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A Semester with Tara

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Hi! My name is Tara Zelino, and I love cum.

Yes, you read that right. I love cum. I love the look of it, the taste of it, the feel of it.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not a nymphomaniac. I don’t love dick, just cum. If I could have cum without dick, I would be perfectly happy.

But the fact of the matter is, I love cum.

I have no problem getting it either. I’m 5’3″, and I weigh just under 110 pounds. I have blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I got really lucky with almost flawless skin and a beautiful ass.

Oh, and did I mention that I have 36D tits?

When you put all that together, I have no problem getting guys – especially when I offer them a blowjob. No matter how much a guy likes sex, he is far more likely to turn down actual intercourse than he is to turn down a blowjob. I don’t know what it is about men, but there seems to be something about blowjobs that just gets their motors going.

Now, I said that I wasn’t a nympho earlier. I do enjoy sex, though. Sex is certainly a pleasant bonus to loving cum – I often have it, and enjoy it. Occasionally, it sucks. But oh well – you cannot appreciate success without the occasional failure.

So of course, being the sexual person that I am, when I had the opportunity to sign up for a human sexuality course at Fresno State, I jumped at it. I had heard some wild stories about this class, and I wanted to see just what it was all about.

It only met once a week, on Tuesday afternoon, but it lived up to its reputation – it was WILD. The very first day, the professor does what he calls a “weeding out” process. He shows a porn film, but it’s a different one every semester so that people can’t possibly be prepared for what’s going to come. Basically, if you can’t handle it, you shouldn’t be in the class.

Normally, the class averages just over 300 students, but it had been just over 200 in spring of 2004. Apparently, the professor had shown a gay male gangbang the first day – twenty-five guys fucking another guy up the ass. It made a number of people quite uncomfortable, which is why enrollment was so low.

And so what did he do this semester? He went a quite different route. He showed a male on female gangbang – twelve guys fucking porn star Tania Russof. It was quite the film, too – double penetrations everywhere, and the occasional triple penetration – and I’m not talking a dick in the ass, a dick in the pussy, and a dick in the mouth – I’m talking two dicks in her pussy and one up her ass.

The film, of course, ended with the biggest money shot I’ve ever seen. All twelve guys gathered around her and shot their loads all over her – a true “bukkake” shot if I’ve ever seen one. It was only when the film ended that I realized that I was quite wet – so wet, in fact, that a damp spot was forming on the crotch of my jeans.

Fortunately, we had about half an hour left before the end of class – more than enough time for the damp spot to dry. During that time, we needed to write a half-page analysis of the film, including personal feelings, for the discussion groups that he would be assigning us to during the last half hour of class.

I’ve never seen a film quite like this before, I wrote. This took porn to a whole new level in my book. But, I must be perfectly honest. This film included several fantasies of my own – simultaneous intercourse with multiple men, double penetration, and being ejaculated on by a number of men at once.

The professor had told us to try and keep colloquialisms in our analyses to a minimum.

I have never had a chance to act out any of these fantasies, I continued. Given the conservative nature of the majority of my friends, I doubt that I ever will. This is compounded by the fact that I am not comfortable with having sex with men that I do not know.

After being assigned to Lee Troy’s discussion group, I turned my analysis in and left the class. It was a long fifteen minute walk back to my dorm, but when I got there, I stripped naked, threw myself on my bed, and masturbated furiously until I was cumming with the force of a nuclear bomb. The film had really turned me on, and I had to relieve myself.

Truly sapped of energy but truly satisfied, I just lay naked on my bed for a few minutes – until I heard the click of the lock. With speed that I never would’ve guessed I had after masturbating, I threw myself across the room, through the bathroom door, and shut the door just as my roommate Andrea Semora walked in the room.

Andrea was a puzzle to me. She was an extremely sexual person. Some of her fantasies were just as wild as mine. Her favorite song was Maroon 5’s This Love – one of the most sexual songs I’ve ever heard. I had seen her on her computer – she visited some of the most hardcore porn sites on the Internet. She was an expert at giving handjobs to guys, and she loved being felt up.

But she was determined not to have sex until marriage – and her definition of sex included anything oral. She had never had intercourse, had never given a guy a blowjob, had never been on the receiving end of oral. Not that guys hadn’t tried – at 5’5″ and 120 pounds with 34C tits and an ass tighter than mine, the majority of the guys on the FSU campus had made an attempt to get into her panties – when she wore them, which she rarely did – but she had resisted all of them. As a result, she was constantly horny. More than once, I had walked into the room to catch her masturbating. However, that did NOT mean that I wanted her to walk in to catch me masturbating!

Of course, as luck would have it, it happened once more. I actually jumped in the shower, showered down, wrapped myself in a towel, and walked out – to see Andrea with her skirt rolled up around her waist, two fingers in her pussy, and another rubbing her clit as fast as she could.

I couldn’t help it. I laughed. “Damn, girl,” I said. “You’re going so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if your clit caught fire.”

Mortified, she sat up, covering herself. “Why are you always so embarrassed?” I asked. “It’s perfectly natural. I’m more of a sexual person than you are – I don’t care if you masturbate. In fact, I think you should do more than masturbate – but you won’t… although, I must say, your self-control is quite admirable.”

Crossing to my dresser, I pulled out a t-shirt and a clean pair of panties. Then I had a brilliant moment. Reaching under my panties, I found a cellophane wrapped object. Pulling it out, I tossed it across the room to Andrea.

My cousin Joan had given me a vibrator for my 20th birthday over the summer, but I already had the identical model. Nonetheless, it’s my philosophy that you can never have too many vibrators, so I had held onto it – just in case something like this arose.

“There you go, Andrea,” I said. “Your own personal dick without the bother of actually having sex. I’ve never used it, and the package is still sealed. Why don’t you give it a try.”

Andrea picked it up and looked at it. “I don’t know,” she said. “I’ve never used anything like this before.”

“It’s not that hard,” I replied. “You twist the knob on the bottom to turn it on, and then you stick it in.”
Andrea looked at it for another moment. Then, she ripped open the cellophane, turned the vibrator to its lowest setting, and tentatively stuck it in. “Oh,” she said, a little surprised. “OH!”

Oh yeah. She was liking it. In fact, she liked it so much that she reached down, turned it up to its highest setting, and didn’t even notice when I dropped my towel and got dressed in front of her.

It didn’t take too long, either. Within about two minutes, the vibrator had her so worked up that she was literally having a screaming orgasm. She let out a shriek, then yelled, “Oh my God!” I couldn’t help it – I started laughing.

After a moment, she came down. Just after she did so, there was a knock on the door. Opening it, I saw Kara, the R.A., standing in the hall. “Is everything okay?” she asked, a concerned look on her face. “I heard some screaming…”

Pulling Kara close, I whispered in her ear, “Andrea got her first vibrator.”

A knowing smile spread across Kara’s face, and she just nodded, turned, and headed down the hall.

The next Sunday night, my discussion group for the sexuality class met. One of the questions was if we had done anything sexually for anybody lately. Of course, I shared about introducing Andrea to vibrators, in response to which I got a round of applause from the rest of the group.

I was feeling good at that group – right up until the end, when Lee told us all about the research project we would have to do for the semester. “Your topics have to be submitted to Dr. Richards for approval by September 28th,” he said.

Oh shit. Research projects and I do not go well together. There’s a reason why I’m a music performance major – sure, I have to do a shitload of work, but I don’t have to do any research projects. This was going to screw me for sure.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I CAN’T do them, and do them well, it’s just that I can never come up with a good topic. I don’t know if it’s a mental block, or what, but it just never comes to me.

So, on September 28th, I sat in class, trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do. I was going to have to go to Dr. Keith Richards (yes, that’s really his name!) at the end of class, and tell him that I didn’t have a clue.

And then the guest speaker saved my neck.

Dr. Richards had told us that we were going to have four guest speakers over the course of the semester. Today’s was the semester’s second – Dr. Richard Skeen, professor of sociology from Northern Arizona University. He teaches the equivalent of our sexuality class at NAU and is considered one of the nation’s top experts when it comes to human sexuality.

Dr. Skeen was actually very interesting, and very funny. He was the author of a case-study book that we used in the class, and he was able to really clarify a number of things that we didn’t understand about some of the case studies. But it was toward the end of his talk that lightning truly hit.

“I was visiting a physician friend of mine in Los Angeles a couple of years ago,” he said. “She is also a research scientist who has been working on trying to develop a cure for prostate cancer for several years.

“Now, in working to develop this cure, she really had to develop her understanding of the prostate and how it works first. As such, I shouldn’t have even accepted when she offered me this bet, but being the gullible fool that I am, I did.

“Basically, she bet me that, through manipulation of the prostate, she could cause me to have an orgasm within two minutes – even if I was thinking about the most non-sexual of things. So, she gave me a moment to figure out something non-sexual. I decided upon taxes, because there’s no way I could ever think anything sexual about them.

“So there I was, standing naked from the waist down in her office, wearing only a condom. I closed my eyes and envisioned the Form 1040 – something I hate and despise. Then, I started figuring out how much I was going to have to pay the following year – and I really was not happy about it.

“So I’m standing there, pissed off about my taxes, when suddenly it feels like somebody has set every one of my nerve endings on fire. I snap out of my reverie – and I realize that I am filling this condom with semen, and my friend is pulling her middle finger out of my rectum. I looked over at her timer – one minute, forty-seven seconds.”

Dr. Skeen concluded by saying that he would never make a fifty dollar bet over the human anatomy with anybody with an M.D. again.

At that point, it hit me.

This was it! This was something that I could surely easily research – hell, I could probably do some of my own research – it definitely applied to the class – and it involved a LOT of cum. And as you may recall, I LOVE cum.

So, at the end of class, I went to see Dr. Richards. I told him that I wanted to study the response of the prostate to direct stimulation for my research paper. He said that that would be okay, but that I would have to bring it before the university research board if I wanted to do any human study.

With Dr. Richards’ help, I prepared a position paper to present to the board. I went before them that Friday, and after a great deal of pleading, I finally convinced them to allow it – provided that all of my subjects were people I knew, and provided that they all signed a consent and waiver form.

For that, I had to go to one of my friends in the law program – but that turned out to be quite easy; in fact, all it took was a blowjob. Okay, so maybe that seems a little cheap and whorish, but the guy is HOT, and if he was willing to write out a legally correct consent and waiver form in exchange for two minutes of me sucking his dick, it seemed a small price to pay.

And so on October 3rd, armed with consent forms, I marched into my discussion group and asked all the guys if any of them wanted to participate in the study I was conducting. All of them had been in class the previous week, so all of them had heard Dr. Skeen’s story – and all of them said yes. After getting them to all sign consent forms, I scheduled appointments with all of them.

Lee was first. I stayed after group that night to perform the procedure. I had purchased a fair supply of condoms and latex surgical gloves, not to mention a generous supply of KY Jelly, to make sure that the study was safe and sanitary, and I had purchased a postal scale – calibrated so that when an empty condom was placed on it, it would be at “0” – to measure how much cum each guy shot.

When Lee pulled his pants down, I was a little disappointed. His dick was kind of small – only five and a half inches when erect, but I had to give him a break – when you’re half French and half Chinese, you’re not going to have a big penis.

It was also over fairly quickly. He came after only thirty-seven seconds, and when I pulled the condom off, I could tell he hadn’t shot much. This was confirmed when I placed it on the scale – only half an ounce.

Nonetheless, I had my first results of my study! One down, nineteen to go.

Over the course of that week, I did the remaining four guys in the group. None of them lasted more than sixty-seven seconds, and none of them shot more than an ounce of cum. There was one guy, however – Jacob Martinson, a senior engineering major, is a 6’4″ first generation American whose parents were from Iceland – who had a dick that was almost ten inches long when erect. I’d have to remember him for the future.

The next week, I started discreetly asking the guys I knew in the music department. I thought I might have a hard time with that, but I should’ve known better. Musicians are horny perverts, and I got fourteen more volunteers no problem.

Now while all this was going on, we still had discussion group for the class. On the night of October 24th, we didn’t have to have a formal meeting, because we were one meeting ahead of all the other groups in the class, but we decided to meet anyway, and play Truth or Dare – influenced by alcohol.

Now, for a game of Truth or Dare with a sex discussion group, it was pretty tame – a LOT of “truths” – until about an hour in. We were all pretty well buzzed at that point, and when it came to me, I figured what the hell. So, I said, “Dare.”

It was Lee’s turn to perform a dare, so he said, “Tara, I want you to take one of your empty beer bottles and do something sexual with it.”

I imagine he – and everybody else – figured that I would just give the beer bottle a blowjob, maybe even deep throat it (although I sometimes I have trouble with that). I was going to do just that, too, but as I brought the beer bottle to my lips, I had an inspiration.

Since I was 16, I’ve been working on strengthening my vaginal walls. I want to have children someday, and my mother told me that if I had strong vaginal walls, it would make delivery much easier. So on my sixteenth birthday, my mother gave me my first set of ben-wa balls.

Over the following four years, I had done exercises to the point where I had control over my vaginal muscles that allowed me to do what some guys said were “amazing things.” So, I decided to give the group a little demonstration.

Standing up, I undid my belt and my pants, and then pulled down my jeans and my thong, letting them fall around my ankles. Stepping out of them, I placed the beer bottle on the floor, and then I crouched down over it. I lowered myself until the mouth of the bottle was just inside of my pussy – and then, using my vaginal muscles, I pulled the bottle almost all the way into myself. Relaxing a little, I let it slip back out, and then pulled it back in. I did this several times, and then I let it drop back out.

As I stood up, I noticed that the mouth of every guy in the room was wide open. Slowly, Lee started to applaud, and then everybody joined in a round of applause. I took a few bows, then put my clothes back on.

At the end of group that night, the three other girls in the class asked me how they could learn how to do that. I gave them all websites that they could go to, where they could get literature, and what equipment they needed to buy.

Anyway, I’m way off topic. Back to the paper. It was due November 23rd – the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. On November 9th, I performed the nineteenth prostate “procedure” on a saxophone player named Matthew. His results fell right in the middle of everybody else – he came in (no pun intended) at 53 seconds, with just over 4/5 of an ounce of semen.

But I needed a twentieth. Try as I might, I hadn’t been able to get a fifteenth guy from the music department. But then, I had another one of my brilliant ideas.

About two weeks earlier, I had been in the dining hall at breakfast time, and had seen my friend Jason Garrett. It had been several months since I had seen him, so I had run up to him and given him a hug. As soon as I did, though, he sprang up a rock-hard boner – which was easily explained by the fact that he had a horrible case of blue balls.

Wanting to be a good friend, I had ducked under the table and given him a quick blowjob as he sat at the table reading his L.A. Times. When he came, I swallowed every drop, and then left, almost as though nothing had happened.

And now I needed him to repay me. Picking up the phone, I called his room. “Hello?” I heard from the other end.

“Jason!” I said, glad that he was home. “I haven’t talked to you in two whole weeks!”

He laughed, and said, “Honestly, there wasn’t much talking done that morning two weeks ago either.”

That cracked me up – because he was right! “Well, I suppose that’s true. Not much talking we could’ve done with me under the table and your dick in my mouth.”

I paused for a moment, to allow him to stop laughing and catch his breath. “Anyway, enough bullshit. I have a mega-huge favor to ask of you.”

“Shoot,” Jason replied.

“Hah!” I laughed. “That’s the funny thing… it involves more you shooting than me. You see, I’m doing a study for my human sexuality class on male response to stimulation of the prostate.”

Jason paused for a moment, and when he next spoke, he sounded a little tentative. “So what is it you need me to do?”

“Well, if you wouldn’t mind me coming over to your dorm for about half an hour, I can do my test, get the results, and be done before you even realize I was there.” As an R.A., he had his own room, so I could go over there and not have to worry about being disturbed.

“Okay,” he replied. “I suppose it can’t hurt. Go ahead and come on over whenever you want.”

“Alright Jason,” I replied. “I owe you one. I’ll see you in twenty minutes.”

I collected my supplies – a tube of KY Jelly, a couple of pairs of gloves, a couple of condoms, my notebook, and my postage scale, and headed across campus. I got over to his dorm in almost exactly twenty minutes. As I knocked on the door, I could hear the music from the closing credits of Spaceballs playing inside.

He opened the door. “Hi Jason!” I said, breezing right past him and setting my bag down on his table.

“So what is it you need me to do?” he asked as he closed the door. I turned around to face him, and I saw that he had noticed the contents of my bag. A distressed look crossed his face as he noticed the KY Jelly.

I looked at him with a cocked eyebrow and an evil little half grin. “I need you, first of all, to drop trou. Then, I need you to get an erection.”

“Wait a second,” he protested. “Unlike two weeks ago, when I still had a massive case of blue balls, I can no longer just get a spontaneous erection. I’ve got that under control these days.”

I rolled my eyes. Men. They couldn’t do anything. “Oh, Jesus H. Christ,” I said. “Do I have to do everything for you?”

I walked right over to him, and grabbing his khakis by the belt, yanked downward, pulling his pants and his boxers all the way down to his ankles, revealing his dick. Then, I grabbed the bottom hem of my own shirt, pulling it up and off, revealing my ample and very naked bosom for him to ogle.

And lo and behold, his dick sprang to attention almost immediately. Hmm, not bad. Not as big as Jacob Martinson’s, but it was about seven inches long when erect, which is a size that feels EXTREMELY good. “See,” I said sarcastically, “was it really THAT hard?”

“Well, it is now… pardon the pun…”

Oh, good Lord. That was awful. I let him know exactly how I felt about THAT one.

Nonetheless, he seemed quite pleased with himself. “So,” he said, “now what do you need me to do?”

I tossed him a condom. “Put that on,” I replied, “and then lean against the wall, supporting yourself with your hands.”

It took him a moment to get the condom on – he didn’t seem too comfortable with using one, which was a bit perturbing. However, I had heard that the only girl he had had sex with at that point was Erin Benning, and that she had only had sex with him, so if they were both monogamous, then I guess it wasn’t THAT big a deal.

As he was putting the condom on, I put on my gloves. Then, I spread a little bit of KY Jelly on the fingers – no telling how many fingers I would have to use to get enough stimulation.

He leaned against the wall, and I crouched down behind him. “Okay, now this is going to feel a little weird,” I warned him.

“What?” he asked. “What’s going to feel a little –”

That was as far as he got. I pushed my middle finger up his ass, and started searching around for his prostate.

He gasped in surprise, and then, in a strained voice said, “Uh, that’s a wee tad uncomfortable!”

“Just a second,” I replied, and then almost immediately, I found it. “Ah, there,” I said, starting to apply pressure.

I felt his ass clench a little, and obviously he had figured out what had just happened. Smart boy, Jason is. “Wow… you just found the prostate, didn’t you?” he asked.

Trying to concentrate on my work, I replied, “Yeah, it’s basically the equivalent of a male G-spot. Now… if you could do me a favor, I would like it if you could think of something as non-sexual as possible.”

As I continued, I could tell that he’d thought of something REALLY non-sexual, because he was starting to relax. So, to see what kind of a reaction I’d get, I pressed just a little harder on the prostate. He jumped a little, and I thought he was about to cum, but then he drew a breath and relaxed a little, and I went back to work.

When he hit the seventy second mark, I realized that he had now gone longer than any of the other guys I had done, so I applied as much pressure as I could without hurting him. That did it – he snapped upward, his ass went tight, and after a few more seconds, he started shooting cum into the condom, almost violently.

I hit the stopwatch and pulled my finger out of his ass. “Wow,” I said. “One minute and nineteen seconds – a full twelve seconds longer than any of my other subjects.”

Then, I went around front and pulled off his condom, being careful not to spill any of the cum. It was a little more full than they usually were, so I very carefully placed it on the postal scale. One and a fifth ounces. This I had to tell him. “Not to mention a full fifth of an ounce more than any of the others.”

He was still gasping for breath, but his dick was already going soft. He composed himself a little, and then asked, “If I may ask, how did you accomplish that?”

“It’s really very simple,” I replied, placing the condom inside one of my gloves and tying it shut. As I crossed to the garbage can to deposit it, I continued, “You just have to find the prostate and apply the right amount of pressure in the right place, at the right time. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for guys to do it to themselves, because of the angle of your fingers as opposed to your ass. Do you have any other questions about it?”

That seemed to satisfy him, as he said, “Not really.” However, just as he said that, a lightbulb seemed to go on in his head, because he said, “I had heard a rumor about something you did with a beer bottle at your discussion group for your human sexuality class?”

Now how the hell did he hear about that? What happens there is supposed to stay there, but oh well – if he knew, he knew.

A smile crossed my face. “Oh, it’s no rumor,” I replied. “I did in fact pull a beer bottle, neck first, into my pussy, using nothing but the muscles of my vaginal walls.”
I could almost hear the holy shit echoing inside his head. “Ummm…” he said, at a loss for words.

“You want to see a demonstration?” I replied with a laugh. “You got an empty beer bottle?”

With a speed that I didn’t think was possible of a man who had just had a prostate-induced orgasm, he darted out of the room. I heard the clinking of glass as he dug out a beer bottle. As he was getting one and cleaning it up, I stripped off the rest of my clothes, so that I was now standing stark naked in the middle of his living room.

When he walked back in, he paused for a moment, and I imagine that it was because he had seen me naked, since his dick twitched a little – life was already returning to it. Without any further hesitation, he walked over to me and handed me the beer bottle. Setting it on the floor, I crouched down over it, and once the mouth was inside my pussy, I pulled it all the way up. Letting it drop out, I pulled it in again, as Jason’s jaw dropped (it seemed) practically to the floor.

“HO-ly SHIT!” he said. “That was absolutely unbelievable!”
And now I was just showing off. I stood up, the beer bottle still inside my pussy, and said, in my best college professor voice, “There are a number of vaginal exercises that women can do to really increase the strength of their vaginas. When they increase the strength of the vaginal wall, orgasms tend to be more intense and last longer.”

He just shook his head, a look of total disbelief on his face. As he did so, though, a smile crossed his face. Ah, I thought. He’s going to ask me to find a way to teach Erin about it.

He didn’t say anything, though, although he had certainly taken notice of all of this. His dick was rock-hard and was once again in the full upright and locked position. “Apparently, you liked it!” I said with a grin.

He quickly looked down at his dick, and then back up at me. Then, I got another one of my brilliant ideas.

“Now, having given you that demonstration, it wouldn’t be fair for me to leave without showing you a practical use for it,” I said. “Kindly lay down on the floor.”

He just stood there staring at me. I swear to God, men. They can be so dumb sometimes. Here Jason was being offered sex, and he was staring at me like I was speaking Vietnamese.

“Jason!” I said. He snapped out of it and looked at me. “Lay down on the floor!” I commanded.

He did, immediately.

Straddling him, I crouched down over his dick, as I had the beer bottle – but instead of taking just the head into myself, I slipped all the way down his dick. He gasped, and I thought he was going to cum right then, but apparently I had underestimated him, because he quickly composed himself. He seemed to expect that I was going to ride him, typical cowgirl style, but I had other things in mind.

Using the skills I had developed over four years, I started contracting and expanding the muscles in my vaginal walls, causing what I call “the ripple effect.” I rocked back and forth a little, creating some friction against the skin of his dick.

I could feel my own orgasm building up as I rocked back and forth, but the control of my vaginal walls allows me to hold my orgasms in and release them when I’m ready. After about three minutes, I would tell he was almost there, and so, leaning forward, I reached under him and my middle finger went back up his ass, pressing on his prostate.

What happened then was something I’ve never experienced before. He came with such force that I could actually feel the cum hit the wall of my vagina. I was so surprised that I lost control of my orgasm and started cumming along with him.

He continued cumming at a comparable pressure and rate to the first shot, filling my pussy with cum. After about ten shots, he finally finished – but he was so drained of energy he couldn’t even pull his dick out of me. So, I stood up off of him. As I did so, his load of cum came gushing out of me. Along with my love of cum comes a love of watching a guy’s cum running out of my pussy and down my leg, but Jason’s was new and different. It was like a river running down my leg and pooling on his floor.

“Wow,” I said, quite amused. “Between the exercises and the prostate thing, you could set a record for most semen in one ejaculation!”

He tried to move, but was still drained. In a weak voice, he croaked, “Um, if you find a way, do you think you could…”

Ah. Finally what I was expecting earlier. “Somehow let Erin know about both?” I laughed. “Absolutely. My goal in life is to improve my friends’ sex lives, so if this will help you and Erin out, I’m more than willing.”

By the time he actually got himself up off the floor and got his pants back on, I was dressed, packed up, and ready to go. “Thanks,” I said, giving him a quick kiss.

“Yeah, any time,” he replied, leaning against the wall for support. “Um, if you have any more human sexuality studies, and you need my help…”

I laughed. “I’ll definitely call,” I replied.

As I headed back to my dorm, I felt something damp in my pants. Making sure nobody was around, I reached inside and felt myself. My finger came out with a little bit of cum on it. I licked it off my finger.

Jason’s cum reminded me – Erin. I pulled out my phone and called her.

“Hey Erin,” I said when her voicemail picked up. “This is Tara. I need a bit of help with my form and analysis homework, so if you could give me a call, I’d really appreciate it.”

I really did need help with my form and analysis homework. I hate that class. It’s the biggest pain in the ass a music major has to take. But, she hadn’t answered, and for now, I had more pressing concerns.

I had finished a rough draft of the paper by the time Erin called me back that night. She said that she was more than willing to help me with the homework, and she had the whole next day off, so would 11:00 AM work?

“Absolutely,” I replied. “I’ll see you then.”

Now, between now and then, I had to think of a way to suggest to Erin that she do these exercises. I even went to FantasyLand -–the adult bookstore near FSU’s campus – and picked up the stuff she would need. Unfortunately, by the time she got to my dorm the next day, I still hadn’t thought up a way to broach the subject. I was thinking madly about it the whole time we were studying, but it turned out I really didn’t have to.

When we finished, she said, “Uh, Tara… I heard this story about you and a beer bottle…”

Oh, thank you, God. I don’t have to do this on my own.

“Is there any way you could teach me how to do that?”

Hot damn. I grabbed the bag from FantasyLand and pulled out the Ben-Wa balls. “We’ll just dive right into it,” I replied. “First of all, I want you to put these inside your pussy.”

That appeared to shock her. “You can use my bathroom if you want,” I said quickly. She ducked into the bathroom and was back out in a flash.

“Everything else you need is in this bag,” I said. “Read the little green book first, and then you should be able to do everything else that you need to. If you come over next Friday, we can work on it some.”

Thanking me profusely, Erin headed out. I was going to train her to give Jason such amazing sex that he would never want to have sex with anybody else.

On Saturday morning, I headed back to FantasyLand. I purchased a vibrator and a strap-on dildo. It was a smaller dildo, only about four inches long. Then I called up Jacob Martinson, and when he answered, I asked him how good he was with electronics.

“I’m an electrical engineering major,” he replied sarcastically. “I’m graduating with a degree in it in six months. I think I’m pretty good.”
“Fantastic,” I replied. “I have a little electronics problem that I need help with. Could you meet me at my dorm room in about an hour?”

He agreed, so I gave him my dorm room number and hung up. He got there at about noon. Although I think he was expecting something a little weird, he certainly didn’t seem to be expecting what I said.

“Alright, Jacob, here’s the deal,” I started. “I have here a vibrator and a strap-on dildo.”

That seemed to startle him, but I continued.

“What I need you to do is somehow put this together so that the vibrator is attached to the inside of the strap-on. What’s more, I need you to rig the dildo itself so that when pressure is applied to it, it changes the intensity of the vibrator. In other words, when less pressure is applied, the vibration is less intense, and when more pressure is applied, the vibration is more intense.”
Jacob looked at the two devices for a moment. “Okay,” he replied. “I can do that. It should be no problem. However, I’m going to need about twenty dollars for other supplies.”

“No problem,” I replied, pulling a twenty out of my purse and laying it on the table.

“Of course, I’m also going to expect some sort of my payment for it. This is going to be a pretty complicated device.”

“Of course,” I agreed. “How much do you have in mind?”

“I’m not sure,” he replied. “Why don’t we discuss that when I finish?”

Promising to have it back to me no later than Wednesday, he took the bag of supplies and left.

I asked him about it the next night, and then again on Tuesday. Each time, he said he was further along, but wasn’t quite done yet.

At about eight o’clock on Wednesday night, I got a call from Jacob. “It’s done,” he said. “Want me to bring it over?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

I already knew what sort of payment I had in mind for him. In the fifteen minutes before he got there, I changed my clothes just a bit. I put on a white collared shirt – no bra – and a plaid skirt – no panties. I looked the image of a naughty Catholic school girl.

When Jacob got there, he seemed a bit startled by my appearance. He recovered quickly, though. “Okay, I’ve got it right here,” he said, pulling out a cardboard box.

Opening it up, he removed what was now a combination vibrator/strap-on. He had done an amazing job on it – it looked like it had been made that way.

“Here’s what I did,” he said. “First of all – and obviously – I went to Radio Shack. I got ten small pressure sensors, each about the size of a dime, I got some high-grade connector wire, and I got a voltage regulator. Then, I removed the dildo from the strap-on. I hollowed out the interior. After that, I hooked the wires up to the pressure sensors, and embedded them inside the interior of the dildo. I embedded one in the head, and then –” he drew a circle on a piece of paper. “Imagine this is the interior of the dildo.” He pointed at the bottom of the circle. “I embedded three of them in a line, here, at zero degrees, then three more here at 120 degrees, and the last three here, at 240 degrees.”

Sounded pretty good.

“Then, I soldered the wire ends together, and attached them to the voltage regulator. After fitting the regulator inside the dildo, I filled it in with carpenter’s putty, which firmed up quickly, but it didn’t get too hard – it firmed to the point where it was about the same hardness that the dildo was originally. After that, I attached the regulator to the battery terminals for the two AA cell batteries that go into the vibrator. The more pressure that’s applied to the sensors, the more voltage the regulator allows to go from the batteries into the vibrator. At maximum pressure, the vibrator actually vibrates at a higher intensity than the original factory design.”

Well, needless to say, I was damned impressed.

“Now, about payment,” he said. “This took up several hours of my time. Ordinarily, I’d probably charge about twenty bucks an hour for a job like this –”

“I think I have a better idea,” I said.

Standing up, I crossed to the chair that he was sitting in. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, along with his boxers.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “This is definitely a better – wait, are you sure your roommate won’t walk in on us?”

“Nah,” I replied. “Andrea will be at church until at least nine o’clock.”

Now, my plan had originally been to just give him a blowjob, but when his dick sprang up to its full erect length of ten inches, I changed my mind – I had to have that inside of me. Standing up, I straddled his lap, and then slowly slid myself down over his dick.

Wow. I had never had a guy this big inside of me. It felt incredible. His dick stretched my pussy further than I had ever experienced. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to give him what was, by now, my signature pussy ripple. Systems check –

Oh yeah. I could still do it. He felt it, too, gasping as I rippled down the length of his dick.

Using the occasional ripple, I slowly started moving up and down on his dick. I built up speed, but I didn’t want to move too fast, because his size made it difficult to control my orgasm. I needed to hold off until he was ready to blow.

I didn’t know if I was going to be able to hold off, though. He just felt so incredible inside of me, so big and warm. Then, he grabbed my hips and started moving me up and down, moving me too fast for me to hold control any longer.

I couldn’t help it. I started cumming, juices leaking out of my pussy onto his legs. “Oh God, Jacob,” I moaned. “Oh, keep going.”

As I was moaning, though, the lock clicked. OH SHIT.

And Andrea, home from church early, walked in to see me fucking Jacob Martinson.

As she walked in, his head whipped around. “Oh, fuck,” he said, lifting me off of him. I stood up, and he began to reach down to pull his pants up – but then I had another one of my brilliant ideas.

“Sit back down, Jacob,” I said.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking that I was going to try and break through Andrea’s iron curtain, and have her fuck Jacob Martinson.

Hell no. There is no WAY that I would allow her virgin pussy to be subjected to a dick his size. Baby steps.

“Andrea, come here,” I said. Hesitantly, she crossed over to me.

“Andrea Semora, Jacob Martinson,” I said, quickly introducing them.

Moving on. “Andrea, I want you to do something.”

“Oh, no!” she replied firmly. “You know my policy.”

“Oh, nothing out of policy,” I stated quickly. “I just want you to give him a handjob.”

“Oh,” she said. “Well… well, I guess that would be alright.”

She started crossing the room to grab her jar of Vaseline. “Don’t worry about that, Andrea,” I said. “He’s pretty well lubed up already.”

Andrea came back. When she grabbed Jacob’s dick, her eyes widened a bit in surprise – she could barely close her hand around it. Slowly, she started stroking it up and down. However, this was my cum – she wasn’t getting it all to herself.

As Andrea was jacking Jacob off, I put my mouth around the head of his dick. I could only take a couple inches into my mouth because of its width. I could taste his salty pre-cum, and I could taste myself on his dick as well. That was a first – I had never tasted what my pussy tasted like before. It’s hard to describe the taste – the best way I can describe it is that it tasted kind of like Old Spice smells.

Andrea was really getting into this – she had her hand under her skirt, rubbing her clit for all she was worth. And of course, Jacob was enjoying it – he was getting a combination hand/blowjob from two rather attractive girls.

He didn’t last much longer. After a couple minutes, he started cumming. He shot it into my mouth, and I managed to swallow most of it. A little of it got, though, and leaked down the length of his dick, landing on Andrea’s hand. When he finished, Andrea pulled her hand away from his dick, and noticed that she had some cum on the back of her hand. She looked at her hand for a moment, and then, very tentatively, put it to her mouth and licked the cum away.

Like I said, baby steps. But that was definitely a breakthrough.

After Jacob left, I got into the shower. By the time I got out, Andrea was asleep – no time to talk about what had happened that night.

On Friday, Andrea headed down to Bakersfield for the weekend to see her family, so I knew that I would have no interruptions working with Erin. Erin showed up at my dorm at 11:00 AM on Friday, for her “training.”

She seemed a bit shocked by the first thing I said. “Strip from the waist down.”


“Just do it,” I replied. “Trust me.”

With a little doubt, Erin pulled down her jeans, revealing a fairly sexy blue thong. Then she pulled that off as well, revealing a small strip of blonde hair. Overall, she had a really nice looking pussy. No wonder Jason enjoyed fucking her so much.

“Okay,” I continued. “Exercise one.”

I got out a small plastic tube that was about six inches long, but no more than a quarter inch in diameter, with a wide circle of plastic attached to the end (I didn’t want her sucking this thing up into her uterus!). We had to start with very small things and then work our way up. Handing it to her, I said, “I want you to put just the first half inch or so of this into your pussy, and then pull the rest of it in, using just your vaginal muscles.”

Erin complied. She stuck it in a little way, and then contracted. She managed to pull it in entirely on the first try. “Now hold it in,” I said. She held it in with seemingly no problems.

“Alright, good,” I said. “You’re a little further ahead than I had expected. You can go ahead and release it.”

Erin let it go, and it clattered onto the floor. Next – a beer bottle. Getting the bottle I had sanitized ahead of time, I placed it on the floor. “Next,” I said, “you’re going to do the beer bottle stunt. I want you to squat down over it, lowering your pussy over about the top half inch of it. Then, I want you to suck it inside of you.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” replied Erin. “I’ll try, though.”

“Like Master Yoda said, ‘Do or do not, there is no try’,” I replied.

Erin looked at me. “I never figured you for a Star Wars nerd,” she said.

“Well, I am,” I replied. “But that’s off the subject. Get going!”

Hesitantly, Erin lowered herself onto the bottle until the top of the neck was inside her pussy. Then, she started pulling upward with her vaginal muscles. She got the bottle about halfway inside, but she was bright red. With a huge gasp, she let her muscles go and the bottle fell out. “Dammit,” she said, setting the bottle back up. Trying again, she managed to get it about halfway in again, but that was all.

“Okay,” I said. “That was actually pretty damn good – I wasn’t able to get the bottle entirely in until I had been doing these exercises for about six months. Now, though, we’re going to do something a little more active.”

I got out the vibrator/strap-on that Jacob had rigged for me. “I’m going to put this on,” I said, “with this end inside me. Then, I’m going to fuck you.”

“I BEG your pardon?” Erin gasped.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “It doesn’t make either of us lesbian, or bi – it’s just a test to see how well you can do with a moving penis. I had an engineer friend of mine rig this so that I know just how much pressure you’re applying to the dildo.”

Still hesitant, Erin paused. Then she said, “Alright. Let’s get this over with.”

I pulled the harness for the strap-on up around my waist, sliding the vibrator inside of me. Then, I had Erin lie on her back. “We’re going to do this missionary style,” I said. “Now, what I want you to do is use the pressure techniques you’ve been working on on the strap-on.”

Mounting her, I slid the dildo into Erin’s pussy. I started fucking her – a strange feeling for me; I’d never done this part of it before. After a minute, when there was no reaction from the vibrator, I decided that either she wasn’t doing anything, or the vibrator wasn’t working. I decided to find out.

“Erin, you need to start working your muscles,” I said.


And with that, the vibrator reacted. She started applying pressure to the dildo at just the right times, and it sent vibrations into my pussy. I started fucking her harder and faster. As she approached orgasm, her ripples got more and more irregular – she didn’t yet have the control needed to hold back orgasm.

Then, she started moaning as she began to cum. When her orgasm hit, she clenched her pussy very tight, applying what must have been Jacob’s definition of maximum pressure to the dildo, because it sent such a shock of vibration into my pussy that I too lost control of my orgasm, and I cummed along with Erin.

When we both finished cumming, I slowly slid out of Erin. I pulled the harness down, sliding the vibrator out of myself. I set it on the table.

As Erin got dressed, I said, “You’ve made an incredible amount of progress. You’ve still got some work to do, though. Now, Jason’s birthday is next Sunday, right? The 21st?”

“Yeah,” she replied.

“Okay,” I said. “Now, I know he enjoys this –”

Oh shit. That was bad.

“What do you mean, he enjoys this?” asked Erin.


There was no way I was going to be able to get out of this.

“Last Thursday, I asked him to help me out with a human sexuality study I was doing – response to stimulation of the prostate. After that, he asked me about the beer bottle thing – and I ended up fucking him to show him how it really worked.”

“Oh,” said Erin. Then she smiled. “No big deal – I’m glad he found out about it – this is going to be one hell of a birthday present.”

Thank you God. I had just escaped a certain beating at the hands of somebody several inches taller than me.

“Yeah,” I agreed, relieved. “Now, your ‘final exam’ will be next Friday, so you need to practice over the next week!”

Then I thought of something. “Do you and Jason use condoms? When he put one on for the prostate procedure, it looked like he’d never done it before.”

“No, we don’t,” she replied. “I’m on the pill, and neither of us has ever had sex with anybody else… well, I guess that’s not ENTIRELY true, now is it?”

“Don’t worry,” I said, speaking quickly to reassure her. “I go to the clinic every month to get checked for VDs and STDs, and I’m perfectly clean.”

“Okay,” she said. “Then I won’t even mention it to him.”

Taking the beer bottle with her, she agreed to practice. I told her I’d see her again the next Friday.

Now, I needed a real dick for her to try this on, just to see how it would react. I wanted to go for somebody smaller than Jason, so that he would still be her biggest. But who?

Then I had yet another of my brilliant ideas (you’re probably getting a little sick of reading that phrase, but it’s true!). On Sunday night, I stayed for a couple of minutes after group to talk to Lee Troy.

“Lee,” I said, “I’m sure this is a strange conversation starter, but when was the last time you were tested for VDs?”

“Uh… Friday… and I was clean,” he replied. “Why do you ask?”

“I need you to have sex with a friend of mine – blindfolded,” I replied. “It’s the, shall we say, ‘final exam’ of something that she and I have been working on.”

“Um, okay,” he replied. “And what do I get out of it?”

“You get to have sex with a hot girl – even though you won’t be able to see her – who will do things to your dick that will blow your mind.”

“Hmmm…” he said, thinking. After a moment, he said, “Well, I guess that will be okay. When?”

“Be at my dorm at 10:00 on Friday morning,” I replied.

On Wednesday, I called Erin to make sure she was working on her exercises. Then, on Friday, disaster almost struck.

I went to the gym on Friday morning to work out, and as I was running on a treadmill, it froze, locking the belt into place. I shot straight forward, smashing my face into the display panel. When I stood up, I was bleeding all over the place. A gym attendant came running over.

“Jesus Christ, are you alright?” he asked. “Do you need us to call 911?”

“No, that’s okay,” I replied. “I should be fine.”

Unfortunately, there was a paramedic working out in the weight room just then. When he saw what happened, he came running out. After checking me out, he insisted that I go to the hospital to make sure I was alright. Grudgingly, I agreed.

When I finally got out of the hospital, it was 10:30. “Shit!” I said as I peeled out of the hospital parking lot. I needed to be back at my dorm – thirty minutes ago!

When I got back to my dorm, though – I was in for the surprise of my life. I walked – no, I ran into the dorm room, not even noticing what was going on – until I heard some very strange noises.

Turning, I saw something that could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

Andrea Semora was giving Lee Troy a blowjob!

I couldn’t help it. I started laughing. Lee must have arrived at 10:00, like I had asked him. Andrea would’ve let him in, and I guess she decided to break down one more barrier.

Andrea paused long enough to say, “Hi, Tara,” and then she went back to sucking Lee’s dick. Not the best blowjob I’ve ever seen, but it was her first, so that’s okay. After a couple more minutes, Lee cummed. Andrea swallowed most of it, but a little dribbled out. She didn’t seem to be aware of it, though, as she almost walked out the door with it on her chin.

“Uh, Andrea,” I said. She stopped, so I walked over to her, wiped the cum off of her chin with my finger, and stuck it in my mouth.

“Oh, thanks,” she said, turning bright red. “That would’ve been horrible.”

“Yeah, Something About Mary style,” I responded with a laugh.

Then, Andrea left. It was now 10:50. I needed to get Lee ready.

“Alright, Lee,” I said. “Here’s your blindfold. Go into the bathroom, strip, and stay there – QUIET – until I tell you to come out.”

He complied. He headed into the bathroom, taking the blindfold with him.

Looking around the room, I made sure that there was no trace of him anywhere that would make Erin suspect anybody was here.

Erin arrived, punctual as usual, at 11:00 AM. When she walked in, she said, “What’s that smell?”

I couldn’t smell much, but I had to assume the smell was that of sex. “Uh, it’s nothing,” I said. “Just Lysol air freshener.”

Then Erin noticed my face. “Good Lord, what happened to you?” she said.

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “Just had a little run-in with the treadmill, that’s all. Now, do you have the beer bottle with you?”

“Yeah,” she said, setting her tote down and pulling out the bottle.

“Good,” I said. “Now, I want you to strip from the waist down, and let’s see how you do with the beer bottle.”

Erin removed the denim skirt she was wearing – but she wasn’t wearing any panties this time! “I was practicing on the way over here,” she explained.

Ah, a student committed to her work. Amazing.

Erin placed the beer bottle on the floor, then squatted down on it. After lowering her pussy over the top half inch, she contracted – and though it took a couple seconds longer than I would’ve, she was able to pull it all the way in. She then let it slide about halfway out, and then sucked it back in. She was letting it slide back out when it became too much for her and clattered to the floor.

Damned impressive, nonetheless. “That was amazing,” I said. “I never would’ve guessed that you only started doing this two weeks ago.”

Well, time for the final exam. “Okay, Erin,” I said. “What I need you to do now is put on that blindfold –” I pointed to the table “- and lay down on the couch.”

Erin looked somewhat confused about these instructions, but she followed them anyway. I quickly walked over to the bathroom. Opening the door, I stepped inside.

Lee stood up when I entered. He was naked, blindfolded, and his dick was fully erect. “Was that a beer bottle I heard hitting the floor?” he whispered.

“Yeah, it was,” I replied.

“Does that mean what I think it means?”

“Yes, Lee, it does,” I said. “Now let’s go.”

“Wait a second,” he whispered. “Do I need a condom?”

“Orthotricyclene does wonderful things, Lee. Don’t worry about it.”

At that point, I grabbed Lee’s dick and started walking out the door. He had no choice but to follow me.

I led Lee over to the couch and instructed him to kneel on it. When Erin heard that, she gasped. “Tara? What’s going on?” she asked, startled.

“Erin, do you trust me?” I replied.

“Well, yes,” she said.

“Then I need you to just go with me on this,” I replied. “This is your final exam.”

Returning my attention to Lee, I instructed him to lean forward, using his arms to support himself. Then, grabbing him by his dick, I slowly guided him until the head of his dick was in contact with the entrance to Erin’s pussy. “I assume you both know what to do at this point,” I said.

Without answering, Lee began pistoning his dick in and out of Erin. “Do your thing, Erin,” I said.

By the motion of her skin, I could faintly see the muscles in Erin’s pussy contracting and expanding as Lee pumped in and out. However, just like with the prostate exam, it didn’t take long – between the speed he was going and what appeared to be really good muscle use on Erin’s part, he cummed inside of three minutes. When he finished, he stood up.

I told Erin to just stay put for a moment. Grabbing him by his dick again, I led him back to the bathroom. “How was it?” I asked.

“Damn,” he whispered. “My girlfriend needs to learn how to do that shit!”

I told him to get dressed, but to leave the blindfold on. When he was finished getting dressed, I led him out into the hallway and shut the door. Taking his blindfold back, I told him that I’d see him on Sunday night. Then I went back inside.

Erin was still lying on the couch. I told her she could take off the blindfold.

She did, but stayed lying down. She appeared to be tired, which I could understand – it was the first time she’d really been fucked using the vaginal exercises.

“So, how was it?” I asked.

“Well,” she replied, “I feel like I did pretty well. Good enough to blow Jason’s mind, at least. I feel a little guilty, though – I mean, I just fucked some guy I completely do not know.”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “If you recall, Jason did fuck me two weeks ago.”

“That’s true,” she replied. Then she sat up. As she did so, I saw a little cum leak out of her pussy.

I love cum, as you may remember. “Erin, lay back down,” I said.

With a puzzled look on her face, she complied, laying back down on the couch. Kneeling next to her, I buried my head between her legs and began licking all the cum out of her dripping pussy.

“Oh,” she gasped. I’d never eaten a girl out before, but the cum was just too much to resist. Despite my lack of experience, though, she seemed to be enjoying it. As I finished licking up the last of Lee’s cum, Erin began cumming again.

As she came down from her orgasm, she simply said, “Wow.”

“What?” I asked. Then I realized. “Oh, no,” I said. “Don’t tell me Jason’s never done that for you.”

“Nope,” she replied, shaking her head.

“Well, then, here’s the deal,” I said. “You need to insist on it before you fuck him next. Now, I realize it’s going to be for his birthday, but you still need to. You deserve it.”

“Alright,” she said. “Yeah, I do deserve it. I’ve sucked his dick enough.”

We agreed to meet back at my place at 11:30 on Saturday night. I told her to make sure to bring her full length trenchcoat. She said she would, and that she’d keep working with the beer bottle, get as good as she possibly could.

So at 11:30 on the night of Saturday, November 20th, Erin arrived at my dorm, dressed to kill. She was wearing a low-cut white blouse, obviously with no bra beneath, and a black mini-skirt. Black stiletto heels completed the ensemble. Now, she looked good, but…

“Lose everything but the heels,” I instructed.

“What?” she replied. “This is my best seduction outfit!”

“Oh no,” I replied. “It’s going to be MUCH better, but I need you to lose everything but the heels!”

Still looking puzzled, she complied. She pulled off the blouse, revealing her 36C breasts. Then she dropped her skirt – and was, once again, wearing no underwear. Not only that, but she had completely shaved her pussy.

“Wow,” I said, “you’re committed. Now, put on the trenchcoat and tie it in front.”

Erin pulled on the trenchcoat and tied up the front, completely concealing herself from neck to feet. “Now for the finishing touch,” I said. Going into my closet, I pulled a bright red ribbon out of my Christmas supplies. I loosely tied it around her neck, making her look like a birthday present.

I told Erin to grab her clothes, and then we headed downstairs to her car. We drove over to Jason’s dorm, and headed upstairs.

At midnight, I said, “It’s time!”

Erin headed down the hallway to Jason’s door, took a deep breath, and knocked.

After a moment, Jason opened the door. From where I was, he looked like he’d been asleep, but more than that, he looked like he’d been fucked recently! Now, I had no idea what might of happened, and Erin didn’t seem to notice, so no harm, no foul.

“Hi!” he said, surprised to see her standing there in a trenchcoat.

“Hello,” she said, in her best seductress voice. Then, she untied the trenchcoat and dropped it to the floor, so that she was standing there in just her heels and the ribbon. “Happy birthday.”

Well, Jason was OBVIOUSLY not expecting this, because he just stood there looking like an idiot. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. Fortunately, Erin saved him.
“So, are you going to invite me in, or am I just going to stand here in your hallway naked?”

“Um, c-come in!” Jason stammered.

Erin walked into his room, and the door closed behind them.

As I walked back to my dorm, I felt myself getting more and more horny with the knowledge of what was going on in Jason’s dorm room right now. When I got back to my room, I heard Andrea in the shower, but I couldn’t help it. I stripped from the waist down, laid down on my bed, and started masturbating.

I wasn’t anywhere close to being done when Andrea walked out of the bathroom. I didn’t care. I just kept going. And then I received the surprise of a lifetime.

I felt a tongue in my pussy. My eyes opened in shock. I looked down – and there was Andrea, eating my pussy! Wow – I ate out another girl less than 36 hours ago, and here I am, being eaten out by a girl myself! I’m turning into a regular lesbian, I thought.

I couldn’t let Andrea do all the work without getting anything back, so I told her to get up on the bed. Positioning myself opposite of her, we started 69’ing. This weekend was just full of firsts for me!

We both orgasmed at about the same time. I never realized how good it could feel to have a woman eat you out, somebody who knows pretty much exactly what needs to be done. Maybe I’d have to try this more often.

After we both came, we both went to bed without saying anything to each other.

The next night was the last meeting of our discussion group before Reading Week, so it was our “recap night.” Lee asked us to each give a recap of the semester, talking about any sexual discoveries we may have made along the way.

I ended up going last, and well, mine was the longest and by far the most interesting. I started with the prostate study, moving on to using my vaginal muscle strength with Jason and training Erin in how to do it, talking about how I had really come to enjoy giving and receiving oral sex with women, and ending with the fantasy that I had put in my initial write-up, the very first week of class – the fantasy of having sex with more than one man at once, the fantasy of being double penetrated, the fantasy of having several men cum all over me at the same time.

“Have you fulfilled that fantasy yet?” asked Faith, one of the other girls in the group.

“Uh, no,” I replied.

“Maybe we could help you out,” said Jacob Martinson, a sly grin sliding across his face.

Oh, no way. I could not believe this was happening.

First of all, I was instructed to strip and stand in the center of the room. Then, the girls in the group pulled all the chairs out of the way and folded the futon down into bed form. Then, they all sat down on the side of the room. As they were doing this, the guys all dropped their pants, revealing dicks ranging in size from Lee’s five and a half inches to Jacob’s ten.

So, here it was. I was going to be fucked by Lee, Kevin, Tyler, Kyle, and Jacob. All at the same time.

Kyle dropped to his knees first. He started licking my pussy, getting me ready. Then, standing up, he had me lay down on the futon. With that, he mounted me, and slid his dick into my pussy. At seven inches, Kevin was about the same size as Jason. He started slowly, but quickly moved to pounding my pussy quickly. He was going fast, but when he accidentally pulled out, Lee, apparently eager to have a crack at me, said, “Time’s up!”

Reluctantly, Kevin backed away. Lee took his place. He slid his dick in and started going at it faster than he had with Erin. At that point, I had to say something. “Uh, Lee, you need to slow down or you’re not going to- umph!”

Tyler had walked up and put his six and a half inch dick into my mouth. Well, okay. I started sucking his dick. Slowly, I worked my way down his dick, until I was deep throating him. Hot damn, I was able to do it! I started moving my head up and down, squeezing his balls with my left hand.

And then, Lee. Poor Lee, he didn’t pay attention to my warning, and just three minutes after he started fucking me, he blew his load inside my pussy. Oh well, he was done for the night. The other four were just getting going, though. Tyler moved from my mouth to my pussy. Slowly, he slid his dick inside of me and started moving – much more slowly than Lee, though.

I looked down, and as Tyler fucked me, I could see a little of Lee’s cum leaking out every time Tyler pulled his dick back. DAMN, that was hot. Cum leaking out of me while I got fucked. I started rippling my vaginal muscles on Tyler’s dick.

As I did that, Kyle put his dick in my mouth. At eight inches, only Jacob was bigger than him. I wasn’t able to deep throat him, but I was able to take more of him into my mouth than of Jacob. He had a strangely large urethra, though – I was actually able to slide the tip of my tongue inside of it. He seemed to especially like that, too.

After a couple of minutes, he looked at Tyler, and they both nodded. Tyler slipped out of my pussy and Kyle pulled out of my mouth, but no sooner had they pulled out than they were occupying the hole that the other had just left. Kyle had his eight inch dick inside me, and Tyler was getting a deep throat blow job again. Kyle was able to do something with his dick that made my muscles freeze, though, and I started cumming. He kept pounding as I came, making it all the more intense. I had to be careful not to bite Tyler as I came, though – that just would’ve been bad.

When I finished, Kyle and Tyler both pulled out. Then, Jacob – the only one who hadn’t had a turn yet – came and laid down on the bed. “Time for part two,” he said with a smile.

I mounted Jacob, and slowly sank myself down his length. Damn, he felt good – again! Slowly, I started rocking up and down on his dick. In the afterglow of my orgasm, it felt like I was still cumming. Damn, it felt good.

Then, Jacob put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me down toward him. He kissed me deeply, and then let me go. As I laid on top of him, continuing to move back and forth, I felt something brush my ass. I looked back – and there was Kevin, lining up his dick with my asshole. Ever so slowly, he started pushing in.

Oh God, the feeling was electric. There I was, fucking Jacob, while Kevin slid his dick into my ass. Jacob held me still for a moment, while Kevin pushed the rest of the way in. Then, the two started moving back and forth together, moving in, and out, in, and out. I couldn’t help it – I started orgasming and just didn’t stop.

And then, as I was cumming, I felt a dick against my left hand – it was Kyle. Then, against my right hand – Tyler. Then, I saw one more in front of me – Lee. I started jacking off Kyle and Tyler, with a fairly irregular motion as my body was being wracked by orgasm after orgasm. I pulled Lee all the way into my mouth, deep throating him like I had Tyler.

Jacob and Kevin continued to fuck me, and I started to feel weak from all these orgasms. Then, I heard Kevin say, “I’m about to cum.”

Jacob agreed, “Yeah, me too.”

“Me too.”


“Yeah, I’m about to cum.”

Suddenly, I felt empty, as five dicks pulled out of my ass, my pussy, my mouth, and my hands. I turned over and sat on the futon as the five guys stood over me, wanking furiously.

They all started cumming within twenty seconds of one another. They sprayed shot after shot of cum onto my face, my tits, into my hair, onto my stomach, onto my pussy. Jacob shot the most, but they all shot a fair amount. When they finished, I looked over at the mirror on the wall.

Damn. I looked like Frosty the Snowman. Then, the girls walked over.

They laid me back down on the futon and started cleaning me up. Using just their tongues, the other three girls in the group cleaned every drop of cum off of my body. Faith went to my pussy to clean the last of Lee’s cum out of it.

When they were done, everybody sat back down. I sat up, completely drained and my skin feeling sticky all over from where there had been cum on it.

“So,” said Lee, “how was that?”

I tried to speak, but all that came out was a croak. I cleared my throat, and managed to whisper, “It was everything I ever imagined… and so much more.”

As I was walking out the door, Jacob kissed me again – despite the dried cum and saliva on my face – and said, “Call me.”

When I got walked into my dorm that night, Andrea took one look at me and said, “My God, what happened to you?”

“My greatest fantasy was fulfilled,” I replied as I staggered into the bathroom to shower.

I couldn’t believe that all this had happened in a semester. It had seemed like a lifetime. God, if a semester was going to be like this, I couldn’t wait for my remaining two and a half years of college!

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