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All Revved Up

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I took a big gulp of water from the wet plastic bottle, and set it back down in the cup holder of my lawn chair. The hot sun was beating down, slowly cooking my legs and bare chest, and the sound of quiet voices passing by was lulling me to sleep.

“You look awfully cute in that straw hat Bobby,” a familiar female voice said.

I opened my eyes and saw Patty, a fellow member of a local car club I’m a part of. She and her husband Bill have a nice ’89 Mazda Miata, and mine’s a ’90 with suspension upgrades, fat tires, a roll bar, and other ‘go fast’ goodies. It’s a local Miata club that I joined a few months ago, and some of us were spending this beautiful hot summer day at a big car show on the grassy field of the local fairgrounds.

“Patty! I didn’t see you guys come in,” I said.

“We got a late start, so we’re down the row a ways from the rest of you guys,” she said. “I see Carrie’s and Jenny’s cars. Anybody else come out today?”

“No, I think just the four of us today from our little club,” I said. “Good turnout in general though — there must be six or seven hundred cars here.”

“Yeah, a lot of oldies and street rods,” she said. “I’m gonna go find Bill and check it all out. Wanna come?”

“I just had a long walk around, but I’ll take any excuse to walk behind you in those shorts for a while,” I said with a wink.

“Naughty!” Patty said flirtatiously, and she walked off in front of me with an exaggerated wiggle. She looked back and giggled as I jumped up out of my chair and followed.

Patty was a cutie, and often flirtatious, even when her husband Bill was around. He never seemed to mind, and often encouraged it, which made me wonder what kind of marriage and sex life they had. She seemed like the kind of woman who would be great in bed, and she always left me wishing I could find a woman just like her. I was fifty years old, five years into a divorced and ‘single again’ life, and more often than not resigned to the fact that finding someone like her probably wasn’t gonna happen.

Actually, dating was one of the reasons I joined the club. Miatas have a reputation as a ‘chick car,’ at least here in the States, and after I bought mine I heard through the grapevine that the car club had a lot of single women in it, which is unusual. I’m not really a ‘club’ kinda guy — I’ve owned old British sports cars most of my life and never joined the club or took them to shows — but in a moment of weakness, and with the prospect of meeting some women, I joined, and it’s been nothing but fun ever since. There are indeed quite a few single women members, and the rest are married couples and me. I guess all the single guys are out driving their Corvettes and proving their manhood. Whatever.

We gathered up Bill and Carrie and Jenny, and we walked the grounds looking at all the cool cars. Carrie and Jenny were no slouches in the ass department either, and Bill and I walked behind the three lovely ladies the whole way around. At the far end of the field we sat at a picnic table under a big umbrella and ate hotdogs and french fries.

“So Patty and I were thinking of trying to put together a road trip weekend for the club,” Bill said as we relaxed in the shade and sipped lemonade. “You three are the most likely to join in to special events, so I thought I’d bring it up today and give you a heads-up before I talk about it at the next meeting. We’re thinking Green Mountains maybe? There’s a new resort up there that’s got some good deals to encourage people to try it. They’ve probably got a nice hot tub.”

“Oo la la!” Patty said with a sexy smile.

“I’m afraid I won’t be responsible for my actions if I’m in a hot tub with you three ladies,” I said.

“I certainly hope not,” Patty said flirtatiously, and Carrie and Jenny laughed nervously.

I’d noticed on numerous occasions they both seemed to envy Patty’s easy flirtatious manner. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them uptight, but neither of them was flirtatious or openly sexual in any way. They dressed rather conservatively, and never talked of dating even though I knew they were both single. They were both cute though, and I had often thought about asking them out on a date, but I got stuck in the mental trap of not knowing which one to ask out and wondering if I’d hurt the feelings of the other one, so I thought I’d get to know them both better and let things play out naturally.

As we finished our lemonades we all agreed that a road trip to the mountains would be fun, and we’d sort out a good weekend for the five of us before Bill brought the idea to the club meeting. As we walked away from the table Patty whispered in the other girls ears and they all put an exaggeration in their ass wiggle.

“Those rear ends look like they’ll take some torque, huh Bobby?” Bill said to me as we walked behind them.

“Sure do. Limited slip do you think?” I asked.

“I think they’re the standard kind. Slipping’s half the fun anyways, don’t you think?”

“Absolutely,” I said. “Beautiful bumpers on ’em too.”

The girls all giggled, and Carrie and Jenny blushed crimson red.


Two months later, on a sunny Friday morning at the peak of fall foliage season, a convoy of four Miatas was on the road heading for the Green Mountains. Two other couples wanted to join us, but the scheduling was bad for one of them, and the others backed out at the last minute due to a medical emergency. We promised them we’d do it again in the spring if we liked the resort.

I had wondered if Carrie or Jenny would bring a date or a friend, but they were both stag, as was I. It was just as well — the five of us got along wonderfully and we all knew it would be a fun weekend.

We stopped at a roadside diner for lunch, and Patty wasted no time with the flirting.

“So Bill and I splurged and got a big suite,” she said. “The pictures look amazing — it’s got a private hot tub on a balcony overlooking the mountains. They told me it’s big enough for six people…”

“I saw that suite on their website,” I said. “You guys are livin’ large this weekend.”

“We thought it would be nicer than a public hot tub,” Bill said. “Strangers can be fun, but close friends are better.”

I was definitely getting a vibe of ‘open marriage togetherness’ from Bill and Patty. I wasn’t quite sure what to say, and Carrie and Jenny were both silent as well. After an awkward pause we talked cars and laughed through the rest of lunch. We decided to get off the highway and take back roads the last hundred miles, which was a great decision. It had warmed up enough to put the tops down, and the drive was spectacular, with stops at scenic overlooks and a short side trip to a beautiful waterfall. We arrived at the resort all smiles.

“I think that’s the nicest drive I’ve ever been on,” Jenny said.

“It’s so beautiful up here. And this place looks awesome!” Carrie said as we walked in to register.

The resort was first class, and our rooms were perfect, all close together on the same hallway, with beautiful views of the mountains.

“Happy hour at six in our room, dinner at eight downstairs?” Patty asked, and we all went to our rooms to clean up.

Knowing it was a nice resort I brought good clothes, and I’m glad I did. The girls, it turned out, had conspired and decided to dress up for the evenings.

“Wow!” I said when I saw Carrie and Jenny in the hallway. “For a couple of car girls you clean up nice!”

They both had on little cocktail dresses — Carrie’s black and Jenny’s dark red — and stockings and high heels. Their formerly windblown hair was brushed and fluffed, and for the first time since I had known them they had noticeable makeup on.

“Holy cow!” I said, somewhat stunned by their sexy eyes when my gaze made it up that far.

“Not to bad yourself,” Carrie said to me with a smile.

“I guess our little shopping trip was worth it,” Jenny said, clearly pleased at the effect they were having on me.

Patty heard us and opened her door to usher us in. She was in a short green halter top dress, completely backless down to the crack of her sweet ass. All three of the girls are no slouches in the bosom department either, and the cleavage Gods smiled on Bill and me that evening.

Before we left home Bill had asked what all out drink preferences were, and he brought two cases of booze bottles with him from home and set up a bar on the kitchenette counter. The cocktails, and the laughter, flowed freely, and dinner in the resort’s dinning room was exceptional.

“I don’t know about the rest of you,” I said as we finished our dessert of chocolate soufflé and coffee, “but I feel so lucky and privileged to be in such a place with such nice folks.”

“Yup, we’re a lucky bunch,” Patty said. “Let’s go see what the nighttime view looks like from the hot tub.”


“Well, this is a night full of firsts,” I said as Carrie and Jenny stood before me in bikinis in Patty and Bill’s suite. “First time seeing you all dressed to the nines, first time seeing you in bathing suits… would someone please tell me why I haven’t asked you girls out on a date yet?”

“We’ve been wondering the same thing,” Carrie said. “At first we thought you might be gay, but that was just for the first month or so.”

“I guess we don’t exactly put out a ‘please date me’ vibe,” Jenny said. “I’m shy, and it’s hard for me to loosen up. This is the first place we’ve been with you where there’s been any alcohol to help out,” she laughed. “Bill’s drinks are certainly doing the trick.” Right on que Bill put a drink in her hand, and she laughed again with a distinct twinkle in her eye as she looked at me.

“Woo, that’s a strong one,” Carrie said as Bill handed her a drink over by the bar. “So nice to not have to worry about driving,” she said, and she took a big gulp.

Patty emerged from the bedroom in a flowing satin robe, and Bill handed her a martini.

“Don’t you all look nice in your swim suits,” she said. “You do realize they’re for swimming, right?” She set her drink down, let the robe slip off her shoulders, tossed it on a chair, picked up her martini, walked stark naked out to the hot tub and slithered into the bubbly water. Carrie and Jenny and I stood mouths agape watching it happen.

“Join us?” Bill asked.

It was only then that I realized he had on a robe too. He walked out onto the deck with his drink, disrobed, and slid his well-toned naked body into the tub next to Patty.

“I’m sure they’ll understand if you guys are uncomfortable,” I said, wondering if I was uncomfortable myself. “I can ask them to wear something.”

Carrie looked at Jenny, and the two of them smiled.

“It’s a good thing he makes strong drinks,” Carrie said, and she reached behind her and unhooked her bikini top and took it off. “I think I’ll leave the bottoms on, but this is a good start.”

Jenny did the same, and suddenly I was standing with two attractive topless women.

“Yikes!” I said quietly. “OK, I’m gonna have to cool off in here for a few minutes before I join you guys.”

The girls giggled and walked out to the deck with their drinks. I took a cold bottle of water out of the refrigerator and put it inside my bathing suit to shrink my throbbing erection. When I had things under control I walked outside and quickly dropped my trunks and got in the tub.

“Nice Bobbie,” Patty said with a wink and a smile. “Well this is cozy. They may have been exaggerating when they said this tub fits six people,” she laughed looking down through the bubbles at our ten legs which were pretty thoroughly intermingled.

Patty could sense the nervousness of the other girls and me, so she and Bill got us talking about the cars and the beautiful drive we had earlier in the day. Before long we were all relaxed and comfortable, and Carrie and Jenny, who had started out with their nipples below the bubbles, were sitting higher with their tits fully out of the water. Patty, off course, had been that way all along. They all had beautiful tits. Completely different looking, but all beautiful. For women in their forties they were fighting off gravity nicely, and all three of the girls looked like they spent some time in the gym. I was thankful I did too, and at fifty I was holding my own with Bill who was almost ten years younger than me. He was a handsome guy, and I looked pretty good next to him I thought.

“Another round?” Bill asked, holding up his empty glass.

“Maybe it’s knowing I can sleep in tomorrow, but I feel like getting rip-snortin’ drunk,” Jennie said. “I haven’t felt this way since high school.”

“Sounds good to me,” Bill said, and he stood up revealing the big flaccid penis that had been hiding below the bubbles.

“Whoa!” Carrie exclaimed. “Now I know why Patty’s smiling all the time.”

“It’s not fair is it,” Patty laughed. “Guys hide ’em in their pants and we have no clue what’s in there. They can tell how big our tits are even when we’re dressed.”

“Ah, but you’re underestimating the mystery of the vagina,” Bill said, standing naked and dripping on the deck next to us. “Every one is completely different looking, and a total mystery until the unveiling. Carrie and Jenny have chosen to keep the mystery alive. Perhaps another drink will loose them from their protective sheaths.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at Bill’s dramatic speech, and the girls did too.

“Better make mine a double then,” Carrie said with a smile as she handed Bill her glass.

“Excellent! The buzz intensifies,” he said with a smile.

We sat quietly while Bill was inside mixing the drinks, and as our ears adjusted to the silence we could hear the sounds of sex coming from a window to another room. It was some distance away and not loud, but the woman was really getting into it. The three girls and I sat and listened, not knowing quite what to say. Bill came back with the drinks and our normal conversation resumed.

“So Bobbie, I heard you wondering to yourself why you hadn’t asked Carrie or Jenny out yet,” Patty said to me.

“Yeah, after the divorce I haven’t really done much dating,” I said. “I guess I’m just out of practice and it takes me way longer than it should. I’ve certainly thought about it plenty of times. It’s sort of awkward though — dating them both would be weird, and I like them both. So that’s sort of stopped me I guess.”

“Threesomes are fun, right girls?” Patty said.

Carrie and Jenny looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Oh, come on, don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it,” Patty said to them. “You guys are good friends right? Have you ever made love?”

They shook their heads and laughed nervously.

“Ever been with another woman?” Patty asked.

They shook their heads no.

“You don’t know what you’re missing,” she said. “No offense guys, but only a woman knows what another woman needs. So you’ve never even had a woman touch your tits?”

Patty reached out and gently caressed the tits sitting next to her, which happened to belong to Jenny. Jenny whimpered and her breathing got short and choppy.

“Pass it on sweetheart. Carrie needs some lovin’ too,” Patty said.

Jenny took an extra big gulp of her drink, and very slowly let her hand rise up the side of Carrie’s body onto her big soft tit.

“Oh, fuck!” Carrie exclaimed quietly as a bolt of electricity shot through her. She was clearly primed and ready.

“Kiss her sweetheart,” Patty said to Jenny.

Jenny hesitated, so Carrie took the initiative and kissed her friend passionately.

“Ooo, looks like some latent desire has worked it’s way to the surface,” Patty said. “That’s nice.”

I sat, mouth agape, watching the unfolding scene. Bill’s intoxicating cocktails had done their job, ripping away at our inhibitions, and when Patty looked at me with a sexy smile and winked it took every bit of my will power to keep myself from ravaging her right there next to her husband. Months of fantasizing about her was about to drive me insane. Her nipples were hard and begged to be sucked, and her legs which had been casually intermingled with mine below the bubbles were now sliding slowly against me. I took another gulp of my drink, and nearly dropped it when I felt her foot on my hard cock. I gasped audibly, and closed my eyes, not knowing how to respond. A second foot joined the first, and she slowly stroked my throbbing shaft between them below the bubbles. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see her knees above the water, which made what she was doing very clear to the others.

“She has wonderful feet, doesn’t she Bobbie?” Bill said.

I let out a deep groan as I relaxed into the situation, Bill’s words letting me know that what I had suspected was true — they really did have an open marriage. It was only then that I realized my fantasies about Patty were about to come true. Before the night was over I would bend her over and slide my cock between those perfect ass cheeks, and into the velvety pussy I’d dreamt about so many times.

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed quietly as I pushed her feet off my red-hot cock just in time.

“Bobby’s running near red-line honey,” Bill said calmly. “Time to shift gears.”

Patty got on her knees in the middle of the tangle of legs in the small tub and took my cock in her hand. She guided me up so I was sitting on the edge of the tub, my naked body and throbbing cock now on full view.

“I’ve dreamt of this for months,” she said as she lowered her mouth onto my cock.

I shuddered and gasped as her warm tongue slithered around the underside of my shaft, and her wet hand gently massaged my balls. The enveloping heat of her mouth flooded through my entire body and I leaned back on my arms, barely able to hold myself up as she worked her magic on me. I looked up at the stars in the black sky and felt my insides melting into a flow of hot lava. It gathered in my core, rushed in from every corner of my body, joined forces somewhere deep in my groin, and shot out into Patty’s mouth in a violent explosion. It was the orgasm I’ll remember on my death bed, and Patty had a deeply satisfied look on her face as she swallowed my cum and saw how thoroughly she had rocked me.

Carrie and Jenny had stopped their exploratory love-making to watch, their eyes big with a mix of lust and surprise at what was happening.

“Well that was hot!” Jenny said quietly, and she took another gulp of her drink.

“Scootch over honey,” Patty said to Carrie, and she sat down between Carrie and Jenny which put them next to Bill and me. I slid back down into the warm water, and my hand went onto Carrie’s thigh. When she felt it she exhaled hard and swept her body across mine, straddling my lap, and she kissed me hard. I could taste her drink as our tongues danced together, and the deep, all penetrating lust of the black night guided our hands wildly across each others bodies. She leaned back when I got two handfuls of her soft tits and ground her bikini covered pussy against my bare, quickly hardening cock. She threw her head back when I pinched her big nipples, and I pulled her toward me and sucked a big tit into my mouth. Her hand went behind her and found my balls, and I groaned loud. She was grinding wildly and nearly hyperventilating when my hand slipped into her bikini bottom and onto her pussy.

“Fuck me Bobbie!” she said breathlessly as she pulled her bikini bottom aside and guided me into her. She lowered herself down with quick, stuttering exhales, and a deep moan when she bottomed out. The furious grinding of a few moments ago was replaced with a slow, circular up-and-down that felt incredible. Having just cum ten minutes ago, I was in for the long haul and we fucked long and sensually. I was able to glance around and saw Jennie with Bill’s big cock in her mouth and Patty’s hands all over her.

Carrie leaned forward and embraced me with her arms around my neck, and fucked me slowly with her hips in the hot bubbly water.

“God you feel good!” she whispered in my ear between short breaths. We kept at it for what seemed like a half-an-hour, both of us loving every minute of it, and gradually, with no increase in speed, just a nice, slow fuck, she built an orgasm. It overtook her slowly and she sat up straight as it started to roll through her, her hands on my shoulders for support. Sweat dripped down her face and neck, goosebumps erupted across the rosy red blush on her chest and beautiful tits, and a deep moan escaped her mouth. I thought she was finished, and then it rolled through her again.

“What the f-f-f-fuuuuck!” she stuttered as her body convulsed quietly for the second time, and then the slow circular fucking ceased.

“I never get tired of watching people orgasm,” Patty said to us. “That was so beautiful sweetheart.”

Carrie laughed a little as she gathered her wits and slipped off the side of me to her seat. “That’s the first time I’ve ever been watched,” she said, a little embarrassed.

“Oh, isn’t it fun? I guess I’ve always been an exhibitionist. I think it heightens everything. I’m sure we’re being watched right now, or at least listened to,” Patty said, looking around at the other lit up windows and balconies just as Jenny came hard and loud on Bill’s lap.

“Holy shit!” Carrie said, looking even more embarrassed as her eyes scanned the other balconies.

“Oh, don’t worry honey. This kind of thing is expected in a place like this. It’s not like we’re doing it on the front lawn or anything,” Patty laughed. “We’re all adults, and sex is beautiful.”

“Yeah, you’re right I guess,” Carrie said, looking a bit more relaxed. “I grew up in a ‘churchy’ household — about as puritan as it gets. But this does feel nice. And I don’t remember an orgasm that nice before, so… maybe you’re on to something,” she said with a sly grin.

“That could be the man too, you know,” she said, winking at me and sliding her feet up to my cock again.

“I never realized I had a foot fetish until now,” I said. “Damn!”

I was quickly rock hard again since I didn’t cum inside Carrie. Patty, seeming to read my mind, stood and presented her dripping wet pussy to my mouth. I ran my hands up her inner thighs and examined the beauty of her smoothly shaved pussy lips. She spread open as far as she could in the tangle of legs in the small tub, and I cupped her sweet ass in my hands and pulled her against my exploring tongue. I have one of those tongues that can extend far outside my mouth — not quite Gene Simmonds territory, but it gets out there. When I got my chin positioned deep under Patty’s crotch and slipped my tongue up into her she gasped and grabbed my head, holding me tight against her.

“Oh my god!” she said. “This is new!”

She was breathless and trying to laugh at the same time, and I knew right away I was going to make this beautiful sexy creature cum. I hadn’t had much practice lately, but I gave her my best deep tongue job and she came hard, squeezing my head tight to her as she vibrated.

“Damn it Bobbie!” she said as she pulled my up on my feet. “Now I’m spoiled.”

She kissed me deep and then kissed the pussy juice off of my cheeks and chin. She led me by the hand up out of the tub and walked me to the balcony railing.

“I’m so happy this is finally happening,” she said as she bent over the railing presenting her sexy ass to me.

My dream literally came true as I slid into her from behind. All those hot summer days walking behind her at car shows, all those masturbation sessions at home afterward dreaming of her perfect ass, all the flirting she did since the first day I’d met her — it all ricocheted around my brain as I felt her glorious insides for the first time. She was tighter than I expected, and I could feel her vaginal muscles gripping me, seeming to pull me in.

“Oh-h-h-ho!” I stuttered as I bottomed out inside her, and I bent down and whispered in her ear, “Now I’m the one who’s spoiled forever.”

She looked back at me with an open mouth and pure lust in her eyes as I began a slow thrust into her. Her back arched beautifully, and her arms reached out wide to the railing for support as my thrusting intensified. Her pendulous tits swayed beneath her overhanging body as I drilled into her, full long thrusts bottoming with a slap that was growing louder. Her breathing was short but deep, like mine, and I was too far gone to care when I noticed a couple sitting on a bench at the edge of the woods three floors below us. It was obvious we were all watching each other. I closed my eyes and gave Patty my best, slapping hard into her as she came. She reached back and I held her arms as she shuddered, and a long shriek left her mouth and drifted on the night air. I came with a knee wobbling shudder myself, barely able to hold myself up and grunting deep and loud. Patty’s body hung limp over the railing like wet laundry until I pulled her up into my arms, both of us gasping for breath.

“Wow!” I said in her ear. “Those people got quite a show.”

“Fun, huh?” she said breathlessly with a wonderful twinkle in her eye. She whispered in my ear, “I knew you’d be good,” and she kissed me while holding my shrinking cock in her hand.

When we’d caught our breath she got back in the tub next to Bill and hugged and kissed him.

“Did that live up to your expectations sweetheart?” he asked her. She nodded and smiled. He turned to me as I entered the tub and said, “She’s had her eye on you since the beginning.”

Carrie and Jenny took a bathroom break and when they returned I realized they were naked, the mystery of their vaginas revealed. They weren’t shaved like Patty, but well trimmed and lovely, and all as different as snowflakes.

“Is anyone waterlogged yet?” Patty asked. “We’ve got a king-sized bed in there.”

We spent a blissful night on and around that king-sized bed. The wonders of group sex were new to me — and to Carrie and Jenny — and we all reveled it. The feeling of three sexy women bringing you to orgasm is indescribable, and quite possibly addicting. With Patty’s guidance Carrie and Jenny relaxed right into the whole bi-sexual thing, and it was fun watching a new world opening up for them. They were both wonderful one-on-one with me as well, and I was right back to my conundrum of which one to date. That worked itself out two weeks later when Jenny showed up at the car club’s autumn dinner with a handsome new boyfriend. Carrie and I ended up at my place that night, and we’ve been together for six months now.

But I jumped ahead too soon. Saturday at the resort was just as interesting as the night before. We all slept in to shake off the hangover, but none of us seemed too affected — I think all the exercise deep into the night worked a lot of the alcohol out of our systems — and we all met up around the beautifully landscaped pool at noon. The fall foliage was in its full glory, but the pool was still open and the water was warm. We hugged and kissed when we met up, and a whole new dynamic was in play between us all — freer, looser, closer. We had a wonderful lunch by the water and played like kids in the pool. There were other folks around, so we couldn’t be too free and loose, but it was fun, and the girls were sexy as hell in their bikinis. Patty’s was a tiny little emerald green number, and with her almost perpetually hard nipples she turned lots of heads.

We had been there a couple hours when I noticed Patty swim down to the far end of the big pool to talk to a young couple sitting on the edge. I was pretty sure they were the ones on the bench the night before watching Patty and I fuck on the balcony, and I marveled at Patty’s boldness, not only for wanting to be fucked in such a position, but to go say hello to the voyeurs afterwards. She was somethin’ else.

After a few minutes chatting with them she swam back and they walked around the pool to our big round umbrella table. Patty jumped out and introduced us as she toweled off. Their names were Jules and Lucie, and they were on vacation from Montreal. A stunning looking young couple in their late twenties, they made the rest of us look old and tired, even with us in bathing suits and them fully dressed. When Patty introduced me they gave me a look that left no doubt they were last night’s audience, and then when Patty introduced Bill as her husband they looked at me and Patty again and smiled.

“Yes, OK,” Lucie said with a deep french accent and a big sexy grin. “You are open, yes?” she asked Patty.

“Bill and I, yes. These are new friends,” she said, gesturing to me and the girls.

“Yes, OK,” Lucie said, still smiling. She took Jules’ hand and added, “We are open sometimes too.” A quiet Jules blushed a little.

I sat down with Carrie and Jenny at the table, and I could tell they were as astonished and fascinated by this new world as I was.

“Were having another little party tonight in room 320,” Patty said. “Let’s say ten o’clock? We’d love to have you stop in if you’d like, and we’ll be in the dining room at eight if you want to join us.”

“Yes?” Lucie asked Jules. He looked down at the petite Lucie and nodded and smiled. “Ten o’clock,” Lucie said with a nod. “Merci! Bonjour!” she added and they turned and walked away as we all watched. Lucie was about as sexy as a young woman can get, with very French looking tightly curled auburn hair, and the ass to end all asses.

“Holy shit!” Patty said when they were out of ear shot. “You boys are in clover tonight. That’s a sexy girl…”

“So it’s really that easy to have sex with amazing women?” I said, shaking my head in disbelief. “I had no idea. I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.”

“This is wild!” Jenny said quietly with big, disbelieving eyes. “You guys are wild.”

“I’m sorry, I should have asked you guys before I invited them,” Patty said to us. “Are you comfortable with this?”

“I guess so,” Jenny said. “I thought last night was pushing it as far as I could go, but why not push some more. You only live once, right? Bill, you got more of those strong drinks for me?”

“You bet sweetheart,” Bill said. “How about you Carrie, you OK with this?”

She nodded with a sexy little smile. “So is this like a routine vacation for you guys?” she asked Bill and Patty. “It seems so otherworldly compared to my boring life.”

“It’s sometimes like this,” Patty said. “There’s a whole lifestyle connected with ‘swinging’ that we’re just sort of on the fringes of. There’s clubs and special resorts and stuff. We’ve dabbled in all that — we’ve got a membership to a club — but we really prefer it when it just happens organically, especially like with you guys and this whole weekend, this is just perfect. When we find people we’re attracted too like you guys, have great sex and everybody goes home happy — that’s just perfect for us.”

“Amen. You guys are awesome,” Bill said. “This is my favorite weekend ever. And now with a little French seasoning…”

“You’re gonna have to share her you know,” Patty laughed, sensing the far off look in her husbands eyes.

“God, I haven’t been this horny since I was seventeen,” Jenny said. “I had no idea I still had this in me.”

“That’s why we love it,” Patty said. “It spices up our regular sex life like you wouldn’t believe.”

“All right, I haven’t been in the pool for a while and I’m dripping wet, if you know what I mean,” Jenny said. “I know we need to conserve our strength for tonight, but I need a quickie. Somebody please follow me upstairs.”

We all did.


We were joined by Jules and Lucie at dinner and learned all about their lives in Montreal. Jules was from there, and is a medical technician at a big hospital, and Lucie was born and raised in the suburbs of Paris. She met Jules when he was on vacation over there, fell in love, and followed him home. She works in an art gallery. Her English was full of mistakes but delightful, and Jules’ French-Canadian accent captivated the ladies. After another fabulous meal we all went up to Bill and Patty’s luxury suite and started in on Bill’s excellent cocktails.

“There’s a nice hot tub, but I don’t think it’s big enough for seven,” Patty told Lucie, sounding disappointed.

“We sit on laps?” Lucie said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Patty said with a smile.

She slipped out of her little black dress revealing a blood red lace bra and panties which she casually took off, and she sat on the arm of the sofa and removed her thigh high stockings. We were all captivated watching her, and I could tell she loved the attention even though she tried not to show it.

“I wanna be just like her when I grow up,” Carrie said to no one in particular, and we all laughed.

Patty sashayed her naked body out to the balcony, swinging her hips seductively. On her way she looked back over her shoulder at us and said, “I hope I’m not the only one getting wet tonight.”

She slipped into the bubbly hot tub while the rest of us stripped. It was a strange feeling for a group sex noobie like me — a cocktail party where everybody suddenly starts taking off their clothes — and I could tell Carrie and Jenny were feeling very self conscious.

Jules was naked first, and Carrie and Jenny went silent when they saw the big uncircumcised cock spring out of his pants fully erect. He was noticeably bigger than Bill and me, and his youthful body was just about perfect. All the confidence I had built up the night before comparing myself to Bill was gone in a flash.

Jules joined Patty in the tub and she promptly sat on his lap.

“This does not feel normal yet,” Jenny said as she started to remove her lingerie. “We’re new at this,” she said to Lucie, “and next to you I feel like an old hag.”

“Hag?” Lucie asked.

“A worn out old lady,” Jenny said.

“No! No! No!” Lucie said. “Tu es jolie… uh… very hot! I like… nichons… your… boobs. So nice, both of you.”

Lucie was a bit small in the tit department, but oh what a body. She slipped out of her little dress and there was nothing under it but a lacy thong. Her petite form was perfectly sculpted. A tiny hour-glass figure with a stunning ass — if there was such a thing as ‘Ass World’ magazine they’d pay her a million dollars to be on the cover. It was all set off by tightly curled dark red hair that wasn’t quite shoulder length, bright red lipstick on a mouth that curled up tantalizingly at the corners, and magical light blue eyes. She stripped the little thong off her cleanly shaved body and walked out to the balcony where she casually stood at the railing looking out at the dark mountains and black sky. I wondered if there was anybody on the bench down below.

Unlike Jules, I didn’t have the confidence to walk out there with a raging hard-on, so I walked to the refrigerator and put a cold water bottle in my pants. The girls both howled with laughter.

“Just looking at her has you ready to blow a gasket,” Carrie laughed. “Can’t say I blame you.”

“I had to do this last night too you know,” I said. “You guys really are tu es jolie. Jules has been eyeing all you girls all evening.”

“God, what have we got ourselves into,” Carrie said. “A few days ago we were just casual car club friends, and now this.”

She looked around at all the naked bodies, including mine as I stripped off my pants with only half a hard-on.

“Like Jenny said earlier, you only live once, right?” I said. I downed my drink in one gulp, pinched Carrie’s fine ass as I passed by, and walked out to the tub. I slipped in to the water and my heart just about leapt out of my chest when Lucie stepped in, sat on my lap, and kissed me on the cheek.

Jenny came out with her phone in her hand. “Lucie, do you mind if I take a picture of you with Bobbie?” she said. “He’s gonna want to remember this moment forever.”

We both smiled for the camera, and it’s a photo I hope is prominently featured on the ‘picture board’ at my funeral — a perky titted and gorgeously smiling Lucie on my lap with her arm around me in the bubbly green water, and me with a wry smile and a perfect red lipstick smooch mark on my cheek.

The others joined us in the tub, Bill kept the strong cocktails flowing, and it wasn’t long before a sexual frenzy broke out. The horniness level was off the charts, and Jenny and Carrie really cut loose. I’m surprised we didn’t get thrown out of the resort immediately due to the wild x-rated noise and very public display of debauchery, and in fact Bill got a call from the management the next morning before we checked out, politely encouraging more respect for the neighbors the next time we visit.

Quite a bit of the noise was due to Jules and his big cock. The young man certainly knew how to use it, and over the course of many hours he drove all the girls to the very summit of sexual pleasure, and, it seemed, beyond the summit into orbit. He gave Carrie an orgasm that brought her to tears as her convulsing body uncontrollably defied her commands to calm itself. They were tears of joy mixed with stuttering laughter, and while her body was still twitching uncontrollably Jules plowed in for a second go-round, and she flew into orbit once again. She was on her back on a chair cushion next to the railing, legs in the air, hands clutching Jules’ muscular young ass, howling at the black sky.

Lucie was sublime. She started all the action by quietly slipping my hard cock into her gloriously tight pussy and mumbling something in French in my ear.

Jenny was sitting next to me and saw it happen. When she saw my eyes roll back in my head she said quietly, “Should we have the paramedics on stand-by?”

Primal instincts overtook me when I felt Lucie’s insides, and there was no polite slow fucking to ease everybody into it. No, after the second slow thrust the animal in me took over and I pummeled the poor girl, water flying everywhere, her little body levitating above my violent thrusts, her beautiful red-lipsticked mouth shrieking French words as we both came hard. The others looked a bit stunned and laughed.

“The old guy shows us how it’s done!” Patty laughed.

Lucie hugged me and kissed me and mumbled some more in French. With her arms around my neck she nestled her head against my chest and closed her eyes. I was in heaven.

The night seemed to go on forever, and it ended way too soon. Our bodies were ravaged, and nobody walked out upright. Little Lucie was worn to a frazzle, her sexy hairdo completely messed up and even sexier. She kissed me and whispered, “You make me happy Bobbie” in my ear as she left.

The next morning we had breakfast in the restaurant before checking out. Lucie and Jules came in as we were leaving and we all hugged. Lucie took a pen and paper out of her little purse and scribbled out her e-mail address and handed it to me. “Keep in touch?” she said, and kissed me on the lips. She seemed to have a thing for me, which was totally unexpected.

We took the scenic route for the first half of the way home, and it was another wonderful drive though the sunny, richly colored hills. We stopped at a gift shop and an antique shop, picking up some souvenirs to go with an already memorable weekend. I bought a picture frame at the antique shop, and when I got home I printed the picture of Lucie and me, in all her naked glory, and I keep it on my desk. It’s a memento of my sexual awakening — the beginning of my new life.

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