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An Evening’s Adventure

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As I drove down the lane I could see no lights coming from the house. Only the flicker of candlelight was coming from my bedroom windows. Anxious with anticipation I hurried from the car to the front door. As the door opened I could smell the scent of vanilla and jasmine and hear the soft sounds of music.

As I took off my shoes, the sounds of my “hellos” seemed to echo in the darkness. Before both shoes were off, I felt a hand over my mouth and a cold sharp blade at my throat. “Not a word, you hear me?” was the harshly whispered in my ears “don’t move or the knife goes in, do you understand?” Shaking my head, I confirmed that I understood and stood motionlessly while the hand and blade was removed. Without warning, a gag was placed in my mouth and tied in place around my head.

“Now move” I was ordered as I was pushed towards the stairs. My eyes met darkness as a blindfold was slipped over my eyes. “Tonight you will be my slave and do everything I command” my capture spoke sternly as he tore at the buttons of my blouse. His hands didn’t waste anytime time pulling at my jeans until they too lay at my feet. I heard “Up the stair bitch” as I was pushed forward. I could feel my body tremble and the excitement build with each step I climbed.

When we reach the top of the stairs, my captor stood me beside the bed and ordered me to place one foot on the bed while he put my hand in my snatch, “Play with yourself you whore, let me see how you masturbate.” Not wanting to invoke any unwanted anger I did as I was told. My fingers slide easily over my clit and down my lips. It seems that already I was excited from the wetness that was already there.

I felt his him approach me from behind and his cold hands come around to the front of me. A rope was wrapped around my chest just under my breasts and tied tightly in the back. Around to the front again, tightly wound around my left tit, tight enough I could feel a tingle in my nipple. Up around my neck it continued and then down to my right breast, again tied tightly. I could feel my excitement build, his half-hard cock pressed against my leg. My hands instantly reached for it, feeling it pulsate in my grip. “Did I say you could so that you little slut?” I was asked. “No Sir” I muffed against the gag. “No I didn’t did I” as I felt the free end of the rope lash against my back. Three strikes to my back before I removed my hand from his cock. Quickly my captor tied the rope around my arm just above the elbow, pulling my other hand from my wet pussy; he tied it in the same manor. Once again his cock brushed close to me and once again my hand went to it. This time it instilled anger in my captor, he pulled away and I thought he was just moving slightly back. “Now you will pay” he bellowed as I felt the crack of a whip against my bare back. “You think you can do as you please? I’ll show you!” Lash after lash they kept coming, across my back and ass, then around to the front of me, on my breasts that were already numb from being tied so tightly. He worked his way with the whip down to my thighs. I could feel the heat and the whelps forming from his lashes.

When the lashes stopped I could feel his hand reach between my legs. “A very wet pussy, this slut must like being beat?” I could hear a hint of satisfaction in his voice. He took my leg off the edge of the bed and turned me around to where the bed was behind me. “Now sit down slut” he ordered. Slowly I started to sit down, unsure of where I was; his impatience took over as he shoved me down. Pushing me back into my arms that where still tied behind me, it was very uncomfortable but I didn’t have a choice. He pulled my ass to the edge of the sideboard and propped my feet on the bed rails so my pussy was fully exposed to him. I could feel my butt pulse and burn from the whipping I had just taken. He wasted no time; he pulled my pussy lips wide and drove his finger in deep. “Look at this, my slut can’t hide her excitement. Taste your sweet juices you whore” Removing the gag, he forced his finger into my mouth and I could taste the crèmie cum completely covered his finger. Deeply he probed with his finger making sure I licked every inch of it. Back to my pussy, he circled my clit several times, down the outer part of my inner lips; his finger teased my opening. I could feel the juices flowing down between my ass cheeks and onto the bed rail. I was dripping with desire, burning with passion from all that had taken place.

I could hear the clinking sound like ice in a glass, I thought perhaps he was taking a drink of something but I was wrong. His hand went to my nipples and the cold sting of an ice cube with it. Instantly my nipple stood at attention, he circled one and then the other, making a chilling trail between the two. “You respond nicely slut, you must like what I’m doing” Obviously he knew I was enjoying myself, if nothing else but from the way my pussy was responding. My nipples now fully erect and the ice removed, I felt something tighten around each nipple, not sure if the sensation I was feeling I tensed. From what I could tell he had a thin rope tied to each nipple and he was pulling and jerking on it, watching my breasts bounce and jiggle, an odd feeling but still very stimulating. Another clink of the glass, then the cold sensations of an ice cube entering my pussy. Hot as it was the ice didn’t last long. Again the same sound and another one entered my burning snatch. Two more entered quickly behind the first. Inside my pussy I could feel it burn, the ice instantly turning my pussy cold. A trail of water streamed from my opening, almost as if I was wetting myself. Without warning his tongue darted in where he had just shoved the ice, lapping and licking as the ice melted. The feeling of his warm tongue against my now cold lips was incredible.

My breath became shallow and gasping, I knew orgasm was close. “Oh NO, you’re NOT going to cum, NOT yet anyway” he pulled his tongue away as I gasped. I wanted to cum badly but evidently my captor had other plans. SMACK the stinging sound of a slap against my raw cunt and my exposed clit, then another and another. “ That will bring you down, don’t want you cumming so soon, I have more instore for you” My cunt tingled with both pain and pleasure, screams came from my lips but I was unaware that I had made a sound, all my thoughts and focus was on my stinging pussy.

Through my blindfold I could see light, thinking he had turned on a light in the room, I thought I would be given a break for a moment or two. I knew I was wrong as I felt the burning of hot wax on my left nipple. Again I screamed, another slap to my pussy, and more wax this time to the right nipple. With both nipples covered, he didn’t stop there; he laced a trail of drips between my breasts and down my belly, pooling it up in my navel. Circling my cunt, I felt the wax burn my thighs, again I let out a scream, part from the pain, part from the sheer pleasure of it all. Without stopping I felt his fingers part the lips of my pussy, instantly the sting of hot wax met my clit. Drips fell all along my inner and outer pussy lips; I could feel it stream to and gather at my opening. The sensation was overwhelming to say the least. Now more than ever I wanted to cum, to feel the release of the orgasm my captor was building inside of me. But no it wouldn’t happen yet, the candle was extinguished and he started blowing on the cooling wax. I could feel it harden and draw my lips together, while his fingers started flicking it off my swollen lips and clit. The sensation of the wax leaving my pussy was almost as exciting as being waxed in the first place. His fingers pealing the wax from my clit made it throb.

I wanted MORE and more is just what I got. Not letting up for a moment, he slide something cold and ridged up my cum dripping pussy. It didn’t take more than two strokes for me to recognize the ridges of the object he had just penetrated me with. It was my favorite dildo. Deeply he pounded it in and out of my pussy. With each stroke I could feel myself growing closer to orgasm, breathing heavily, he must have known it as well because he stopped abruptly. “Not yet you little slut. I know you want to cum but I’m not going to let you.” The words crushed me, I wanted so bad to free this orgasm and ride it for all that it was worth. Again the smacks came, screaming with everyone, he delivered several before he stopped. My cunt was now pulsing with every beat of my heart, which was racing.

What was next? What would he do now? Before I could even ponder the answers to these questions, his fingers were busy milking my clit. Pinching, pulling it, and rolling it between his fingers. Masturbating it as if it were a little cock he had in his fingers instead of my clit. Without warning, again I felt something cold and ridged enter my tight pussy. Not my dildo this time but something smoother. For almost a minute I though about what it could be, but then it dawned on me, it was a bottle. The neck was long but I could feel the wide part of the bottle as he shoved it in all the way. Rhythmically he moved this bottle in and out of me. Reaching down from time to time to lick my clit as he kept the strokes going.

I thought I would explode at any second when he stopped. Waiting for the slaps again, I braced myself for it’s sting but they didn’t come. He was moving, what was he doing, my mind was wondering. I felt him move to the top of my head. With my back already arched from my arms being tied behind me, he tilted my head back slightly and I could feel his cock at my lips. “Suck it bitch and I will let you cum if you suck it good” The words were threatening but at the same time soothing, knowing that I gave good head and orgasm would be with me soon. Eagerly I sucked on his cock, taking it as far into my mouth as I could. Licking it up and down as my mouth tightened around it. I could tell by his moans that he was enjoying the work I was doing and I would feel the orgasm I so desperately wanted soon. His cock grew harder and harder with each stroke of my lips. I could feel the skin tighten on his long shaft; he was wanting orgasm as much as I was. His hips were now in rhythm with my mouth, meeting every thrust while my tongue worked it way along the bulging veins of his cock. Face fucking me faster and faster. The sounds coming from him weren’t even human like, more like an animal in the wild. I knew that at anytime I would receive a mouth full of cum. But no, he stopped. Excited by this I knew he would let me cum soon.

As he back off I could feel my excitement grow knowing I’d be cum the instant he touched me. Waiting for his attention to go to my pussy, I was disappointed when he didn’t touch it. Instead he rolled me on my side, at first I didn’t know what he was going to do but was relieved since my hands had gone numb from laying on them for so long. His attention went immediately to my ass. OH NO what was he doing? I felt something cold and wet being applied to my ass. “What are you doing?” I was brave enough to ask. “What do you think I’m doing slut?” he answered with a question. Before I could answer his question he answered again. “I’m numbing you ass so I can fuck it. I want to fuck you deep and hard. You love it in the ass I can tell.” Frightened by his words I didn’t make a sound. I loved the thought of being fucked in the ass but had had limited experience with it and his cock was thick and long. I wasn’t sure I could take all of it without feeling too much pain. His fingers were penetrating me, grinding slowly, working my ass to loosen it for his cock. He was skilled at what he was doing and I hardly noticed his fingers leave my ass till I felt it stretch as his hard dick entered my tight ass. I screamed, this time not from pleasure but from pain. I had never had a cock so far up in me before. My body shook and he pulled out quickly. Again his fingers went back to work with more ointment and more grinding. He placed something at my clit between my lips. It started to vibrate; my clit throbbed and twitched at this new sensation. This time when he slide his cock in it didn’t hurt but felt overwhelmingly erotic. My body relaxed and I met his rhythm. He was pounding hard into me. I could feel my pussy drip, I knew I would cum. The vibration drew me closer to orgasm. With each stroke he made in my ass, I could feel the cum boiling up inside his cock, it was thicker and long than it had been just moments ago. Unable to hold back myself, with a loud moan, I was overtaken by then most powerful orgasm I’d ever experienced. For what must have been 5 minutes my body shook and jerked. If it weren’t for his wild moans I might not have noticed him cuming with me. We both lay there shaking and quivering, unable to move or speak. The whole time my clit was still buzzing from the vibrator between my lips. He reached down and removed it, I moaned and shook again. Breathless I couldn’t do anymore than moan. He slowly untied me arms, feeling the release of the ropes made both my hands and arms tingle. My breasts throbbed and ached from their release. Without removing the blindfold from my eyes he laid against my back and both of us feel asleep instantly.

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