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Four Bi Four

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For those of you who have never tried to arrange to meet another couple for a bit of adult play, the beginning of this story may put you off the idea completely, as it’s really too hard to arrange. Then, somewhere near the middle, give you a glimmer of hope, and a reason to go one. And finally, when you get to the good bit at the end, have you responding to personal ads like there’s no tomorrow.

For those of you who have, you can read the first part of the story, and perhaps allow yourselves a wry smile at the cageyness, coyness and almost downright secretive behaviour we all exhibit from time to time.

I’ll start by introducing the heroine of the piece. A wonderful woman I met 18 months ago, at a Literotica meeting on a sunny spring day in downtown Sydney. Rather strangely, well, for a heroine anyway, her appearance in this story is somewhat fleeting. For you see, the lady in question was the one who brought a personal ad. to my attention, and suggested that the couple that had posted sounded perfect for what we (my wife and I) were looking for.

It occurs to me as I write that had it not been for her, all of this might not have happened. I probably wouldn’t be sat here writing a story about it, and we would most likely have never met Steve and Sash.

So, in what I feel to be an appropriate forum, a huge heart felt thanks to my western friend (you know who you are!), for helping us down this road.

And so, it is with a sad farewell, that we say adieu to our heroine. Her purpose is now served, and I can get on with telling you all the naughty little details. I think I know why you’re reading this, and I don’t believe it’s to assess my talents as an author. So, back to the story.

The personal ad was really no different to many others. There was a quick description of the couple, Steve and Sash. Not their real names, but then who cares. The usual likes and dislikes, what they were hoping to find in another couple and so on. I’d seen any number of ads that said much the same. However, this one had two notable differences. Firstly, both Steve and Sash are bisexual. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a night with great potential. Imagine spending a night with three other people where it doesn’t matter who or how you touch the person next to you. Secondly, and probably more importantly, they’d included a picture. The faces were masked of course, but you could certainly see what the bodies were like. A petite, slim, curvy, brunette female, and a tall, well toned man with a cock like a chair leg.

I should point out at this time that my judgment as to the suitability of Steve and Sash was in no way affected by the monstrous appendage being brandished toward the camera when Steve’s picture was taken. Of course not, I mean…., it wouldn’t be would it?

I read the add a few times, and looked at the picture a few more. And then showed it to my wife, Al, when she got home that night. We agreed to send a reply to the e-mail address supplied. No pictures at this stage, just a quick response to indicate an interest. Of course, I fully intended to use my anonymous e-mail address, and then promptly sent it from my home address (oops). Told you that cock wasn’t affecting my judgment in any way!

We had a reply a couple of days later, with a Yahoo ID so that we could chat on-line. Now this is where the fun begins. Firstly, you have to both be on line at the same time, which is harder than you might think. It took us nearly a week. Finally, we were in the right place at the right time and we started chatting. This in itself is no simple task. The problem with on-line chat is that you lose all sense of stress and intonation in what the other person is writing. Of course, it would be so much easier over the phone, but who’s going to send their phone number to someone they’ve never even seen?

And then came the request I’d been worrying about. Steve and Sash quite rightly wanted some photos of my wife and I. We have a digital camera, and have a few photos available. However, most of them seem to have Al’s face, and my cock in them, usually in close proximity. And so, with a little editing, and the insertion of a few black squares, the second hurdle had been jumped. We’d chatted and exchanged photos. So far, so good…..but bloody difficult all in all, and the whole process does little to inspire any form of confidence.

The next evening, I came home to find a message waiting on Yahoo. They liked the photos. Thank FUCK for that! I think I’d have been almost suicidal if they’d rejected us on looks alone. Just for the record, Al is petite, slim, curvy, tits to die for, and all round sexy. I’m just your average 6’ bloke watching his hair go backwards and his belly come forwards. Not that bad yet, but I really should start thinking about some more exercise.

We managed to chat to them a couple more times over the next week or so, and then came the crunch. They wanted proof that Al was not just a figment of my imagination, and that we were really genuine. I have to say that we both felt the same way. They’d had problems in the past with single men pretending to couples just to get some pictures to wank over, or simply having a laugh at their expense. As this was our first time, we were being particularly careful and didn’t want our somewhat fragile egos crushed by some dickhead having a giggle.

The only way to do it therefore, was to swap phone numbers and for Al and Sash actually talk to each other. It’s not like they were going to be ogres or anything surely? After all, the vast majority of people are honest and genuine. We’re adults. We can handle a simple phone call. Just ring the mobile number, and ask to speak to Sash.

It took us nearly two weeks to get the courage to do it, by which time they’d almost forgotten who we were.

I rang the number and softly spoken woman answered. It was Sash (phew). We spoke briefly and then I passed the phone over to Al. They chatted for a few minutes, and then she spoke to Steve quickly. And then it was all done. Problem solved. We were real: they were real: and all we had to do now was actually meet up. And to think I thought the phone call was difficult.

Two more weeks went by, and we finally agreed to meet in the City on Friday night between 7:00 and 7:30 for a drink and maybe some food. No point in trying to plan out an evening. After all, we might not like each other after the first few minutes. We arrived at the bar at a little before 7:00 with the intention of finding a seat with a good view of the doors so that we could spot them when they entered. We still hadn’t seen faces at this point, so we only had a vague idea what they looked like, and it would be an interesting experience if we picked the wrong couple.

7:30 came and went, and we began to start thinking about contingency plans in the event of them not arriving when a couple entered the bar. They looked like two people who’d never been there before, so I immediately assumed it was them. I suppose they looked like I expected them to look…sort of. They spotted us, probably using similar criteria, and I suddenly became aware of how nervous I was. We’d been saying earlier that this was just like being on a first date, and memories from my teens had come flooding back. But this wasn’t like any first date I’d ever been on. Back then, you hoped for a quick peck on the cheek, perhaps a bit of tongue and a quick feel before being sent home for the night. This date had a somewhat more specific agenda: we were there to arrange sex with two people we barely knew, and didn’t even know if we’d like….or find attractive for that matter.

As they approached, Steve mouthed my name, and I nodded, and that was that: we’d actually met. We all sat down at a table together, there was a slight pause while we all got comfortable, and sorted out the drinks and generally gave each other the once over. God this was so much harder to do than I’d imagined. I used to think that meeting customers for big money sales meetings was difficult. Ha! Bloody walk in the park compared to this. When you meet a customer, you’re selling something for somebody else. We were selling for us. For some reason, selling widgets for Acme Co. is so much easier than effectively saying “Hi…fancy a fuck?!”

I don’t really know what we talked about for the first hour. A few more drinks and a bucket load of nervousness and it was lost in the mists of time. I suppose we talked about ourselves, a little bit about the elaborate means by which we’d managed to arrive in the position we were in and an load of nonsensical gibberish designed to calm ones nerves.

Probably the only comment that I still remember was from Sash. Steve was at the bar, and she said “He doesn’t dance and he doesn’t like young people”. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant exactly, but I thought I understood the sentiment, and decided based on that, that me and Steve were going to get along just fine. And besides, he’s a good looking guy…with a huge cock. Truth be told, I had a feeling that we’d get along before we actually met. Steve had told us of their “rules” with couples. The two that stuck in my mind, were that we all stay in the same room, and the women have the power. If a woman says no, it means no, and isn’t open for debate. It struck me that Steve had a tremendous amount of respect for his woman, and women in general, and I that gave me a great amount of confidence in his integrity.

They had some family in town at the time for wedding, and had arranged to go to a club with a few of the younger members of the crowd at some point later. Steve was not keen on the idea, as I wouldn’t have been, but was prepared to do whatever Sash wanted. By now, all she seemed to want was a steady supply of drinks, so they stayed where they were.

Time was passing rapidly, and the drinks were beginning to flow rather nicely. We were well beyond the just got to know you stage and well into the we rather like you phase. It was incredibly relaxed: surprisingly so in retrospect. The conversation was good, and it was like we’d known each other for years. Steve then told us that they’d been in a bit of a mood before coming to the bar, and had really only turned up out of obligation. They had a signal (his fictitious ulcer) they used to each other to indicate that one or other was not interested in the couple they were meeting, and despite his first impressions on seeing us (apparently not good), he was now very happy they’d arrived, and his “ulcer?” wasn’t playing up at all. Sash had left us briefly to use the bathroom, and I asked how she felt about us so far. The response was one that will boost my ego for years to come. He said, “When we were at the bar, Sash said, “I’d fuck them.””. Fortunately, when they were are the bar, we’d said the same thing about them.

If there was any ice remaining to be broken, that comment did it, and from then on, the talk was almost completely about sex. I don’t know if the people around us could here the conversation, and in truth, I didn’t care. I was almost certainly going wind up having sex with these two people in the near future, and that had taken over my thought patterns. After all, the two “masked” people we’d seen on our PC screen had turned out to be as attractive as their pictures suggested they might be. The only possible issue was whether Al was interested. We we’re in this for the bi experience more than anything else (something we can’t get at home), so I looked at Al to see how she was doing. She and Sash were locked eye to eye, and when they weren’t Sash was staring down the front of Al’s blouse as best she could. It was all turning out rather nicely. And I certainly wasn’t complaining at all. Firstly, I was going to see Sash naked. Secondly, there was every chance she’d be fucking my wife. And thirdly, Steve was a very attractive man, and I don’t see that many that I fancy. I hadn’t sucked a guy off for quite a number of years, and ever since reading the ad, it had been lurking in the back of my mind. I could definitely go down on Steve…no problem there at all.

Time was moving on, and the bar would soon be closing. Sash had ignored two text messages from her family, and it was quite apparent that we were a team for the evening. I had no idea where this was taking us, after all, it was only for a drink and a bite to eat, but we were all having such a great time together, it seemed that none of us wanted the evening to end. Sash decided to finish with a cocktail. A long chocolate laden drink appeared along with some small strawberries: and that’s when things began to get a bit more risqué.

Sash began to suck the end of a strawberry, and told us how they reminded her of a woman’s nipple. She made a complete meal of them, smearing chocolate on them from her drink, and pushing them into everyone else’s mouths. It was quite clear that she was getting very aroused by Al’s tits, and the feeling was undoubtedly mutual. We could see Sash’s nipples through her top quite clearly, and when I commented about them, she had a quick glance around to make sure that no one else was watching, and simply lifted her top to show us.

WOW! What a pair of tits! Not that big, not that small, and a perfect shape for their size. Beautiful dark brown nipples, and so firm looking. My wife’s tits are my favourite of all time, but the pair displayed before me were pushing for a very close second. Al was salivating at the sight of them, and I had absolutely no doubt what was going through her mind. She wanted Sash, and any time then would have been fine.

Sash pulled her top back down, and we finished our drinks while complimenting her on her body. I’m not sure my command of the English Language is sufficient to describe just how sexy Sash is. Petite, curvy, beautiful soft Mediterranean tanned skin, the cutest ass (too big according to her…yeah right), long shiny brunette hair. These and a few more phrases would only being to scratch the surface, and I could go on for another page or two, so, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. But, suffice to say, this woman was put on the planet for the pleasure of both men and women.

The bar had now closed, and it was time to find some alternative entertainment. Sash and Al both fancied a dance, so we decided to go to a strip club. Looking back, this was a strange choice for a place to dance. In my experience, the dancing usually happens on stage, while the audience sits there, so I wasn’t sure how they expected to dance, but it was their decision, so off we went. We got a drink and a table near the dance floor, and watched the first show for a few minutes. We asked for an ashtray as we’re all smokers, only to be told that we had to move to the other side of the bar if we wanted to smoke. So we dutifully found a table and continued to watch the show.

The woman dancing was wrapping herself a round a pole in the usual provocative manner, but I didn’t find it in the least bit exciting. The two women with us were infinitely more sexy, and had begun to dance themselves next to the table. They were kissing each other, and running their hands up and down each other’s body. Fuck the show on the stage, and the exorbitant entry fees we’d just paid: this was way better.

Quickly back to the here and now for a minute. I’ve just been chatting with Steve on-line and he’s just read the first part of the story, up to the bit where we go back to their hotel room. It’s coming up in a paragraph or two…not long now! Anyway, he’s just told me that Sash had a fantasy about making out with another woman in a public place. No longer a fantasy, now a reality, and it was better than she could have imagined. It gives me a hard on just thinking it. Now, where was I…oh yes…

Sadly for me and Steve, and the gathering crowd of “well wishers”, the club security guys didn’t appreciate the attention being taken away from the paid entertainment, and they asked the girls to stop or we’d all be thrown out.

Sash took this a cue to go to the toilet, and when she came out, she slipped her panties into Al’s hand. Al looked at the tiny garment, and then brought it to her face. She inhaled deeply, and then began to lick the tiny piece of fabric. Sash was standing next to me, eyes wide as she watched Al’s tongue slide over the fabric, and she began to rub her hands over my backside. Steve was doing the same, to Al, and it was now quite clear that the evening was only going to end at their hotel room.

I slid my hand down the back of Sash’s pants, and managed to work a finger in to her absolutely soaking pussy. She turned to me and promptly kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I stole a quick look at Al and Steve. They were in a similar position. Al was rubbing the now huge bulge in Steve’s trousers, and I could see his hand sliding down the back of her skirt. She was rubbing herself against his leg and I could see her chest heaving with excitement.

We all came up for air, and Steve suggested we go back to their room to see what else we could find to do. No one disagreed. As we were leaving, we had a few thank yous from our “audience” for the show, and a couple of guys wanted to know if we were there every week. Steve and I briefly contemplated asking for donations, but we were dragged out of the door by the women. They obviously had somewhere they needed to be.

The cool evening air hit me a little, and I took a deep breath. I was more drunk than I would have liked, and I hoped that my cock wasn’t going to let me down. It had work to do. As if reading my mind, Steve told me that he was pissed, and was hoping that his cock was going to work properly. We giggled at the idea of having to watch the two women as an alternative as we hailed a cab, and took the 5 minute ride to their hotel room.

As soon as we arrived, Steve went to the mini-bar. By the time he’d offered us a drink, both women had managed to lose their tops, and were rubbing nipples as they greedily devoured each others tongue, and tried to remove what remained of their clothing. I sat down and began to rub at the aching lump in my jeans. It had been a little cramped for room in there for the past hour or so, and I was going to take this opportunity to give my old man some much needed attention. Steve came and joined me watching the girls, and we both proceeded to gently play with ourselves.

Meanwhile, the floor show was reaching new heights of eroticism. As they kissed, Sash slowly undid the zip of Al’s skirt, and it slid slowly to the floor. Her face lit up when she found that Al wasn’t wearing any thing underneath, and within seconds was on her knees sliding her tongue between my wife’s legs. Apparently, Al was in no mood to mess around, and sat back on the couch. Sash immediately buried her head in her soaking pussy. Al later told me than when she was in the strip club, her cum had been running down the inside of her thighs in anticipation of what was to come. The waiting was now over, and she spread her legs wide so that Sash had complete access to her.

I looked across the table at Steve. When we were chatting on line, he’d told me that he took immense pleasure from seeing Sash enjoying herself. He was certainly smiling now, and he had every right be. Sash was having a great time.

After a few minutes they changed places, and it was Al’s turn to pleasure Sash. They kissed briefly, and then Al slowly began to work her way down the exquisite body laid out before her. She licked Sash’s neck, chest, nipples, stomach, thighs, and then slowly moved her tongue towards its goal. Sash arched her back and trust her herself on to my wife’s face obviously not wanting any more teasing, and Al was only too happy to oblige.

I began to wonder about going round and taking care of Steve. I’d only seen a picture of him naked, and as yet, had not had a good view of what he had to offer. I sneaked a peek, at his now hard cock. It was the biggest I’d ever seen in the flesh, and bigger than many I’d seen on porn flicks over the years: about 8 inches long, probably 9, and quite thick too. It looked seriously in need of a sucking!

As I pondered the imponderable, the girls decided that enough was enough, and it was time we joined them in a state of undress. Steve was closer to them, so he got the attention first. Sash slid over, and immediately took his now raging hard on into her mouth. I have a bit of a thing for oral sex in general, and love watching a woman lovingly suck a cock. Sash certainly knew what she was doing, and from the look of ecstasy on Steve’s face, she knew how to please her man. Al bent down, and began to lick his balls and shaft while Sash continued to take the head in to her mouth. I was loving every second of the show, and so was Steve. Sash pulled away for a moment, and Al immediately took over. She’d been practising her deep throat of late, and it was a good job too. I was amazed at how much of his monster she could fit in there. It just kept going and going. I think I might have to get her to give me lessons.

After a few minutes, they turned their attention to me, and I was given the same treatment. Steve was removing the rest of his clothes while this was going on, and I was beginning to suffer from sensory overload. I’d had a few drinks, I was being sucked off by two women, and if he’d stuck that cock of his in my mouth, I would have exploded on the spot. As much as I wanted him to, I’m glad he didn’t. I don’t think my poor addled mind could have coped.

I’m not sure how it happened now, but I suddenly became aware that the girls were next to me kissing and playing again, and I was still getting my cock sucked. I looked down, and there was Steve happily chomping on my throbbing member. I don’t know why, but there is a subtle yet definite difference between a woman and a man when it comes to giving head. I can’t describe it, yet it’s undoubtedly there. And right then, as I watched him down almost all of my shaft, I could definitely feel it, and was thoroughly enjoying it.

Having been entertained and pleasured by the women, it was only fair that we reciprocated, and we all swapped places. They sat in the chairs that Steve and I had been using, and we were immediately down on our knees to return the oral favour. It was then that I was presented with my first close up view of Sash’s shaven pussy. When Al shaves her pussy, she always leaves a little hair, claiming that she doesn’t want to look like a young girl, but Sash’s was completely devoid of any hair. Within seconds, I was enjoying the taste of the same pussy that my wife had been licking only minutes before.

Sash was very wet, and her cum was running freely. I lapped at her lips, and tried to get my tongue as far in to her tight hole as I could. She tasted so sweet, and the heat coming from her seemed like a furnace. This was one hot woman. She spread her legs wide, hooking her knees over the arms of the chair, and I dove right in. My tongue seemed to have a life of its own, and I began to wonder if had been taking some form of pep pill without my knowledge. I didn’t know it could move that quickly, and I certainly didn’t feel in control of it. Not that Sash was complaining: she just grabbed my hair and pulled me closer. I pulled her forward in the chair, so that I could gain access to her ass. I began using long slow strokes from her puckered little ass right up to her clit and then back again. Sash let go of my hair, and started massaging her bullet like nipples, moaning quietly as I continued my ministrations.

While this was going on, I could hear Al making similar noises in the background. I stopped for a second, and Sash and I watched as Steve skillfully brought my wife closer and closer to orgasm. Alcohol has rather differing effects on different people. Me, and Steve and Sash all suffer from cantcumitis. We can fuck and fuck until are bodies are incapable of further movement, with only a minor chance of success in the orgasm stakes. Al on the other hand gets an almost terminal case of cumonthespotitis, and charges headlong in to orgasm land every few minutes it seems. Lucky bitch!

Sash stood up, pulled me to my feet, and guided me to the chair. My cock had been taking a short rest, so she quickly popped it into her mouth, and it was soon raring to go again. She then turned her back to me, and lowered herself incredibly slowly on to my waiting length. I grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart gently to facilitate entry. I needn’t have bothered. She was sopping wet, and my cock slid in easily. She seemed to be taking forever to get all of me inside her. Compared to Steve, I felt like the poor relation, although 6 inches or so is still something to be a at least a little proud of. I needn’t have worried. She was so tight, wet and hot, I thought my cock was going to come out par boiled.

After what seemed like an age, she finally bottomed out, and just sat there squirming in my lap while I gently tweaked her nipples. She slid a hand down to my shaven balls, which by now were covered in her juices, and gently fondled them, moving from one to the other. It was so delicious.

And then it hit me. For the first time during my marriage, I was inside another woman. A pang of guilt went through me, and I looked over at Al. She was now bending over, thrusting her ass in Steve’s direction, and was about to receive the biggest cock she’d seen in years. She turned to look at me, almost as if she knew what I was thinking. Our eyes locked, and we both asked the same silent question: Is this OK?

The smiles that we returned answered quite clearly. This was more than OK.

And with that, I saw her eyes widen as her pussy was stretched to accommodate Steve’s chair leg like cock. I couldn’t stop watching her at first. I could just see Steve’s shaft as it sawed back and forth into my wife of 7 years, and I was spellbound by the look of pleasure and near ecstasy on her face. I suppose I’d stopped moving, and Sash turned her head and asked if I was OK. I just grinned in response, and we continued where we’d left off a few minutes before. Steve had been silent for the last while, with the exception of the usual male grunts, and I wondered if he was feeling OK about what was happening. After all, we’d really only been in this for the bi sex, and I wondered how he felt about me being ridden by his wife. Not that he could really complain, he was currently splitting my wife in two.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. He stopped moving briefly and said “Is he in you darling…all the way in?”. “Mmmmmmm” was all Sash needed to say as she wriggled around on my lap. The look on his face said it all, and he went back to shafting Al in to next week.

After a moments in memory, and probably many many minutes in reality, we all stopped for a breather and to get a drink. We lounged around the table; had a cigarette; and generally relaxed after our initial exertions. I was half way through my smoke when Sash stubbed hers out, and started sucking me off again. Al came round to join her, and I was treated to two expert tongues for the second time that evening. I heard Al say to Sash that she could taste her juices on my cock, and that was the last of the action for me for a minute. The two of them were suddenly rolling around on the floor in a fit of passion. Me and Steve finished our cigarettes and joined them. Sash lay back on the floor, and I climbed aboard, easily sliding my cock in to her still dripping pussy. Al pushed Steve in to the chair, and went back to doing what she does best: sucking cock.

After a few minutes of this, Steve got up from the chair, and stood over Sash. He then gently lowered himself so that his balls were available for her to lick. Al seemingly had her mouth stuck to his cock, and didn’t appear to want to let go. I was only inches away from him, and there was certainly plenty of meat to go round, so I started licking whatever exposed parts were available. Al had a hold of the base of his cock, and removing it from her own mouth, she poked his cock head at my face. I needed no second invitation, and immediately engulfed as much as I could. The five year wait was over, and I began sucking like there was no tomorrow. I licked, sucked, nibbled, and generally salivated over his fat cock. I was in heaven. I had my own rock hard member buried to the hilt in the hottest, tightest pussy I could remember, and I was attempting to devour the biggest cock I’d ever sucked. If it hadn’t been for the alcohol, I have no doubt that I would have come there and then.

And so it went on for the next few hours. It was a complete free for all. There were no limitations to what we could find to do. We’d fuck and suck for a while, and then have a break. Then we’d fuck and suck some more. Sash finally had a couple of orgasms, and Al continued to have them throughout the night. We moved to the bedroom at one point, and there were four writhing bodies in a tangled mess on the bed, all sucking and fucking each other, and it seemed there was no end to the combinations we could try.

Eventually however, our energy levels began to wane, and we were all getting a little jaded. Unfortunately, neither Steve nor I had come yet, and it looked like we were going to finish the night without an orgasm each. We were sitting on the couch, and the two girls were sitting in the chairs. Steve and I were idly playing with each other, and still had hard ons, and we decided that we were going to wank ourselves off to finish the evening with a bang. Steve went off to the bathroom, and came back with some lube. We took a generous glob each, and began to work ourselves towards orgasm. Sash began to play with herself, and Steve told me that she loved come splashing on her tits. That was it. We were off the couch and standing over her in seconds. Her long dark hair was laying across her chest, and she flicked it away to give us a clear shot at her fantastic tits. Al was playing with herself too as she watched me and Steve wank ourselves and each other closer and closer to orgasm. She beckoned Steve over, and immediately began to suck him off for the umpteenth time.

Sash sat up and began to lick my balls as I fisted away furiously. I was desperate to come, and could feel the muscles in my arm tighten as my energy level decreased. She could tell I was struggling, and quietly began urging me on, begging me to come on her. That did it. I’ve always been a sucker for a bit of dirty talk, and this tipped me over the edge. I felt my balls tighten, and I emptied the biggest load of my life all over her. It was like a fountain. I’d never seen so much cum in one place. She was drenched from her neck to her bellybutton. Her tits were completely coated, and large globs were hanging off her nipples. It was the most fantastic cumshot I’d ever seen. If only I’d had a video camera.

My legs gave way, and I collapsed on the nearest chair. I was well and truly fucked. Steve was still fucking Al’s mouth, and seemed to be constantly on the verge of orgasm. Al pulled away, and bent over the chair, offering her pussy for one last time. Steve didn’t waste a second, and promptly filled it with his now achingly hard cock. He pounded her pussy like a jackhammer, and within seconds, Al was almost coming again.

He kept pumping for at least five minutes, and we began to think he wasn’t going to make it. Eventually, with a huge grunt and almost a howl of relief, he pulled his cock out, and showered wad after wad of pearly cum all over Al’s back. We applauded his efforts and he grinned, waving to the crowd in appreciation of our support.

And then he fell to the floor…completely and utterly spent like the rest of us.

It was now 4:30 a.m. We’d taken turns in the shower, and were feeling almost human again. Four hours of manic sex had taken its toll on our poor beleaguered bodies, and it was undoubtedly time to call it a night: well, what was left of it anyway.

There really isn’t much left to say to someone after an evening like that, so we said our thanks and goodbyes and went out in to the fresh night air to catch a cab home.

I had one cigarette left. I lit it, and inhaled deeply, and turned to speak to Al. She had the strangest look on her face: a huge smile, and glazed eyes.

She focused again as she came back from wherever it was, wrapped her arms around my waist and buried her face in my chest. She looked up, still smiling and said “How much fun was THAT!? We must do that again some time.”

I could see our reflection in one of the hotel windows, and I suddenly became aware of the rather broad smile that was stuck to my face. I tried to stop, and found that I couldn’t. I stood there, arms wrapped around the love of my life, and a face like the Joker. The harder I tried to stop smiling, the bigger the smile became. I looked at Al, and I think she was having the same problem. A cab pulled up, and we fell in to the back seat, now almost giggling. 15 minutes later, as we walked in the door of our home, we were euphoric, and could hardly keep from laughing. I couldn’t remember ever feeling so happy. It was almost scary. No words were necessary. We both knew what the other was thinking.

We got in to bed, wrapped ourselves around each other, and began kissing like teenagers. My cock, much to my surprise, began to stir, and it was pressing against Al’s thigh.

“Tomorrow” she said “There’s always tomorrow”

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