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All in a Day’s Work

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“So, what are you going to do for a living?” Vivian asked the young man who was visiting along with her son from college.

“I’m retired,” Paul Redman replied with a grin.

“Uh, you’re kind of young for that aren’t you?” Vivian asked in confusion.

“Yes ma’am, I am.”

Vivian’s son, Cal, said, “Paul was a millionaire by the time he graduated high school.”

“More like five million,” Paul corrected.

“Five million by the time you graduated high school! You must be some kind of a genius,” Vivian said in shock. She had never met anyone worth that much money.

“It was just luck,” Paul said shyly. “I was playing around on my computer and came up with a program to streamline and synchronize robotic commands.”

“Do you remember the fighting robot, Paul and I worked on back in high school?” Cal asked his mother.

“Sort of. I remember you talking excitedly about something to do with a robot but that’s about it. At the time, I was more worried about keeping you in school, housed, and fed. Your father never did get any life insurance.”

Cal frowned at the mention of his father. “Yeah, one big screw up after another,” he said under his breath.

Vivian looked at her son sharply. “Don’t be talking about him like that. He was a good man and did the best he could.”

“Mom, he was a diver on the off shore drilling rigs. It’s a dangerous job. Not having insurance for his family was irresponsible.”

Vivian sighed and shook her head. Looking at Paul she asked, “Are you going to college with Cal?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What are you majoring in?”

“You mean besides, naked girls,” Cal said with a chuckle.

Paul blushed and said, “I’m studying Art. I want to learn to draw and then to paint. It’s something I’ve loved since I was five and my mother got me one of those paint by numbers kits of a farm scene.”

“Hey, I remember that painting. It hung on your bedroom wall forever. I didn’t know you painted it. I thought you bought it.”

“Yeah, I painted it, if you can call following the directions and staying inside the lines painting.”

“Everyone has to start somewhere,” Vivian said smiling.

Paul nodded. “I’m taking Art appreciation and two drawing classes.”

“Yeah, and I know the one you enjoy the most,” Cal said with a big grin.

“Like, you wouldn’t?” Paul asked his friend with a similar grin.

“I’d enjoy it as much as you do, even if I can’t draw a lick.”

“What class are you two talking about?” Vivian asked.

“Uh, it’s a, uh, an anatomy type class.” Paul replied with a blush.

Cal laughed. “That’s a good way of saying they sit around drawing pictures of nude models.”

“Hey, it’s hard work,” Paul protested. “Do you have any idea how many muscles make up a persons body and how they are all different? Not to mention how different they look on different people.”

“It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it, right,” Cal said with a laugh.

“Cal, that’s not fair. You know I take my drawing seriously, as seriously as you take your math and science.”

“I had a nude drawing done of me one time,” Vivian said with a faraway look in her eye.

“What!” Cal said with shock in his voice.

“Your face has good bone structure. You would make a very good model,” Paul said softly.

“Hey, that’s my mom you’re talking about,” Cal protested.

“I was told that before but it was many years ago. The bones may be good but time hasn’t been good to me,” Vivian said ignoring her son.

“Time has just added character to classic beauty,” Paul told her.

Vivian grinned at Paul. “You’re about as smooth a talker as that other guy was.”

“But could he draw? Now, there is the question. Do you still have the picture?”

“It’s in the attic, I think. I hid it there when I lived here with mother, back in my early college years. She would not have approved at all. A lot of other stuff was moved up there when mom died and we moved back home. I have no idea where it would be.”

“Maybe Cal and I could have a look later,” Paul said looking at his friend.

“Yeah right, like I want to see a picture of my mother nude.”

Paul laughed. “You sure don’t have any problem looking at my drawings from class and some of those ladies are someone’s mother.”

“Yeah, but they are not my mother.”

“Is there something wrong with your mother?” Vivian asked with raised eyebrows.

“Uh, well, no, but seeing you naked just isn’t right.”

“Uh huh, but looking at other woman naked is. Is that what you’re saying?” Paul asked.

Cal looked from Paul to his mom and back again. “Well, uh, no, but they are not my mother.”

Vivian grinned and said, “I think some lunch is in order.”


After lunch, the picture was forgotten as the boys ended up in the garage rehashing stories and times with Cal’s robot. Vivian finished some laundry and ended up in the living room reading. She lost track of time in the book and was startled when Cal called to her as he headed for the front door.

“I’ll see you later, I have a date tonight.”

Vivian started to ask what time he would be home but changed it to, “Have a good time and be careful.” Cal was almost twenty and she had to force herself to remember that. Where had the time gone?

“I’m always careful, mom. Never prudent but always careful.” Cal replied with a wave and a big grin as he went out the door.

Vivian sighed and returned to her book. As she read, something nagged at the back of her mind. Finally, she closed the book and sat looking across the room, deep in thought. Then she realized that Paul had not been with Cal. That thought reminded her of the picture.


Several hours later, Vivian still had not found the drawing. She sat down in her moms old rocker and propped her bare feet up on a trunk. She took a moment to fan her long skirt and then the bottom of her blouse. The attic was hot and she should have changed before coming up.

“Did you find it?” Paul asked with just his head sticking through the floor where the stairs led up to the attic. He had a grin on his face. Vivian was sitting at an angle that had given him a good view of her bare thighs as she fanned the skirt. She had damn nice legs for an older lady.

Vivian had jumped at the sound of Paul’s voice. She had forgotten he was downstairs. “Uh, no. There is just too much junk and it was so long ago.”

“It couldn’t have been that long ago,” Paul said softly.

“It was before Cal was born.” Vivian paused and frowned. “You had to remind me, I’ll be forty next month.”

“You don’t look forty. Do you feel forty?” Paul asked climbing on up the stairs.

Vivian watched the tall young man, as he appeared to emerge from the floor. He was on the thin side but his arms and shoulders showed good definition. The black sleeveless t-shirt he had on wasn’t tight fitting but it showed off his chest.

There was a small catch in her breathing as his lower half came into view. Very short, soft, gray shorts accented his strong thighs. He must ride a bike, Vivian thought as her eyes went to his equally muscular calves.

As her eyes came back up, he turned to face her. Her eyes paused on the front of the shorts and the bulge that showed. She looked away quickly as she felt her face grow warm. “Sometimes, I feel a hundred,” she whispered in answer to his question.

“They say age is a state of mind. I can see where that is true. If you think you’re young then you will be,” Paul said thoughtfully.

“The only problem with that is the fact that life wears you down and out. The harder life is, the quicker it happens.” Vivian replied.

Changing the subject, Paul asked, “How big a drawing was it? Was it on paper or a canvas?”

“It was a canvas, a long narrow one.” Vivian replied. “It was covered with a smooth off white paint. I remember the pencil lines were faint but the ink he used was bold and sharp.”

“Ah, a pen and ink drawing.”

“Yes, he did the pencil drawing one night and then a few days later called me to come see the finished drawing. I was shocked by how so few lines could show so much of me.” Vivian paused to grin. “Not that there was so much of me back then.”

Paul walked over to sit on the trunk next to Vivian’s feet. “Did you wrap it in anything?”

Vivian thought a moment and then jumped up and hurried toward the back of the attic. “I can be so forgetful sometimes,” she said as she dug through a high shelf covered with stacks of old cloth. A moment later, she pulled a long rectangle down wrapped in light blue cloth.

“My mom was short so I figured she would never see anything wrapped in cloth up that high,” she said as she unwrapped the drawing. She tossed the cloth over her shoulder and held the drawing out at arms length.

After a moment, she shivered and lowered the picture. “That’s me alright, in all my radiant glory,” she said and then laughed. “I remember feeling so grown up, beautiful, and sexy as I lay there on that chaise lounge naked. His eyes on me made my nipples ache and my….”

Paul could see the older woman blush even as far away as she was and as dim as the light was. He grinned as his mind finished her sentence. “Modeling can be highly erotic,” he said aloud.

“Yes, it can and yes it was,” Vivian replied with a far away look in her eyes.

“Can I see?” Paul asked softly.

Vivian didn’t move or reply for nearly a minute and then she gave a little jerk and sighed deeply. Looking down at the drawing she whispered, “I’m not sure that would be a good thing. Cal would have a fit if he found out I let you see it.”

“I won’t tell him, if you won’t,” Paul said with a grin.

Vivian looked at Paul for a moment and then said, “I’ve never shown this to anyone and this is just the third time I’ve looked at it since the night I hid it. I can’t even remember thinking about it since I got married.”

She paused and looked down at the drawing again. After a minute or so, she said, “Back then I often wondered what it would be like to show this to someone. I guess now is as good a time to find out as any.”

With that said, she turned and walked to where Paul sat. She held the picture close to her chest for a moment and then moaned softly as she handed the picture to him.

The picture was face down to Paul as he took it. Looking up at the older woman he asked, “Are you sure you want me to see? I can hand it back and you can wrap it up and put it away.”

Vivian shifted her weight from one foot to the other and then shook her head. “Please, look at it.”

Paul slowly turned the picture over and then let out a soft whistle of appreciation. Someone had done an excellent job of capturing love and lust in a few dozen bold lines. Vivian had moaned softly and covered her face at his whistle. Paul smiled up at her and whispered, “This is one of the best works I think I’ve ever seen. Do you by any chance remember the guys name?”

Vivian shook her head but kept her face covered.

Paul returned his eyes to the drawing. This time he looked at the subject instead of the style and sweep of the lines. “He had a gorgeous subject I must say. Any artist would be hard put to capture your grace and beauty.”

Vivian giggled from behind her hands and then peeked out between two of her fingers. “I thought he told all the naked girls on that chaise lounge the same exact thing.”

“In your case it was not a line, believe me,” Paul whispered as he brought the picture closer and looked for a signature. Finding none, he sighed. “Too bad it’s not signed, it might be worth a lot of money as this guy had loads of talent. Natural talent.”

Vivian dropped her hands to her sides and said, “His first name was Carl but I don’t know if I ever even heard his last name. He was in school with me for part of the year and then he disappeared.”

“I’ll have to do some research and see what I can come up with,” Paul said slowly as he studied the lines closely. The light pencil marks were still there in places and only added depth to the drawing.

Handing the drawing back to Vivian, he said, “I just wish I had half his talent.”

“I’m sure you have talent of your own, if you have the desire to paint.”

“Desire and talent are two separate things,” Paul said standing up. “This guy saw things as lines that went just so. That cannot be taught. It can be learned but it could take some of us a lifetime.”

Vivian looked at her picture and smiled. “I think I will hang this on the wall above my bed.”

Paul chuckled and then grinned. “Cal will have a fit.”

Vivian looked Paul in eyes and whispered, “This is my house and it is my bedroom, I’ll hang what I want, where I want.” She paused and grinned. “Anyway, he doesn’t go in my bedroom very often.”

Paul laughed and shook his head. “Need some help?”

“Maybe some moral support.” She glanced down at the picture and added, “Maybe that should be immoral support.”

“Morality is in the eye of the beholder,” Paul said as he turned and headed for the narrow steep stairs.

Vivian followed and then handed down the picture to him. She turned off the light and then turned to climb down the stairs. She had always felt safer going down backwards so she could hold onto the steps. Why a handrail had never been installed, she didn’t know.


It took Vivian a half hour to find a picture hanging kit. She knew she had one but could not remember where it was stored. Two junk draws and two closets later, she found it. It only took Paul half the time to install it on the back of the frame.


Paul stood in the middle of her bed holding the picture against the wall as she decided how high to hang it. She finally decided on a spot two feet above her tall headboard. Paul drove a screw in the wall and hung the picture.

Vivian stood at the foot of the bed staring at the picture as Paul climbed down and joined her. “You look good up there,” he said softly.

With a light blush, Vivian replied, “Yes, I do.”

“One day when I get a lot better than I am now, I’d like to draw you in that same pose,” Paul whispered.

Vivian felt her face grow even warmer as she remembered that night posing for the picture and what had happened afterwards. For some reason Paul’s face kept slip in here and there. She finally had to fan her face and turn away.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“You didn’t embarrass me, I did that all on my own,” Vivian whispered softly.

“I don’t understand.”

“Memories can be wonderful things but they can also embarrass you if you let them. I was thinking of the night that was drawn and things that happened later.”

“Ah,” Paul said as the light above his head came on. “I take it, you two made love afterwards.”

Vivian laughed and nodded. “That’s one way of putting it. Mutual rape would have been closer to the truth.” Having said that, she stiffened suddenly as she realized what she had said. “I mean…. I…. Uh…” she stammered in horror.

Paul laughed. “You’re not telling any secrets that I hadn’t already guessed. That look on your face in the drawing tells it’s own story. A story of love and lust that can’t and won’t be denied.”

Vivian looked at the painting from over her shoulder. Her eyes zeroed in on just the face and she shivered hard. Yes, there was definitely lust there but it overlaid a softer loving look also. She had never realized how much she had loved Carl until after he disappeared.

“Was he your first love?”

Vivian turned and looked at the young man next to her. He asked very pointed questions in such an offhanded way that they seem almost natural to answer. She knew he was about her son’s age but he seemed much older, more mature.

“I think you should be studying psychology.” She replied with a grin.

Paul smiled and said, “I’ve been told that before.”

“Yes, he was my first love and my first lover. I’d had crushes before but I had always been too self conscious and shy to do anything about them.”

Paul nodded. “That’s about what I figured. Most people think beautiful women are wholly self confident, but exactly the opposite is true most of the time.”

“Is that from experience or observation,” Vivian asked with a grin as she hoped to turn the tables and put him on the spot.

“Pure observation. My personal experience with women beautiful or not is very limited.” Paul replied without missing a beat.

“How much experience are we talking about?”

Paul grinned and shook his head. “Limited.”

Vivian laughed and turned to sit on the end of the bed. “That’s no fair, I answered your questions.”

“And I answered yours. I’m a gentleman after all so I don’t kiss and tell.”

“That’s good to know,” Vivian whispered and then blushed deeply.

Paul laughed and sat down next to the older woman. “You blush at the damnedest things. You’re as bad as my sixteen year old sister and nearly as much fun to tease.”

“I was married to the only other man I ever made love to for nearly fifteen years, so my worldly experience is, as you said, very limited.”

Vivian paused a moment and then asked, “Why is your experience so limited? You are an extremely handsome young man and rich. The woman should be falling all over themselves to get to you.”

Paul nodded and then sighed deeply. “That’s the problem. I can never tell if they are interested in me or my money. I don’t play games and I hate people who do or try to anyway.”

“Oh. I see. I hadn’t thought of it that way. That could definitely be a problem and a romance killer.”

Changing the subject, Paul asked, “Your husband died five years ago, if I did the math right, so why are you still alone?”

Vivian shrugged. “I’ve thought about getting back in the dating game but I don’t have a clue where to start and….” Vivian let the sentence trail off as she again found herself saying more to this young man than she ever had to anyone else.

“And the thought of putting yourself out there scares the crap out of you,” Paul finished the sentence for her.

Vivian chuckled and nodded. “That’s one of the reasons.”

“What are the others?”

With a sigh, Vivian looked at the young man next to her. Although it felt good to be talking to someone, she wasn’t sure Paul was the right one to be spilling her guts too. She was still trying to make up her mind as Paul turned and looked at the painting.

“You’re still that girl up there you know, just an older model with more experience and a better grasp on life in general,” Paul said softly as though he were thinking out loud.

“But that girl didn’t have a twenty year old son, not to mention stretch marks,” Vivian said with a grin.

Paul looked at the older woman and nodded. “Cal can be…. Well, protective is a good word.”

Vivian laughed softly and nodded back. “Yes, that is a good word. He rants and raves about how his father screwed up but he loved his dad and me looking for a replacement might not go over too well at all.”

Paul looked thoughtful for a second and then shook his head. “Maybe not. I think he loves you more than anything and your happiness would matter to him.”

“My happiness? Now there is a can of worms I don’t want to open,” Vivian muttered under her breath.

“Most people feel the same way I think. They look after others and help friends and family but they never think about themselves.”

Vivian sighed as she nodded her head. “I understand that completely.”

“Maybe you need a friend,” Paul said as he slipped his arm around Vivian’s shoulders and pulled her closer. “Someone to look after you for a change.”

Vivian stiffened slightly and then allowed her upper body to be moved closer to the young man next to her. When she laid her head on his shoulder, she sighed softly and relaxed. “That would be so nice,” she whispered softly, dreamily.

After several minutes, Paul asked, “You don’t remember me from years ago, do you?”

“Yes and no,” Vivian replied and then added, “You were Cal’s friend, the tall skinny kid with glasses and braces on his teeth. You lived down the street three houses and your dad drove an old red pickup truck.”

There was silence and then Vivian shook her head. “That’s about it, I’m sorry to say. Life was so…. I guess hectic and in turmoil is the best way to describe it. I didn’t know if I was coming or going half the time.”

Paul sighed and whispered, “Hectic and in turmoil is a great way to describe it. My mom passed away right after we moved into the house down the street. I was like nine. After her death, my dad’s and my life were that way. Then I met Cal and we became friends….” Paul let the sentence trail off.

Vivian sat up and looked at the young man next to her. “I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I never met her but I’ll bet she was a great mother. She sure raised a great son.”

Paul nodded solemnly and then smiled shyly. “A lot of people would disagree whole heartedly with the use of great and me in the same sentence. Most of them are related to me.”

Vivian studied the young man for a moment and then grinned. “The money again, I take it.”

Paul looked away and whispered, “That and the fact that I can be a total asshole at times. I get so tired of people and their games. I feel like just giving it all away sometimes.”

“You earned it, so why should you have to do that?”

“You don’t understand, it would make my life so much easier,” Paul said with a shake of his head.

“Who told you life was supposed to be easy? You get out of life what you put into it,” Vivian said sharply, more sharply than she meant to in any case.

Paul’s head turned and there was anger in his eyes for a split second. Then he seemed to collapse a little as he sighed. “You’re right of course but it still sucks to be me sometimes.”

Vivian chuckled and nodded. “Yes, it probably does. Money is necessary but it can be a pain in the ass when you haven’t got it or in you case, you have too much.”

Paul turned and looked up at the picture above Vivian’s bed. “This is supposed to be a happy time for you to enjoy after finding your panting. Not a time for my neurotic paranoid ramblings.”

Vivian grinned, leaned over, and placed her head on the young man’s shoulder, as she said, “That’s what friends are for, to listen to your ramblings or your happy cheers.”

Paul sighed, put his arms around Vivian, and hugged her tightly. “So we are friends now?”

When Vivian nodded, Paul chuckled and whispered, “Did I forget to tell you that I had the biggest crush on you out of all Cal’s friends back in high school.”

“No, you didn’t tell me that.” Vivian paused a second and she smiled as she said, “I guess you just did, didn’t you. It was probably just a missing your mom thing.”

Paul chuckled again and said, “No, I don’t think that was it. I think it had more to do with those short shorts and tight t-shirts you used to wear during the summer. You were the hottest mom in the neighborhood.”

Vivian laughed and looked around at Paul. The next thing she knew, they were kissing softly, gently. He was a very good kisser in a shy hesitant way. She started to pull back but didn’t. With a soft moan, she gave into the kiss, her first in over five years.

The kiss grew more aggressive on both sides until they were lying on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. With a deep moan, Vivian broke the kiss and shook her head. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“No, we shouldn’t,” Paul whispered as he pulled her head back down and kissed her again.

Vivian moaned softly as her tongue dueled with his. Her arms snaked under his shoulders, her fingers tangling in his hair as she moved over on top of him. The feel of Paul’s strong hands roaming over her back made her head swim. When one hand slipped under her shirt and contacted bare skin, she moaned even louder.

She was shaking this time as she broke the kiss and looked down into the young man’s eyes. “I… I can’t do this. You’re Cal’s friend and young enough to be my son, also,” she whispered but his hand moving over the bare skin of her back made her whimper softly.

It was his turn to groan as she lifted her knees to the bed and sat down straddling his hip. He could feel the heat of her sex pressing against his stiff manhood even through the cloth of her dress and his shorts. She suddenly made a soft gasping sound as she felt the ridge of his manhood press against her sex.

They both groaned as she shifted her hips slowly from side to side. She started to get up but his hands on her hips stopped her. “Please, please stay right there,” he whispered urgently. “I want to do something for you. I want to give you pleasure, to make you feel alive and wanted. It doesn’t matter what you give me, but I do want to make you happy.”

Vivian whimpered softly as her hips started to move slightly from front to back. “I… I can’t,” she whispered halfheartedly as her hips moved even more.

“Yes. Yes, you can,” Paul whispered as he reached up and started to unbutton her blouse.

She watched his fingers working the buttons as her hips continued to move. Her clit was rubbing on the cloth between them. She whimpered softly but did not move to stop him from unbuttoning her shirt. When it was undone, she shrugged her shoulders as he took it off her and tossed it onto the bed.

She stiffened and stopped moving as his hands came around to fumble with the back of her bra. After a few seconds of fumbling, she reached up and undid the clasp, which was in the front. She held the bra closed as his hands came back to her hips.

“I told you I didn’t have a lot of experience,” he whispered with a shy grin.

With a chuckle, Vivian released the clasp with both hands and the bra sprang open. The edge of the fabric rubbed across her stiff hard nipples as it did. Her upper body gave a little jerk as she made a soft gasping sound at the pleasure. Her nipples had not been so hard or sensitive in a very long time.

Paul just lay there with an awestruck expression on his face. Her breasts look a little fuller than in the drawing but they were still firm and proud. “Just beautiful,” he whispered softly.

Vivian chuckled sharply and shook her head. “You need your eyes examined and I need my head examined for doing this.”

His hands moved slowly up her waist and then across her lower ribs to end up an inch below her breasts. He paused them there and looked up at her face. “I want to caress them and tease them and then I want to lick and suck on them.”

With a soft groan, Vivian found herself nodding her head. His hands were trembling slightly as they moved up so his fingertips could trace the outline of each breast slowly. Vivian arched her back at his touch and leaned her head back taking a hissing breath in sharply. The feathery light motion of his fingertips shot bolts of pleasure through her nipples and straight to her sex.

Vivian’s hips started to move as his hands first caressed and then massaged her breasts gently. When he held then tighter and rolled her nipples around with his thumbs, she groaned loudly and arched her back even more. She shivered all over and her hips moved erratically from the shear pleasure coursing through her body.

No one had touched her body except herself in over five years and now she was nearing overload under this young man’s touch. It would not take much more for her to come and that both excited her and scared her at the same time.

Paul’s hands moved around to her shoulder blades as he sat up. When he sucked her right nipple into his warm wet mouth, Vivian gave a soft yell and came. The orgasm seemed to roll on and on as he sucked her nipple and flicked it with his tongue. His swirling his tongue around it and over the breast he had in his mouth, just sent her higher.

Her orgasm was starting to slack off when he switched nipples and she shot upward again, her hips jerking even harder against the hard ridge of his manhood. Now the orgasm seemed to center in her nipple and her clit. She gave out with another soft yell as she moved her hips faster and harder against him.


Vivian came back to her senses lying on top of Paul. She was breathing hard and making soft whimpering noises ever so often. His arms were around her and holding her tightly. There seemed to be a golden glowing cloud surrounding her mind. It gave her a floating feeling inside and made her smile.

Paul kissed her hair and whispered, “Welcome back.”

A soft giggle escaped Vivian’s lips before she could stop it. She felt happy and giddy like a schoolgirl instead of a widowed forty year old. She sighed and snuggled closer to Paul. “I’m not real sure where here is at this point in time but I’m glad to be here,” she whispered softly.

“That makes two of us,” Paul whispered in reply.


A while later, Vivian sighed deeply and pushed up onto her elbows. She brushed her lips against Paul’s briefly and then sat up slowly. Looking down at him with a smile on her face she said, “Thank you, I’ve needed that for a long time.”

Paul smiled back at her and whispered, “You are very, very welcome. I needed this also.”

Vivian gave him a confused look and then said, “Oh yeah, that suspicion thing.”

Paul grinned and then chuckled. “No, not that. The old fantasy from when I was here before.”

Vivian grinned and leaned over to kiss him gently. Sitting back up she said, “Then it was my pleasure.”

“Not all of it,” he said with an embarrassed look. “I seemed to have made a pretty big mess in these shorts.”

Vivian grinned and whispered, “There is a pretty big wet spot in the front of my dress, if I’m not mistaken and that came from me.”

Paul grinned up at her and whispered, “Good, then it was a good days work for both of us.”

Vivian laughed softly and laid back down on top of the young man. “Yes, all in a day’s work,” she whispered softly.


A while later, Vivian asked sleepily, “What have you got planned for tomorrow?”

Paul made a noise in his throat and whispered, “Cal has plans for us to double date at the lake.”

Vivian glanced at the clock on the nightstand and gave a little jerk. It was a few minutes after midnight. When had it gotten that late, she wondered. “Do you know what time it is?” she asked as she sat up quickly. She groaned softly as several muscles protested.

“Cal doesn’t usually come in until after three, if that is what you are worried about,” Paul said as he sat up and put his arms around the older woman.

“Yes, but that is at school, not here at home,” Vivian protested.

He pulled back on her shoulders as he leaned forward. She arched her back and then gave a jerk and a moan as he licked her left nipple. “No fair,” she whispered with a hissing breath as he licked it again.

Moving his head to the left, he licked her right nipple, which brought out another hissing breath. He licked it again and her back arched more, sticking her breast out father. “That’s no fair,” she hissed and then she moaned loudly as he sucked that nipple in and swirled his tongue around it.

Her hands found his head and pushed against it. A moment later, he let her move his head as he held suction on the end of her breast. It came out with a slurping sound and a groan from Vivian. “If you keep being bad, I’m going to have to send you to your room,” she said a moment later.

“What if I just stay in your room?” Paul asked with a grin.

“That can’t happen with the possibility of Cal being around and you know it.”

Paul sighed and whispered, “I had to give it the old college try,” he said. Then he leaned forward and planted a kiss between her breasts. Raising his head, he smiled and looked into the older woman’s eyes. “If I’m going to leave then you need to get off my lap.”

Vivian giggled and nodded. “Uh, yeah, you might be right but it is so comfy here.”

Paul scooted forward suddenly and stood up with Vivian in his arms, her legs locked around his hips. “Now I can walk,” he said with a grin. “But I don’t think Cal would approve of his mother clinging to me as I went to the bathroom for a shower. Especially since she is topless.”

Vivian laughed and let go with her legs. Paul slowly lowered her to the floor and then let go. As she stepped back, her eyes dropped to the large wet spot in his shorts. She pulled the front of her dress up and stared at the large wet spot on the front of it.

“It looks like we both are going to need a shower and laundry,” she said looking up at Paul’s face. When he grinned broadly, she added, “Separately.”

“Spoilsport,” he whispered and then he winked at her. “Would you like the shower first or second?”

“I have my own bathroom,” Vivian said.

“Ah. Then I guess I need to say goodnight.”

“That might be a good idea,” Vivian said softly. “One part of me agrees with that and then another part of me wants you back in my bed.” When Paul reached for her, she grinned and danced away. “Then there is Cal who could be home any minute.”

Paul sighed and then nodded. “I understand. I wish it wasn’t so but I do understand. He is my best friend and I would not want to screw that up. He is one of the few I can trust completely.”

Vivian nodded as Paul turned toward the door. He paused with the knob in his hand and blew her a kiss. Vivian returned it and then said, “Wait,” as he started to close the door.

She put her hands behind her back as she said, “Thank you for helping me find the drawing and for helping me hang it. It suddenly means a lot to me.”

“You’re welcome. It was my pleasure.”

He started to close the door again and Vivian once again said, “Wait.” He paused and looked at her. “I have one more thing to show you and then I want you to close the door and go get a shower.”

“And what might that be?” Paul asked and then his eyes got wide as her skirt fell to the floor. His eyes ran up and down her body and then jumped to the drawing on the wall. Looking back at her, he smiled and said, “Beautiful, just beautiful.” Then he closed the door.

Vivian bent at the waist and picked up the skirt, slinging it over her shoulder. Naked, she walked across the room to the bathroom door putting one foot in front of the other. Her hips swiveled and swayed provocatively as she did. At the door, she paused and looked at the bedroom door with a half smile on her face.

“And thank you from the bottom of my heart you beautiful, beautiful young man.” With that said, she went into the bathroom for a long hot shower.

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