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Ali Controls When and Where He Cums

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We met as Ali requested, in the secluded and quiet restaurant close to her apartment. She looked stunning and I knew as soon as I saw her that my decision to agree to her rules for the night was a good one. I shivered, the anticipation building and making the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end already. In our planning we had agreed the boundaries, the rules if you like. I was dressed as I was asked, Ali had made a few requests that in reality were not choices for me, but expectations.

Not too difficult — the silk boxers already teasing my hardening flesh, the dark blue chinos brushing softly against my legs and the sleeves of my white shirt just rolled back behind my wrists. Casual shoes, completed the outfit, nothing to what Ali was wearing and I wondered what was underneath her fantastic outfit. I knew I would find out in due course, but for now I feasted on her shimmering black low cut top showing off her full firm breasts, and her clinging, silky red skirt, ending well above her knees. The fine black nylon covering her legs would surely be stockings, and her slim legs were set off by the steepling heels, peep toe and patent black leather ….

We ordered, I recall her saying that the food she most liked to get her in the mood was strawberries and chocolate. I could see this was on the menu but the light salad gave us time to start our flirting seriously. We sat opposite each other, and I felt Ali’s foot slowly stroke my leg, feeling it work under the hem to briefly rub the flesh of my ankle before working up until her toes rested on my crotch. All the time we locked eyes and spoke of other things, but her foot was working my thigh tops and starting to press against my balls and hardening cock.

“Mmm, someone likes this treatment, how long before I can get you to cum…. take a bet?”

Ali’s voice was low, seductive and she licked her lips after she spoke. Her deep red lips were shiny with lip gloss, drawing my attention to them immediately as she spoke again.

“I bet you will cum before we leave here…. what’s your gamble? Shall we say…. winner gets to choose a toy for use on the other one???”

I reached down and lightly stroked the nylon covered foot still working on my crotch, fondling Ali’s foot, her toes, stroking her ankles and heel, around and starting to work up her calf before the waiter returned. All the time Ali tried to keep rubbing away, pressing onto my ever growing bulge. I could lose this if I was not careful!

“Mm, OK, but I am at a disadvantage aren’t I? This is your night remember, your choice of where and when I cum anyway, surely that’s unfair!”

Even as I said it Ali was rubbing her stocking covered foot in circles now around my cock and balls, but through the fabric of my chinos the pressure was just about bearable. She leaned forward, giving me a fantastic view down the front of her silk black top, her full, firm tits a little more visible as she smiled.

“Yep, that’s such a shame… still, if you can resist until after our strawberries, then you win. But its going to get harder, literally…. I want you to visit the rest rooms and remove those silky boxers, we will have a use for them later… but now I want access.”

I raised my eyebrow, but the opportunity to get away from her insistent foot was a relief, so I sped off to the wash rooms, very aware of the obvious bulge in the front of my trousers. No-one seemed to notice, and I was quickly back in my seat, silk boxers in my pocket and facing the gorgeous Ali again. Ali made no reference to the gamble as we ate the salads, and the wine flowed a little as we sparked off each other. I love our conversation, it roams everywhere and Ali has a sexy smile and a knowing look in her eye, especially when the chat turns horny as it did now. We got back to the subject of our game, the results of which was our night where I had agreed to turn over all responsibility for leading the sex to her. She teased me about how often she would use my body for her own pleasures, and her body was a lovely one to please. We touched hands, caressed arms, and I felt her foot slide around my leg, the nylon sending shivers through me again. After a brief kiss across the table, and whilst we waited for the strawberries in chocolate, Ali asked me to sit back and quietly, discreetly undo my trousers and slip the zip down!

I raised my eyebrow, and asked what the consequences would be if I refused. Ali looked at me and said, smiling sweetly all the time, “You don’t do this now, you lose the bet, you buy a strap-on for me and I fuck your ass off next week!”, and all the while her foot stroked my leg and she looked the picture of innocence. I had never heard Ali talk like that, and I was aroused already. I toyed briefly with the idea of deliberately refusing to see if she would do it, but I am not sure as I am quite ready for such an act… so I reluctantly carried on. Discreetly I exposed my hard cock to the cool air of the restaurant underneath the table and hopefully out of sight.

Swiftly I felt Ali’s foot leave my leg and saw her shuffle a little before nylon covered feet were placed either side of my stiff member, and they slowly got to work. I watched Ali all the time, her feet were easing up and down my cock, then one at the front whilst the toes of one felt like they wrapped around the back and gripped the flesh hard. The sensation was amazing, so unusual and heightened by the time and place it was happening. I stroked Ali’s calves under the table, loving the feeling of her slim, toned muscles moving lightly under my touch. However I could not deny what was happening, my cock was sensitive to everything she did and she was deliberately working me, bringing me to a state of arousal so quickly I wasn’t sure I would hold on.

“You sure??? This could be messy…. you are working me sooo close, can I stop you?”

“No… you are losing the bet, and if you recall, when, where and how many times you cum tonight was in my control… this is the first…. and as you suspected, now I win the choice of toys too…!

Ali’s feet were working the tip of my cock gently, massaging it, then stroking its full length and I knew it was close. The she slicked a finger between her lips, smiled and held my gaze as she dipped her hand out of sight. Her movement left me in no doubt where that finger had now found itself and its a good job she had chosen this restaurant and table… God, I was going to cum…

“God, Ali… cumming… oh, ner, aargh. Oh fuck… “, I whispered trying to keep my exclamations quiet as my orgasm took hold. Her feet worked my cock as she felt it tense even harder and the first pulse of hot, white cum spurted upwards and out of my raging hard member. I watched her face, not caring where my cum landed, trying hard not to jerk as spurt after spurt shot out of the now sensitive end of my cock. I was trying to act normally as my cock erupted and I made as little sound as I could. Ali seemed mesmerised and was playing hard with her pussy as I came, her eyes a little glazed as she felt my orgasm through the contact with her feet. Finally, I was spent, and I rested back in my chair and looked down. Ali’s gloriously sexy, nylon covered feet, and my slightly softening cock, were now coated in creamy white cum…

“Feed me some…”, Ali whispered, as she shuddered, her fingers bringing her to a small orgasm in front of me. I raised my eyebrow, but Ali just nodded, and I could see small movements of her hand were still keeping her busy.

I looked down and saw the warm, white cum seeping into her stockings, and gently sliding down my cock towards her feet still holding my flesh. I scooped up as much as I could onto a couple of fingers, and leaning forward to meet her hungry mouth I slipped my fingers between her red lips. She sighed as she sucked and licked my fingers clean, wrapping her tongue around each digit, arousing me again with the sensuality of the act. She leaned back briefly then brought hr own hand up to meet my mouth, saying, “Fair’s fair…”

Her aroma was delightful, the slick coat of pussy juice on her fingers tasted delicious, and I was surprised to find that I was beginning to get hard again. I sucked hungrily and quickly cleaned Ali’s fingers of her juices before the returning waiter took away our salad plates, and delivered our strawberries. I was careful to be leaning forward to make sure my state of undress was not discovered, and Ali’s feet were still resting in my groin as the waiter left. She was stifling a giggle, and the tension of the moment now passed we both burst into laughter, before Ali spoke again.

“Rub the rest of your cum into my stockings, and into your cock, we can deal with it later…. and use your boxers to cover your cock before you zip up, we will be off soon and I need you to be ready to serve me properly now.”

I did as she asked, working the slippery white fluid into her nylon covered foot, her stockings going slightly transparent where the fluid was absorbed. Her feet were so sexy, the nylon covered painted toes really turned me on, more than I could recall before. She slipped her feet back as she started her strawberries. Each bright red fruit she dipped into the melted chocolate mousse and took great delight in slowly easing them between her painted lips and sucking them in. She had clearly put her feet back into her heels, and her skirt was back in place. I worked the rest of my cum into my own flesh, covered my cock and zipped up. Even as I finished my own fruit and chocolate treat we asked for the bill, eager to go elsewhere and get to know each other a little better! Almost in tacit agreement we knew it was time to move on, to head off for more of Ali’s night of control, and I couldn’t be more ready.

The walk to her apartment was short, but I held her tight, the feeling of her firm body in my arms was fantastic. Ali’s heels clicked away as we approached her block and I lightly stroked her skirt to find the signs of a suspender belt underneath. Ali grinned as I teased, my hand roaming her fantastic ass cheeks through the silk of her skirt, the sensation erotic under my fingers her flesh moved inside the silky confines. Ali’s hand rested on my own ass, and she rubbed me through the chino fabric, leaning in to whisper, “When we get in I want you to take off your shoes and chinos at the door…. and follow me.”

We walked up the stairs to her first floor apartment and as the door closed behind me, we embraced properly for the first time. Ali is slim and toned through her exercises and dance routines, and her body moulded into mine as our tongues fought. Her kiss was electric, her hands busy as she pulled and tugged at my ass, sliding one hand between us to reach for my hardening cock inside my chinos. My hands were all over her, her back, her ass and around her hips. Ali’s firm body felt fantastic under my pressure, and the silk fabric of her top and skirt slid easily over her flesh. I could trace the straps of a suspender belt stretched taut across her full ass cheeks and followed one down a little to find the tops of her stockings through the fabric. All the time we kissed, lips meeting perfectly, tongues entwined, playing, teeth nipping and pulling as we devoured each other. Finally Ali placed her hands on my chest and eased us apart, her eyes shining with excitement, and I guess mine would seem that way too. I was already beginning to show signs of arousal, my cock twitching and filling even as we kissed.

“Now, remember what I said…. so maybe I will help a little..”, and with that Ali knelt and undid my shoes, taking them off quickly and discarding them. Kneeling up she worked the belt open, undid the zip and eased down my chinos, taking away the silk boxers that had prevented the signs of my earlier explosion from being too obvious as we left the restaurant. My cock sprang a little, half erect as the cool air hit it, still damp with fresh cum from my orgasm only minutes before. Slipping my trousers off Ali left me with only my white shirt on, but before moving me any further she surprised me by opening her deep red lips and easing my growing member in between them and into her warm, wet mouth. A few movements of her tongue, bathing my cock with her warm saliva, grazing her teeth lightly along the now hard length of my cock she gave one final suck and let my engorged flesh escape her lips. She stood up, licked her lips and smiled again before heading off into the apartment and beckoning me to follow as she had asked earlier.

Her bedroom was lit seductively, low lights at the side of her queen size bed, mirrors reflecting the light and our bodies as we approached her bed. Ali turned to me and embraced me again, firmly kissed me on the mouth and undid my shirt buttons This was a new Ali, one which I said I wanted to see, to find out if she could play the role and she was going for it, and seemingly enjoying it. Her pussy juices tasted fantastic earlier, her small orgasm at just her own touch indicative of her arousal, and as we broke she pushed me back down onto the bed.

“Mine, all mine… You agreed to pleasure me in any way I wanted, I am in control I believe you said… well believe me, you won’t get your second orgasm until I am ready to let you have it… and before then, I am going to enjoy myself on your body…”, and with that she moved me so I was laid out on her bed, spread-eagled for her pleasure, my now raging cock standing proud already. But it was not my cock that was Ali’s goal. Ali knelt over my prone body, hitching her skirt up to reveal to me for the first time her stocking tops and the glimpse of creamy thigh above. As she worked her way up my torso, her skirt shifted higher, bunching around her hips and revealing the tiny pink thong covering her mound and the six straps of her black and red lace suspender belt. She moved her barely covered pussy in closer, and settle the thin piece of lace covering her smoothly shaven mound over my mouth.

I dove in hungrily, her thong was already soaked from her earlier playing and her juices were running again. I lapped them up as she ground her pussy forward onto my eager tongue I looked up even as my mouth worked the fabric in between her dripping pussy lips, and saw her eyes close in pleasure, and her hands start to play with her breasts through the fabric of her silk top. Her nipples became bullet points, showing clearly through the fabric as she teased and tortured them and I continued to work my tongue and her thong into her cunt. Finally I sucked it out and tried to move it away from my mouth, I wanted full access to this gorgeous woman’s cunt, her pouting pussy lips were spreading wide for me as I worked my lips around. Ali stopped briefly to reach down to her hips on both sides, and she tugged briefly before pulling the thong away from my searching and hungry mouth — the ties at the side now clearly visible as she flung the flimsy fabric aside and resumed her teasing of her own breasts.

I assaulted her now naked pussy with renewed vigour, my tongue dipping in between her full, puffy lips, her juices filling my mouth, her scent the only thing I could smell as she ground her hips back and forward, her pussy sliding over the lower half of my face as she rode me. Her lips parted easily, they spread across my face, covering my cheeks and mouth with creamy fluids, the taste overpowering, gloriously sexy and making my cock hard without it ever being touched. All the time I watched Ali’s eyes, her face as she worked herself into a sexual frenzy using my body and face to do it. She was frantically tugging at her own breasts, thrashing and moaning and rubbing her cunt across me for all she was worth. I was gripping her nylon covered thighs to help her ride me better, and trying hard to feast as much as I could on her body. Finally she seemed to tense and her thighs gripped me harder as she yelled and orgasmed loudly on me, releasing more or her cum juice as she tensed time and again. I sucked, licked and drank in the extra juices, my face slick with her fluids as she worked it into my flesh, rubbing her wide open pussy lips across more and more of my face before finally slowing down and opening her eyes to grin at me.

Ali moved back slightly, and reached down to stroke my wet face. “That was fantastic,” she purred, “but I am just getting started so don’t you go thinking you’ve finished yet, eh?” She used her fingers to tease her juices into my mouth, and I licked them off her slim fingers, sucking each one in turn. Finally Ali leaned back and found my raging hard cock, lightly touching its tip making me jerk as the sensations shot down my super-sensitive flesh. I twitched as she stroked her nails gently up the length of my cock, reaching the top oh so slowly, all the while watching me. I grinned, and reached for her breasts, still hidden from full view inside her silk blouse. Ali was still almost fully clothed, I had barely my white shirt left on, and yet she was the one who had that glow of satisfaction.

Ali’s nipples hardened quickly under my touch, the bra or corset underneath the blouse was clearly not holding all of her firm flesh inside. I enjoyed the feel of her tits, they were firm, proud, the nipples getting harder again as I stroked the full flesh of her breasts, lightly working them between my thumb and finger. All the time I was trying hard to ignore the insistent teasing of my cock, Ali’s nails scratching gently away at the hard, tight flesh, tip to base and back, never hard enough to hurt, never soft enough to ignore…

I started to undo the buttons on Ali’s silk blouse, but her hand stilled me. “My time right? So wait, wait until I am ready to let you.. or I may just do it myself… or maybe…”

I sank back and let her play. She knelt up and turned around, shuffled back slightly and bent forward. I felt her breath on the end of my cock even as her glorious ass was edged towards my still wet face. Her red, wide open cunt lips were very visible as her legs still straddled my chest. I felt her blow lightly on the tip of my cock, the precum was starting to ooze out of its large purple head as she continued to tease me. I felt her fingers spread the silky liquid around the bulbous flesh before she leaned forward a little further and touched the tip of my cock with her tongue, Lightly slipping it around just the head, almost poking the hole from which the precum was still seeping, she tasted me. I could not believe the sensations, and despite my earlier orgasm I was extremely aroused yet again.

Ali’s cunt was now inches from my face and I raised my head to lick at the juices almost dripping from the wide open gash it had become. Her lips were spread wide, the paler pink of the inside of her pussy contrasting with the darker, blood-filled outer lips. I drank again, and roamed my tongue up and down her soaking cunt, dipping it in and out between the pink flesh, probing her cunt as far as I could. I eased back and slid my tongue towards her ass, letting the tip reach her tight anus and very lightly licking around her rear hole. I felt Ali stop her own gentle playing with the tip of my cock as she assimilated this new sensation, but she started again and sank immediately onto my flesh, opening her mouth and engulfing as much of my length as she could in one go.

I gasped as her mouth took my flesh inside, her lips feasting around its girth and her tongue roaming around the length of hard, solid cock flesh inside her. Ali let my cock ease out a little, then took yet more in, the tip reaching the back of her mouth as she strove to bury as much as she could inside her. She began to suck and bobbed up and down on the head of my increasingly sensitive flesh as she licked the tip, the precum, into her mouth and used her tongue to seek out the head of my cock, teasing the sensitive bit where the dome of the cock joins the solid length. All pretence of me keeping her going was gone, I could only focus on the sensations Ali was giving me… until she slowly let my flesh slide out from her lips and she sat up, back to me, hand wrapped around the slick length of cock in front of her whilst my mouth went back to work on her ass cheeks.

Ali looked over her shoulder at me, smiled and said, “Time to work for your next orgasm…” and she eased off me and sat down beside me on the bed. She spread her fantastic slim legs wide, her skirt still rucked up around her waist, and said, “I want to cum on your tongue… again…..”

Ali’s legs were spread but not wide enough for me, so I knelt down, and stroked the nylon covered flesh that was so perfectly presented. Her legs are firm, slim and supple, the flesh tight under the nylon sheath encasing them. My fingers stroked them lightly, revelling in the sexy feel of the silky nylon and bare flesh under my finger tips. I parted her legs a little further, spreading her thighs wide and displaying her puffy, well-used cunt lips for my pleasure. Ali’s hands strayed down and started to whisper over her clit and tease her flesh from above as I stroked her stocking tops, and the pale, creamy flesh above them. Finally I could hold back no longer, and leaned forward to run my tongue up her pussy, the lips parting easily as my tongue found its way between them, slurping at the copious juices already flowing from between their pale pink folds… Ali tasted fantastic, her juices still flowing as they had before, and my tongue worked up and down between her spread cunt lips drinking in her tasty nectar. I slipped a finger inside and heard Ali groan, and I began a light rhythm, easing it in and out as I drank her juices, her girl cum, as she got more and more aroused. I got a second finger in and began to really finger fuck her cunt, whilst almost tickling her clit, knowing she likes the lightest of touches across her sensitive nub of flesh. Barely touching it, I moved my tongue around my hand and licked her cunt lips, her pussy flesh, and the top of her mound, across Ali’s sensitive clit. Ali was moaning loudly as I worked her up to yet another orgasm, and inserting a third finger into her tight wet cunt was enough. As I hooked it inside and up and in, she yelled and came loudly on my hand, my tongue flooded with her cum, my hand coated with her creamy, sexy juices. Her thighs clamped hard around my head as my hand and tongue worked her to a finish, her cunt now well used and wide open, the sexy sight of her pink folds arousing me more than ever. Ali yelled, her body convulsed as the spasms overtook her, her lips pouring juices into my waiting mouth as she came down from her high.

I lightly drew her pussy lips into my mouth, cleaning the juices from her as Ali settled back and relaxed after her enormous orgasm. Finally she took control again, and sitting up said quietly to me, “I think I want to feel you in me… and this is as good a starting position as I can imagine…”

I knelt up, my cock hard and standing proud in front of me. I positioned the swollen, purple head between Ali’s wide open pussy lips and slowly, insistently eased it between them. The feeling was indescribable, her tight cunt was slick with her cum, but still gripped my flesh as I inched slowly inside her. Ali was moaning as I entered her, and I moaned too, the sounds of sex filled the room as the sensations of my cock filling such a hot, tight wet pussy were too much to keep silent. Finally I felt my tip hit the end of her pussy, her cunt well and truly filled. I eased slowly back, Ali gasped, and then I thrust a little more forcefully into her waiting body… and set up a rhythm, slowly and steadily thrusting in and out, sliding as far out as I could before plunging my cock back inside her waiting cunt. Ali was groaning with each thrust, and I lifted her still stocking covered legs high in the air and on to my shoulders, stroking her nylon covered legs as I eased into this new position. The thrusts were deeper now, and Ali almost yelped with each deep plunge into her. Her heeled shoes were on my shoulders, her slim ankles around my head as I thrust harder and harder into her cunt.

“Don’t cum… do…. not….. cum…. yet…,” moaned Ali as she writhed around below me. Starting to thrust back at me with each push from me, Ali was beginning to breathe heavily again. I rotated my hips slightly with each movement in and that seemed to help, as Ali’s eyes closed and her hands got busy above my thrusting flesh. Finally I felt the glorious sensation of her cunt walls contracting hard around my cock, and I stopped thrusting hard as she came again, her tight stomach tensing and lifting, her thighs trying to clamp around me, her fingers stilling as the orgasm ripped through her. I could feel I was getting so close, and I strove hard to prevent my second orgasm, mindful of Ali’s requests. Finally she opened her eyes again, her hair now slightly dishevelled and her face red with effort as she smiled at me.

“Thank you, I enjoyed that… I enjoyed you, and now I think I want to enjoy the taste of you….” Ali licked her lips as she slid of the bed to kneel in front of me. Her eyes were fixed on the slick, solid cock waving in front of her. I could see my flesh was coated in her juices, its purple head shiny and glistening. Without touching it Ali licked lightly at the tip of my cock, the juices whisked away by her busy tongue. Slowly she cleaned around the head of my cock, savouring every last drop of her cum from its purple flesh, before watching my eyes as she slowly engulfed more and more of my flesh. The sensation was indescribable, watching her, meeting her gaze as she took my length into her warm, wet mouth. I could feel her tongue still working around its flesh, licking away her juices from the whole length of my erect cock before sliding off it until only the head was inside her. Her eyes held mine before she plunged back down, working my cock in and out of her mouth, feeling it reach the back of her mouth, her throat, as she tried to accommodate as much as she could. My cock couldn’t stand much of this, and Ali knew it. Reaching below my balls she lightly stroked my perineum, working back and forth, grazing it with the tip of her nail. Too much, I knew I was about to cum….

Ali sensed this too and as she felt my cock tense even more than it had already, twitching inside her mouth she eased back and opened her mouth, resting my cock on her tongue just as the first blast of hot, white liquid spurted out. I yelled, unable to contain myself, jerking forward slightly with each pulse, my cum first going straight into Ali’s throat but the later spurts resting on her tongue in front of me. All the while our gaze was locked onto each other, her eyes smiling as I came into her waiting mouth. As the last remains of my cum was easing out of the tip of my cock Ali licked it clean and swallowed her mouthful of cum, smiling as she did. “Mmm, I have wanted to do that for a long, long time….”

I was spent again, but Ali stood up and hugged me, saying, “One more… and I have just he place for it..” She turned away and moved to sit down, with me beside her. “You do trust me to be in charge… and it is up to me how and when, and where we cum…?” I nodded, not quite sure of where this was going. “Good, now I want to blindfold you, I have a surprise for you, which I know we both will like. I will take the blindfold off when I think you are ready.”

Ali put the silk scarf on, shutting out much of the light and heightening my sensations already. I felt Ali rise and heard her moving around in front of me. I felt her hands start to stroke my thighs, before lightly touching my now flaccid cock. I groaned, the sensitivity of the end almost too much to bear. The touching stopped, her mouth fastened onto my nipple, and I started, surprised. “Mm, nice, but..” and the mouth moved away. Ali was really going to town, my cock was twitching a little, surprising me at its response but the vision of Ali doing all this to me whilst I waited… I imagined her mouth… and she moved, lifting my cock gently and licking the end, causing me to jump slightly again before the tip was taken between those lips again. “Noooo… ooh, careful… gentle….”, I whispered. And from right by the side of me Ali said, “Mmm, be gentle with him..” What, who… a pair of lips surrounding my cock and not Ali!? I turned, but with a blindfold on I couldn’t see anything. I quietly asked, “Who? When do I get to see…?”

Ali’s reply was to sink her lips onto mine even as the other lips and tongue were playing with my cock, which began to grow hard into the other mouth. I kissed Ali hard, happy to accept this new position, knowing Ali would not be doing anything that wouldn’t result in new and welcome experiences for both of us. Ali started to stroke my body, the other pair of hands roamed my thighs. I could not sit idly by and wrapped my arms around my sexy friend, hugging her tight as our tongues twisted and fought in our mouths. Her slim body felt fantastic, still full clothed but soon I was sure she would be revealing her flesh to me, and whoever had joined us. I fondled her firm, full tits inside their silky confines, the points of her nipples becoming more obvious as I worked her flesh around. All the while my cock was gently, insistently being aroused by a mouth so careful in its teasing, so gentle on my already well used flesh. Finally Ali stopped our embrace, and my cock was slowly eased out of the warm confines as Ali eased away, and undid the ties of the scarf and allowed me to open my eyes.

I saw a familiar face next to my thighs, Lara, a very good friend of Ali, and who has flirted with me on many an occasion. I wondered what brought this on, and raised my eyes at the pair of them, saying, “Mmm, this is a nice surprise… presume we are not just stopping here? How did you ever get to talk about this..?” I tried to sound casual, but my heart was racing. I looked across at two incredibly sexy women and wondered how I could be so lucky. Lara is a little taller than Ali, and has a very curvy, full figure. her blond hair is in a bob, and she was wearing a very short black skirt, heeled ankle boots and shiny nylon stockings, with a fitted silk white blouse. Her nipples were pushing hard at the fabric already, suggesting she was aroused as much as I and Ali were at the prospect of what might be to come.

Ali and Lara exchanged glances, and Ali spoke first. “Lara and I got a little tipsy one night a couple of weeks ago, and the subject of sex came up… I told her about my toys, and about our planned get together with me in charge. Lara persuaded me to get a toy or two out, and in the course of a bottle of wine we both played around… and then we decided to try each other out..”

Lara continued as my eyes widened. “We didn’t do much, just a long slow kiss, and a squeeze of each other, but I felt Ali’s fantastic ass and breasts and decided I wanted to see and feel more. Ali had held me close, and I could tell by the way she focussed on my tits that she might be interested.”

“We broke off, a little shy at what had happened but knowing something had changed. Lara left not long after, but she called me the day after and made a suggestion… and I agreed. She joins us… and she starts with me…. I want to try her out before you do… but we all get to play with each other. Lara is, as you probably noticed, very interested in your cock…”, and with this Ali smiled and turned to Lara. They started to kiss, and their hands worked around each other’s body as I watched. I clearly had no option, but in reality there was no way I would have left now. Lara began to undo Ali’s clothing, starting with the silky blouse. Even as they remained hungrily kissing, Lara expertly removed the blouse, exposing the fantastic fleshy globes encased in the fine mesh of a quarter cup bra. The zip to her skirt was soon taken down and Ali stepped out to reveal the full length of her stocking covered legs, shown off by the high heels she was still wearing. The smooth mound above her puffy lips was perfectly framed by the six straps of her bandeau style suspender belt.

Not to be outdone Ali began to work on Lara’s silky blouse, even as Lara lifted Ali’s breasts out of their confines, her nipples erect and proud as Lara’s fingers teased them. Lara’s breasts were soon rubbing against Ali’s as they kissed. Lara’s were fuller and heavier than Ali’s, gorgeous pale brown aureola and hard points of flesh standing proud. I knew Ali would love this, she had spoken half-jokingly to me of a fantasy pair of breasts, and Lara’s fitted that fantasy perfectly. Ali’s fingers twirled lightly around the aroused flesh as she strove to undo the short skirt. Finally Lara could slip out of her skirt and I drew breath in appreciation. Her smooth cheeks were firm, high globes of flesh, unencumbered by clothing of any sort. the shiny nylon of her holdups served to highlight the tempting pale flesh above, her thighs firm, her calves tapered to those delicate ankle boots. But what drew my attention was Lara’s bare, shaven mound and the delicate, barely visible pussy lips below.

Soon, the passion between Ali and Lara was very evident, both were breathing heavily as their lips began to explore more than the other woman’s mouth. Lara let her hands roam at will as her mouth cruised along Ali’s slim neck and shoulders. Lara held the perfect, firm globes of Ali’s breasts in her hands, gently tweaking the pink nipples until she gasped. Ali repeated the compliment, and did the same to Lara, holding her larger breasts in her small hands. The look of joy on Ali’s face was indescribable as the ripe, heavy flesh filled her hands.

“Your tits are gorgeous,” Lara breathed, bending her head to softly kiss one nipple. Ali sighed at the soft touch, arching backwards to give Lara more room. Lara seemed to like that, and pushed slightly against Ali, until she dropped back to support her upper body on her hands. This gave Lara much more of Ali’s smooth, bare skin to play with. Ali moaned softly, letting her head drop back as she accepted Lara’s ministrations to her body. The blonde’s small quick hands were everywhere on Ali’s body, and wherever her hands weren’t, her mouth was. Soon Ali was gasping with the need to take this scene further. Knowing Lara wouldn’t take the lead on this, Ali pulled her aching body away from Lara, then leaned forward and kissed her once again.

“Lie back on the bed,” Ali whispered. Lara complied, turning her head to look over at me. Ali turned to find me watching them intently, but doing nothing else as yet. Both of them returned my smile, and I watched as Ali turned her attention back to Lara. Lara laid back on the bed and slid her legs to either side of Ali’s knees, the white of the covers contrastingly starkly with nylon covered flesh. Ali licked her lips, the sight in front of her seemed to set her mouth watering. As Lara was shaved completely bare, Ali’s position gave her a fantastic, erotic view of the delicious feast to come. I could see that Lara was already wet, glistening pink in the soft light of the room. Ali leaned over Lara, kissing the blonde deeply once again. Lara used her hands on Ali’s sensitive breasts, kneading them in circles, and Ali’s response suggested that the tightening in her nipples were sending shockwaves of desire down her body and into her own pussy. I knew Ali was wet, just as wet as Lara was.

Ali slowly licked her way down Lara’s neck, and sucked lightly on her ear. The blonde murmured with pleasure as I heard Ali growl in her ear. She continued her exploration of Lara’s body, taking her time and going slow. Ali sensed it was best to ease Lara into this experience, the first time they had spent such an intimate time together. Ali spent a long time on Lara’s neck and shoulders, easing down after a while to focus on Lara’s firm full breasts.

Lara gasped as Ali closed her mouth over one pink nipple, feeling it harden in her mouth. I watched, spellbound, as she ran her tongue over the nub in circles, then raised her head and blew cool air across the now-wet nipple, watching it darken and tighten with the sensation. Lara gasped again as Ali repeated the procedure on the other breast, then switched back and forth between the two mounds, licking each breast fully, from the underside around in ever-decreasing circles, arriving again at Lara’s hard nipples. Lara kept her hand clenched in Ali’s hair, holding her down to her chest.

After taking her time with Lara’s breasts, Ali slowly licked and kissed her way across Lara’s flat stomach. She seemed to revel in pleasure each time she hit a sensitive spot that made Lara catch her breath. She nipped at Lara’s sides, laved her bellybutton with her tongue, and nuzzled the sensitive crease of her hips. By now, Lara was moaning often, and I knew she was ready for more. I was getting harder, my spent cock starting to return to its firm glory, so arousing was the action these two sensual women were playing out in front of me.

Ali slid down further between Lara’s stocking-clad thighs and gently pushed them further apart with her hands. Lara willingly spread her legs, sighing with the anticipation of Ali’s touch. Ali reached up one hand, and very lightly ran the pad of one finger down the full length of her pink slit. I watched in quiet concentration as her finger bumped softly over Lara’s clit, causing the blonde to cry out. As her fingers neared the hot tight hole, Ali gently swirled her finger, entering Lara easily. Lara gasped, raising her hips to allow Ali even better access. Ali continued to finger Lara slowly, gently easing one single finger in and out of her tight pussy. Lara was enjoying it, her hips rising slightly with each inward thrust. Ali continued this form of torture for a few minutes, knowing it would never be enough to finish Lara off. After a while, Ali eased her finger out, held Lara’s gaze and slid the coated finger into her mouth, savouring the taste of Lara’s juices for the first time.

Both Lara and I moaned at the loss of penetration, and Lara raised her head to look at Ali between her thighs. Ali continued to hold Lara’s gaze intently, dipping her finger back into Lara’s steamy pussy and again lifting her sopping wet finger and sucking her juices off it. Ali closed her eyes, enjoying Lara’s taste. Lara gazed at Ali, consumed with desire. Her normally bright blue eyes had darkened to a deep dark blue, her mouth was slightly parted with the force of her breath, and her face was flushed. Ali’s eyes opened and held Lara’s intense gaze, then slowly lowered her head, never breaking eye contact as she positioned her mouth directly over Lara’s wet pussy.

I watched, desperate to be involved but more aroused than I had ever been by the scene that was happening in front of me. They seemed oblivious of my presence for the moment, though I knew Ali had something in mind for us all. Ali darted her tongue out, and touched it lightly to Lara’s clit. Lara gasped again, and then moaned as Ali ran her tongue fully across the hard nub. Lara had her eyes closed, and her head fell back once again to the bed as Ali began to eat her out. I watched as Ali let her eyes close as well, she seemed to be drifting away on the new experience of eating a sweet pussy. Ali tongued the wet slit, more expertly than I would have expected for the first time… unless she had been practising without sharing such secret information! I got harder at the thought, but was quickly brought back to the present as Ali began running her tongue up and down the full length of Lara’s dripping wet pussy. I could see her alternating sucking on Lara’s clit with pushing her tongue up inside Lara’s tight canal, and I was loving the moans I could hear coming from both these hot women.

Lara looked over at me, groaning out “Oh god Andy, she is SO good at this!” I saw Ali smile against Lara’s wet lips, Lara’s comment only seeming to urge Ali on. Soon enough Lara was beyond coherent words. Her hips were thrusting harder as her moaning got higher pitched. Both Ali and I could sense that Lara was on the edge of cumming, and Ali bent her attention solely to the hard throbbing clit under her tongue. I watched as she worked it in circles, pressing hard with the flat of her tongue. As Ali’s tongue worked the little nub, she closed her mouth around the flesh surrounding her clit, adding suction to the sensations. Lara’s moans got louder and louder, erupting into full cries as her hips thrashed wildly under Ali’s head. Ali placed a hand on each thigh, holding her in place. All at once, Lara screamed out “Ohmygod!” and I heard Ali grunt in surprise. I later learned that a hard current of liquid shot into Ali’s mouth. which was flooded as Lara came. Ali had quickly realized that Lara was ejaculating, and she tightened her hold on the blonde’s legs, burying her face more securely. Ali told me afterwards that she had never had a woman and a man cum hard into her mouth before and it was one of the most erotic things she’d ever experienced. As Lara continued to scream and cry out, Ali had continued to suck on her clit, determined to have every drop of her cum.

Ali continued to lick Lara’s pussy, but I couldn’t wait any longer and felt I had to sample some of this gorgeous girl juice for myself.. Ali groaned as she felt her own pussy receiving the same treatment as she was giving Lara. This erotic three-way oral sex was perfect, and I didn’t want it to stop. As Lara and Ali had cum already, I knew I would have a good while with Ali’s wet pussy before she would get off again. I worked on Ali’s cunt, tonguing her the full length of her engorged pussy, and I was pleased that Ali was already getting more aroused, slowly building higher and higher. She began lifting her hips, thrusting herself against my mouth as I tried again to bring her so much pleasure. Lara was doing the same, grinding her hips down on Ali’s face which by now was covered in her juices. Ali’s moaning against Lara’s pussy got ever more strident.

“Andy…can you stop. I want to do it, I want to taste her, can I finish her off?”, Lara asked. I reluctantly removed my tongue from Ali’s clit, and she moaned in protest. At the same time, Lara lifted herself away from Ali’s persistent tongue, and Ali groaned again, having lost both of the good things she had going.

“Not to worry, Ali,” Lara said, grinning. “Your fantasy position will get you off….. just lie back and relax… and let me do the work.” Ali was moved onto the edge of the bed, reclining against the pillows and headboard, legs overhanging the sides and spread wide for Lara’s insistent mouth and tongue to get started. The sight of these two scantily, sexily clad women enjoying each other and sharing their bodies with me was almost too much. My cock had grown again, and was filling out nicely, its well used purple head still looked a little sensitive, but I was sure I could put it to good use soon.

I watched as Lara knelt and settled herself between Ali’s legs. Ali spread her stocking covered thighs further, rising up on her elbows and lifting her head to watch one of her best friends taste her for the first time. Lara dropped her head, her tongue coming out to tentatively run up Ali’s deep red, dripping wet slit. Ali groaned at Lara’s light butterfly touch. Lara seemed to pause, as if savouring the new flavour, and with a smile, dipped her head again to really give Ali a good licking.

Ali was in heaven, I could tell from the glazed look in her eyes, the moans escaping her parted lips and the movement of her thighs and hips, swirling up and around against Lara’s insistent lips and tongue. I might be good at oral sex, but watching these two I did wonder if a man could ever be quite so good and knowledgeable as a woman. Lara’s lips were soft, her licks and nips looked gentle and sweet. Ali was trying to hold herself back, not wanting this experience to be over too soon. She watched in growing arousal and ecstasy as Lara ate her out, moaning softly every so often, whimpering with pleasure as little electric shocks seemed to shoot through her. I saw Lara glance up into her eyes once in a while, and the lust on both their faces was plain to see.

My cock was raging hard, and I wanted to enjoy this before they were completely spent. I settled myself behind Lara on my knees. The gorgeous blonde woman obligingly lifted her sexy hips, knowing what I had planned. I toyed with her, playing my hands lightly over her ass cheeks, stroking the firm flesh lightly as she continued to give Ali’s cunt a working over. As I was parting her thighs, stroking the stocking tops, relishing the feel of the sleek, fine nylon on her perfect flesh, Ali was groaning as Lara seemed to fold her tongue and spear it into her. Ali’s juices were coating Lara’s beautiful face, and her hips were rotating more and more, thrusting against Lara as she held her head firmly in place against her wide open pussy. Ali watched as I positioned myself and slowly but insistently pushed the head of my cock against the wet, pink slit of Lara’s pussy. Ali found enough presence of mind to mouth, “That’s where I was hoping you would get to cum..”, before Lara surprised her, inserting a finger into her pussy as she nipped and nibbled at Ali’s little bud of a clit above her gaping lips.

I started to inch into my second pussy of the day, different from Ali, tight, despite all that tongue lashing Ali had given it. As Lara continued to suck on Ali’s clit, I finally plunged in, and Lara groaned against Ali’s cunt lips. The thrusting of my hips caused Lara’s head to move, adding even more friction to Ali’s sensitive clit. Every moan Lara gave as I thrust inwards vibrated its way through Ali’s pussy. The pure erotic voyeurism of watching me fuck Lara seemed too much for Ali, I could see the look in here eyes was one of a woman lost in pleasure. Her moans were increasing, her hips were moving harder against Lara’s tongue and lips as they sucked the juices flowing so copiously from Ali’s well used pussy. I felt myself sink all the way into Lara’s hot, tight hole for the first time and so began to fuck her properly. Each stroke was a long one, slowly at first drawing almost all the way out before thrusting hard, back, all the way to bottom out against her, forcing her head against Ali’s overused clit and pussy as I did so. Ali yelled louder each time, Lara’s mouth was too well muffled to make out much of the noises she was making but the sway of her hips as she thrust back against me each time was enough to know it was working for her too.

Ali began a sort of slow-fast climb towards an orgasm, her breath hitching in and out of her lungs almost in time with each thrust of my cock into Lara’s very full cunt. Ali locked eyes with me, the lust almost flowing between us as we recognized the mutual pleasure we were receiving from the woman in between us. As if sensing the mood, Lara re-doubled her efforts, and reached up with one hand to take hold of Ali’s nipple, tugging and rolling it between her fingers even as her tongue was lapping up Ali’s copious juices flowing from her pussy. Lara was was rewarded quickly, sending Ali screaming over the edge. The release of her orgasm seemed to crash over her, a wave of intense pleasure sweeping through her, her body convulsing as the muscles responded to the release. Ali cried out, unintelligible noises as she arched her back, Lara’s face clamped to her spasming pussy, her neck taut with the tension. Ali’s hand was fisted in Lara’s blonde hair, keeping the that busy mouth glued to her throbbing pussy.

Ali’s orgasm, combined with the thorough fucking I was giving her, sent Lara finally over the edge. Her cries and groans were muffled against Ali’s dripping wet slit. Watching Ali’s eyes, her fantastic body with a sheen on it from her exertions I was sure her clit and pussy was still throbbing with her ebbing orgasm. I began to tell Ali how tight Lara’s pussy was getting, how hot it felt to be fucking her friend as she had her tongue filling Ali’s pussy and I felt Lara’s cunt begin clenching around my cock. Just as Lara was beginning to tense, clamping hard around my throbbing flesh, I started thrusting harder, slamming my cock into Lara’s streaming tunnel. My eyes closed briefly as I fucked her for all I was worth, but I wanted to see Ali as both Lara and I finally came. Lara’s tongue was now motionless against Ali’s pussy as the orgasm hit her hard, but she kept her face against Ali as she came, muffling her cries in her pink, wet flesh. Ali and Lara seemed finally to drift down from total ecstasy, and after I had emptied what little cum I had left into Lara’s waiting cunt, I too was finally spent.

It was a while before we moved far, and only then to lie spent against each other on Ali’s bed. Ali and Lara gently stroked each other’s hair, breasts and arms, and occasionally one of them would lean over and stroke my chest, my stomach and my now well spent cock. After a while Ali said, “Mmm, Andy, remember you lost, so I get to choose the toy to use next time!”

I smiled, and said, “As long as its not within the next 10 minutes, I am all yours … what’s your choice?”

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