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A Very Helpful Young Man

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I guess you could say, I have had my moments, I was a widow some seven years, Stan had left a reasonable pension and the house paid for on his passing. Most of the time I was married I was faithful, as I said, most of the time.

I had taken the odd opportunity when it had presented itself. Few times I had saved the insurance money, the milk man, things like that, and got my itch scratched. Or was it my snatch pitched!

One thing I can tell you is I never missed an opportunity to get my nooky and I wasn’t averse to using my womanly wiles to achieve the result, you will see what I mean as the story unfolds.

Anyway, I am ashamed to say I took advantage of Ethel, my next door neighbour, and this is how.

“Hello. Who are you, what do you want? Ethel is out.”

“Oh Hello, I’m Ben, a friend of Ethel’s”

Ethel had told me a bit about Ben, her fancy bloke. He was unmarried, and about ten years younger than her. She was getting back at her old man for playing away all these years.

Ben was certainly bringing a rose to Ethel’s cheeks, and hmm, he wasn’t that bad looking a bit young though.

Why Ben should have been at Ethel’s house that afternoon I didn’t know. I certainly knew that Ethel was not at home, I had seen her leave on her little moped. I knew also about the arrangement with the card in the window.

“Damn! I just looked in for a cup of tea.”

I was looking over the fence which divided our properties.

“If it’s a cup of tea you want, I can do that for you, come on round.”

I went inside and put the kettle on, waiting for him to arrive at my door. When He knocked I called

“Come on in.” which of course he did.

It was summer time and the door was already open. Ben stood, leaning against the door frame as I made the tea.

“Sit down why don’t you?” he sat at my kitchen table with his back to the open door.

While he was coming round to my door I had opened the top two buttons of my sleeveless summery blouse, perked my tits up in my bra, quickly primped my hair, and touched up my bit of lipstick.

Bringing the tea to the table I leaned over from the opposite side to hand Ben his tea. I made sure he got a good eyeful of my cleavage.

“Thank you. Sorry to impose, you shouldn’t have bothered.”

“That’s alright; I know Ethel will be disappointed not to have been here Would you like some sugar? I am sure she would have offered you the same, well… at least the same. ”

“Yes please. Two please.”

As I reached to pick up the basin to give him the sugar I ‘accidentally’ knocked the spoon out of the basin onto the floor.

“Ok, I’ll get it.” Said Ben.

I had stuck out my slippered foot and managed to ensure that it had gone under the table rather than to the side then put my foot on it.

“I can’t see it.”

I moved my foot, spreading my legs under my skirt, well; I spread them as far as my straight herring bone tweedy skirt allowed.

I was always keen on the loose legged silky nylon ‘French’ knickers, more comfortable at my age don’t you know and I knew that the very least he would see was my knickers, stockings, and possibly a little more.

I was sure my slip would not obscure the view; I still had an adequate bush. Well that was my intention anyway.

“Oh yes, I think I can see it now, can you just move your foot a bit? Yes…now I can see it.”

I knew that when I moved my foot he must have been able to see right up to my crotch.

When he said he could see it now, I knew exactly where he was looking and it wasn’t at the spoon. He picked it up and replaced it on the table.

“Did you see anything you liked under there?”

“You can always find something interesting under a table if you look.” He was looking straight into my eyes as he spoke

“What was there of interest under my table?”

“I can’t be sure… I’ll try another time.”

“Would you like a biscuit with your tea? I have some in the other room.”

I left the room to get them, as soon as I was out of sight I was hopping on one leg as I got my knickers off. I returned with the biscuit barrel and set it on the table. It did not take a lot of effort to ensure that the lid ended on the floor under the table.

We laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find it.” Ben ducked under the table again.

I parted my thighs.

“Can you see it?”

“I think I will have to feel around for it.”

“Ok… Don’t take too long it’ll get cold… The tea I mean.”

I felt his hand on my knee. A thrill ran through me.


“I am sure you could if you tried.”

His hand caressed up my leg.


“Urrgh…” I groaned, seven years since my Bill died, seven years with just my own hand for comfort. Now another hand was heading for my heaven.

“Got it…” his fingers parted my hairs, and started to caress my pussy . “Do you think we could be more comfortable in the other room…on the settee?”

“No, just get down here and give me a hand.”

I slipped to the floor; I knew exactly where the cool breeze from the open door was going.

“What were we looking for? Oh yes…the lid.”

“Take it easy.” I lay on the cold stone tiled floor, bending my knees expectantly. Ben Got up from the floor, I sat up as he went into the hallway.

“Here lift your bum, lie on this.” He had brought the fireside rug from the other room. As I shifted sideways onto it I was conscious of being inline with the open door.

“Lift your head.” He pulled the cushion from the chair I had been using. Then he lay down again at my side.

“Do you really want shagging?” He was looking deep into my eyes as he fingered the next button on my blouse.

I had been flashing my cleavage, ever since he had come in; I had managed to get him under the table and flashed both my knickers and my pussy at him…

“No, I want fucking!”

He unbuttoned my blouse, and reaching inside both my slip and my bra he pulled out my tits and began sucking on them. You can imagine, at sixty they didn’t get a lot of attention although they weren’t in too bad shape.

I put my hand down and felt myself, I was wetter than I ever was when I diddled myself, and he had hardly touched me down there. I led one of his hands down….

“Come on, this is feeling neglected.” …and shoved it to my slit.

Ben dug his fingers in and found my clit straight away.

“Oh… Fuuuck…”was all I could manage as I creamed in his hand. That was alright, but it wasn’t what I wanted.

I dived my hand into his trousers and released his cock. It wasn’t much bigger than I was used to when Bill was alive. I pulled on it as if I had never had one before.


I pushed Ben away, he rolled onto his back and rucking up my skirt and slip, I threw my leg over him raising myself up I grabbed his cock and held it in position then impaled myself on it.

“Arrgh…Oh…Fuck…”Ben broke away from my tits to utter.

Then lay back fondling my tits while I rode him to oblivion.

If anyone had looked over my back fence as they passed the end of my garden they would have seen my arse rising and falling on his unyielding staff.

Of course, the way I felt, it couldn’t last too long and coming forcefully I fell forward, raping Ben’s mouth with my tongue while pushing back onto his cock his hand forced between us, his fingers found their way onto my clit. The comes were just one continual roll, one after another.

Eventually they started to subside and exhausted I rolled off him. His cock was still standing erect, his balls saturated with my juice. I leaned over and snaking out my tongue licked up the length of it.

“Satisfied?” He asked.

“Mmm…” I replied. “And you?”

“I hope you are not going to leave me with a hard on. I would like to come too if it’s not too much to ask.”

“What do you want?” I was going to refuse him nothing.

He got up from the floor and sat on the chair with his legs spread. I crawled towards him and took him in my mouth. His pants were about his ankles. He threw his head back.

“Oh… yesss…very…good…” he sighed “Oh… yes…yess…”

Suddenly he stopped me.

“Get up.”

Very unsteadily I did so, my legs trembling almost uncontrollably. As well as supporting me, his hand had found its way between my legs again and he was finger fucking me.

“Bend over the table.”

Desperately I pushed the teacups and biscuits aside and lay back onto the table; the finger in my pussy pulled me back onto the floor.

“The other way.”

I lay forward over the table; my feet didn’t touch the ground. I felt his fingers pushing on my inner thighs.

“Spread your legs.”

Together we pushed up my skirt and slip and I bent right over the table gripping the far edge. Knocking the biscuit tin, minus its lid onto a chair spilling its contents as I did so.

“When I asked if you really wanted shagging, you said, ‘No I want fucking.’ Well, now I am going to fuck you, so hold onto your hat lady!”

“My name is Betty.” Was all I could think to say. He knew me from a nod over Ethel’s fence, but names had never been used.

“Betty? OK, Betty, you are going to be fucked Betty.”

With his cock in his hand he approached me, introduced his knob to my open hole and stirred it round to spread the juices.

“Here we go.” With one lunge he was in and up me.

“Uuurrrgh.” I gasped as the power of the first thrust drove the breath from my lungs.

The edge of the table pressing on my pubes, and his cock inside me was more than enough to start me coming.

My channel measured the full length of each thrust in either direction, and girls that really was being fucked. “Uuurrrgh.” I gasped on each inward thrust, refilling my lungs for the next thrust on each withdrawal.

The tea cups rattled with every thrust, as the table shook, the milk slopped from the jug. He pulled so far back on the withdrawal strokes that it surprised me that his knob didn’t come out of me. I was sure that if he shot off at the top of the inward stroke the come would spew from my mouth.

The guy was giving me precisely what I had been wanting for years, and he was right, this wasn’t making love, this wasn’t even shagging, this was fucking.

Christ, I had never even been fucked like this in all my married life. I could see now why Ethel had been smiling recently.

I was gripping the edge of the table, once into the rhythm while holding my hips Ben slipped his hands under me and was using my tits to pull himself into me. Slut as I am I was just lapping it up. I was getting it.

It could not of course go on for ever, much as I might have wanted it to, and through the haze of loads of merged comes, I felt his body begin to tense, his thrusts deeper and more rapid then suddenly his exclamation…

“Ohaahahhh…Oh…Fuuuck…Have that… it’s what you… wanted… since… I arrived.”

I could feel the thick wad after thick wad of his come hitting my insides…

“Thank God,” I thought that I am too old for pregnancy because after that I most certainly would have been. He collapsed across my back, still squeezing my tits and breathing heavy.

Slowly Ben started to relax within me gradually slipping out of my slimy cream filled pussy. I just lay, the comes dwindling away, waiting for him to finally be out of me. I felt his knob drop away from me, then, the bloody cheek, he pulled down my slip and I could feel him wiping his cock in it!

He turned away and pulled his pants and trousers up. , and zipped up.

Helping me up from the table, Ben flopped down in the chair. I pushed my tits back into my Bra and turned towards the sink smoothing down my skirt.

“Betty! Betty!” Ethel’s voice called over the fence.

“Yes dear?”

“Is that Ben’s van out the front?”

“Yes. I was just giving him a cup of tea since you weren’t here. Do you want to join us?”

“I’ll come round.”

“I want more of that.” I turned to Ben

He shrugged.

“I hope that Ethel’s old man doesn’t find out she’s been playing in another field.”

His eyes showed he got the idea. He hid it with a big smile when Ethel stepped through the door.

“Looks as though you’ve been having a party.” Ethel eyed the tea cups and the biscuits scattered on the floor.

“Yes, Ben’s been trying to help me clear up haven’t you dear?”

Ben sipped his tea and nodded.

“Anyway Ben, do you want to come round to my house for a bit?”

“Sorry, I just dropped by as I was passing, I don’t have time right now.”

“Nor the energy after the session we’ve just had” I thought.

I followed Ben and Ethel to the door, they were sloppy kissing, that was something I could remedy another time.

“Don’t forget, if the card is in the window, I am home alone, call in for a bit.” Ethel prompted.

“Don’t forget, if the card isn’t in the window call in here for a bit! I can always ring Ethel and make out I want something!” I winked conspiratorially at Ethel and Ben.

I could see by Ben’s eyes he understood my meaning. They both smiled, the door opened and Ben was gone. Ethel and I settled down for our cup of tea and a chat, me with no knickers and a very soggy pussy.

A very satisfying afternoon.

Periodically over the next few weeks Ben’s van was outside in the road or tucked away down the back lane when I knew for sure that Ethel’s old man wasn’t about. A couple of times I was sure I could hear her bed head board knocking against our party wall.

It was very frustrating, knowing she was getting something I would love to have.

Tacky I know, but one evening, with Ben’s van down the back lane and the occasional knocking of that head board, I found myself getting more and more of an itchy pussy.

My stairs ran along the adjoining wall, I got a tumbler from the kitchen, and sitting on the top step of the stairs I pulled my skirt back, eased my cotton knickers down enough to get my hand in, opened my blouse, released the clip of my brassier, and then, trapped the glass between my ear and the wall.

The noises coming from that bedroom would have made a sailor blush it excited me to the extent that I was rubbing my pussy and fingering my nipples in one continuous orgasm for what seemed an age.

Suddenly their alarm clock went off. I jumped out of my skin. The tumbler bounced off down the stairs to smash on the hall floor.

I got the dustpan and brush from the kitchen and was clearing it up when the doorbell rang. Without a thought I answered the door.

“Are you alright?”

Ben was standing there. Now I have never been one to miss an opportunity to take advantage and it occurred to me I could get my itch scratched properly.

“We thought we heard a crash.”

He was alone. I suddenly realised, my knickers, really attractive cotton granny ones were about my knees, and as I stood there, they slithered to the floor. My tits were in full view my bra having worked its way over my shoulder. I self consciously pulled my blouse together and stepped out of the knickers.

“Yes, I’m alright. I just dropped a glass.”

“You’re sure you are Ok, you look a bit flushed.”

He stepped in, and taking the dustpan from me lead me to the lounge settee.

“Yes, I am fine, but I do feel a bit wobbly”

“I’ll get you a cup of tea, unless you want something stronger?”

“Thank you.” I smiled weakly. (So pathetic.)

It took just a few minutes to get the tea, which he then brought to me.

“Do you want a hand to get these back on?” He grinned, he had picked my knickers up from the hall floor.

“No thank you.” I did my best to sound really feeble.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Well there was something I was doing when all this happened and I just didn’t get it finished.”

“What was it; can I finish it for you?”

“Oh…would you…that would be so kind.”

“What was it?”

“Oh… you will be so cross with me.”

“How could I be cross with such a lovely lady? I really would try to help you out you know.”

“Well, it was this.” I pulled my skirt back revealing my matted pubes. “I was trying to rub myself off.”

He looked puzzled.

“What has that got to do with the glass?” my blouse had come open again. Exposing my discarded bra and my tits, nipples positively erect.

“Please don’t be cross.” I sobbed.

“There, there, never mind, just tell me, honest, I won’t be cross.” He touched first one then the other exposed nipple.

“I…I…was sitting on the stairs,” I sobbed pitifully, ” listening to…to… y…y…you and and and Ethel” sob sob, “and and and quite enjoying enjoying myself when the ala…alarm went off and and I jumped and dropped the glass.” I sobbed.

“You silly thing. How could I be cross? Now you just calm down and we will see what we can do.”

I continued to sob, tearfully.

He took me in his arms, and eased me back onto the settee. Gently he removed my bra. My sobs diminished.

“Let the dog see the rabbit.”

I smiled feebly.

He took my blouse right off, unbuttoned my skirt and threw it on the floor, my slip followed. He smoothed the hair on pussy and bent and kissed me there.

My left leg he lifted and placed my foot on the back of the settee, the right one he placed on the floor.

I was very well spread.

“Now then Betty, is it the rubbing off you need finishing?”

“That would be so kind of you.”

“Are you sure, before we start, there is nothing else I can do for you?”


“Well what?”

“Well, if it wasn’t too much trouble, you could do something else instead.”

“Such as?”

“You could just fuck me instead.”

“You were at deaths door a few minutes ago, and now you want me to fuck you? Oooh…I don’t know.” his finger was slipping into my pussy as he spoke.

“Do you really think you are up to it?”

His head dipped to kiss me again and then to nibble on my tits.

“Oh I think it will make me feel so much better… if you don’t mind that is.”

I knew my pussy was wet and so did he. He stood and unbuckled his trousers. Stepping from them I could see he was not erect.

“Tell you what… if you can get him stiff enough, I’ll fuck you.”

I gripped his cock and pulled him towards me then when I found my hand was not up to the job I parted my lips and engulfed him. It took just a few minutes to have him rigid.

“Well done you.” He grinned.

He climbed between my spread thighs and slid straight in to me, I came on an instant, while he fucked like a demented rabbit before spunking up me generously.

“There…feeling better?


He dressed and headed for the door. I followed, and standing wet thighed and naked in the porch saw him out through the gate to disappear into the night.

I slept very well. Guilty? Not a bit of it just satisfied.

A week or so went past, the telephone rang. It was not long after lunch.


“Betty? Ben here.”

“Oh… hello.” Don’t sound too keen.

“What’s your favourite cake?”

“Favourite cake?” strange question.

“Yes, what do you enjoy with your tea?”

“Well if I was out, and spoiling myself, I’d have a Viennese.”

“A Viennese it is then. I have to be along your way later, I may get a chance to drop in.”



Almost before I had put the phone down, I was stripped and in the shower, washed, dried, powdered, sorting through my undies draw for the sexiest things I could find, half cup bra, ok a shade on the small side, make my cleavage a bit more interesting, satiny French knickers over a matching suspender belt and light tan seamed stockings, to be topped off by a smart cotton floral summery dress, flaired skirt, button through front, v neck line and pretty little collar.

Dressing table, hair dried and brushed, quick whip round with the powder, touch of fresh lipstick.

Bedside table, wiped over with the duster, clean pillow cases, clean sheets, clean towels in the bathroom, box of tissues on the table.

Down stairs, kettle on, best teacups and saucers, lacy table cloth, sugar basin on the table, milk jug, not the usual bottle, spoons in the saucers, tea plates on the side. (Might need them for the cake).

Into the lounge, quick flick of the duster, plump the cushions anti macassar straight, magazines and paper out of sight under the seat of the chair, arm caps straight, curtains tidy.

“Was that his van? No, don’t think so.”

Tidy the hall, shoes put away, coats tidy, mat straight. Wipe the door down, dust the window sill.

Into the kitchen, nothing forgotten, sit down, phew. Bit of a rush, relax.

I was worse than a schoolgirl on a first date.

“Of course he only said MAY get a chance to drop in…probably wont.”

No sooner had my bum touched the chair and the door bell rang. Deep breath, check in the mirror, retouch the lipstick, primp the hair. Dab off that bead of sweat from the top lip.

“Who is there?”


I opened the door and invited him in.

“You made it then. This is a surprise.”

He handed me the confectioner’s box.

“What’s this then?”

“Just a little thank you for tea and company when I called and Ethel wasn’t home.”

“You shouldn’t have, it was a pleasure, I winked, and in more ways than one.”

“What are you all dressed up for?”

“Me? I’m not all dressed up.”

“Were you expecting company.”

“Only you.”

“And all this is for my benefit?”

“Would you like a cup of tea? If you have time of course.”

“I certainly do.”

I put the cakes on the plates and placed them on the table.

“Just wait for the kettle.”

“Here, you look so lovely, let me have a hug.”

He took me in his arms and hugged me warmly. I couldn’t get closer to him. He must have been able to feel my nipples, I could certainly feel his erection. I eased myself way slightly and reached down to touch it.

“Oh Oh Oh…so that’s what it’s all about. I had hoped you were in the mood.”

The kettle whistled, I reached out and turned it off.

“So two of us had hopes aye. I can’t be bought for the price of a Viennese you know.”

I took his hand and lead him into the lounge, I ‘tripped’ slightly, Ben steadied me onto the settee then sat beside me cuddled up.

I pecked him on the cheek. His arm about my shoulders he turned my face towards him and kissed me fully on the mouth. My tongue was dancing overtime fighting with his, his hand went to my breast.

“So the encounter the other night, and the incident when Ethel was out didn’t put you off then.”

He undid two buttons of the bodice of my dress.

“On the contrary. I didn’t realise an older woman could be so… so…stimulating.” He undid another button.


“Well you opened my eyes shall we say.” His hand slipped into my bodice and started to fondle my tits.

Suddenly, frustratingly he withdrew his hand from my tits.

“Who A. steady on.” Ben slightly distanced himself from me. “It’s a bit late now, having ‘done’ you twice but I don’t want to take advantage, are you sure you want sex with me? I mean I don’t want to get you all hot and bothered and then ask you, because in the heat of the moment you might say yes and not really mean it.”

This was exactly as Ethel had told me about that he was with her. Told her to take her knickers off and give them to him if she really meant it before they got started.

“Aah ha… I know your game.” I giggled, “Same as with Ethel, you want to steal my knickers!”

“She told you that?” He reddened “Is there nothing sacred?”

“She did, she told me all about it?”

“No, I want to be sure you won’t have any regrets.”

“Like you said, it’s a bit late now.”

“I’ll take that as a yes. If you change your mind you just need to say.”

This sexy virile guy was twenty years younger than me and I was going to say NO?

His hand crept back to my bosom. How gently he fondled my tits, caressing me over the bra, stroking, inserting his fingers to trace the shape of my tits inside the bra. He was oh so gentle.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“I certainly do?” he nuzzled my neck, kissing and pecking, attentively fondling my tits. Kissing down along my throat to my tits.

“Why an old bird like me?” I was enjoying his moves.

“Not an old bird like you, I want you.”


“When I was at school, there was this really old lady, my mother used to make me go and do errands for her or anything she couldn’t manage. She used to hug me, squash me to her bosom, when I was near leaving school I used to get a hard on when she did it, she used to wag her finger at me and tut tut, then plonk herself down in a chair with her legs open showing her knickers. One day she didn’t have any on, and I just ran, that was the last time I saw her.”

“Well I don’t do that!”

“No, and I didn’t dare do anything with her, but that sexy sensation stayed with me.”

“Well what about Ethel?”

“She’s not a bad fuck.” He sighed, “but you… that’s different.”

“How so?”

“Well, she has not gone through the ‘change’ yet, and past experience suggests she will just lose interest when she does. It’s happened twice before with women about her age.”

“And me?”

“I never thought I would experience those past sensations until that day you gave me the tea. You made me find the spoon under the table, and when you got your knickers off I just thought, ‘this time I am not going to run.’ And it was the most fantastic fuck I ever had.”

“Will you stay with Ethel?”

“For as long as she wants me.”

“And me, What do I get? ”

“Anything you want my dear, so long as you want me.” He released my tits from their prison. “By the way, I like the comfy fur topped slippers with this lovely outfit.”

I looked down and kicked them off. Stupid I thought, to have forgotten them in my rush. He laughed.

He ran his fingers through my hair as his mouth met mine, kissing and tongueing, probing my mouth.

Cradling my head he dropped his hand to my knee and started its upward journey gently caressing my ankles, not as slim as they once were, My knees, a bit chubbier now, willingly parting to expose my inner thighs, his hand reached the top of my stockings and touched flesh. The tingle, as if it was the first time it had ever happened.

I brought my legs together as if to halt his progress, but no, I wanted to feel his hand there, his knuckles just touching my dampening knickers.

My hand was seeking the front of his trousers, I wanted to feel that rigid staff I had enjoyed before.

The kisses paused, he breathed “Would you be more comfortable on the floor, more room?”

“No, not the floor, take me to my bed.” I never got rid of our double after Stan died.

Ben helped me to my feet, stooping slightly to kiss my exposed nipples then allowed me to lead him up the stairs. Following me, I could feel his eyes on my rear end, his hands started at my knees and stroked up to my hips beneath my frock. Considerately almost as you would a bride he lifted me and tenderly laid me on my bed.

I smoothed my dress down comfortably and moved over as he laid along side of me.

Our previous encounters had been hot and frantic. No, what you might call finesse. This was oh so different and I was lapping it up. I thought it ridiculous that I felt so nervous. I had been fucked many many times before, hell, I had been fucked twice before by Ben.

He held me so tenderly, no rush, no hurry, no frenzy, he stroked my cheek, looked deep into my eyes.

“I want you so much, I don’t want to fuck you.”

I suddenly felt so disappointed.

“I don’t want to fuck you…I just want to…” he paused, his hand went to my breasts, ” make love to you.”

He fondled me.

I sobbed, then wept. I had never, even in my marriage, known such deep tenderness.

He dabbed away my tears.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you.” He dipped his head to suckle my tits.

“You haven’t, right now I don’t know what I feel for you, but I do know I want you, more than I can tell you.”

His hand again was at my knee, he seemed to relish the feel of my stockings. As he caressed my legs I opened to him, while reaching for his cock. There would be no need to coax him to rigidity today. I released him from trousers and underpants, the rod was in my hand.

He reached my thighs so willingly parted for him caressing their inner sides. So slowly his gentle hands climbed my stockinged legs beneath my dress. When he came to the tops of my stockings he caressed my naked thighs.

I gasped, I came, I moaned aloud.

He smothered my mouth with kisses, absorbing my moans in his breath.

Minutes passed, he just held me, I held his hand firm between my thighs as he kissed and tongued my mouth. As I relaxed, he moved his hand back to the bodice of my dress and continued slowly to unbutton the remainder. Mouth on mouth we were locked together, my whole body tingling at the feel of his touch as he progressed to the hem.

He laid the dress open, then leaned back and looked at my body. His hand went into my knickers, the slightest touch on the clit and I was gone yet again.

“I need you to fuck me.” I whispered.

“I told you, I don’t want to fuck you, I want to make love to you.”

“But I need you in me now.”

He ticklingly eased his hand from the leg of knickers, all the while with his mouth on mine sharing our breaths.

His hand went to my waist, under the elastic and gradually, teasingly down over my belly to sneak through the hair and into my pussy. Stroking away at the already wet opening.

“OOooh…please.” I begged

He removed his stimulating fingers and eased my knickers down, I lifted from the bed to assist him. He moved still nearer to me his hot steely cock against my leg.

I rose, intending to throw my leg over him as had done that first time, I was so desperate to have him in me. Taking me by the shoulders, and locking again his mouth on mine he pushed me back down onto the bed, my moans being swallowed by his mouthing me.

He broke away from my lips and tongued down over my tits and down my belly to kiss the entrance to my pussy before plunging his tongue in there. I moaned and pressed his face down onto me, with his fingers intruding there he worked his way back up to my lips moving between my thighs as he did so. I had him in my hand as he approached me.

As soon as the head of his cock touched that most secret opening, the one which admittedly he had discovered twice before, it slipped in.

“Oh…oh…” I creamed as he speared me.

His hands on my tits, his lips on mine, and the gentle rocking sliding in and out of me meant that the come that I had was by far the most intense of any of our couplings.

Almost unnoticed Ben started to move, sliding in and out, gently moving his hips. Why had I not noticed before, the little bobble of flesh behind his cock head, or the ridges on the underside intensifying his every move.

Slowly, gently he loved me, a rhythm I could merge with, the pace quickened, of course eventually with an all but inaudible moan which was consumed in our oral exercise, he spewed his juice into me to mingle with the almost continual come I had been enjoying since he entered me.

I relaxed cradled in his arms as he kissed and caressed me. Gradually he softened, and I could feel him slipping from me, leaving a warm afterglow.

The chink of a spoon in a saucer brought me to reality. The bed sheet covered me, a clean towel under my bum, and a nice cup of tea on the bedside table. Ben lay beside me. Wrapped in my towelling bathrobe.

I tugged the belt cord to reveal his naked form, reaching out to fondle his cock. It lay quietly in my hand,

” Refreshed?” Ben smiled.

“Uhhm yes, did I sleep long?”

“About an hour.”

Quietly until I squeezed him, then of course it started to twitch.

” What you want to go again.”

“Uhhmm, yes.”

“Well, I think later would be better, I am going to go now, but I will be back later.” “owwwe. Please?”

“Later, don’t go to bed till I kiss you goodnight.”

He dressed and departed, leaving me in my bed. It wasn’t a dream, as I found when I slipped my hands between my sticky thighs, I lay there, and pleasured myself for an hour or so, I dozed for another hour and took a shower and dressed myself. Not my special things, I really didn’t expect Ben back that evening, and I knew Ethel’s old man was out for the evening.

It was ten thirty when there was a light tap at my door, I slipped on the safety chain before peering out. It was Ben, who else and I couldn’t get him in fast enough. I had company in bed that night, and many nights after.

I’ll tell you about them sometime.

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