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A New Adventure

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I looked down at the smooth tight ass and hips that my hands were grasping hold of. I then watched my cock slide in and out of her velvety smooth and wet pussy. I heard the slapping of skin each time my groin met her ass. She was moaning and tossing her blonde hair as we fucked.

She had to be fifteen or twenty years younger than I was but I felt like a king fucking such a tight young pussy. I had nearly forgotten what a young tight pussy felt like.

I then glanced across the room where a young guy with a cock that had to be ten or eleven inches long was busily fucking. His large piece of meat was causing the woman he was slamming into to moan and scream in what sounded like a mix of pain and pleasure. Her big tits were swaying beneath her body as he fucked her from behind. She was on her hands and knees and her head was against the floor. Her whole body was undulating back and forth from the force of his thrusts.

My young blonde partner then suddenly pulled off my cock as I watched her turn and lay on her back. She grabbed her ankles and spread her legs so far apart I just knew she was going to split apart. Her pussy was gaping wide open as her juices moistened her swollen pink lips.

I leaned over her, placed my hands on the floor at her sides, let my cock part her swollen lips, and then plunged deep inside her. She was so limber, something else I had missed as my wife had aged and was not as limber as she once was.

I plunged in and out of her letting my heavy balls slap against her ass.

I glanced across the room again to see the young stud stroking his cock above the woman’s ass. She was also now very busy with another cock in her mouth. The guy at her head had his hand on the back of her head pushing and pulling her on and off his cock as the young stud behind her released his cum all over her back and ass. She was gagging slightly at the abuse her throat was taking as he fucked her mouth.

I looked back down at the little blonde beneath me as her firm full tits undulated on her chest from my thrusts. I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples in my mouth. I had also forgotten what a firm nipple felt like. When I sucked, there was just a hard little nipple in my mouth.

I moaned and my little blonde pushed me back as she quickly scrambled to a sitting position in front of me. She then grabbed my cock and sucked my entire length down her throat.

“Fuck.” I groaned as I felt the head of my cock slip down her tight throat.

“Where do these young girls learn such tricks?” My mind asked me.

I looked across the room as the woman was being flipped onto her back. The guy who had been fucking her mouth now looked like he was doing push ups over her head but was still fucking her mouth. Another guy got between her legs. His cock was not as long as the young guys cock but it was fat. He leaned over the woman and then guided his cock to her pussy.

I could hear her moan from across the room as he entered her.

I looked down at the blonde head moving back and forth on my cock. Her lips were tightly wrapped around my shaft. I was attempting to hold on as long as I could but the incredible sensation of her throat wrapped around the head of my cock was more than I could tolerate.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned as my cum shot up my shaft and exploded into the throat of the young girl. The sensation of her swallowing my cum down her throat felt like a vice on the head of my cock. I watched to see if any escaped and none did. She swallowed it like a pro and then licked my cock clean.

When she was done, she released my cock and it fell flaccid against my thigh. She got on her knees and kissed me on the cheek.

She then got up to look for more adventures in the room. I watched her tight little ass walk away and my mind reeled with thoughts of amazement that I had just fucked that young cutie.

I got up and glanced across the room at the woman on her back. Her big tits were wobbling back and forth on her chest as she was being fucked hard. The guy fucking her mouth moaned and shot his load into her mouth. She was attempting to swallow his massive load but some of it escaped her mouth and ran down her cheek. Her legs were now wrapped around the guy fucking her. She was spurring him on with her heels like a rider on a horse.

“Oh gawd.” The guy moaned as he planted his cock deep inside her and released his load.

I looked over at the couch where there was a beautiful redheaded woman. Her legs were spread apart and her fingers were busy fingering her clit. She motioned for me to come over to her.

I glanced back at the other woman as the guy crawled from between her legs and another guy was ready to take his place. He got on his knees and then guided his cock to her pussy.

I walked over to the redhead. She simply pointed to her pussy, “Lick me.” She said.

Her pussy was shaved smooth and looked like a tight little peach. I got on my knees between her legs and leaned forward. I could smell her essence as my tongue touched her pussy.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me deeper and harder into her pussy. My tongue slipped between the smooth lips of her pussy and quickly found her hard little clit. The smoothness and lack of hair around her pussy was intoxicating. My wife has always stayed trimmed but never had I licked a hairless pussy. The lack of hair left more options for sucking her into my mouth. As I did I could hear her moan.

Her hard clit was in my mouth as my tongue flicked against it. Her sex juices began to flow into my mouth as I continued to suck and lick her clit. Her clit began to swell in my mouth as she pushed harder against my head. Her thighs snapped shut on my head and all I could hear was the muffled moans as she convulsed into an orgasm. She had me held so tightly against her pussy that my nose was against her and I could barely breathe.

She finally released the back of my head and from the firm grip of her thighs. She rolled over on the couch leaning against it with her hands on the back of it.

“Fuck me.” She said.

I then noticed that my cock was rock hard again, which surprised me that it was ready so quickly. I grabbed the base of my cock and guided it to her glistening wet pussy. I leaned into her and could feel my head split the tight lips and slip inside her warm pussy.

I pushed into her until I was fully planted inside her.

I took the opportunity to look across the room as the guy who had been fucking the woman pulled out and shot his load onto her big tits.

I was slightly bent over fucking the redhead when I felt someone grab my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I naturally was shocked and turned to see a woman older than myself on her knees. She leaned to me and then I felt her tongue lick my rectum.

“Fuck.” My mind raced.

I had never had my ass licked before. I turned back around, grabbed the hips of the redhead, and began moving in and out of her. The gal behind me swayed with me continually licking my ass.

I glanced back over at the woman across the room. She was on her knees now with a hard cock in each hand stroking them. She was taking turns at sucking them into her mouth.

Although I had never had my rectum licked and probed with a tongue before, I was finding it very enjoyable as I fucked the redhead’s pussy.

The little blonde I had just fucked sat on the couch next to the redhead and spread her legs wide again. The guy with the big cock placed his hands on the back of the couch and I watched as his cock split the little blonde’s tight pussy lips.

“As tight as her pussy was she will never take him.” I thought to myself.

I was wrong as he leaned into her. Her pussy lips wrapped around his cock and looked like it was swallowing him.

“Oh gawd yessss.” She groaned as his cock continued to furrow deeper and deeper into her.

In my mindless state of watching the big cock slip into the tight little pussy, I had taken my mind off my ass being licked when suddenly my rectum was assaulted by an intruding finger.

“Fuck.” I moaned as her finger slipped inside my ass.

It was not painful as she apparently had some lube, but more of a shock.

Her finger was moving around in my ass as she found my prostrate. She then began massaging it.

New sensations I had never felt before were racking my body with electric shocks of pleasure.

I had not stopped fucking the redhead and now was fucking her hard and deep as the finger in my ass continued to stroke my gland.

I could feel the cum boiling in my balls but it was as if it was stuck there and would not allow me the release of ejaculation. My knees were going weak on me as I fucked the redhead’s pussy.

“OH MY GAWD!” I very loudly exclaimed as my cum began a slow advance up the shaft of my cock.

Then when it reached the head of my cock, it exploded. My knees buckled and I felt like I was going to black out as I shot load after load of cum inside the pussy I was fucking.

The finger slipped out of my ass and I found myself missing it and wanting it back.

My cock went flaccid again and slipped from her pussy. I turned to find my anal intruder but she was already gone. I looked at the redhead’s pussy to see my cum running out of her and down her thigh.

She stood up, turned to kiss me, and then left.

I sat on the couch to regain my composure. I had never, in my life had an orgasm like that before.

I then realized I had sat down next to the little blonde who still had her legs splayed wide open and the big cock was sliding in and out of her. He was so large that her pussy lips looked like they were going to be ripped off each time he withdrew from her.

She suddenly grabbed my hand, placed it on her youthful firm breast, and said, “Pinch my nipple.”

I grabbed her hard nipple between my thumb and finger then rolled and pinched it as she was being fucked.

I looked around the room at the people fucking and sucking in every corner until I found the woman who had been sucking and stroking two cocks at once. I found her again. This time she was riding up and down on a cock. She was straddling a younger guy again. Her big tits were bounding up and down as she rode him.

She saw me looking at her and smiled then winked at me.

She then leaned forward continuing to ride the cock and pinched his nipples causing him to groan.

I watched her thinking, “She truly is a MILF.”

“Oh FUCK!” The little blonde next to me screamed as her body convulsed with an orgasm.

As she squirmed on the big cock, he suddenly withdrew from her. He grabbed the base of his cock and pointed it at her stomach. I watched as his cum shot from the head of his cock and splashed against the stomach of the blonde.

In my trance, I had not seen the MILF walk up to me.

“What’s the matter honey? Did you wear out your poor dick?” She asked.

I looked up at my wife. She had dried and fresh cum on her body. Her tits were coated as well as her stomach and thighs.

“For now anyway.” I replied.

“Are you having a good time?” She asked.

“I am and how about you?”

“I am having a wonderful time. But, if you are ready to go home we can.” She replied.

The little blonde and the big cock moved away.

My wife sat down next to me and grabbed my soft cock. She began stroking me.

“Maybe you just need a little encouragement to get in one more fuck.”

“I’m fine. It will come back around. The blue pill will kick in again soon I’m sure. You go have fun and I will watch for a while.”

She leaned to me and we kissed. She then got up and headed for a guy who was sitting in a chair across the room stroking his cock.

I watched my sexy MILF walk across the room and drop to her knees in front of the guy. She took his cock from his hand and opened her mouth to suck him. Her lips were tightly wrapped around his cock as she stroked and sucked him.

Jean and I have been married now for twenty-three years. We are both now fifty-one years old. This is both of our second marriage. We both were married too young and divorced. We have had many years of an exceptional sex life and she is my true-life partner. In the last five or six years things had cooled off in bed to the point of having sex only once every few weeks. We have tried fantasy play, toys, light bondage and several other kinky attempts to fire things up.

I again was pulled from my thoughts as Jean got up and turned around. She reached between her legs, grabbed the guys cock, and guided it to her pussy. She sat down on him while facing me. The look of pleasure on her face as the cock slipped inside her was incredible. She began to fuck him while I watched his cock slide in and out of her pussy. Her big tits were bounding up and down as she fucked him.

We had been looking for a new sexual adventure when Roxie who is a friend of Jean’s, about a party that she and her husband were going to have.

Jean was nervous to bring it up to me but one night after having a somewhat humdrum sex session, she brought it up. We laid there and discussed it knowing too well, what the problems could be with such an adventure. Jealousy, being the big one, and then the concern about one or the other of us being so wrapped up in it that we worried about the other having affairs or fucking someone behind our backs.

I looked back at Jean who was now rubbing her clit as she fucked the stranger. She was looking back at me and smiling.

During our discussion, we finally agreed that we could trust one another and that we would attend the party.

As I sat there watching my wife fuck another man and seeing her covered in other men’s cum I was could not help but to have a small twinge of jealousy overcome me.

Just then, Roxie stepped in front of me. Roxie is a beautiful woman and has a body at the age of forty-five that most twenty five year olds would be jealous of.

“What are you doing over here sitting alone?” Roxie asked me.

“I’m just taking a break waiting to recoup my energy.”

“Let me see if I can be of some help.”

Roxie got on her knees between my legs and wrapped her warm hand around my soft cock. She leaned to my lap and sucked me into her mouth.

Jean looked over at me as Roxie was bent over in my lap, and winked at me. She was still riding the stranger’s cock. I watched as it slipped in and out of her.

Apparently, between the little blue pill, Roxie sucking me and watching Jean fuck, my cock began to get hard again.

The guy Jean was fucking moved her from his lap. She stood up and he stood behind her. I saw his hands wrap around my wife as he grabbed her full breasts and cupped them in his hands. He was kneading them and rolling them as his fingers rubbed against her hard nipples. She had her eyes closed and her head rolled back enjoying the attention to her tits.

He then moved her to the floor and positioned her on all fours. He got behind her and guided his cock to her pussy. He leaned into her and I again watched as his dick slipped inside her pussy.

Anytime a woman was in this position at this party she was more than likely going to get a cock shoved into her mouth and again this time was not an exception. Some guy got on his knees in front of Jean and put his cock at her mouth. My wife eagerly opened up and sucked him into her mouth. Jean’s tits were swaying beneath her body as one guy fucked her from behind and the other reaped the benefit of the rocking from the other end.

Roxie had also left herself in a very vulnerable position as the young stud with the big cock got behind her. He put his finger to his lips as he looked at me prompting me to say nothing. He grabbed the base of his big cock and guided it to Roxie’s pussy.

“FUCK!” Roxie pulled off my cock and exclaimed as the big cock penetrated her.

She stopped sucking my cock and stroked it as the young stud pushed further into her.

“MY GAWD!” Roxie nearly screamed as he pushed further.

Roxie adjusted her legs so she was spread wider for the big cock.

He pushed again, “Fuck yesssss.” Roxie moaned.

The young stud was now fully implanted in her and he began to withdraw.

“OH GAWD FUCK ME!” Roxie screamed.

He obliged her request and began moving in and out of her pussy. As she adjusted to the cock, she once again began sucking my cock but more ferociously this time.

I looked over again at my wife just as the guy fucking her groaned and leaned into her planting his seed deep inside her pussy.

Roxie was groaning on my cock with each thrust of the big cock inside her.

Jean was still on all fours sucking the cock in her mouth. The guy moaned and grabbed the back of Jean’s head as his head looked up at the ceiling he held her tight against his cock as he apparently was shooting his load in her mouth.

The young stud fucking Roxie began pumping into her hard and fast. She pulled her mouth off my cock and groaned with each of his forceful thrusts.

“OH FUCK” He groaned and leaned fully into Roxie cumming inside her pussy.

When he was done, he pulled out, got up and walked away.

I then noticed my wife standing next to me as she watched Roxie again sucking my cock.

“Roxie, what are you doing sucking my husband’s dick?”

Roxie again pulled off and looked at Jean, “Well he looked lonely over her so I thought I would help him out.”

“Ok. Say do you have some place I can wash off?” Jean asked.

I looked at her. She had cum running down the inside of her thighs and dried to various parts of her body.

“Sure, I think I have your husband kick started again. He should be fine now. I will show you the shower.”

Roxie got up and said, “Follow me.”

I watched the two beautiful naked women walk away and go up the stairs.

Without Roxie stroking and sucking my cock began to deflate again. I sat there and watched the various fuck scenes playing out in front of me. The young stud with the big cock was already fucking yet another girl.

“Oh to be young again.” I mumbled to myself.

The girls had been gone about ten minutes and Roxie had not returned yet so I decided to see if I could find them.

I got off the couch and headed up the stairs.

I could hear a shower running as I got to the top of the stairs so I went toward it. I was in the master bedroom and the shower was running in the master bath.

The door was slightly agape so I slowly pushed it open to see if Jean was actually the one in the shower.

What I saw reflecting in the mirror surprised me.

The shower was a huge shower wrapped in glass. I could see Jean and Roxie in the shower together. Jean was leaning over in front Roxie and was sucking on Roxie’s nipple.

I stopped just outside the door and watched the scene as it played out reflecting in the mirror.

“Mmmmmmm.” Roxie moaned and rolled her head back as my wife continued to suck on her nipple. Jean’s hand then slipped down to Roxie’s pussy and she began to massage her clit.

“Mmmmmmm,” again escaped from Roxie’s lips.

I stood watching in astonishment, as Jean had never said anything to me about wanting to experiment with another woman. We have always been very open about our wants, desires, and fantasies.

Jean then stood back up and grabbed the soap. She began running the soap all over Roxie’s body. Roxie was covered in suds and Jean was taking advantage not to miss a single body part.

Roxie then stepped under the water to rinse off and Jean stepped behind her. Jean wrapped her arms around Roxie as she rinsed and caressed her tits, rolling her nipples between her fingers.

Roxie turned to Jean and they kissed. Not just a peck on the lips but a deep passionate lover’s kiss.

Roxie then grabbed the soap and began to run it over Jean’s body. Roxie also took advantage and took extra time to clean Jean’s pussy.

“Mmmmmm,” Jean moaned as Roxie massaged the soap into Jean’s pussy.

Although I was in shock at what was happening my cock was again rock hard. Watching these two beautiful women lather each other’s bodies was far too erotic.

The shower was fogging up as well as the mirror and I was now struggling to see all that was happening. It was now more like watching two shadows and I wanted explicit details of the event.

Jean then stepped under the water to rinse off the soap.

Roxie then said, “The water is cooling off. Let’s get out of here.”

The water shut off and I stepped back so they would not see me.

I heard the shower door click open and the rustling as they got towels. I could still barely see in the mirror but could tell they were drying each other off.

They started to come out of the bathroom so I exited the room and went to a bedroom across the hall, which afforded me a clear view of the room and the bed.

I saw the two women enter the bedroom naked. They stopped to kiss each other. Again, a very passionate kiss. As they broke from the kiss, Roxie grabbed Jean’s hand and led her to the bed.

Roxie crawled onto the bed and my wife followed her. They were laying side-by-side facing one another as they kissed again. Roxie began caressing Jean’s body by rubbing her hand along her side to her hip and then around to Jean’s ass.

Jean responded by grabbing one of Roxie’s breasts and rolling her nipple between her fingers.

Roxie broke the kiss and moved down in the bed so she was even with Jean’s breasts. She grabbed one and sucked it into her mouth.

Jean moaned as Roxie licked and sucked her nipple.

Roxie then rolled Jean onto her back. Roxie straddled my wife’s body. Jean’s pussy and ass were visible to me as she bent over my wife to kiss, lick and caress her tits.

I felt like a peeping tom watching them with my hard cock in my hand.

Roxie then began moving down Jean’s body kissing as she went. She got to Jean’s vulva then crawled on down the bed as Jean spread her legs wide to allow Roxie access to her pussy.

Roxie settled between my wife’s wide spread legs and went to work kissing, licking and sucking my wife’s pussy. Jean placed her hands on her tits and began rolling her nipples between her fingers.

“Oh gawd.” Jean moaned.

Jean was squirming on the bed and now had her hand on the back of Roxie’s head pulling her tongue deeper and harder towards her pussy.

Roxie then pulled away from my wife’s pussy and crawled from between her legs.

“Oh gawd please what are you doing?” Jean asked still squirming and she began to rub her own clit.

“Just a minute. I have something that will put you clear over the edge.”

Roxie reached into the nightstand draw and pulled out a massager. It was big and had a large red head on it. Roxie got up and plugged it in to the outlet then got back on the bed between Jean’s legs.

I heard the hum of the vibrator as Roxie switched it on. She began by running it along Jean’s thighs and gradually working toward her pussy. Jean was already squirming in anticipation.

Roxie then placed the vibrating head on Jean’s vulva

“OOOOOOOOO FUCK!” Jean nearly screamed as soon as the vibrations were felt.

Roxie moved the vibrator down and Jean screamed out again. Jean moved her legs further apart. She was spread wider than I think I have ever seen her.

“OOOOOOOO MY GAWD YESSSSSSS!” Jean screamed again as her whole body was convulsing with an intense orgasm.

Roxie was having a hard time keeping the vibrator on her clit.

“OOOOO GAWD FUCK!” My lovely wife screamed again.

Jean was experiencing one orgasm after another as Roxie continued to hold the vibrator on her clit.

Jean was grabbing at the sheets and tossing her head back and forth. Her big tits were bouncing around on her body as she thrashed around from one intense orgasm after another.

Jean finally breathing heavily pulled away from the vibrator.

“Oh my gawd Roxie. I have never in my life had orgasms that intense or so many one right after the other. I need a cock in my pussy!”

“I can handle that too.” Roxie said getting off the bed again.

She went to her drawer and pulled out a dildo that had to be twelve inches long and was very fat. She also had a bottle of lubricant in her hand.

As Roxie climbed back onto the bed Jean said, “ROXIE? I can’t take that thing in my pussy.”

“Sure you can. It vibrates too.”

Roxie put the lubricant on the dildo then switched it on. She guided it towards my wife’s pussy.

I could see as the head of this monster touched Jean’s pussy then parted the lips and Roxie pushed until the head popped inside my wife.

“OOOO FUCK! It’s huge.” Jean moaned.

“Just relax and enjoy.” Roxie answered.

Somehow Jean spread wider as Roxie slowly worked the dildo in.

“OH MY GAWD!” Jean groaned again.

Roxie slid a little more in.

Jean was squirming on the bed again as I watched the huge dildo stretch my wife’s pussy to a point I never would have thought imaginable. I know they say babies come out of there but regardless she was spread so wide open that her clit was visible between her lips.

Roxie had about half the dildo in Jean and she began working it in and out of her fucking her with the monster. On each inward thrust Roxie was letting more of it enter her.

Roxie had one hand on the dildo that was now fully implanted in my squirming, swearing wife. She reached for the vibrator that was still on the bed.

With one hand holding the dildo in, she put the vibrator back on Jean’s clit.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCK ME!” Jean screamed as her body jerked and convulsed.

Jean had her nipples in her hands pinching them to what had to be painful!

With one hand holding the vibrator on Jean’s clit she began moving the dildo in and out of her pussy with the other.

Jean’s mouth was open as if she was gasping for air and nothing was coming out.

“FUCK!” Jean screamed as nearly her whole body left the bed with an intense orgasm. Her body was now glistening with perspiration and the dildo was easily sliding in and out of her pussy. She was taking every inch of the monster fake cock.

I was now not just holding my cock but stroking it.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY GAWD NOT AGAIN!” Jean yelled out as she rocketed to another orgasm.

After this one Jean laid on the bed spent. Roxie pulled the vibrator away and pulled the dildo from her pussy. Jean’s pussy was still spread open from the massive intruder and juices were running from it.

She caught her breath and quickly grabbed Roxie changing places with her. Jean immediately went between Roxie’s legs and to her shaved pussy. My wife was licking and sucking on another woman’s pussy.

Jean was on her knees with her head between Roxie’s legs. I wanted so badly to run in there and fuck her seeing her wide open pussy but did not want to spoil what was happening.

Jean licked and sucked for awhile then reached for the vibrator. She turned it on and placed as Roxie had her on Roxie’s vulva.

“Mmmmmmm yesss.” Roxie moaned.

Jean then moved the vibrator down to Roxie’s clit.

“OOOOOOOOO YESSSSSSSS!” Roxie groaned in a low guttural sound.

Roxie was gyrating her hips against the vibrator as she too rolled into an intense orgasm.

Jean could wait no longer, she grabbed the already lubricated dildo and pushed it into Roxie.

“OOOOO FUCK!” Roxie screamed as the huge dildo split her lips and slid inside her.

Jean was intently watching Roxie’s pussy as the huge dildo slowly advanced and disappeared inside her.

Jean then began moving it in and out of her and reached again for the vibrator. She wanted to give her friend the same kind of orgasm she had just experienced.

Jean placed the vibrator on Roxie’s clit, “FUCK YESSSSSSSS!” Roxie screamed out as her body jerked from the intense pleasure.

Roxie’s big tits were bounding up and down and side to side as she squirmed.

Roxie’s whole body tensed and looked like she was struggling to breathe when she screamed, “OH MY GAWD!”

My wife was holding the vibrator and the dildo firmly in place against Roxie’s gyrating body.

“FUCK!” Roxie screamed again as she squirted fluids onto Jean’s body and rolled into another orgasm.

Roxie then put her hand on Jean’s and lifted the vibrator from her clit. Jean pulled the dildo from her pussy and switched both of them off.

I was in awe. I had never seen a woman ejaculate as Roxie had just done. From the look on Jean’s face she had also never seen it before.

Roxie was lying on the bed catching her breath as Jean looked at the fluids covering her tits and stomach.

“My gawd Roxie. I have never in my life seen a woman squirt like that.”

Roxie looked down at Jean and began to laugh, “I’m sorry I didn’t warn you.”

Jean began to laugh.

Then Jean asked, “Where did you get these toys? I have to get some of these.”

“A place online. I will get you the address.”

“Roxie, I have never in my life had such extreme orgasms, these things are wonderful.”

“I thought you might like them.” Roxie replied.

“I think I need another shower now.” Jean said looking down again at her body.

Roxie laughed again, “Me too.”

They both got off the bed and went back to the shower. I heard the water turn on and the door click shut.

I slowly worked my way back to the door and could see them rinsing off.

Nothing happened this time but they did kiss while in the shower.

The water shut off and I left the room and headed back downstairs.

Some of the party goers had left. There were still about ten people there and the hardcore fucking had stopped. There was just some sucking and touching going on. Even the young stud with the big dick had finally wore out as an older woman was stroking his soft cock attempting to get one more good fuck from him.

I was still naked and went to get my clothes from where I had left them.

I was putting my clothes on as Jean and Roxie were coming back down the stairs. Both of them were still naked.

“You have been gone a long time.” I said to Jean.

She grinned at Roxie and then turned back to me, “It took Roxie and me awhile to get cleaned up.”

I was wondering if she was going to tell me about her little tryst upstairs.

Jean’s clothes were lying next to mine as she bent over to pick them up and begin getting dressed. She decided apparently to forego her bra and slid her shirt over her head. She also decided to skip the panties and pulled her skirt over her hips.

After sliding on her shoes, she looked at me and asked, “Are you ready to go?”

“Sure, if you are.”

“Roxie it has been fun and a new adventure for us. Thank-You for the hospitality.” Jean said to Roxie.

Roxie then said as they hugged, “Maybe you guys will join us again?”

Jean looked at me and said, “Maybe. We will discuss it.”

Jean grabbed my hand and we walked up the stairs following Roxie’s naked body.

At the door, the girls kissed each other again and Roxie hugged me and gave me a kiss.

We went to the car and once inside Jean looked at me and asked, “Do you mind if we make a little stop on the way home?”

“No, where do you want to stop?”

“You know that little sex shop on the corner downtown?”

“Yes.” I replied with a quizzical look

“I want to stop there and pick up a few things.” She said softly.


“When Roxie and I went upstairs to clean up something happened.” She sheepishly said.

“What was that? I asked as if I didn’t already know.

“Roxie and I were in the shower together and I guess the hormones were still in high gear from downstairs. Roxie kissed me and it felt good. We then cleaned each other off and went to the bedroom. Roxie put me on the bed and she began kissing and caressing me. She then surprised me by going down on me and licking my pussy.” She paused waiting and watching for a reaction.

I looked over at her, “Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes.” She answered

She then continued, “But the best part was the toys she had. There was this big vibrator and a big dildo.”

She stopped again waiting for my response or reaction.

I was driving toward the sex shop and did not say anything.

“Honey, I had the most intense orgasms of my life.” She suddenly blurted out.


“Oh my gawd yes. They just rolled one after another and each one kept escalating to a stronger one and another until I couldn’t take any more.”

“Did you do anything with Roxie?” I asked.

She sat there for a moment and then replied, “Yes.”

“Like what?”

“I licked her pussy and then used the vibrator and dildo on her.”

I turned to look at her with a surprised look on my face.

“You’re not mad are you?” She asked.

“No, not at all. I mean we went there knowing anything could happen.”

“Good. However, I thought that maybe we could buy some toys and you and I could use them. It would be even better if I had you using the toys on me.”

We had arrived at the sex shop and got out of the car.

We walked into the shop and Jean headed directly for the toys aisle.

She quickly found a vibrator like Roxie had used on her and then went to find a dildo. I followed her.

She looked over the dildos and then picked out one that was very similar to Roxie’s.

“My gawd it is huge.” I said.

“I know.” She responded looking at me.

“Are you sure that thing won’t spoil you for my dick?” I asked with a grin.

“No silly, there is still nothing like a hard throbbing cock in your pussy.” She replied grinning.

“Is that all you need?” I asked.

“No I also need some lubrication.”

She went to that aisle and found a tube that she thought would work.

“Ok, that is all I need.”

We went to the counter to pay for them.

Back in the car and headed home I decided since she had come clean that I would too.

“I have a confession.” I said.

“What Honey?”

“After you and Roxie had been gone awhile I went upstairs to check on you.” I glanced at Jean to see her reaction. She had an embarrassed look on her face.

“I heard the shower running and went to the door. I saw you and Roxie in there soaping each other and then kissing. When you got out of the shower I left the room to the bedroom just across the hall and stood in the doorway and watched.”

“You saw it all?” She asked with a shocked look.

“Yes. I saw it all.”

“Did it make you mad or anything that it was going on and you did not know it?”

“No. I was actually very turned on watching two beautiful women pleasuring each other. In fact I’m turned on right now discussing it.”

Jean reached across to my lap and felt my hard cock in my jeans.

“You nasty boy.” She said.

“Hurry home. I want to fuck you and try out our new toys.” She said.

When we got home, I headed to the shower to wash off. When I got out of the shower, my beautiful wife was lying naked on the bed with her new toys at her side.

I crawled onto the bed, immediately dove between her legs, and licked the pussy that not more than an hour ago Roxie had been licking.

I licked and sucked her pussy for a while then crawled up between her legs and let my hard cock part her pussy lips and sank fully into her.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I fucked her hard and fast.

When I felt as if I was going to shoot my load, I pulled out.

I reached for the vibrator and sat between her legs. I turned it on and did as Roxie had done laying it against her vulva.

“OOOOOO YESSSSSS!” She moaned.

I then moved it to her clit. Her body tensed and then jerked as the vibrations enveloped her hard little love button.

“OOOOOOOOO FUCK!” She moaned.

I kept the vibrator against her clit watching her body squirming and the pure look of pleasure as it washed over her face.

Once again, an anguished look crossed her face and she looked as if she could not get her breath.

“OOOOOO MY GAWD!” She screamed as her body convulsed as if she was having a seizure.

I kept the vibrator held firmly against her clit with one hand while I opened the bottle of lube and put some on the dildo.

Her eyes were closed as she again screamed out, “OOOOO FUCK I’M CUMMMMMMMING!”

Her body again jerked with spasms of her orgasm.

I grabbed the dildo by the base and guided the huge cock toward my wife’s pussy. I pushed it in until the head of this thing popped inside her.

“OOOOOOOOO FUCK!” She moaned again.

I kept the vibrator on her clit while I pushed the dildo farther and farther inside her. I was amazed now up close and personal how her pussy opened up to swallow the huge cock.

I had the dildo about three quarters of the way in when she again had an orgasm. Her juices were beginning to ooze out of her pussy around the dildo.

I pushed it in a little more and then began fucking her with this big cock. On each stroke in I would let a little more of the cock penetrate her.

The big cock was fully inside her pussy with it’s big plastic balls lying against Jean’s rectum when she screamed.


Her body was jerking around in what appeared to be an uncontrollable state. She was squirming so much I could not hold the vibrator in place. She was flailing around with this big cock buried in her pussy.

She suddenly grabbed me and threw me onto my back on the bed. She bent over my cock and sucked me into her mouth. She had not even bothered to remove the dildo from her pussy.

She was stroking me and sucking me when she pulled off and reached for the vibrator.

“Let’s see if this thing works on you.”

She turned it on and placed it just beneath my balls.

“OH FUCK!” I moaned.

The sensation was incredible.

She moved the vibrator up to the shaft of my cock. Slowly moving it along until it hit the sensitive spot just below the head of my cock.

“FUCK!” I yelled out as my cum rocketed from my cock. I shot cum clear up to my neck. Something I had not done in years.

Jean removed the vibrator and said, “Apparently it works on you too.”

“Oh my gawd that was incredible.” I replied catching my breath.

I looked at Jean who reached behind her and pulled the dildo from her pussy.

“I’m glad we stopped aren’t you?” She asked.

“Oh hell yes.”

I went to wash the cum off myself and returned to bed. Jean was lying there so I crawled up next to her naked body and spooned her from behind. I placed my hand on her breast and we both quickly fell asleep.

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