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All Tied Up & No Where To Go

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Mr. & Mrs. Edwards were the first couple I met after the agency sent me out on interviews and I had no problem accepting their generous job offer. Being from America I called myself a babysitter, but in my new Kensington neighborhood it was fashionable to have an ‘au pair’ so this became my new title. The deal was pretty good since I got the use of a cute car and a cottage to myself instead of my little flat.

The girls were nice kids and were never a problem and their love settled me in quite easily as their caretaker.

Mr. Edwards is a partner at a very prominent British accounting firm and Mrs. Edwards busies herself with her position with the Royal Trust. Emily and Rachel were adorable little girls and my work with them soon became more of a parental duty to me since they saw more of me than they did their mother. We still have our daily walks and we go to the museums and…well, this isn’t what my story is about.

I have some wild ideas about sex and I have rape fantasies that I write in my diary as idle works of fiction to keep me busy while the girls are at play. My collection of stories is become quite extensive and it runs the gamut from abduction to gothic-style bondage. It’s all stories about places and men I’ve never seen or met and I write it all as if it really happened. And it’s all just fantasy.

My only boyfriend clumsily made love to me a few times before he went off to the Army and then I ended up in England. His lovemaking was brief and as soon as he’d fill the requisite condom he’d pull out of me and then go watch TV. My sex life was as boring as I was. My stories are far more exciting than I am.

Anyways; On certain days of the week I would bring the girls home from the park and we’d find Mr. Edwards home early. One day we came home and he was flushed and out of breath and he gave me the strangest stare, as if there was something on his mind. By the way, this was unusual for such a composed man as Mr. Edwards. Imagine a forty-year-old man with the appearance of Tom Selleck and the demeanor of Laurence Olivier and you’ll have Mr. Edwards. Well, after I got the girls settled down for dinner I went back to my cottage and noticed that some of my diaries were out of order on the bookshelves. I thought nothing of it and just wrote it off to one of the maids being in to dust. The maids are all illiterate Bangladeshi girls so I didn’t worry about them ever reading my stories.

My daily routine never varied for the next three months and then one day Mrs. Edwards tells me of her upcoming trip to Australia to see some archaeological site where the first British house down under was built. Emily and Rachel were to accompany her on the four-week trip and I was to stay home and keep the house open for Mr. Edwards.

The day came that they had to go and I drove them to Heathrow as Mr. Edwards had some important business with someone at 10 Downing Street. Mr. Edwards was very disapproving when I asked him if anyone special lived there. I saw the ladies off at the gate and watched the big jet roll away and get lost in the many planes rolling around the tarmac before I went home.

I had to make the dinner as Mrs. Edwards had let the staff off for her holiday, expecting that I would attend to the household chores since I did not have the girls to care for. When Mr. Edwards came home he was a different person from the stoic man I had become so accustomed to over the previous months. He asked me to set out a plate for myself and join him for dinner and then he went on to tell me about his time with the Prime Minister.

He was glowing as he told me of how the French finance minister was making arrogant demands about how the PM was handling the American Treasury Secretary and, well, he lost me. I paid very close attention to his tale, said, “Oh, no!” at a few key points, and generally tried to hide my vast ignorance of global finance policy.

After dinner we sat in the family room and kept company as the Sky News gave the update on the world and then he flipped to the satellite to watch German news. In the course of all of this he’d poured me a sherry and I never noticed that my glass seemingly had no bottom. He was so accomplished that I never noticed him refilling the glass over and over through the night.

By 10pm I was quite drunk and I fell asleep, or passed out if you wish, on the plush sofa.

* * *

It was the tingling in my hands that woke me up. My hands were painfully tingling and I woke up from my fog to move them and they didn’t budge. Then I woke fully out of fear.

I tried to scream and found my mouth blocked with a very solid rubber ball that was held in place with some sort of harness over my head. My hands were tied to the legs of what appeared to be a four-legged sawhorse-type of thing with a comforter draped over it. My ankles were securely tied to the other two legs of the sawhorse.

“I was wondering when you would wake up, pet.”

I tried to turn and see Mr. Edwards but he was behind me.

“You have had a very exciting life, haven’t you, Renee?”

The caress of his hand on my bare bottom made me realize I was naked and I struggled to break free and hide myself.

“No, I don’t think you’ll get out of those cuffs, pet. Remember your time in San Francisco with Steven? I got the idea from your diary and had the carpenter make it to your specifications. You do like it, don’t you?”

I tried to scream again.

“That’s nice, pet. You scream just like you like to.”

He walked around to where I could see him and he cradled my head in my hands to look me in the eye. His dressing gown was loose and I could see that he had nothing on underneath it.

“Mrs. Edwards and I have about the most boring sex in the whole world and I had given up on sex until you came along. Do you know I’ve wanted you since you first interviewed? I never thought we’d have this chance but then I read your diary and realized this is what you like. I should think that maybe I will like it, too.”

As he stood up and let my head down I saw the gown fall at his feet. I screamed and struggled as he went around behind me. I was now acutely aware of how vulnerable I was.


I shrieked with the pain as he slapped my upturned and naked asscheeks.

“Did you like that, pet? Or maybe I should go get a whip?”

I screamed again just thinking about it.

“No, I didn’t think you’d want to go that far.”

I froze as his hands wandered over my body. His fingers wandered across my every curve, exploring every inch of my body. He touched the inner curves of my ears, the spaces between each of my fingers and toes, the backs of my knees, and even my elbows. It was disturbingly erotic how he teased me in my helplessness by touching me everywhere else n my body but my private places. His caresses evolved into a massage and I felt myself relax at his persistent touch. I can’t say how long this went on, maybe an hour, maybe more. He lulled me almost back to sleep and when I finally felt his hands come under me to hold my breasts I didn’t complain.

He knelt behind me and I could feel his hot breath on my opened pussy as I wondered what he was doing.

His first tentative lick of my pussy was also the first time a man had touched me there with his mouth. The feeling was heady and electric as he crossed another barrier between us and dove his raspy tongue into me. His hands came up to my hips as I involuntarily arched my back.

“Yessss,” he whispered, “That’s a good girl.”

His searching tongue found my button and was soon swirling a feverish dance about it. I couldn’t help the feelings he was causing in me and an occasional moan escaped me, as it seemed he probed my soul with his mouth. His mastery of my body was completed as I felt the powerful release building in my belly and I surrendered a wail of pleasure as the warm, glowing pleasure radiated through my unwilling form. I had thought he would stop as my pleasure crested but he redoubled his ministrations and drew an unknown pleasure from my body. He truly knew me better than I did as his tongue worked it’s magic and a force more powerful than any I’d ever known burst through me.

I fell completely limp and totally spent as I tried to regain my senses. I’d never experienced anything so powerful in my life!

“You liked that, didn’t you? I knew you would.”

I was so far gone it was like I wasn’t even in my body anymore. I felt him undo my restraints and then found myself utterly helpless as he picked me up and set me in a hanging chair. First he secured my wrists over my head and then he lewdly spread my legs and I found my knees and ankles tied to the strange chair.

“My wife has her own ideas about birthing a child and this chair was where she gave birth to Rachel. After Rachel was born I’d always wanted to make a baby in this chair but my wife has decided that she has had her last child. May haps you and I shall get lucky, what do you say?”

I screamed. I know this is a little repetitive, but I could hardly say anything else.

“You didn’t complain a few moments ago,” he punctuated this moment by abruptly slipping a finger into my damp pussy, “and I would say that you really aren’t complaining now, either.”

For the first time he moved to where I could see his cock. It was only the second cock I’d seen in my life and while it was not as thick as the first one, it seemed impossibly long in comparison.

Mr. Edwards saw me staring and he took it in his hand.

“You like this, do you?” He moved closer to my exposed pussy.

“Maybe we should see what you think after I get done.”

I bucked and screamed like crazy as he came closer still and he took me by the hips to steady me. I was terrified as I watched him touch it to my waiting pussy. He obscenely rubbed the head through my pussy lips until the head was glistening with the result of my recent pleasures.

“Do you think I’ll get it all the way in?” He chuckled and I fell silent as his cockhead slipped between my labia and began to probe my depths.

It was like watching the part of a horror movie that you dread to see yet you can’t pull your eyes away. I so desperately wanted him to stop, but I was so fascinated with the miracle of his cock disappearing into me that I couldn’t stop to complain. I had never seen a cock enter my body before and I was on a kind of sensory overload as I felt him go deeper and deeper into me and I watched him feed more and more of it into me.

“You do love it, don’t you?” He was looking at me with an almost pleading look, as if he needed my approval. I cannot believe what I did next.

I nodded my consent and he closed his eyes and took me gently by the hips. His cock began its’ first withdrawal, a slow movement back until his cockhead was free of me. His eyes opened and we both looked down at our bodies as we met again and our mating renewed. He continued this practice, pulling out of me and running himself back in, several times until I found myself in disbelief as the entire length burrowed into me, touching the very end of my sex, completing the defloration my boyfriend was not equipped for.

Then, gently, he began a steady rocking rhythm, his cock staying deeply inside of me while he fucked me in earnest.

I felt the unmistakable warmth of the pleasure rising in my groin with each passing stroke of his cock.

“You’re getting off?” He seemed surprised. Again I nodded.

He responded with a crushing thrust into me and I felt the steely tang in my mouth as his cock met my cervix. I exploded and my lover continued his pounding of me until my pussy gave up its contractions of joy.

“There now, that was good for you.”

I opened my eyes to look at him and found his eyes shut as he now worked on his own release. Helpless, I sat there in the chair as he fucked me so beautifully. All I could do was watch as he ground into me. His hands seized my ass and drew me against him with a grunt. He held my ass out of the chair as he completed our mating.

His head went back and he drew a breath. I sear I felt the contractions of his cock all along its glorious length as it splashed his sticky come into my waiting womb. I couldn’t believe the man as he kept thrusting at me, trying to get his spurting cock ever deeper into my body. He laid his head against my shoulder as the storm of his release settled and gave me little thrusts here and there. I amazed at the feeling of his throbbing cockmeat in my body, spewing sperm into my raped body.

Oddly, though, it didn’t feel like I’d expect rape should feel.

I wanted this, I realized. I had actually needed this.

My ardor was clear to him when I felt his cock swell up in me again and our mating began anew.

* * *

When Mr. Edwards finally pulled himself from my body I was sore, tired, and emotionally wasted. His limp cock fell out of me and his white gooey sperm dripped audibly on the carpet. He sat back to admire his handiwork and smiled.

* * *

It’s now a week later and I have no idea what the future holds for me. What Mrs. Edwards might do if this comes out is unknown to me, too. For now I’m content to be the object of Mr. Edwards’ desires and to let him have me anytime, anyway he wants. One thing I do know for sure: my diary has true stories in it now.

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