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Asteroid Miner’s Daughter

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When the so called natural resources started to run out on Earth some super genius among them came to realize that the moon and the asteroids in the heavens above could provide all humanity could every need.

With just under 25 billion people murdering each other for food and a place to sleep, the idea of endless space with unlimited resources, did for earth what it had done for the English colonies on the east coast of the Americas.

“There’s gold in them there asteroids!’

Among other things, much more needed.

I’m told it was hard for the first century, or so. Technology needed to catch up with need for. I hear tell millions may have died. Hard to say, not a lot of graveyards out here. Given how little is grown to eat, having huge unguarded storehouses of vacuum preserved meat wasn’t seen as a good idea. They cremate the dead now and use the ashes in the grow houses. Still sounds like you’re eating your kin to me.

What ended up happening was the big mining companies would move in and set up around a large asteroid. For a decade or so they would mine it. When they leave for the next rock the site director, company man prick, would get a small chunk of rock that had been a 15-mile wide asteroid. A small metal plate would tell how many tons of whatever they had gotten from it.

But it cost a lot to move the big mining ships from place to place. They need people to find them good rocks to exploit.

Prospectors, in pieced together ships called ‘mules’, head out into ‘the Belts’ to search for good ones.

Company man pricks are smart. They pay well. Then they steal it all back with expensive repair shops, cheap liquor, and even cheaper whores.

If it’s a small rock sometimes the prospectors will work the claim themselves. If it’s big or really rich they’ll sell it to one of the companies.

My father and grandfather were both prospectors. They worked the same ‘mule’ for their whole lives. I never met my grandfather though. He died a shit-broke old man, in the arms of a company whore.

I think Dad said his father was forty when he died. Maybe. We don’t keep track of years out here much. That’s an Earth thing.

Why the hell should we care how many times the Earth has gone round the sun? Company man pricks keep track of that kind of shit. Makes all their neat piles of paper make sense.

My Dad didn’t know what the hell to do with me. What the fuck do you do with a girl of your own blood?

Some people out here fuck them too, but Dad wasn’t like that.

He raised me like I was a boy. Hell most of the time I look more like a boy than a girl. I keep my hair as short as I can cut it.

Most of the time I wish I had me a prick. For pissin with. The plumbing connections are easier to use.

Dad died a couple of year’s back. I guess. He found a Glint and was murdered for it when he tried to sell it to a ‘company man prick’.

Glints are the mother load for us. They’re crystallized hydrogen. They found two of them on one rock. They spent five years there tearing the thing apart to try to find a third.

They called the place Glintcity.

Glints only come from one place. A planet like Jupiter has metallic hydrogen at its core. At the core of the core is crystallized hydrogen. The planet has to be blown apart to get to it. Supernova. Only thing that will do it.

Rarer than rare. Hardest thing in the known Verse. Our whole solar system may have enough of them to fill a miner’s boot and my Dad found one.

He wouldn’t even tell me where he found it. Just took the thing and tried to sell it.

He never came back.

I took the ‘mule’ and left.

“Ya god damn stupid piece of shit!” I cuss my mule, as it’s being stubborn. “Come on the fuck lose already”

I should probably be cussing myself. I don’t like to do that though. You get to talking to yourself out here and you’ll go loco.

I fucked up coming in to fast to land on this rock. Bent a couple of important things. Not much choice out here. Not like theirs a mechanic with a tow truck. I locked rock and got to work repairing my ‘mule’ as best I could. Before I got halfway through the repairs though my spit and bailing wire supplies had started to run low. So now I’m rigging shit.

And cussing.

When I saw another ship approaching out the black I headed inside to get my trade goods together.

Didn’t care for the fact they didn’t radio me, they just came up and locked onto my airlock. When they opened the airlock door the stink of their ship flooded mine.

My nose flaring I looked at the bearded unkempt man standing in his side of the airlock.

Nodding, I put my hand casually on the knife handle at my side.

He saw this and smirked.

“Don’t worry lad, I ain’t here to rob ya. Was needing some organics, thought I would see if you had any.”

“You could have radioed me and found that out.” I shift my hand on the knife. I see the blade on his side is worn from use. “Now I have a need for a few things myself so I wouldn’t mind a trade, but Mister I don’t trust you much.”

He nods.

“Fares fare. I can’t say I feel like your best friend just now with your hand on that knife. We’ll trade and be on our way. Deal?”

He told me what he wanted and I told him what I needed. I closed my side of the airlock till I could get it together He left his side open as a show of faith. Fool thing to do. If I went out of sight and stepped into my vac suit, I could open my outer door then the inner airlock and vent his whole ship’s air into space. I’m tempted just to get rid of the smell.

When I open my door again I see the boxes with what I need sitting on the deck. He stands back out the way while I set down his organics. I grab up my boxes, double check them and nod a thanks to him. I close the airlock.

I see his air lock close and I feel the shutter as he undocks.

We traded and he went away.

Or so I thought.

What he did was take his ship around the rock so if I looked out a view port or at a monitor I wouldn’t see it. Then him and his friends used suits to walk rock back to my airlock.

I was asleep. Exhausted from days outside trying to make repairs.

My airlock cycles with a beep. If I had been less tired I would have heard it. If my ship hadn’t been full of strange smells I might even have smelled them come on board.

A heavy fist to the side of my head both woke me and put me back under.

When I came to next my hands were taped together behind me. I could hear them ransacking my ‘mule’. I could see stuff scattered on the floor.

I knew from the smell their ship was docked back again.

I could hear the pumps running! They were taking my fuel!

My ship uses liquid methane harvested from a moon of Saturn for thrust. The engine turns it into a gas and ejects it to make the ‘mule’ move.

And they were steeling it!

“Hey he’s awake.”

Looking up I saw the man I had traded with walk in out the hall. He had some of my Dad’s old clothes on. He grinned at me.

“Well,well. I bet you’re thinking how right you were not to trust me.”

He laughed and looked past me.

“Look how scared he is Jack.”

I turned my head to see whom he was speaking to and got a shock. The man who had been guarding me, he was one of the black people Dad had told me about. I had never seen one, but Dad said he did once. The man grinned at me his teeth looking startlingly white against his dark skin.

“Yea, he’s shaking. Don’t worry kid. We just want the fuel and a few other things. We ain’t going to kill you.”

The bearded one went to my desk and started tearing it apart.

“Don’t go making promises Jack.” he told the black man. I saw in his hand that he held my knife.

“Not much reason to hurt him, Mike. We can just strand the kid.” Jack said looking at the bearded man.

The bearded man ‘Mike’ looked up from a stack of land claims dating back forty years. He held a small bag with a few valuable stones I’ve turned up over the years,

“Just don’t go making promises is all.”

“Jack! Mike!”

I hear feet running in the hall. A small man with the look of the Mar’s colony in his face comes into the room.

“Look the hell what I found.”

He holds up the urine cup I use.

Only women use the cup.

Mikes bearded face shows first surprise. He takes the cup and smells it. Then an evil grin splits his face.

He crosses to the bunk and grabs my sleep shirt. He easily rips the fabric.

My small breasts are bared to the cool air and I feel my nipples hardening.

I scream when he grabs one and twists the hard nub between his fingers.

“Well, well. Ain’t this ship just full of surprises.” he lets go of my nipple and grabs my shorts. He calls his friends to help when I start kicking.

Between the three of them I’m easily stripped. Some of my clothes are cut off me with my own knife.

A finger pushing into me brings such pain I scream again. It stops just as quickly.

“Holy shit. She’s a virgin! Holy shit man I didn’t know they even still made them.”

The bearded man grins.

“Who wants a bloody prick?” he asks the other two.


“Hell no, me!” Yells Jack pushing the smaller yellow skinned man away from me.

“Boys, boys. Enough.” says Mike “She’s got enough virgin holes to go around. ” He grabs a company money chip from my desk. “Here flip for it.”

Jack catches the coin. He looks at Mike, with a puzzled look on his dark face.

“You don’t want her?”

Mike shakes his head.

“Na, she’ll still be tight as Dick’s hatband, but not so tight it’ll skin me.”

As I watch they flip the chit.

Stripping off his shirt Jack gets on his knees between my legs. The other men hold me down as the black man undoes his pants.

I look down and see a man erect for the first time.

That thing is going into me? No way in hell!

Fighting them as hard as I can I only manage to wear myself out struggling.

Jack pulls up between my legs. He reaches down between us and I feel the large head push between the lips. It pushes forward till the pain starts again.

As I try to squirm away he grabs my hips in both hands and shows me what pain is.

He tears into me with three or four hard thrusts. My screams echoing off the walls of my ship. I can hear Mike laughing at me. I see him pick up a piece of my torn clothes. He shoves them into my mouth.

Gagging on cloth, I try to get away from the pain that tears at me with every thrust.

“My god this cunt is tight! Mike, damn man you don’t know what you’re missing.” Says Jack as he saws away inside me.

Mike laughs.

“Fuck her harder for me Jack. Split that cunt!”

I try to turn my head away from them. I feel hard hands on my nipples then, I scream into the cloth as they are twisted horribly hard. I feel my breast being pulled out by the nipples. Then fingers pull my short hair.

“Oh no bitch! I want to see your face as we fuck you.”

He continues to twist my nipples as I whimper at the pain between my legs.

I feel a man cum inside me for the first time in my life. I couldn’t fight anymore as he pulls out and the next man takes me. The one whose name I haven’t heard yet.

It doesn’t matter. He’s just a prick, and smaller than the first. He still hurt me with every thrust, but not so bad as the first.

I try to shift a little to get more comfortable. I feel a tingle at the top of me. That little nub that feels good when touched is tingling.

I shift my hips a bit to make his weight easier to endure.

He went deeper with his next trust and I felt the tingling increases.

I grab at the hands holding mine as a feeling passes through me. I have never felt this before, I moan from the sensation.

“Hey this whore’s cumming!”

They all laugh as I shake and shudder. It takes several minutes for this feeling to pass. I lay exhausted with my legs giving a twitch. I feel noting, but revulsion as the second man cums inside me. Whether at him or myself I can’t tell. I feel his cum run out me and down my inner thigh onto the bunk.

I feel fingers brush through my short hair. Almost gently.

“You like what we done to you hu?” I look up into his bearded face. “Well you’ve had enough fun it’s my turn now. Flip her.”

Sensing something bad was about to happen I try to fight, but against the three of them I don’t achieve much.

Then his weight is on top of me. I feel hairy thighs straddling my hips. I’m press into the bunk by his weight.

I manage to spit out the cloth gag as he slipped into the cum oozing hole from behind. I feel myself stretch to take him. He is at least as big as the first man was, maybe even thicker though.

I gasp in relief as he pulls out. I feel open and horribly vulnerable to his whims. I feel him shift a bit.

I feel the head of his prick against my asshole!

“Look at her eyes!” Jack laughs. “Here it comes bitch!” he holds tight to my hands.

“No! NO…NO!”

I thought I had felt pain before when I was first take, but this is worse.

I scream! My throat feels raw. Grab at Jack’s wrists, my rough fingers digging into his dark skin.

With one horrible long thrust Mike’s prick enters my ass. It stretches open with a sharp burning pain. I hear whimpers echoing off the inside of my ship. Then deep throated grunts as he begins to thrust. I barely recognize I’m the one making the sounds.

My breath goes out of me as he starts to pound into me harder. I moan, my throat too raw to scream anymore. Every thrust of his prick rips its way into to me.

Uncaring why, I don’t resist as my head is lifted up off the cot. I see a large black prick in front of my face. It’s half-hard with a stomach turning smell to it. I see it move forward till it brushes my lips.

“You bite me bitch I’ll take my pliers and pull every tooth from your head and then fuck your mouth. You hearing me bitch?” He asks making my face look up at him.

I nod not really understanding. I just open my mouth as he presses against it. There’s no point in resistance anymore. They’re going to do what they want, take what they want. I just want it over.

Then I can’t breath!

He pays no attention to my gagging; he just grabs the back of my head and forces his whole length down my throat. I catch a half breath as he pulls out then he’s back again, robbing me of breath.

To my horror him and Mike begin to thrust together in rhythm. It feels like they are trying to bump the heads of their pricks together somewhere in my stomach.

How long I endure this I do not know. My vision fades from lack of breath long before either of them finish.

When I wake I see my hands taped to the bed rail. I feel a man’s prick in my ass, pounding away with a fury. It’s the guy whose name I still haven’t heard. After Mike I shouldn’t even be able to feel his smaller prick, but it still hurts. I guess I must be sore.

“Lee, you about done?” I hear Mike call from out in the hallway.

So his name is Lee.

“Oh yea, getting close.”

“Good we need to get.” Says Mike. He steps into the room and squats down to look me in the eye.

He grins when I flinch in pain.

“We took all your fuel we could hold, dumped the rest. You’re going no where. We would stay and keep you company for a few weeks, but they found a Glint at New Glintcity. Nice as your ass is we need to be getting, but don’t you fret. We got a lot of friend will pay us well to know you’re here by yourself.”

He has to speak up to be heard over the grunting of Lee.

“Hope you enjoy all those pricks cause if we don’t hit it big we’ll be back this way. Then we’ll have a lot more time to spend with ya.”

I clinch my hands as Lee cums in my ass. I feel air rush into me as he pulls out. Without a backward glance at me he gets up, gets dressed and leaves.

I hear and feel their ship undock.

It takes me a day to free my hands.

The first ship full of men comes by about a month later. I was almost out of water and the food had been gone for days.

I did everything they asked me too. Some of the things were even pleasant. Most were not. They left food and water. One of them, a smelly bastard who just loved my mouth, dropped a bag of the ore my power generator runs on by the door just before they undocked.

The next ship was in a week. Then the next, and the next.

I mine my rock and I watch for ships. Not much else to do. Don’t have much left inside my mule. They take whatever they want.

The only thing I have that I value now is a book where I record every name, and a brief description of each ship.

And a small metal case I have hidden on the rock.

As I look inside I don’t bother to count. I know there are twenty-one Glints in it. I add number twenty-two with a grim smile.

Looking up into the black I wonder when the next ship will get here.

One of them will make the mistake of coming alone. When that happens I’ll treat him wonderfully. I’ll show him all the things these men have made me learn

And when he’s sated and sleeps I’ll cut his throat. With his own knife.

With one Glint I can find everyone of them.

Two Glints? I can have someone track them all down and get them all brought to me.

Twenty-two Glints?

I will see everyone of them fucked!

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