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Alicia & Shelly, Swinging

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I’m Alicia. I just turned eighteen one month ago. My very best friend, Shelly, is five months older than I. Not only have we been best friends since the fourth grade, we became lovers at the Log Cabin Motel two days after I turned eighteen.

My boyfriend’s name is Travis. He’s two years older than I and goes to college. He’s going to be a designer and draw blueprints and such. Shelly’s boyfriend’s name is Collin. He is working for his father in the air conditioning business that he hopes he will take over when his father retires soon. I think he’s twenty-one. Shelly and Collin plan to get married this September. Travis and I plan on getting married but we haven’t set a date yet. He wants to wait until he’s out of school and has a good job.

We don’t usually double date, in fact, this will be the first time Shelly and I double dated with Travis and Collin, but circumstances with vehicles made it necessary this Saturday night. We either had to borrow a car or sit and watch TV with our parents, which is no date at all. I was elected to ask my Dad.

Daddy was sitting in his favorite chair, watching the news on TV. I hate the news, they never have anything good to say.

“Daddy, can we borrow the car tonight?” I asked in my most innocent daughter voice.

“The car? Where are you going?” he asked with a bit of concern.

“Collin and Shelly and Travis and I want to go to the drive-in to see a movie. I’ll let Collin do the driving since he’s the oldest and more experienced.”

“Well, okay, but remember to put some gas in it this time,” he replied. ” It’s already low.”

I kissed his cheek and got the car keys from him.

“Thanks, Dad. I’ll make them fill it up.”

I called Shelly to tell her it was on for tonight. Shelly, who was closer than a sister to me, was all excited about us double dating.

“Oh, Alicia!” That’s super,” she gushed. “It’ll be almost like we’re dating each other. Won’t it?”

“Yeah, except for one thing,” I mused. “I wonder how a girl tells her boyfriend that she’s bisexual and that he has to share her with her girlfriend?”

“I don’t know. I guess we should tell the guys, it would be like cheating on them before we were even married if we kept it a secret. Wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” I agreed. “We’ll have to think of a way.”

We drove up the highway for our intended destination. Collin drove expertly with Shelly sitting beside him in the front seat. I sat behind her in the back and Travis sat behind Collin. We passed by the Log Cabin Motel with its colorful sign all lit up. I put my hand on Shelly’s shoulder and she squeezed my hand as we watched the motel go by, then we looked at each other and smiled.

Collin parked Daddy’s big Chrysler in the back row where cars were spread out a lot. Our nearest neighbor was five spaces away. The fact that it was still cold out and you had to keep running the engine to keep the car warm made the crowd light, too.

Collin and Shelly sat in the front seat while Travis and I took the back seat. We were necking within minutes of getting parked. Seeing Shelly kiss Collin had the same effect on me as seeing her with Maria. I wasn’t at all jealous but it made me horny and all damp inside.

Part way through the first film Shelly said she had to pee. Collin gave her some money and told her to get him a hot dog while she was there. Travis said he wanted a hot dog also. I told Shelly that I’d go with her to help her.

On the way, we passed a car with two girls in it. They were kissing and making out. They paused just long enough to watch us go by. I dropped a hand down to squeeze Shelly’s butt cheek and the girls resumed their kissing.

“Why is it that guys always seem to be hungry?” Shelly asked.

“So we can get to them, I suppose. Haven’t you heard? The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that,” she replied. “Lets go to the restroom first, I really do need to pee.”

We went into the girl’s room and found three stalls. It was deserted and Shelly went for the farthest stall back. On an impulse, I followed after her.

“I want to watch you go,” I told her.

“You’re crazy.”

“Maybe so, but I want to watch you pee. I’ve seen you do just about everything else,” I said.

Shelly lifted her skirt as I knelt in front of her to pull her panties down. I pulled them all the way down and let her step out of them. She sat her naked butt on the toilet seat, spreading her legs wide to allow me to see better. I held her butterfly lips open with my thumb and index finger and waited breathlessly. Soon, a small trickle of pee came out of her pee hole, followed by a steady stream of pee. I put my fingers in the flow of warm fluid and smelled my fingers. I detected only a slight smell of urine which turned me on. I licked her pee off my fingers, savoring the taste.

“You’re such a dirty girl. That’s what I love about you,” Shelly said with a husky voice.

The stream ended with a few finishing trickles and Shelly started to get up but I pushed her back down.

“Wait a minute, let me clean you up first.”

I went and got a paper towel which I wet slightly. Back in the stall I washed Shelly’s bare pussy lovingly. She stood when I finished.

“Don’t you have to go too?” she asked me.

“I’ll see if I can.”

I raised my skirt and Shelly pulled my panties down. I sat down and strained a little. Pretty soon a slight trickle came out to Shelly’s delight. She held my lips open and watched as I peed for her.

“Oh my god, how erotic. How do you think of these things that are such a turn- on?” she asked.

“It’s just my dirty girl instinct, I suppose.”

Shelly wiped the pee from my butterfly lips and licked the pee from her fingers, relishing my flavor.

I stuffed my panties into my jacket pocket and handed Shelly hers. She did the same thing with her panties. We hugged and kissed, grinding our pussies together and became very turned on as we clutched each other by the butt cheeks.

“We’d better get back to our guys before we spend the night fucking each other here in the bathroom,” Shelly said.

We went to the refreshment bar and bought the hot dogs. We went past the car with the two girls in it, a little closer to it this time. A head with long dark hair was bobbing up and down between two milky white thighs that seemed to shine in the darkness, reflecting the bright moonlight. I took Shelly’s hand and squeezed it.

“I see it,” Shelly said in a low voice.

We got back in our car and handed the guys their hot dogs. They were talking about sports and didn’t even think to thank us. We sat there with our arms folded and pussies throbbing while they fed their face and yaked about different sports players.

“If you two are going to talk all night, Shelly and I are going to get in the back seat together and commence without you!” I said disgustedly.

“The hell you say,” Travis retorted with a chuckle.

“The hell I don’t say!” I spat, visibly angry now.

“That I’d love to see,” Collin said with a ‘dare you to’ smirk.

That was all I could take. The thing I had fretted about all night was handed to me, gift wrapped and all, so I jumped on it as my anger took over.

“Travis, get your sorry ass up front if you want to talk sports! Shelly, get back here with me and let’s show these baboons how to properly satisfy a girl’s sexual needs,” I said angrily.

Shelly hesitated, wondering what to do next.

“Go ahead, Shelly. Let’s see Miss ratchet jaw put her money where her mouth is,” Collin dared.

“Yeah, that’s something I’d like to see,” said Travis, grinning from ear to ear.

Shelly got out and traded places with Travis in the back seat with me. We fell into each others arms and began to kiss deeply but tenderly. I caressed Shelly’s breasts through her dress. The whimpering sounds she made told everyone how much she was enjoying my love making. She caressed my breasts in return.

“I love you, Alicia,” Shelly said with emotion you could feel.

“I love you, too, Shelly. I have for a long, long time now.”

The car engine started up to warm the car up some more. The windows fogged up with so much moisture you could write your name in it. We shed our jackets in the warm automobile. You could hear a pin drop in the front seat now. I placed a hand on Shelly’s knee and slowly raked my fingernails lightly up her inner thigh, causing her legs to gradually open.

I could hear heavy breathing in the front seat now, but I wasn’t going to stop until I was quite finished. I flipped Shelly’s dress up over her tummy, exposing her naked, smooth pussy lips to everyone’s view. She put her hand on my inner thigh and slid my dress up to expose my shaved pussy. We started running our fingers all along the outside of each others pussy lips.

“Holy shit,” I heard someone whisper in the front seat.

I motioned to Shelly to sit up and helped her off with her dress and bra. She did the same for me and we were both naked as jaybirds. I laid down on the seat and Shelly laid on top of me. We put our knee between each others legs and humped the thigh of one another. How I loved to feel Shelly’s sticky juices from her pussy smeared against my thigh while I spread my gooey love juices around on Shelly’s thigh. I sensed we were both getting close.

I heard a low groan from the front seat as I motioned for Shelly to get on top for a sixty-nine position. I felt Shelly’s tender lips come in contact with my butterfly lips as she lowered her pussy to my eager tongue’s service. I ran the tip of my tongue along the inside of her butterfly lips down to the bottom of her slit where I plunged my tongue deep into her love hole and tongue fucked her for a bit. Her pussy was so wet I had to swallow some of her juices.

I felt Shelly insert two fingers into my love hole while she flicked her tongue over my little pink bump, as I like to call it. I moved my tongue up to find Shelly’s clit and inserted a finger in her love canal to find her g-spot. I caressed it with my fingertip with a ‘come here’ motion. I could tell by Shelly’s whimpering and mewling that she was very close, and I knew I wouldn’t be very far behind her. We climbed Mount Orgasm slowly but steadily until we reached the top, Shelly first as she buried her mouth in my pussy and let out a long high pitched moan. Her voice against my clit made it send the final vibrations to my orgasm center. I bucked and let out a long, low moan as my orgasm took control of my entire body.

“Oh, fuck! I’m coming,” was all I could say.

“I came too,” Shelly said.

Shelly laid heavily on me and relaxed as I caressed her smooth butt cheeks. I pressed a finger into her puckered hot spot which made her clench her ass by reflex, then let it open to admit the finger to the knuckle. Shelly loves to have her ass played with.

A cough in the front seat made us remember the guys were there so we untangled and sat up on the seat. The look on the guys faces was priceless. No more cocky macho attitude now. It was replaced by a real appreciation for the two women in the back seat.

Finally Collin spoke, “How long have you two been doing that?”

“We started about two one month ago, and since we started, there’s no going back,” I said. “We’re going to do it from now on, so both you guys had better watch your ass and treat us right.”

“I’ll always treat you right, Alicia,” Travis said.

“If I didn’t think so, I’d send your ass packing,” I answered. “Come back here, I’m not finished yet. I’m good for four or five orgasms before I call it quits.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to please you, Hun, I promise.”

I wouldn’t call Travis hen pecked but he sure had an obedient attitude at that moment.

“Now you’re getting the idea!” I said. “The good Book says a man is supposed to put his wife’s needs above his own, and the wife is supposed to put her husband’s needs above her own wants and wishes. That keeps everybody happy and satisfied. Ask any preacher man and he’ll tell you.”

Shelly got out, even though she was as naked as a jaybird, and traded places with Travis again. This time Collin took her in his arms and acted like he was madly in love with her. A man is a complicated animal with so many buttons to push, but if you push the right buttons at the right time, you can get him to do just about anything you want him to. We got Collin so hot and bothered, he forgot all about his tummy and sports.

Travis hugged me close and began to kiss my breasts. I gave him instructions on just what to do using the proper technique. Girls, I’ll tell you something right now. If your man ignores what you want or refuses to do it, kick his ass to the curb. But if you don’t tell him what you want and how you want it done, then it’s nobody’s fault but your own stupid fault if he doesn’t do it, so don’t blame him. Blame yourself.

Getting the hang of how to treat my breasts, I let Travis graduate to my pussy. I showed him exactly where my clit is and how and when to touch it with his fingers then with his tongue. By the time I let him get his jollies with me I had two more orgasms and made him a near expert at loving a woman.

I laid back and spread my legs wide to accept Travis. He knelt between my legs but had difficulty gaining entrance. I put spit on my fingers and smeared it on his cock, then guided his shaft to my love hole. He slid in with ease that time and began thrusting into me as only a man can do. I wanted one more orgasm so I told him to wait to come until I was ready to come. I told him to stop moving and think about something else if he had to.

We changed places and he sat on the seat while I rode his cock facing the front seat because I wanted to watch Shelly fucking. Shelly was riding Collin’s cock facing the back seat so we could watch each other fuck. We steadied ourselves with one hand on the back of the seat while we played with each others breasts. We kissed deeply and tenderly as we fucked, letting our tongues dance together, tweaking each others nipples. I reached way down, straining to reach Shelly’s pussy. It thrilled me beyond words to feel Collin’s cock sliding in and out between Shelly’s butterfly lips, his pubic hair bumping the back of my hand. I don’t honestly know what thrilled me more, the feel of Collin’s velvety cock, or feeling Shelly’s pussy lips clinging lovingly to the slick shaft buried deeply within her.

I felt Shelly’s tongue stop moving and pull back into her mouth, then a high pitched moan began deep in her throat. I was right with her and started a long, low moan as my orgasm overtook me. Travis held out like a trooper and when he heard me coming, he relaxed and let his creamy load fly. I heard Collin gasping and grunting and knew he was coming too. I could feel Collin’s cock between my fingers, tightening and expanding, pumping his load deep into Shelly’s pussy. So, the four of us came simultaneously, an unprecedented feat to say the least.

We all laid back and rested after that for a bit.

“Oh, shit!” Collin exclaimed.

“What, ‘oh, shit?'” I asked, startled.

“We forgot to get gas and now the fuel light is on to warn us. I guess we ran the engine too much to keep warm.”

“We can go back to town and buy some more,” I suggested.

“It’s too far, we’ll never make it.”

Shelly and I looked at each other with a wide grin.

“The Log Cabin Motel is about five miles back. If we can make it there, we can buy some gas or have some brought to us,” I suggested.

“Alright, we can make it there, I’m sure,” Collin replied. “We’ll do that.”

We got dressed and Collin drove to the motel, taking it as easy as he could to not use more gas than necessary.

He parked in front of the motel office and turned off the engine.

“Hey, see if they have a room with two double beds in it. There’s no use in spending more than we have to,” I said. “I’ll call Daddy and tell him what happened. – Oh, don’t worry, I won’t tell him everything that happened.”

I called Daddy from the pay phone while the guys went in the office. When I finished my call, I got back in the car and sat behind Shelly again.

“Do you really like Collin?” Shelly asked.

“Yes, very much,” I told her.

“That’s good. – I think he has the hots for you,” she said.

“Well, I know Travis has the hots for you. He didn’t take his eyes off you the whole time we made love.”

“I know, he turned me on watching me like that,” she confessed.

“Yeah, I was turned on by Collin when I felt his cock in your pussy. I didn’t want to turn loose of it”

“Should we let them fuck us?” Shelly asked.

“I guess maybe we should. There would be no use in worrying about someone cheating if everyone has what they want,” I said.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking. All we have to do is figure a way to get them to go for it,” Shelly mused.

“Yeah,” I said thoughtfully.

The guys came back and told us we can get some gasoline in the morning at a little gas station up the road a couple of miles.

We drove down the lane to the cabins, parked in front of number eleven and went in. Shelly and I checked it out real close and found it similar to cabin number one, the first cabin we rented one month ago, with cabinets, TV, a round table with four chairs and a fireplace. The only thing much different is that there was no bear rug in this cabin.

Collin started a fire in the fireplace while Travis channel surfed the TV to find something good to watch. I snooped in the cabinet drawers and found a telephone book and a deck of cards.

“Let’s play cards,” I suggested.

“Like what?” Travis asked.

“Strip poker,” I challenged.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Shelly agreed.

We took seats at the round table, I sat across from Shelly and Collin sat across from Travis. We informed the guys that we weren’t wearing panties so they gave us a one item handicap. I won’t bore you with the details of the game but Shelly was the big loser. I was down to my brassiere and Collin was in his under shorts. Travis was the big winner wit jeans and underwear to go.

“So, let’s play truth, dare or consequences now. We’ll cut the deck and high card tells the low card what to do. Everyone has to undress first though.” Shelly suggested.

I unhooked my bra and tossed it aside. I watched Collin slide his underwear down, allowing his stiff cock to spring up and slap his abdomen. I noticed he was circumcised right away before he sat down and put it out of sight. Travis had his jeans off and I watched him slide his underwear down. His cock sprung forward and swayed from side to side, he was so rock hard. I looked at Shelly who was looking straight at Travis’ cock as if mesmerized.

I won the first draw and Travis lost. He chose ‘dare.’

I stood up and told him, “I dare you to stand up and kiss me on the mouth for ten seconds.”

Travis stood up, his cock still swaying from the weight and pressure in his shaft. and held me close to kiss my mouth. I took hold of his cock which was pressed against my tummy and slid it over in Shelly’s direction so she could get another good look at it. I sat down and looked at Shelly who was looking into my eyes with the closest expression to lust I have ever seen.

Shelly won the next draw and I lost. I chose ‘truth.’

“Who do you love the most in this room?” Shelly asked.

“I love all three people in this room pretty much the same amount,” I answered.

Travis won the next draw and I lost again. I chose ‘dare.’

“I dare you to stand and kiss Shelly for thirty seconds while fingering her pussy,” was his challenge.

Shelly stood and took me in her arms. I kissed her deeply but tenderly while my hand slid down to her sopping wet pussy and a finger slid inside to rub her joy button. Her hand found its way to my equally wet pussy and slipped two fingers deeply into my love hole. I don’t think anyone was checking the time but I know it was longer than thirty seconds. I didn’t care and probably we wouldn’t have stopped even if someone told us to.

I felt Collin’s hand slide lightly over my butt cheeks in a slow circular pattern. I noticed Travis do the same thing to Shelly, though I could only see his arm, I knew what he was doing by his movement. I spread my legs slightly and pushed my butt in Collin’s direction to encourage him, hoping his fingers would join Shelly’s on my pussy. I felt his fingers slide ever so lightly down my butt crack and caressed my puckered hot spot.

“Oh, yes, Collin. that feels good,” I encouraged him.

“Yes, Travis, yes,” Shelly joined in.

I resumed my kiss on Shelly’s mouth, swirling my tongue against her’s, feeling myself getting close. I felt Travis’ fingers against mine so I backed off a little. I felt him put two fingers into Shelly’s sopping wet pussy and move them in and out slowly.

“That’s it, Travis, Fuck her with those fingers. Fuck her good!” I exclaimed.

I felt Travis move his fingers faster, deeper into Shelly’s love hole while I stroked her clit with one finger. My encouragement to Travis was taken by Collin also. I felt him replace Shelly’s fingers in my pussy with two fingers of his own. The sticky, smacking noises of their hands fucking our pussies and the smell of a woman’s special scent was enough to give a ninety year old eunuch a hard-on. Shelly was stroking my clit and moaning in my ear.

“Coming, – coming, – come – coming.” Shelly moaned.

I beat her to it this time as Collin’s fingers brought me to the top of the peak and I crashed with a low moan and uncontrolled movements for a few seconds.

“Oh, shit, ah!” Shelly squealed as her orgasm claimed her as its captive.

The guys instinctively stopped their movements and withdrew their hands. I noticed Travis smell the fingers he had buried deep in Shelly’s pussy. Did I teach him that, I wondered? Collin was slowly and ever so lightly stroking his cock, a drop of pre-cum oozing out of his pee hole and running down the velvety head of his dick. He was no longer trying to hide it from me. I could hardly take my eyes off of it. It wasn’t any better than Travis’, it was just different is all. As I got behind Collin I pressed my breasts against his back and kissed him on the cheek, all the while taking in the view of his gorgeous cock. I sat down and watched Shelly lick Travis’ pussy fucking fingers clean.

Shelly won the next draw while Travis and Collin tied for the bottom spot. Collin chose ‘dare’ for them both. I gave Shelly the go ahead thumbs up sign.

“I dare you, Collin, to fuck Alicia until she is satisfied, and I dare you, Travis, to fuck me until I’m satisfied,” Shelly challenged.

We got up and headed for the double beds. Travis and Shelly took one and Collin and I laid down on the other one. Shelly and I looked at one another with an approving smile.

Collin put his hand on my pussy and slid a finger over my clit, which made me wince and withdraw a little.

“Collin, a girl can have multiple orgasms during love making, but she needs time between them for her clit to rest up, otherwise it becomes ticklish or even painful, sort of how your dick feels right after you come,” I explained.

“Oh. Sorry,” he apologized.

“That’s okay, you didn’t hurt me. I just wanted to warn you before you did,” I said. “You should go for her breasts first, or lick her pussy except for her clit until she is rested up.”

“Okay, I’ll remember that,” he said and began licking my nipples.

What he was doing felt good, but I wanted to see that cock again. I looked over and saw Travis straddling Shelly’s chest, she had his cock in her mouth and was sucking him so hard her cheeks sunk in. What a turn on that was. I pushed Collin back.

“Lie back, I want to taste you,” I said.

I got up on my elbow and studied his circumcised, seven inch long cock. Not too big, not too small, I thought, it’s just right. I held it and licked the drop of pre-cum from his velvety head, then slowly slid the pink velvety head between my lips. I swirled my tongue around it to savor the taste and to feel it twitch in my mouth. Isn’t it strange that dicks have a slightly different taste to them, just like pussies do? I guess that’s how dogs can tell one scent from another.

“Yeah, that feels good, Alicia,” Collin told me.

I lowered my head to take in more of that velvety shaft. I got almost all the way to the bottom but felt myself starting to gag. I raised up just a little bit till the feeling went away then lowered my head again to see how much I could get in my mouth. I stopped just short of the gag point and put my fingers around his shaft. I raised up to take him out of my mouth, smiling proudly.

“I can take that much of you in,” I bragged.

“About four inches,” he guessed. “That’s good. Most vaginas are five to six inches deep, so any more cock than that is a waste,” he joked.

I smiled. “One of these days I’m going to learn how to deep throat.”

“Well, I’ll let you practice on me any time you want to,” he said.

Travis was still on his knees but Shelly was on her hands and knees, sucking his cock. I took another taste of Collin’s nice cock then lay down on my back.

“I’m ready,” I said, barely above a whisper.

Collin rolled over on top of me, his cock crushed against my smooth mound.

“Go slow at first, I want to savor it as it slowly slides into my fuck hole,” I told him.

We worked together to get it safely lodged into my opening, then I raised my knees and locked my ankles around his butt as he slid slowly, effortlessly up into my love channel. It felt beautiful. I signaled him to start fucking me by drumming my heels against his butt cheeks.

“Fuck me now, Collin. Give me the ride of your life,” I pleaded.

I looked over at Shelly and Travis and saw them watching Collin and me fuck. Shelly turned her back to Travis who slowly slid his cock deep into her pussy from behind. Travis likes it doggy style, I think it’s his favorite position. We watched them fuck as they watched us fuck. Shelly’s perky breasts swayed and jiggled and her ass cheeks jiggled and rippled as Travis pounded his cock solidly into her pussy. How beautiful is is to watch the girl I love fuck the guy I love while I fuck the guy she loves and who I love dearly. Nothing could be more erotic.

Fucking Collin as he slid his cock in and out of me, the wet walls of my love channel clutching and caressing his cock as he plunged in and out, didn’t feel much different technically than Travis, but the fact that it was someone else fucking me and not Travis was a huge turn on. I could tell Shelly and Travis were enjoying each other immensely, as much as Collin and I were, and I was so glad we decided to do this.

We were all getting close and I could tell Travis was remembering what I told him about holding out to wait for his partner to come before he did by the thoughtful look on his face. Shelly rewarded him moments later by having a crashing orgasm, letting out a high pitched moan that made Collin and I giggle. Travis clutched her hips as he pumped his love juice deep into her lovely pussy.

“I’m almost ready to come,” Collin informed me.

“I’m almost there too, Baby. Please wait for me and let me spread my come juices on your cock when I come.”

“Oh, my god, you feel so good, I’m going to come, going to come,” he said.

I could tell he was trying to hold back for me. I was so close to my peak, that when he let out a loud groan of defeat and let his sperm fly deep in my love nest, my orgasm hit like a tornado! I let out a long, low moan and gripped him tightly with my arms and legs to pull him in close as my pussy muscles massaged his jumping cock to milk it of every last drop of love juice. It was a fantastic, intense orgasm, as good as any I’ve ever had. Sorry, Shelly, but it was that good.

As we wound down, we kissed each other softly, almost a friendly type of kiss. Collin rolled off of me and laid back. I noticed his cock was about half the size that it was a few minutes ago.

“I can get the whole thing in my mouth now,” I joked.

“Not for long,” he replied.

“Well, just one more little kiss,” I said.

With that I lowered my head to take his cock in my mouth once again and gently sucked our love juices mingled together off of it. He wasn’t lying, it started to swell again ever so slightly in my mouth. I reluctantly let him plop out of my mouth.

Shelly and I went into the bathroom to clean up. When refreshed, we kissed and felt each others pussy but, like me, Shelly was too tired to do anything more. We kissed again and went back into the room.

“Okay, guys, here’s the rules. Travis, the only time you can fuck Shelly from now on is when we’re all together like tonight. Collin, the only time you can fuck me is when we’re all together. There will be no one-on-one hanky-panky tolerated. Zero tolerance! Any questions?”

“So, you mean we are going to do this again?” Travis asked.

“Oh, hell yeah! I should hope so,” Shelly quipped.

I believe that’s the first time I’ve seen Travis blush.

“And another thing,” I added, “If either one of you guys fuck anyone else without our permission, you’ll be cheating on two women and we’ll gang up on you and slap the snot out of you!”

They nodded in agreement and I truly believe they meant it. A man will fuck up his marriage by cheating, but I don’t think either one wanted to risk fucking up the arrangement they had with Shelly and I.

“The last time Shelly and I were here, we fucked the whole night away. Let’s try to get some sleep tonight so we can get Dad’s car back early in the morning.”

I turned the lamp off and we all settled down for a peaceful nights sleep.

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