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Angie’s Adventure

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He shifted from foot to foot and held a sign reading “Angie Bowman.” It was nine a. m. at O’Hara International airport. Finally, passengers were pouring out of the run way, past the counter, and into the walkway. A tall gorgeous brunette wearing her hair in a pony tail and a sexy deep cut V-neck sweater, a matching knee length skirt and four inch hells walked up to him.

“I’m Angie, who the fuck are you? She asked angrily’

“Shealy, Rick Shealy, Bob Crane asked me to pick you up.”

“Where the fuck is he?”

“Something came up about the party. I think the caterer backed out at the last minute.”

“You’ll have to do,” she said, “I’m horny as hell. I’ve been thinking about a quickie since leaving Dallas. Let’s go,” she took him by the arm heading toward the terminal.

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

“If you’re as good as you look it’s not a problem,”she said, pulling him into the Southwest frequent flyer lounge and toward the ladies restroom.

He stopped as she walked in.

She turned saying, “Don’t tell me you’ve never made out in a ladies restroom?”

He shook his head.

“Come on,” she said, pulling him in, locking the door, and kicking off her shoes. “Get it out Rick, I can’t wait too long.”

His cock was only semi-rigid.

“That will do the trick,” she said, “dropping to her knees, sucking him into her mouth.

He was soon breathing heavily as her tongue and mouth had him hard as a rock and beginning to have that feeling.

“That’s hard enough,” she said, turned around, pulled her skirt to the middle of her back, wet her pussy with some saliva, spread her legs, and pulled her panties away from her entrance. “Give it to me Rick. Give it to me right now.”

Rick wasn’t one to pass up a piece of ass but this was the girlfriend of one of his best friends. He hesitated.

“Damn it,” she said, leaning back, pulling him to her opening, and shoved herself onto him.

He responded by grabbing her by the hips and drove his extra-long and wide cock deep into her. Standing flat footed, he rammed her over and over.

“Damn, you’re good Rick, keep going,” she moaned, dropping her head to a counter top and elevating her ass.

She was grunting with each forward stroke, and wiggling from side to side.

Rick reached around and rubbed her clit. She exploded in a frenzy of movement and he held on until he came with a rush filling her cavity with spurt after spurt of his liquid.

When he fell from her she turned, sat down, and stared into his dark brown eyes. “You’ve got one hell of a dick. I can’t imagine having a better fuck than that this weekend. Now I’m glad Bob sent you to pick me up.


The stopped at the baggage claim to pick up her luggage: two large blue containers with wheels. He led her through the terminal, to the parking lot, and his red 2010 Ford 250.

“You have an extended cab?” She asked, “I’ve never been fucked in one of those. Can you get it up again?”

He looked at her dumbfounded, “Are you a nympho?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just wondering, it hasn’t been twenty minutes sine we did it. Should I put your luggage in the cab or the bed of the truck?”

“In the truck’s bed,” she said, hopping into the back of the cab and pulling her blouse over her head.

Rick tossed the cases into the truck and climbed in the driver’s side.

Her bra was off and her skirt and panties were lying on the floor. “Come on slow poke, I want that cock of yours.”

“In the parking lot in daylight?”

“Yes, right here and right now. No one is going to bother us.”

He started the car, turned on the air conditioner, and crawled into the back. “I’ve used this cab before but not in the middle of the day.”

“It’s not that early, she said, leaning forward unzipping his jeans, fishing his dick from his pants and sucking it into her mouth.

While she sucked, he leaned over her back and fondled her ample breasts and hardened her nipples. When she came up for air, he arched his back, and pulled his jeans and shorts to his knees. “If you want to ride, ride this,” he said, holding his erection upright.

She straddled him and lowered herself on to his rod with a low moan, “Damn, I like your cock. Can we take the weekend for ourselves? I think you would be as much fun as an orgy.”

“It’s bad enough I’m fucking one of my best friend’s girls, but we are not spending the weekend together because I’m going to deliver you to Bob.”

“Damn it, okay but I’m going to enjoy you as long as I can,” she said, launching herself back and forth on his cock.

She was really good at what she did, and he leaned back and watched her beautiful face with her eyes closed and her breasts bouncing in all direction.

When she slowed, he pulled her forward taking one breast in his mouth and the other in his hand. He sucked like a new-born calf with a great deal of pressure and shaking his head from side to side.

“Damn, you’re good at that too.”

He switched breasts devouring her nipple with his mouth and massaging the other nipple with his thumb. She was breathing rapidly and sighing.

“If you keep that up, I’m going to come.”

He sucked and strummed harder.

Her body stiffened; she propelled herself up and down on his staff and with a muffled howl she climaxed.

“Aren’t you ever going to come?”

“Not in this position, but I’m enjoying this. Lean back on your arms and fuck me.”

She supported her torso with her hand and pumped herself up and down on his dick.

He smiled and appreciated what she was doing. Her pelvis vaulted forward and back on his pole, and her breasts flipped and flopped from side to side and back to front. It was mentally rousing watching her but not bringing him closer to an orgasm. He placed his thumb on her clit and encouraged her as she moved. She humped him for a long time before stopping, shuddering, and climaxing with a shriek.

Rick pulled her to his lap, stood, and placed her on her back.

“Oh, that was great but my arms were killing me while you pleased my pussy.”

Spreading her legs, he pushed them above her head, and went into auto pilot. He plowed her pussy like a farmer in a John Deere. She grunted WITH each stroke and he continued she changed from grunts to yes, yes, yes, and oh god, oh god, oh god. Howling, she climaxed but he didn’t stop– in and out, back and forth, and up and down he moved. Sweat streamed from his face, the muscles in his arms quivered from his efforts, and his expression was like the Sphinx—focused. He concentrated on fucking her until the feeling of his flesh rubbing against her flesh brought him to a point where he lost control and with one final thrust he filled her depth with his fluids.


“I’m hungry. You fucked me until I ran out of calories.”

“I could eat too but are you talking about real food?”

“Yes, I need something to get my mouth around,” she laughed, moving her hand to his groin.

“Do you like Subway, there’s one not too far from here.”

“I liked your train in my subway, but a meatball sub would taste really good right now.”

“Do you have a one track mind?”

“I’m not any different than you,” she said.

He drove fast maneuvering through traffic until he reached the restaurant.

They waited in a long line. She ordered a meatball sub on whole wheat and he got the cold cut on nine grain bread. After picking up their drinks they sat at a table at the back of the sandwich shop.

“Does Bob know you fool around on him?”

“Who do you think this orgy is for?”

“Bob, who else?”

“He’s got a little dick, so we swing and go to orgies so I can get a good screwing once in a while.”

“I thought he was a cocksman? At least that’s what he’s always suggested.”

“Wrong word, he’s a player with a high libido but he’s not a great lay. I love him not for his dick, but because he treats me well and will do almost anything for me.”

“Does that mean you’re a kinky gold digger?”

“Kinky yes gold digger no. I’m with him because of the fucking!”

“Any time, any place?” He asked, finishing his sandwich.

“I like to fuck In a variety of places, like the back of your truck.”

“So you don’t care who but where?”

“Ya, you have a special place in mind?”

“You’ll never guess,” he said, rubbing his knee against her thigh.

“You like that don’t you?”

“I like it better a little higher up. If you’re finished let’s going I have a place in mind.”

They drove for about thirty minutes while chatting about nothing specific. She snuggled close and fondled his crotch. “I’d like to spend the rest of the weekend with you.”

“Not a chance, but I do have a special place in mind,” he said, pulling into an alley behind a long row of buildings.

“What kind of place?”

“You’ll find out soon,” he said. After parking his truck, he led her into a green door, and into a room filled with the overwhelming aroma of flowers.

“It’s a flower shop.”

“You’re as observant as you are beautiful.”

They walked through a cool storage area into a show room.

“Rick, what are you doing here? And who is the lovely creature with you?”

“Warren this is Angie Bowman, Bob Crane’s girlfriend.”

“Damn, I never catch a break.”

She extended her hand and Warren took it. “Wow! You have great hands would you like to learn how to arrange flowers?”

“Not right now, maybe some other time.”

“Warren can we use you’re office for thirty minutes?”

He looked at Rick and Angie and smiled a knowing smile. “Sure take all the time you want. “I’ve lots of arrangement to prepare.”

Rick took her by the hand and led her into the office. It was large with a desk, a file cabinet, and the scent of flowers. He went to the far wall, pulled a leather strap, and a bed slowly came out of the wall to the floor.

“Get undressed you’re going to get fucked in a flower shop.”

“Great, I’ve never done it in a place like this.”

They undressed rapidly, Rick directed her to lie on the bed with her head hanging over the edge.

“Why do you want me in that position?”

“You’re about to find out,” he said, lying her on the bed, fondling her large breasts hanging like stalactites from her chest.

“You’ve got great hands,” she said, as he caressed her tits and hardened her nipples with his thumbs.

With one hand he guided his cock to her mouth. “Work on the head.”

She opened her mouth, licked his precum, kissed the tip of his cock, and worshiped it with her lips. Over and over she slurped on and off the head of his dick.

He watched as she sucked the bulbous head and sighed at the sight and stimulation. “Damn you’re good,” he said, as he pushed his shaft into her mouth. He fucked her face gently, before leaning over to take a nipple into his mouth. He sucked the nipple, backed off and blew on the wet teat, while fondling her other breast.

She wiggled under him and stroked him faster.

He responded by taking her other nub into his mouth, licking, sucking, biting, and applying more pressure. He brought her nipple to the hardness of a diamond. At the same time he rubbed the other nipple with his thumb, before pinching it hard.

She spat his out. “Damn that hurts.”

The respite was welcomed because she was doing a good job of arousing him. He shifted breasts and massaged her nipple vigorously and reinserted his cock into her mouth. Fucking her mouth, sucking on a breast, he moved his hand to her snatch.

She jerked away from his hand but settled down as he ran her finger up and down her slit. As he slipped a finger into her pussy, she jerked again and spat him out and groaned. His finger explored her canal before finding her G-spot on the upper inside of her walls. She groaned when he found it, applied pressure, and drew small circles around her inner hot spot.

She groaned continuously when he probed her mouth with his cock until she accepted it while at the same time he moved to her body pushing his head between her legs and his tongue, like a snake, sought and found her clit.

His cock in her mouth, one hand plucking a nipple, the other rubbing her G-spot, and his tongue playing with her clit as though it was an off-on switch.

She spit him from her mouth, writhed as though she was experiencing an earthquake, as she climaxed. She screamed. “Stop, stop, oh god stop, I can’t take it any longer.

He stood up, swung her around, spread her legs, lifted them into the air, and plunged his hot rod into her quivering pussy. She groaned when he entered her juice covered lips. He never stopped moving until he released a torrent of sperm into her cavity. She screamed as he continued grinding into her.

Finally, he finished, stood, went to the door calling “Warren.”

“That was better than the first two times,” she said. Angie looked up,” What’s going on?”

“You told me anyone, anywhere, so I thought you might like to entertain Warren for a while.”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Show her Warren.”

Don dropped his pants and shorts revealing a long, thick, limp cock.

She smiled. Come here Warren I want to see what it looks like erect. She stroked him a few times before taking it in her mouth. When he was fully erect she said, “Take a long shower Rick.”

He left, but soon heard her moaning and groaning through the bathroom door. After dressing, he called Bob to see how his arrangements where coming. He was still trying to get a caterer and a few sex toys.

“Bob before you hang up, I’ve got a friend that would enjoy meeting Angie. Do you mind if I have him attend?

“No, tell him to come. I want this to be the best orgy I’ve ever put together.”

“How about we save my guy for the end. He’s built like an NFL lineman and has the endurance and stamina of a stallion. I believe he and Angie will put on a show that’ll be the highlight of the orgy.”


Angie came out of the shower. “God damn, Warren is an animal. Between the two of you, I’m about played out.”

“That better not be true, the orgy doesn’t start until nine, and I have plans for us, for you. Besides it’s only two thirty.

“What kind of plans?” She asked, as they walked to his truck.

“We’re going to a friend’s house, who lives in a suburb called Lisle. It’s closer to the place where Bob is making preparations.

“Does he fuck as well as you do?”

“That’s for you to decide.”

The traffic was light for that time of day and they arrived sooner than expected.

Ned’s house was typical of Lisle. It was a three bedroom ranch constructed of brick, with a small fount yard.

He met them at the door in a pair of shorts and bare chest.

Rick made the introductions.

“Wow, Rick told me you were a looker and built for pleasure, but he didn’t tell the truth. You’re one hot fucking babe. Come on the Jacuzzi is waiting.”

“A Jacuzzi that’s just what I need,” she said.

They walked to the master bedroom, and through the sliding glass door to a deck with the bubbling pool. They undressed and climbed into the bubbling hot water.

Rick and Ned sat on one side of the pool and Angie sat on the other. It took a few minutes o acclimatized themselves to the heat. The guys watched her hooters floating on the water. Ned was transfixed.

“I’ve already fucked her three time, so she’s all yours.”

“Are you kidding me?”


“Why am I sitting here,” he asked, to no one in particular.

In seconds, Ned was sitting next to Angie.

“She looked at Ned and rubbed his cock under water.” What do you think?”

“I think were I’m luckiest guy in town.”

“Your right, you’re in luck I’m going to fuck you,” she said, kissing him.

Rick closed his eyes listening to the bubbling water and sloppy kisses. When the two of them were splashing around, he looked up and saw towels and lubricants on a lounge chair. He laughed to himself knowing Ned had made preparations. Above the noise, he heard her moan. Looking in their direction, he saw Ned’s mouth clamped on the end of her breast and his arm and hand between her legs. Rick waded out of the pool, dried himself, and walked into the house.

He found his cell phone and punched in a number and waited. “Hank, this is Rick. How would you like to come to an orgy tonight? I’ve got you set up to do a white chick who’se exactly your type—gorgeous, stacked and willing.”

“I’m free tonight. Thanks for thinking of me.”

“It starts at nine in Lombard. The address is ninety-three Long Leaf Drive. I’ll be looking for you. I’d like you to be a surprise her. How does that idea sound?”

“I think, I’ll be more than that to her.”

Rick laughed at his response. “I’ll be on the lookout for you about midnight.”

He walked outside just in time to see Ned roll off of Angie.

“Rick come ove rhere. I need some help. It’ll take me a few minutes to be ready again.”

“Ya, get over here I need a cock in my pussy,” Angie said.

Ned pulled her to the end of the lounge, and stuck his cum covered dick into her mouth. “You drill her until I’m ready.”

Rick unenthusiastically stroked himself erect, climbed onto the lounge and slipped his cock into a slimy but still tight pussy. He drilled slowly watching Ned roughly fondle her breasts while she sucked his dick

She pulled away from Ned saying, “Come on Rick you can do better than that.”

Rick pounded her hard for several minutes when Ned stood with his erection in hand. “Okay, it’s my turn and he rolled her on to her stomach and applied KY Jelly and sank as deep into her pussy as he could.

Walking to the bedroom, Rick turned back to see Ned flaying away. He took a shower and dressed.


When Ned couldn’t keep it up any longer, they showered and got back into the Jacuzzi. Later Angie and Ned napped until seven while Rick made phone calls and checked his email.

“Are you rested?” Rick asked, when Angie came out of the bedroom.

“I could use some more sleep, but I can tell he worked me over. Ned’s an animal. I don’t know how many time he climaxed.

“He aims to please. We have about two hours before we need to be in Lombard. What would you like to eat?”

“Pizza sounds good.”

“Great all of us like Italian, and there’s a Pizza Hut only a few blocks from here.”

The restaurant was crowded, and Angie created a stir among the male customers with her cleavage revealing blouse, and mid-thigh skirt. They sat in a booth, Ned and Angie played kneesie and Rick rubbed his arm along the side of her breasts as they ate.

How many people do you think Bob will have at this event?” She asked, looking at Rick.

“I don’t know, but from the size of the house I would guess between fifty and sixty.”

She laughed. “I guess I’ll have lots of choices.”

“Probably so and I believe he has a special treat for you.”

“Does that mean he’s going to fuck me with his little wiener?”

“I have no idea. Ned and I provided the entertainment so the bill is yours.”

“I knew I’d get stuck with the bill.”

“Rick, you’re really good at living on other guy’s money,” Ned said, picking up the check, patting Angie on the butt and punching Rick on the arm.

Rick drove through the busy traffic between the eastern and western suburbs of Chicago. Ned and Angie sat in the back necking. Rick drove from a main drag to a long winding road with a few large homes on either side. At the end of the street was a cul-de-sac with an enormous granite constructed mansion. Before he pulled into the long circular drive way he heard Ned moaning with pleasure as Angie sucked him off.

They parked a long way from the entrance because of the number of vehicles lining both sides of the roadway.

Angie snuggled up to Rick as they walked to the entrance and asked,” Are you going to take advantage of my charms this evening?”

“Probably not, I don’t like orgies. Threesomes and foursomes are okay but beyond that it’s too much like an assembly line. I usually wander around and watch unless there’s someone I can be one on one with, but that doesn’t happen often at these events.”

The front door was open and a man dressed in a tuxedo asked their names and checked them off the list. Food and drink are in the rooms to your left and you must be dressed to enter those rooms. The central activity is to your right and your host Mr. Bob Crane, is wearing a coonskin hat.”

Rick thanked him and said, “You two go ahead, I’m going to get a drink.”

The wait staff consisted of six black females dressed in French Maid costumes. “I’d like a Dewars on the rocks? “Are you on the menu?” He asked the beautiful, well-build bartender.

“No, we’ve been told to tend to food and beverages and not to engage in any sexual activity. If we do and get caught we’d lose our jobs, but for you I’d be glad to exchange numbers,” she said, with a smile while pulling her neckline lower.

Rick took a sip of is Scotch, removed a blank card from his wallet, wrote his name and cell number, and handed it to her. “If you’d like to you can call me.”

He walked past the entrance and into the activity area. The first room contained couches and mattresses most of which were occupied with couples, triplets, and foursomes engaging in various forms of sexual activity. The air was filled with moans, groans, laughter and loud music. Rick didn’t pause because he didn’t see anyone he knew. He laughed too himself not believing such a large number of people found this kind of sex fun or interesting.

“Rick, Rick,” he heard his name through the din as soon as he went into the next room which was decorated in the same way as the first. “Rick, come over here,” Bob said, as his cock was being sucked by a blonde. “Get undressed and join in.”

“You know I don’t like orgies. Maybe if I can find someone who I can take to a private room I might be interested.”

“Tell the guy in the tuxedo that I gave you permission to use a special key. The code for special guests like yourself is five five five. He will provide you with a key to a room on the third floor where you can have privacy.”

“Thanks for the key and putting together a very professional event. Have you seen Angie?”

“We had an argument about you picking her up. So she went off with Ned.”

“Don’t you care?”

“It’s okay, I know she’ll be back in my bed when this orgy is over,” he said, groaning and pulling the blonde’s head away from his crouch. “Enjoy yourself, now I’m going to pound the stuffing out of this blonde. What’s your name honey?”


Angie was riding a guy in the female superior position, while at the same time trying to suck a cock and stroke another with her hand.

Rick smiled knowingly and walked by the foursome and on to the back porch. There were two couples lying on padded lounge chairs, but he ignored them strolling to the railing and looking into the thick hedges surrounding the estate.

“What is a handsome guy like you doing dressed and alone at the biggest orgy in the history of Lombard? A tall naked female with long blonde hair asked him. She took him by the arm and said, “Come on let’s go in and have some fun.”

He turned observing her beauty in the fain light and the silhouette of her voluptuous body. “I’m not into orgies, but I wouldn’t mind some private time with you.”

“I think all the sex here is in the open.”

He took her by the hand leading her from the porch toward the entrance. “I have a connection,” he said.

After using the useful number, he received a key and directions to the third floor from the tuxedo dressed man who served as the gate keeper and manager of the event.

“How did you do that?”

“Does it matter?” He said, placing his arm around her waist, pulling her close, and kissing her. She responded with her lips, her tongue and her hand on his cock.

As he led her to the top floor, they exchanged names—Sheena and Rick.

“Have you been active tonight? He asked, noting her makeup was un-smeared, her hair was still perfectly coiffed, and he smelled her perfume and shampoo.

“You’re the first handsome guy I saw,” she said, flopping on the bed. “Hurry up I want to see what you’ve got.”

Rick kicked off his loafers, jeans and BVDs

“Wow! I did a good job of spotting you,” she said. “You’ve got an impressive package.”

He threw his shirt at her laughing and tackling her to the bed.

She giggled as they wrestled, and moaned when his hand grabbed a breast and thumbed her nipple.

He wasn’t in a hurry so he pulled her into the spoon position, chris crossing his hands to fondle her breasts and nipples while kissing her neck.

“Do you like them?” she asked, searching for his cock with her free hand.

“What do you think? I wasn’t breast fed long enough when I was a child so I take every opportunity to catch up.”

Maybe you didn’t get enough tit, by your daddy helped you in the cock department.”

“What you’re holding is like a repeating rifle and a marathoner. I can cum multiple times and I have stamina and endurance. If you’d like, we won’t have to leave until midnight.”

“If you’re that good, I’m yours till midnight,” she said, pulling on his erection with enthusiasm.

She struggled to get away but he held her in place. “You’re stuck for a while. I’m not planning on letting go of these beauties until my fingers get tired. Tell me what you like the best?”

“Most guys just like to look at my breasts, brush my nipples a few times and maybe take a lick or two before their burying themselves in me. What you’re doing is okay.”

Rick freed his left hand from her right breast and fondled the other. He ran his hand smoothly over and under her breast, before gripping her, squeezing, releasing, and changing location, and did the same thing again.

She stroked his cock and he gently fucked her hand. “You do that well,” she said.

“It’s fun when I’ve got the length and girth of your dick in my hands.”

Her voice faded and sighed as his palms trailed back and forth across her nipples.

“That’s nice,” she said, sighing louder as his fingers and thumb strummed her teats which became harder and more stimulated.

Without a word he rolled them on to their other side, and his hand went to work on her other tit. He repeated the process of first massaging her flesh, then gripping and releasing over and over again, before he aroused her teat with his hand, fingers and thumb.

She sighed and wiggle beside him. “Are you planning on rubbing me raw?”

He moved his hand to hers, released her grip, lifted her leg and moved his cock to her freshly shaved pussy. He plowed the furrow of her slit and said, “Use your hand to press your clit with the head of my cock.

They were in a rhythm. While he continued to manipulate her breasts; he stroked her widening trough but stopping once in a while to allow her to squash the head of his cock over her clit.

While this was another zipless fuck out of many, he wanted to take his time and make this even memorable for Sheena. His reputation to a large extend was based on the fact he seldom, only when circumstances such as time or place, had a quickie. He received almost as much pleasure from pleasing his partner as he did his own ejaculation.

“I’m ready when you are.”

“It’ll take a little longer,” he said, turned her in front of him. He kissed her breasts, ran his tongue to and around her belly button. His hand and fingers constantly moved on her nipples as he slid to her pelvis. He kissed and licked the area around her labia, did the same to her inner thighs.

She grabbed his hair, “Aren’t you going to fuck me?”

His tongue licked the outer edges of her pubis before running his tongue up and down her slit.

Growling, she pulled his hair, but whimpered in pleasure as his lips surrounded her clit and his tongue massaged it. She exploded under him as she writhed and wiggled her clit under his tongue. “Oh God! She cried as she climaxed.

Rick didn’t stop. His fingers stimulated her nipples to another level of hardness and joy, and his tongue devoured her clit as though it was his last meal.

She managed to pull from him. She was perspiring heavily, her breathing was rapid, and her heart rate was that of a sprinter finishing the one hundred yard dash.

He moved to her with his cock in hand. The head of it slipped into her opening but rather that plunging to his depth he bobbed in and lot of her entrance.

She howled, arched her back, and widened her legs.

Slowly, ever so slowly he slid deeper and deeper but pausing along the way to wiggle himself from side to side. He inched his way until he could go no further, and then he pushed again.

She screamed.

Taking her legs in his hands he spread them wider and pushed again.

She screamed.

Slowly, he moved back and forth, back and forth.

“Fuck me.”

He did. He pummeled her at though she was a punching bag. He lay on her stomach and breasts with his head beside hers and he plunged in and out like he was an oil drilling rig. Finally, after many minutes his body went rigid as he slammed into one last time and filled her pussy with spurt after spurt of his fluids. During that moment and the following secondary spasms his mind went blank as he enjoyed the sensation of his sperm flowing through his shaft and out the head of his cock into her.

He fell from her and they lay in the spoon position for what seemed a long time.

“God damn, you’re good.”

“Thanks, I enjoyed myself to and I appreciate your enthusiasm and doing more than just lying there as a simple receptacle.”

“With most guys that’s all I am, but I never met anyone with your skills and your ability to give me multiple orgasms. Why aren’t there more guys like you?”

“I don’t know, but I guess for most males it’s the chase, penetration, and orgasm. Their concern is about their pleasure and not that of their partners.”

He fondled her breasts, kissed he neck, and prodded her ass as he became erect.

“Are you ready again?”

“I feel that way.”

“Good, lay back and I’m going to give you a super blow job.”

She licked him clean, and worshipped the head of his cock with her lips and tongue.

Rick moaned and arched his back.

“You like that don’t you?” Slowly, she took him into her mouth, sliding up and down his length. Alternatively she tortured his head and before bobbing up and down his rod.

He moaned more and more as her activity brought him closer and closer to a climax. Before he lost control he pulled her from him, “I don’t want to come in your mouth, I want to save it.”

“Okay,” she said, pulling away “but now it’s your turn.”

They kissed. He tasted himself in her mouth. He kissed her face, neck, shoulders, chest, and breasts. She began to squirm which was a signal to attach his mouth to one nipple and caress the other with his finger, thumb, and palm. Taking his time he switched from nipple to nipple with enthusiasm. He didn’t stop until her body stiffened and she moaned climaxing.

“Wow! That’s the first time I’ve had an orgasm with only my breast and nipples stimulated.”

“Let’s see if we can please each other,” he said, swinging around, dropping his head between her legs and placing his cock in front of the face. In the sixty-nine position her clit was easily accessible, and he quickly had her moaning around his cock as he licked her mound of pleasure. She spit him out as she writhed and groaned.

He rolled on to his back, “Get on top.”

Breathlessly, she climbed onto of him and slid down his erection groaning the entire time.

“You’re driving me crazy with your mouth and cock,” she said, as she rose and fell on him.

Rick with his arms crossed behind his head, watched her beautiful face beaming with pleasure and her melons bouncing up and down and from side to side. He knew he could last a long time in that position, and he enjoyed her movements. When she tired, he took her by the hips and pumped her with abandon. She was smiling, moaning, groaning and bouncing as though she was on a pogo stick.

Unexpectedly she stopped, threw her head back, and howled as she climaxed, “Damn you’re good!”

He waited a minute for her to return to a near normal state, before he pulled her forward and sucked a nipple into his mouth. Her succulent nipples were arousing as he licked, bit, rubbed, and sucked as hard as he could. Switching breasts, he did the same to the other until she began bucking on top of him. As she ground herself on him, he used his thumb on her clit and she stopped, trembled and came with a rush.

They continued this sequence for a long time, but finally his ability to control myself was lessened. Rolling her on her back, he grabbed her legs, spread them apart, and drilled as though she was a granitic wall. Within a minute or two the delicious flow of semen rushed through his shaft and out the head of his dick. It felt like the end of his cock was exploding and they screamed climaxing together.


They slept for what seemed a long time. He awoke with her head on his shoulder and one of his hands cupping a breast. She woke when he moved. They kissed, showered, he dressed, but she didn’t because she’d removed her clothes elsewhere.

“Rick, I’d like to get together with you again, maybe my place?”

“I like you a lot Sheena and you’re a joy to be with but the odds of us seeing each other again are slim. I’ll exchange phone numbers with you but won’t make any promises.”

“I’ll take what I can get,” she said, kissing him on the lips. “You’re a great fuck. I don’t remember ever having as many orgasms in such a short time. Are you sure you don’t want to make a date? I can have one of my girl friends join us.”

“No, let’s leave it as it is,” he said, kissing her. “I’ve got to meet a friend at twelve and its almost that time now.

They left the room together and went in different directions when they reached the landing.

Rick went to the entrance to wait for Henry Hunker, who was called Hank. The orgy was going strong, but not at the frenetic pace as earlier because many of the guys were played out. He smiled to himself because not many men have the ability to pace themselves.

He returned to the entrance in time to see a white stretch limo pull up and disgorge two beautiful, stacked, blondes followed by Hank. At six foot six inches, two hundred and sixty pounds and all muscle he was a man’s man.

“Hank, glad to see you,” he said, coming down the steps. They shook hands, slid one hand over each other, snapped their fingers, hooked hands together and gave each other a chest bump and hug.

“I see you’ve been partying already,” Rick said, nodding at the blondes.

“Ya, I worked those two beauties over pretty well, but I still have plenty in reserve.”

“Glad to hear that. I’m looking for you to put on a great show.”

“Looking forward to it, who’s the bitch?”

“Angie, she’s a real beauty you’ll find entertaining. Speaking of entertaining how are your investments turning out?”

“I’ve open my first porn site along with the four gentlemen’s club I’ve invested in since I retired. The best part of being the owner is the auditions, either watching or participating. I usually get some new pussy during auditions five or six times a week,” he said laughing.

“Are you ready for the show?”

“Ya, but my two ladies ain’t participating. They’re my private stock.”

“Not a problem Hank, let’s go see the organizer of this event.”


“Hank, this is Tom.” He’s the gut that put this little even together.”

They shook hands.

“Hank, I’m not a sports fan but Rick tells me you were an all-pro defensive end for the Detroit Sparkplugs.”

“Ya, I played for about ten years, and retired three years ago. Whom am I to service tonight?”

The lady’s name is Angie; I wanted to surprise her with a special someone, and Rick told me you have a way with women.”

“Ya might say that. Just what would you like to happen?”

“As I said, she’s my girlfriend and I’d like her to have the fuck of her life. No rough stuff but let her know she’s been truly fucked.”

“I can do that. Let’s get started.”

Rick led Hank to a dressing room where he stripped. He didn’t have an ounce of body fat and he was well hung.

In the main room, Bob had a bed brought in and announced, “Ladies and Gentleman or should I say whores and pimps. I’m Bob Crane, the organizer of this event. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and will the rest of the evening. However, I’ve arranged for a special show for you. My girlfriend, Angie, will have a special partner. ” She stepped to the middle of the room. She was nude, recently showered, her long brunette hair was damp, her large hooters were upright and glistening in the light, her freshly shaven pussy was in full view, and her long shapely legs looked especially good in four inch heels.

Her appearance brought a cheer from many of the men

Hank walked from the dressing room and spread the crowd like the Israeli going through the Red Sea. At six feet, six inches tall, with a chest and arms budging with muscles and a limp cock hanging halfway to his knees.. The crowd erupted in a bedlam of sound.

Angie stood with her mouth open.


Ever the showman, Hank took Angie by the hand and twirled her in several circles. “Let’s have a round of applause for the beautiful and built for pleasure Ms. Angie.”

He stopped her in front of him, lifted her by the waist, and kissed her for a long time. She kissed back and the crowded roared.

Sitting her down, he walked her in circles and stopped with her back to his chest. Slowly his large black hands moved around her body just below her hanging plump, tear-drop shaped breasts. He fondled and hardened her nipples. The gathering approved with a cheer.

He continued to fondle one breast with his left hand while his right slowly moved to her stomach, circled her belly button, reached her groin, and rubbed back and forth across and around her pussy. The gang shouted admiration.

“Not only does she have great tits, she has a wet pussy.” He pushed his finger into her and she rose on her tip toes with a moan. The assembled fornicators exhorted him on.

His finger roamed inside her and when joined by a second and a third, she moaned.

Her eyes opened wide as he thrust his fingers into her over and over again and she groaned. The crowd roared and some individuals moved to get a better view.

Releasing her, he placed his wet fingers in her mouth.

She sucked and licked them clean and said, “”I taste pretty good.”

Laughter rang throughout the room.

Turning her around, he pushed her to the floor. She was facing a long, thick, semi-hard cock.

“Do I have to say anything?”

She placed one hand on his dick and then the other because one wouldn’t go all the way around. Up and down his shaft. “Damn, it the biggest prick I’ve ever seen.”

“Stop talking Angie and do something about it,” he said, pulling her to him.

Looking up, she leaned forward kissing the tip, ran her tongue up and down its length, and took it inch by inch as far into her mouth as possible.

“Damn, that’s good,” he said.

The audience giggled.

She then attacked him with enthusiasm. She slurped over the bulbous head, bobbed up and down as hard and fast as she could.

“Damn, she’s a good cock sucker,” Hank said, leaning back with his hands on his hips. “Keep going Angie, I like your style.”

The crowd grew restless with the sameness of a white female sucking a black cock.

Hank, the showman, stopped her, turned her around, lifted her until her snatch was in front of his face, and his cock near her mouth.

“Okay folks, a vertical sixty-nine.”

He attached himself to her clit and she sucked him back into her mouth.

It didn’t take long before she spit him out. Tremors shook her body and she howled as she climaxed.

“I think she ready,” Hank said, wiping his mouth with one hand and holding her with the other before laying her on the bed. He spread her legs, and rubbed his cock up and down her slit, and swabbed the head against her clit.

“Gather round, if you want to see my black tool enter her white box.”

Those in the group jockeyed for position, especially the men.

With his cock in one hand, he rubbed it between her pussy lips.

“Don’t hurt me.” Angie said, fear in her voice.

“I’m not going to hurt you, but I sure am looking forward to seeing how much you can take.”

He moved his dick between her lips, wigged it from side to side and in and out.

“Are you ready?”

Angie looked at him with a smile on her face but anxiety in her voice when she said, “Yes.”

Hank crouched and slowly pushed into her.

The girls watching groaned, and one of the guys said, “All the way.”

He entered an inch and withdrew. Angie moaned. Inch by inch he pushed into her. About half way he stopped.

“Not bad Angie,” he said, before he stroked her slowly six inches at a time. In and out, in and out, Angie grunted each time he thrust forward.

He increased his speed and her grunts became a continuous howl.

The mob was silent. All that could be heard was the slup of flesh against flesh and Angie’s cry.

He stopped, waited a minute, bent at the waist, picked her up, and bounced her up and down on his steel-like rod. She put her arms around his neck and cried in pleasure. He seemed to go deeper into her. Up and down, up and down, he lifted and dropped her until her body stiffened and she howled coming all over his cock.

Stopping again, he waited for her to return to normal. Then he sat on the bed, holding her upright; he turned her around never severing their connection. She was in the reverse cowboy position.

“Ride me Angie, ride me, lets give everyone a thrill.”

Angie perspiration running off her body humped forward and back on his cock like a jockey riding a thoroughbred and seeming to go further and further down on him.

The guys in the pack urged her on, enjoying the movement on her stomach, hips, and ass, and the flouncing of her boobs.

She started fast but slowed down.

“Keep going Angie; your doing a great job.

She persisted stroking him for a long time but finally stopped saying, “My arms are tired I can’t keep going.”

Hank sat up, reached around her body, taking her tits in his hands, pulled her back to his chest, and like the piston of a race care he pummeled her. As he moved her hair, her tits bounced up and down and from side to side. She groaned.

Those watching were going crazy at the sights and sounds of Angie bouncing up and down on his cock.

He rolled on to his side never stopping his piston-like movements. After a few minutes, he rolled her onto her stomach and doggedly banged her pussy. His black ass pumping his long cock into her white pussy was an amazing sight. Many of the men watching were shaking their heads in disbelieve. Angie arched her back and screamed as she had another orgasm.

Finally, he pulled out of her, his black dick shining in the light. He took a pillow, placed it on the floor, and placed Angie’s head on the pillow with her back against the bed, spread her legs, and from above entered her again. Straight down as though boring a hole in the earth, he stroked her.

The rabble went wild. As they cheered and laughed, screamed and hollered.

Hank slowly turned while continuously thrusting all of himself into her.

Angie stared into space the entire time as though she was in a state of bliss.

“Give it to her, give it to her,” someone cried out.

He stood up his cock dripping their juices and it was as long and hard as when he began over an hour before.

“Okay, folks, it’s time for the grand finale, a cream pie.”

He picked her up, led her to the edge of the bed, spread her legs, crouched and slowly sank into her. His thrusts were long and slow; he moaned as he moved. “This Angie has one sweet pussy,” he said, leaning his body over hers, but keeping his weight on his forearms. Then, like a bull mounting a heifer, he rammed her as fast as he could.

The guys went wild, but most of the females either closed their eyes or looked away.

After ten minutes of hard fast fucking; he rose on bended knees, grabbed her by the hips, plunged into her three times, and bellowed as though mortally wounded. His body stiffened, trembled, and experienced spasms. He pulled out dripping cum from his still hard cock, turned and walked to his dressing room. “The show’s over folks.”


A number in the audience, mostly men went to see Hank’s cum seeping out of Angie’s pussy, before Charles and Rick got there. They covered her, carried her to a large bathroom on the second floor. Bob bathed her in the tub. When he finished, he and Rick carried her to bed.

Charlie kissed her on the cheek and said, “Get some sleep baby, I love you.”

She peered at him through her blue tear-filled eyes, “I love you too, and thanks for the best fuck of my life.”

As they neared the bottom of the stairs, Rick said, “I had the entire affair filmed. Do you want the videos or should I destroy them?”

Bob thought for a moment, hesitated as a naked female and male ran in front of them. “Keep them for yourself, don’t show them to anyone. I’ll talk with Angie later and see if she’s interested in seeing herself being screwed by a Mandingo.”

* * *

As they were getting into Rick’s truck to go to the air port Angie said, “Do you mind driving Bob?”

“No why?”

I’ve got to ride Rick’s cock one more time before we leave. You don’t mind do you?”

“Of course not, I know Rick’s a good lover and will satisfy you. It’ll make the trip to Dallas a lot more pleasant for you.

“Okay Rick lets get into the back seat.”

“Bob are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Sure go ahead enjoy yourself.”

Angie wasn’t wearing panties, had her dress pulled up to her waist, and her legs spread before Rick got into the back seat. She impatiently pulled his head to her pussy, “Eat me, eat me good.”

He knelt in front of her, sopped her pubic area, and ran his tongue up and down he slip.

In the mean time she pulled off her blouse, her bra and massaged her nipples.

Rick pulled her closer to the edge of the seat and attached himself to her clit. Up and down, side to side, around and around his tongue roved over her clit. Shortly, she was humping his face and moaning, “Oh god you good keep it up.”

He increased his speed and pressure.

Her body arched, shuddered, and she climaxed with a loud groan.

Dropping his pants and shorts, Rick sat on the seat and indicated he wanted her to mount him.

Holding up her dress, she straddled his legs and slowly guided herself on to his rigid pole.

He pulled her close taking a nipple into his mouth and the other breast in his hand. Licking, sucking, and biting he hardened her nipples as she gently humped his cock so he wouldn’t lose contact with her nipple.

Her breathing rate increased, she was dripping perspiration on his shirt, and she had hard shift nipples. “On Rick, you’re got a great mouth and your dicks not bad either.”

Increased pressure on her nipple had her squirming on his erection, up and down, side to side and in circles. She stopped, threw her head back and uttered a long moan as she came all over his lap.

After she returned to normal, Rick took her by the waist he raised and lowered her on his shaft as fast as he could. “Use your finger on your clit,” he commanded.

Soon she was in the throes of another orgasm. She arched her body, trembled, and groaned. After a couple of minutes she asked, “Aren’t you going to come?’

“Not in this position.”

“Where do you want me?”

“On your back.”

She lay on her back and he plunged into her in one long movement. His humping turned to stroking turned to pumping, turned to ramming before he rose up on his forearms and drove his semen filled injector into her depths and shot spurt after spurt into her enthusiastic and eager cavern. He ejaculated and had a number of spasms before he fell limp from her opening.

“God but your good; it too bad we can’t take you home with us” she said, reaching into her purse to clean both of them off.

They were dressed when Bob drove into the airport departure area. They retrieved their bags and gave them to the check in clerk.

Rick shook Bob’s hand, “Thanks for a great weekend and I’ll let you know when I have a chance to visit you. I believe your orgy will be remembered in this part of the country for a long time.”

“You should get a lot of credit for its success, and I appreciate it. By the way, when you have a chance you can send me those items we talked about.”

“What items are you talking about?” Angie asked.

“You’ll find out in a week or so.” Bob said, looking and winking at Rick.

Angie came to Rick and gave him a passionate kiss, “Thanks for taking care of me so well. I really enjoyed myself and will remember this trip with fond memories.”

Rick watched them disappear into the terminal, enjoying the sway of Angie’s fine ass. While I’m here, he thought, I might as well go inside the arrival terminal and survey the femalesape. A guy can never tell when another Angie might show up.


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