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Aruba Foursome

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Chapter 1

It was a long and tiring drive to Philadelphia. Normally, I can drive straight through from Rochester to Philly in about six hours, if the roads are clear and the weather is good. The roads weren’t clear and the weather wasn’t good, so it took us upwards of nine hours. Jackie and the baby slept almost the entire time, which was good in that Timmy wasn’t crying and fidgeting, and bad in that I didn’t have anybody to spell me.

Timmy’s only seventeen months old but has the lungs of a teenager, so I figured it was a wash.

It was just after dinner when we pulled into the driveway at Jackie’s parent’s place in Chestnut Hill. Jackie grabbed Jimmy and I grabbed the baby’s gear, and we were greeted at the door by Jackie’s mom and Jackie’s sister Suzanne, each of which was carrying a little one themselves. Mom was carrying Suze’s three-year-old Justin on her hip and Suze was burping her youngest, Samantha, over her shoulder. It was a pretty spirited greeting, especially once Timmy decided to get in on the act, so Suze’s husband Tony helped me bring in our luggage while the women went about swapping babies around and cooing over them.

It was the start of a big vacation for us four adults. Tony and Suzanne are teachers in Suffolk County on Long Island, and had managed to arrange a timeshare condo in Aruba for a week. It supposedly was a two bedroom condo, so we would each have a bedroom of our own. Suzanne’s and Jackie’s parents had agreed to baby-sit the kids for the week, and their dad was going to drive us to the airport in the morning. This was the first real vacation any of us had had in several years, certainly the first without any children along, and I think we were all starting to get a little stir crazy in anticipation.

I know it was Jackie’s and my first break in several years, since our honeymoon. We had met when we were both in college in Philadelphia, me working on my MBA at Wharton and Jackie getting her nursing degree at Temple. We had met when I ended up in her emergency room after breaking my foot playing Frisbee. We had dated for the next couple of years until we both graduated, then got married and moved to Rochester. I had a pretty nice job with Eastman Kodak and Jackie worked at Strong Memorial in the pediatrics department. Timmy had come along about two years later, and now Jackie was pregnant again, although she was only about six weeks along. Now I was 29 and she was 25, and neither of us had had a real break in at least four years.

I’m an up-and-coming executive at Kodak, and look like, well, an up-and-coming executive. That is to say, I’m a bit over six foot tall, slim but with broad shoulders, and dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I suppose you could say I’m handsome, but since my tastes don’t run towards guys, I really don’t pay any attention to my looks. Jackie, on the other hand, is what I consider a stone fox! She’s maybe five-foot-four and 115 pounds, all of which are wrapped around the nicest frame imaginable. Slim waist, wide hips, very nice legs, and the biggest damn set of jugs you can imagine. Top it off with wavy dark brown hair that goes several inches below her shoulders, hazel eyes, and a heart-shaped face, and you get a very nice package indeed.

I gathered it had been almost as long for Tony and Suze as well. They hadn’t had a vacation since their honeymoon either, which was the same summer Jackie and I had been married. They’re in between us in age, at 27 and 28, respectively. Suzanne looks similar to Jackie, but taller and with a more muscular build and chestnut colored hair. Tony, on the other hand, is built like a fire plug. Only five-seven, he’s actually an inch shorter than his wife, but he’s got a barrel chest and arms that look like he could bench press a small Buick. Both he and Suzanne are gym teachers, and they look the part.

In some ways I was surprised that Jackie would consider taking a vacation without Timmy. She was a very worried and protective mother, so much so that I commented on it to a buddy of mine at the office. He had several children, and he had laughed at my worries. His comment was, “The first one, they can never leave alone for an instant. The second one, they relax a hell of a lot more. By the third one, it’s like ‘Let ’em rot. They’ll be just fine!'” I wasn’t too sure about this, but I knew that Timmy didn’t need to be joined at Jackie’s hip for the rest of his life.

We were living in an apartment at the time, a nice two bedroom unit, while we saved up our dough to buy a house. Jackie really loved it, since she’s a real people person and quickly became one of the critical nodes in the Gossip Grapevine. We were on the second floor and down below us lived Maria Fuentes, a divorced woman about ten years older than Jackie with twin boys. I came home one evening to find the two of them chatting away on our balcony, Timmy asleep in his little reclining seat, watching the two older boys play outside on the lawn. I greeted them and looked in on Timmy, then kissed my wife hello.

Maria surprised Jackie by saying that the two of us should take a night off and go out, and leave Timmy with her as the babysitter. Jackie protested that she couldn’t do this, but Maria insisted, and I joined in, figuring that a night away from the baby would be good for her. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son with all my heart, but that doesn’t mean we have to be with him 24 hours a day! Jackie kept coming up with idiot excuses until I put my foot down. “Yes! Next Friday! We’re going out!” Timmy woke up at this and started crying, but I stood firm, and Jackie gave in to keep from making too big a scene.

Maria was very approving of this; I had noticed her leaving her boys with a sitter on occasion and going out on dates. That Friday I came home to find her and her sons in the living room, with Jackie trying in vain to come up with a reason she couldn’t leave her baby. I simply waved and slipped into the bedroom, where I changed my shirt and put my tie and jacket back on. Returning to the living room, I grabbed Jackie by the shoulders and propelled her to the bedroom with the orders, “Get dressed, we’re going out!” Maria laughed and I played with Timmy while Jackie showered and changed. I also told Maria my plans.

Motherhood had cast a decidedly conservative look on my young wife; she had dressed positively matronly. She was wearing a calf length dress with a sweater, white stockings, and loafers. It was an outfit to visit your priest in, not to go out on a date, which is what I told her this was. I could tell that shock treatment was needed. She hovered over the baby for the longest time, telling Maria where every bloody thing he could conceivably need was, along with writing down phone numbers for his doctor, the hospitals, and my cell phone, all the while promising that she would check in every half an hour.

Finally, I had enough. I came up behind my wife and grabbed her shoulders, spinning her to face me. Before she could complain, I bent down and wrapped my arms around her waist, then stood up straight and threw her over my shoulder. Jackie was kicking and punching me in the back and screaming bloody murder, but I kept hold of her. I said good-bye to a laughing Maria (her boys thought this was absolutely hysterical and wanted me to carry them the same way) and carried Jackie out of the apartment. I didn’t put her down until we got to my car.

Jackie tried to punch me some more, but I simply opened her door and said, “Get in the car.”

“And if I don’t?” she asked in a threatening tone.

I shrugged. “Fine by me. I’ll simply strap you to the roof and tell people it’s hunting season. Come on, get in.”

She smiled at the thought that I might just do that and climbed into the front seat. I got in and we drove out of the parking lot. A few minutes later she reached for my cell phone, saying, “I’d better call Maria and see if Timmy’s all right.”

Taking the phone away from her, I tossed it in the back seat. “Timmy is just fine. You only left him five minutes ago. He’s probably sleeping already. Now just calm down and chill, honey. You’re only making yourself nervous.”

Jackie grumped a bit, but looked at me curiously as I pulled into a nearby mall, Greece Ridge Center. There wasn’t a good restaurant here, just the usual Food Court. “Where are you going?” she asked

“Listen, babe, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re a mother, not a grandmother. I want to go out on a date with my beautiful, sexy wife, not Mother Hubbard. We’re going to go buy you a sexy outfit first.” Since she had lost all the weight she had gained during her pregnancy, there was no reason she couldn’t go back to dressing like she had before the baby was born, at least if only for me. She had always worn revealing clothes before, knowing just how much they turned me on.

“What’s wrong with what I have on now?” she demanded.

“Nothing at all. It’s simply not what you used to wear when we were going out on a date, or even after we got married, before Timmy was born. Like I said, you’re beautiful and sexy. Why shouldn’t you dress nice for me, even if just once in a while? Is that asking too much?”

Jackie was only partially modified by my description of her as beautiful and sexy. After parking, I escorted her inside with my arm around her waist. “Exactly what did you have in mind, mister?” she asked suspiciously.

“Well, since this is the first time I’ve had you out in about six months, I was figuring a nice dinner with a bottle of wine or two. Afterwards, we’ll go out to a club for dancing and drinks, and you’re probably going to have a few drinks too many. Then, on the way home, very late, mind you, I’m going to take you parking. We’re going to get in the back seat and I’m going to unzip my pants and I’m going to pull your skirt up and I’m going to fuck the living hell out of you. Now, how does that sound?”

At this announcement, made so matter-of-factly, Jackie stopped in mid-stride and stared at me. “Oh my God!” she whispered. “Nelson, you’re serious, aren’t you?”

I simply smiled and nodded, then continued leading her through the mall. I led her into a small boutique and guided her to a rack of short dresses. By now, Jackie had gotten into the mood of the evening, and held up several for me to consider. I selected a bright green halter top outfit that came down to mid-thigh, along with some very long and very sheer thigh top stockings. Our next stop was at a shoe store, where we purchased some high heels. When we were finished, I sent her off to the restroom with orders to change into her new outfit, and ONLY her new outfit. Everything else had to go in the bag. Her eyes widened as she realized the full implications of this new command, but she scurried away with a huge grin on her face.

The night went pretty much the way I planned. Dinner was some very nice prime rib, with wine, and I kept filling her glass every time she started getting nervous about Timmy. Early on I told her that she couldn’t call home, since Maria had taken him downstairs to her place, so that we would have the entire night to ourselves. Maria didn’t expect to see us until noon the next day. Later on, we went dancing at a club, and I continued feeding her the booze. By the time we left, it was after one, and Jackie was desperately horny. When I found a place outside of town to park, she simply scrambled back between the seats and pulled her skirt up to her waist and untied her halter top. By the time I climbed back with her, she was fingering herself and her pussy was sopping wet and her big nipples were stiff and pointy. I’m telling you, that fuck was so damn good that afterwards we just lay there until I could get it up again, and then we did it all over again! Later that night, when we finally got home, Jackie put on a sheer little nightie and we went to bed, but she was so bombed, she passed out. The next morning she climbed on top and rode me until we both came, hangover and all. The shock treatment had worked!

All in all, it was a hell of an evening. Ever since then, we’ve always managed to go out on a ‘date’ about once a month, and even if they don’t all end up in the back seat, we always have some great sex afterwards. It really keeps our marriage going strong.

That night we started our couples-only vacation early. Jackie and I slept in her old bedroom, which had a twin bed considerably cozier than our own king-size bed. I normally sleep in just my briefs, and Jackie was wearing an old T-shirt of mine, and as I snuggled up behind her I discovered that it had ridden up and bunched around her waist. Feeling pleasantly horny, I reached down and shucked off my shorts, then snuggled back up to her spoon-fashion, my erection rubbing against her soft and smooth butt.

“Nels, my parents are right across the hall!” she protested in a whisper.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her against me, and began rubbing my cock along the crack of her ass. “Well, you’ll just have to be quiet then, won’t you. None of your normal screaming and moaning, huh?” I slid a hand down and began rubbing her thighs along the back and between them.

Jackie protested, “You son of a bitch!” but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it. She was gently rubbing back at my crotch with her butt, enjoying the feel of my stiff dick on her skin.

“I’m just getting the vacation off to an early start.,” I told her. With that, I slid a knee between her legs from behind and lifted them apart. Reaching around to her cunt, I slipped my cock between her legs and guided it into her. Once the head was in, I slammed my hips forward and buried all eight inches inside in one big shove. “You don’t really mind, do you?”

“Oohhhhh…” Jackie moaned as I pushed in. I decided she needed a good teasing. I pulled almost entirely out, leaving just my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy, and she whimpered, “Don’t stop.”

“Don’t stop what, dear? Do you want me to start the vacation early?”

“Please, Nelson, don’t be mean.,” she begged.

“I’m just looking for an answer, Jackie. You have to tell me, do you want me to start the vacation early?”

“You bastard!” she hissed. “Yes, start it early!”

Momentarily satisfied, I slammed back in, pistoning twice, then pulled out to the brink again. “What were you planning on doing on this vacation?” I asked.

“Nelson, no, come on, don’t do this…” Jackie tried to buck back at me and bury my cock inside her again, but I kept hold of her hips and moved with her.

“Come on what, honey? Tell me what you were planning on doing this week.,” I demanded.

“This, Nels, this. I’m going to fuck you this week. Is that what you wanted to hear?” Her breathing was ragged, and she moaned again as I slammed back in. It felt great, her cunt was literally pulsing around my cock. I pulled out again. “Nooooo…”

“What else?”

“Stop it, Nelson! What else did you want? Please…”

“What do you think I might want?” I teased.

“Please…You’re going to want blowjobs, right? You’re going to want me to suck your cock. Come on Nelson, fuck me!”

I gave her another couple of hard and long strokes, then stopped. “Any other ideas?”

“Oh, Jesus, honey, stop it and fuck me! What else do you want me to do?” she pleaded. I simply slipped a hand between us and ran a finger down the crack of her ass to her asshole, diddling it slightly before tracing back up to her hips. “Is that it, Nelson, you want to fuck me in the ass this week? Oh, just fuck me, Nelson, and you can fuck my ass later. Just fuck me!…”

Pleased with the pathetic way she had been begging, I resumed fucking her, not stopping anymore but giving long slow strokes. Jackie began shaking and moaning as she started coming, and I pushed her T-shirt up and off her, then grabbed her tits and pulled her back against me. “That’s right. I’m going to fuck your mouth, I’m going to fuck you pussy, and I’m going to fuck your ass. You aren’t going to be wearing anything I can’t fuck you in. No panties, no bras, no pants, no shorts. As soon as we get back to our room, you’re going to pull your skirt up and bend over. Whenever I pull my pants off, you’re going to be getting on your knees and opening your mouth. Understand?” By now I was really slamming in, her assflesh quivering from the shocks, and she was moaning and coming non-stop. “Understand?!” I repeated.

“Oh, God, yes, Nels, fuck me, just fuck me. I’ll do whatever you want, just fuck me…”

For the final act, as I felt myself getting closer, I wrapped my arms around Jackie and rolled onto my back, pulling her atop me in an upside-down doggy style. I grabbed and pinched her nipples and shoved her hands down to her sloppy pussy. She was laying on me, facing away, with her legs splayed wide and my big dick slamming into her from below. If her parents had come in just then, they would have gotten the sight of their lives! As soon as I felt her fingers scratch the bottom of my cock, my come just started boiling out of my balls, spurting up my shaft and blasting into her pussy. She kept riding me and milking my cock through the rest of a very messy fuck, and when we were through, she twisted off of me with a loud SLURP and fell asleep in my arms naked.

Chapter 2

The girls’ father loaded us into their minivan the next morning and took us all to the airport. It was going to be a long day, with a 6:00 AM flight to Miami, and then a four hour delay before flying on to Aruba. The tickets had been booked through the same travel agent who had arranged the timeshare condo, and were ‘Sardine Class’. By the time we went through customs and got our luggage and a taxi, we didn’t arrive at the condo until after five.

I started having strange thoughts as the taxi pulled into the place. The Trimesta Beach Hotel and Casino Resort did not look like a timeshare condo, simply like a hotel. I kept my mouth shut until we got inside. It had been Tony and Suzanne who had arranged the whole affair, so we followed them up to the front desk. “Hi, I’m Tony Mattolo. We’ve got a timeshare suite and we’re here to check in.”

The clerk at the desk gave us a very strange look. He punched something up on a computer and looked at us again, then said, “Could I see your reservation slip, please.” Tony handed it over, and the clerk compared it to the screen. A small line was forming behind us and another clerk began helping out. The first clerk showed him the slip and traffic backed up some more. The four of us started looking at each other in confusion. “I’m afraid there’s a problem, sir. We don’t have any timeshare suites at the Trimesta. This reservation is for a single room.”

“What!!!” yelled Tony, as the rest of us exploded behind him. I had seen the reservation slip myself, and I know that was what it said. Tony and Suzanne began arguing with the poor guy and I stayed back with Jackie. There was no reason to screw this up with extra mouths.

After a couple of minutes trying to sort things out, as Tony got louder and louder, the Manager came out of his office. He soothed Tony down enough to get us all out of the lobby, and he took us into his office. He closed the door behind us and sat down at his own computer, then asked to see the reservation slip again. He was a small and bookish guy and he pulled his lip, then looked at us and said in a Dutch accent, “I’m afraid this reservation slip does not match the reservation placed with us. The Trimesta does not have, and has never had, timeshare suites or condos.”

It started getting heated again, with Tony arguing ‘How the hell could he have gotten this reservation, then?’ and the manager replying that it was the responsibility of the travel agent, not the hotel. He even allowed Tony to make a call back to the States to the travel agent, but the 800 number was no longer in service. I began to get the feeling we had all been royally screwed.

Trying to cool things down, I leaned forward, and said, “Okay, you don’t have any timeshare suites, fine. So let’s just get a regular suite, or adjoining rooms or something. How about that? What can you do?”

The Manager didn’t even have to look at his screen to answer. “Nothing. The hotel is booked solid; it’s the peak of the season.”

“Nothing? Come on, there must be something available?”

He punched a few more buttons on his keyboard and shook his head. “I’m very sorry.”

Tony was furious, and Suzanne was crying, with Jackie’s arms around her shoulders. “This is ridiculous! Let’s go. We can find another place on this island.”

I looked back at the Manager, curious as to what he would do at the prospect of losing a week’s rates. It didn’t faze him. “I’m sorry you feel that way, sir. However, I should point out that I doubt if you’ll be able to find anything with two rooms at this late date. In addition, your room was prepaid, and is nonrefundable.”

Tony stopped in his tracks at that. Even though we had a good discount rate (and now we knew why!) neither of us could really afford to lose it entirely. “Jesus, can’t you find anyplace around here that can put some of us up?”

“I really doubt it, sir.” The little Dutch boy got a sudden gleam in his eye as he viewed his computer screen. He began tapping away again, then stopped and stared at it. “Hmmm. There might be something…”

“What?” demanded Tony anxiously.

He turned to face us, resting his arms on his desk. “Please understand, I am sympathetic to your plight, I really am. I’m sorry that this happened, but there isn’t much I can do right now. We simply don’t have any rooms available. However, starting Tuesday, we will have a room opening up elsewhere in the hotel. If you can stick it out until Tuesday, I can hold that room for you. I’ll have to charge you, but I’ll give you a good-sized discount on it, even better than the rate you ended up paying for the one room already. Would you be interested?”

I think Tony was just about ready to fly back to Philly simply by flapping his arms, but Suzanne stopped crying and looked hopeful. She looked over at her sister, and Jackie simply shrugged and nodded. “Really?” she asked.

Tony gave her a surprised look. “You want to do this?” he asked.

“What choice do we have, Tony? The return tickets aren’t good until next Sunday, anyway. What are we going to do, sleep on the beach.,” she answered.

He turned to face my wife and me. “What about you guys? What do you think? This is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Tony, Suze is right. I don’t think we’ve got a whole lot of choice. It’s only a couple of days anyway. We’re game.,” I replied.

“Christ on a crutch!” Tony turned back to the Manager, his shoulders slumped in defeat, and said, “Okay, we’ll do it.”

“Very good, sir. I really am sorry, for your sakes. Once you get home, maybe you’ll be able to do something with the travel agency. However, in the meantime, let me try to make amends as best we can.” He opened a side drawer to his desk and pulled out a stack of gambling chips. “Please, on behalf of the Trimesta, here’s $200 in chips good at the casino.” He divvied them up four ways, pushing a small stack across the desk to each of us. “That’s fifty for you, and you, and you, and you! Who knows, maybe you can break the bank and pay for this with your winnings. I hope so! For now, let me get a bellman to take your bags upstairs.” He was all smiles as he ushered us back to the lobby, and personally made card keys for all four of us.

We were led to the room and were appropriately disappointed. It was of a decent size, but the sleeping arrangements, as promised, consisted of two queen size beds. The balcony looked out over the parking lot in the front of the hotel, and beyond that lay what looked to be a desert. We hung up what could be hung and set the luggage on the table and nightstands.

There was absolutely no privacy. This took a bit of working around. It was almost dinner time and everyone needed a shower. Tony and I ended up watching the desert out on the balcony while the girls showered and changed, then they returned the favor. We went down to dinner, then wandered around the place, visiting the casino and the bars, and strolling along the beach. It was almost as if nobody wanted to go back to the room and confront the awkward sleeping arrangements. Finally, late in the evening, we were so tired that we did just that. Again, Tony and I went out onto the balcony while the ladies changed and got under the covers, then he and I went inside and did the same. Needless to say, nobody got any that night.

The next morning went a little better. Jackie and Suzanne managed to wake up before Tony and I did, and grabbed some clothing and went into the bathroom together. They showered and dressed in swimsuits and beach cover-ups, grabbed some more beach gear, and headed out saying they’d meet us downstairs. My brother-in-law and I took our time, pulled on some trunks and shirts and sneakers, and went downstairs to meet them. After breakfast, we all went down to the beach and grabbed some lounge chairs. It was very sunny and already getting quite warm; the forecast was for a scorcher.

We did the usual beach stuff, sunning and swimming, for a few hours, then mid-morning Suzanne said, “I didn’t sleep all that well. I think I’m going up to the room for a nap. Coming, Tony?” she asked.

“Nah, that’s all right, I’m fine.,” he replied.

Suze gave him a dirty look. “No, Tony, I think you need a nap!”

Tony and I looked at each other, wondering what his wife meant. All of a sudden, he grinned and hopped up, gathering his shirt and sandals. “Oh, yeah, I do need a nap!”

Comprehension dawned on me and I stared at Jackie. I turned back to my sister-in-law when she said, “I think we’ll be napping until lunchtime or so. Don’t wake us until noon, okay?” I smiled and shook my head as she led him back into the hotel, her ass swinging in a jaunty figure eight motion. I turned back to my wife. “Any chance that we might be tired this afternoon?” I asked.

She gave a sly smile. “Um, maybe darling, maybe.”

Tony and Suzanne met us back down by the beach at noon, looking terribly pleased with themselves, and we went over to the beachfront café the hotel had. We had several beers, and my cock was stiff with anticipation. I was looking forward to my ‘nap!’ Jackie had other ideas, though, and she and her sister spent a lot of time swimming and talking. It wasn’t until four that she announced that she was getting tired and I followed her up to our room.

The maids had been by after breakfast, and hadn’t been back. I looked over at our partners bed and saw that the bedclothes were very rumpled. It must have been a very energetic nap. As soon as we closed the door, Jackie came around in front of me. She pulled off her beach cover-up, then reached behind her back and popped off her bikini top. “Well, don’t just stand there, get undressed!” she ordered. We don’t have all day, you know!” I stripped down in record time, finishing just as my wife peeled off her swimsuit bottom. We looked at each other, standing at the foot of the bed naked, with her nipples hard and pointy and my cock stiff as a log.

Jackie giggled and plopped backwards on the bed, spreading her legs wide and pulling a pillow under her head. I crawled between her legs and positioned myself with my cock at the entrance to her cunt. Jackie shaves her pussy bare for me, and it was already puffy and moist, so I simply stuck the head in and pushed forward. It felt great! Jackie moaned and wrapped her arms and legs around me while I supported myself on my elbows and we began a very nice and slow screw. I managed to last until she was coming a second time, then sagged down on top of her as my hips churned and my cock spewed out what seemed like an endless supply of jism.

Afterwards, I rolled off my wife and held her in my arms. Jackie glanced down at the clock next to the television. “We’ve got about an hour before we have to get ready for dinner.” She reached between my legs and grabbed my limp dick. She promptly began to stroke and fondle me. “Think you can get him up before then, hun? I really want to fuck again today.”

Talk about pressure! “Is this the plan? We swap off ‘naps’ and screw according to the clock?” I asked.

“Suzanne and I talked it over. Until we can get our own room later this week, it’s about the best we can do. Come on, Nels, it’s only for a few days!” Jackie’s actions were slowly having the desired effect. I could feel myself stiffening and placed a hand on her tits, caressing her still hard nipples. Jackie began pumping me more rapidly, and a few minutes later she considered my condition adequate. Glancing back at the clock, Jackie sat up on the bed and twisted away from me, ending up in a kneeling position. “Okay, Nels, give me a nice and fast doggy style fuck.,” she ordered.

“I hear and obey.” I knelt behind her and stuffed my dick between her legs. My wife reached down and placed my cock in her pussy, then I shoved it inside. Sloppy seconds made her loose and juicy, so I just started hammering into her hard and fast. Glancing down, I could see my come from our first fuck running down the soft insides of her thighs, and this got me even more turned on. I grabbed her hips and started really putting it to her, and Jackie began responding with cries and moans of “More, more! Harder, harder!” However, my first screw had taken any urgency from me, and it was almost six before I finally popped my cork and refilled her cunt.

As soon as I was through, I pulled out and scrambled back into my trunks. Jackie clambered off the bed and grabbed her clothing, then ran into the bathroom to shower. It was just in time, too, because the next thing I knew, there was a knock on the door and the doorknob began turning. “You guys decent?” asked Suzanne through the open door.

“Yes.,” I answered.

Suzanne came inside, followed by her husband. He grinned at me as his wife saw that I had nothing on but my swim trunks. “I thought you were decent.,” she said accusingly.

“I am decent. I’m also in my trunks. Come on in. Jackie’s taking a shower.”

Suzanne gave me a dirty look, then pulled some clothing out of her suitcase and went into the bathroom with her sister. Tony and I went out onto the balcony. “Have a nice nap?” he asked innocently.

“Most refreshing.,” I told him. “A little hurried for my taste, but most refreshing.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I know. Suze says she and Jackie have it all planned. Tonight, we’ll go to bed early. Tomorrow, you guys can have the morning ‘nap’ and we’ll ‘nap’ in the afternoon, then you two can go to bed early. All right with you?”

I simply stared and shook my head in amazement. “Jesus! We have to screw on schedule now?”

“Hey!” he protested. “You two agreed to do this until that other room opened up.”

I held up my hands in surrender. “I know, I know. It’s just kind of fucked up, pardon the pun.”

He nodded in agreement.

That night, we went down to the casino and gave the girls the chips the Manager had given us and watched as they dropped them into the slots. Suzanne didn’t win a thing, but Jackie did, promptly dumping her winnings right back in. Afterwards, we had a few drinks in one of the bars, then Suzanne and Tony excused themselves and headed back to the room. Jackie and I looked at each other and shrugged.

It had been a touch difficult for me that evening. Both she and her sister had worn long halter-topped sundresses, hose, and heels, but there was a major difference. I could watch Suzanne’s nice ass swinging and see the faint outline of her panties – I couldn’t see any panty lines under my wife’s dress! At one point, I rested my hand innocently on her butt, then moved them inquiringly around, unable to detect anything. She simply looked up at me with a smile and took my hand in hers. “Don’t you remember, I wasn’t supposed to wear any undies this week.”

I nodded. “Yeah, but that was before, well, all this.”

“Well how was I supposed to know that when I finished packing at my parents?” she asked. “I left my bras and panties in my room.”

“You mean…”

“Everything, Nelson. My pants, my shorts, even my pantyhose. I’m going to have to buy a few things in a day or two.”

I thought about that and smiled. Shrugging, I said, “Maybe, maybe not. Think you can pull it off for a couple of days? After that, we should have a room of our own, right?”

Her eyes twinkled. “Okay, I’m game if you are. Still, I’m going to have to buy a few pair of stockings, I think.”

“Fine by me. I prefer nice, long, thigh tops. I like to feel the nylon along my hips while you’re riding me.”

“You horny bastard!” she laughed.

We hung around the bar for a bit, then walked along the beach. To be honest, I was thinking about trying to find a place to get Jackie alone. I figured it wouldn’t take too much effort to undo the buttons at the bottom of her dress and open it far enough so that I could unzip my pants and give her a nice and fast quickie, but it wasn’t to be. The place was too well lighted, and too close to other resorts. We ended up back at the door to our room around midnight.

I stopped her at the door with my card key already in my hand. “So what now?” I asked.

“Beats me. Listen, I’ve got to go to the bathroom anyway. Grab a nightgown and bring it to me in there. We can change and crawl under the covers, all right?”

I nodded agreement and let us in. Thankfully, the bathroom was located right next to the door, so Jackie scooted in and shut it before turning on the light. There was just enough light coming in through the curtains to allow me to fumble around in her suitcase and find a nightie for my wife. I pulled it out and slipped into the bathroom with her.

Jackie was finished with the toilet and stood, flushing it. It sounded like a waterfall in the small room, but it made no difference. While she began undressing, I dropped my trousers and had a seat myself. I found my wife stripping and pulling on her nightshirt in front of me quite erotic, and my dick stiffened and aimed downwards in the bowl. I finished my business just about when she pulled the nightshirt over her head. She looked at me, waiting for me to stand, but I had something else in mind. I reached out and pulled her in front of me, sliding my hands along her thighs.

“Are you out of your mind?!” she hissed at me, tits jiggling clearly through the thin fabric.

“With lust, honey, with lust!” I whispered back. “Now, keep quiet!” With this, I pulled her closer and leaned forward on the seat, then pushed her nightie upwards until it cleared her pussy. Extending my tongue, I began to slowly lick the insides of her thighs and Jackie shivered, spreading her legs as she laced her fingers behind my head. She pulled me closer and I began to lick her pussy, long strokes the entire length. She tasted musky, hot and horny, and I tried my best to stuff my tongue inside her to tonguefuck her. She sighed in contentment so I shifted position a bit and began focusing on her little clitty, so visible at the top of her naked cunt. Jackie gasped, then stuffed a knuckle into her mouth and began coming, her pussy juice running down the insides of her legs. I kept licking until she began shaking all over.

Standing, my erection pointed parallel to the ground. I pushed her backwards until she came in contact with the sink, then lifted her onto the countertop and stepped between her widespread thighs. She eagerly guided me inside her, and I shoved in. She was slick, and wet, and just so damned tight! I pushed her nightshirt up to her shoulders and gloried in how her big tits jiggled and shook as I rammed back and forth. Jackie’s eyes were closed and she was moaning into her clenched fists as she orgasmed on my cock. Then it was my long overdue turn. Grunting, I shoved in one last time and felt my balls pumping their load up through my pulsing meat. I stayed shoved in as far as I could while her cunt clutched at me, draining me.

Afterwards, gasping quietly for breath, we pulled apart and Jackie climbed down off the counter, rubbing her ass as she did so. We were so messy she had to wipe us down with one of the towels. Then she pulled her nightie back into place and I pulled my shorts up, and we went to bed.

Chapter 3

The next day was a reversal of the first. After breakfast, the four of us hit the beach, then around ten or so, Jackie announced that she was tired and needed a nap. I followed along, but first mentioned to the others that Jackie’s nap might last a little later, say until one or so. They smiled and said they’d meet us down at the café for lunch.

The extra hour allowed us to take a little more time with each other. Instead of simply stripping down and fucking, we reclined on our bed and undressed each other. I slipped my hand inside her top to fondle an aroused nipple while Jackie loosened my trunks and reached inside to stroke my stiff prick. We slowly undressed each other and licked and sucked each other, then I moved so that I was facing her feet. Lying on our sides, I pressed my face into her crotch and began eating her. Moments later I felt my cock entering her hot and wet mouth. That first fuck of the day was a nice and slow sixty-nine. Afterwards, Jackie licked me back to strength. I rolled over onto my back and she climbed over me, straddling my hips and lowering herself onto me. She made this much more energetic, but still came twice before I exploded. We actually did nap for a few minutes before dressing again and going down for lunch.

Tony and Suzanne made note of the extra time we took for our nap, and went upstairs earlier than we had previously. Like us, they napped for about three hours, and when we returned to the room, Suzanne was already in the shower and Tony was in the process of dressing for dinner. Their bed was as rumpled as ours was.

Both girls dressed similarly for dinner, in long wrap skirts and blouses. Both were braless and wearing high heeled sandals and hose, or at least in my wife’s case, stockings. They looked pretty good, and I was definitely stiff with anticipation. After dinner, we all went into the nightclub and danced and had a few drinks. When I was dancing slowly with Jackie, she pressed her groin against mine and rubbed her bare tits through her shirt into me. She whispered, “Christ but I’m so fucking horny!” I rubbed her ass seductively and she simply moaned into my chest.

We sat and finished our drinks, then Jackie commented about how tired she felt, and how she thought that we might turn in early. Her sister and Tony simply grinned and nodded, and we headed out the door. Once in the elevator, Jackie pushed me against the glass wall and started rubbing my cock through my slacks. It was a short ride, but by the time we got to our floor, her blouse was unbuttoned and I had both hands inside, cupping and bouncing her tits. Seeing that nobody was around, I pulled her blouse open, exposing her tits to the world, and we sauntered to the door of our room. I let us in, turning on the lights so that we could see everything, and we resumed where we left off.

Jackie began moaning as I grabbed her tits and started pinching her nipples. She has damned big nips, and they were really hard and pointy. She reached between us to start undressing me, so I moved my hands from her tits and undid the tie holding her skirt together. It slid to the floor leaving her in her stockings and heels. I went back to playing with her tits, but now I slipped a hand between us and slid a finger into her pussy. It’s a damn good thing she was kissing me at the time, since she screamed as she came, and I sure didn’t want anybody knocking on the door asking what the problem was!

She managed to get my shirt off and my pants down to my ankles. Still holding each other, we shuffled to the bed and sank down onto it. She was staring at my cock in glazed anticipation while I finished getting undressed, with her hands between her legs. Ready, I licked my lips and crawled between her outstretched legs. I lifted them up, saying, “Pull your legs up and spread them…wider…wider…higher, so your knees are rubbing your tits…” Once she was in position, I grabbed our pillows and stuffed them under her ass. Now she was folded up with her pussy and ass several inches in the air. I moved closer and stuffed my cock in her hot and wet pussy and sank in slowly. Jackie began shuddering in orgasm. I moved slowly, since it felt so good and I didn’t want it to end by coming.

Then it was time for Phase 2. I pulled my cock out and slid the head down the crack of her ass. Jackie’s eyes opened wide as she realized what I wanted, and she spread her legs as wide as she could. I stuck a couple of fingers in her sopping cunt and ran them around her asshole, lubing it a bit, then gently pried her buttcheeks apart. I grabbed my cockhead and slipped it into her asshole and waited for her discomfort to ease.

Jackie enjoys assfucking, but it does have to be done carefully. I have a natural advantage for this. I’ve got a sizable cock, but a slim one. I’m eight inches long, but only about an inch wide. Once I’m inside, it isn’t difficult for her to adjust and enjoy it. Now, facing each other, I could see by the expressions on her face if I was going to fast or too hard. It was only a couple of minutes before my cock was all the way in, and the expression on her face was one of pure bliss, as she moaned and panted, “Fuck me, fuck me…fuck my ass, fuck my ass…” I began bucking my hips, pulling out and stuffing back in while her ass clenched around me. Sweat was rolling off my chest as I struggled to keep from coming.

The end came when Jackie started crying out at the top of her lungs, “I’m coming, I’m coming! Come in my ass! Come in my ass!” I collapsed onto her raised legs as I unloaded into her butt, my dick spasming as the jism surged out.

I lay there like that, fucked out for the moment, until my cock softened and started slipping out. I pulled out and we both went to the bathroom, Jackie to take a shit and me to wash my cock clean. Jackie helped by taking the towel and drying me off. I moved in front of her like she had moved in front of me the previous night, and she opened her mouth and took my soft dick in. She swirled her tongue around and sucked on me while her hands carefully cupped and rolled my balls. She didn’t stop until I began to get hard again.

Jackie pulled a short nightgown from her bag and I grabbed my shorts, and we went to bed, turning the lights out as we went. I wanted to see as much of her as I could, so I stopped and opened the drapes wide, letting the moonlight and glow from the outside lights highlight my beautiful and sexy wife. We dropped our clothes on the floor and climbed under the covers, pushing them to the foot of the bed. Our second fuck was a very slow fuck. We spent an hour simply on foreplay. I kissed and licked just about every square inch on her body and she did the same to me. My cock was like a bar of iron by the time she finally sprawled out on top of me and moved down so that it slipped into her sloppy cunt. She braced her feet against mine and squirmed around on me until we both came.


I woke up when I heard the door open. I’m a light sleeper and Jackie’s a very heavy sleeper. Unless it’s Timmy moving around, she won’t wake for an earthquake. ‘Oh, shit!’, I thought to myself. Jackie and I had pulled the sheet up over us afterwards, as we cuddled, but we had fallen asleep without getting dressed. Even worse, the sheet had slipped to our waists. I was still hidden, but Jackie, lying on her side with me spooned up behind her, had her tits on full display.

Cracking an eye, I watched as Tony and his wife came into the room and crossed to their bed near the patio door. Their was plenty of light coming in from outside to watch them. Tony simply undressed and crawled into their bed in his shorts, but Suzanne undressed completely. I had always wondered what she looked like in the raw. She was one nice package, and I had been curious as to what Tony was screwing. She left her panties on but put a short tank top on to sleep in. Then she crawled under the covers as well.

I was trying to drift back off to sleep when a quiet giggle roused me. “Tony, knock it off! You’ll wake Jackie and Nels.,” she whispered. I could hear some wrestling in the other bed and I knew what Tony was up to. He wanted some of his fine wife’s pussy!

“Then you’d better be quiet and come across, honey. You wouldn’t want to wake them.,” he whispered back.

“God, you’ve got a one track mind, you horny bastard. All right, but keep it down.,” she replied.

“Keeping it down is not what I had in mind.”

I cracked an eye to watch what was going on. Tony was lying on his back and Suze was straddling his waist. She reached between her legs and pulled aside her panties and sank down onto her husband, but I couldn’t really tell if she shaved hers like Jackie’s, since it was a touch too dark to see anything at the juncture of their bodies. Her tits were standing up firm and proud under the thin tank top, and jiggled as she began bouncing on him.

Then Tony turned his head our way and I snapped my eyes shut, not wanting to let him know I was awake. I needn’t have worried, since he wasn’t looking at me. “Tony!” hissed his wife, “Quit staring at my sister’s tits!” My eyes snapped open again to see that he was focused on Jackie’s exposed breasts. “Jesus, look at mine!” she complained. So saying, she tugged her top up above her own tits and I stared in turn at a pair of very nice mounds. She had small but very pointy nipples, which Tony gently reached up to tweak, causing Suzanne to give a quiet moan.

I was really enjoying the view and my cock was as hard as it had been earlier in the evening, and was now pressed up against the crack of my wife’s ass. A sort of horny madness came over me as I watched the two of them fuck slowly and quietly a few feet away from us. Moving very slowly, I nudged Jackie’s legs apart and slipped my cock between her thighs. She moaned silently and, still asleep, spread them a bit further. Taking this for the silent agreement it most surely was, I inched my way further and slid the head of my cock between her pussy lips. She moaned loudly and hitched her hips back, burying me, and Tony and Jackie stopped with a look of horror on their faces as I began fucking my wife.

“Oh my God! They’re awake and watching us!” exclaimed Suzanne as she tugged her tank top down and flopped down on her husband, trying to yank the covers over them. Tony, on the other hand, simply lay there, his cock still well up his wife’s cunt, watching Jackie’s tits jiggle and move as I began pumping her from behind.

The next thing we all heard was Jackie, moaning, “Don’t stop, I want to watch. Please, don’t stop…”

“Tony, they’ve been watching us all along!” exclaimed Suzanne.

“Cool!” he said in a surprised tone. “I’m way too horny to stop now, hun. Let’s finish it.” With that he pushed the covers back down off his wife and pushed her upright. “Come on, it’ll be fine. Pull your top up again, babe.,” he asked.

Suzanne rolled her eyes but complied, pulling her tank top off completely. Once she began bouncing on Tony’s cock, her complaints disappeared and she began screwing him again in earnest, and much more vocally as well. Jackie began begging for me to pound her, and I pushed our covers lower, giving my in-laws a nice view of my cock sliding between her shaved cunt lips. My wife reached a hand down between us to fondle my nuts, and I ended up spewing moments before we watched Tony’s back arch as his hips began pumping a load up into his wife.

The moment broken, the girls got nervous, yanking the covers up and pulling their clothes on beneath the sheets. Tony and I were both kind of fucked out and we fell asleep for good.

Chapter 4

When Jackie and I awoke the next morning we found ourselves alone in the hotel room. A note on the dresser said that Tony and her sister had gone down to breakfast and would meet us at the beach. I told my wife that I suspected that they were embarrassed about what had happened the night before, and she sheepishly agreed. She was rather nervous about what, if anything, they would say.

It turned out that nobody said anything. Everybody sort of skirted around it, never mentioning what had happened. In fact, the others seemed so nervous that neither of the girls mentioned the need for a ‘nap’, and we all sunned ourselves until lunch time.

Things changed at lunch time. After eating, I noticed the little Dutch Manager scurrying over to us with a big smile on his face. I suddenly remembered that it was Tuesday and he had mentioned a room opening up for us. I thought this would let things cool off; different rooms, different floors, get us separated and let us have the privacy we needed. I was right and wrong!

“I have excellent news.,” he announced, coming to our table. “A room is available, as I mentioned, and I’ve reserved it for you. The best part, though, is that I offered to switch another family out of the adjoining room into yours, and they’ve agreed. The two rooms have a doorway in common, so it makes a suite of sorts. The other family has already packed and their luggage is with a bellman. If you’d come with me, I’ll have a bellman move your bags for you and we’ll move you in.” He was positively beaming as he spoke.

He couldn’t have known about the previous night, or that maybe a bit more separation than he was offering might have been nice. Since he had already moved the one family out, we were pretty much stuck. We signed for our bill and stood up. The girls went with him to pack and supervise, while he detailed a clerk at the front desk to handle the paperwork with Tony and me. Now, without our spouses around, both Jackie and her sister, and Tony and I, felt somewhat more comfortable. Our wives were chattering away to each other and the Manager as he led them to the elevators, the bellman in tow.

After signing for the rooms, Tony and I headed across the lobby to the elevators, but he wanted to check out the gift shop and buy a couple of magazines or books. I trailed along after him and wandered through the store. One section featured swimwear, and I found myself staring at a rack of the skimpiest bikinis known to man. The label said the brand was ‘Heart Stoppers!’, and I could believe it! Consisting of what seemed to be dental floss and a few tiny triangles of cloth, the string bikinis featured miniscule sliding triangle tops and side tie thong bottoms. Thong? More like a string that ran up a woman’s asscrack to the string that wrapped around her waist!

Tony wandered over to where I was standing and looked at the suits. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “These things are illegal in fourteen states and the District of Columbia!” He ran a finger over the fabric. It was damn near translucent!

I grinned and started looking for my wife’s size. I was curious. “Yeah, ain’t they great!” I said with a big smile.

Tony laughed and shook his head. “You must be fucking nuts, buddy. They’d never go for something like these.” He said this with a touch of wistfulness in his voice, and I could see him eyeing the sizes himself.

“Says who?”

Tony stared at me. “Christ, Nelson, they’d complain that they were running around naked!”

I laughed. “So what! After last night, it’s not like we haven’t seen it before!”

Tony’s eyes widened at the statement, but he didn’t argue with me. “Yeah, was that something, or what?”

“What’d you guys think about it?” I asked, seriously. “Jackie and I thought you were nervous, you know, like you were embarrassed and whatnot.”

“Nah. Actually, we both thought it was pretty cool. She got off on seeing her little sister getting, you know, and don’t get pissed, but I really liked watching your wife’s knockers. We thought you were the ones who were embarrassed.,” he answered.

“No shit! Really!? Jesus, it was watching the two of you go at it that got me going!” I admitted. I turned back to the swimsuits. I found one in my wife’s size, in white.

Tony looked at the size and whistled. “So what are her measurements, anyway?” he asked.

“36-24-36.,” I told him. Then I waved the top under his nose. “D cup. What about Suze?”

He started riffing through the suits. “38-26-38, C cup.” He found a similar suit, also in white, in her size.

I stared at him. “C cup, that’s all?! They sure looked bigger.”

“Nah, she’s really developed her upper body muscles, which makes them look bigger. Hey, what in the hell are we doing talking about our wives’ tits for?” he asked.

“Listen, once they’re wearing these suits, that’s what everyone will be talking about.” I steered him to the counter and we paid for the swimsuits, then headed upstairs.

We were pleasantly surprised by the new rooms. They were a bit smaller than the last one, since only a single king size bed was in each, but that made them a touch more roomy as well. They had adjoining doors, one on each side of the doorway, and best of all, they faced the ocean. When I mentioned how they only had a single bed in each, Jackie nodded. Apparently the family moving to our old room had needed a couple of cots for their toddlers. Now they could share the second bed.

It was bright and sunny (which it always seemed to be in Aruba) and Jackie wanted to go back to the beach. I shut the door to the other room and handed her the package with her swimsuit in it. She looked at it suspiciously, saying, “What’s this?”

“Open it and find out.”

She pulled the handful of cloth and string out. “You’re kidding me, right. You don’t seriously expect me to put this on, do you?”

“Why not, babe? You’re the sexiest woman on this beach. You’ll look great in it!” She continued to protest, so I played my trump card and lied. “Listen, it was Tony’s idea. He bought one just like it for your sister. You don’t want to be shown up, do you?” Suzanne and Jackie are as close as two sisters can be, but there’s still some rivalry between them. This finally swayed her, and she headed to the bathroom to change. I handed her the high heeled sandals she had been wearing last night, saying, “Here, put these on too. You’ll look like a swimsuit model.” She snorted but took them anyway.

I waited on the balcony, watching the waves come in, then turned as I heard my wife come out of the bathroom. Facing her, I stopped in my tracks and whistled. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed. Jackie looked outrageously spectacular! Most women who buy or get one of these suits chicken out when they go to try it on, never wearing it. Most of the few who do wear them will never wear them again. Most of the ones who do wear them shouldn’t. Jackie didn’t fall in any of these categories. She looked great, and I resolved to burn every other swimsuit she owned! About the only things covered were her nipples and pussy, and you could see them outlined clearly, even down to the split between her puffy pussy lips. No way could a woman wear that suit if she didn’t shave her cunt completely bald! My dick went to immediate attention and tried to rip through the front of my shorts.

Jackie twirled once before me, her jiggling tits threatening to slip out of the tiny triangles. “Jesus, Nels, I can’t wear this! I look like a hooker!”

I came up to her and wrapped my arms around her. “You look gorgeous!” I silenced her protests my kissing her hotly and grinding my cock into her barely covered twat. Jackie melted in my arms and began moaning. I cupped her bare asscheeks and slid my fingers under the string thong and down to her asshole, probing it gently. I could feel her nipples, stiff and hard, pushing against my chest, and she began panting.

I stepped away and turned her to face the mirror. She looked like a woman in need of a good fucking! I pushed my trunks down off my hips, then stepped back behind her. Reaching around her chest, I pulled the two little triangles to the side, freeing her tits, then pushed her forward so that her hands were supporting her on the dresser. I didn’t bother untying the string bottom, I simply pulled the crotch aside and Jackie spread her legs wide. I stuffed my cock into her already well lubed cunt and began to fuck her. With the heels on, her pussy was damn near the perfect height, so I just starting slamming in and out, while she stared at me in the mirror through slitted eyes, moaning as she started to come. To be honest, it was a very fast fuck, but she had been coming non-stop from the moment I stuck it in, and my balls were just aching to empty out.

Afterwards, Jackie moved to go to the bathroom to clean up, but I stopped her. Reaching down behind her, I adjusted her suit’s bottom so everything was covered, trapping my come in her pussy, behind the wet fabric, then popped her tits back into the top. She protested but I persisted. She wriggled into position and I opened the door to the other room. I noticed that when the suit got wet, it became see-through, and between my come and her cunt juice, her pussy and clit were definitely noticeable through the thin white fabric.

There was a mad scramble from the bed in the other room as the door opened. Tony was laying on the bed, pulling his trunks back on, and all I could see of Suzanne was her naked backside disappearing around the corner to the bathroom. “Jeez, don’t they knock where you guys live?” he asked.

“Hell, Tony, we’re still working on getting doors.” I grinned at the rumpled bedsheets, then wrapped an arm around my wife’s waist. “What’d you get horny seeing you wife in that swimsuit? I know I did!” I slapped my wife on the ass and she squealed, but smiled at us both.

He gave a rueful grin. “We didn’t get that far. She got undressed. That makes me horny.”

We laughed and stood there while he smoothed out the bedcovers. Suzanne came out of the bathroom a moment later and came around in front of us. “Christ, Tony, I can’t wear this!” she protested, relenting slightly when she saw that Jackie had hers on.

Suze looked as good in her swimsuit as her sister did. There was, however, one major flaw in the getup, and all eyes drifted down to look at it. Suzanne, unlike her younger sibling, didn’t shave, but simply trimmed, and the only trim job that would work with these suits was a clean sweep! Suzanne looked down at what we were staring at, then whirled around, blushing fiercely. “Jesus Christ!”

Tony and I kept our mouths shut, but Jackie grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into our bedroom. “Back in a couple of minutes, guys.,” she announced. Tony and I looked at each other and started laughing, at which point his wife flipped us the finger. This really set us off, and we were still laughing when the girls returned.

The wait was worth it. Suzanne had slipped into a pair of high heels as well and when she and Jackie modeled for us, they both looked like a pair of high fashion models on a Paris runway. Better still, nothing was showing around her bikini bottom. I didn’t have to look at Tony to know he was sporting a hardon – those two women could have aroused a dead Pope!

They noticed our erections, too, and you could see their nipples spring up and their bikini bottoms get a small damp spot. It was Suze who said, “We can’t let these guys go down to the beach like that!” while pointing at our crotches.

“We’ll just have to do something about that, then.,” said Jackie. She pushed me backwards until I found myself sitting on the edge of the bed, then knelt down between my legs. She began to pull my trunks down.

“What are you doing, honey?” I asked, confused.

Suze answered for her. She was kneeling in front of her husband, who was seated on the bed beside me, and was yanking his shorts off as well. “Oh, hell, it’s not like we all haven’t seen it before, last night.” With that, she pulled Tony’s cock out and lowered her face to it, opening her lips and taking him into her mouth. Jackie imitated her sister with me, going down on me in the hotel room next to her sister and brother-in-law.

I stared but didn’t complain. It felt so damn good! Both women kept one eye on the other, watching a cock slip in and out of her sister’s mouth. Tony’s was substantial as well, being maybe an inch shorter than mine but an inch wider, too. Tony was a very vocal fuck. He started on about how good it was and how great her mouth felt on his cock, rubbing his wife’s head through his hands and playing with her hair. Not wanting to be outdone, I reached down and undid the ties holding Jackie’s string top on and her tits hung down freely, her big nipples pert and perky. Tony did the same to his wife, and the girls began giving us side-by-side topless blowjobs.

Despite our earlier fucks, the sight of them kneeling between our legs proved too much for me. I grabbed the back of Jackie’s head and held her in place as my hips began bucking and the come began rising up my shaft. She didn’t even gag as my cock swelled in her mouth and my jism began spurting down her throat. Tony was more vocal, crying softly, “Take it, take it…” as he came, too.

“Oh, God, that was good!” I exclaimed afterwards. Tony simply fell back on the bed, panting and smiling, and our wives rocked back on their heels, grinning proudly at each other. Neither Tony nor I moved to pull our trunks back up and the girls didn’t seem to mind. They simply smiled at each other, topless and staring at a pair of limp dicks.

A few minutes later, Jackie announced that she had to go to the bathroom, and went back through the doors to our bedroom. Suze was idly playing with her husband’s balls and dick, stiffening him up for what I guessed was another round. She got him hard and then surprised the hell out of me. Standing up, she undid the ties on her bottom and tossed it aside, then turned around so her ass was facing him and sat down on his lap, stuffing his cock into her freshly shaved cunt. She had fairly prominent lips and they were gaping wide open as she moved into position. “Christ, I haven’t been this horny since that first night we fucked in your car, Tony!” she exclaimed.

Both embarrassed and turned on, I stood to return to our room, but Suze grabbed my hand and stopped me. Pulling me around to her front, she placed her hands on my hips and pulled me forward, lowering her face to my crotch. Before I could protest, even if I had wanted to, her mouth was open and my cock was inside. She began sucking me off while she bounced around on her husband’s thick dick. Tony didn’t seem to care, or maybe he simply hadn’t noticed. His eyes were closed and he was moaning loudly as his hands guided his wife’s hips in their up-and-down movements.

Jackie took that moment to return. She stopped in the doorway and gasped, and I turned my head to look at her with a sickly smile. She was still topless. ‘Oh, fuck me!’, I thought to myself.

“I was just getting him warmed up for you.,” said her sister, pulling back slightly so she could talk, then starting up again on my cock.

Jackie’s startled look turned to one of evil glee. “Bullshit!” she replied, coming into the room and stripping off her bottom as well. She tugged me away from Suze and pushed me back onto the bed. I thought she was going to climb on top and fuck me, but was I ever surprised! She grabbed her sister by the arms and yanked her up off Tony’s cock, eliciting a loud and complaining groan from him. The next thing I knew, she was climbing onto Tony’s lap, straddling him and sticking his wet prick into her puffy cunt! “Fuck it. You suck him, you fuck him!” she said, and began bouncing on her brother-in-law’s thick cock.

“Holy shit!” cried Suzanne. She stared at her sister fucking her husband for a moment, then gave us the biggest shit-eating-grin in the world. She climbed up onto me and I held my dick upright so she could slide back down onto it. This was the first person other than my spouse I had screwed since we got married, and I’d bet my last dollar that the same sort of thing could be said for the others.

Tony was beyond caring. He was pawing my wife’s big knockers and pinching her nipples while she bounced madly on him. Jackie was damn near screaming how big it felt and Suze simply fucked me with a dazed look on her flushed face. I was hitting spots her husband never had with every downstroke, and her pussy was making the most enjoyable little spasms around my dick. I know what Tony had said about how her larger chest muscles made her tits, slightly smaller than my wife’s, seem bigger than they really were. All I could say was that with her bouncing on me, they were flopping around as much as Jackie’s ever had. I stared at them, mesmerized as they moved up and down and sideways. She kept her fingers between her legs the entire time, rubbing her clitty and moaning, “So good, so good…”

Tony came before I did, though our wives had been coming almost non-stop for several minutes already. Suze had worked him up well before she started in on me, and with Jackie’s tight little pussy riding around it, his dick had no chance at all. He arched his back and moaned weakly, and I glanced over to see a thin froth of white cream leaking out around my wife’s cunt lips. He was pumping so much into her she couldn’t hold it in! Suzanne kept riding me wildly until her sister reached over behind her and ran her fingertips over my balls and down to my asshole. I roared and began thrashing, my hips churning as I tried to lift her off my cock, now throbbing as my balls drained upwards. Soon my own come was leaking out of her sloppy cunt down to my nuts.


I was sitting on the balcony smoking a cigar when Jackie came out of the bedroom wearing a Trimesta robe and not much else. Her hair was wet from the shower that she had just taken. I looked up at her and gave her a wary smile. “Hi, honey. Sleep well?”

I was very confused by what had happened earlier, and when Jackie had announced she needed a nap to unwind, I trailed her into our room, closing the doors behind us. I went into the bathroom to take a leak, and when I came out, she was already asleep on the bed. I pulled the covers over her and went back to the bathroom. I showered and slipped on a pair of khakis, then went out onto the balcony bare-chested and sat down in one of the chairs. I zoned out for a while, reliving the events we had just participated in, then lit up the Cuban cigar that I had bought in the gift shop. I don’t smoke all that often, but I felt like it just then.

Jackie leaned down and kissed me, her robe gaping open to show that she was naked underneath. “Umm, baby, I feel so wired right now!”

I looked at her curiously. “You okay with what went on in there?”

“Yeah, sure. It was great!” She turned from the edge of the balcony and looked me in the eye. “Why, Nels? Remember, I’m the one who pulled Suzanne off her husband and climbed on top in her place? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, but I also remember that I was the one getting the blowjob when you did that. I wasn’t sure if you were pissed off and doing it simply to get back at me.,” I admitted.

“Oh, God, Nelson, no! When I came back in and saw the three of you getting it on, I just got so damned turned on! I never thought anything like that, honey, I swear! Are you okay with it, Nels? Are you jealous or something?”

I could feel my shoulders slump in relief. “Jesus, I’ve been worried about this.,” I replied.

Jackie hopped onto my lap and twisted around sideways. She took my hand and slid it inside the top of her robe, pressing the palm against one breast. The nipple was huge and erect, and her titflesh was firm and aroused, filling my hand to overflowing. “I love you, honey, you, not Tony, you! That was simply some really great sex. I’m still horny!” My fingers instinctively curled around her tit and she shuddered. “Did you enjoy it, Nels, did you like fucking my sister?” she asked in a hoarse whisper, her eyes half-closed.

I moved my hand off her breast and inserted it through the slit and cupped her pussy. She was already wet with excitement, and she sagged in my arms as I began to finger her clit. “Yeah, I liked fucking your sister.,” I told her lowly, whispering in her ear. “I liked watching her tits bounce around above me. I liked her pussy squeezing my cock. I liked the little moans she made as she got off. I liked it when I came and her pussy overflowed with my come.” I told her more as I played with her cunt, sticking a couple of fingers inside and rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her robe gaped open enough that I could see her nipples, stiff and upright. I kept it up until she stiffened and gave a quiet shriek, panting as she orgasmed in my lap.

I pulled my hand from between her sweaty thighs and said, “It was good, Jackie, but really unexpected. Was it something you had wanted to do before?”

Jackie looked up at me blissfully and admitted, “A little, I guess. Suze always kept telling me how big Tony was and how he fucked her so well and all. I guess I was curious, sure. What about you, did you want to screw my sister?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, I guess, but not so I’d do anything about her. Hey, I’m a guy! We all wonder about other women, especially when they look as good as she does. Never did anything about it though.”

“Neither did I.” She climbed off my lap and told me to wait, then went back into the room. She returned with a couple of pillows and a beach towel. She tossed the pillows at my feet, then draped the oversized towel over the railing. She knelt between my legs and stripped off her robe. She unzipped my pants and pulled my erection through the fly. Shielded by the towel, she took me in her mouth, saying first, “I want to do it again, Nelson, and give Tony what I’m about to give you.” With that said, she opened her mouth and began giving me a really world class mouthfuck, jerking the shaft and twisting the skin while she cupped my balls and Hoovered my cockhead. She made it last a bit before sticking a finger up my butt and diddling my prostate. I was gasping as she swallowed my jetting come.

“Okay, honey.,” I said weakly. “Whatever you want!”


The girls convened in Suzanne’s and Tony’s room, kicking Tony and me out and down to the bar before dinner. We had already managed to get half a load on by the time they showed up for a late dinner. Tony and I discussed what had gone on, and he seemed as befuddled as I was, although he agreed that he had enjoyed it as much as I. He also told me that he and his wife had sixty-nined later on, probably while Jackie was sucking me off. We decided to go along with whatever the women planned.

The plan was apparently to turn us on so much we’d go along with any damn thing they came up with. I wasn’t sure which one looked better. Jackie wore an absolutely tiny white denim miniskirt which buttoned up the front, and which was mostly unbuttoned. Up top she wore a very sheer white blouse, which she had tied under her tits, exposing her belly button, and otherwise she simply wore some high-heeled sandals. Nothing else, no stockings, no panties, no bra. Suzanne, on the other hand, was wearing a calf-length blue denim button front skirt, unbuttoned as high as Jackie’s skirt was, a thin and low cut tank top, and high-heeled sandals of her own. Like my wife, Suze wasn’t wearing stockings or underwear. I guessed that Jackie had told her about how she hadn’t brought any underwear with her.

They looked spectacular, hot and sexy, and both Tony and I whistled as they sashayed up to the bar. They both had to walk carefully and climb onto the barstools discretely to keep everything from showing, and Jackie found herself tugging her skirt down to keep it from rising up in the back. They looked like sex personified, like a pair of hot fucks just waiting to happen, which is precisely what they were. I couldn’t tell about Tony, but I know I was as stiff as a board, and I decided to back off on the booze, and not get so loaded I couldn’t fuck them both.

All during dinner and afterwards, in the night club, the girls were getting plenty of stares from every other man in the bar, and even a couple of women, too. When I pointed this out to Jackie, she gave a start and whipped her head around to stare, then whipped back red-faced when one of the women winked at her. Tony and I simply laughed, and Suzanne repeated the performance, eliciting more laughter.

The girls were drinking pretty good, and didn’t give a damn at all when I slid my hands out under the booth and pressed them between their legs, one on either side of me. It was my turn to be surprised when I discovered Tony already had his fingers stuffed into Jackie’s pussy. Suze crawled over my lap, switching positions with me, so that both girls were in the middle, then took my hand and placed it back between her legs. She moaned as I began mauling her clit, gripping the table top with white knuckles as she came.

By the time the night was over, neither girl gave a damn at all about how they looked. The only button still done on their skirts were the ones holding them around their waists, and Jackie’s had risen up in the back to expose her pantiless ass. It was so late that nobody else gave a shit, and when we got in the elevator, Suzanne took off her skirt and handed it to her husband, then walked down the hall with us bare-assed.

The next surprise came when Tony started unlocking his door. He had one arm around my wife, and his wife was draped over me, licking my ear and rubbing my stiff cock through my pants. When he got the door open, he stepped aside to let Jackie in, but she stopped. Putting a hand on my arm, she pushed us down the hall, saying, “Tonight, let’s swap. We’ll gangbang tomorrow.” Holy shit! Stunned, I let Suzanne into our room.

Suze didn’t head towards the bed, she simply wrapped her arms around me and began kissing me, her back against the wall behind the door. My hands were all over her big tits, groping them through her tank top, simultaneously trying to pull it down and push it up so I could get my fingers on her bare flesh. She reached between us with one hand and undid my pants, then guided them down my thighs. As soon as my dick sprang out, she lifted one of those long and lovely legs and wrapped it around my waist. I pressed forward while she shifted into position, and I slipped into her drenched pussy.

I drilled her mercilessly, bucking against her and bouncing her shapely ass off the wall, while she moaned into my mouth as our tongues dueled. God, but it was good! I could feel her pussy juice running down her legs every time my balls slapped her thighs. Finally I groaned and stiffened, my back arching as I stabbed in, balls pumping and cock spewing come into her grasping cunt. Drained, we staggered to the bed, Suze stripping off her tank top while my jism ran down her legs.

I had no idea what Jackie and Tony were doing, other than fucking their brains out. Suze and I didn’t get much more than catnaps the rest of the night. I’d wake up to find my sister-in-law sucking me erect or fondling me to stiffness, or I’d wake up with a hand on her tits or cunt, and follow through. I lost track of the times we fucked that night, and by dawn we were totally fucked out and exhausted.

Chapter 5

I slept right through breakfast and didn’t waken until almost lunch, discovering that Suzanne had gone back to her room and Jackie was sacked out next to me. I nudged her grumpily awake and we cleaned up and went downstairs to have some lunch. Afterwards, we headed back to the room to catch some more Zs.

The adjoining doors were open and we looked in to find that Tony and Suze had decided to sleep in and have room service send up sandwiches. They were sitting on the bed, naked and crosslegged, with the dishes between them precariously. I laughed at the sight, but also noticed that Tony’s fat cock was pointing at the ceiling and his wife’s nipples were prominently erect.

Tony greeted us by saying, “Hi guys, come on in and take something off.” The rest of us laughed and Suze climbed carefully off the bed and started cleaning up the plates and silverware. This was loaded on the cart, and after she peeked out the door to see if anyone was around, she pushed the cart out the door and closed it.

Suzanne came up to me and tugged my shirt tails out of my pants. “I had so much fun yesterday.,” she said to Jackie. “I just came and came and came! How about you?”

“Oh my God, it was tremendous!” exclaimed my wife excitedly. She began undressing as well, beating me in this race. She sat down on the bed and reached out to grab Tony’s cock while Suzanne finished undressing me. “I haven’t fucked that wild since our honeymoon!” I blushed but silently agreed that she was probably right. Our honeymoon had been a marathon fuckfest, but so had last night!

“Let’s share!” announced her sister. She pushed me down onto the edge of the bed. Tony shrugged compliance and swung his legs around to sit beside me. In front of us, the girls knelt down in front of their husbands. Naked, they lowered their faces to our crotches and began sucking cock.

After a couple of minutes, Jackie raised her head from my dick and yelled, “Switch!” The two scrambled around and switched off and Suzanne began giving me head. They would swap around every few minutes, stopping only when Tony grabbed his wife and held her head in place, wanting to end the torture. I agreed loudly, keeping Jackie at my feet and began spewing come down her throat. Suzanne did it a little differently, pulling his cockhead out of her mouth and jerking her husband off all over her tits.

I found this display extremely exciting. Lifting Jackie away from my now limp dick, I turned her face to her sister and showed her the come dripping from her sister’s neck and tits. “Lick it up.,” I ordered.

Suze and Jackie stared at me. “What!?”

I pushed my wife towards her sister. “Come on, you swallowed last night, so it’s not like you’ve never had Tony’s come in your mouth. Clean her up.” I kept pushing Jackie closer to Suze, and Tony grinned and held his wife in position.

“Yeah, Jackie, do it.,” he pleaded.

“God, I’ve never, I mean, I don’t…,” whispered my wife, transfixed by the sight of Tony’s jism on Suze’s tits. She limply allowed herself to be moved into position and opened her mouth, extending her tongue. Holding her head in my hands, I aimed her face at Suzanne’s big left tit and Jackie began licking the come off Suze’s big left nipple.

At the feel of her sister’s mouth, Suzanne stiffened, letting out a small cry, and wrapped her hands around Jackie’s head, replacing mine in holding her in position. Jackie began getting into it, and Tony and I slipped to the floor beside them, moving the girls into a sixty-nine position. As soon as Suze saw Jackie’s pussy come into view, she lunged forward, burying her face in her sister’s crotch and it was Jackie’s turn to shriek and begin coming. Tony pushed my wife’s face forward into his wife’s cunt, and Suzanne trapped her head between her sweaty thighs and the two licked their way through several orgasms.

Afterwards, the four of us lounged on the floor while the girls unwound, wrapped in each other’s arms. “It’s been years since I’ve done that.,” admitted Suzanne.

Jackie bolted upright. “What! You mean, you’ve done that, you know, I mean…”

“What, eat pussy?” laughed Suze. “Yeah, back in college. My sophomore year roommate was a switch hitter and turned me on to it. She moved off campus the next year, and I’ve never done it since. You mean you’ve never done it with a girl before? Wow, you’re a natural born cuntlicker, sis!”

Tony and I chuckled at this statement, as we watched Jackie’s expressions. “No, Jesus, never!” she exclaimed.

For the next round, Tony lay down on the rug and pulled my wife astride him, and she wriggled into position. Suzanne and I were about to get it on when Jackie asked, “Nels, go get the baby oil.” My eyes widened and I went back to our room while Suzanne and Tony gave me a curious look. I knew what she was planning, since we had seen this in a porn flick a couple of times. When I returned, Jackie moved into a kneeling position on Tony’s torso, lowering her chest to his and raising her ass up slightly. “Spread your legs, Tony.,” she said.

As Suzanne watched, I knelt between Tony’s outstretched legs and poured a small bit of oil on the crack of my wife’s ass. I poured some more in the palm of my hand and stroked my hard dick, then moved closer. Suzanne gasped as I began pressing my dick into my Jackie’s ass. Tony groaned as Jackie began responding. I pushed in slowly, but firmly, and about a minute later could feel Tony’s thick prick through the thin wall of flesh separating us. I held myself in place and let Jackie squirm around between us. Lord, but it felt good!

We managed to hold out several minutes more while Jackie orgasmed in her sandwich fuck, then I backed out slowly and she rolled off Tony. He hadn’t come, either, and Jackie pushed her sister into position. Suzanne looked very nervous as she climbed onto her husband’s cock, and even more so when I lubed up her ass and my cock. “Does it hurt?” she asked Jackie nervously.

“Hell, no, it feels great! I felt so full of cock, I just started coming and never stopped! Don’t you assfuck with Tony?” asked Jaackie.

Suze was very scared. “No, he’s too big. We tried once, but it hurt so much I made him stop.”

I interjected, “Listen, Suze, if it starts hurting, I’ll stop, I promise. Don’t forget, my cock is thinner than Tony’s. It’ll probably go in really easy, you know?” Suzanne relaxed slightly at this, and I took the opportunity to slip my thumbs into her greasy asshole and spread them slightly. She grimaced but didn’t ask me to stop, so I slipped my cockhead into her ass and stopped there. Suzanne gave a low ‘Oooph!’ but didn’t tell me to pull out, so a minute later I slipped another inch further in.

Jackie began pinching her sister’s nipples, distracting her from any discomfort, and I kept moving in slowly. I didn’t stop until I had bottomed out, my balls rubbing against her husband’s, then I announced, “I’m in Suze. How’s it feel?”

Suzanne opened her clenched eyes. “Okay, I guess. Sort of like I really have to take a dump, if you really want to know.”

“That’s just the start, it gets better, much, much better!” replied Jackie. “Start moving around and get used to it.” Suzanne’s eyes widened as she began squirming slowly, and I began pulling out. Once I was almost out, I began pushing back in, and she began to grin.

“This is great!” she said. “Come on guys, fuck me, fuck me!” Tony looked at me over his wife’s shoulder and gave me a real shit eating grin, and we put our backs into it, fucking her pussy and ass for all they were worth. Suze was moaning in delight by the time that we came, Tony’s orgasm setting me off to fill her sweet ass with a fine load. Afterwards, she and Jackie scampered off to the bathroom, and I went into my own to clean up.


We all took a breather and went down to the pool for the rest of the afternoon, the girls flaunting their well-fucked figures in their teeny-weeny bikinis. That night we all indulged in a group grope in our room, and Jackie and I coached Tony into fucking his wife’s ass for the first time. My bet, that first time they tried, he rushed and stuffed it in all in one rush. With that horse cock of his, he’d have ripped her apart, so it was no wonder she was hurting and scared to try again. This effort proved much more successful, and she promised him that he could fuck her ass anytime he wanted!

Chapter 6

That night was spent screwing and sleeping in Jackie’s and my room. We had mostly foursomes of one sort or another. A fairly standard variation was for Tony or me to being fucking one of the girls doggy style while she gave head to someone else, with the fourth person assisting. One of the best fucks was when we got Jackie and Suzanne into eating each other out, then Tony and I got on each end and screwed their cunts. The girls would alternate between licking pussy and licking our cocks sawing in and out of them, then licked the come we spurted into them.

The next morning we got dressed and headed downstairs. After breakfast we picked up the Jeep we had reserved the previous day, and went out exploring the island. We had a map but it really wasn’t all that necessary.

Let me explain – Aruba is a damned small desert island! Why the Dutch ever landed here I will never understand, but why they planted the flag and stayed is even more mystifying. I am not kidding, it’s an official desert island. It only gets about a foot-and-a-half of rain a year, total, and is nothing but a tiny coral rock covered with about an inch of sand. The island is maybe twenty miles long and three or four wide at it’s widest, running in a northwest to southeast direction. The southwestern coast is the only inhabited part, since the northeastern coast is rocky, exposed to the Atlantic, and has a ten foot drop into a riptide which could carry you to Cuba in a morning. Or, I should say, it would if the sharks didn’t get you first, since every drop of seawater is infested with the things. The hotels and resorts all have shark nets around their beaches, and in every harbor they swim right up to the docks!

Since there’s no rain to speak of, all the water on the island comes from the world’s largest desalination plant, at the southeastern tip of the island, which makes water incredibly expensive. The only green on this rock is around the resorts and the single golf course. Everything else, and I do mean everything, is sand and rock. The flora and fauna consist of several varieties of cactus and gecko, with a few wild goats thrown in for excitement.

We drove up to the lighthouse on the northwestern tip, where the road peters out into tracks through the northeastern shoreline. You can go anywhere in a Jeep, since nobody lives there at all, and if you go off the track, who cares, since it is absolutely impossible to get stuck – it’s all a rock! They make roads by dragging a road scraper through and cleaning off the sand down to the bedrock coral. Damnedest thing I’ve ever seen.

Still, that deserted northeast side is actually rather pretty, in a desolate, ‘dark side of the moon’, sort of way. We loaded the Jeep up with a cooler of Heineken and a few blankets and took off. The goats are pretty good about getting out of the way, and there was a surprising amount of traffic. I guess everybody has to do this at least once on their vacation, but once you do it, you’ve seen everything Aruba has to offer. You can do it in a day, no problem.

Still, you can always make your own fun. We had stopped at a rock outcropping and walked down to the northeastern ‘cliff’ when Tony mentioned he need to pump out some of the beer he had drunk. He moved around to the far side of the rocks while the rest of us looked out at the sea. Then I turned back, to find my wife had disappeared, too. Suze and I investigated, and found Jackie helping Tony out. She had followed him behind the rocks, and when he finished peeing, had knelt down on her haunches and taken his dick between her lips. She was wearing a short skirt and a T-shirt, which was now pulled up over her tits, and she was fingering her exposed cunt with one hand while she gave her brother-in-law head. Suze and I were inspired, so I pushed her shorts down her hips and stepped up behind her while she leaned against the rock, then I fucked her while Tony and Jackie got their rocks off.

Later on, we pulled off in the Dutch Royal Marine Live Fire Range (the Marines were out of town that day) and spread the blankets out in the sand. We stripped down and oiled the girls up, then fucked them in the ass. They really got into the au natural bit, moaning and screaming as we pounded their assholes, and after we came, got it on together until Tony and I could work our cocks erect again. The first assfuck was so good, they demanded a second, and we eagerly switched off and complied!

Friday proved to be a new experience for all of us. We had been so fucked out from the night before, that we simply went down to the beach and sunbathed through lunch. We drank our lunch (one good thing about being a Dutch rock – lots of Heineken!) and had a sandwich to give us some strength, then went back up to our rooms. I was expecting some form of group fuck or swap session, but Tony and Suze surprised Jackie and me.

We had all gone in through our room, and when Tony headed through the adjoining doors to their room, the rest of us simply followed. We were all surprised, however, when Suzanne rummaged through his suitcase and pulled out a camera. Suzanne said, “Come on, Tony, it’s the perfect time. You know I want some shots with both of us.” Jackie and I stared at each other. What was going on? Tony hemmed and hawed a bit, but Suze wouldn’t give it up. “Please, Tony, it’s not like we haven’t tried it before.”

“Okay, okay, if you say so.,” he said with a shrug.

“What’s going on, Tony?” I asked. Jackie was eyeing the camera warily.

He blushed and shrugged his shoulders again. “Okay, it’s just, well, see, we’re into taking photos, okay? I like to take photos of Suzanne stripping down and playing with herself. We’d like to take some with me and her together, you know, but we can’t do it by ourselves. The only shots I can get with both of us in the picture are like this…” He took the camera and pointed it down the length of his body, as if his wife was giving him head.

“We tried rigging up a tripod once, but it just wasn’t any good.,” explained Suzanne. “We were thinking, maybe you guys could take some photos of us?”

Jackie stared at them and me, and then began to giggle. We had talked about doing this sort of thing ourselves. Actually, I had talked about it while Jackie kept saying, “NO!” I grabbed the camera from my brother-in-law’s hands and nodded agreement. I looked at the camera to discover that it was a digital model. He took a few shots of my wife, then showed us how they came through on a small viewer in the rear, then showed us how to delete them and otherwise operate the thing. Finally, he slid in some fresh batteries and a fresh memory chip, so we’d have about 150 shots.

Jackie wanted to do some sort of story, rather than simply have the two strip down and fuck, so she had Tony change into slacks and a shirt. Her sister she had dress up in a blouse, miniskirt, and high heeled sandals. Then she handed me the camera and stood back to direct.

Suze started off entering the room from the hallway. She had left the blouse undone and the button front on the skirt was mostly unbuttoned, so I got a few nice shots of her bouncing around. Then she sat down in an armchair and started to let her fingers do the walking. A few shots opening the blouse and exposing her tits, then a few more opening her skirt up and spreading her legs. I took almost a dozen as Jackie started telling her how to play with herself, then I got down on my knees for a few close-ups of Suzanne stuffing her fingers up her shaved pussy. Lord but was I stiff by the time Jackie let Tony get in the act!

Tony’s part was to surprise his wife at play and join in. He came in the door and sat on the bed, inviting her to join him. She went over to him and let him strip her skirt off, then sat down next to him. He almost immediately began running his hands over her body, playing with her tits and cunt, and Suze removed her blouse and began undoing his clothes as well. After about another dozen-and-a-half shots, they had forgotten Jackie and I were even present, and were busy going to town on each other. Suzanne and Tony were laying back on the bed facing each other, with Tony’s hands in her crotch and on her tits, while Tony chewed one of her nipples, and Suze had his pants down to his knees, yanking his crank.

Things really heated up when Tony begged his wife for a blow job, and she twisted around on the bed to go down on him. I got several great shots of her deep-throating him while he fingered her pussy, then he pulled her ass around and got into some sixty-nine with her. This proved way too much for either of them to handle, and the next thing I was shooting was Tony shooting all over his wife’s face and tits.

My in-laws collapsed on the bed but I had other things on my mind. Setting the camera down, I turned to my wife and pushed my swim trunks down my thighs. My cock was sticking straight out, and Jackie smiled, grabbing it and stroking it as I untied her bikini. Once she was nude, I put my hands on her shoulders and forced her to her knees. She knew precisely what I wanted, but was hard put to keep up with me. I literally fucked her face, rearing my hips back and slamming forward between her lips. Unlike Tony, I came in my wife’s mouth.

Tony and Suze had revived while watching me facefuck Jackie, and once we settled down I noticed that she was still covered with her husband’s come, even though she was fondling him back to life. I had Jackie get on the bed and clean her sister’s tits off with her tongue. This really got Tony back into the mood, so once Suzanne was clean, I had Jackie get out of the way and picked up the camera again. They tried several positions out with me snapping away, but the one that they finished on was a sideways doggy style. Suze had her legs spread wide, with Tony humping his cock in from behind and grabbing her tits. I got several nice photos of this, finishing with a couple of close-ups of his come leaking out around his cock in her pussy.

Afterwards, I was hard again, so I had Jackie get on top for some sixty-nine of our own. By then it was dinner time, so we all took showers (me and Suzanne, Tony and Jackie) which took some time and involved a nice standing fuck, then dressed and went down to dinner. After leaving the bar, late, we ended up swapping wives for the night, and Suzanne repeated her performance in private for me.


Our final day in Aruba was a bit anticlimactic. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we had a great time and some great sex! When I woke up, Jackie had switched with her sister, so we got it on nicely before breakfast, with Jackie on top and licking her nipples while I watched. Most of the day we worked on our tans. Later, we had a pleasant four-way in our room, where Tony and I got the girls to eat each other, then fucked them twice, first in the pussy, and then in the ass. Jackie was really screaming when he stuffed that big fat cock of his up her poop chute. Late that night, we split up with our own partners to start packing for the trip home. Afterwards, I sat down on the balcony to smoke another cigar and Jackie slipped into a lovely peignoir and came out to join me. After I was finished, she curled up on my lap and we petted. After Jackie came, she pulled her nightgown up and sank down onto my cock, then rocked on top of me until I spewed up into her pussy.

We flew back to Philly well rested, after a fashion, even if only because everybody had slept through the flights and the airport stopover. Certainly we were quite pleased with how the trip had turned out, even if it had started out as a disaster. I swear that I got more pussy that trip than my honeymoon, and Jackie swears she got more cock!

Next year, after the baby is born and Jackie is back in condition to screw, we’ve all decided to take another foursome vacation, without the kids. This year, Jackie and I will make the arrangements, so we’ll be sure to get a suite or villa somewhere and be able to fuck around right from the start! Jackie’s idea was maybe to rent a camp on a lake somewhere. In the meantime, Jackie has relented on the idea of taking some Polaroids, and we are even talking about taking a video camera on the next vacation! I think this is an idea we’ll be able to live with for many years to come!

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