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And Mother Makes Three

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I hated working nights. My social life was in tatters and I was bored to oblivion. Attempting to give instructions to people who had zapped their computers was like trying to teach chimpanzees to play chess.

“Go to start, it’s at the bottom left of your screen and then scroll up until you see Control Panel and click it. Yes you have to switch your computer on first.”

Why are people playing with their computers at three in the morning anyway; don’t they ever go to bed?

Because I was a newbie in the company I got the worst job. I started at eleven and finished at eight in the morning and it was like being in another dimension. Sitting in utter silence and with the rest of the building in darkness, it was quite spooky. The company policy was to do a month at a stretch because shorter terms were too upsetting for one’s bio-rhythms, or some such crap.

I first saw Chrissie when she was finishing her late shift. She worked for sales and she was packing up when I arrived. As I passed the sales office she looked at me through the glass and there was something about her gaze that was unusual. I half-smiled but there was no friendly response; just an intense stare and I could feel her eyes following me as I walked away.

When I got to my office I felt unsettled. She was certainly an attractive girl with a good figure but there had been something in the way she had looked at me which was different. It was almost as if she had been assessing me.

The following evening when I arrived, she stepped out of her office door just I attempted to walk past. This time there was a friendly smile and she said, “Hi, you’re new here aren’t you.” She held out her hand with, “I’m Chrissie.”

As I took her hand and replied, “Hi I’m Andy,” she kept hold of my hand for a few seconds longer than I expected. If it wasn’t a come-on then I have never experienced one.

She had caught me at a difficult time. I had just finished a relationship that had not been going anywhere and the ending had been so acrimonious that I had sold my apartment and moved to another city.

Here was I in new accommodation, in a new job and with a new philosophy. I had every intention of leading an uncomplicated life and I was prepared to share my future with any of God’s creatures as long as none of them were female. As I’m not gay, the opportunities to establish a relationship with another living being were very limited.

She said, “Don’t you just hate these late shifts, and yours must be horrible. How do you pass the time all night long?”

“I talk to people who have limited intelligence and surf the Internet.”

She lowered her voice and said in a confidential tone, “I know some good porn sites if you need some stimulation. I’ll email them to you and we could get together and discuss their merits. What’s your email address?”

Suddenly my hormones perked up. I didn’t intend them to, they just reacted involuntarily. I considered the offer she was undoubtedly making and all my good intentions began to sink into a swamp of lust.

Sex without strings attached? I had no problem with that but screwing a work colleague? That was just about as stupid as one could get.

For a few nanoseconds my brain cells considered the consequences. Common sense was a clear favourite over sexual desire and as I started to form an excuse such as, ‘Well actually I’m already in a relationship’, I heard myself say, “Okay.”

She had a piece of paper and a pen ready and offered them to me. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening but I found myself scribbling down my email address and handing it to her. She passed it back again and said, “Write your cell phone number as well.” So I did.

As she placed it in her pocket, she gazed directly into my eyes and with a sexy smile murmured, “Okay Andy I’ll be in touch.”

She walked away and I studied her rear view. She had nice legs and a tight butt and was quite a desirable package. But there was something just a little bit scary about her. What the hell had I done?

In mild shock I sat in front of my screen and considered the consequences of my stupidity. If she made contact, how could I now say, ‘I’m sorry but I totally forgot that I have a steady girlfriend; it just completely slipped my mind’?

Somehow I didn’t think that would put her off anyway. It seemed like I had just fallen victim to a sexual predator and she was probably going to have her wicked way with me.

So was that such a bad thing? As long as it was just sex, then definitely not. All I had to do was make it clear that I wasn’t in the market for anything other than sex and try to keep my wits about me.

I was nineteen and she was probably about the same age. She had to be unattached and that was also strange. A sexy girl who makes it obvious that she’s available for fun and games, but without a man? A nymphomaniac perhaps? That is every man’s dream scenario but it also requires a lot of stamina. Well I was fit enough so I could handle that.

It was just before midnight when her email arrived. It said, ‘Click on this one, it’s one of my favourites. Watch the freebie introductory video and I’ll watch it with you. We can get turned on together’.

I had to admit that the free video was good. Two good looking guys, one of them black and a white girl. It was quite tastefully done and the girl looked as if she was actually enjoying it. I figured it had appeal for both sexes.

And then my cell phone rang.

She breathed huskily, “Hi Andy did you watch it?”


“Has it made you horny?”


For a few seconds all I could hear was her breathing and then she whispered, “Would you like to know what I’m doing?”

“Tell me.”

“I’m naked on my bed with my legs wide open and I’m teasing my pussy. I’m watching myself in my wardrobe mirror and it’s really exciting. My pussy is soaking wet and I’m rubbing my fingers slowly in a circle. Don’t you wish you were doing it for me?”

The image of her masturbating and watching herself while she was telling me about it was just about as erotic as anything could be. My penis, already firm from the video, was now throbbing so I unzipped myself and gave it some air.

I looked around desperately for something absorbent and found a box of tissues in one of the drawers. Someone else had found the long nights boring.

She asked softly, “Are you rubbing your cock yet?”


She sounded breathless as she whispered, “We’ll do it together but let’s tease ourselves first.”

It wasn’t going to take long for me and I tried not to stroke too quickly. I was also finding it difficult to talk and I gasped, “I’ll come when you do.”

She murmured, “I’m still doing it slowly and ever so softly but my pussy is begging me to go faster. I’m caressing my nipples and they’re swollen and hard. I can’t hold back for much longer. Are you ready yet?”

I kept pausing and gripping the top of my cock tightly to stop from coming but I was determined to wait for her. I replied, “I’m stroking myself slowly but my cock is also getting impatient.”

Her voice sounded jerky when she gasped, “I can’t stand it anymore. I going faster now and I’m pinching my nipples. Andy I can feel the tingle starting. Fuck; I’m coming.”

I was trying to hold the phone in one hand and my cock in the other. I had draped some tissue over the top of it but that flew off as my strokes got faster.

She was squealing in my ear and she must have been pounding herself violently because I could hear the springs in her bed twanging.

I came like I had never come before and I should have rescued the wayward tissue but I couldn’t stop listening to her gasping and groaning. As I began to spurt I could hear myself groaning also.

She was panting for quite a long time before she whispered, “God that was fantastic. Did you have a good one as well?”

“I sure did. Chrissie you are a very sexy girl.”

“Thank you. When do you finish your nights?”

It was actually my last week and then I had seven days off before I started the day shift. I answered, “I finish on Sunday and then I have a week to get back to normality.”

She said, “That’s good because I’m back to days next week. We could have a meal on Monday evening and then you can come back to my place. I’ll pay my half.”

It seemed like a good deal so I said okay. She had just given me one of the horniest sessions ever and I wanted more.

That was on Friday and we did it again at midnight on Saturday. This time she was in the bath and the sound of the water plashing as she frigged herself was even more erotic.

She described in graphic detail how she had her feet raised on the rim of the bath and was fucking herself with a bar of soap.

The mental image of her masturbating accompanied by her gasping and groaning was better than physically being there and I had another violent orgasm. This time I had organised suitable requisites to make the procedure more hygienic.


I slept all day Monday and when I arrived at her door at seven she was ready and waiting. I expected to find that she lived in an apartment but I was surprised that it was a semi in suburbia. There’s nothing wrong with a single girl owning a house but it just didn’t fit my expectations.

We drove to a local restaurant of her choice and the meal was okay. She insisted on splitting the bill and although I was not comfortable with that, she said it was only fair.

She gave me sultry looks throughout the meal and constantly slid her bare toes into the bottom of my trousers. But the highlight was when she dropped her napkin and asked me to retrieve it. As I bent down to pick it up, she opened her legs and I found myself looking at her pussy. She was not wearing any panties.

When I handed back her napkin she asked softly, “Did you enjoy the view?”

She was the horniest girl I had ever met and I had known quite a few. On the drive back to her place she was squeezing the bulge of my dick the whole way and all I wanted to do was get her home and fuck her.

When we entered her house she led me into the lounge and motioned me to an armchair. I had expected to be taken straight to her bedroom but she said she would make some coffee and freshen up.

When she returned with two mugs of coffee she had changed out of her street clothes and was wearing a colourful dressing gown. She had bare feet and legs and I guessed nothing else under the gown.

She placed the mugs on a side table and then slid onto my lap. She gave me a sultry look and fastened her lips over mine.

There was no point in wasting time so while she was kissing me, I put my hand down and opened the lower part of her gown. Her thighs were smooth and warm and as I slid my hand between them they opened invitingly.

I gently caressed the insides of her thighs but slowly moved ever higher until I could just feel her pubic hair tickling my hand. I teased her for a few seconds by circling around the important part but she made urgent nudges towards my hand so I let my fingers rest gently on her pussy.

She was very wet and as I started some soft caresses, her hand slid down to my zipper and tugged at it. She had probably got out a man’s cock on countless occasions so I didn’t offer any help.

She got my zipper open and reached inside. As she pulled my cock out she whispered, “My you’re a big boy; definitely no disappointments there.”

She soon had me grasped firmly and as I began pushing two fingers slowly in and out, she began to wank me.

When she drew back an inch or two her eyes were heavy and dark. She was breathing quickly as she gasped, “Andy you’ll make me come in a minute.”

Her cunt was so drenched my fingers were making an audible wet sound as I drove them in and out and I could feel warmth spreading onto my lap, so I guessed she was leaking over me.

As she got closer to orgasm her head tilted back and her mouth opened. Her eyes were tightly shut and as she started to come, she stopped breathing and clamped her thighs around my hand.

Suddenly she began to jerk my cock violently up and down but I wanted to avoid coming just sitting in a chair because my intention was to fuck her. In any case she wasn’t doing it very well so I was about to put my hand over hers to steady things; when a very surprising event occurred.

The lounge door opened and a woman walked into the room.

She was about forty and wearing a hat and an outdoor jacket. She smiled at me and said casually, “Oh sorry, I wasn’t expecting company. Am I disturbing you?”

I had my fingers in a girl’s pussy with her thighs clamped around my hand. My cock was sticking up in the air and the girl had her hand around it and was trying to jerk me off. Just to add more drama, she was in the middle of an orgasm and making squealing noises. Was the woman disturbing me?

Short of a complete mental breakdown, I don’t believe it would have been possible to have felt more disturbed.

She stood there as if she was waiting for me to say something but I was paralyzed with shock.

I became aware that Chrissie was regaining her composure. She unclamped her thighs which allowed me to withdraw my hand. She released my cock and I tucked it back in my trousers. Needless to say, it had collapsed like a flat tyre.

Finally somebody spoke. Chrissie said, “Hi Mummy, I didn’t expect you home this early.”

Her mother? Could this get any worse?

Her mother replied, “The meeting finished earlier than I expected.”

Then she stepped forward and offered her hand. “You must be Andy, Chrissie’s work colleague. She mentioned that she was meeting you for a meal. Have you both had a pleasant evening?”

It was unreal. She didn’t seem at all phased at finding a man in her house with his fingers up her daughter’s cunt. Perhaps she was optically challenged but I couldn’t see a white stick anywhere.

I eased Chrissie from my lap and stood up. I wiped my fingers on my trousers and took the offered hand. I said, “How do you do Mrs….” Then I realised that I didn’t even know Chrissie’s surname.

She smiled and said, “It’s Johnson.”

I was flushed with embarrassment and muttered, “Mrs Johnson I’m really sorry if you’ve been shocked; I thought Chrissie lived alone.”

She dismissed that with a wave of her hand. “Oh don’t worry; I know what young people are like. I used to be young myself once and in any case, this is the twenty-first century. Sadly my dear husband passed away three years ago so there are some pleasures that I no longer get to enjoy.”

She turned to leave the room with, “I’ll leave you two alone and I won’t disturb you again.”

As she shut the door I collapsed back into the chair with a thump. I put my head in my hands and groaned, “Jesus Christ, whatever must your mother think of me?”

Chrissie slid back onto my lap and kissed the top of my head. “Don’t worry about it; she’s quite liberally minded and she knows I like sex. She taught me the facts of life at an early age. I know she masturbates because I found a vibrator in her undies drawer when mine were all in the wash.”

I stood up decisively. “I had better go. I’m in shock at the moment but I’ve enjoyed the evening apart from the last bit.”

Chrissie looked crestfallen. “I suppose you don’t want to see me any more; and we haven’t done it properly yet.”

I felt an immediate twinge of conscience but I didn’t know why. It wasn’t as if I had fucked and then discarded her. In fact I hadn’t achieved any sexual satisfaction at all; just an ache in my balls.

I bent down and gave her a brief kiss. “Just give me a couple of days and I’ll call you I promise. Your mother and you might be unphased by this evening’s events but I’m still shaking. I need time-out to recover.”

When she saw me to the door she looked really upset and I felt a bit of a bastard; but I still didn’t know why.


I spent the next two days readjusting my bio-rhythms and thinking about Chrissie. Of course I still wanted to fuck her but supposing I was on the short strokes and her mother walked in and started dusting the furniture. I was being ridiculous but she seemed so calm when she interrupted us on the previous occasion, I wondered if she was devoid of any emotion.

So I phoned Chrissie because I didn’t want the situation to sour, especially as we worked in the same building. But I knew I was really making the call because I still wanted to fuck her.

We agreed to meet in a local pub and she asked if I possessed any porn videos. I said I did so she told me to bring a couple with me. She had already made it clear that porn was a turn-on for her.

We had a couple of drinks and she told me that her father had died from a heart attack aged forty-one when her mother was thirty-seven. She spoke of Mummy with great affection and they appeared to be very close.

I asked if her mother had made any attempt at another relationship but I was told she had not. It seemed that she was mainly interested in gardening and was a member of a local society. The male society members were interested only in growing flowers.

Chrissie said she often felt sad when she had a boyfriend because her mother probably knew she had sex with him and she wondered if it made her envious. The fact that she possessed a vibrator meant that her mother wasn’t entirely without sexual gratification, although it was not a substitute for the real thing.

When we headed for her place she told me that her mother would be in but she wouldn’t disturb us. I was a little uneasy and had suggested that we went to my apartment but Chrissie said she was more comfortable in her own home.

We let ourselves in quietly and she led me straight into the living room. It made sense at the time because I had two porn videos in my pocket and that was where the player was.

She was quickly onto my lap and kissing me passionately. She had my dick out in no time and dropped onto her knees to give me a blow job. She was an expert and although I had never achieved an orgasm with my cock in a girl’s mouth, she got very close to it.

She finally got to her feet and said excitedly, “Okay it’s time for some porn and I want you to go down on me when I’m watching the video. I’ll probably come a couple of times but don’t worry; I’ll save a big one for you.”

I wondered how many times she could come in a single session and it seemed like a good opportunity to find out. I had been told that I had the best tongue in the business and that made me proud. I had licked a few pussies and never had anything but praise.

She peeled off her clothes and while I was putting in the disk she moved to the sofa facing the screen. When I turned around she had her legs wide open and was already stroking her pussy.

I stripped quickly and knelt between her legs, and as the film started I began butterfly kisses on the insides of her thighs.

I knew the video by heart and the opening was a guy on a massage table with a Thai girl working on him. Then another girl turns up and one gives him a blow-job while the other one rubs her pussy on his face. Then the two girls start on each other.

The acrid smell of Chrissie’s pussy was intoxicating and I had never seen a girl exude so much fluid. She had plenty of pubic hair and it was matted with the moisture. The insides of her thighs were shiny with excretion and her anus already contained a tiny puddle of it. I surveyed the puckered depression with interest and I knew my cock would slip into it without resistance.

Her clitoris was firm and prominent and I knew exactly how to treat one with care and attention. I began to slide my tongue in and around her drenched crimson slit and then flicked it against her clit. She gasped as I did so and her pelvis jerked with the exquisite shock of it.

The video was beginning to get to the horny bit and when I looked up, Chrissie’s wide eyes were fixed on the screen and she was squeezing her nipples.

I returned my attention to her pussy and particularly her clitoris. It was bigger than average and I was just moistening my lips when I became aware of a strange noise. It was an intermittent thumping sound from upstairs.

I drew back from Chrissie’s pussy and cocked an ear. I heard it again; a single thump and then silence.

Chrissie looked down and said desperately, “What have you stopped for, I was just getting into it.”

I sat back on my haunches and asked, “What the hell is that noise from upstairs?”

She replied, “What noise? I can’t hear any noise. Just get back to what you were doing, I was about ready to come.”

Then there was another thump.

Chrissie looked up to the ceiling and said, “Oh for Pete’s sake.”

“What is it?”

She closed her legs and stood up wearily. “My mother is doing the ironing upstairs.”

I was confused. “What are you talking about?”

Chrissie looked down to me and said, “My mother has taken the ironing board upstairs. She normally does her ironing in the kitchen but she’s gone as far away as possible so she doesn’t disturb us.”

So her mother was doing the ironing upstairs; at least I knew what was causing the noise. Frankly I didn’t give a fuck where she did the ironing. I just wanted to get back to licking Chrissie’s pussy with the purpose of eventually inserting my cock into it.

I reached up for Chrissie’s hand to pull her back down but she walked towards the lounge door and opened it. She was totally naked as she stepped out into the hallway.

I heard her call out, “Mummy why are you ironing upstairs?”

Her mother’s voice came back, “I’m alright dear, don’t worry about me.”

Then I heard Chrissie’s footsteps on the stairs followed by an inaudible conversation.

To say I panicked would be an understatement. I had no clue what was likely to happen next but it seemed like a good idea to put my clothes back on.

I was zipping up my fly when the door opened and naked Chrissie entered with her fully clothed mother.

Mrs Johnson said apologetically, “I’m sorry Andy; I was quite happy ironing upstairs but Chrissie insisted that I came down. I was trying not to disturb you.”

I was searching for a suitable response when she looked past me at the television screen. Her eyes widened and she said, “My word, that looks interesting.”

I had completely forgotten that the video was still playing and it had just got to the bit where one of the girls was going down on the other one while the guy fucked her from behind.

I looked around desperately for the remote to switch it off but it was not in sight.

Then Chrissie said calmly, “If you want to watch it Mummy I’m sure Andy won’t mind but let’s start from the beginning. He was just getting me going when he became distracted by your ironing.”

I looked at Chrissie in amazement and noticed that she was holding the remote.

I wondered if I was hallucinating. I was in the presence of a naked girl whose pussy I had just been licking, and she was inviting her mother to watch a porn video with us.

I became aware that Mrs Johnson was speaking to me. She said, “I don’t want to spoil your evening but I’ve never seen a porn video before. Would you mind if I watched it with you?”

What could I say? I was in a state of shock and desperately trying to get to grips with the situation.

Without waiting for my reply, Mrs Johnson sat down on the left of the sofa and her daughter sat to the right. They left just enough room for me in the middle.

Chrissie reached up and tugged at my arm and in a semi-trance I allowed myself to be pulled down between them.

The video restarted and I was rigid with tension. My elbows were tucked tightly into my sides with my fingers clasped in front of me as I tried not to make contact with either of them. There was hardly enough room for three people on the sofa and Chrissie had her legs wide open with her knee pressing against me. I sat rigidly motionless in case I pressed against Mrs Johnson.

On the screen the girl was massaging the guy’s back but I knew what was coming next. After a few minutes he turned over and he had not been cast because of his engaging smile.

His cock was flaccid to start with but as she spread oil on his chest and slowly worked her way downwards, it began to rise. It must have been close to nine inches and the girl put her hand around it and started to stroke it.

I heard Mrs Johnson gasp and murmur, “My goodness, what a big man.”

Then the girl lowered her head and began to give him a blow job. The camera went in close and the screen was filled with just her mouth and his cock.

I dared not move my head but I flicked my eyes to the right to see what Chrissie was doing and she was slowly stroking her pussy. Then she laughed and said, “How would you like to play with that one Mummy?”

I flicked my eyes to the left and Mrs Johnson was sitting primly with her hands folded in her lap. She giggled and replied, “Is it real? I didn’t know they made them that big.”

Then the other girl appeared and the action got hotter. She stripped and climbed onto his chest and lowered her pussy into his face. The cameras began to alternate between the blow job and the second girl’s pussy as the guy started on it with his tongue.

Up until then there hadn’t been much sound but the new girl began to moan and squeak as she writhed on the guy’s face.

Then out of the corner of my left eye I saw Mrs Johnson unfold her hands and slowly spread the palms downwards onto her thighs. Her knees were still together and she began to gently caress her thighs through her dress.

I glanced to the right and Chrissie was now stroking herself more urgently. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the screen and then she said, “How are you doing Mummy? Is it making you horny?”

I peeked left again and Mrs Johnson was slowly parting her legs. As that stretched her dress, she hitched it up slightly and exposed her knees. With one hand on each knee she moved her fingers in between them. She answered quietly, “I must say it’s very stimulating and I feel quite excited.”

Chrissie was getting breathless and her fingers were moving very quickly. Then she gasped, “You’ll have to excuse me folks because I’m about to come.”

Her head tilted back and her fingers gouged deep into her gaping crevice. She raised her bottom from the seat and her stomach began to jerk. Her eyes were wide and staring and she groaned, “Oh God.”

For a few more seconds her fingers continued to grind into her cunt and then she slowly relaxed and settled back into the sofa.

I wondered if I was dreaming. A girl I hardly knew had just masturbated next to me while her mother sat on my other side. Added to which, all three of us were watching a porn video.

Then the mother said, “It sounded as if you enjoyed that Chrissie.”

“I most certainly did. Your pussy must be a bit wet by now so why don’t you have a go? I’m sure Andy won’t mind.”

Her mother replied, “Well I must admit that I am finding it difficult not to touch myself because my vagina is very wet and tingly.”

Then she turned her head to me and said politely, “Would you mind Andy? I’ll try not to take too long and I’ll be as quiet as possible.”

I wondered if they were both insane. I wondered if I was insane.

I tried to sound casual but my voice was croaky as I heard myself reply, “Go ahead Mrs Johnson, it won’t bother me.”

She said, “Thank you,” and began to pull up her dress. I observed that her thighs and legs were very shapely. She lifted her bottom to remove her panties and placed them neatly on the arm of the sofa. She also removed her shoes.

With her dress up to her waist she stretched out her legs and sighed, “That’s better.” Then she looked at the screen and said, “Now then, what is going on there?”

I also looked at the screen and the scene had changed. One of the Thai girls was lying on her back at the end of the massage bench with her knees up and her legs open. The other girl was standing but had her face buried in the offered pussy. The guy had one hand between the standing girl’s thighs while rubbing his huge erection with the other hand. The girl was bending forward and he was getting ready to insert his cock into her.

I peeked left and Mrs Johnson had her legs apart and was gently fingering her pussy. She had a lot of unruly pubic hair and tufts of it had visible beads of moisture.

I tried to keep staring at the screen but my eyes were constantly drawn back to Mrs Johnson’s activities. I had never seen an older woman masturbate and I was fascinated.

Chrissie had started frigging herself again but I was more interested in her mother.

Mrs Johnson’s slit was gaping wide and her swollen labia protruded like ears. First she would slide her fingers slowly along the slit and then she would push them deep inside. As she withdrew them there was a faint sucking sound.

She looked up quickly and caught me peeking. She said, “I’m sorry if I’m making a noise but it’s because I’m so wet.” Her tone was so casual and apologetic she could have been referring to squeaky shoes.

She returned her gaze to the screen where the guy was now fucking the girl from behind. They must have had a camera buried in the ground because the view was directly upwards to his huge cock sliding in and out of the girl’s gaping slit.

Then there would be a close up of the other girl’s pussy with the one that was getting fucked tonguing her.

I became aware that Mrs Johnson was breathing audibly. I looked down and she was now rubbing her pussy with some urgency. Her left palm was pressing outwards against the inside of her left thigh and her legs were stretched wide apart.

Up to that point I had been in such shock my cock hadn’t stirred, but when she looked at me and gasped in a desperate voice, “Oh dear I think I’m coming,” it suddenly became rock hard.

She was now rubbing her saturated crevice quite violently and her mouth was open. Suddenly she said, “Oh my goodness,” and her body stiffened. She didn’t breathe for about three seconds but then exhaled with an explosive gasp and thrust her fingers deep into her gaping slit.

Her legs straightened rigidly and her bare feet curved downwards. Her stomach muscles became taut as the exquisite sensations pulsed through her and she groaned harshly through an open mouth.

Finally she began to relax but her bosom continued to heave. Then she drew up her knees and turned on her side towards me. Her knees fell across my lap and her face pressed into my arm. Her breath felt hot on my skin as she panted from her exertions.

My cock was solid and with her knees resting against it she must have been aware that I had an erection.

I sat motionless with tension and with no idea what I should do next, so I waited for someone else to make a move.

Eventually Mrs Johnson took her knees from my lap and sat up. She pulled down her dress with a smoothing motion to straighten it and then she patted her hair into place.

She looked at me with a demure smile and said, “My word, that was most enjoyable. I’ve never done it in company before so I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much.”

I heard myself say, “Not at all; I’m pleased that you enjoyed yourself.”

She said, “I’m so relieved, and in more ways than one.” She had the hint of a smile as she looked at the obvious bulge in my pants and I quickly covered it with my hand.

I desperately wanted to leave their house so I stood up decisively. I had no idea if Chrissie had achieved another orgasm but one thing was certain, I certainly had not.

I looked down at mother and daughter, one of whom was naked and the other had her panties neatly folded to one side and thought, ‘No one is ever going to believe this’.

I removed my disk from the player and picked up the other one. As I did so, Mrs Johnson enquired, “Are you going to let us see the other one some time. I mean you are coming to see us again aren’t you?” She spoke as casually as if it had been a normal evening when it had been anything but normal.

I tried to think of something to say that would not show that I was reeling in shock. In as formal tone as possible I replied, “I was not expecting the pleasure of your company Mrs Johnson but you have made it a most interesting evening. If you want me to visit again then it will be my pleasure to do so.” I felt really satisfied with that response.

She continued, “Well it’s nothing to do with me because you’re Chrissie’s friend. But I’ve enjoyed myself immensely and I would like to do it again.”

Chrissie said, “Of course Andy must come again.” She added with a sly smile, “We’ve got some unfinished business.”

On the way home the erotic memory of Mrs Johnson masturbating was uppermost in my mind. When I got into bed it was her that I was thinking about when I masturbated.


During the four days remaining of my week off, I constantly thought about Chrissie and her mother. I still hadn’t fucked Chrissie and I tried to convince myself that it was my only concern; but I couldn’t stop thinking about her mother.

Eventually I telephoned and asked Chrissie if she would like to meet up for a drink. She agreed and joined me in the local pub. I had slipped a couple of CDs in my pocket just in case.

She asked me if I had enjoyed the previous evening and I said I had. I added, “I have to admit that it was a bit embarrassing and I was somewhat shocked.”

“Shocked that my mother masturbates? But I told you she does.”

“I know that but she did it sitting next to me.”

Chrissie laughed. “So what? She enjoyed having you there and she thinks she might have given you an erection; so did she? Did you have a wank when you got into bed?”

I felt my face flushing. “Well I was definitely aroused; she’s very horny for a mum.”

“Would you like to fuck her?”

My mouth dropped open with surprise and I gasped, “Is that a serious question?”

“I’m perfectly serious. It’s been three years since Daddy died and they had great sex together. It was you that made her horny and she told me so.”

I held up my hand. “Now hold on a minute; she got turned on by a porn video, it was nothing to do with me.”

“Quite the contrary. She said she knew you were watching and that was what made her come. The video started her off but it was you peeking that really excited her. She thinks you’re very sexy.”

I tried to be diplomatic. “Chrissie it’s you I want to fuck not your mother. We’ve had two dates and we still haven’t done it. Can we leave your mother out of it?”

Chrissie’s face suddenly flushed with anger. “Don’t you like my mother?”

Her explosive reaction was so unexpected it was quite unnerving. I answered hastily, “Of course I like your mother, she’s really great and very sexy but I’m getting confused. Who am I dating, you or your mother?”

Chrissie knocked back her drink and stood up. She looked at me and said, “Come on, let’s find out.”

We entered the house and Mrs Johnson was already seated in the lounge. She was less than medium height with a neat figure and I had already observed her shapely legs. She was wearing a red dress that had large white buttons all the way down to the hem. The neckline was surprisingly deep and I could see the sides of two nicely rounded breasts.

She had bare feet and she stood on tiptoe to kiss my cheek. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement as she said, “I’m so glad you’ve decided to call and see us again. I really enjoyed yesterday evening, so are we going to do it again?”

I wanted to say that I had actually called to fuck her daughter but that would have been rude. So I said, “Let’s just play it by ear.”

The three of us went into the lounge and there was no doubt that Mrs Johnson wanted to be involved in whatever activities were to transpire.

She was bubbling with excitement and said, “I’ve splashed out on a bottle of champagne; shall we have a glass or two?”

While she was in the kitchen sorting out the champagne, I said to Chrissie, “What happens now? I have no idea what to do; are we just going to have another wanking session?”

She answered calmly, “First we drink the champagne and get nice and mellow and then you put on a video and we’ll take it from there.”

Mrs Johnson returned with the champagne and we engaged in small chat. I spoke about my previous job and Mrs Johnson told me about her interest in gardening. It was all very civilised. Finally the bottle was empty.

Nobody spoke for a while and then Chrissie said, “Are we going to sit here like dummies all night or are we going to watch a video?”

Now was the moment of truth. I went to my jacket and took out a CD. I had selected it carefully and it was one that I had compiled myself. It was a compilation of short scenes from various CDs that I found particularly horny. Black guys were screwing white girls, white guys were screwing black girls and girls were going down on each other. There was masturbation and also some bondage.

As I returned to the sofa, Mrs Johnson pointed to her flushed cheeks and giggled, “Champagne always does this to me.”

It was obviously having an effect on her because just before I sat down, she pulled up her dress and announced, “Look I’m ready.”

She had removed her panties.

Chrissie wasn’t quite so subtle and just peeled off all of her clothes. She threw them in a heap to the side and slumped heavily into the sofa with her legs agape.

I sat in the middle feeling positively overdressed and Mrs Johnson said, “You look very restricted with all those clothes, wouldn’t you like to take off some?” I said I was okay.

The video started and I knew the first scene would involve a beautiful black girl, a very young white girl and a black guy. There was the semblance of a plot and the black participants were both supposed to be school teachers. The young white girl was a pupil and she gets seduced by the female teacher. Then the guy turns up and all three of them get at it.

Chrissie was immediately into it and started frigging herself but it was some time before her mother pulled up her dress and slid her hand between her legs. This time I didn’t hide the fact that I wanted to peek and she was looking into my eyes when she whispered, “It’s exciting that you’re watching me.”

Chrissie must have heard because she said, “It’s better when someone does it for you.” With that she elbowed me in the ribs.

I turned my head to her and mouthed, “What was that for?”

She jerked her head in the direction of her mother and mouthed back, “Go on then.”

I mouthed, “Are you crazy?”

Chrissie broke up the miming by saying, “Mummy if you want Andy’s help you’ll have to make him because he’s too shy.”

Mrs Johnson giggled and said, “Okay I will. Andy will you give me a hand?” Suddenly she reached onto my lap and grabbed my wrist.

I thought about resisting but I let her guide my hand. I was staring straight ahead and frozen with shock when she lowered my fingers onto her pussy.

Her crevice was already agape and very wet and my fingers sank readily into it. Still grasping my wrist she began to slide my limp fingers up and down through the soft wet folds and I let her do it.

She began to sigh quietly and I realised that she was masturbating by using my fingers. My cock had become rock hard when suddenly her hand shot out and she seized my zipper. There was no fumbling or hesitation; she just gave it a quick pull and her hand dipped inside. Out came my cock like a rabbit from a hat. It was as neat as any conjuring trick could be.

She gripped my cock with exactly the correct pressure and her thumb was positioned perfectly on the sensitive area. As she began short rapid strokes, she whispered, “Andy,” and I turned my head to her. She said, “I would like to come too, so are you going to do it for me?”

I had masturbated plenty of girls so I gave it my best shot. I used my middle finger and concentrated on her clitoris. I had seen how she had been pounding it the previous evening so I gradually increased the speed while steadily applying more pressure.

It was clearly to her satisfaction because she slumped lower into the sofa and opened her legs wider. Then she reached up and her fingers fluttered along the white buttons of her dress and she opened it fully.

I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and didn’t need one. Her firm breasts were quite large and her nipples were very prominent. She reached up and began to roll the nipple of her left breast in the fingers of her free hand.

She was groaning softly with the pleasure of my touch but the rhythm of her strokes on my cock never faltered.

I was getting close to an orgasm and she must have been aware of it because she said sharply, “Chrissie get some tissue.”

I had totally forgotten about Chrissie but suddenly she was standing in front of me with a handful of tissues.

Mrs Johnson gasped, “I’m about to come Andy,” and pressed my moving fingers against her sopping crevice. I tried to keep them moving but my own orgasm took preference. I couldn’t hold back any longer and as I squirted high in an arc, Chrissie caught it neatly.

As I slumped back in the sofa, Chrissie did a clean up job on my dick and not a drop was spilled.

When I had regained my composure, I turned to Mrs Johnson and said, “I’m sorry that I lost my concentration for the last bit and I hope I didn’t spoil it for you.”

She answered, “Andy you satisfied me completely with a very enjoyable orgasm. I hope I did the same for you because I’m a bit out of practice.”

If that had been true then she was blessed with a divine gift. I answered, “Mrs Johnson no one has ever made me come as expertly as you just did.” I dropped my voice to say quietly, “Do you think you could give Chrissie some lessons?”

She put her mouth to my ear and replied, “I’ll do my best but we need someone for her to practice on, and the only person available is you.”

As I turned my head to her, her lips were close so I kissed them and it seemed a natural thing to do.

That night as I lay in bed I realised that my intentions had changed direction. I knew I had to fuck Mrs Johnson or my life would never be complete. Chrissie would have to wait her turn.


I lounged around at home all the next day while I tried to think of a suitable strategy. I couldn’t come up with one but then my cell phone rang and it was Mrs Johnson.

She said, “Hello Andy what are you doing with yourself?”

“Nothing much Mrs Johnson, how about you?”

“Oh just mundane housework and cooking. Why don’t you pop over and we can do nothing together?”

I felt a surge in my loin but then I thought about it. “Is Chrissie there?”

“No she’s working.”

“Then I don’t think that I should.”

She continued, “It was Chrissie who suggested that I call you but I know what you’re thinking. If you would rather wait until she gets home, it’s usually about six. Be here about that time and I’ll cook you a nice meal.”

I ate out a lot so home cooked food sounded appealing. I accepted with, “Okay I’ll be there about six and I’ll bring some wine.”

I bought a bottle of Veuve Clicquot which stretched my budget to the limit and drove to their house at six. Mrs Johnson greeted me at the door accompanied by an appetising aroma of cooking. She was wearing a simple house coat and had bare feet. She stood on tiptoe to kiss my cheek.

I handed her the champagne and her eyes sparkled. “This should make for an enjoyable evening. Chrissie will be home in a minute so you go and sit in the lounge while I finish the cooking.”

Chrissie arrived shortly afterwards and greeted me with a passionate kiss. We went into the dining room and the meal was as delicious as its aroma.

It was about seven-thirty when we returned to the lounge and I opened the champagne. The two females sat together on the sofa and I took one of the arm chairs. We sipped the champagne and in no time Mrs Johnson’s cheeks were flushed.

There was some small talk until Chrissie surprised me with, “Have you ever made love to two females in the same session?”

It threw me a bit but I answered truthfully, “No.”

“Would you like to?”

I felt my penis twitch and I replied, “I’m sure it would be an exciting experience.”

Both were smiling and then Mrs Johnson came over to my chair and held out her hand. “Stand up Andy, you have far too many clothes on.”

She undid my belt and let my trousers fall to the ground and I bent forward to allow her to pull my shirt over my head.

Chrissie turned off the main light so that just two table lamps illuminated the room with an intimate glow.

When Mrs Johnson slipped my underpants down, I already had a semi-hard on and she lightly kissed the top of it. She removed my shoes and socks and then lifted each foot to remove my underpants until finally I was naked.

She smiled and said, “Now you can undress me.”

There wasn’t much to take off; just her housecoat and panties. As I knelt to remove her panties I saw that her pink slit was already moist and slightly open. When she was naked before me I kissed each firm nipple and then stepped back to admire her. She was quite stunning for a forty-year old.

She moved to one side and said, “Now Chrissie.”

Chrissie came to me and I removed her clothes. I kissed each of her nipples so that things were even and finally all three of us were in the buff.

There was a soft rug in front of the TV and both females sat on it. Then each held up a hand for me to join them. I lay down between them and Chrissie leaned forward and gently kissed my lips. I already had an erection so she kissed the tip of it also.

Then Mrs Johnson bent forward and kissed my lips but when she kissed my cock she let her mouth linger on it.

Chrissie rose to her knees and straddled my chest and then shuffled forward until her pussy was over my mouth. I put my hands behind her bottom and began to gently slide my tongue in and around her gaping crevice. Within seconds it was awash with her excretions and she was gasping ecstatically.

At the same time I could feel soft lips and the flick of a tongue on my cock and the sensation was electric. I didn’t want to come like that but I was sure Mrs Johnson would know when things reached a critical stage.

I concentrated on Chrissie and as I rolled her clitoris gently in my lips with a soft sucking motion she said breathlessly, “I’m going to come.”

As the delicious tremors started, she grabbed my head. Her pelvis was jerking uncontrollably and as her exquisite agony peaked, she pushed my face hard into her cunt. She was groaning as she rubbed herself ferociously against me. Finally her frenzied activity lessened and she released my head and sank back on her haunches.

With an effort she climbed off my chest and flopped onto her back with exhaustion. Mrs Johnson raised her head from my cock and looked down at her with a smile. She said, “It sounded as if you enjoyed that my dear.”

I was reaching for a tissue to wipe my face when she said, “Don’t bother doing that because now it’s my turn.”

As she clambered onto me and shuffled forward, I reached up and fondled her breasts. Her nipples were large and they felt hard as I brushed over them with the palms of my hands. She shivered and murmured, “That gives me little electric shocks.”

She moved her pussy closer and whispered, “I’m sorry I’m so wet but my vagina is desperate for attention and I’ll probably come quickly.”

She was indeed very wet and the moisture that dribbled from her engorged cleft was tangy as I lapped at it. Her pussy lips were again engorged and protruded like dark crimson wings. I reached up and took her hands and placed her fingers either side of her drenched slit. Then I whispered, “Stretch yourself wide.”

As she pulled her cunt apart with her fingers, her clitoris glans peeped from out of its hood. I placed my hands around her buttocks and I could feel her trembling with excitement.

First I licked each flattened labium in turn and then I dipped my tongue into her hot wet opening. I was deliberately touching her softly because I wanted to tease her. She began to wriggle with frustration and I knew she wanted me to lick her clitoris because she pleaded, “Oh please, please,” and her pelvis kept thrusting forward.

I kept that up for nearly a minute so she tried to move her clitoris onto my tongue. But I pulled away again and licked a less sensitive area. She began to get desperate and pleaded, “Andy I am begging you and I’m going to start screaming soon.”

She was still stretching her cunt apart and her clitoris jutted like a tiny penis so I finally touched it with the tip of my tongue. She jumped and gave a tiny squeak. I touched it again but I let my tongue linger for only two or three seconds before I pulled away again.

Her frustration was apparent when she said through clenched teeth, “Andy if you keep stopping I’m going to pee all over your face.”

I decided that it was enough teasing so I grasped her clit gently between my lips and went to work on it. It was unusually large so I gave it a miniature blow job. It took about five seconds.

She started to shake and cried out, “Oh dear God.” She let go of her cunt and grasped my head with her fingers entwined into my hair. As her body became consumed with torturous pleasure she was pulling my hair so painfully my eyes started to water.

The exquisite sensations were causing her body to convulse and an opaque fluid ran from her gaping fissure. She experienced as long a female orgasm as I had ever witnessed but eventually she stopped gasping and let go of my hair.

Then she toppled sideways and fell onto the rug in a heap with her legs open. It was an ungainly position but she didn’t seem bothered.

There was a silence while I was mopping my face until Chrissie enquired, “Are you okay Mummy, are you still alive?”

Mrs Johnson still hadn’t moved and her eyes were shut when she murmured, “Only just.”

It was time to fuck somebody and I had to make a choice; Chrissie or her mother? I wanted it to be her mother but Chrissie was officially my date. I decided to wait for one of them to make an offer.

Chrissie crawled towards me and eyed my semi-erection. She suggested, “Isn’t it time you buried that in one of our pussies? Here let me smarten it up for you.”

Her mouth closed over top of it and her tongue writhed around the glans. I lay back with my eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation. Soon it was throbbing again but I was still waiting for someone to make a move.

I became aware the Mrs Johnson was stirring and I opened my eyes just as she was sitting up. She leaned on one elbow and put her face close to mine. She whispered, “Andy darling, which one of us would you like to fuck?” It was the first time that I had heard her use a coarse word.

I replied, “That’s an unfair question. All I can say is if someone doesn’t make an offer soon, I’m going to call the police and have you both arrested for loitering without intent.”

They both stood up and walked to the other side of the room. There was an inaudible conversation as Chrissie whispered in her mother’s ear and Mrs Johnson whispered back. Then they went to the sofa and sat down. Both of them folded their hands behind their heads and opened their legs.

In the soft glow from the table lamps, I stood in front of them and looked down at two inviting pussies. Chrissie said, “We’ve decided who it should be but see if you can guess correctly.”

This called for extra-special diplomacy but the answer seemed obvious. “You are officially my date Chrissie so it has to be you.”

Both were still smiling as I knelt in front of her but when I moved my mouth towards her pussy, her legs snapped shut.

“Wrong; it’s Mummy.”

I drew back and asked, “How did you arrive at that decision?”

She lifted one hand to the side of her mouth and in an audible whisper answered, “She outranks me.”

I was inwardly pleased but I concealed it. I stayed on my knees and shuffled sideways until I was in front of Mrs Johnson. I found myself admiring her figure once again.

She was smiling at me demurely and said softly, “I’m really going to enjoy this and I hope you will too.”

She had closed legs so I gently prised her knees apart and stared at her deliciously wet pussy. I began to kiss the insides of her thighs and worked my way slowly towards it. I could usually control my orgasms but I wanted to fuck her so deperately I was afraid that I would come prematurely.

I touched her soft wetness with the tip of my tongue and she reached down and stretched her cunt apart voluntarily. Her clit popped out again and she quivered and groaned when I flicked my tongue against it. Then she gently lifted my head and murmured, “Don’t make me come yet Andy because I want us to come together.”

I replied, “It won’t take very long Mrs Johnson because you are so excitingly sexy I will probably come the moment I put it inside you.”

“Then take it easy because there’s no rush. Chrissie can read a book.”

I looked left and Chrissie was sitting sideways towards us with her legs tucked underneath her. She had her elbow against the sofa back with her head resting in her cupped hand. Suddenly I felt awkward and I said, “Are you just going to sit there?”

“What else do you want me to do?”

“I’m about to make love to your mother.”


I said lamely, “Sex is supposed to be an intimate and private affair.”

She scoffed, “What utter bollocks. Thirty minutes ago you were licking one of our pussies while the other one of us was sucking your cock. I didn’t hear you complaining about a lack of privacy then.”

I had no answer to that.

Mrs Johnson interrupted tartly with, “When you two have finished your conversation I would very much like to be fucked; and today if at all possible.”

I returned my attention to her and she had removed her fingers so that her pussy was no longer stretched apart but was still so inviting I wanted to bury my face in the sopping wet folds.

She had sunk lower in the sofa and drawn up her feet with her legs open and I was now looking down at her deliciously gaping cleft. I raised myself and placed my hands on the back of the sofa so that I was poised above her.

She reached up to take my cock in her hand and whispered, “I want you to come inside me but not until we are both ready. I want to feel your hard cock slowly driving me insane with frustration until I’m begging you to make me come. Do you think you can do that?”

I didn’t care that Chrissie could hear my reply when I answered, “Mrs Johnson I honestly don’t think I can. You’ve got me so excited, if I put my cock inside you right now I’ll come straight away. I haven’t felt like this since the first time I fucked a girl.

She responded, “Let me just rub it on the outside of my pussy until neither of us can stand it any more and we’ll see who cracks first.”

She took hold of my cock and began to slide it up and down along her drenched slit. We were staring into each other’s eyes and it became a challenge. The sensual feeling of her soft wetness against the tingling top of my cock was electrifying but I gritted my teeth because I was determined not to come first.

I imagined myself sitting in the dentist’s chair with his drill approaching and it was a delaying method that I had used before. The seconds ticked by and it worked again because her sliding of my cock had become jerky. Suddenly she said breathlessly, “Okay shall we fuck now?”

I replied, “Have I won?”

She muttered, “Yes you’ve won,” and then pushed my cock inside her. She wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and buried her face into my neck. I had intended to start with slow teasing strokes but as I placed one hand behind her back and hugged her close we both came instantly.

Her nails were gouging into my back and she was biting my neck as our orgasms simultaneously consumed us. There was no thrusting on my part and just the fact that I was inside her was sufficient for both of us because her whole body was quivering with sensual shocks.

When I had finished spurting and I was sure that she was satisfied, I lowered her gently to the sofa. Her eyes were open and she was staring at me wondrously. She lifted her hand to softly stroke my cheek and murmured, “That was just amazing.”

I looked at Chrissie and she had not moved. She had the hint of a smile and when she observed, “Talk about spontaneous combustion. Did you both enjoy that?”

I nodded my head and answered, “I think we did.”

I was now fully adjusted to the situation. I had just fucked an older woman while her daughter watched and it didn’t seem to be bizarre any more. There had never been the slightest suggestion of sexual contact between them so I was sure they did not have an incestuous relationship. It was just two women having sex with the same man.

My cock was losing its erection and Chrissie leaned forward and grasped it gently. She murmured, “Is there anything left in there? Because I’m beginning to feel neglected.”

She wiped it with a tissue and said, “Would you like to take a shower and then come back and fuck me? That is if you think you are still able to.”

That was a direct challenge but I was not fully confident of the outcome. So I just looked at her disdainfully and left the room without comment. While I was showering I looked down at my cock and said, “Please don’t let me down now. I know you’ve had a hard day but I need you to put in one more good performance for the sake of my reputation.”

When I returned to the lounge Mrs Johnson was still naked and sitting in one of the armchairs. Chrissie was full length on the sofa. Neither said anything so I sat on the edge of the sofa and lifted one of Chrissie’s legs. I bent my head towards her pussy and went to work with my tongue.

I had never met a girl who could turn on so quickly and her response was instantaneous. Within seconds she was gasping and writhing and her cunt was exuding sticky fluid. It flowed down to her anus so I gently inserted my finger into it.

She immediately grabbed my head and groaned, “Oh God that feels so good.” Then she lifted her head and whispered, “Please fuck me where you’ve got you finger.”

My cock stiffened instantly. I had often suggested such an act to various girlfriends but none had been very enthusiastic and some had turned me down flat. To have a girl begging me to fuck her up her arse was incredibly erotic and I didn’t need to be asked twice.

I lifted her legs and turned her to the front and then raised them even higher so that her back was flat in the sofa. I lowered my mouth to her tiny puckered rose and slid my tongue in and around it.

Her fingers went immediately to her pussy and disappeared inside. She had all four fingers tightly bunched and was slowly fucking herself as I licked and probed with my tongue. Then she groaned, “Do it now, I’m begging you.”

That was enough for me. I lifted myself and with one hand on the back of the sofa to steady myself I guided my cock into her soft wet hole. I’ve been blessed with a big one and I wondered if there was going to be a problem. I had nothing to worry about because her anus was already lubricated from the flow of her juices. As I gently applied pressure my cock slid in easily.

Her eyes were wide and staring and she gasped as I pushed deeper. I felt her sphincter squeeze me and she whispered, “Don’t move it, I want to come like this.”

I remained motionless as her fingers moved faster until she groaned, “I’m coming.” Her anus tightened and then she sank her fingers deep into her cunt again.

My cock was throbbing but I tried to be patient as she slowly recovered and then she whispered, “Now fuck my arse.”

I started to thrust in and out and it was deliciously tight. She was watching my expression and stroking her pussy and then asked, “Will you come?”

I gasped, “Have no doubt about it.”

She said, “Just tell me when.”

It didn’t take long and I groaned, “Right now.”

I wondered what my hot semen felt like to her and she must have been aware of it because at the first spurt her sphincter gripped me tightly again. She had been moving her fingers in slow grinding circles and she gasped, “I’m coming again.”

As our selfish pleasures thrilled us, we clutched each other’s bodies and convulsed together in oblivious frenzy. I could hear myself snarling as I squirted my seed into her and I was aware only of the exquisite agony that pulsed through my loins.

Gradually the delicious spasms lessened and our frenetic activity ceased.

When my orgasm had subsided I carefully withdrew and she gave a tiny whimper of disappointment.

She was panting breathlessly when she said, “I think you may have left some serious bruises on me. And if so, then I hope I’ve left my marks on you because you went fucking crazy. I think that must have been the first time that you’ve fucked a girl’s arse.”

When I nodded my head she said, “It’s really exciting isn’t it.”

It wasn’t necessary to agree because the fact that I had come twice in less than an hour was sufficient.

I remembered that Mrs Johnson was still there and I turned my attention to her. She was sitting but leaning forward as if she had been watching with interest. She said, “I would like to have a go at that some time but I’ll experiment first with my vibrator. You may be too generously proportioned for me to take a chance without some testing.”

It was time for me to clean up and go home and we all took turns in the shower. They both kissed me affectionately as I was leaving and were still standing at the door when my car was way up the road.


Monday was the commencement of my daytime stretch and I met four other guys who were well established in the firm. I was training as a programme and design engineer but I had a lot to learn so welcomed their experience. They were all friendly and invited me to join them for a drink after work.

We went to the local pub and settled around a table with a pint apiece. There was small talk for a while and then one of them said, “I hear you’ve been dating Chrissie.”

They were all smiling when I replied casually, “Oh yes, I got to know her on my night shift. She’s quite sexy and so far we’ve just had a meal and a drink together.”

But I was really thinking, ‘If only you poor suckers knew the truth’.

That was until one of them asked;

“Have you fucked her mother yet?”

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