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When my partner, Dennis and I met our new team mate, we knew this was going to be an interesting engagement. We were transferred temporarily to a new office in southern California to help the local talent with some highly technical customizations of a specialized piece of software. We were assigned to three person office with Amy, the local sales person… the local talent. And it turns out she was a woman of many talents.

Amy was about 5’9″ tall with fiery chestnut hair that fell in dense waves of curls onto her shoulders and back. She was sitting at her desk when we walked in the room. As we entered, she looked up and leaned back in her chair, unveiling a pair of boobs that looked as if she had stuffed two grapefruit halves inside her dress. Big grapefruits, with cherries attached. Her dress was cut with substantial cleavage, exposing a substantial portion of the curve of her breasts. And it was thin enough that the cherries on the tips of her breasts were clearly visible. As she stood up to greet us, her breasts were a slight fraction of a second behind the rest of her body, and as she reached her feet, they kept on rising just long enough to make it clear they were not constrained by either a bra or by gravity.

As she stepped from behind her desk, my eyes were drawn immediately to the shortness of her dress and the length of her legs. Her hem ended well above her knees, and her legs seemed to taper beautifully from where they emerged from her dress to the open-toed heels on her feet. She was truly a sight for my jet-lagged eyes.

I looked at Dennis who could pass as a double for Denzel Washington, and I could see that he was as enthralled as I, but my glance was instantly drawn back to Amy as she walked gracefully towards us, hand extended. She greeted me first with a warm hello and welcome, then turned her attention to Dennis.

“My, aren’t you a delight, sweetie?” she said as she took both of Dennis’ hands and made a point of looking him over, top to bottom. “Oh my!” she muttered as her glaze clearly paused in its downward journey, fixating just below his beltline.

She looked over at me and winked as she said, “Welcome to California, men. I will do everything I can to make this trip profitable, memorable and fun. Are you ready to get started?”

Dennis and I looked briefly at each other, trading a silent nod. We have worked together for many years and knew each other quite well. I knew that he was having the same thoughts as I as I winked at him and said to Amy, “Let’s get our laptops setup up and online and give us a few minutes to catch up on email, then we can jump in.”

Amy pointed us to our desks, which formed an interesting structure. All three desks faced each other and met in the center so that we could work easily as a team. There were network and power hookups on top of each desk, so we were hooked up and connected in just a couple of minutes.

We were still checking our email when Amy stood behind her desk and picked up two binders. As she leaned over to place one in front of Dennis, I saw him look up, and I could see the slight twitch in his body as his eyes met her chest. I could see the front of her dress fall away and even from my angle I could see a substantial portion of her left breast. In a continuous fluid motion, she turned towards me, and my eyes never left her cleavage as it opened before me. I could see between her breasts down to her belly, and I could even see most of her left nipple as she gently placed the binder in front of me. Instead of sitting back down, though, she remained bent over and opened the binder in front of me with one hand. She put her other hand under my chin and pulled my head upwards so that my eyes met hers.

“So are you enjoying your visit to California yet?” she asked with a wink. “There will be plenty of time for sight seeing later, boys; but right now, we have to do a project walk-through so we are ready for our client meeting at 4:00PM today. Are you with me?”

It took a couple of shakes of my head to bring me back from my reverie to the task at hand, but Dennis was a step ahead of me. “Could you walk us through the client’s business issues and goals on the white board?” he asked. All business, that Dennis. Hell of a partner.

Amy went to the white board that was covered with past scribbling and started to erase it. As she cleaned the top of the board, the back of her dress lifted up and we caught flashes of thin, sheer and very brief red silk panties. Dennis and I traded knowing smiles as he pointed out a spot on the very top of the board that Amy missed. Amy knew exactly what was going on as she stretched as far as she could and held the stretch while she made a point of raising her dress to show several inches of her finely crafted ass.

Did I mention her ass yet? I am an admirer of curves, especially curves that form the classic female hips. Amy had classic curves. And she knew how to bend them.

Without missing a beat, Amy switched from flasher mode into professional consultant mode and gave us an excellent briefing. The client was an excellent fit for the system we sell, and she had done her homework in both selling and preparing the client for our system installation.

As time for the client meeting rolled around, we felt ourselves working together smoothly. Amy knew the client and she knew our product, and she had quick and accurate answers to every question Dennis and I asked her.

We left the office around 3:15 to leave plenty of time to make our way through the southern California gridlock and arrived at the client’s office with about 5 minutes to spare. We were escorted into moderately sized conference room and the client team assembled for the installation kick-off meeting. Introductions, agendas, issues and assignments were resolved quickly and we were back in Amy’s car by 5:30.

“So can I treat you boys to dinner tonight?” Amy asked as we pulled out of the client’s parking lot.

“That would be delightful,” Dennis responded. “Did you have a place in mind?”

“Yes, there is an excellent Italian place just a few blocks from your hotel. Why don’t I drop you off at your hotel so you can clean up and I will meet you at the restaurant at 7:00PM? Does that work for you?”

“Sounds like an excellent plan, but what about you?”

“Actually, I live quite near your hotel, so I’ll swing my apartment and freshen up a bit.”

We were at our hotel by 6:15, checked in quickly and in our large suite by 6:30. Judging on the quality of our rooms, it looked like Amy was planning for us to have a pleasant stay. Two quick showers later, out of our suits and into something more casual we were out the door and down to the hotel lobby by ten till seven. The doorman gave us walking instructions to the restaurant which was only two blocks away. We could feel the temperature dropping as the sun was setting, as the heat of the day departed, only to be replaced by our anticipations of the heat of the night to come.

When we got to the restaurant, Amy was already seated in the center of a booth that was tucked away in a private corner of the quietly elegant eating establishment. It was clear that she had planned for Dennis to sit on one side of her and me on the other. And it was clear that she had freshened up, or at least slipped into something even more comfortable than she wore before. She was wearing a bright red silk camisole top with spaghetti straps and lots of lace around the edges. It was deeply cut so that the lace extended almost to her nipples which were plainly visible and quite prominent.

As we took our seats beside her, I could see that she was wearing a tiny miniskirt that zippered up the front. The skirt (and hence the zipper) was only about eight inches long, and the zipper was unzipped about two inches, exposing much of her inner thighs.

We ordered drinks and toasted to what was looking like a very promising engagement (and evening), then focused on our menus. When our waiter came to tell us about the specials, Amy made a point of asking about something on the menu. The quizzed look on our waiter’s face told her that he wasn’t sure what she was referring to, so she leaned forward holding her menu in front of her and pointing to the item in question. As he leaned over the table to see her menu, I could see his eyes miss the menu entirely as they were drawn by a force of nature to the gap between her chest and the front of her camisole. As she leaned and pointed, the gap opened up and the strap on her left shoulder edged its off the cliff of her shoulder and tumbled in a heap on her elbow, pulling some of the lace off the top of her left breast. Did I mention that I was sitting to her left? I’m an engineer. The details are important.

As she continued to gesture with her left hand, the lace responded to each movement with a movement of its own, and her nipple emerged from its nest of silk and lace, making direct contact with the cool evening air, and reacting accordingly. And both the waiter and I reacted as well. He got more and more confused about what she was saying to him, needing ever more explanation, hand movement and nipple emergence. And I simply started to get a Johnson as what an old friend of mine called my “penis consciousness” took complete control of my body.

After what was probably only a brief moment, Amy seemed to notice that her nipple was getting cold, so she pulled her strap back up onto her shoulder, finished her order and looked to me and asked, “See anything you like, Bob?”

Now how in the hell am I supposed to answer that question with a straight face? “Lots” I responded. “How about the breast of lamb?”

“Did you mean breast of chicken?” our waiter asked.

Realizing my blunder, I said, “I meant the rack… the rack of lamb.”

The waiter nodded, then shifted uncomfortably, trying to adjust his pants without being too blatantly obvious about his affliction. He turned to Dennis and asked, “And you, sir?”

“I’ll have what he got” Dennis said with a smirk on his face.

Amy turned to look at him with a quick smile asking, “Did you want the breast or the whole rack?”

“Oh, just a breast would be fine for an entrée, as long as I can keep my desert options open,” Dennis retorted.

“And you, Bob? What do you want for desert?” she asked.

“What can you recommend?” I queried.

“Patience” she answered with a sexy smile. “Patience and endurance.”

As she said this, I felt her left hand land gently on my right leg. It started to circle the insides of my thigh, moving northward as if on a migration to its summer breeding grounds.

She turned her attention to Dennis and I watched raptly as her right hand landed on his left thigh and started a parallel migration.

“Tell me about yourself, Dennis,” she asked, as her hand landed on the lengthening lump in his trousers. Dennis, the true pro that he is, didn’t miss a beat as he started to tell her about his background, first at college, then in the Army Rangers. As he talked about how hard the training was for the rangers, I could see his dick growing in his pants. And I could feel mine getting rock hard, too.

Our ever attentive waiter, returned with fresh drinks, and our salads, and Amy needed her hands elsewhere, leaving our dicks to linger longingly in our pants. But being left handed, I found my right hand free and wandering, seemingly of its own accord onto Amy’s left leg. As I stroked her thigh lightly, I could feel her open her legs slightly. And I felt her zipper move upward. Both of her hands were on the table at this time, so my engineering brain rapidly concluded that some other force was moving it. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Dennis was working in partnership with me on this one, making sure there was room for both of us a the proverbial “Inn at the Y.”

My wanderings soon encountered the edges of a wetland and I realized that Amy had cleared the path for us by removing (or never putting on) any panties to impede our journey. She wiggled her hips and spread her legs further, and I took the inside of her leg and gently lifted it onto my own leg. Dennis quickly did the same, and soon we found ourselves eating our salad with one hand, and stroking Amy’s pussy with the other.

Amy, meanwhile, was enjoying her salad and her wine and her glass was soon empty. Somehow, our waiter seemed to sense an opportunity that needed filling, and appeared once more at our table. The table cloth hid Amy’s legs, but it was pretty obvious that Dennis and I had our hands busy; but Amy didn’t miss a beat as she ordered another round for all of us.

As our waiter left us, Amy put her head back against the back of the booth and her breathing got more rapid. She took her breasts in her hands and pulled her nipples out of her camisole, rolling them between her fingers. This was clearly a woman who appreciated her sexuality and knew how to use it. She started moaning quietly and I felt her hips starting to gyrate.

Without looking at either of us, she said, “I’m coming. Don’t stop.” Her breathing got more and more shallow and soon I could feel a gush of liquid on my fingers as she started to come.

“Yes! That’s one!” she said. “Give me another one!”

I leaned my head over and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking it first gently, then biting it lightly and pulling it with my teeth.

Her hand pulled my head into her breast and her moaning grew into another orgasm. “Oh, fuck that feels good” she said with a shudder. “That’s two for starters.”

She pulled my head away from her nipple and pulled her camisole up just as our waiter returned with our dinners. I never learned whether she had some sort of sixth sense about timing, but it certainly felt like a well timed (and highly appropriate) strategic retreat, at least for the moment.

“You boys are great fun” she said as she started to dig into her dinner. “I think we are going to go for a record tonight.”

“What kind of record?” Dennis asked.

“Orgasms. Mine and yours.”

“What’s your current record?” Dennis asked back.

“Well, I’ve had 23 in a single evening and I’ve made the men I was with have three each.”

“How many men were there?” I asked?

“Oh, I think there were five, but I’m not sure. It started out with only two, and then somehow got out of hand. I wonder. Do you boys think this evening will get out of hand?”

“Holy shit” I thought.

“Holy shit” Dennis said.

“Do you want it to get out of hand?” I asked, wondering what “out of hand” might look like.

Her hands dropped directly to my crotch she unzipped me faster than I could do it myself. She reached into my pants and pulled my dick and balls out of my pants, and then in a single slithering motion, she disappeared under the table. I felt my cock disappear into her mouth until her lips were against my balls, and then I could feel her tongue somehow licking my balls.

She stayed beneath the table for only long enough to give me a taste of desert before she reemerged and asked, “What do you think? Are you up to making things get out of hand?”

Every now and then, I remember that Dennis is my partner, and there is something about Dennis that makes him very special. I took Amy’s face in my hands and leaned close to her and said, “Ask my partner. Ask him just like you asked me.”

She gave me a wicked smile, then turned to Dennis and dropped her hands to his lap. She unzipped him and reached into his pants.

“Oh my God!” she said. “Oh my God, you are huge!”

Dennis looked at me and smiled and as Amy disappeared beneath the table again, we gave each a high five. I watched in fascination as she took his cock into her mouth and began to deep throat him. Dennis is 10 inches long and almost as thick as a pop can, so no woman has ever fully deep throated him… until tonight.

As his cock disappeared inch after inch into her mouth, the look on Dennis face was priceless. His eyes started bulging and then this look of total bliss came across his face and I could see Amy’s tongue sneak out of the bottom of her mouth and lick the tops of his balls.

Amy stayed under a bit longer this time, and while she was busy with Dennis, our waiter returned. “Where is the lovely lady?” He asked quizzically.

“She is under the table giving my friend a blow job” I replied. Our waiter could not see into our laps, so he didn’t know whether to believe me or not, but out of the corner of my eye, I could see Amy pull off Dennis and disappear. The table cloth on the front edge of our table rustled quietly and our waiter just froze as Amy’s hands appeared at his zipper. Before he knew what was happening, she had him unzipped and had pulled his dick from his pants and into her mouth.

As Amy distracted our waiter, I asked him, “What’s your name and when do you get off of work?”

He looked at me with a confused look, akin to the look a deer gives the car’s headlights moments before it realizes what is happening.

“Ah, my name is Joe” he stuttered.

“That’s good, Joe” Dennis chimed in. “And when do you get off of work?”

“Why” Joe asked?

“Well, our lovely friend who has your cock locked in her teeth would like to know if you are capable of helping us beat her record of 23 orgasms in a single evening. Are you up to the challenge, Joe?” I asked.

Joe nodded his head and mumbled something that none of us could hear.

“Say again” Dennis said.

“I can be off work when you dinner is over” he mumbled again, this time only slightly more clearly.

Amy ejected Joe’s cock from her mouth and said, “Joe, do you have any friends who can help?” And then Joe’s cock disappeared again as quick as a wink.

“No, I’m new in town” Joe said meekly.

Amy pulled slowly off Joe this time, and kissed the tip of his dick just as he started to cum. She quickly took him back in her mouth and drained him, letting him go soft in her mouth before she let him go again.

“That’s three” she said, turning to Dennis and me. “I come whenever a guy squirts his come down my throat. Just like clockwork.”

She tucked Joe back into his pants, then crawled back under the table, emerging once again in Dennis’ lap. “Four?” she asked him as she took his cock back into her mouth.

“How could I refuse such a compelling request from such as beautiful woman?” he asked, leaning back to enjoy the experience.

Joe, still in a daze, started to clear our dishes from the table as Amy worked on clearing Dennis’ pipes and I just watched in amazement.

“I think you can bring our check and clock yourself out” I told Joe. He nodded in foggy comprehension and disappeared into the kitchen.

Another thing about Dennis that I haven’t mentioned: he can come over and over. I have never seen him reach his limit, even long after I have hit mine. And we have had some times together.

Dennis put his hands on Amy’s head and looked at me and nodded, indicating that he was about to give her her fourth orgasm of the evening. I saw his eyes close and his hips buck as he pumped his first load down her throat. Amy stayed with him until he started to soften up, then pulled off and tucked him gently back into his pants. She slithered her way back onto the seat between us and gave us each a deep kiss.

“I just knew that you boys were going to be good to work with,” she said with a wink. “Want to get laid?”

“Does the Pope shit in the woods?” I asked, mangling two cliché’s.

Joe returned with our check and she took it with a reminder that dinner was on her. I was only beginning to realize how literally she meant that.

She pulled out her credit card and handed it to Joe who smiled and handed it back. “My treat” he said. “See you outside.”

We waited briefly outside for Joe, who arrived shortly. Joe said he needed to change out of his waiter’s penguin suit and agreed to meet us at a nearby bar in an hour. We figured it would take him at least that long to recharge his batteries.

The bar was dark, loud and alive with people dancing. Amy told us to find a table while she freshened herself up a bit. Dennis and I started searching for an empty table but it looked like a difficult job. We had made a full circle of the place when Amy appeared again. She didn’t seem to look for us but instead headed straight for the bar where she managed to find a single empty seat. She settled into the seat for all of 10 seconds before a tall young tanned So Cal type approached her with what turned out to be an invitation to dance.

She nodded her acceptance and they hit the dance floor, melting into the crowd of people already gyrating to the music. We lost track of her for several moments until she emerged close to us, dancing sensuously with her young partner. She saw us and smiled and blew us a kiss, then put her arms around her partner’s hips and pulled herself to him. They danced him to hip, loin to loin for several minutes until the music stopped when she pulled herself into his body, squeezed his butt and kissed him full on the mouth, then turned and walked straight towards us. She repeated her loin and lip lock first with Dennis and then with me. As her lips left mine, she pulled my ear to her mouth and licked my ear with her tongue and said, “If you buy me a drink, I’ll drain your pipes.”

“Deal. What are you drinking?”

“Besides your cum, I’d like a nice Pinot Grigio with a couple of ice cubes.” Then she turned back Dennis and asked, “Dance, big boy?”

I made my way to the bar, trying not to stumble on tables, chairs, people and whatever else appeared in my way as I watched Amy and Dennis take to the floor. It was quite a site as they started to dance together. Dennis has some rather sexy moves and a body that will turn just about any woman’s eyes, and Amy… Well, Amy was in a class by herself.

As they danced, the straps of her camisole quickly fell off her shoulders and her top started its inevitable drift down her chest, as her breasts kept bouncing upward to the beat of the music. Gravity, the downward force on her camisole versus momentum, the upward force on her boobs soon lead to nipples on parade.

Dennis pulled her boobs to his chest and as their hips ground into each other, his hands followed the pull of both gravity and Amy’s magical buns. His arms reached below her miniskirt onto her naked buns and pulled her tightly into him. Her naked globes, both top and bottom, were on parade for all to see, and what a sight it was.

I finally snapped back to attention as the ache in my Johnson reminded me of my current mission. I wrestled my way to the bar, got two glasses of white wine, at least one of which the bar tender assured me was a Pinot Grigio, and then headed back towards the spot where I had left Amy and Dennis. They were lost in the crowd until the music too a break when they both made their way towards me. Amy’s skirt was back below her buns, but her nipples were still lighting the way. As she got to where I was standing, she took both glasses of wine from me and rolled them on her tits to cool herself off. She handed me back my glass and reached into hers for one of the ice cubes which she rubbed on her nipples and then pulled her top back up. But she wasn’t done yet.

She handed me the rapidly melting ice cube and said, “Push this into my pussy. I’m so hot now that if I don’t cool down, I’m going to melt down.” She took my hand and placed it between her legs and guided it towards her pussy. She was already slippery with sweat and sexual excitement, but I felt her gush – it almost felt like she was peeing as I worked the ice cube into her pussy.

There was a couple sitting at the table next to us and I could see the woman’s eyes go wide as I serviced Amy right in front of her. Her hand squeezed her boy friend’s and she remained transfixed, her eyes shifting between Amy’s pussy and her face. Amy caught the woman’s look and returned it with a smile that was pure bliss. She reached into her glass and took another ice cube, stepped away from me and handed the women the ice cube. She leaned down to her ear and whispered something and I saw the woman visibly twitch.

Amy took the woman’s hand and guided it up her leg, rubbing the ice cube along her inner thigh. As she got closer to her pussy, she gave the other woman’s hand a final nudge and then put one arm around my waist and her other around Dennis and let the woman finish what she had started. I could feel Amy’s body surrender as her knees gave out from yet another orgasm while Dennis and I held her upright.

When the woman finally pulled her hand from Amy’s drenched pussy, it was covered with moisture. Amy whispered instructions in my ear, and I followed them, taking the woman’s hand and guiding it towards her boy friend’s mouth. He was a quick study. He began sensuously sucking on her fingers, licking Amy’s juices from his girl friend’s hands.

Amy, in a still quivering voice looked at me and said, “That’s five. Are you ready for six?” I was beginning to realize that this could be a long night as Amy took my hand and guided me toward the rest rooms. She pulled me into the ladies room, ignoring the women already in there and guided me into a stall. She sat down on one and positioned me in front of her as she unzipped me and freed my dick from its painful imprisonment. She went to town on my cock with her mouth and one hand, and on her pussy with the other hand. Neither my cock nor her pussy stood much of a chance, and I felt myself building for a huge climax.

“I’m coming” I said, apparently a bit loudly, because several girls gave Amy shouts of encouragement.

“You go, girl” said one.

“Snowball” said another.

“Can we watch” said a third.

Amy had not bothered to lock the stall door, so someone pushed it open and I soon felt a pair of hands on my waist My belt was undone and my pants dropped, and I felt at least two pair of hands kneading my buns. One started to reach between my legs and grabbed my balls when I lost it and exploded.

As I did, Amy pulled back a little so that I came in the front of her mouth.

“Snowball?” I heard again, but this time right next to me as a twenty-something woman in a spandex mini dress pushed me aside and pulled Amy’s mouth towards hers. I learned two things in that moment. First, I learned why Amy had pulled my cock back into the front of her mouth. And second, I learned what a “snowball” was as Amy took the woman’s head and tilted it so that her mouth was directly above the other woman’s, and then opened her mouth and let my cum drip from her mouth into the other woman’s.

“Now give it back” Amy said, as she let the other woman stand above her and took my cum back into her mouth. I could see her whole body shudder as she swallowed and with a blissful look on her face, she looked at me and said, “Six.”

I pulled up my pants and tucked my tuckered pecker back in and waited for Amy to finish up in the rest room. When she left, she pulled me to her face and gave me a deep kiss. I could feel the mixture of male and female scent in her mouth and on her breath as she took my hand and led me back to the dance floor in search of Dennis.

We found him sitting at the table with the couple we had seduced earlier. His name was Rick and she was Julie. They were married and on a ten year anniversary get away from their home up north in the San Francisco Bay area. Rick was about 6’3″ and 220, and Julie was barely 5’4″, but she packed a set of knockers that would register on the Richter scale. They must have been at least DD and they looked huge on her short body. Apparently she liked to flaunt them because she was wearing a tube top that barely covered her boobs and stopped well short of her belly button.

Amy and I managed to scrounge two more chairs and we joined them. “That was so totally hot” Julie said to Amy as we sat down. “I almost came on the spot.”

“What stopped you from finishing your orgasm?” Amy asked.

Julie blushed and didn’t answer for a moment.

“Fear. Pure fear” answered Rick.

“Fear of what?” queried Amy looking directly at Julie.

Julie still couldn’t answer, so Amy pulled her face close to Julie’s and whispered into her ear. I watched as Julie’s body twitched again – another body truth. Whatever Amy had said was clearly true.

“She’s afraid of what she might unleash in herself” said Amy. “Tell us, Julie. What might it look like if you unleashed yourself right this moment?” Then turning to Rick, she asked, “Can you support your wife enough to let her unleash herself, no matter where that might lead?”

Rick looked down at is lap for a moment, thinking deeply in the middle of the cacophony around us, then looked up at Julie and said, “Go for it, sweetie. Let yourself loose.”

Julie visibly shuddered, and I could see her shed a lifetime’s inhibition as she turned to Amy and put her hand on Amy’s leg. Then she leaned into Amy and gave her a deep open mouthed kiss, while her hand moved up Amy’s leg and into her pussy. She took Amy’s hand and guided it to one of her breasts, and Amy knew what to do next. She started gently stroking Julie’s nipple, and then squeezing her entire boob.

Not to be left out, Dennis, sitting on Julie’s other side, started working on Julie’s other boob, and soon had it free from its hiding place and out for a walk in his hands. Julie broke her kiss with Julie and turned to Dennis. She stood up and reached under her skirt and swiftly pulled her panties off, dropping them on the floor. It happened so fast that if you weren’t looking directly at her, you would have missed it. The then straddled Dennis’ lap and sat on him, wrapping her arms and legs around him and pulling herself into him. She pulled his head to her mouth, and gave him a passionate kiss while she squirmed her body into his.

Keeping her legs locked around Dennis, she leaned backwards until her head was in her husband’s lap. She pulled his mouth to her lips and then asked him, “I want to fuck this big black tiger. Are you OK with that, honey?”

Rick leaned down to her still exposed boob and kissed it sensuously, and reached his hand down her belly to the bottom of her mini skirt. He pulled it upward exposing his wife’s pussy to Dennis, and put his hand on her well trimmed mound, stroking her as he continued to kiss her breast. Dennis took a clue (he’s an engineer, and a bright one, too!) and started playing with Julie’s pussy. His finger was soon well inside her and she was moaning and writhing in his lap.

She let go of her husband and pulled herself upwards onto Dennis’ lap and then said loudly enough for us all to hear, “Fuck me, stud. Let me have that giant sausage I am sitting on. I want it in my pussy.”

Dennis looked at me and we both understood that this was getting pretty dangerous. I looked at Amy who was just watching it unfold with a rather dreamy look on her face and said, “They had better not fuck right here. That might push the limits too much.”

She looked back at me and nodded, and then leaned to Julie and whispered into her ear. Julie nodded and got up off of Dennis, took him by the hand and lead him towards the lady’s room. She then looked at Rick and said, “What you up to, big boy? Feel like a little dancing?”

She led Rick onto the dance floor and soon they were dirty dancing with each other. I watched them for awhile wondering how long it would take until she led him to the lady’s room tool. It took about 4:30. That left me alone at the table holding down the fort, catching my breath for awhile.

About fifteen minutes later, Julie and Dennis returned to the table. Dennis was looking a bit sweaty and Julie definitely had that “Just been fully fucked” look on her face, but she also had a fire about her that told me her night was far from over.

Without a word, she pulled me onto the dance floor and wrapped her arms around my back. She pulled her boobs into my chest and tucked her hips into mine and we danced and got sweaty together. After awhile, I felt her take one hand off my back and reach between us to feel me up. I felt her unzip my zipper and reach into my pants to grab my cock. I was hard already, but now it was getting painful again.

By this time the dance floor was quite packed, and we were in the center of the floor, with bodies pressing against us every way we moved. She looked up at me and with a devilish grin, she pulled my cock free and then jumped up on me, wrapping her legs around my waist. She wanted to fuck me right there on the dance floor, and my cock was all for it. Sensing that surrender was the only way out, I reached around her and guided my cock into her pussy which was surprisingly tight after her encounter with Dennis. She moved her body into mine dance-fucking me right there in the middle of the crowded dance floor. People around us were mostly oblivious to what we were doing, lost in their own worlds, but some noticed. I felt hands on Julie’s buns, stroking her onward as I moved swiftly towards my inevitable orgasm. Julie could apparently feel my getting close. She whispered in my ear, “Let me know when you are ready. I want to finish you with my mouth.”

“Holy shit,” I thought again, “This is getting dangerous.” But there was no stopping my balls from another eruption. As I was about to explode, Julie pulled herself free from me and dropped to the floor and took my dick in her mouth and sucked hard. Just as I was about to cum, Rick and Amy appeared next to us.

Rick looked at his wife with amazement and encouraged her onward. “Suck is cock, you magnificent slut! Swallow his cum” he said.

Amy did him one better. She dropped to her knees and started kissing Julie, first in her ear, then on her cheeks, all the while getting closer to my about-to-explode cock. Julie looked at Amy and offered her my cock as if it were a communal lolly pop, and I just lost it. Amy had my cock for the moment and she inhaled me, taking all of my cock down her throat as I exploded. As soon as she had my first burst, she pulled free of me and fed me back to Julie to drain me. I felt torn between completing the most explosive orgasm I could remember and the fear of getting busted for public indecency, and I guess both Amy and July sensed a need for a quick change of venue as they both stood up and then gave each other a deep tongue kiss.

As they broke their kiss, Amy looked at me and said, “Seven.”

“You have one hot wife, sir” I said to Rick.

He just looked at me an shook his head. “What have I unleashed?” he asked himself out loud.

We made our way back to the table to find Dennis sitting with Joe, our dinner waiter. He had a great big smile on his face when he saw Amy, and she gave him a big cum-flavored kiss when she saw him. Dennis, like I have said, is one smart fellow. He had a whole glass full of ice cubes sitting in front of him and offered the glass to the ladies. Amy and Julie both lit up when they saw the ice cubes. They sat down next to each other and each took an ice cube in her hands. Looking each other right in the eye, they reached under their skirts and pushed the ice cubes deep into their own pussies. Then they each took a couple more cubes and reached under their tops to ice down their nipples. They were so incredibly hot that I found myself getting hard again, only moments after being drained for the second time in one night.

Poor Joe was simply floored. I don’t think he had ever seen such blatant female sexuality. Come to think of it, neither had I.

After a few minutes of icing themselves down, the women returned to planet earth and Amy looked at me and said, “It’s time for some serious fucking. Let’s all go to your hotel room.” Then she looked at Rick and Julie and asked, “Are you in?”

One look at Julie’s face and the answer was obvious. Noticing Joe for the first time, she asked Amy, “Who’s this?”

Amy responded, “He was our dinner waiter. I gave him a quick blow job at the table and promised him a good fuck if he could help me reach my goal for the evening.”

“What’s your goal?” Julie asked her.

“I have an orgasm every time a man shoots his jism down my throat. I have lots of orgasms other ways too, but that one is guaranteed. When I taste cum, I cum. And sometimes when I cum, I cum so hard that it looks like I am peeing. It may look like I am peeing, but it sure feels better. And it tastes different too, or at least so I am told.”

“What does it taste like?” Julie asked.

“If you lick my pussy long enough, you can tell me” Amy answered with a big grin. “Wanna come lick my pussy and get seriously fucked?” she asked Julie.

“Let’s go” said Julie as she stood up and pulled her tube top up and her mini skirt down.

We threaded ourselves out of the bar and down the street. Julie walked between Rick and Dennis with her arms around both of them, and Amy walked with Joe and me. We kept ourselves in control until we reached the elevator in my hotel. As soon as we got on the elevator, Amy pulled her camisole over her head and pulled Joe to one tit and me to the other. Julie seemed to like this idea, but it was easier to pull her tube top down than up. The result was the same: two wonderful titties on parade asking to be sucked.

We got off the elevator and neither woman covered up. We walked down the hall arm in arm in arm as before, but this time with fully exposed tits. Fortunately, we didn’t encounter anybody in the hallway and made it to our room. Unfortunately, our keys didn’t work.

I made a trip back to the front desk to report the problem and the desk clerk promised to have someone meet us at the room. I thanked him and headed back to the room, wondering what state the bellman would find the ladies in when he got there. Well, the bellman beat me to the room, and the ladies were still playing dare or dare. Neither had covered up, and the bellman got an eyeful. He let us all in and made a quick but completely unnecessary check of our suite. Before he could make it out the door, Amy was on him asking him, “What do you say to a naked lady?”

“Well, you’re not really naked are you?” He responded without loosing his cool.

Amy cocked her head, smiled at the bellman, then unzipped her skirt in a single quick move. As it fell to the floor, she said, “Check again. And must I repeat myself?”

“Well, normally when I encounter a naked woman, I ask her how big she likes her cocks,” said our quick-witted bellman.

“And I suppose that should prompt me to ask how large your cock is” Amy responded.

“Would you like to measure it” he retorted.

“Do you have a ruler with you?” asked Amy.

“Happens I do,” said our intrepid bellman.

“Julie, I think I am going to need a second opinion,” said Amy.

Julie appeared in the bedroom doorway, naked as the day she was born, her magnificent hooters on display. Dennis was standing behind her, his hands around her chest, one hand stroking each nipple. “More meat?” she asked, looking our bellman up and down. She stepped forward, leaving Dennis stroking air boobs, and walked right up to our bellman. She dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled down his zipper. She unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down in a single swift movement.

“Oh my god, I’ve died and gone to heaven. Twice in one night” said Julie, staring at the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was easily 12 inches long and it was still only partially hard. “Does this cock have a name or is this going to be a completely anonymous fuck?” Julie asked as she started fondling the immense tool dangling before her.

“I go by BJ” said the bellman with a grin. “Can you give BJ a good BJ?” he asked.

“You’ve come to the right place” said Amy with a grin on her face.

“Well, I have to get back on duty, but I get off in an hour. How about then? Asked BJ.

Amy and Julie looked at each other and shrugged. They looked around at the rest of us and Amy said, “Are you boys ready yet. I have holes that need filling and I want to set a new record tonight.” She walked into one of the two bedrooms in our suite and plopped herself spread eagled on the bead. “Eat me, Joe. Eat me until I squirt down your throat, just like I did for you.”

Joe lost no time in meeting her request.

Julie could have taken the other bedroom, but instead, she climbed on the bed and positioned her pussy over Amy’s mouth, wordlessly asking for what she wanted. She signaled Dennis to one side of her and bent down to take his cock in her mouth. Rick and I stripped down, knowing that our turn would come soon enough. We needed to conserve our strength.

It wasn’t long before Amy started bucking her hips and moaning that a big one was coming. “Lick me all over” she called out, and Rick and I sprang into action like the true troopers we were.

I started licking Amy’s belly while Rick went right for her boobs, mouth on one, hands on the other. Amy’s hips started bucking and she let out several loud moans and I heard an audible gushing sound coming from her pussy. Joe’s face and the entire area of the bed were drenched and Amy was still coming. I have heard of female ejaculation before but never seen it until this evening. She was cuming in waves and squirts. It looked like she was peeing, but it was clearly different. Instead of a strong stream, it was orgasmic squirts.

Julie pulled herself away from Amy’s mouth and pushed Joe away from Amy’s pussy. She was not about to miss an opportunity to taste Amy’s cum. But as Julie knelt to lick Amy’s juices, she presented a target of opportunity that Joe could not pass up. He pushed his rigid cock into Julie’s cunt in a single motion, bringing Julie up with a start. She started pushing back, fucking Joe while eating Amy.

Starry-eyed, Amy looked up at Dennis and me and said, “Eight, nine, ten, eleven. Oh shit that was wonderful.”

She pulled herself off the bed and Dennis lay down, offering his cock to Julie. She sucked him for awhile, then climbed up on him and impaled herself, leaving poor Joe hanging in the wind. “Fuck my ass, Joe” she said, and he demonstrated that he can take orders from a woman quite well. Soon Julie was the cream in the Oreo between Dennis and Joe.

Rick, meanwhile, had retreated to a nearby chair to stroke himself and keep himself ready for action at a moment’s notice. Well, Amy noticed, and she simply walked over to Rick and sat on his lap, guiding his cock into her well-lubricated pussy. Rick was ready. He had only cum once this evening, so he didn’t hold out long before he said, “I’m cuming, I’m cuming!”

Amy jumped off him and swallowed his cock whole. There was nothing left getting air. I watched in amazement as she licked his balls with her tongue and stroked his ball sack with her hand. She reached behind him and stroked his anus and stuck a single finger in his ass, stroking his prostrate. He lasted only a few seconds before he emptied himself deep down Amy’s throat. I watched Amy closely and could tell from the way she tensed her body as she drank Rick’s cum that she had scored number twelve.

“Oh shit,” I thought for the umpteenth time this evening. “We’re only half way towards her goal and I am already exhausted. I need a rest.”

Apparently, so did everybody else. Julie, Joe and Dennis were on the bed, but not moving much. I guess the Julie sandwich was taking a break. Amy stood up and pulled Rick to his feet and she led him to the other bedroom. I tagged along and we all collapsed on the bed in a heap.

We had been dozing for what seemed like only a few minutes when there was a loud knock on the door to the suite and we could hear the door opening and a male voice announcing, “Room service.” I could hear the sounds of a cart being wheeled into the living room of our suite and the sounds of table arms being pulled up, bottles being opened and a male voice humming happily.

Amy, source of endless energy, said, “BJ, in here!”

BJ followed the sound of her voice, saw three naked bodies sprawled on the bed and said, “Hope I’m not too late for the fun and games.” He started stripping off his clothes as Amy pushed Rick and I to the edges of the bed, turned on her back and spread her legs, draping one leg over each of us.

“Eat me, stud” she commanded and BJ dove in, chomping hungrily on her pussy. Rick and I simply watched as Amy wrapped her legs around his head and pulled him tightly to her soaking cunt. BJ’s tongue was apparently as potent as his cock, because Amy was soon bucking and moaning. Orgasm # 13 was imminent.

As Amy started to squirt, BJ lapped up a mouthful of her juices, then pulled himself up her body until his mouth met hers and he kissed her, giving her a snowball of her own cum, as he slipped his gigantic cock into her pussy and started fucking her with a piston from a Chrysler Hemi. Amy’s eyes rolled upward and she her moans got louder as BJ rode her. She wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him even deeper and I moved down the bed until I could watch BJ’s cock plunge in and out of her cunt. With every stroke, it seems that she had another climax. She was squirting almost constantly. I reached my hand in and captured a handful of her cum and brought it to my mouth to drink from the fountain of sex sharing the bed with me.

BJ kept on pounding Amy and Amy kept on climaxing until BJ pulled his cock from her pussy and straddled her face, offering her his fully engorged cock. She opened her mouth to take him in, but could lying on her back, she could only take a few inches; but that was apparently enough as BJ announced that his time had cum. I watched as Amy’s cheeks bulged and cum spilled out of her mouth. He was cuming faster than even Amy could drink his spunk; but Amy was determined to take all of his offering as she wiped what had spilled on her face onto her fingers and licked them clean.

“How many was that?” I asked her as she finished swallowing.

“Shit, I lost track around eight, and I know there were more after that,” she said with a look of amazement on her face. Her eyes opened wide for a moment, and a deep smile crossed her face as she laid back and said, “You go, girl.”

I had no clue what she was talking about until I realized that Julie had joined us in bed and was now lapping Amy’s pussy juices like a cat drinking from a watering hole.

I made room for BJ to dismount Amy and give Julie some more space, but BJ was still hard. He walked behind Julie and started to rub his cock up and down on her ass. Julie reached her left hand down between her legs, grabbed the tip of BJ’s cock and guided it into her cunt as she got up on her knees to offer him a better angle.

BJ was standing at the foot of the bed, dog fucking Julie while she was eating Amy. Quite a site. Dennis and Joe each appeared in the room with a beer in their hands. Realizing how parched I was, I got up and strolled into the living room to examine the food offering BJ had brought with him. There were several buckets full of ice and bottled beer, some apples, bananas and oranges, and a bowl of chips. I grabbed a couple of beers and an apple and returned to the bedroom to watch BJ’s performance. He looked at me and held out his hand for a beer, so I handed him one. He took a big gulp of beer and then held the bottle above the middle of Julie’s back and started to slowly pour it slowly onto her. She gave a startled reaction and then picked up her pace, fucking BJ even harder as the beer flowed up her back, around her neck, onto her face and Amy’s continuously erupting pussy.

When the beer hit Amy’s pussy, she slammed her hips upward and screamed, “Oh fuck me! That was awesome, and then collapsed, totally exhausted and spent, mumbling quietly to herself. I leaned my ear close to her mouth so I could hear what she was saying and heard her saying, “26, 26, 26.” She just kept repeating the number to herself. We had reached and even surpassed her lifetime orgasm record. Maybe now we could get some sleep before tomorrow’s system installation began.

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