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Another Boring Friday Night

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Another boring Friday night at home, Tammy thought to herself.

She slumped into her computer chair and decided to surf the net. When she signed on, her home page popped up showing an ad for a new bar in her neighborhood. She decided to get dressed and give it a shot.

She decided to walk the five blocks to the bar, and as she approached it she noticed that there were no Grand Opening signs or anything like that.

It just looked like any other bar in the neighborhood. Tammy went inside anyway, figuring on one beer and then would leave.

As she walked in, she surveyed the bar. It was pretty crowded, but they were all women. “That’s strange,” she thought as she sat down.

“What can I get you sweetie?”, the bartender asked.

“Coors Light please,” Tammy answered.

As she waited for her beer, she looked around the crowded bar. She noticed mostly women, and they were dancing with each other, and some even kissing each other.

When the bartender served her the beer, she asked, “Why are there only women here?”

Laughing, she said, “This is a lesbian bar honey.”

Now Tammy got nervous. She wasn’t a lesbian. Oh yes of course, she had thought about it, but never went through with it. Being very submissive, she had only thought men could use her the way she needed. Tonight she was in for a huge awakening.

As she sat there deciding if she should run out the door or not, a beautiful Latin woman sat next to her at the bar. She was about 5’2, 170lbs., beautiful long dark hair, and the most beautiful shapely breasts. Tammy guessed her to be about a 40DD. For some reason, Tammy thought about how it would feel to suck on her nipples. Tammy felt a wetness between her legs at the thought.

“Hi there cutie, my name is Mariam, what’s yours?”, she asked as she held out her hand.

“Hi, I’m Tammy, it’s nice to meet you,” she said as she shook the women’s hand.

“So what brings you here tonight?” Mariam asked.

“I got bored at home, so I thought I would try out the new bar,” Tammy answered.

“I’m gonna’ guess that you didn’t know this was a lesbian bar until you walked in the door. Am I correct?” Mariam asked with cutest smile.

Blushing, Tammy answered, “Actually, yes that’s true.”

“Have you ever fantasized about being with another woman?”, asked Mariam.

“Yes of course, haven’t all women?”.

“Yes I would agree, but most women won’t admit it,” Mariam said laughing.

They sat at the bar silent for a few minutes, and then Mariam said, “Hey you wanna’ go get something to eat, I’m starved.” Tammy hesitated a little, and Mariam assured her she meant nothing more than just a meal. Tammy agreed and off they were. They began walking to a nearby diner. They talked about their jobs, and a little about their families while they walked. Watching Tammy, and her body language she knew Tammy was submissive. Mariam wanted her right then and there, but knew she would have to wait to use the dirty slut. As much as she hated to wait, she also loved the chase.

They sat down at a booth and order burgers and beers. They continued talking, and somehow the conversation turned to sex.

“So what fantasies do you have about women?”, Mariam asked.

Tammy shifted in her seat, and replied, “Oh I don’t know, just stuff.”

“Oh, c’mon, you can give me more than that.”

“I don’t want you to think I’m a nut or something like that.”

“Oh don’t worry Tammy, I won’t think anything like that.”

“Well I am very submissive sexually.”

“I knew it,” Mariam thought to herself. “Submissive in what ways Tammy?”

“I like being told what to do, and I also like it rough,” “I hope you don’t think that’s crazy.”

“Not at all Tammy, not at all.”

Their food arrived and they didn’t talk much while they ate. Mariam was thinking about how she was going to use the submissive slut across the table from her. Tammy was thinking about what it would be like to be used rough by Mariam. Again her pussy started to get wet. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted it.

“How about we finish up here and go to my place for some more beers?”, Mariam said.

“Sounds good to me.”

They paid the check and headed for Mariam’s apartment.

As they walked in the door, Mariam mentioned that she had a roommate, Jodi, but she wouldn’t be home until the next day. Tammy then began to realize that her fantasy might just come true tonight.

She sat down, while Mariam went to the kitchen for more beers. She handed Tammy her beer, and sat down next to her on the sofa. It took everything she had, not to get on her knees and beg this hot woman to use her rough and nasty.

Mariam must have seen the lust in her eyes, because she suggested watching a porno movie. Tammy agreed hoping the video would be a nasty one.

They watched the screen as two women appeared. These women were about the size of Mariam, and they were just as hot as her. One woman was obviously in charge as she bent over the other woman and began spanking her, and calling her names. Tammy’s pussy was soaking wet at the site in front of her.

“Does that turn you on Tammy?”

Looking down at the floor, she managed a mumbled “Yes.”

“Do you like to be spanked whore?”

“Yes I do.”

“You will address me as Mistress, is that understood?”

Tammy almost came when she heard that. “Yes Mistress.”

“That’s better whore, now get those clothes off!”

She took off her clothes so fast, that even Mistress was impressed.

“You dirty whore, you want to be used so bad don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Bend over whore.”

Tammy did as she was told, and stuck her ass high in the air for Mistress. She could feel Mistress’ hands rubbing all over her ass, and was in heaven. When Mistress’ hand came down hard on her ass, she screamed.

“What’s the matter whore, I thought you liked a good hard spanking?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress continued spanking and rubbing her ass, until Tammy felt her pussy dripping wet. Mistress slid her hand down to feel the wetness the spankings had caused. “Oh good, you do enjoy a good hard spanking.”

Mistress rammed two fingers deep inside her whore’s soaking wet pussy, making her moan. Tammy started fucking Mistress’s fingers while Mistress continued to spank her.

“You like that you dirty slut?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You like being a fuck toy for me whore?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress slid her fingers out of Tammy’s wet cunt, and shoved them into Tammy’s mouth. “Taste your cunt juice bitch.”

Tammy sucked on Mistress’ fingers tasting her own juice. Tammy sucked off every drop from Mistress’ fingers.

“Get on your hands and knees and crawl behind me to the other room slut.”

She did as she was told and got down and crawled behind her Mistress, making her feel like such a complete and total whore, and wanted more.

She followed Mistress into a room with a long wood table, with restraints hanging from the ends. “Get up on the table and lay down on your back slut.”

She did as she was told and Mistress secured her hands and ankles in the restraints. She was now on full display, and completely open for any use Mistress had in mind.

Mistress stood next to the table, and began rubbing and squeezing Tammy’s 38D tits. She couldn’t help but to moan from Mistress’ touch. All of a sudden Mistress pinched her nipple so hard, she let out a scream. “Mmmmmm yes my dirty whore, I will have you moaning and screaming all night.”

Mistress continued to pinch Tammy’s nipples, but not as hard. Just hard enough to make her moan again. As quickly as Mistress had started, she stopped. Walking away from the table, and returning with a small pillow. “Lift up your ass slut.”

Tammy did, and Mistress slid the pillow under her ass, raising her cunt higher, and also easy access to her tight ass. Mistress started rubbing Tammy’s clit, making her moan and beg for more. Mistress then slapped her pussy hard making her scream out from the pain. “Who owns that pussy whore?”

“You do Mistress, you own my pussy” Tammy answered scared she would slap her again. That was more pain than she was used to, and she wasn’t ready for it.

To her disappointment, another slap came down on her swollen clit. Again she screamed as Mistress laughed. “I thought you liked it rough whore.”

“Yes Mistress, but it’s too hard please.”

“You will learn to love it bitch!”

She continued to slap her clit until it became numb. Tammy just stared at the ceiling, thinking that maybe she got in over her head here.

When Mistress was satisfied that Tammy was now laying there against her will, Mistress noticed her pussy was dripping wet. She loved to use them against there will. That’s why she had her roommate. Some little mousy girl who was just too timid to say no. Mistress loved watching them beg for her to stop. She would use her roommate Jodi any time she wanted, and Jodi always fought, but would keep coming back every time.

Mistress got up on the table, and straddled Tammy’s face, lowering her wet cunt onto Tammy’s mouth. “Lick my pussy slut!”.

Being scared now, Tammy did as she was told. She began licking Mistress’ soaking wet pussy. The minute her tongue hit her warm moist pussy, Tammy knew she would do anything Mistress wanted. The taste was incredible. So sweet, and warm. She started flicking Mistress’s clit with her tongue, and then took it in her mouth and sucked on it.

“Oh yes cunt, just like that!”, Mistress screamed.

Tammy continued to suck her clit until Mistress’ cum was all over her face.

Mistress climbed off the table, telling her what a good little cunt sucker she is. “You sure you never sucked pussy before?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Just then there was the sound of a door closing, and a female voice calling for Mariam. “Damn!”, Mistress thought, as she recognized it as Jodi’s voice. Mistress slipped out the door, closing it behind her.

She tried to get out of the restraints but to no avail. All of a sudden the door burst open and very petite, quiet looking woman stormed into the room.

“I go away for one day and you pick up the first slut you see, and bring her here!?”, she screamed.

“I think you’re forgetting who is in charge here cunt!”Mistress yelled back.

Mistress grabbed her by her hair, and lowered the small woman to her knees. “Jodi, meet Tammy, Tammy, meet Jodi.”

“Hello,” they said to each other.

“Well Tammy, as I am sure you now know, Jodi is also my whore.”

“Yes Mistress,” Tammy answered not caring about Jodi, and just wanting to obey Mistress.

“Get your clothes off Jodi,” Mistress ordered.

Jodi looked genuinely scared as she removed her clothing. She was very small, maybe 4’11, with short hair, and small but firm breasts. Tammy guessed them to be about a 32c.

“Get up on the table, and let Tammy suck your breasts.”

Jodi climbed up, straddling Tammy as she lowered her breast into Tammy mouth. She sucked her breast feeling Jodi’s nipple grow hard in her mouth.

“Bite her nipple hard Tammy.”

“Yes Mistress,” she replied as she bit down hard on Jodi’s nipple. Jodi screamed out in pain, and Mistress spanked her tiny ass. “Keep quiet slut!”

“Yes Mistress Mariam.”

“See Tammy when you get to be a devoted whore like Jodi, you too will be able to call me Mistress Mariam.”

“Thank you Mistress,” was all Tammy could think of to say.

“Now let Tammy do the same to your other breast Jodi.”

She shifted herself until her unused breast was in Tammy’s mouth. “Bite her hard slut Tammy.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Jodi muffled a scream, as she bit down hard on her nipple, for fear of another smack on her tiny ass.

“Suck the whore’s pussy Jodi.”

Jodi slid down Tammy until her mouth was just outside her bald pussy. She began licking up and down Tammy’s slit, pushing her tongue inside, licking up and down the warm folds of her juicy cunt.

“Spread her cunt wide open,” Mistress ordered.

Jodi spread the lips of Tammy’s pussy and began sucking on her clit. Tammy began humping the little woman’s tongue begging to be used. Just when she was about to cum, Mistress ordered Jodi to stop. You could hear the disappointment in Tammy’s moan. “You will cum when I let you,” Mistress informed her.

Frustrated, Tammy said “Yes Mistress.”

“Go get our little black friend, slut Jodi,” Mistress again ordered.

Tammy felt her heart jump. “Was she bringing someone else now?”, Tammy thought to herself. She didn’t want anyone else. Now she got scared again.

Jodi returned with the biggest black vibrator she had ever seen. It had to be at least twelve inches and as fat as her wrist. Tammy didn’t think she would ever be able to take that inside her. She would soon find out she was wrong.

“Use her cunt with it slut Jodi.”

Jodi walked over to Tammy and began rubbing the vibrator on Tammy’s clit. This felt great, and Tammy began moaning to as she felt the vibrator on her sensitive clit.

“Oh yes yes,” Tammy was moaning.

Tammy turned to look at Mistress, and she was standing with one foot up on the table, and was playing with her pussy as she watched the show in front of her.

They made eye contact, and Mistress mouthed the word whore. Tammy knew that’s just what she was. A whore for Mistress any time she wanted.

She mouthed back “Yes Mistress.”

“Fuck her cunt with it now slut Jodi.”

Jodi sucked on the vibrator like a good whore getting it ready for Tammy’s cunt. She slowly slid it into Tammy’s hungry cunt, stretching her more than she had ever been before.

“Oh fuck!”, Tammy screamed.

“What’s the matter whore?”, “I thought you liked cock?”, Mistress asked.

“Too big Mistress, please no, it’s too big.”

“You will take it all and like it whore, is that understood? .”

“Yes Mistress.”

“That’s better, keep fucking her,” Mistress told Jodi.

She went back to raping Tammy’s pussy with that huge black toy. She pounded Tammy’s hot pussy, and then started licking her clit. Tammy was on the edge, and needed to cum so bad.

“Please may I cum Mistress?”, Tammy begged.

“Oh no whore, not yet. I have so many things planned for you yet!”.

“Ok Jodi, stop fucking that slut and get over here and suck on Mistress Mariam’s dripping wet cunt!”

Mistress had one foot on the floor, and the other up on the table. Jodi got on her knees, and sucked Mistress for everything she was worth. Jodi knew she was a whore for this woman, and as Tammy’s presence made her very jealous, she would still do whatever Mistress Mariam told her to do.

Mistress reached over and began squeezing and pinching Tammy’s tits. Harder and harder, making Tammy scream. “I own you bitches!”, Mistress was screaming at both of them. Mistress loved having this much control over these two sluts. She would use them all night long, and by morning they would suck and fuck on command.

With the thought of that, Mistress felt her orgasm rising. She began grinding her face on Jodi’s mouth, burying her in her cunt.

“Suck my pussy slut, and make Mistress Mariam cum all over your whore face!”.

Jodi sucked on Mistress’ cunt hard and fast, and felt the hot juice spilling into her mouth. Jodi could not understand why she loved that juice so much. She would do anything for it, and already almost has. Now that Mistress has brought another whore home, Jodi was going to have to obey extra well, so Mistress wouldn’t choose that slut Tammy over her.

Mistress pinched Tammy’s nipple so hard as she came, Tammy was screaming, and begging for her to stop. Even after Mistress came into Jodi’s mouth, she never let her grip go from her nipple.

“Since you are the new slut here Tammy, you will now suck Jodi’s pussy and make her cum.”

“Oh thank you Mistress Mariam!” Jodi squealed in delight.

“Get up on her face Jodi” Mistress ordered.

Jodi climbed up on the table and straddled Tammy’s face, grinding her pussy into Tammy’s face. Tammy was licking as fast as she could, while Jodi bucked back and forth fucking her face.

“That’s it Tammy, suck my favorite little slut’s pussy.”

Mistress walked over to Tammy, and rammed two fingers deep inside her cunt. Tammy jumped and moaned into Jodi’s pussy. She kept sliding her fingers deep inside, calling Tammy names.

“May I cum Mistress Mariam, please?”

Yes my dear slut Jodi, cum all over Tammy’s face, and let the bitch taste you” “Oh yeeeesss!”Jodi screamed as her juices ran down Tammy’s face, and into her hair. Just as Jodi was climbing off the table, Mistress came up to Tammy, and stuck her fingers in her mouth.

“Taste your cunt Tammy, clean my fingers off whore.”

Tammy cleaned off Mistress’ fingers as instructed, and then watched as Mistress grabbed Jodi, and kissed her deep and hard. Her tongue invaded Jodi’s mouth, and they kissed like that for about two minutes. They both looked at Tammy and Mistress began playing with Jodi, nipples. Pinching them hard, and then soft. Tammy turned away, unable to watch, for fear she might cum just from watching.

“Keep your eyes on us bitch!” Mistress demanded.

Tammy went back to watching them, as they fingered, and sucked on each other. She felt she would burst any minute. She needed to cum so bad, and would do anything for it.

Tammy watched as they sucked and fingered each other to another orgasm. Tammy’s pussy was dripping wet now, and she was begging to cum.

Mistress walked over to Tammy, and began rubbing her clit lightly teasing her.

“Does the whore want to cum?”

“Yes Mistress please, please!”

Mistress stopped teasing, and said “Well I don’t know whore, how bad do you want to cum?”

“I will do anything you want please, please let me cum!”


“Yes anything, please I have to cum!”

“Remember you said that whore, because now I own you.”

“Yes, yes you own me, I am your personal whore to use any way and any time you want!”

“Good whore Tammy” Mistress said as she went back to rubbing Tammy’s cunt.

“Hand me our black friend Jodi” Mistress said as she rubbed the swollen clit in front of her.

Mistress then slid the big black vibrator deep into Tammy’s hot wet hole. She pumped Tammy as she rubbed her clit, knowing she would explode all over the vibrator any second.

Tammy was humping this toy as if her life depended on it. Taking the whole 12 inches inside her, Tammy was now screaming and begging to cum.

“Yes whore you may cum”

With that Tammy, exploded all over the black toy. Tammy couldn’t believe how her orgasm took over her whole body, making her shake and convulse. She had never had this feeling before, and knew that Mariam now owned her. There was no way she could leave now. She knew that now, as her pussy dripped her juices onto the table. “Clean up her pussy Jodi” Mistress Mariam ordered.

Jodi immediately obeyed. Mistress watched and thought about all the fun ways she would use them both. She never saw two women that enjoyed being used so much, and that had such a need to serve like sluts. She was happy at that thought and knew she would make them do nasty, dirty things for her. They would do anything for her, and they all knew it.

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