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A Swingers Party

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As Rob and I have told you, in our previous stories, we have been active swingers for some years. I usually prefer the MFM threesomes, possibly cause I’m greedy, or the fact I’m just not bi-sexual, unlike most women in the swinging scene. Or at least the ones I’ve met are.

Anyway as a result of this, Rob has to work really hard to get me interested in going to swinger’s parties, or hosting them. This particular Saturday night was one of those where Rob worked really hard.

“Oh, come on hon, it’ll be fun. You like Mark and Jocelyn. And their parties always have a great mix of people.”

Rob was right about that aspect. I’ve never seen such a diverse group of people, all after the same sexual gratification, as those that seemed to congregate at Mark’s parties. I’ve fucked newspaper editors, (one of Sydney’s major newspapers in fact) lawyers, doctors, multi-national company directors, jockeys and taxi drivers. People from all walks of life.

I really don’t care for Mark that much, he’s never satisfied me properly fucking me, but he does have a great tongue and has certainly brought me to many an orgasm that way.

I do like Jocelyn though, like me, she has a nursing background, and we share a lot in common. She also loves taking cock in her arse and was the first women, apart from me, my husband had ever fucked anally.

“I just don’t feel like fucking tonight darling. You go on your own, there’s always a spare woman, Mark makes sure of it!” Doesn’t he just, I thought.

“No babe. I’m not going without you. Besides you know what a buzz I get out of seeing you sucking and fucking other guys. It gets me as horny as hell!”

I know it does, I thought. Sometimes I think he’d rather watch me, than fuck someone himself.

“Oh, what the hell. I suppose it’s better than watching Saturday night crap TV.”

“That’s my girl. You go and have a shower. I’ll have a shave and shower after you. How would you like to go to that great little seafood restaurant at Kensington? It’s on the way to Marks place.”

“OK.” He really was working on it

I went and took a shower. While Rob was showering I selected what to wear. I picked out a black lacy G-string, matching half cup bra that nearly showed all of my nipples, lace top stay-up stockings, black leather mini skirt and see through, burgundy long sleeve shirt. Stuff it, I thought. I may as well look horny, you never know, it might put me in the mood.

Rob chatted while we drove to the restaurant, mainly about previous parties at Marks. It did get me thinking though, and brought a smile of pleasure and that familiar warm feeling in my crotch as I thought of some of the experiences. Like the night I was virtually gang-banged. Well, it wasn’t really a gang-bang I suppose. There were only four of them. But they were insatiable and left every hole in my body immensely satisfied, particularly after three of them came in me at the same time. But that’s another story I’ll tell you at a future date.

My choice of what to wear must have been OK. I drew appreciative looks from the males as we walked to our table at the restaurant, and glares from the women.

I’m happy with my body. I’m 44 and still have a 36C bust, reasonably narrow waist and my bum is still very tight and firm. I think my legs are my best asset though. They have a great shape, my calf and thigh muscles are very firm. Probably from my nursing work, always on your feet and moving quickly. Even if it is only to dodge a lecherous doctor’s hand

Anyway, all through the meal I kept thinking about previous parties and by the time we arrived at Marks I was ready to fuck!

The party was a little slow to get going, although there were some familiar faces, like Kevin the jockey and his partner, Lyn. You know what they say, big man big dick, little man ALL dick. Kevin was really hung. A good 9” and thick as my wrist. Once you got over the pain of getting it in, you never wanted to let it out!

Not that I’m into big dicks. I believe it’s the quality, not quantity that counts. My hubby’s only average 6”, but quite thick, but he really knows how to use it, and it’s how you use it that counts.

Funnily enough, Lyn didn’t get off on penetration but lick her pussy and you could hear her screams in the next suburb.

Back to the party. As I said it wasn’t really moving along so Mark and Rob got out one of those question and answer games, like trivial pursuit, but the rules of this game were if you missed a question you removed an article of clothing. The boys were smart enough to juggle the questions so that not many correct answers were achieved.

Within about half an hour most were naked or nearly naked, but still no action. It seemed like no one wanted to make the first move.

Really unusual for one of Mark’s parties.

A newcomer, George spoke quietly to Mark.

Mark then announced “Listen up everyone. George here is studying massage and would like to give a demonstration. Anybody interested?”

Nobody made a move, so I thought what the heck George is quite a good looking guy. You never know where the massage may go!

“Yes,” I said, “I wouldn’t might a rub.”

“Good on you Catherine. I’ll get some towels and the oil.”

The towels were spread on the floor. I removed my last vestige of clothing, my black lacy G-string, revealing my shaved pussy and lay face down on the towels.

George knelt at my head, poured oil onto my back and shoulders and started to work from my neck down. He was very good, really working on my neck and shoulder muscles. I could feel the benefits almost immediately. George explained what he was doing, how to work certain muscles etc as he worked his hands over my lower back.

“This really relaxes muscles,” he explained.

However, when I looked up, my face was almost in his crotch. His muscle certainly didn’t look very relaxed. In fact I would say this particular muscle was very stiff indeed.

George was now leaning right over me, his hands working on my bum. The warm oil trickling down between my cheeks and over my pussy lips.

Then I felt his fingers slide between my cheeks and start to probe at my pussy and arsehole

I did what any sane and horny girl would do. And boy was I getting HORNY!

I looked up and slid my lips over his very stiff cock. Oh, it was good to have a cock in my mouth, particularly one that was very turned on. Makes a girl feel wanted.

I started to suck him earnestly, taking his length deep down my throat, then coming right back up to the head again, and repeating the process over and over. I could feel his cock getting harder and thicker.

I was enjoying this! George’s fingers were now ploughing in and out of my cunt and me sucking his cock for all it was worth. Just when I was thinking I could come with this attention George withdrew his fingers from my cunt and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“Roll over Catherine.” He said.

Great, I thought. I’m going to get that fat cock of his in my pussy.

I quickly rolled over onto my back and spread my legs. My shaved cunt glistening with moisture, some oil, most natural lubricant, for all to see.

To my absolute amazement, George started to massage me again!

He started working on my neck, then travelled down to my breasts, kneading them and pulling at my nipples.

This is more like it, I thought, and reached for his cock again. It was even harder than before. I started stroking it’s length, feeling the veins pump it to even greater hardness.

I was trying to pull him down to my mouth when I felt my cunt lips being gently prised apart and fingers slipping into my pussy. I didn’t know whose fingers they were, nor did I care. All I knew is they certainly knew what they were doing. The fingers caressed my clit as they probed my depth, getting deeper and deeper into my cunt.

Without warning, fingers still deep in my cunt, a mouth and lips started working on my clit.

I felt an orgasm rapidly approaching.

George’s mouth then descended onto my nipples, sucking voraciously on each one in turn. I started to moan, softly at first. My nipples being sucked. Fingers in my cunt and my clitty, now on fire, being licked by an expert, whoever they were!

My orgasm exploded!

My moans turned to screams of pure delight as the release hit me. Wave after wave!

I felt George move from my breasts, then slowly the mouth and fingers left my cunt.

My legs still spread apart, my orgasm gradually subsiding, George knelt between them and pushed his stiff, fat cock into my cunt. He started slamming into me. I could tell from his ragged breathing he wasn’t going to last very long.

I raised my hips from the floor to meet his every thrust, my own orgasm building again. He gave an almighty shove and his cock hammered my cervix as he exploded his juices into me. I felt the force splatter the walls of my cunt, as I released another powerful orgasm of my own, my cunt clutching the shaft of his cock, draining every last bit of fluid from him.

After a few minutes George withdrew his softening cock from my pussy. I looked up and there was Maria, his beautiful wife, kneeling alongside us. She had one hand down inside her panties, the other squeezing her ample left breast. A faraway look on her pretty face.

“Aha,” I thought. So that’s who was fingering and sucking me.

Maria is a big woman in her late twenties. She’s about 6’ tall, size 16 with 40dd tits, but everything is in proportion. She is a striking looking woman naked. Right now she was nearly naked, just her lacy knickers covering her beautifully trimmed mound.

“Honey, that was awesome. Did you enjoy the massage?” My hubby enquired.

Rob had moved over and was standing alongside Maria, his cock erect and sticking straight out in front him.

Maria looked up at Rob, took her hand away from her breast, placed it over Rob’s rampant cock and drew him into her mouth.

I rolled over onto my stomach, elbows on the towels, chin in my hands, to get a better view of the action.

Maria had taken her other hand out of her panties and had placed it on Rob’s buttock and pulled him right into her. She was deep throating him like a pro. Sliding her mouth right down to his shaved pubic area, his cock obviously going down her throat, then coming right back up to the head again. Sometimes she would let him come right out of her mouth and she would wrap her lips around the outside of his shaft and suck him externally down to his balls, then take each one in her mouth and suck them.

I was really getting off watching this. Rob was in heaven. Like any man he loves having his cock sucked and he had placed both his hands either side of her head, but was letting her take control. And she was in control!

I felt a hand on the back of my thigh, just above my knee. It started to move up my oily skin, towards my bum. Involuntarily I parted my legs to give this stranger a better view. And access. The hand moved up to my cheeks, then travelled slowly down between them. It paused at my anus, a finger gently probing, enquiring.

I lifted my bum slightly off the floor, to encourage the hand to continue. A finger slid into my hole and I pushed back on it. Another finger joined it, now probing deeper and deeper into my arse. I pushed up and back further.

The fingers started to work in and out of me, loosening me, extending the opening. Then they withdrew.

I felt a body kneel between my legs, the head of a cock probed at my opening. I pushed back onto it and the head slipped in. I moaned.

Encouraged by my moans the cock pushed deeper and deeper. My god, it was long.

It felt like it was 8” or 9” at least. Penetrating right up into my bowel until I felt his balls resting against my cunt lips. I breathed in and clamped my arse muscles on this wonderful intruder.

He got the message and started to move in and out. Gently at first, then, as his cock increased in its girth and I responded by pushing back to meet his every thrust, he became more affirmative.

He started to slide in and out more and more quickly. Each time I met his powerful thrust, raising my hips off the floor in perfect unison with his driving piston. He kept pulling right back so his cockhead came free of my arse then ploughed it back in again and again. I kept tempo with him for what seemed an eternity but was probably only 10 minutes.

I felt my orgasm approaching as his tempo reached full speed, his cock now slamming into my arse. I screamed and climaxed, my body falling flat to the floor.

My body limp and prostrate on the floor, he kept hammering away at my hole, his cock moving at piston speed.

“My god. Will he ever stop?” I thought. Then I felt his body stiffen, his cock rammed home, and his spunk shot into my bowel, jet after jet splattering my insides.

I screamed and orgasmed again!

He lay quietly on top of me for a little while, this wonderful stranger. Then he started to withdraw his now softening, beautiful weapon from my arse. It came all the way out of me closely followed by some of his come.

I turned to look at him. He was young and gorgeous. Probably late twenties and obviously worked out. Very muscular. Then I looked down at the beautiful cock that had invaded my rectum. I was right. Even softening it was a good 9”.

“I hope you’re not offended at me taking you like that.” My hunk said. “I find you the sexiest woman at this party!”

Given that most of the women here were much younger than me, I was very flattered.

“I certainly don’t mind. But that is the biggest cock I’ve ever taken in my arse.”

“And that is the sexiest arse I’ve ever fucked. You are an incredibly beautiful woman,” he said.

His name was John. He and his wife, Cathy, were first timers. He was 28 and his wife, who had just watched him fuck me, was now being kissed and fingered by Kevin, the jockey with the 9 incher.

At least she wouldn’t be disappointed with his size.

I thought I’d better go and clean up a bit and made my way to the bathroom. I had a quick shower and decided to peruse the activity in the bedrooms. You never know what a girl might find. And I was still quite horny!

I heard satisfied noises coming from the first bedroom and went to investigate. There was Rosa, a petite little South American lady, sitting astride my husband, his prick buried in her to the hilt.

Rosa is so pretty and so petite. She’s 25, only about 4’10” tall, weighs about 45kgs (that’s about 99lbs for you overseas readers) has tiny 32a tits, narrow little waist, shapely little bum and tanned olive skin to die for. You would almost say her figure was pubescent. And she’s had two kids! Anyway, she loves sex and was enjoying every thrust upward from Rob as she lifted herself up and down on his cock.

I was mesmerised watching the action and felt a hand caress my butt.

“Christ. You’ve got the sexiest arse Catherine.”

“Why, thank you sir,” I smiled. Then turned to see who was my admirer.

It was Kevin, the jockey.

Involuntarily I looked down. No, not because he was much shorter than me, but straight at his cock. It was already half hard. I hoped, from stoking my butt.

I got that familiar wet feeling in my pussy as I looked at his monster. The head is like a child’s fist, and the shaft must be 8” around. My hubby’s is 5” around and Kevin’s makes his look tiny.

“Kevin, would you like to fuck me?”


“Good. That makes two of us that would like you to fuck me.”

I grabbed him by the hand and led him to the other side of the bed to Rob and Rosa.

I lay down on my back and spread my legs. Kevin kneeled between them and pushed his knob against my wet slit. I grabbed his cock and slid it up and down my pussy lips, giving the head some lubrication. He pushed forward and I felt pain.

“Whoa baby.” I cried. “This needs some help or you’ll rip me apart.”

I reached for the lube, Jocelyn so thoughtfully leaves beside each bed, and applied some to my pussy and generous amounts to Kevin’s cock.

“Stop rubbing it in Catherine, unless you want me to come all over your belly.”

“No baby, I want you to come IN my belly.”

Again he pushed his monster at my opening and this time the head slipped in, not without some feeling of pain. But as it began it’s path of travel up my vaginal passage the pain gave way to sheer pleasure. The head hit my cervix hard. I winced.

“Slowly Kevin.” I gasped. “Slowly.”

“Sorry Catherine. You’re just so fucking horny I can’t help myself.”

“Well honey, we’ll both enjoy it more if you take it easy.”

He pulled back and eased himself in slowly. I responded gently pushing my bum off the bed to meet his pushes. The tempo increased and his thrusts got deeper and deeper into my cunt. I could feel my orgasm gathering momentum as he rode me. His cock was now as hard as a rock and he was pumping it furiously in and out of me.

I grabbed his arse cheeks and held him hard in me and screamed as I climaxed. He withdrew his cock half way, slammed it into me to the hilt and shot his cum, splattering the walls of my orgasming cunt.

We lay there in a tangle of arms, legs and sweat ‘til we both came down from our orgasmic highs.

I glanced across at Rosa, her beautiful tiny body was glistening in perspiration, her face contorted as she approached her own climax, bouncing up and down on Rob’s cock. Rob himself was thrusting upwards into her wet hole, matching her every push with his own. I was amazed he had held back his own orgasm for so long. (He later told me he had already come twice that night and really didn’t think he would come for Rosa.)

At last, Rosa gave an almighty shriek, and threw herself down on Rob’s chest, her spasming pussy pumping furiously on Rob’s cock. He himself, let go a roar, and unloaded his spunk into her waiting cavity.

After a little while, Rosa still draped across his chest, Rob looked across at me and said, “How do you feel hon. Had enough for tonight?”

“Darling, I’m well and truly fucked. I couldn’t take another cock anywhere tonight!”

Which turned out to be not quite true. ‘Cause when we were driving home, telling each other about our experiences for the night, we both got so horny we stopped on the side of the road and fucked like a couple of bunnies!

I’m glad he talked me into going to the party!

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