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Alexis and the Peeping Tom

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Alexis opened the door in little more than a sheer, silk robe, her full breasts peeking out of the loosely tied bodice. The rotund maintenance man seemed not to notice the tight cleavage peeking up at him, milky skin sneaking out from behind the pale silk. Alexis pouted to herself as she turned, leaving him in the open door.

“Shut the door behind you. The man alarm console is by the back door, a secondary one in the master bedroom.”

She looked in a large mirror as she passed it, pouting at herself, her luscious red lips reflecting back at her. She thought she heard the maintenance man say something behind her but she waved him away. He was not interested in her, therefore she was not interested in him.

In the master bath she pulled her hair down, brushing it out, watching the light glint off dark strands with each stroke of the brush. She leaned over, delicate fingers turning ornate silver knobs to run a bath. As the bath filled she lit a couple of candles, laying a gown and towel out and adding bubbles and oils to the rising water. As the tub began to fill the scent of roses and lavender wafted up to her and she let her robe slip from her shoulders, dropping to the floor to show her carefully maintained curves. She had full, ample breasts with hips to match and a waist slender enough to belong to a woman half her age. Her dark auburn hair drifted down to her waist. She pulled a bit of it up as she stepped into the bath, tying it with an off white ribbon. As she slipped into the water she let out a long, low sigh, letting her body relax as she tilted her head back onto a small bath pillow.

She never heard the door adjacent to the bedroom entrance creak open, nor had she seen the lean man of 25 looking in on her. He had been watching her since she had dropped her robe, his cock slowly swelling at the woman slipping into the water, the bubbles hiding most of her milky white flesh. Now he watched silently as the woman ran her hands over her body, sensually splashing the water up over her color bone and shoulders just to watch it fall back down her exposed cleavage. He nearly moaned when he saw both of the woman’s hands slide underneath the water, a soft moan escaping her lips. He imagined what she might be doing beneath the bubbles, her back arching and her lips parting to let a soft moan escape. He rubbed his hand over the crotch of his pants, his cock aching to be let free as the woman’s breasts rose above the water, showing him her perfect nipples, hard and begging to be tasted. He watched them sink beneath the water again, then rise to the air, this time one of her slender hands moving over the curve of her breast until she could pinch and pull on the erect nipple. He moaned, unable to silence himself.

“Who’s there?!” Alexis jumped, turning in the water, wondering if perhaps the maintenance man had changed his mind and decided to join her for a little tumble. She sank beneath the water, letting it rise to her neck, but she did not stop running her long, elegant fingers over her throbbing clit, neither did she stop caressing her breath. She knew that whoever was watching would be unable to see this, though. “Come in here.”

The young man stepped forward, flushing, he could feel his entire body burning up, the heat of embarrassment, “I’m sorry, Miss. I came up to check on the other circuit breaker and I couldn’t help but . . . ” His voice faded off, his eyes searching the water as if hoping for a glimpse beneath them.

Alexis forced herself not to smile, her lips twitching once out of amusement, “Well, you couldn’t help what?” She watched the young man blush. He was at least 10 years her junior, if not 15, and he had a body any woman would throw herself at. A working man’s tan, strong arms and legs, and, she hoped, a large, throbbing cock.

“Well . . . I mean . . . I saw you undress and- It was completely on accident- I mean-” The young man began to stutter and Alexis decided to take pity on him, beckoning him over with one curved finger. The boy seemed eager to obey, stepping forward.

She pointed to his boots, “Your tracking dirt onto my clean marble floors.” She was amused, and exited, to see how quickly he removed his boots, throwing them to the side. “So, do you like what you see then?” Her eye moved over his body again then locked on his dark eyes.

“Yes. I mean . . . you have a wonderful body.” He looked like he would blush again, fighting to keep his eye son her face instead of on the water, aching to see her breasts again.

“Do you want to see a bit more?” She knew by the look on his face that he desired nothing more than that.

“Yes, Ma’am. I mean, that is, if you don’t mind.” He flushed again and she swallowed a laugh, sufficing with a small smile.

“Take off your clothes then.” She shifted in the water, watching him as he stared at her in amazement for a moment. “Well?” This seemed to jar him out of his shock as he quickly stripped his shirt off, baring a muscular chest. His pants were off next, his cock making a massive tent in his boxer, letting Alexis know that he was not lacking in that area. She smiled a it more as her eyes traced his cock and he blushed again, stripping his socks and finally his boxers.

“Do you want me to . . I mean . . . ” He stuttered again, staring at her, stand there like a fool who is caught in a decision he can’t make.

“Come on in.” She slipped over to the side, making room for him. He was quick to step into the bath, sliding down and moaning as the warm water rushed over his cock. She smiled and sat forward some, letting her breasts rise out of the water.

Alexis was pleased to see that the young man’s eyes fell to her breasts without a moment of hesitation. She moved towards him, her legs brushing his. She climbed over him, letting her breasts brush over his chest, her lips brushing his collar bone, his neck, then his ear.

“Do you want to touch me?” Her voice was a hoarse whisper in his ear and she felt his response against her leg, his cock jumping.

“Oh god, yes.” His hands rose to her breasts, squeezing them softly at first, urging a moan from her parted lips as she ran her tongue over the lobe of his ear. His thumbs brushed her nipples, teasing them, squeezing her breasts a bit more firmly each moment he held on to them.

“Oh yes, squeeze my breasts. I like strong hands on my aching breasts. Pull on my nipples, baby.” She moaned in his ear, and was pleased to feel his eager hands obeying her, squeezing harder, moving to pinch her nipples and pull down on them, urging louder moans from her.

She let her hand move over his thigh, barely touching his balls, a knuckle brushing his cock. He moaned in her ear and she moved upwards some, his hands moving over her waist to her ass. She moaned again as he squeezed her ass firmly, and she returned the gesture by pressing her breasts against his face. She gasped as he used his tongue to pull her nipple into his mouth, nipping it and sucking on it. She held the back of his head firmly, her fingers slipping through his hair as her pussy barely brushed the head of his cock.

After a moment she pulled away from him, slipping back to the other side of the bathtub and relaxing, her knees peeking out of the water. She smiled at him, “You are an eager one. Tell me, do you often spy on women while they bathe?”

The young man shook his head, “No ma’am. It really was an accident . . . ”

“Come here, I want you to sit on the edge of the bathtub.” The young man stood, finding a seat on the widest part of the bathtub. He was surprised to see the woman move between his legs, grabbing his cock and slowly running her hand up the shaft. He moaned, looking down at her as she slowly stroked his cock, paying special detail to the head.

Alexis licked her lips, his cock was very thick, almost too thick. She ached to lick it, run her tongue over his balls and up the shaft, around the head and across the slit. She wanted so badly to pull the head of his cock into her mouth, to taste his precum leaking onto her tongue; but if she did that now he would not appreciate it nearly as much as if she teased him first.

She pressed up out of the water, “Do you like my breasts, boy?” She let them rest agianst his thighs as he nodded and moaned, “Good.” She pressed forward, letting one of her had nipples brush the shaft of his cock. He moaned again as she wrapped her firm breasts around his cock, sliding them up the 9 and a half inches, then back down. His head tilted back for a moment, but he forced himself to look back down, to watch her tweak her nipples as she fucked his cock with her breasts.

He ghasped in surprise as her tongue ran over the head of his cock, running over the slit, collecting the first large amount of his precum. She moaned as she licked her lips, letting her tongue run circles around his head as he tits moved up and down his cock. Then, to his great surprise she had the head of his cock in her hot mouth. She sucked it tight, still wiggling her tongue. He moaned, his cock twitching, if she continued this torture he would cum in her mouth.

Alexis moaned around the young man’s cock, teasing it with her tongue for another moment before she suddenly forced 6 inches of his cock into her mouth with one fell swoop. He ghasped,, throwing his head back his ass came off of the edge of the bath.

“FUCK!” Alexis pushed him back down as he yelled in pleasure, pulling back and taking his cock again, this time taking nearly the whole thing. In one more thrust she had his entire cock embedded in her steaming mouth and throat. She swallowed on it, all of the muscles in her throat rippling and tightening around the head and shaft of his cock. He laid his hand on the back of her head as she began to bob her head, swallowing his cock again and again. He knew he wouldn’t be able to take this long- and he was correct. Within a few moments he shot a large load of cum into her throat. She pulled back as he yelled, swallowing every shot o the cum that he fed her. When he had stopped she pulled back and wiper her mouth clan, her tongue running over the head of his cock one more time.

“Oh god. That was . . Hot . . . ” He looked down at her, slipping back into the water. He pulled her into a kiss, and Alexis felt a thrill run through her as he held her tight in his strong arms. She moaned into the kiss, squirming over his body. After a long moment he lifted her into his arms as he stood up and stepped out of the tub. He shouldered through the bedroom door, throwing her on the bed.

Alexis looked up at her new boy toy in amazement, “What are you doing?”

“Returning the favor.” She watched as the young man moved between her legs, first running his tongue over her breasts, sucking and playfully biting her nipples, then running his tongue down over her stomach. She moaned as her an his tongue over her thighs, but she ghasped as it moved over her pussy lips. He pushed her thighs wide open as his tongue teased her lips, slipping between them, prying them open to taste her sweet pussy juice. Her back arched as he tongue moved over her sensitive clit, teasing it. He looked up at her as his tongue ground into her clit, looking down as he sucked it into his mouth and teased it with his teeth, gently pulling at the hood.

She cried out in pleasure as his tongue found her sweet fuck hole, sliding into it, wriggling and twisting within it as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her back arched as she cried out in pleasure as he worked to milk her cream from deep inside her pussy. She screamed in pleasure as her engorged clit began to throb harder, reacting to the fingers her was sliding inside her as he lifted her ass from the bed to lick the rosebud between her ass cheeks. The more he teased her holes and clit the closer she came, and in the last moment before she came he shoved his tongue deep inside her ass. She grabbed his hair and pushed against his face as she screamed, cumming, gushing, her juices splattering her thighs, his face and her hand. He dove for her cunt, licking and sucking up as much of the juices as he could before he got on his knees before her.

He did not allow her to stop coming before he forced his hard, throbbing cock into her tiny little pussy. She cried out in pleasure as she bucked up, and in one thrust he had buried his cock all the way into her pussy, his balls resting against his ass. She reached up and grabbed his shoulders as he started thrusting in and out of her cunt. He moved slowly at first, though deeply, reveling in the feeing of her clenching pussy. He basked in the sound of her screams of pleasure.

“Oh God yes!” Her back arched as he planted his cock deep inside her with each thrust, “Fuck me!” He moaned and leaned forward, thrusting his massive cock into her dripping pussy faster with each thrust. His goal was to make her cum again so that he could take that tight little ass. He couldn’t help but love her pussy, though. He watched as she squeezed her own tits, pulling on the nipples as he fucked her with all of his might.

With the stimulus of having already had an orgasm it did not take her long to cum on his cock, coating it in a thick layer of her woman’s cum. He pulled out, forcibly turning onto her stomach. He looked down at her ass, leaning forward to lick her ear, “Do you like it in the ass baby?”

Alexis felt another thrill run through her as he growled passionately into her ear, “Yes, oh god yes, fuck me in the ass!”

The young man wasted no time, thrusting his cock deep into her ass. He groaned immediately, but it was drowned out by her scream of both pleasure and pain. He didn’t move for a long moment, then, after she began to squirm beneath him, working his cock further into her ass, he began to push forward slowly. He wondered if she could take his entire cock as he stretcher her tiny little hole open. As it was her ass would be gaping for days after he forced his unusually thick cock into it, and she would be lucky if she could painlessly sit within the next week.

“Can you take it?” He groaned in her ear as he tried to force it in so far that his balls would touch her cunt.

“Yes, just give me your fucking cock, you dirty bastard!” She screamed at him, and he returned the gesture by thrusting the rest of his cock in hard. She screamed again, but this time he did not stop, or even slow down. He pulled back and thrusted in again. Her ass was so tight he wondered if he could go long enough to punish the torture she had put him through earlier. He tried to go slow enough to make it last, but he found himself moving faster and faster, unable to control his passion for the woman beneath him. Her screams urged him on, begging him to rape her ass as hard as he could, and he gave her all he had, his balls slapping her cunt time and time again.

When she began to cum again, his balls having teased her clit until she couldn’t take it anymore, her ass pulled tight around his cock. He couldn’t take anymore, cumming hard in her ass, filling it full as his balls pulled up and emptied the largest load he had ever blown.

He collapsed beside Alexis as he pulled out, and she turned her head to look at him. Both of them were breathing heavy, both of them sweating, both of them thoroughly satisfied . . Well . . At least for a while.

Alexis moved over closer to the young man, throwing her arm over his chest and laying over his arm, her head on his shoulder.

“You know, you can come fix anything you want any time you want.” The young man laughed, exhausted, as he wrapped an arm around her, kissing her neck softly.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” And with that they both dozed off, neither of them caring that they didn’t know the other’s name . . . there would be time for that later. Right now they needed to rest for round two.

And boy, would there be a round two.

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