chatted and I couldn’t wait to tell her the news. I logged on and as usual, I waited for her to get some time alone. She wasn’t too long in getting online and before I could get a chance to give her a hug or two, she asked me how it had gone. I laughed at her impatience and told her that I was free to visit, whenever it was convenient. She told me that she would get back to me after discussing it with her hubby and in the meantime, I was to make my own ‘flogger’ and we signed off.

This would not be a problem, as I was quite well versed in leatherwork and looked forward to it immensely, but not quite as much as I looked forward to using it on Minx and giving her the sensations that she really craved. Watching as her raised buttocks reddened and quivered in anticipation, stroking those smooth globes between lashes and dipping my fingers into her honey pot, to taste the bitter sweet juice of her arousal.

That was how I found myself sitting on this train, with only two hours to go, before finally meeting Minx and her husband and I wondered if she had as many butterflies in her stomach as I did. I don’t know how she had arranged it, but somehow, if her husband approved of me, we would have the house to ourselves for two nights and my training as a Dom would start.

I needn’t have worried, because as soon as we met, he and I hit it off right away. He was there to meet me at the station, no doubt to check me out before taking me home to meet his wife again, which would be so different to my first visit, when I sneaked up on her unannounced! As I was putting my bag into the boot of the car, he paused and spoke briefly into his mobile phone. I got in the passenger side and soon we were off and chatting about everything except my real reason for being here.

“Hi hon, we’re home” He shouted out as we entered the house, “I hope you’ve got the kettle on, we’re parched” I nervously followed him through to the kitchen, wondering to myself, how I should greet her in front of her husband. That decision was taken out of my hands as she flew across the kitchen, threw her arms around me and said,

“Come on then, where are all those hugs you send me on messenger” She said excitedly, “I’ve waited too long for them in real life!” She was already wearing her favourite ‘sub’ outfit and I pulled her close to me, knowing that he had already given his approval of our meeting, or she wouldn’t be dressed like this.

We all sat at the kitchen table, quite close to the computer that had started all this and drank our tea and made small talk. Minx had slipped off one of her high heels and was rubbing her stocking clad foot against my leg, letting it creep higher all the time. I looked across at her and seeing a twinkle in her eye, I mouthed, ‘Stop, Minx” at her and frowned. This didn’t stop her though, she wasn’t happy until her toes were strumming along my hardening shaft and I was struggling to keep a straight face. She would pay for that later and I realised that was just the reason she was doing it, she wanted punishment for getting me embarrassed.

He put his empty cup down on the table, stood up and said,

“Right, I’m going to leave you two to get to know each other better and when I get back, I will hope to find more than teeth marks on my dear wife’s body!” He laughed at the sudden look of shock on my face, winked at me, kissed his wife and left saying, “You tell him Minx, have fun and I’ll see you soon”

She stood up, smiled at me and sat down in my lap, “I hope you don’t mind, but after your last visit, I told him everything” She put her arms around my neck and kissed me before continuing with, “He is my Master, I am His sub and as such, I have to tell him everything”

I savoured the taste of her sweet lips and in a measured tone of voice, I quietly replied, “I understand that implicitly and I hope that you understand; that as from when that door shut behind Him and until His return, I am your Master and you are my pet!” I stared intensely into her eyes and continued, “You were being disrespectful just now; touching me when He was still here and for that I must punish you, do you not agree pet?”

She tried to hold my steady gaze, staring back, like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, but slowly her eyes lowered and she whispered, “Yes Sir, your pet deserves to be punished, I am yours and I await your pleasure”

I raised my voice slightly and told her to repeat what she had just said and to say it as if she meant it. When she had finished, a little louder this time, I told her to lie across my lap to receive a spanking.

Hesitantly, she got to her feet and laid herself prone across my hard thighs. I felt the heat from her middle regions as she wriggled into position, her tummy fluttering in anticipation as she wondered how hard my inexperienced hands would be on her soft buttocks. One hand lifted the hem of the supple leather dress, the other ran up the backs of her taut thighs, stretched tight in their submissive pose across my lap and she gasped as my fingers gently traced a path towards what I hoped would be, her freshly shaved pussy. I was not disappointed; she had prepared herself well and would be rewarded later. But for now, I had to exert my authority and I folded the dress above her waist, leaving her soft globes quivering.

‘Thwack!” The flat of my hand made contact with one perfect cheek, ‘Thwack’ the other received the same swift blow and I paused. I watched, as gradually my hand prints became evident on the creamy flesh of her globes and I felt the first stirrings of my arousal. I could feel the heat from my slaps, as I gently rubbed the stinging sensation away and when my fingers slid across her slit, I felt the first signs of her excitement and her juices were forming rapidly.

‘Thwack!” Again her buttocks quivered and continued to do so until they were glowing cherry red in colour. Between each pair of strikes, I stroked and touched her tortured skin and by the time I stopped, the insides of her thighs were sticky with her secretions. I leant my head forward, kissed each of her burning cheeks and said,

“Take me to our bedroom my pet, I would like to shower and you may help me, if you would?” She got to her feet, her legs a bit unsteady and she winced as the skirt fell back in place and touched her tender ass. Her face was flushed, was it from the spanking or from arousal, time will tell I thought to myself and she replied,

“Yes Sir, your pet would be honoured to wash your weary body. Please follow me”

As I didn’t know where the bedroom was, it was the sensible thing to do and besides, I wanted to see her legs and arse as she climbed the stairs ahead of me, a sneaky preview, so to speak. She didn’t disappoint me, I got tantalising glimpses of her nylon clad legs and naked bum and I’m sure she exaggerated the sexy swing of her hips, all the way to the bedroom.

The room was immaculate, lit by numerous scented candles, which gave the place a feeling of peace and tranquillity and nothing like the madhouse Minx normally describes her house as being. My eyes took in the St. Andrew’s cross standing in one corner and beside it was a table, covered in black felt, where the tools of the Master’s trade were laid out neatly. I dropped my bag next to the wardrobe and turned to face her. She reached out to start unbuttoning my shirt; I took her hands in mine, looked into her eyes and said,

“When we are in this room pet, you will be naked, or wearing what I tell you at all times. Remove everything except the hold ups and your heels, if you please”

She looked at me and almost shyly, she disrobed. By the time she had finished and even in the soft flickering light from the candles, I could see she was blushing so I said,

“There is no need to blush my pet, you are perfect and over the next two days, I will get to know every inch of your body, as you will mine. Now run the shower and I will join you in a minute. I quickly got out of my clothes, which were a bit creased and crumpled from the train ride; retrieved my white terry towelling robe from the bag and headed to the shower. She was standing next to the cubicle waiting for me and I went to her. She raised her eyes and I nodded to her unspoken question. Nervously her hands reached for the belt and she released it, allowing the front to fall open and her eyes roamed over my exposed body. From the faint smile on her face, I think she liked what she saw and removed the gown completely.

This felt so strange to me, having her waiting on me like this, almost naked, nipples erect and her skin flushed. I stepped into the shower and pulled her in with me, holding her close and luxuriating in the warm water cascading over us. She began by shampooing my short brown hair, her fingers gently massaging my scalp before rinsing it off and picking up the soap. She worked the lather all over my hard body and I knew her eyes were feasting on my rising manhood. Her eyes met mine and once more I nodded, giving her permission to wash my erect penis and smooth balls. Her touch was initially very tentative, but she soon warmed to the task in hand, so to speak and she caressed me as if she had been doing it forever and it felt wonderful.

I did the same for her, my hard fingers easing away the tension brought on from our first meeting and her unexpected spanking. Gradually her muscles relaxed and when I eased her legs open, she moaned softly as my soapy fingers slid along her hot slit. Her moans turned to gasps when I inserted two fingers into her soft opening and my thumb rested on her sensitive clitoris, rolling and pressing it against her pubic bone.

I did not want my first ejaculation to be in her hand and without saying a word, I slowly pushed down on her soft shoulders. Her nipples were like pebbles as they slid down my glowing skin, the soap long washed away from my hard shaft and when her lips enclosed the head of my cock, it was my turn to gasp. My leg was between the strong grip of her thighs, I could feel the coarseness of her wet nylons in direct contrast to the smoothness of the skin above them and I bent forward, kissed the top of her head and said,

“Yes pet, ride my leg and when you swallow my hot cream, you may cumm with me”

I held onto her nipples, rolling them between my fingers and thumbs and feeling her take more of my manhood into her sucking mouth. It felt as if my cock was sliding inside warm, wet velvet, her tongue, swirling around the shaft, was like an eel and I knew I would not last very long before exploding my first load into her throat and belly. As she rode my leg, we could hear the juicy sounds above those from the shower, she also was close to her climax. My fingers tightened their grip on her tender buds and I groaned louder as my fiery hot spunk shot into her hungry mouth. Her cries as she reached her orgasm were muffled by having to swallow my seed, jet after jet of it and she didn’t miss a drop.

I pulled her to her feet, held her in my arms and said,

“That was wonderful pet, now dip your fingers into your honey pot, I want to taste you too” I smiled at the pleased look she gave me, she did what I told her and placed her sticky fingers on my lips. I sucked them clean, kissed her full on the mouth and said,

“Ummmm, as good as we taste together my pet, I think we need food, don’t you agree?”

“Yes Sir, shall I cook us something?”

“Not tonight pet, I’m taking you out for dinner. You need to keep your stamina for later, when I learn to use all these toys of yours and of course, introduce you to your new flogger”

She beamed at the mention of her ‘new flogger’, hugged me close to her and whispered,

“Whatever Sir desires, His pet is here to serve and ensure His pleasure!”

The Transition 3

“Let me see your wardrobe pet, I want to choose something suitable for our first outing together”

She looked surprised at this, but opened the door of her substantial closet, stood beside it as I browsed through her collection of mini skirts and blouses and said,

“May I say something Sir?” Seeing me nod in agreement, she went on to say, “As a sub, I usually choose my own outfit if we are going out for the evening”

“I am sure you do my pet, for your regular Master and I am sure you choose well, as you know what pleases Him. Would you not rather I choose for you until you get to know what pleases Me?” I replied, fingering the different materials of her skirts.

“But if I wear something that does not meet with Sir’s approval, then He will surely point out the error of my ways sometime later” She said glancing significantly at the St. Andrew’s cross standing in the corner of the room.

I stopped what I was doing and thought about what she had just said. It made sense and I told her that I would get dressed first and then she could pick out her own clothes, as she suggested. She smiled, thanked me for allowing her to be so bold and I smiled back, knowing that she thought, that she had just topped me from the bottom, is the term used I think.

Once I was ready for our night out, dressed in my favourite black slacks, dark grey shirt and tie and black leather shoes, I went downstairs to await my pet’s arrival. When she walked through the door, she looked stunning and knew it too, I thought to myself. I didn’t let her know that, of course, I merely glanced up from reading the local paper and said,

“Assume the position for My inspection pet! I want to know that everything is to my liking before we go out together”

“Yes Sir, your pet is ready and I hope that Sir finds her to his liking” She said, as she stood before me, hands on head and legs about shoulder width apart.

I slowly got to my feet and stood behind her. Running my hands over her white silk blouse, I felt her nipples harden on the palms of my hand, that was good, no bra. I then went down to her stocking clad thighs and slowly ascended, over the tops and onto her hot bare skin and that is where I had a feeling that I would catch her out. How right I was, she was wearing a thong! I took it in both hands and ripped it apart saying,

“You see my pet? Never wear panties of any description when you are with me, is that understood?” She looked aghast at the shreds of her favourite under garment lying on the floor and nodded her understanding, “For that indiscretion, you will be punished later!”

I felt a shudder of anticipation course through her body as I told her this and with her clit held between my thumb and finger, her juices were again dampening her freshly shaved petals. Her sensitive nub responded to my gentle massage and she was soon moaning for release, but this was not about to happen. She would only be allowed to climax, as and when I permitted or demanded it of her and not before. I slapped her playfully on her backside and told her that apart from the thong, she had pleased me very much with the outfit she had chosen and in future, she could continue to make her own selection. She visibly relaxed and thanked me for being so generous with my praise.

I handed her a small package and told her to open it. Her eyes widened in surprise and delight when she revealed the contents of the box. I had bought her a black velvet choker which had, as its centre piece, a silver M and p, entwined. She looked up at me, kissed me softly on the lips and said,

“Thank you Master, I will wear this with pride” Handing it to me, she went on to say, “Put it around my neck please Master and claim me as yours, for whenever we are together”

The Transition 4

The choker set off Minx’s outfit very nicely and the symbolic significance it represented was very apparent by her constant fingering of the smooth material and her looking shyly in my direction. Before we could get any further involved and forget about eating completely, the door bell rang. I glanced at my watch and told her that it was the taxi I had ordered while she was getting changed. I put on my dark gray jacket, helped her into hers and led her to the awaiting car.

I found out from the driver that the restaurant I had chosen was a good half hour’s drive away, but well worth the trip. It was a quiet country pub with a reputation for being discreet and a popular meeting place for couples seeking anonymity. I placed my arm around her shoulder and let my hand lie on her breast. She looked at me, quite surprised at this public show, but did nothing to stop me. My other hand, I put on her thigh and stroked her nylon clad leg gently, my fingers going higher with each caress, until they were on the bare skin above the tops of her hold ups.

I smiled as she looked from me to the driver, whose eyes kept glancing in the rear view mirror and I could see that she was getting embarrassed. Her nipple was like a pebble under my palm, so I took it between my thumb and finger and rolled it softly. She has very sensitive nipples and a little more pressure had her breathless, helped by my other hand easing her legs wider apart and my finger rubbing her clitoris. Very soon her hips were rising to try and get more of my probing finger inside her delicious pussy, all thoughts of the driver were forgotten as she wanted her release, ached for it and she asked to be allowed to cum. I smiled evilly at her and said,

“No my pet, you will wait until we get home, but you will have this inside you while we are at dinner!” I took a small egg shaped vibrator from my pocket and slowly inserted it into her juicy tunnel and she gasped, in surprise and delight and with a final warning not to cum, we drew up outside the restaurant.

A few heads turned as we walked to our table, which was in a secluded part of the dimly lit room, but generally speaking we were just another couple having a night out and nobody paid us too much attention. I ordered drinks as we studied the menus handed to us by a very attentive waitress. We sat opposite each other and just like we are on the internet, we chatted about everything under the sun, laughing and joking like the friends we had become. The other side of our relationship was a bonus and one which I knew, we both enjoyed.

The meals, when they arrived, were delicious and that is when I took the opportunity to turn the little control dial I had in my pocket, up to its first level. Minx’s reaction was great to see and it was all I could do not to start laughing. The dial controlled the egg like vibrator and started gently humming inside her, causing her to suddenly remember it was there. She shifted around in her seat, trying to relieve the sensations from this infernal device, but try as she might, her sex betrayed her and she felt her juices forming. She looked up from her meal and grimaced, knowing that I was teasing her and I felt her foot slide up my leg.

She would do what she could, to get me in the same state of arousal, because that was her nature. A minx to be sure, but a minx who enjoyed being tamed. I knew that already and turned the dial up another notch. Her foot rapidly stopped its journey to my crotch as she squeezed her thighs together and I saw a bead of perspiration forming on her brow. She grabbed the edges of the table, her knuckles turning white as she struggled to contain herself and not give in to her body’s desire for release.

I saw how close she was to cumming and switched the control to the off position. Her look was both of disappointment and gratitude as on one hand she wanted to climax, but on the other hand, not after I had told her not to and especially not in a busy restaurant. I smiled across at her and said,

“I hope you are enjoying your meal pet, quite filling isn’t it?” She grinned shyly at me, winked and replied,

“Oh yes Master, I probably won’t be able to eat another thing tonight” We both laughed and with our dinners finished, I suggested we take our leave and return home. She blushed and said,

“I would like that Master and perhaps you know of a way to change my mind about not eating anything else?”

She almost lost her footing when I switched the egg on again. I caught her by the elbow, put my arm around her and whispered in her ear,

“I most certainly do my pet and before this evening is over, you will be fulfilled completely!”

The Transition 5

I left the egg vibrating at its lowest level during our trip back to her house and I caught her squeezing her legs together, trying to bring herself to climax. I smiled at her in the dim light from the street lamps which illuminated the back of the cab and said,

“Tut, tut, my pet, you know that you are only to cumm with my permission or on my command? I think maybe a few stripes with the cane should be an apt reminder, don’t you?”

She looked into my eyes and I saw a mixture of guilt, shyness and longing. She wanted my punishment, to show me how submissive she could be with the right Master and I intended to prove to her that I could fulfill that role. She replied in her quiet voice, “Yes Master, pet deserves whatever punishment you see fit to give her, but this egg is driving me crazy and I’m afraid that I’ll explode if I don’t climax soon”

“Patience my pet, patience, when God made time he made plenty of it and I promise you that you will be begging me to stop making you cumm, before the night is over” I held her close to me and turned off the vibrating device which was causing her so much frustration.

I helped her from the taxi and while I paid the driver, Minx opened the door and stood inside the doorway as if listening for something and when I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing was wrong, it was just so strange for her not to hear the hubbub of her normally very busy house. I took her hand, led her through to the kitchen and told her to be thankful that it was so quiet, or we might not have had this opportunity to have two days alone.

I was beginning to feel nervous about how to get started with the Dom/sub scene that we were both so keen to act out and I think she instinctively knew this, got me a beer from the fridge and said,

“If Master would like to drink this, then pet will go upstairs and await his pleasure”

I gave her a grateful look and nodded that I would be with her shortly. It took all of five minutes to consume the cold beer, find a container of ice cubes, to use later and make my way up the stairs. Smiling, I paused to glance at her clothes, neatly folded outside the bedroom door. I opened it and as masterfully as I could, I strode inside.

She was standing near the St. Andrew’s cross, in the ‘ready for inspection’ pose, the soft candlelight flickering across her body and her nipples already stiff with anticipation. The setting was perfect, I went over to her, ran my hands all over her body, finishing with my hand cupping her naked sex and said,

“Thank you my pet, now you may undress me”

Her hands were gentle as she slowly divested me of my few clothes and soon I was as naked as her, with my manhood as hard as her nipples, if not harder. I had kept the palm of my hand on her mons the whole time, my fingers strumming over her erect clitoris and feeling the wetness of her juices. I reached inside her with two fingers and removed the egg which had been tormenting her the whole evening. I placed it on the table and picked up my flogger. It was a work of art and even if I say so myself, quite menacing to look at. The handle I had made to the shape and size of my penis, bound with black leather, which gave it a ridged appearance, it could also be used as a very effective dildo.

I let the tails trail over her breasts, stomach and thighs and watched as her body trembled. She gulped a huge breath of air as I swished it beside her and then presented it to her for a kiss. That done, I turned her to face the cross and using the attached restraints; I soon had her spread eagled and helpless before me. The muscles in her buttocks tightened in anticipation, my arm went back and,

“Thwack” I laid my first ever stripe over her soft mounds, followed by two more in quick succession and then paused to run my free hand over the livid red marks. She moaned slightly as my gentle touch eased away the stinging sensation, helped by my fingers sliding over her damp labia and tweaking her erect clitoris. I delivered three more strokes of the flogger, slightly lower this time, on the sensitive area between the tops of her stockings and her glowing red ass cheeks. I repeated my rubbing of the affected areas, always returning to her pussy and clit, which were becoming nice and juicy.

By the time I had been up to her shoulders and back to her quivering buttocks, the merest touch of my finger between her legs nearly sent her over the edge. I released the ankle and wrist cuffs and retied her with her back to the cross. I ran the handle of my flogger from her mouth, down her stomach, slowly passed it along her slit and back to her mouth again and said,

“Kiss it again my pet, taste your arousal as I will from your sweet lips” She touched the wet head of the handle with her tongue and lips; I took her head between my hands and kissed her deeply. I stepped back and admired her while reaching for the nipple clamps on the table, there was no need to play with her nipples as they were already rock hard, so attaching the clamps was easy and I saw the look of pure pleasure in her eyes as I locked them in place.

On the table was some silk cord which I tied to the chain between the clamps, passed it between Minx’s legs and tied the other end to her new choker. The combination of the clamps pulling on her tender nipples, the cord tight against her erect clit and the pressure on the choker, meant that any movement would cause even more discomfort.

I started with the tops of her thighs, still pausing after every three strokes to massage and tease her. Gradually I made my way up her quivering body until my next target was her proud breasts and so far she had made very little movement. The next swing caught her right across her tender nipples and she jerked her head up quickly, tightening the silk cord and causing it to bite into her swollen clit. She cried out in both pain and pleasure and awaited the next blow longingly. I didn’t disappoint her and repeated this two more times. After which, I ran my nails slowly over her tormented flesh and she had to use every ounce of restraint not to beg me to allow her to cumm.

I sensed that she had had enough of the flogger and it was also time to remove the wicked clamps from her aching nipples. The ice cubes had not had time to thaw completely so I popped a couple in my mouth, released her from the silk cord and nipple tormentors and as the blood flowed back into her buds, I took each between my ice cold lips and sucked gently. My fingers and thumb were rolling her rope abused clit at the same time and as the sensations she was getting from my lips hit her, so a veritable flood of juices soaked my hand and I knew that she couldn’t hold out much longer.

She was shivering slightly as I removed the ankle and wrist restraints and I helped her across to the bed on unsteady legs. I laid her on her back, knees bent and parted widely, allowing me to stare into her unprotected sex and I bent forward and whispered in her ear,

“Thank you my pet, you did well, Master is very pleased with you tonight and now you may cumm when you are ready!”

She was about to reply when I thrust my aching manhood deep inside her and cut her off with a passionate kiss. I needed release every bit as much as she did and as her legs locked around my back and her heels pulled me in deeper, I felt the first of her climaxes overcome her natural instinct to wait for permission. I followed very soon after when her teeth bit down hard into my neck to stifle her joyous cries of release and I repaid the compliment by leaving my mark on her tender breast.

I rolled off her and pulled her tightly against me, her leg over mine, head against my shoulder and my arm protectively around her shoulders, we drifted off to sleep, to dream of what would happen when we awoke.

The Transition 6

I woke up with a raging hard on. That wasn’t really unusual, what was though, was the feeling of a hot wet mouth engulfing my length. I looked down to see my Minx’s lips sliding up and down my cock, her tongue swirling around the head and dipping in to the eye for my pre cum. My hands went to her head and gently stroked her hair, but as my lust increased with every dip of her head, my fingers tightened their grip and I moved my hips, thrusting harder and faster until with a loud moan, I jetted my hot spunk into her waiting throat. Like the wonderful sub she is, she swallowed every drop, even licking the little that had escaped her mouth and trickled down her chin.

“Ummmm, you’re awake Master, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did” She said, smiling up at me with that cheeky grin of hers.

I pulled her up beside me, gave her a hug and replied, “You know I did my pet and after we have a cup of tea, maybe we can see about some more pleasure for you. So, come on, go get the kettle on”

I gave her a quick slap on the bum and putting on our robes, we went down to the kitchen for refreshment. As we were waiting for the tea to brew, I asked her if what I had been doing so far, was what she would expect from a Dom and she looked across the table at me and said,

“You are doing absolutely fine Sir; it is just the way it should be”

I reached across and took her hand in mine, lifted it to my lips and said, “Thanks Minx, but I think it is having such a willing pet as you that makes it easy for me to adopt this role.” And before we got any deeper into this discussion, I laughed and finished it with, “Now, what about that tea pet, it’ll be cold before you pour it!”

She looked into my eyes a little longer, then laughed back and said, “Yes Sir, no Sir, three bags full Sir! Your every wish is my command”

She gave my hand a squeeze and got up and poured us each a mug of the still hot tea. When she returned, I indicated that she sit in my lap, like we do on Yahoo and looking a bit shy, she sat across my strong thighs and put an arm around my neck. In between sips of tea, we chatted about books that we had read, or were reading and discovered that we very much shared the same philosophy on life. We chatted on as if we had known each other for years and not just the few months that it had been since I had applied for the post of part time Dom, which she had advertised for on an internet site.

Inevitably our conversation turned to sex and BDSM and she answered every question I had to ask. Absentmindedly, my fingers had been stroking her through the thin material of her robe and I felt her nipples harden. I slipped my hand inside the warm confines and gently caressed her still naked breasts; they felt lovely and soft, capped with bullet hard tips. I leant down and took each in turn between my lips, wetting them and then softly blowing across them. She pulled my head closer with one hand and rubbed the other over my arched back. Still with my hand on her luscious globes, I looked up and said,

“Here or upstairs Minx? Your choice! But one place or the other, I want you and will have you again tonight!”

She gave me one of her cheeky looks again and replied, “You are here to learn to be a Dom, and so if Master wants me again tonight, then he will have to make his pet comply with his wishes. I will go upstairs again and await my Master’s desires”

I gave her a couple of minutes and after removing my robe, I rejoined her in the bedroom. She was again, ready for inspection and as before when I ran my hands over her and onto her sex, I found her to be wet with anticipation. I had noticed in the corner of the room, a bar stool which would suit perfectly for what I next had in mind. She had said to make her comply with my demands and that is what I fully intended to do with my minxish pet.

I placed the stool in front of her and said,

“Choose a cane my pet, I hope you didn’t think that I had forgotten the stripes you earnt by almost cumming in the taxi? Hold it between your teeth and bend over the stool, legs apart and hands hanging down in front of you”

When she was in position, I used the cords to tie her wrists and ankles securely to the frame. I took four clothes pegs from the table and attached two to each of her puffy labia and lewdly spread them open, tucking the free ends under her thigh high, hold up stockings. Her nipples I left free for the moment, they would get my attention later, after she had submitted to my control. I was ready and asked her if she was also. I took the cane from her mouth and she said in a hushed tone that, yes she was ready.

I could almost bend the cane double it was so springy, I took a firm grip on the handle and delivered the first blow to both cheeks at once. Her whole body went rigid as the fiery pain registered in her brain, but she managed not to cry out. Unlike the relatively gentle sting of the flogger, I knew that this must hurt like hell, so I would massage her between each stroke. I used the soothing cream and applied it to her buttocks and teased around her puckered anus, which brought almost the same reaction as the stripe from the cane. I kept checking to see if she had crossed her fingers, the sign we had agreed on as her ‘red card’, but as yet she hadn’t used her option to stop the scene from going any further.

Minx was able to stifle her cries for two more strokes but on the fourth, she yelped and I thought she would call a halt, but no. her fingers remained uncrossed. I spent longer caressing her marks and pressing my thumb against her unyielding sphincter. I did notice however, that her clitoris was quite swollen and her juices were glistening wetly along her open slit. I knelt behind her and ran my tongue slowly along the length of her, from her throbbing clit to her clenched anus. She moaned with pleasure this time and I continued until I felt her relax and my thumb eased just inside her anal ring. Keeping it there, I used the fingers and thumb of my other hand to roll and pull on her extended button and was rewarded by more of her essence flooding my lips and tongue.

Without her being too aware of what had taken place, my thumb was now fully inside her virgin ass and she had accepted this intrusion willingly. I removed it and retrieved a slim vibrator from the table of toys, covered it with cream and slowly eased it to where my thumb had just been. She put up less resistance this time and moaned even louder when I slid my engorged cock between her pegged open lips and slid it deep inside her butter soft pussy. I removed the clothes pegs and rubbed the blood back into her soft lips. Moving myself and the vibrator together, I felt her responding, her muscles clench and release in harmony with my thrust hand and hips.

I withdrew my cock and the vibrator, leaving her pussy pulsing and seeking release, bent over her back and released one of her bound wrists. I brought her hand behind her and placed it on my juice soaked manhood and said,

“Again you have a choice my pet. Yes, I could take your anal cherry, unless you red carded me of course, but I would prefer to know that, that is also what you want from this session”

I released her hand and awaited her decision, knowing that she was torn between placing me where she knew I wanted to be and thus be my true submissive, or should she succumb to her desire to have me back in her pussy to help her achieve her goal of reaching a pleasurable climax. While she was arriving at her decision I took both her stiff nipples between my fingers and thumbs and rolled and pulled them, slowly increasing the pressure as I felt her hesitation.

With agonising slowness she moved the head of my cock over and along her slit and I thought that she had made her mind up to have me in her juicy love tube, but no, she was using her own nectar to lubricate my cock and she directed me to her most private of holes, placed the head against her tight opening and whispered,

“Be gentle Master please, your pet gives herself to you willingly”

My feelings at that moment were indescribable, a whole series of conflicting emotions, lust, dominance, pride and something much deeper, which was too dangerous to even contemplate. Suffice to say that, it was at that point that I knew I had become Minx’s Dom and she was truly, my pet!

The Transition 7

When I woke up the following morning, I wasn’t surprised this time to find my erection deep in her throat, her tongue swirling all over my shaft and her soft hands caressing my balls. But it was my turn to surprise her today; I reached into my bag and retrieved my digital camera. When the flash went off, she stopped what she was doing and looked up, just in time for me to take another picture and said,

“Master! What are you doing? You know I hate my picture being taken and …………well, I’m not sure that we should”

“After I’ve taken them pet and before I leave tonight, we will download them onto your computer and have a look together. If you still don’t like them, then you can delete them from there and from my camera, Ok?” I told her reassuringly.

She still looked a little uncomfortable, but resumed her oral ministrations of my still hard penis and judging from the wetness of her sex, as I used my fingers on her, my amateur photography wasn’t putting her off any and she was soon rewarded by my first climax of the day. As she licked and sucked the over spill from my shaft, I captured the moment on disc. I had her sit astride my face, leaning down to my flaccid cock and I took a close up of her pussy, her juices glistening on the open petals and I couldn’t resist tasting her again.

I lay her on her back and showed her how to operate the camera, it was her turn to take some pictures and I wanted some of me bringing her to climax with my tongue and lips. I saw the flash go off a few times, but as she neared orgasm, the camera was soon forgotten, her thighs tightened around my head and I felt a gush of her sweet cumm filling my mouth. I retrieved the camera and took another picture. This one of her with a contented look on her face as the last of her nectar oozed out between her puffy lips.

We took a relaxing shower, surprisingly enough, without sex this time and retired to the kitchen for bacon butties and tea. After which we had a cigarette and continued from where we left off, taking pictures of ourselves doing various scenes from the last couple of days. I knew that being bound and helpless was a big turn on for Minx, but I think being photographed in these poses was exciting her more than she would care to admit. During a session with the flogger and with the camera on timer, I ran my fingers between her thighs and felt the extent of her arousal. My hand came away coated with her sweet juices which I transferred to my erect manhood and when I placed the head at her anal opening, she gave no resistance like she had on the first occasion. When I felt she was comfortable with me deep inside her, I used the penis shaped handle of the flogger and eased it into her soft wet pussy. It wasn’t very long before we both cried out and climaxed simultaneously.

I held her limp body next to mine as I released her from the bonds, picked her up and laid her down on the bed. We lay together, deep in our own thoughts with neither of us feeling the need to discuss them. After a short while and with time marching on, we had another quick shower and got dressed. Minx was ready first so I told her to start the computer and we could review the pictures and decide which ones to keep and which to delete.

With my bag packed, I went to the kitchen and fetching my fresh cup of tea, I found her sat in front of the computer screen reading some story I had sent her. I loaded the required software and downloaded the pictures, taking the seat at the computer and having her sit on my lap. She was already a little aroused from reading my story and soon the minx was grinding her soft buttocks onto my cock, trying to elicit another erection and when the pictures came up on the screen, she succeeded.

I told her to remove my trousers and boxers and for her to strip and sit with me inside her as we went through the slide show. When she exposed my semi hard cock, she took me in her mouth until I was as hard as she wanted and then after stripping from the waist down, she lowered her tender pussy onto me and I could feel her muscles contracting around my shaft.

As we went through the pictures, she started to slide herself up and down, her juices making a lovely noise as she slammed back into my lap and took my full length inside. She moaned as I reached round and started to pat her clit against my hard shaft and soon she was grinding down harder and harder, her moaning getting louder and her pussy clamping me tighter. Knowing we were both on the verge, I whispered in her ear,

“CUMMMMMMMM my pet, CUMMMMMMM for your Master!”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, her dam broke and she swamped us with her hot love juice. That sent me over the top and my hot spunk joined hers, my hips thrusting wildly as I emptied myself deep inside her. I held her closely, feeling her body quivering from the intensity of our passion and she slowly sank to her knees to clean our mixed cumm from my manhood, my balls and my thighs. I stroked her hair, lifted her back into my lap and we kissed, tasting us from her lips.

We sat still and in silence for a while, both knowing that it was fast approaching time for me to leave. The taxi was ordered and would be here in just a few short minutes, so we made ourselves presentable again, saved the pictures in a private file for Minx and shut the computer down. She looked into my eyes and removed her choker, handed it to me and said,

“Bring this back soon Sir. Thank you for a wonderful couple of days, I do not think you need call yourself a novice Dom any longer, my part time Master!”

I took it, kissed it, gave it back to her and said,

“Minx, I want you to keep it. I have no use for this anywhere else but with you. I want you to wear it whenever we get time alone on yahoo; will you do that for me my pet?”

We heard the sound of the taxi drawing up outside and she looked at me with a tear in her eye and replied,

“Of course I will Sir, now go before I start blubbering”

A quick kiss and I was off and I must admit there was a lump in my throat, even though I knew, I would return to my pet soon.

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