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You Are All Mine

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I looked at the time, I was getting excited because I knew I was almost off work and soon would be coming home to you. I had called you letting you know I’d be home in a few hours, so you had plenty of time to bathe and do your thing. You sounded so good and yummy it was very difficult to concentrate on work. I hate it when two hours seems like ten, but that only happens when there’s somewhere else I’d rather be, and where I wanted to be was with you.

Finally it was time to go. I flew out the door and double timed it to my car. I had so much racing through my mind, all of which was just a short ride away. I arrived home and opened the door to find you sitting all comfy watching TV. I asked how your day was as I walked over to you, leaning down giving you a quick kiss. I so wanted more right then but I had my plan and I wasn’t going to be distracted, not today.

I picked up your wine glass from the table and walked over to where the wine was to refill it for you. Glancing in the mirror, looking at you-it always amazes me how just the thought of you, the sound of your voice, or seeing you gets me so wet. I knew I must be grinning because you were looking at me with your “what are you up to eyes.” I just looked at you, gave you a big smile and said, “I’m really glad to be home, you look so good babe.”

I told you I was going to take a quick shower but before I left I had to kiss you again. I had to feel your lips on mine. I smiled at you again and walked off to the bathroom. I took my time making sure to shave myself smooth. My thoughts started rushing through my head knowing what I was about to do. My body was as turned on as my mind. I could feel my nipples getting hard and my pussy was definitely already wet. I toweled off then grabbed my lotion, making sure not to miss a spot. I opened the door a bit to let out some of the steam so I could clear the mirror.

I made sure I was good to go, cleaned up, and walked over to grab a glass of wine for myself. Sitting down next to you, I slowly ran my hand over your breasts and nipples. I knew I had to have you. I knew I was going to have you, but in a way you weren’t used to. My heart pounding in anticipation, my breathing becoming deeper. I couldn’t wait any longer, sitting up and leaning over to my bag, I told you to remove your robe. I was a little surprised when you didn’t question as to why, but happy you didn’t. I knew you were going to have enough running through your mind soon enough. Grinning as I looked up to see you in your red bra; I thought, I don’t know how but I knew she’d be wearing that one. I love the way that red bra lifts your breasts and pushes out your nipples. I let you know I approved by giving you a long, Mmmmm.

I reached over, pulling down one side of your bra and releasing your breast and nipple. My breathing quickened and I let out a sharp moan as I leaned down, sucking your nipple into my mouth. Sucking it deep and hard feeling it grow longer, I sucked harder. I slowly let it go, passing it through my teeth. Looking down, I saw how long and hard it was, turning me on more. I had to have the other. Again, I sucked your nipple hard and deep into my mouth. Pulling back I looked at both of them; so beautiful, so hard, I couldn’t wait anymore I needed to have you.

Grabbing a blind fold from my bag, I quickly put it on you before you had a chance to disagree. I wanted your full attention and your mind on every touch, every emotion that was about to come your way. When your hands went up to reach for it, I stopped them and started to kiss you. Whispering in your ear, “You’re mine and I’m going to have you my way.”

I could feel your trust and you nodded in agreement as I gently moved you to the center of the bed. Bringing you forward and pulling you down, I arranged the pillows to make sure you were going to be comfortable. Once making sure you were set up right and comfortable, I took your right hand and tied it down and then did the same to the other hand. (God you looked so fucking hot) I was so turned on and so wet. Taking a finger, just barely touching your skin, I traced it from your wrist and down your arm. Getting up, I hooked my thumbs into the sides of your lace panties and slowly slid them down your legs and removed them. Spreading your legs wide, I looked at your pussy in front of me, so ready, so smooth, just the way I like you to be for me. I took one of your ankles, kissing it, and then tied it down. I moved over and did the same to your other ankle. Now I had you like I wanted you, you were ready for me and I was ready to have you.

I gently took the back of my hand, running it softly down your cheek. I leaned down kissing you, sucking on your tongue and bottom lip. Then I leaned down and lightly bit the top of your shoulder. You started to pull your neck into your shoulder when I quickly moved to the top of your other shoulder, biting it as well. As you started to say something I put my finger over your lips and whispered, Shhhh and then leaned down, kissing you deeply. You eagerly try to suck my tongue. Reaching up to both your wrists I softly dragged two fingers down each arm to your shoulders and on down your chest. My fingers finding your bra, I pulled it down releasing your breasts. I dragged the length of my finger over each nipple, and then quickly twisted them. The moan you released encouraged a few more hard twists.

Not being able to stand it any longer, I leaned down, sucking one of your nipples deep into my mouth. I started running my tongue over the tip of your nipple as I pinched and twisted the other. I sucked deeper, holding onto your nipple, feeling how hard it was and started to pull it through my teeth. I looked at how long and hard it was, and then it was me who let out the moan. I quickly gave the same attention to your other nipple. I traded sucking and pinching your nipples, making them the hardest and longest I’d ever seen them. I sat up knowing I wasn’t not done with your nipples, not yet.

Reaching over to the table I grabbed one of the body wax candles I had sitting there. I held one in one hand lighting it off the candle on the table, while pinching one of your nipples hard. Then I pinched the other one just as hard, while you were still in a half moan from the first pinch. I tilted the candle making sure my aim was just perfect and let a few drops of wax hit the tip of your nipple. You jumped a little but I could tell by your breathing it was just fine.

My eyes were on your nipples and my mind was thinking of how wet you had to be. I knew how much nipple play arouses you and always gets you so wet for me. It took everything in me to keep focused on what I was doing, knowing I’d get to your pussy as well, just not at this moment. The thought of how wet you must be had me dripping. I let more wax drip on your nipple then made a slow trail over towards your other nipple.

This time I let it fall from the top of your breast to just before your nipple. I watched your nipple grow and get even harder. I kept dripping small amounts of wax around your breast but not touching the nipple. You started moaning and began to move around. I kept teasing you, but then let the wax hit your nipple. I knew you were ready for more and wanted more. I reached down and pinched the wax off your nipples.

I reached over then and picked up my crop. I felt that pure desire building up inside of me. I was about to take you where we hadn’t gone before. I took the crop, slowly dragging it from your neck down your chest, then quickly pulled away and brought it down on your nipple. You let out a soft moan. “Ohh, you like that do you?” I brought it down again harder. I reached down pinching your other nipple hard, pulling on it then let it go, when I hit your other nipple again. I switched nipples, whacking the other just as good and just as hard.

Mmmm, I said looking down at how red, hard, and long they were. Your breathing had quickened and I knew you were ready for more. I dragged the crop between your breasts saying, “I love how hard your nipples get for me, how they let me know they’re mine.”

Your reply was a breathless “Yes, they do love your touch.”

As soon as you finished your sentence, I quickly whacked them both hard, one right after another saying, “They love my touch because they are Mine”.

All I heard from you was a very quiet “They are yours.”

As I gently dragged my crop over your nipples teasing them I said, “Yes babe, they are mine, but that’s not all that’s mine,” and I started to drag the crop down your from your chest slowly over your stomach. As I moved it towards your sides it must have tickled because you started to move away, but I gave you a swat to the side of your ass saying, “Mine means mine.” I looked at your pussy which I knew by then had to be so fucking soaked and so ready for some major attention. It not only put a smile on my face to think of your pussy that wet but I could feel my own arousal starting to drip out of my own pussy.

With the tip of the crop, I slowly dragged it up your pussy listening to you moan. I moved to the insides of your thighs up one down the other. I whacked your pussy lips letting it know it was time for my attention. As I got up, straddling you, I leaned down quickly, giving your nipples a good tug with my teeth so they knew they were not forgotten, and then I dragged the tip of my tongue down your body to the top of your pussy. Being very careful not to touch anything other then your lips, I opened you up with my tongue. My body totally reacted to how hot, wet and good you smelled. I could feel my clit getting so hard now but it would have to wait; it was all about what’s mine.

I held your lips open wide, exposing all of your pussy for me to have. I sucked on your inner lips, letting my tongue play with them. Then my tongue moved for your clit, going up one side then the other but still not fully touching it. I wasn’t quite ready to start sucking your clit into my mouth, not just yet. Lying between your legs, making sure I was nice and close. I held you open even wider, and then flicked hard by the side of your clit. You jumped a little as I flicked you hard on the other side of your clit. I continued to flick around your clit hard, but avoiding your clit.

I reached for my crop, and with one direct hit I gave your clit a whack. You jumped with a loud, “Ohhhh.” “Yes babe you’re all mine.” I leaned down and ran my tongue over your hood then let the tip of my tongue kiss the tip of your clit. I sat up and again gave your clit a direct hit but a little harder. I couldn’t believe how wet you were; how wet you were making me, but you’d find out later. I hit your clit again and after popping a frozen grape in my mouth I leaned down again, letting the chill of the grape cool down the heat of the hit. I knew you were so ready to cum and needed too. I needed to let you cum, I needed to release it for you. I gave you a whack and said, “I know you need to cum and I know you want to.”

“Yesssss I need to cum,” you said to me.

With another good whack to your clit I asked, “Who do you belong to babe?”

And without missing a beat you replied, “You, I belong to you!”

I hit your clit again one last time hard enough to make you wince, and then asked again,”Are you mine?”

“Oh god yes I’m yours, I’m fully yours!”

And with those words I tossed the crop aside, buried my face into your pussy and started to take what was all mine. I sucked, bit, and licked your lips. I sucked your clit in and out of its hood and didn’t stop until you came so hard for me. I devoured it all, everything you gave me, all that was mine; I took it all.

As I let you lie there and recoup, I walked over and put on my strap on. I made sure it was on good and tight then walked back to you, removed your blind fold and kissed you. I then released one ankle, smiled up at you, then released the other. I got back up on the bed, straddling you, the strap on lying on your stomach, as I reached up and untied one wrist and then the other. It wasn’t long before your hands found the back of my head grabbing my hair and pulling me down to kiss you. I tried pulling back but you weren’t having it. You sucked on my tongue and as I tried to pull back again you bit at my lip. Finally I was inside you, fucking you slow and deep.

I sat up watching my dick go in and out of you, then looked at you, leaning down to kiss you. As I got closer to your lips, I felt your hand wrap around my waist and your nails digging into my skin as I pushed harder and deeper into you. I started kissing you and your arms found their way to my neck, holding me tight, kissing me back with such passion. I knew it was time when your nails dug into my shoulders and, Ohhhh, was all I could hear coming from you, faster and louder. I leaned back putting my hands around your waist watching my dick go in and out of you. You leaned up wrapping your hands around my waist digging your nails into my skin again.

“Oh god I’m going to cum.”

I asked between breaths “Who do you belong to babe?”

“You, I belong to you.” You started yelling, “Ohh yess, god yes I’m coming.”

I fucked you hard and fast until your movements slowed, letting the waves ride over you. Waiting until the just right time, waiting until your breathing slowed, I then pulled out of you. Lying next to you, I pulled you up on top of my chest. While holding you in my arms I whispered in your ear, “I love you with all my heart and now you’re all mine babe.”

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