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Ambers Has A New Daddy

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I guess it all began two months ago. The house next to mine had been on the market for about nine months before someone bought it. My mailman volunteered that the new owner was named Amber and she was young. That was about all he knew about her. For about six weeks there was a lot of construction going on over there and an endless stream of deliveries. Than it went quiet.

I do know that they installed a new swimming pool in the back but other than that I really didn’t pay too much attention to what changes had been made to the outside of the house, if any. Than on Saturday as I was just finishing mowing the lawn, a car pulled into the driveway next door and a young girl got out. She leaned against the door and just stared at me.

As I finished my last cut and turned to put the mower away and wipe the perspiration from my neck, she caught my eye and gave me a little wave. I waved back. Continuing to my garage I folded up the mower and turned only to see her standing just outside.

She smiled and volunteered a “Hi neighbor. I thought it was about time I introduced myself, I’m Amber Webber and, well I just wanted to get to know who the good looking guy was who lives next door.”

I had to smile at that compliment because I had to be at least twenty years older than she was. I wanted to say something stupid about her eyesight, but decided to drop it. I just answered with a compliment of my own about having such an attractive new neighbor and paused to stare at her.

There was a short silence as we took notice of each other. It was a bit awkward but it only takes moments to assess a person. She was probably no more than nineteen or twenty years old. She stood about five feet two or three inches and couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred or so pounds. She had shoulder length hair and it was roped into a pigtail laced with some sort of silver cord. Her hair was a dark chestnut red and her features were a perfect replica of the Venus Di Milo except she was complete with arms.

Her jeans must have been wet when she put them on and shrunk to fit her petite body. Those low things that seem to be held up by her hips. Her blouse was white, and tied at the waist permitting me to see a slender body with breasts probably not much more than a B or C cup. Low cut so she obviously wore no bra because it would have shown thru the thin fabric.

Since she wore sunglasses I couldn’t see her eyes and I just had to imagine what they must look like. Because of her “peaches and cream complexion”, I figured probably blue. I’m not very good at small talk and almost breathed a sigh of relief when she began to pick up the conversation.

“Actually, I know quite a bit about you Rick. I had a chat with a stewardess on the airline between the Netherlands and the states. She told me a lot about you and about your problem and I really think that’s awesome. She bragged about you and showed me your picture and all. You are so much like my stepfather that I simply had to meet you. My only love was my stepfather and he passed away nineteen months and three days ago, just after I turned eighteen.”

“I don’t enjoy the company of people my age so I simply had to meet you. I don’t like young guys, they’re egotistical Asses and the girls are just a bunch of giddy idiots who have nothing on their mind except putting each other down and trying to get some jock to lay them. I guess it’s pretty obvious that I like older men isn’t it? ”

“I guess,” I answered. Than as an afterthought I asked, “you haven’t given up on looking have you?” I had sort of meant it as a joke but she stared at me as if I had slapped her in the face and replied.

“No I haven’t, but he’s got to be perfect for me. I don’t settle for second best.” Than she reached out her hand and took mine and gave me a slight tug and in a low voice whispered, “come on I’ll show you around my new house. I’ve had it customized so it is perfect for me.”

On the way over to her place I wondered how much Inga, my friend who she must have met on the plane, had told her on the plane about my priapism. For me it was just something I had to live with but for most of my girl friends it was something special. Oh well, I thought, it’s not something that too many people know about and its not a real bother.

Than she moved closer to me and squeezed my hand again. Now she was almost welded to me.

“You smell good,” she commented. “Me?” I answered, “all sweaty and wet? and with no shirt on? That’s the first time anyone has ever given me a compliment like that,” I chuckled. Her only response was to swing her hip so it shoved me slightly off balance.

Opening the door she began to give me the tour. I asked polite questions, gave compliments and than suddenly it dawned on me that this was a house designed more in a mans taste rather than a woman’s. Dark bold furniture, wooden floors of planked teak, and even the shelves held things, which a man might select. The living room was complete with a fireplace and was the only room with wall to wall carpeting.

Than she took me to the master bedroom. Her bedroom. It was the only room in the house that was decorated in a manner that a woman might choose.

The king sized bed looked feminine with its frilly covering. It had a light airy atmosphere with light and dainty furniture that would be typical of a woman’s bedchamber. The room was enormous and where the vanity area would normally be was a sunken tub surrounded with black marble inlaid flooring.

“My god,” I commented. “It must take two water heaters to supply water for that thing.” She squeezed my hand again and swung almost around to face me.

“It does. We should try it out together some time don’t you think?” She asked.

“That would be interesting”, I commented.

“I should warn you she continued, I’m an unpredictable and totally crazy woman so don’t be too shocked when you learn that I spend most of my time indoors, totally nude. You’ll get used to me.”

There were two odd things about the area around the tub, or Jacuzzi whichever you prefer to call it. One was a full size statue of Adonis, complete with an erection slightly out of proportion and erect. It stood in one corner, and the other was a beam of black onyx that extended like a sloping ramp from one wall down to the floor. It was about eight inches wide with well-rounded edges and it was about six feet long but extended upwards at an angle.

Before I could ask what was it, she went over and sort of leaned against it with her back on it. “See”, she explained than standing up again she straddled it in the other direction and again simply said: “or this way. This way I can do a lot of things that might shock you. I have some toys that I can use with it”

I noticed that as she was straddling the ramp, facing it that way, her thighs were spread invitingly apart.

Back in the living room she asked, “what do you drink Rick?”

I had forgotten that she had spoken with Inga and was momentarily taken back when she used my first name.

“Beer, or vodka. I guess, if I want to get into trouble, a white Russian,” I confessed.

“Why in trouble?” She asked. I think I blushed as I confessed.

“I sort of get amorous when I have a few of those,” and I chuckled back.

“Good, than I’ll have to look it up and get in a stock but I think we’ll have to go with the vodka for now. A screwdriver or gimlet?” she asked.

“A gimlet would be fine for now,” I responded.

I sat on one of the two stools before the bar and she leaned back with her elbows on the rail. She was forcing her breasts to rub against the sheer fabric of her blouse and I watched her nipples begin to expand. They had been hard points before, but now they were really noticeable and hard.

She just looked into my face for a moment, than commented. “You have a really sexy voice, Rick. It sends chills down my spine and to other places just listening to you speak. Actually I’m getting wet right now.”

“Oh,” I answered. “Um hum,” she whispered as she tipped the glass to her lips. She swallowed, than ran the tip of her tongue around her lips and gave me a coy smile. “Very sexy!” she continued.

“Come on I’ll show you the special room. It’s on he other side of the house. Actually it began as the guest bedroom but I decided that it would be a special room just for my pleasure. I call it the “chamber. “You’ll know why,” she giggled.

She swung the door open, exposing a room more on the masculine side than even the remainder of the house had been. Now standing there with her small hand tightly gripping my arm she pressed close to me.

Adorning the walls were mirrors and on the wall at the foot of a low bed was a very large TV embedded in the wall. A CD player was located just below the screen. The wall on either side of the bed were of crude hewn oak with beams extending from the floor to the ceiling and had rings screwed into several of them, almost giving the feeling of an old-fashioned barn interior or some log cabin.

The room was lit by gas scones attached to the walls, which ignited by simply turning on a wall switch. It was eerie to watch the light flickering on the walls giving one the feeling of being in some dungeon or cellar of some old house.

Off to one side was a short bench. Perhaps four feet long and perhaps two feet wide and covered in lambskin. In one corner there were several cartons stacked, probably unopened yet.

“Like it”, she asked?

“Well its certainly different,” I answered. I moved to sit on the bed and found it to be very firm, almost hard. The three inch thick mattress was encased in dark blue silk or sateen fabric. Almost too firm to be comfortable to sleep on but I’d slept on harder beds in the military. Laying back I could see several hooks attached to the beams across the ceiling.

She smiled and as she knelt on the mattress next to me she swung to face me, pressed her breasts against my chest and looking down into my face cooed.

“You’re like daddy! You’re making me wet and hot.” Than she unbuttoned her blouse and lay across my bare chest, dragging her erect nipples back and forth as if teasing herself.

“God how I want you Rick. I really need you!” Than she pressed her lips to mine, and clamping her teeth down, bit my lower lip. It wasn’t just a nip but a really hard bite and than she broke contact and scrunching down, licking a warm path down to my chest as she slid her hand to my crotch and grasping my cock thru the fabric, clutched it hard, and straddled my thigh and began to sort of hump it.

Than unexpectedly her lips found my little nipples and she began to suckle them. I was getting close to an erection and almost had to drag her off. She lay next to me panting and with a little pout, whispered in a sweet childish voice, “Please. I want it! I need you!”

“Lets refill these drinks,” I quickly suggested.

“In a while she gasped. Right now I want to feel your warm chest under me. Than almost as an afterthought she whispered, “I’m going to have you, you know?”

I again suggested a drink, and she looking a bit disappointed as she got off me.

“Oh OK,” she answered, “but that’s not going to help me any. Say, what’s your telephone number Rick? Just in case of an emergency we should exchange numbers…”

Over another drink, I wrote my number down for her and she gave me hers. “Want to go swimming honey?” She asked.

“I really have things I need to do and it’s getting late, perhaps another time would be better, besides I’m sweaty and a total mess,” I explained. She just smiled and in that damn sexy voice whispered, “tomorrow than, but that’s a promise isn’t it?”

I nodded yes, and quickly left.

I had to admit to myself that she was getting to me. But I kept reminding myself; She’s only a kid. She has the mind of an adult, but the body of a teenager. And what’s all this crap about her daddy being her one true love. I decided to try and just forget her for now and get ready for my dinner date.

I got home around eleven after dropping my date for the evening, off at her house. Than undressed for bed. I was just ready to turn out the lights when the phone rang. Picking it up I heard Amber’s voice softly whisper.

“Rick? I waited for you to get home, and I know you’re tired, but can you help me?”

“How,” I asked, thinking a toilet was overflowing or some other emergency had come up.

“I need you to just talk to me,” she answered.

“Just talk to you? What do you need to talk about? How can talking help you?”

“Just let me hear your voice,” she almost gasped.

“That’s crazy Amber. How’s that going to help you?”

“Do you know what I’m doing right now?” She asked. No I responded. ” I’m laying here nude on my bed and masturbating but I need some help. It’s not working very well without you,” she went on.

“You’re kidding,” I responded. “No Rick, I just need to hear your voice and I get so wet that my sheet get slippery spots on it.”

“Hell Amber, what do you want me to talk about?” I questioned. I could hear her breathing hard as she barely gasped out, “SEX. Talk to me about sex. Tell me how you want to make love to me and what you want me to do to you. Are you undressed?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered; “I always sleep in the buff.”

“Are you hard” she gasped? “Not yet.” I answered. “Can you make yourself hard and let me hear you stroking your cock?”

“I can try,” I responded, “but if I do that I’m going to be hard for quite some time.”

“Oh? Yeah, I know about that. It’s your priapism. Blood flows into your penis but not out like it should, so you get and erection that lasts for several hours. That’s awesome she squealed. Inga explained it all to me”

“I have a problem keeping it a secret when I have to go out or something before it goes down.”

“But your home for the night, she whispered, so do it for me while you tell me what you would do to me if we were together right now. And use dirty words too. That really makes me hot and wet.”

And so I began. “I suppose that first I would kiss those warm lips long and tenderly until your mouth opened to suck my tongue inside.”

“Ooooh,” she gasped. I continued, trying to imagine what I would do to her. “Than as my lips plant a warm pattern of kisses across your cheek to your ear. I would let you feel my warm breath on your neck and than slowly work my way down your throat to your breasts.” I heard her gasp, but continued.

“My left hand slowly moves down to your thighs and I feel you spread your legs as wide apart as possible. Now I’m slowly caressing your pussy, just teasing the outer lips as they become swollen and engorged. My lips continue to move across your breasts and brush against your erect nipples. First one than the other.”

The silence on the other end of the line was broken by her voice. “I’ve never had a cock in me. Tell me how you’d fuck me. Tell me how it would feel to me. Tell me about what you do to your other girls. Tell me what you do to the stewardess. She thinks your going to make her go crazy if she keeps going out with you.”

So I went on telling her the things I did with Inga. The long hours of sucking and licking her pussy until she would start begging me to drive my shaft deep in and begin to plunge it in and draw it out. Slowly at first. Than the inevitable cried plea to go faster and deeper until she bucked up and orgasmed over my shaft. The phone remained quiet except for occasional low sobs. Than she came back on and groaned. “I’m up to six Rick. Let me hear you stroking your cock. Make it wet so I can hear it.” I have to admit that by now I was hard and wet but I reached for some KY and began to stroke it so that it sounded really wet and held the phone down there so she could hear. I had the speaker phone on by now and we could hear each other. I could hear her sliding something in and out of her pussy and at the same time she could hear me. Later I decided that she was using her fingers, driving them in and out, making salacious wet sounds.

Suddenly she began to cry out and yell. “Yessssss, yes. Oh yessssss! Rick I’m gonna cum again. God your making me crazy. Cum with me. I want to hear you cum for me. Tell me when it spurts. Tell me how much, Tell meeeeeeeeeeee NOWWWWWWWWW! I’M CUMMMMMMMMING NOW CUM WITH MEEEEEE!”

I lied. I wasn’t near to cumming yet but I told her what she wanted to hear. I did tell her what it looks like when I do cum. How far I spurt, how thick and warm it is, and how much. I answered all her questions and listened to her sobbing. Than there was a long pause and she asked.

“Can you cum again for me? I can cum again for you if you want.”

I just continued telling her how I would lay on top of her and slowly slide my cock in and out, how I would drag my shaft up so it caressed and tormented her clit and I listened to her have another orgasm.

Than she said, “Enough. Wait until I get my vibrator. My hands tired. Just go on Rick, I can cum more if you tell me how your going to fuck me. Please! I’ll be a good girl.”

An hour more of this and I finally did feel my body begin to respond to my constant stroking and her sobbing pleas. “gonna cum for you Amber! Here it comes. TAKE IT NOW! SHOOOOTING IT FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUU!” Than as my balls tucked tightly against my body I sent at least six or seven jets of milky cum erupting up, only to splatter on my chest.

“she cried out. In my mouth Rick. Fill my mouth with your cum. Fuck my mouth. I want to swallow all of it. It’s mine. Give it to me. OOOOOOOOOhhhhh my god I’m cumming again for you!” Than just her heavy breathing and nothing more.

That brought me back to reality and I whispered, “Good night my treasure, go to sleep now for daddy”, and hung up. It seemed that now I was playing a different role in my life. That of daddy to a nymphomaniac….

The next afternoon

The phone call came. “I’m ready she whispered in a low sexy voice. Bring that body over and we can try the pool out. My nipples really get hard and stand up in the cold water.”

With that sort of an invitation and with visions of seeing her again and but this time in the nude, running thru my mind I took a few seconds to straighten things up at home and I went over. She met me at the door and true to her promise she was stark naked. The two things I immediately noticed were the fact that she was clean shaven and with her sun glasses off, I could see that her eyes were the palest blue and seemed to sparkle. She led me to the back and on the back porch had me strip in front of her. Than we both slid into the pool.

True to her word, her breasts did react to the soothing cool water and pink nipples suddenly emerged on each beautifully sculpted breast. We fooled around for about fifteen minutes before we both decided to call it quits and go inside. A thunder storm was threatening and a pool isn’t the best place to be.

Once inside we toweled off and she curled up at one end of the couch. Tucking her legs under her, I sat on the arm rest and began to dry her hair with a towel and brush.

she began her story.

“I don’t remember too much about my mother except those few flashbacks people have occasionally as young adults. My father died before I was born. I was a difficult baby and often had colic and was very cranky while teething. When I was about two, mom remarried.

My step dad was German. His name was Karl and he turned out to be the best thing that could ever happen to either mom or me. At this point I should tell you that whenever mom would bathe me I would calm down and become very passive. She discovered that when she powdered me I would quiet down and soon it became obvious that the gentle application of baby powder to my little pee pee hole would pacify me.

From that point on it became the pacifier of choice whenever I was upset or agitated. When mom passed away, that was when I was four, I was still being put to bed each evening with a tender and loving powder caress. After she was gone daddy wouldn’t continued the ritual. But by than I had learned to play with myself whenever I was upset.

Now I found myself looking forward to going to bed and would wait until he came up to give me a kiss goodnight before I would begin to masturbate. He was all I ever thought about as I would stroke myself to sleep.

I soon learned that I could use the oil while daddy was at work and get the same feeling, but I never told him because he might make me stop. Soon I was doing it six or seven times a day.

By the time I was twelve I was beginning to grow fuzzy hair on my little cunny and I began to shave myself while daddy was at work. Up until than I had never put anything inside my vagina, I always played on the outside and on my little clit.

I don’t remember exactly when but one night after he had kissed me good night, I reached down and continued stroking myself longer than usual. Suddenly I remember going rigid and sobbing, as the feeling suddenly got so strong that I nearly passed out.

After that I never was satisfied with just stroked and when I asked daddy what had happened, he finally explained the whole thing to me. He didn’t seem upset with me but he just said it was something that I shouldn’t talk about with other people. But he never told me that it was bad or to stop.

Now I was discussing sex with the other girls at school and learned new words and different ways to do it. It seems that they did it too but never when their mother or father was around. I learned about putting things inside me, and all that.

I had an electric toothbrush that I would put inside me. I mean the handle. It would shake a lot but it felt best if I pushed it in and pulled it out real fast and used my other hand to play with my clitty. The handle was almost an inch thick and when I came, the muscles in my little cunny would squeeze hard on it, and the feeling was really awesome. So much better than when I came without it.

By now I was sixteen and a half and than something happened one night that almost drove me crazy. Susanne was baby-sitting me and I had been put to bed and was waiting for daddy to come home.

That night I heard him come in and I expected him to pay Susanne for babysitting me as he usually does, than come up to check on me and give me my kiss goodnight. But that night I heard Susanne and daddy having a sort of argument.

I went to the top of the stairs where I could see the living room but stay hidden in the dark. Susanne had made some drinks for dad and as he sipped on one I heard Susanne telling him that she wanted him to do something to her.

She was telling him that she had stolen some of dad’s papers and wouldn’t return them unless he did as she asked. Daddy kept saying no, that she was only eighteen and too young but she kept after him. Finally I heard him ask if it would be only this once and if she would promise not to tell anyone and return the papers.

She promised, than reached down and took the sweater she was wearing, off.

Susanne has titties about a C cup so she wears a bra. She reached in back and unfastened it and shrugged it off. Susanne’s breasts stand out nice and her nipples were already hard. They were sort of like dark pink pencil erasers and the round aureoles around them are a little darker pink.

Dad just stood there and watched her and took another sip from his drink. Susanne had kicked her loafers off earlier so now she just unfastened the zipper on the side of her white short shorts and wiggled them over her hips and onto the floor. I was surprised because she wore no panties.

Now I could see her pretty good but only when she turned towards the stairs, could I see her cunt. She must shave herself too because she had a smooth, puffy pussy and it was shining a little as if she had put baby oil on it or something.

Than she sort of turned her back to me and slowly unbuttoned daddy’s shirt, and helped him take that off. Than she tugged at his belt and unzipped the front of his slacks. Now she knelt and wiggled them down his legs so he could step out of them. Daddy wears these lo-rise shorts and I could see the bulge of his cock tightly packed up inside. Susanne was still on her knees as she pulled them down and daddy’s cock sort of sprung out and hung down.

I knew all about how men and girls make love and the things that they do to each other. That’s a favorite subject with the girls at school, so when she took daddy’s cock in the palm of her hand and put it in her mouth I knew that that was called giving head.

Her face moved towards him than back away. I was surprised at how fast she could do it and suddenly she let daddy’s cock go and it slid out with a slurping sound. It had swollen up a lot and stuck out in front of him like it sometimes did when I saw him taking his shower.

Than she began to tell him what to do. He put the empty glass on the bar and came back to her. “Suck my tits,” she ordered.

Daddy put his hands on her shoulders and I watched him bend his head down and lift her breasts up than he put his lips over her tit. First the left one, than the other. Back and forth, first one, than the other, over and over again and now Susanne was beginning to moan and sob.

Than she moved closer to daddy and she pushed her pussy against his thigh and rub it up and down. She was smearing her wetness on him and I could see it sort of shining in the pale light of the living room.

“Oh god Mr. Webber, your good. Keep sucking but put your fingers in me now!”

Daddy let one hand drop to her thigh and I think he was putting his fingers up inside her pussy because now she began to make sort of gurgling noises and moan.

She kept repeating over and over, “yes, yes, oh yessssss. My god Mr. Webber. Fuck my pussy with your fingers.”

Daddy did this for a couple of minutes and than she began to make noises while sobbing bad words.

“Oh shit, fuck me good…….. Mr. Webberrrrrrr ram your fingers deep in my cunt… Oh shit, I’m cumming…. Deeper! Faster!

And suddenly she threw her arms around daddy’s neck and hung on as her knees began to buckle.

Than she gasped… “The couch. Let me lie on the couch while you eat me.”

Daddy pulled away and helped her to the couch. She lay down with her head on the armrest, put one leg over the back and the other on the floor. Now daddy knelt down on the rug and put his mouth over her pussy. I couldn’t see what he was doing but she began to swear and cry out as she pinched and rubbed each of her titties.

“There! Right There! Oh My God that’s good.”

All the time I watched I was playing with my little clit and was lurching back and forth as I orgasmed over and over. I wanted to scream each time I came, but couldn’t. I pressed each foot hard against the wall on either side of the hallway and stuck two fingers deep inside my pussy. It always felt better when I came with something filling me up, but I didn’t want to go get my brush so I just used my fingers.

Again Susanne began to writhe and twist, her back arched up and suddenly she threw her head back and squealed words that got lost in her climaxes. Suddenly she stretched her arms out wide as if she were drowning and clutched the couch until her knuckles turned white, than she heaved her hips upward and began to vibrate as if some electric current were coursing thru her body.

Than she collapsed and for one short moment she just screamed………

“Fuck me I’m a whore! Deeper Mr. Webber, ooooooh god Karl I need it again!” and suddenly she began to beat on the back of daddy’s head forcing him to push his face harder into her pussy………


And almost as quickly as it began she tossed her head back and moaned lowly as she went limp….

Daddy was angry. I could tell because he wasn’t being as tender as he usually is. He pulled his face from her pussy and standing up he grabbed her breast and twisted her nipple.

“You damn slut. You want something to remember? Don’t ever try to blackmail me. Spread that cunt open and get ready because your going to get what you need and more!”

She just rolled her head back and forth and sobbed. “Fuck me, for god’s sake, fuck me Mr. Webber.” And than daddy dragged her up and made her kneel on the couch with her arms folded on the back and her head resting on them. I watched him move up to her backside than thrust forward. I could see her body lurch forward as he rammed his cock into her dripping pussy, than draw it back only to ram it back in. Again and again, in and out, in and out and now she began to move her ass back to meet his thrusts.

I could hear his thighs slam against her ass and I watched as she began to respond again. Now her head lifted and she looked back over her shoulder as daddy quickened his thrusting.

“OOOOOOOH FUCK ME!” She cried out.

She was going crazy now. I have never seen a person twisting and turning like that. She was begging and pleading and the room suddenly was filled with a salacious sound as his shaft plunged in and out. Than she tried to straighten up. Her knees were still on the couch but her back went rigid and she lifted up. Still daddy drove his cock in and out.

I was going frantic watching and tormenting my own clit as I watched. It had swollen from its normal size like a pea to a point where it felt as large as a grape or larger and it was so sensitive that merely brushing my fingers over its hot surface sent me into awesome convulsions. I was awestruck by how hard he was fucking her and she was almost screaming for more until she again went rigid and seemed to pass out.

Daddy wouldn’t stop. He grabbed her by her hair and sat her down on the couch and commanded. “Want to suck me you little blackmailing slut? Than lets see what you can do with this.”

Than she grabbed daddy’s cock and drove it into her mouth sucking so hard that I could hear the slurping sounds echo thru the living room. After about five minutes daddy looked down at her and pulled his cock out.

“You need help?” he growled at her and he took his hard cock in his hand and began to run his fist up and down it. She stayed kneeling in front of him.

Suddenly daddy gasped. “Here it comes bitch. You want it?”

She nodded yes and opened her mouth wide. Than daddy moaned and shoved it forward. Susanne quickly grabbed it at it’s base and her lips closed around it’s head. Daddy sort of swayed forward about four or five times always yelling, “Take it! Take it! Drink it you little slut.

And I watched her throat contract as she swallowed. Finally daddy yanked it out of her mouth and I watched a thick ribbon of milky stuff run down her lower lip, across her chin and form a thin thread as it dripped onto her tit. She opened her mouth to show daddy something, than swallowed again and now began to rub the stuff across her breast.

Daddy turned and reached for another glass and leaning back against the bar asked her: “Is that what you wanted? Had enough?”

She stumbled to her feet and took the two paces that separated them from one another and I heard her tell him, “Lay down on the carpet. On your back. I want it my way.” So daddy put his glass down and lay on the rug next to the sofa and I watched her straddle daddy and work his limp cock up into her cunt.

At first she sort of lifted and than sat back down. Again and again but now I could see that daddy was getting hard again. Than she leaned forward and put her outstretched hands on daddy’s chest and began to sort of move her pussy forward than backwards. Not really lifting up but sort of just sliding up his tummy and back. She was rubbing her pussy against daddy’s tummy and very quickly she began to huff and breath hard and suddenly I saw her hands fold into claws as she clutched daddy’s shoulders and she let out a long moaning sigh and suddenly fell forward. Daddy let her lay there for a minute than he put his arms around her waist and rolled on top of her. Than he grabbed her hips and pulled her up so her ass was sticking in the air and she was kneeling. She wiggled her ass back and forth as if waiting, than I saw daddy side his glistening hard cock inside her pussy.

Than he pulled it out, held it up and shove it hard into Suzie’s ass. She squealed and rocked forward, than seemed to recover and pushed back.

“Fuck my ass Mr. Webber. Fuck it good for me,” she screeched back over her shoulder. And daddy began to take really long strokes, almost coming out before he would ram it back in. She was going frantic and seemed to be crying and drooling at the same time. Than daddy grabbed her hips and pulled her back hard and I heard him tell her: “Take it you little whore. Take another load of cum up your tight little ass you bitch,” and again daddy did those sudden jerks forward and Suzie joined in and began crying out.


Ten minutes later they had cleaned up, dressed and finished their drinks. Daddy paid her for babysitting me and she returned the stolen papers than left.

I crept back to bed, my pussy throbbing and wet and quickly fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I relived the scene of last night and felt both a hunger for my daddy and a hate for Susanne. It was than that I planned to coerce daddy into fucking me that way and devise a plan to get even with Susanne.

The next night I told daddy what I had seen. He went white, than accepted the situation. But when I told him that I wanted him to do all those things to me. He shook his head no and explained that daddys can’t do that to their children and that I wasn’t eighteen yet. They would take me away from him if he did that. We argued and finally it was decided that I would have to wait until I was eighteen, but since he wasn’t my real daddy it would probably be all right to do than.

One week later daddy was killed in an airplane crash, and I was sent to Sweden to attend a girl’s finishing school there. Until I was eighteen I was taught to be a lady, to apply my makeup properly and all the social graces a young lady should know.

The most important things I learned weren’t on the curriculum. They were the things the other girls there taught me and we learned together. I confirmed that I am not a lesbian by making love to two or three of the other girls. I could get off when they went down on me, but I couldn’t get excited when I returned the favor, but than when really horny even straight girls will do things with girls.

I learned what toys are available to satisfy my hunger to cum, which ones worked and which were a waste of money and time. I think that between all the girls there we tried everything on the market. We would trade off and have discussions.

Than on the plane back to the states I met Inga and learned about you. She went into a lot of detail about the things you do to her and how you can go on for hours. It was soon after that I hired an agency to locate you and you know the rest. Now I’m your neighbor.

I finished drying her hair and went to get the drinks she had made from the bar. I had never had a drink quite as good, nor as strong as those in the pitcher. I sipped it, not saying much, when she took my hand as a child might take its fathers, and led me to her “chamber.”

The room was warm. Too warm I thought, but considering that we were both completely nude, perhaps it was for a reason. Kiss me she whispered in a hushed tone, than have me any way you please.

She had positioned herself on that thin mattress with her legs straight down and her arms at her sides, her head rested on a pillow and she had spread that mane of shining chestnut hair out so it formed a halo around her face. Her body seemed so small and petite, yet so perfect in form and proportion that I marveled at it as I sat on the mattress next to her. I reached over her to support myself and bent my head to bring my lips to hers. She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and drew my face down. Our lips met and she instantly parted them forcing my own lips to follow. Tentatively the tip of her tongue entered my mouth, and instinct coupled with a passion I had rarely felt compelled me to suck it in to my waiting mouth. So tenderly and yet with an urgency I couldn’t fathom, I sucked and felt her tongue begin to move. It darted in than out and I responded by pressing my own tongue against hers, forcing it to return as my own tongue moved into her mouth.

For long moments our tongues dueled and a kiss that should have lasted no longer that a minute or two was fervently going on and on. My tongue drew warm wet caresses around and round the soft inner surface of her lips and her body began to respond. Her clutching grasp around my neck tightened and I was forced to bring my bare chest down so that it brushed against the now erect nipples that crowned her small firm breasts.

Like two erect yet gentle points of fire she gently rocked them teasingly back and forth across my chest and I had to break the kiss and move on to more intimate areas. Now my lips traced a pattern of warm wet kisses across her cheek, along her chin and to her ear. Spending fleeting moments there I let my mouth kiss its way down the side of her neck to that hollow that lay between her shoulder and her neck. Delving into more erotically arousing areas of her body. She hissed: “Yesssssssssssssss, oh yesssssssssssss.”

I licked and sucked, than let my tongue lap at her ear and my lips clamped down. Again her breath was drawn in, and she began to pant. Moving my mouth down across her throat I lapped upwards to her chin than back down. Letting my right hand trace the outline of her flat tummy I let it wander down to her inner thighs as my mouth continued to paint a pattern of wet kisses over to her right breast as my left hand began to gently roll her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She squealed.

Arriving at her now hard and swollen nipple I teased the areole around it, causing it to be studded with an array of small bumps. It had already begun to puff up and swell causing it to bring her nipple upward to protrude atop the hot pink cone. The other was responding in the same way to my constant squeezing and gentle tugging of my fingers

As my other hand continued to gently skim over the inner thighs of her soft flesh I felt the trembling ripple of her muscles as she tensed, than tried to lift her moist pussy upwards to meet my probing fingers.

Now she began to writhe and twist. Sometimes lifting up, and suddenly dropping down. Her words began as simple pleas for me to make her cum, but soon began to change to loud gasps of vulgarities swinging from English to German. Shrieks of guttural pleas echoed thru the warm room. “Yesssssssss Oh fuck yessssss. Lick me! My god let me cum. Daddy, don’t stop me! Let me cum for you.” I was aware of a transformation so subtle, so vague that it almost went unnoticed.

At this point I was almost forced to stop dragging my teeth along her hard nipples and kiss my way down to her pussy. The hot humid heat rose from now puffy vaginal lips and filled my nostrils with the urgent odor of a woman in heat.

I moved lower to tease her pussy. It was amazing to actually watch it’s transformation. It began with a smooth almost juvenile vaginal slit that was almost peach in it’s color and texture. But as I began to draw the tip of my tongue up and down their outer surfaces, their size and color immediately began to change.

They began to swell and now appeared almost twice their original size, their color too had become a hot pink and they were no longer the soft spongy texture of minutes earlier. Now they were firm and weeping clear viscose fluid from between the cleft separating them.

I couldn’t continue to torment the outer surfaces and began to let the tip of my tongue delve lower. First I dragged my tongue up from the base to the apex of her inner lips. Gently working from one side to the other. Like the petals of a rose, they were small and thin. The color of dusty pink rose petals, but as I continued to flick my tongue over them they thickened and grew until now they peeked out of the cleft between her outer lips.

Her clit, which I had meticulously avoided and only whisked the tip of my tongue around and around, was no longer the size of a pea but now had swollen to perhaps the size of a small purple grape, no longer able to hide within its sheath

She was transformed from the sweet innocent girl I had begun with. She now was a woman who was desperately trying to satisfy her addiction to sex. The soft sobs and quiet moans had turned to more demanding commands.


I knew she was about to cum because her clit suddenly withdrew and lost it’s hardness. That always seems to happen just before a woman cums. I stopped and lifted my head to look at her face. The muscles in her neck were visibly straining as she looked down at me. Her mouth opened as she moaned, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh my god Rick don’t do this to me. It’s so close…………… Oh shit just suck me a little more. Damn you. Put your fingers in me. Twist them. I’m your girl, do you want me to die?”

I had to smile to myself. I had her and I knew it. I could get hard anytime now and ride her for the next three or four hours and listen to her repeatedly beg for me to let her cum again and again.

My enjoyment is a little perverse. I enjoy getting a woman to the point of passing out with anxiety before letting her orgasm but this girl was exceptional…… At times a little lady, and now a screaming, begging little girl. I lowered my head to rekindle her need and she very quickly began to respond.

Now I was moving on to more interesting pleasures. I again moved my mouth to her now swollen and engorged pussy. Using both hands I drew her outer lips apart and was greeted by those two thin inner lips. No longer thin and that soft pink in color, they now were thickened and a torrid purple.

I gently inserted first one than another finger into her weeping vaginal opening and forcing them in all the way, curled them up under her clit and began to stroke them firmly against her pelvic bone. Using my two fingers I curved them in a beaconing motion, stroking hard. That forced her clit to protrude from the apex of her pussy and as before, the swollen and glistening surface appeared. Than I stopped teasing around it but began to suck it into my mouth, pursing my lips and forcing its sheath back. Once trapped between my lips I began to flutter my tongue across its smooth and sensitive head…..

Screaming, Now she went insane. I no longer was in control. She suddenly went rigid. Her legs flew wide, Than up in the air, only to drop and than her thighs clamped down tightly on my neck and her hands reached down and forced my mouth hard against her pussy.

Next she began to thrust. In effect fucking my mouth. I was gasping for breath when her first climax hit. I felt her clit draw out of my sucking mouth and the muscles within her vagina contracted hard. No longer pulsating as before, they clamped hard on my fingers, even as I tried to continue my stroking.

With a screech that sounded as though she were being tortured, she came. Ich komme gleich. I’m cumming now. She sobbed and at the same time I felt my whole hand and face suddenly being bathed in a warm oily gush of her fluids. I thought that she had ejaculated. Perhaps she had but I didn’t think so. She was just so damn wet that I nearly couldn’t lick it all up in time.

Than she collapsed. She lay there trying to catch her breath as her breasts heaved up and down. I lifted and knelt between her again spread legs. Smiling down I asked: More? And as quickly she caught her breath, and groaned, “Oh yeah, Oh yeah mein schatze I want more and more. I know all about you and your cock and how long you can last. Now I need a little more of that long tongue of yours so drink me she gasped.”

I again bowed to her and rolling my tongue into a sort of tube, found her vaginal opening and thrust it in deeply. She let out a squeal as I pursed my lips around my tongue and began to work it in and out while the index finger and my thumb of my right hand clasped the sheath holding her clit and began to masturbate it as if it were a miniature penis.

She went crazy. She bucked up, heaved with her shoulders pressed against the mat and her heels dug in at the foot of the mat she arched her back and screeched as she began to approach another orgasm.

“Yes, Yes, OOOOOOOOOh god ja, ja, Give it to me. Gib es mir jetzt! Give it to me now! Yesssssssss Ich komme gleich. I’m Cumming nowwwwwwwwww.”

Now I understood why the mat was so firm. Were it as soft as a bed I would never have been able to hold her down so firmly. She was insatiable. She was in a frenzy that took her to a world that wasn’t real. All she wanted or needed was to live in this surrealistic world of orgasmic satisfaction.

Again she thrust up and again she splattered my face and tongue with the thick oily fluid of her making. She lifted her head than banged it back down. Again and again.

Her back arching up as her legs shook and quivered as if she were having convulsions. I could see her long hair flailing in the air each time she thru her head up and heard the hard thud as the back of her head slammed against the mat.

She was having orgasms that lasted far longer than a normal female should be able to endure; perhaps fifteen or twenty seconds each. And that incessant moaning, “yes, oooooooooh yes! Please! I’m good! I’ll be a good girl.” Than the total collapse as she lay there, her breasts heaving and still the low moaning.

My face was covered with that slippery fluid and running my tongue around my lips I could taste the distinct flavor of her body. I lifted up and knelt now looking down at her. Her face was angelic the way she stared into my eyes. Her eyes were a pale blue. I had never really noticed exactly how pale they seemed before, but they fluttered as if just waking up and she gasped.

“Fantastic my sweetheart. You are fantastic. She gasped out. Now I want what I’ve been saving up for. I’m going to lose my virginity. I want you take me! If I beg you to stop, ignore me. Don’t stop until you want. I want you to rape me. Take me every way you’ve ever taken a woman and than more. Fuck my cunt, my mouth, my po, er….ass. Shoot your warm cum on me. Make me lap it up. Everything that’s possible.” Than she rolled over and sticking her fingers thru two slots near the top of the mattress she drew out a wide leather strap. She placed a pillow just above the slots and drew the leather strap out so it stretched across her throat and re-entered the other slot. In effect she was securing her head to the mattress using a sort of strap across her throat. It was slightly loose but if she tried to raise her head ever so slightly, it would choke her.

Now spreading her arms out as if being secured to a cross she again spoke.

“My wrists. Use the cuffs and capture my wrists.” I obeyed and cinched them securely.

“What about your legs,” I asked. “No, she answered, you’ll be able to control them. Now lick me and suck me until I’m wet and dripping. Use that plug on the stand over there and slide it into my po. Use the Vaseline and I’ll be able to take it.”

With that I stood up and fetched the butt plug and lubed it up and returned. She dug her heels into the mattress and lifted up and pulled her knees up against her breasts.

“Now slip it in!” I had no trouble working it in past her sphincter until it was captured within her. “OOOOOOOooooohhh she sighed…… Now Rick. Rape me! Force me to suck your cock until its rigid and hard than tell me that I’m your whore and tell me what you want to do to me. Do it!” Thus far I had managed not to get an erection. I knew that once it began I would have no alternative but to go on until I was satisfied again and again. I gave her one last chance. “Do you know what will happen if I let you make me hard?”

“OOOOOOOOhhhhhh Yessssssss,” she answered.

So I straddled her and rested the back of my thighs on her erect nipples and fed my shaft slowly into her open mouth. To be honest she wasn’t very good at this but being a quick study she learned to breath between thrusts and not to gag. It took perhaps ten minutes for my cock to be fully swollen and now it began to increase in girth. This seemed to frighten her.

I pulled it out to let her get a breath and between heaving gasps for air she commented.

“MY Goddddd. YOU’RE SO THICK.”.

Over the years my shaft never grew longer, but wider as it expanded to accommodate the inrush of blood. Are you ready Amber? Her only response was a simple statement. :FUCK ME!”

I worked my way back down and knelt between her thighs. Her legs flew apart and lifted, presenting me with her hot swollen pussy. I took hold of my cock and directed it to the wet cleavage between the two purple petals of her inner lips and slowly leaned over her. . If it were true, and she had never had a man’s cock in her vagina, she might be alarmed. There’s considerable difference between a dildo or a strap-on than the warm penetration I was about to present.

She had admitted that she felt full with two of her fingers deep inside her pussy, and even the handle of her electric toothbrush was not quite the same, so I moved as gently as I could. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I was beginning to have feelings for this young woman. It would have forced me to admit that I could care about someone and for a bachelor that’s disaster. So I pressed the gland of my shaft between the already turgid folds of her inner lips.

Slowly, ever so cautiously I let the head of my cock spread her and just take the tip inside. A soft patina of perspiration now covered her body. Slowly I drew it out and gently returned it. Slowly and meticulously I began to enter.

The profuse flow of her wetness eased what could have been a very painful and uncaring rape. Gently I began to sway my hips forward and drew back, all the time watching the apprehensive expression on her face.

In and out, back and forth. A little deeper with each entry, than the withdrawal. Her mouth hung open as she gasped for air. Gently, I reminded myself, be gentle. Deeper, still deeper. Only the head of my cock could feel the resistance of her constricting vaginal muscles. It seemed as though she were clamping down as if trying to keep my shaft from penetrating her. I had two alternatives. Continue to try and tease my cock in or press more firmly, more demandingly into her hot body. I guess my decision was a bit of each.

Now I stopped drawing back but held the soft hot purple head of my cock hard against her tight opening and kept the pressure directed in. Than as if she realized what I was doing she lifted her ass up trying to align my hard cock with her cervix.

Suddenly I felt my entire shaft enter. She opened her mouth and whimpered a low gasp. I was now buried deep inside her. It was as if the last piece of some puzzle were in place. She held still and now breathing hard she began to smile.

“It’s in! She sobbed. You’re all the way in…. God you’re big. So thick. Rick? Do it! Fuck me and shoot your hot sperm deep in me. I’m being a good girl for you. PLEEEEEESE fuck me hard and deep. Tell me when you want to cum so I can cum with you and mix together with you. Just you and I, mixing together.”

I slid up over her body. This put my chin about at the top of her head. Now by taking short jabbing strokes I was forcing her tight vagina to cling tightly to the walls of my cock. When I forced my shaft in, it pulled the hot walls of her inner lips in with me. This tugged the sheath that held her clit to move in with each stroke. In and out, in and out. Within moments she was screaming and whimpering as I swung like a pendulant in and out.

She was wet. For a moment I feared that I might have hurt her and she was bleeding but lifting up and looking down as my cock plunged in and out with a thumping sound I could see a torrent of her slippery wetness gushing out around my driving shaft. It was being whipped to a milky thick froth and still I drove in and out.

There was no mistaking her next contraction. Her body lifted up, her legs shot up in the air and her body began to jerk and quiver. Than her ass started to bounce against that mat and she heaved up and began to spasm around my driving cock.


Than a brief pause as she squirmed under me and she tugged at her cuffs. One came loose, than the other. Her fingers curled and she clawed at my ass. Her mouth opened and she clamped her teeth hard down on my shoulder as she began to chant.

“Unh, Unh, Unhhhhhhhhhh.” Than with one final gasp her body went limp. Huffing and trying to regain her breath she sobbed. “Don’t stop! Fuck me and shoot your hot cream deep inside my belly. Keep it up damn it! Shoot! Shoot in me! Shoot, Spurt, squirt that hot fucking juice in meeeeeeeeeeee!” If there’s one thing I cant resist its that sort of begging. I suddenly felt my shaft swell and become even more rigid than before. As she writhed under me I felt my first contraction.

Than a second and third, followed again and again. With each thrust I watched her face and began to chant, with each ejaculation.. “Take it! Take it! More! Take my cum! Empty MEEEEE!”

Finally I was completely spent but continued my thrusting, but more rapidly. She must have sensed it too because suddenly she came alive again. She strained against the strap across her throat, effectively strangling herself. Than her ass began to bounce up to meet my driving jabs and she just screamed one long garbled string of commands.


An hour later I lay in her bed and waited for my erection to subside. She lay next to me and had dropped off to sleep almost immediately. A warm bath in a hot tub will do that. But as sleep overtook me I knew that tomorrow would bring another agenda of exciting ways to give her what she had so patiently waited for.

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