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A Seducer at Sixty

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It all started when my very dear friend Murthy had a stroke.

But, let me start at the very beginning. I am Sekhar, a sixty year old successful professional consultant. Murthy, twelve years my senior and a long retired professor has been my dear friend of over forty years.

I and my wife Sumana (58) live in our own comfortable three bed room apartment in a posh area of our city, our only daughter, married, lives in U.S.A along with her husband and son. Murthy is a widower having lost his dear wife about seven years ago.

He lives in his own home along with his only son Raghu and daughter-in-law Rekha. He is lucky because they adore him and take very good care of him.

Raghu(48 ) works as a Marketing Manager for a Multinational company, a high profile and high stress job. Rekha (43 ) works for bank and has a more comfortable job. They have a son (23) doing his MS in U.S.A. Their home is about six miles away and we visit each other regularly. Our families are very close.

Our second grand child is set to arrive soon and Sumana left for U.S.A to help our daughter. I could not go with her due to prior professional commitments, but would join her later. A maid comes in every morning, cleans up and cooks food for the day. I manage to get on fairly well.

With this brief introduction let me get to the story.

One day, around noon, Rekha called me on my mobile. She was agitated and crying. In between sobs, she told me that Murthy had a heart attack just then, her husband Raghu was on tour and what should she do. Telling her not to panic and I would take immediate care, I called my friend Dr. Dayanand, Director of the big Corporate Multi Specialty Hospital that was very close to my home. He sent an ambulance immediately to pick up Murthy.

I called back Rekha and told her that an ambulance is on the way and she should proceed to the hospital with the ambulance and I would join her there. Even as I spoke to her I heard the ambulance arrive at their home.

By the time I reached the hospital, Murthy was under intensive care. Rekha was sitting on a bench outside the I.C.C.U and her eyes were red. The moment she saw me, she came running and hugged me and started crying. I sat along with her on the bench and tried to comfort her saying Murthy is under very good care now and everything would be fine.

My doctor friend came out after half an hour and told us that Murthy had a heart attack and stroke. Next twenty four hours are crucial and he would be in I.C.C.U under constant observation and treatment. I called up Raghu on his mobile and gently broke the news to him. He said he would be back by the next flight that evening.

It was really lucky for Murthy that Rekha was on leave that day. I just shuddered to think what could have happened had he been alone!

Raghu arrived by the evening and I felt better.

I told Raghu and his wife that as my apartment is right next doors, it makes sense for them to operate from there. It is spacious and has all amenities and I am alone right then. It would be best for Murthy too, if we all stay together in this hour of need. They readily agreed to my suggestion.

They kept their round the clock vigil outside the I.C.C.U that night and the next. On day three, Murthy’s condition stabilized and he was moved to a private room. He is conscious now and responded slowly to the treatment. It is going to be a long stay at the hospital.

Rekha has applied for a long leave. Raghu has to get back to his job from next day. I have certain flexibility in my work and could adjust some schedules. We decided that from next day, Rekha and I would take care of Murthy during the day and evening, while Raghu would stay with him in the night.

Next evening Rekha and I came home around eight after Raghu relieved us. I went to my bed room and she went to the guest room. I had a welcome shower that was very refreshing after a day at the hospital. I walked into the drawing room, dressed in light blue pajamas. Rekha was already there. Obviously, she too had a shower as her hair was wet and she wore a light cream sari and a matching blouse.

Rekha asked me if she should serve dinner. I said, smiling, that I should have my statutory drink before dinner. I poured myself one large scotch to which I added a lot of water and some ice. I asked Rekha what she would have. She said she would have a coke. I opened a diet coke and gave it to her. We settled down with our drinks, the TV was on showing a news channel, muted.

“You have a nice place uncle, everything spic and span,” she said.

“Sumana is a great home maker and we take pride in our home. Our maid is also with us for a long time and she does a good job.”

“You keep your home very well too, Rekha,” I added.

“I try but it is an old house, not a modern flat like this. It is tougher to maintain.”

“Don’t you take any drinks?” I asked her.

“Only when we party, that is often. There I take an occasional wine.”

“I have a bottle of nice red wine, if you like,” I said.

“Not today, may be tomorrow,” she said.

We talked about my daughter and wife. We talked about Murthy. Soon we finished our drinks and had dinner. After dinner I helped her clean up, telling her to leave all the dishes in the sink.

We watched TV for a few minutes and then I got up, saying that I was feeling sleepy. She said she was also tired and switched off the TV. We then retired to our respective bed rooms.

As I lay down on my bed, I thought of Murthy in his hospital bed and the events of the past few days. In a few minutes, my thoughts came to Rekha. Her image came before me.

She is about 5’3″ tall and her complexion was medium fair. She is neither slim nor fat. She has small breasts, may be size ‘B’. Her waist is not slim but not too big either. She has long tresses of jet black hair. Her face is more angular than round, her mouth generous with full lips and nice cheeks. She is an above average woman.

But, she has, one sensational feature! That is undoubtedly her greatest womanly asset.

She has the greatest ass I have ever seen in my sixty years of life; a sensational derriere comparable to J Lo. It is a bottom that attracts the looks of every man, young and old, like a magnet. It is an ass that simply says, “Come and fondle me…and …”

Are you wondering about me and my dirty thoughts now? Then it is time to tell you about the real me…Mr.Hyde. I had always been a very horny guy. My wife and I had a great sex life. But after her menopause she moved away from sex gradually. It happens to all women and I still love her as much as I did earlier.

But, I am still sexually very active. There is the problem. I masturbate regularly, that helps. Past few years, I had a couple of one night flings when I was on tour, with a couple of woman whom I could woo (not hookers). Though sixty, I am still very fit physically with regular exercise and diet. I have a gift of the gab and women find me attractive. That is a big plus for me.

In short, you could call me an old man with dirty thoughts. But, I would not agree. I know I am young at heart and my body is fit. So why do you want to bring in my age?

My thoughts are fully focused now on Rekha’s magnificent ass. I imagined her big, soft, smooth ass cheeks in my hands, getting fondled, licked and mauled. My cock became stiff with desire. Imagining my cock rubbing that ass of hers and going between her ass cheeks, I wanked myself to a full ejaculation. Cleaning up, I slept soundly.

Next day we spent a lot of time with Murthy at the hospital. A neurologist visited him to assess the impact of the stroke and decide on the line of treatment. We tried to cheer up Murthy with good news of his progress.

As I saw more of her, I noticed new attractions in Rekha. Her boobs appeared slightly larger than what I thought last night and perky too. Her waist looked very smooth and inviting. Her mouth looked very kissable.

It was then that I decided I was going to seduce this woman and have sex with her.

I knew I have to be very careful and plan it. One wrong move and it would be a disaster. I have to do it in a very slow and subtle way and make her a willing partner. It was a challenge, but I was so obsessed with her that it has become my priority project.

That evening, as we sat relaxing before dinner, I took out from the fridge two bottles of cool Bacardi Breezer, opened them and poured into two glasses and offered her one.

“Take it, it is a flavor called Jamaica passion and it is very soothing and nice, a mild cocktail.”

She took it and we settled down. Tasting it, she said, “hmm…it is good.”

We started talking about movies and music. We found our tastes were similar. We got into an animated discussion about a recent movie. Noticing that we finished our drink, I poured a refill.

“So tell me how things are,” I said.

“What is there to tell, uncle? Raghu is so busy with his job that he hardly has time for anything else. Even at home, he keeps getting calls and keeps working late. It gets really bad at times.” She sounded very unhappy.

“I know he has a high stress job, Rekha, he is very successful, right?” I asked.

We both sat silent for a few minutes, just nurturing our drinks.

“True, but at what cost? Do you know he is a diabetic and a heavy smoker? He has to party and drink regularly. I am worried sick about his health.” She did sound very worried.

“Don’t worry, things will improve, may be you both should take a holiday.”

“We did, a few months back and it was a disaster. His mobile never stopped ringing and his laptop was always on. We had bitter arguments.” She started crying softly.

I genuinely felt very bad for her. This was much worse than what I thought.

I got up and went to her sofa. Standing in front of her, I gently wiped her tears away, even as she got up. I gently let my other hand give her a comforting pat on her back. She instinctively moved closer to me as if for more comfort. I just put my arms around and held her in a loose embrace.

She broke apart after a few minutes and said, “Sorry, uncle, I had this bottled up in me for a long time and had no one to share it with. I feel much better now.”

“I am glad that you did that, Rekha. Remember, I am always available and you can share with me anything. I am your friend.” I said.

I hoped my emphasis on the two words, ‘anything’ and ‘friend’, were not lost on her. I looked at it as an opportunity to get closer to her.

We had dinner and she was cheerful. We chatted about cricket and Bollywood. After dinner we saw the news on TV for a while.

“Did you sleep well last night?” I inquired.

“It is very comfortable but I normally don’t sleep well in new places.”

I gave her a mild sedative and asked her to take it saying that it would help. She took it and we retired to our respective bed rooms.

I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I thought of the conversation we had. It was obvious that all is not well between them and she was unhappy. He had little or no time for her and she felt neglected and lonely.

A forty three year old, lonely and desperate housewife, she would be vulnerable. But I must be careful and should not rush her. I have to seduce her and should do it so smoothly that she would become a willing accomplice.

With these thoughts in mind, I drifted to sleep. I woke up with a start sometime later. The bedside digital clock told me it is two. I took out bottle of cold water from the fridge, poured a glass and drank it. As I was returning to my bedroom, I suddenly had an urge to peep into her room.

The door was shut. When I turned the handle slowly and pushed it gently, it opened noiselessly. The big double bed was to the right of the door and she was sleeping peacefully with her head turned the other way, away from me. A small bed lamp was throwing a dim bluish light. Rekha was wearing a thin nightie.

She was lying on her left and the nightie moved up in sleep, revealing her smooth legs and quite a bit of her thighs. Her magnificent bottom, though fully covered, offered a spectacular view. I walked softly on the carpeted floor and went close to the bed.

Her legs were slim and smooth. Her thighs looked smooth, hairless and slightly plump. They would definitely feel good to caress, rub or massage. My eyes went to her J-Lo bottom. Wow! I thought, what a fantastic rump! The buttocks high, rounded and the ass wide and inviting. Through the thin nightie, I could see the panties out lined. In that posture, she looked very sexy, her ass looking even wider.

I now wanted a little more. I carefully looked at the hem of her nightie resting on her thighs. I could see some slack, but do I dare? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I told myself.

I slowly got my right hand to the hem and held it lightly between my thumb and forefinger.I started sliding the hem, millimeter by millimeter, up her thighs. After a couple of inches travel, I felt a light resistance. I examined the hem carefully and found that a bit of it was stuck under her knee cap.

Taking utmost care not to touch her, I caught the hem of the nightie close to her knee and pulled it very gently. It came unstuck and I was delighted. I resumed my earlier action of sliding the hem up; now without any hindrance. Soon her thighs were fully exposed and the swell of her buttocks started. As I moved it up a little more, her black panties were exposed.

When I saw those big buttocks scarcely contained in those black panties, I had a big erection. They were perfectly round, silken smooth and asking to be caressed. I had to exercise all my self control to prevent my hands from grabbing her ass cheeks.

The panties were covering her pussy better and when I bent closer to look, I could see her black pubic hair on the uncovered part of her mound. She had a wild bush there.

I bent as close to her buttocks as I dared and tried to see her ass crack. As the black panties were hugging the crack, I couldn’t see it. With great care I gently pulled down her nightie to its normal position and left silently.

Once in my room, I took my stiff cock out and masturbated, recalling the vivid details of her ass. I shot a full load and fell on my bed.

Next day I asked Rekha if she slept well.

“Wonderful. I think the breezer and the sleeping pill together knocked me out. I slept like a log,” she said.

The day was a replay of the previous day. I spent most of it with Murthy, while Rekha went to her Bank for a couple of hours on some urgent work. The doctors visited while she was away and we discussed the progress. Murthy would have to stay in the hospital for at least another week and the process of recovery would necessarily be a very slow one.

We were back at home in the evening after Raghu relieved us. As I was enjoying the shower, I thought of Rekha and the glorious visual treat of last night. I decided that I must continue with my project, ‘See and Touch’. Something she said that morning has been at the back of my mind the whole day. It suddenly came back to me.

‘Knocked out’…yes, that was the word. She said she was knocked out and slept like a log. The idea took shape.

We met in the drawing room fifteen minutes later and Rekha was looking very good in a light green sari. I walked to the fridge, took out two bottles of breezer and poured the drink into two glasses. We settled down into our seats.

I asked her how things were at her bank. She said things are fine for the moment but she would have to go back to work sooner than later. I told her that Murthy’s recovery would be very slow and they will have to make some arrangements. She said that Murthy has a widowed cousin sister who lives alone in their native place. They are trying to get her to come and help his rehabilitation at home.

It was when I took her glass for a refill that I spiked her drink with the sedative. She was more relaxed after the first drink and I guided our talk to Hollywood.

I asked her who her favorite actor was and she said Tom Hanks. When she asked me about my favorite, I looked into her eyes and said Jennifer Lopez. She blushed a little and said in mock despair, “Oh, no, you too uncle!” We left it at that.

After dinner we sat in front of the TV and watched an old Hindi classic for a while. Rekha said she would go to bed and asked me for a sedative. I gave her a mild one and after taking that she bid me a good night and left. I switched off the TV and went to my bed room. I thought I should wait for a couple of hours, so setting the alarm, I tried to sleep.

It was past midnight when the alarm woke me up. I got up and after a quick face wash and a glass of cold water to ensure that my reflexes are sharp, I made my move. As I opened the door quietly, I found Rekha was now sleeping facing me.

I stood still for a full minute with bated breath. She continued to sleep peacefully. I moved closer to the bed and examined her. She was fast asleep, breathing evenly and appeared to be dead to the world.

I now looked at her attire. She had a thin, semi-transparent cream colored nightie. She was resting on her right side, her right palm resting between her head and the pillow. Her left leg was bent at the knee and her left thigh lay partly exposed. Her small but perky breasts were clad in a bra and were moving evenly with her breathing.

Her lips had a slightly wet and glossy look and were attractive. Her face was relaxed and her cheeks looked a little chubby. It is a face that invited a tender caress and a soft kiss, but…not yet. Her throat was bare and smooth and as I bent forward closer, I could see that the top hook of the nightie was off and the nightie was slightly open.

Very carefully, I put my hands to work and unhooked the second hook. I held the two halves of the nightie between the first and second hooks and separated them gently. Not satisfied with the result, I unhooked the third hook too. Now the nightie opened better at the top exposing her bra clad boobs.

Her bra was cream colored and soft. At the top of the bra cups the swell of her bare tits was visible. Her tits were small but perky and looked in good shape. I made the slightest contact with the tip of my right forefinger and touched her left boob. Waiting for a full minute, I gently pressed my finger tip. Her tit felt tight and had the right density and I was elated.

I now proceeded to caress the exposed portion of her left boob with my finger tips. Because of her posture, I was able to insert my finger between the two cups of her bra and access the sides of her boob too. Her breasts were good to touch and I now wanted to touch them completely.

I examined the bra strap and found that it is the elastic type and the strap on her left side was resting quite close to her left shoulder. I managed to get a light grip on the strap without touching her body. Slightly lifting the strap by a few millimeters, I eased it to the side, slipping it off her shoulder on to her lower arm.

I was now able to slip the bra cup off her left tit. Her aureole was light brown and small. Her nipple was the same color, lighter shade and was relatively larger in proportion to her boob, both in length and thickness. It was not yet stiff or rigid. It is the kind of nipple, I love to suck and keep sucking. I looked at her tit to my heart’s content.

It was decision time. I looked into Rekha’s face. She was dead asleep and looked knocked out. I let my finger tip brush lightly against her nipple and waited. I rubbed again and it started stiffening. My forefinger traced the circle of her aureole and felt the skin there. Holding her nipple lightly between my thumb and forefinger, I rolled it. It stiffened and her breath stopped for the fraction of a second and resumed.

She was still sleeping well. I now brought my right hand slowly to her left breast and cupped it lightly in my palm. It was warm, smooth and tight. I squeezed it gently, once. Rekha gave a low moan in her sleep, it was like a sigh. I let my palm enjoy the sensation of her breast and the feel of her stiff and erect nipple. I squeezed again. I kept squeezing lightly and at intervals. Rekha continued to sleep.

After a few minutes, I let go of her tit and got up from the bed, contemplating my next course of action. It was then, that luck played it part. Rekha, who lay on her right side till then,turned and lay fully on her back now. After waiting for a minute, I took stock. Her left boob lay exposed as before and the left strap was still on her lower left arm.

I repeated the operation with the right strap of her bra and was able to release her right breast similarly. Both her breasts lay now fully exposed in their naked glory. With utmost care and tenderness, I started fondling both her lovely, small but perky boobs with both my hands. I kept looking at her for any signs of her coming awake.

The only reaction I could make out was a small sound like a sigh. Was I imagining! it sounded a contended sigh to me. Another reaction I could see a few minutes later was she moved her legs, a little wider apart. Was it an involuntary reflex action caused by the breast fondling? I had no way of knowing, unless I explored.

Before I ventured further, I tried to re-hook the nightie but it was difficult. Taking a chance, I just brought the two halves of her nightie together and left it that way.

I got up from the bed and examined her lower half now. She lay on her back and her legs were slightly apart. The hem of her nightie lay around her knees. I sat on the edge of the bed and got hold of the hem between my finger tips. I slowly moved it up. After exposing half her thighs it stopped moving.

By a careful examination and some patient moves, I was able to get going again and moved the nightie up, till her white cotton panties were exposed. Giving my hands a rest, I let my eyes feast on the scene. Her thighs lay exposed in their full naked glory. They were slightly plump but still attractive, smooth and hairless.

Her panties covered pussy was now the center of all my attention. The white cotton panties covered her pussy totally. I could see that her bush was jet black and thick and was more like a wild thatch. Tufts of her pubic hair were showing through the sides of her panties and they were crudely appealing.

I touched her right thigh at its midpoint lightly with my fore and middle fingers. It felt warm and smooth. Three more fingers joined them and I started caressing her thigh over its entire length — from knee cap to her crotch. I applied a gentle pressure and found it soft but not loose. I extended the same treatment to her left thigh. Both my hands were now busy with her thighs.

I suddenly wondered what answer I could give if she woke up and asked me what the hell I was doing. Could I pretend to be a sleep walker? No way, that is too pat and anyway I am no good actor. I would tell her the truth that I fancy her and want to make love to her. Anyway, I would cross the bridge when I reach there.

My hands rubbed her thighs lightly in a gentle massage. She continued to breathe evenly and was lost in her own sedated world. I took the all important decision. I put my right palm lightly on her panties clad pussy and waited with bated breath. Her legs moved a little wider. My palm now rested squarely on her pussy making full contact through the panties.

It felt warm, may be even hot. I pressed my palm lightly against her pussy. I heard something akin to a sigh, a light moan. I rubbed her pussy lightly with my fingers, my thumb trying to trace the opening to her cunt. I felt my fingers slipping under the side of her panties and come into contact with her bush. They searched and found her nether lips and the entrance.

My pulse quickening, I silently shouted to myself, “Rekha, I am going to put my finger in your juicy cunt, baby.” I let my forefinger touch tenderly near the entrance to her pussy. When I rubbed the tip lightly, I felt the wetness there. I slowly pushed my finger in, to the first knuckle. It was hot, wet and juicy. When the finger slid to the second knuckle and wiggled, Rekha moaned.

I froze. After a minute, I pushed my forefinger completely in and wiggled. It was heavenly. I now reached a point where I had to plan my next move. So, letting my finger stay buried in her cunt, I thought about what could be the best way.

I made up my mind in a minute. I reached for her nightie top and separated her unhooked halves so that her bare tits were exposed again.

Luckily for me, the light switch panel was on the same side of the bed where I was sitting. After carefully looking and making a mental note of our relative positions, I switched off the bed lamp plunging the room into total darkness.

I waited for a couple of minutes patiently for my eyes to get adjusted to the darkness. I slowly moved my left hand in air until it hovered over where I guessed Rekha’s right breast was and brought my hand gently down. I was spot on and my left hand now touched her bare right breast. I cupped it in my palm.

I took my right hand back to its original position. Inserting my palm through the side of her panty, I got back the possession of her hair covered pussy. It was all wet, hot and juicy when I inserted my fore and middle fingers together slowly up to their hilt.

Tweaking her nipple between my left thumb and forefinger, I started finger fucking her with my right hand. As my fingers moved in and out of her juicy cunt, they made a slurping sound that was music to my ears.

My logic was very simple. Rekha has been neglected for long by her husband. In all probability they have not fucked for a long time.

By switching off the bed light, I have made it easy for both of us.

Even if she wakes up now, if she likes what I am doing she can continue to feign sleep. If she doesn’t like what I am doing, she can just push my hand away and turn the other way and I would leave quietly. This way no one gets embarrassed or hurt.

I had a number of reactions from Rekha. Her breathing quickened and her thighs widened a little more. After a few strokes with my fingers, I felt rather than saw her lift her ass slightly. My reflexes were pretty good and I got the message. I got both my hands to the top edge of her panties and pulled it down to below her knees in one smooth moment.

My right palm now took full possession of her bare cunt and I put three fingers in and started finger fucking her. Her cunt looked rather small and compact when I looked at it from outside. It was not wide or loose, it was quite tight, as my fingers felt it. It was quite deep and with all the juice it was squishy.

As my thrusts became stronger she started raising her hips to counter my thrusts. I had a bright idea. Taking my left hand off her tit, I put it under her ass when she raised it next. The feel of her bare ass on my hand was mind blowing. My two hands now had her most prized possessions now — her ass and her cunt.

My left hand stroking her ass and my right hand finger fucking her vigorously, she brought both her hands to her cunt and pushed my right hand hard against her cunt. Her sex starved body shook with big tremors as she experienced a big orgasm and she whimpered. I took my left hand away from her butt and gently stroked her face.

After a few minutes, all was quite. I slowly withdrew my hand, got up from her bed and kissed her gently on her forehead and left, closing the door quietly behind me.

Even as I entered my room, I rushed to the bathroom and took my erect, throbbing cock out. My hand was wet with her juices.

I licked my forefinger and it tasted like a clear vegetable soup; strangely exciting. I rubbed all the remnants of Rekha’s juice to my cock and then started stroking my cock. I closed my eyes and imagined the great feeling I would have when this cock buries itself into her starved cunt and fucks her to glory. I came in big spurts.

Totally drained, I slept like a log.

Next morning we met at the breakfast table. She had a nice peacock blue sari and looked fresh and radiant. Wishing her a good morning, I asked if she slept well.

“I slept very well, uncle. I do not know whether it is the Breezer or the sedative, but I woke up very refreshed today and feel absolutely great,” she said smiling.

“Oh, that is very good. Then you should continue that combination,” I said.

“I have to go home for some time to pick up clothes and the odd things,” she said.

“No problem, I will take care of Murthy.”

We went to the hospital and relieved Raghu. Murthy had an uneventful and peaceful night. The day went as usual — busy with visits of resident doctors, neurologist, speech therapist and some of Murthy’s friends. We both had a nap in the afternoon. Rekha was back by five. It looked as if she had visited a beauty parlor. She had a facial and her eyebrows were trimmed.

When we settled down to our evening drink of Breezer, I decided it was time to flirt a little.

“Rekha, can I talk to you as your friend, not just as Murthy’s friend?”

“Sure, uncle.”

“You are looking very young and pretty,” I said.

“Oh! uncle,” she blushed.

Taking a large sip of her drink, she was quiet for a minute.

“Anyway, by now you must be used to compliments. But coming from an old man like me, maybe, it is different.”

“You are no old man, uncle. You are very charming, fit and don’t look your age at all.”

I was quite happy with that.

“Are you comfortable here, Rekha?”

“Of course and I am happy too. Last night a strange thing happened. I had sound sleep but in that sleep I had some dreams; nice dreams. I don’t even remember what the dreams were. But, I felt very happy. I haven’t felt that way for a long time,” she said.

She is making it real good for us, I thought.

“Oh, I am so happy. Do you at least remember the nature of the dreams?” I asked, fishing a little more.

“No, they made me happy, I know only that.”

It was during the second drink that I moved ahead a little more.

“Rekha, It happens to me sometimes. When I have a drink and a sedative, I get erotic dreams sometimes.” There… I used the ‘erotic’ word.

“May be true, whatever they were, I loved them.”

Was there a slight emphasis on the word ‘loved’?

We soon had dinner. As we sat in front of the TV, she surfed some channels and stopped on a music channel that was playing Hindi filmi music. We enjoyed the music for a while in silence before going to bed.

I gave her the mild sedative and looking into her eyes, said “Hope you will have a good night with sweet dreams.”

“Good night, I hope the dreams return tonight and are even better,” she replied.

I went to my bed room and was in seventh heaven. She couldn’t have made it any clearer. She liked what happened last night and wants even more.

The ball is in my court. Of course, we will continue the charade of dreams. I saw no point in wasting too much time. After preparing myself and making my plan, I walked into her bed room an hour later.

Rekha was sleeping on the other side of the bed, turned on her left side and with her back to me. Her posture was relaxed, her left leg straight and her right leg bent at the knee. The hem of her nightie was up, revealing a good part of her left thigh and a small part of her right thigh. Her magnificent ass looked better than ever. She was, apparently, sound asleep.

I switched off the night lamp after marking my position and slowly lay down on the bed next to her. After a couple of minutes, when my eyes fully adjusted to the darkness, I moved a little close, not touching her yet. I could smell a light perfume from her body, which was not there on previous day. Another signal?

I raised my right arm slowly over her until my hand rested lightly on her right breast and my palm cupped it. She stopped breathing for a fraction of second and then resumed. As my palm brushed her tit, I found two things. The top hooks of the nightie were already off and her bra was unhooked too, thus giving me easy access to her bare, perky boobs.

It was very clear to me that she is now a consenting adult and I can go ahead all the way. No more pretenses are needed. I started fondling her nice tits, their aureole and the nipples to my heart’s content. She nestled closer to me and my crotch was in contact with her buttocks. My left hand went under her and grabbed her tits. I moved my right hand all over her heavenly buttocks.

I let my right hand go under the hem of her nightie and slide up till it came into contact with her thin, cotton panties. The dampness of the panties and the heat generating from within told me its own story. Not wishing to delay, I inserted my hand, palm down, into her panties and grabbed her pussy.

There were a couple of surprises for me, very pleasant ones of course.

Her pussy was all bare; all that wild black bush of the previous day has been totally removed. It was hot and the lips were open and wet and I felt them pulsating. As my palm made contact, Rekha moaned and I put my fingers into her hot, juicy cunt…three of them.

It was then that I had a shock. On second thoughts, I should have expected that. Rekha whispered clearly with a sense of urgency and need, “Take me, uncle, please take me completely.”

She then turned flat on her back and throwing her arms around me pulled me to her. As I rolled on top of her, she opened her legs wide. I found her hot mouth and kissed her deeply and passionately. Her mouth tasted of breezer and mint. Her tongue was like a serpent and found mine in no time. Down south my pajama ensconced cock was grinding against her all wet panties.

I broke our passionate kiss and embrace for a second and got off her. As I started fumbling with her nightie, she just sat up and removed it in a flash over her head. The bra followed suit. I removed my pajamas and joined her in the bed in a trice.

I was bare chested now and as her bare, perky boobs squashed against the matted hair of my chest, Rekha whimpered. I sensed her urgency and using both my hands found her panties and pulled them down. Next, I pulled my briefs down my legs and threw them away. As her eager hands found my engorged and throbbing cock, I had this urge to talk dirty.

“I am going to fuck your hot cunt, Rekha.”

“Fuck it, fuck it, it is all hungry for a fuck,” she shouted.

“Switch on the light, I want to see myself getting fucked.”

Oh my god! Was she on fire!

I managed to reach and switch on the main lamp.

Her legs were wide open and her juices were literally flowing.

As I positioned myself on top of her, she lovingly guided my long cock into her hot cunt. Once in, it went all the way, like a hot knife through butter. As I started fucking her with small thrusts, she raised her beautiful ass and met my thrusts.

“Oh, baby, your cunt is hot and juicy!”

“Your cock is so full in my pussy,” she panted.

Her small tits were crushed against my chest and I could feel her nipples poking me there. Her hands were pushing my buttocks hard, as if saying,”thrust me more, thrust me deeper.”

In a couple of minutes of hard stroking, Rekha came with a big orgasm that was preceded by a loud, “AAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH.”

Her whole body shook in spasms and tremors of the biggest orgasm she probably had in a long time. I just let her come down a little from that edge before I started pumping her cunt again.

Her starved cunt was ready for more. As I pounded her, she started muttering things, as if in a delirium.

“Wow, what a great fuck you are giving me,uncle! You are still stiff and rigid. You are a real man. Fuck me please, tear my cunt totally.”

“You are so beautiful Rekha, such a hot, tight, juicy cunt and such a great ass.”

“What is the use, he can’t keep it up for long these days, uncle. Before I get hot, he is done,” she whimpered.

I wanted to drive her thoughts away from her pathetic marriage.

“My cock hasn’t had it so good for a long time.” I said, as I kept pounding.

“You are amazing, you keep fucking so long, my cunt is sucking you.”

“I can’t hold on now, I am coming baby, are you protected?” I shouted.

“Yes. Don’t worry, pump all your cum into me, Sekhar,” she shouted back.

I came in a big eruption, perhaps my biggest in years. Even as I started coming in great spurts, Rekha climaxed simultaneously with another orgasm that shook her body violently from tip to toe and she bit my chest as she came.

I lay on top of her for a few minutes, all spent, our sweaty bodies cooling and both of us returning to our senses slowly. I rolled over to her right side and let my limp right arm rest loosely on her waist. As my limp cock eased out of her cunt, a thin trickle of the mixture of our juices flowed in a line down her inner thighs. My own pubic mat was all wet.

Rekha turned towards me and kissing me lightly nestled her face against my chest, her sleek arm lay limp over my right arm and her palm resting on my back. We lay like that for a while, content in silence, immersed in our own thoughts.

“You called me Sekhar there, I am very happy, Rekha,” I said.

“In bed I will always call you Sekhar, You are my lover,”

I was on moon. She called me, a sixty year old man, lover!

“I am an old man, Rekha,” I said more in jest.

“I am glad you are an old man. I don’t think I can take on a younger Sekhar.”

“Was it good for you, sekhar?”

“The very best, what a nice, tight, juicy cunt you have!” I exclaimed.

“Raghu is unable to keep it up for long. They call it PE or something. Now you know why I am so frustrated,” she said almost in tears.

“My poor baby,” I said consoling her.

“Your cock is amazing, it could stay up so long,” she said

“We both were in a bit of rush there or we could have lasted longer,’ I replied smiling.

I got up and drank some cold water from a bottle on the bedside table, offering it to her after I finished. I switched off the main light and switched on the bed lamp. We drifted to sleep — she snuggled close to me and our arms wrapping each other in a loose embrace.

Sometime later, I woke up with a stiff cock.

Rekha was sleeping peacefully and I nestled close to her and let my cock poke her pussy lightly. She mumbled something softly. I found her left hand and guided it to my cock. Her palm was very soft around my rod. My fingers went to her pussy and started a slow massage of her nether lips, eventually finding her clit. She widened her legs and moaned a little.

Kissing her on her mouth, I whispered, “Shall we fuck, baby?”

In answer, she pulled me on top of her and opening her thighs wide, guided my stiff cock into her juicy cunt. I started a slow rhythmic motion of several short strokes followed by a long stroke and kept repeating the cycle. It was a veritable treat for her sex starved cunt. She responded by making sweet little sounds, scratching my back and buttocks lightly and licking my face occasionally.

As my thrusts faster and stronger, she responded by counter thrusts, lifting her ass off the bed and high. We were soon in a frenzy of motion as we reached close to the edge of the cliff. I bit her near her collar bone and she bit me back on my chest close to my nipple. The dam burst the next few seconds and she cried out a “aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa” and shuddered.

We both slept like logs after that.

The next day was just another day for the rest of the world, but for us, it was a new day and the beginning of a new relationship. Sixty year old Sekhar and his friend’s daughter-in-law, the forty three year old Rekha, have become secret and passionate lovers. An explosive relationship, which if revealed, will upset the lives of many. But, for now, it is a bright day for the new lovers.

We spent the whole day at the hospital with Murthy. We did not say much to each other, but whenever our eyes met they exchanged some sweet signals. On a couple of occasions, when our hands touched, we felt an electric shock run through us. Come on, act your age, I told myself. But that is easier said than done when you are as horny as I.

That evening Raghu had an important meeting at the office and said he would be delayed. I asked him to go directly home after meeting, have his dinner and come over to the hospital and relieve me. I told Rekha to go home and take care of things. When she left, she said softly that she would wait up for me, whatever time.

By the time I went home it was nine. Rekha was waiting for me. I asked her to have her dinner. She said she had a snack earlier and we would eat together when I am ready. I had a shower and put on fresh pajamas and joined her. An opened bottle of red wine, a couple of wine glasses greeted me.

I walked up to her and hugging her gave a light kiss on her cheek. She was smelling great like a fresh rose and fitted nicely in my embrace.

“I missed you baby, you look delicious, good enough to eat” I said, winking and caressing her ass.

“Naughty boy, always horny,” she laughed.

We had our dinner and wine. We were both mellowed by the time we finished. After a quick clean up of the table, we sat on the sofa in front of the TV, huddled together and relaxed. If I had one big weakness, it was talking dirty and I wanted Rekha to get into that too.

“Are you ready for some good fucking?” I asked her.

“Oh my god, you are incorrigible,” she laughed

“We will do different things today, baby,” I said.

There was a curious look in her eyes.

“What things?” she asked expectantly.

“You will see. But tell me first how it is different with me?”

“Well, you have a very hairy chest and I love it when my boobs rub against all that matted hair. It is very erotic and my nipples love it.”

“Best of course is your ability to stay there long,” she added, shyly.

“What do you like about my body, Sekhar?” she asked, a little hesitantly.

“I love your small, perky boobs. They fit smugly in my palms and they are tight. I love your hot, juicy and tight cunt. It is amazing how tight it is, like a very young pussy,” I bet she loved it.

“But the best is yet to come. And I am going to explore it today. It is your J-LO ass.”

She actually blushed and said “You are very naughty.”

We were sufficiently aroused as we walked to her bed room hand in hand.

Once there, we hugged each other tight. I kissed her passionately tasting her lower lip with my lips and sucking on it. As my tongue darted in to explore her hot mouth, I could actually feel her heat. When her tongue met mine and they engaged each other in a duel it was heavenly. Our hands, meanwhile, were busy with their own explorations.

As we neared the bed, we broke free and undressed in a hurry, helping each other along. All she now had on her were cream color panties and bra, both nearly blending with her skin. I was naked except for my light brown Jockey shorts. We hugged each other with a lot of passion, the friction of our nude bodies adding fuel to the fire.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her closer to me, holding her by her smooth waist. She was still standing and I slowly turned her around such that her ass was now directly in front of my face. Lowering my hands slightly, I gripped her panties and pulled them down in a swift motion. Her magnificent ass was now bare and inches away from my face.

I put my lips tenderly to her abundant ass cheeks and showered them with small kisses. They were absolutely smooth, round, firm and warm to the touch. Licking them, my tongue found them slightly salty. They were blemish less and were of a light tan. My hands, fondling and squeezing their vast expanse, couldn’t get enough of them.

I then put my face to her rump and rubbed it all over. She giggled as my stubble tickled her smooth skin. Holding her cheeks to my face and bending her forward slightly, my mouth managed to reach the folds of her bare cunt. I found her cunt, viewed from that position highly stimulating. I could discern her vaginal lips slightly parted and the entrance open a little, enticing and wet.

My tongue reached that hot spot and probed it tentatively with a lick. Rekha gave a sigh and bent a little more forward so that she could push more of her cunt to my mouth. My tongue pushed inside her hot juicy cunt. She gave a shriek of delight. Even as I wiggled my tongue inside her cunt, she went into raptures.

I now pulled her on to the bed and she lay on her back and opened her legs wide. Her honey pot was open for my feasting. I just clamped it with my mouth and got busy. Honestly, I haven’t eaten a pussy like hers in ages.

First I put my tongue to work and explore its hot and wet interior causing small shocks in her. I then chomped her tender, wet and pulsating vaginal lips with my lips, sucking the juice from them. Her juice tasted something like a clear vegetable soup. Finally, I pushed my mouth right into her cunt and ate it.

Rekha was murmuring and moaning and saying “Nice, very nice…aahhaa….”

As my mouth started eating, her moans became louder and she thrust her pussy against my face forcefully until she came with a huge moan and her body shook with spasms. Juices were flowing copiously inside her and trickling down her thighs a little. Her Honeypot was literally overflowing!

In a few minutes she recovered sufficiently to open her eyes and gave me a very nice sexy smile.

“Shall I tell you something?” she asked.


“No one ever ate my pussy so well and so completely, it was mind blowing, thank you, Love.”

“Your pussy is most delicious and the best I ate in a long time, Honey,” I said.

Her hands drifted to my very stiff cock and she started stroking it lovingly.

“I am hungry. Can I eat it, Sekhar?” she purred like a cat.

She got up and sitting close to me brought her hot mouth to the tip of my cock. Her tongue darted out and gave it a quick lick, wetting the crown. She then clamped it in her lips and started a slow suck, as if she were sucking a lollipop.

I started groaning and tried to shove my cock much deeper into mouth. Sensing my urgency, she took her mouth away from my throbbing cock, saying,

“Oh, no, baby, I need you to fuck my hungry cunt now.”

I quickly got on top of her and held my cock’s tip at the slit, just touching it but did not enter.

“Do you fantasize when fucking, Rekha?” I asked.

“Who doesn’t? I think everyone does it.”

“Of late, we hardly fuck. So, I masturbate a lot. That is when I fantasize getting fucked by others,” she said, with passion.

“People are real or imaginary?” I asked just entering her a little.

“Mostly real people,” she said her breath quickening.

I started small strokes with my cock in her hot cunt.

“What do you imagine?”

“I imagine being fucked by a man with long, big cock and heavy balls. The cock is so big that it fills me completely and the balls thump my ass with every stroke,” her voice quivered as she said that as if in a trance.

I quickened my strokes in harmony with her breathing and her voice shook with desire.

“I sometimes imagine getting fucked by two, three men; all at a time, one of them sucking my tits, another fucking my cunt and the third kissing me deeply and they all call me a slut.” She was in a delirium.

“When they call me a slut, I come pretty strongly,” her voice whimpering now.

“Are you my slut now, Rekha?” I asked my strokes deeper and faster now.

“I am your slut, your bitch,” she cried out, lifting her ass and moving it in rhythm.

“You are a bastard; you seduced me and made me a slut. Now fuck your slut well, fuck me to death, you horny bastard,” she cried out with all raw passion.

We both climaxed with unbelievable force and violence. Our bodies thrashed against each other in those last few seconds before eruption. It was as if a volcano exploded throwing up a lot of lava.

I lay prostrate on her limp body, my now limp cock still inside her, a thin trickle of cum and juices mix coming out ever so slowly.

I got up after a few minutes and drank some cold water. I poured and gave her another glass and she drank that sitting on the bed with her back against the backrest. I brought a couple of clean towels and gently wiped her beautiful body first and then my own.

We then lay down on the bed, on our sides and in a loose hug, totally naked, her head resting on my chest and my right hand resting on her bum.

In that position we drifted into sleep, our bodies satiated, our minds telling us that this relationship is something special and is going to last long.

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