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A Seclusion Renounced

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Leanne lays in bed wondering what she has gotten herself into. She thinks back to the time her husband left her so many years ago. She still hears from him now and then, but he remains gone. She has hung on to the hope he will return until recently. Leanne finally decided she needed to move on with her life, she has been alone for 7 years. She has raised the kids and sacrificed all her time to making sure they never wanted for anything in her power to give.

Now she has started to talk with others on her computer. She has met several nice people online and has made several new friends. Leanne never realized there were so many different lifestyles out there in the world. She had been tucked away from so much while she was waiting on the return of her husband.

Leanne had started talking to a man online she knew as Dreamaker in chat. They had become fast friends. He had swept her off her feet with sweetness that is only known in fantasies. He had charmed her beyond anything she had known in years. Her heart was willing to reach out for him, but only one thing stood in the way. Dreamaker was married and was trying to tell her it was alright because his wife and him had an open marriage. She had never thought of such a thing as being possible. Then she finally got to talk to his wife,” Katfancy” and she had told her it was true. They had been in an open marriage for awhile and it had added a lot to their passion throughout the years.

Leanne tells Kat that she didn’t think she could ever let another woman touch her in a sexual manner. To which Kat replies she enjoys watching her husband satisfy a lover then having him to herself afterwards. With that in mind Leanne starts to flirt more with Dreamaker. As time goes on they decide they need to meet. They set it to happen on a weekend when she can get away from home and join them at their home. Leanne is nervous as the weekend approaches. It has been so long since she has been with a man she isn’t sure how she will react.

When she arrives at their home she is greeted at the door by Kat who ushers her in and makes her feel right at home. There is an open bottle of wine chilling on the coffee table and three glasses. Just then Dreamaker walks out from another room and is greeted by the sight of two beautiful women in his house. Dreamakers mind instantly goes to the evenings enjoyment.

He walks over to me and gives me the hug he has been describing online since we started talking. Wrapping his strong arms around me and pulling me into his body. As he looks into my eyes he tells me” I am as beautiful as he had imagined from the pictures and how I described myself.” With that said he softly kisses me causing little shocks to go thru my body as our lips touch. He only kisses me lightly this time as he pulls away and hugs and kisses Kat also. We all sit and talk and get comfortable with being together. We have decided that this is not just going to be a one time fling and we are going to be friends as well as lovers.

The wine helps ease my mind as to the fact that there is three of us in the room. When the wine is about three quarters gone and we had been talking for about two hours, Tim (that is dreamakers name) ask me “would you like to dance.”

To which I respond “yes but it has been some time since I have done so.”

He puts on some slow soft rock so that we can dance in each others arms. As I feel myself softly gliding around the room in his embrace. Our bodies swaying with the music and his hand travels gently down my back till it stops on my ass. He softly kneads the flesh under his fingers as he whispers in my ear ” he wants to take me to the bedroom and make love to me.”

With that he leads me as we dance toward the door he had come out of earlier. As we get there I turn and see Kat wink and motion for us to go on. He leads me into their bedroom and it is fantastic. There is a king sized canopy bed in the middle of one wall and on one other wall is a loveseat. The room is lit with candles and two very dim lamps just enough to see what is there. With his arms still around me from dancing he starts to slowly lean in towards me and kiss me. His lips again touching mine only this time I can feel the fire that flows from him. He gently nips at my lower lip as we kiss and my tongue comes out slightly and he swirls his tongue around mine. They dance in a passion all their own as they touch and try to intertwine. My body melting into his as the kiss starts to burn inside me.

My hands move over his back up over his shoulders as I try to take his shirt off. I want to feel his bare chest it has been to long. His hands are softly working on removing my blouse as I peel his shirt off and see that he wasn’t kidding when he said he had a hairy chest. My goodness I do love a hairy chest. While I am looking at his chest, he slips my blouse the rest of the way off. He draws in a sharp breath as he gazes at my breast. They are not huge but are still enough to catch the attention of a man. They slightly drop a little lower then when I was young but they are still firm enough to point at my lover. With that in mind he finally unsnaps my bra and sets my breast free for his eyes to feast on. A small moan slips out of him as he touches them for the first time. His fingers start to touch in small circles around my breast starting at the outside working in toward the nipples . His mouth closes over mine again as we kiss more and he feels his way along the bottom of my breast cupping them, his thumb lightly touching my nipples causing me to suck in my breath this time. My hands working on his belt buckle as I try to undo it. My fingers are trembling it has been so long since I felt this way.

His hands leave my breast and slowly work down my body till they are at my jeans. His fingers deftly undoing them and starting to slip them over my hips. I feel them slide down my body and step out of them. Then I concentrate on removing his jeans. His belt buckle out of the way. I easily unbutton and unzip them and slide them off his body. As I do his manhood springs free he isn’t wearing any underwear. I hear myself growl i am not sure where that came from but I did growl deep in my throat.. I reach out and grab his manhood gently in my hands. Softly touching it as I feel it twitch at my touch.

He says ” I have told you I wanted you for sometime now” With that I feel him pushing me back toward the bed. As I lay down on the bed he removes my panties leaving me naked for him to view at his leisure. But he is not going to look long I can tell by the look in his eyes he is more interested in touching. I feel a slight breeze as the door shuts and kat enters. She moves over to the love seat and lays out across it and turns to us to watch. With that Tim moves along side of me and our bodies touch all the way down each others. His lips going to my neck as he starts to lick and kiss along it and slowly go to my ear. Sucking my ear lobe into his mouth and biting gently on it. I feel the slow fire inside of me burning even hotter. He licks along the outside of my ear causing me to shudder almost like a cold chill running thru me. His hand playfully tickling around my tummy. Teasing me with his touch.

As he slips along the front of my throat licking and biting, he starts down over top of my breast all the way across my body teasing me as he nips at my skin along the top of my breast. His hand now on my thigh as I start to shudder more. He cups my one breast in his other hand as he licks inward toward my nipple. I feel his breathe as he closes in on the nipple and I feel it harden more as he wraps his lips around it. His tongue gliding across the tip of my nipple causing a shock to run from there to the pit of my stomach. I try to reach for his cock and he breaks away from my nipple long enough to say “no this is your evening and enjoy.”

With that said he reaches for the other nipple and takes it in his mouth as his hand moves up my thigh to my mound. His fingers touching across the top of my mound starting down over the toward the lips. I hear him chuckle and ask him why? He pulls back and says” I am used to no hair on a mound and even though it is neat and trimmed it feels different but nice.”

His fingers now touching along the outside of my lips teasing as they work down. I thrust my pelvis up toward his hand. I need to feel the touch deeper inside me then he is giving me. Doesn’t he understand the need in me after all this time without? As if he hears my thoughts he dips his finger inside my lips and touches me. He slowly pushes one finger into me a little at a time drawing the moisture out with each stroke causing me to become slick. Finally his finger is deep within me and he starts to stroke fully in and out as he also licks and chews on my breast. My breath is starting to come faster and I can feel the burning starting to take over my body. I have only known my own touch for so long it is great to feel someone else bringing me to orgasm. It is happening so fast it seems my mind and my body responding to his touch as if it has known it forever. I look over as I start to orgasm and see Kat has removed her clothes and is pinching her nipples as she watches. Knowing it is turning her on too pushes me over the top harder then I have felt in a long time.. My body quivers and thrust up toward his hand as I feel him slip two fingers in and bite down on my nipple harder. He slows down on his finger stroking as my orgasm subsides.

He comes up and kisses me again and says “you have only begun to enjoy this evening darlin.”

With that I hear Kat laugh and she says “you better hang on when he is like this you are in for it.”

He slides down my body till his breath can be felt across my pubic hair. He looks up over my tummy and says” you have had your first to ease the strain of being without now I will tease you the way I like.”

He slowly licks down along the outside of my lips touching them and my thigh at the same time. His tongue spread wide as he licks lower. When he gets to the bottom of my lips he slowly wiggles his tongue across to the other side and starts up toward my mound again. My mind racing with thoughts of pleasure and anticipation of where he is going with that wonderful tongue. He softly licks down the center of my lips slightly penetrating inside them till his tongue is at the cheeks of my ass. He pushes my legs up even higher so that I open up more to him feeling him lick right along the skin between my pussy and ass. “God he is such a tease”, I hear myself think. As I look over Kat has her legs spread and she is running a small viberater along her clit. She has her eyes glued to us as she plays. Feeling her eyes on me makes my nipples harden even more. Tim’s tongue slips up again and I feel it slide around my clit encircling it. His fingers pulling my lips apart as he reaches around my legs. My clit is hard and starting to throb from the licking it is getting. He has it exposed and open to his every wish. His tongue flicking over it rapidly making it bounce every time he does. Then he dips down and buries it in my pussy lapping at my juices and moaning about how good they taste to him. His tongue reaching up inside me as far as it can. Trying to touch my very center it feels like. Then as fast as he was there he is back to my clit sucking it up in his mouth and squeezing it between his lips. Causing it to throb even more as I start to feel another orgasm creeping out inside me. I feel the heat from my very being slowly coming to the surface of my body. Radiating from my head to my toes. I can hear my self start to moan as I get closer. Then just as I am ready to go over he pulls back and says “not yet baby.” And I feel him blow lightly over my clit sending shivers down my spine.

He slowly starts to lick again after my body calms a little. This time slipping two fingers inside me at the same time. He strokes those fingers into me as he licks my clit. His one hand still holding me open for easier access for his tongue. He slips one finger tip across the top of my clit as he licks the bottom of it . Pushing it harder into my tongue. I feel his fingers curl up and he finds my g-spot with his finger tips. My mind bursting into pleasure. I look over and Kat now has her toy stroking in and out slowly as she rubs her clit with the other hand. Her eyes glazed over in passion as she stares at us. God, I am going to go again ,I feel it deep inside as it comes over me and bursts like a dam. I am cumming again as he licks and finger fucks me. The juices I feel them actually shoot out around his fingers. The orgasm is so intense I hear Kat over there as she screams out she is cumming too . It is so sensual to know that my having an orgasm helped push her into hers.

As our body slow down from the pleasure Tim looks up and says “would y’all like something to drink and take a break to catch your breathe?”

With that he gets up and when he returns he has the rest of the wine and our glasses. We all sit on the bed and drink and talk as our bodies slowly stop shivering from the pleasure they have just felt. As we sit and talk Tim runs his fingers along my back and plays with the small of my back and tickles me. He starts to get a little more playful and Kat returns to the loveseat.

Tim softly lowers me back onto the bed as he kisses me urgently. I can feel his need as his hand runs down my body till it is over my mound again. I feel his cock as it hardens up against my leg. His mouth devouring mine as his fingers work inside me again. The juices from the other orgasms still remaining there to help in his stroking me. Kat has her fingers sliding over her clit already as I look over at her. She has that same hungry look in her eyes that I see in Tim. My body is starting to respond already as he rubs my clit with two fingers. One on each side of it and squeezing it between them as he does. I can feel him start to slowly grind against my leg as his need increases.

I say to Tim “please make love to me now.”

With that He raises my legs and slips between them. He slowly slides the head along the inside of my lips as he works my juices onto him. When he thinks it is enough he gently slips the head in. My body tenses as he enters me it has been along time since a real cock has been in there. Tim is not built huge he is only about 6 inches long but he is thick about three inches across. As he starts to stroke slowly into me I feel myself stretching to allow him to fit. My God, I can feel every bit of him as he slips in. It feels like I am being stretched to the limit. It feels so good as he hovers over me staring down into my eyes as he gently buries all of himself into me and his balls bump my ass.

I look over at Kat and ask her “how do you share this and not be selfish?”

She is too far gone to answer at this point she has three fingers buried up inside her and her toy running on her clit. Her eyes are closed and she is starting to thrash around on the loveseat. I can tell that she is going into another good orgasm as she starts to let out a moan that almost sounds like a purr of a big cat. With that Tim pulls back and almost out and then sinks quickly back in. Causing me to come back to him and not concentrate so much on Kat’s orgasm. I have never really watched another woman have an orgasm and it is amazing to watch. I can see now why men love to watch us. The feelings are starting to take over my body now I can’t watch her anymore, I have to give into what is happening with me. Tim is going faster now as he drives into me. The juices are flowing and allowing him to speed up. I can hear the slap of his balls against my ass every time he thrust in. The feeling slowly building in me as we continue to make love in front of his wife.

I want to ride him now, I want to be in control. So I flip him over and he is now on his back at my mercy. I never let him slip out when we changed sides and now it is my turn to tease him a little. As I raise up till he almost slips out then fall back down with all my body impaling myself on his cock. This time it is his body that shudders and he moans as our pelvic bones rub together. His cock rubbing right against my clit every time I go back down. I can feel his cock starting to expand as he gets closer to cumming. I pump up and down on him faster, feeling like he is splitting me in two with his thickness. I hear him start to moan and can feel him thrusting up toward me as i raise off him every time. Not wanting to have his cock out of the soft wet vise that is surrounding it. The walls of my pussy feel every inch of him as he is swelling up getting closer to cumming.

Then just as his body starts to shake and spasm I pull up till just the head is in and tell him “not yet I am not done with you yet darlin.”

He lets out a moan and his poor body shakes and shivers as he slowly calms down. And I hear Kat chuckle as he gets a taste of his own medicine. She walks over and pats him on the head and says ” Well baby, how does it feel to be teased?”

With that she catches me off guard as she pinches me on my nipple and walks away. By now I have settled down on Tim’s cock and started to roll my hips and grind myself against him. Feeling that burning inside me increase as I know I am close again from grinding my clit into him. I start to pull almost off and then slam down on him as I go faster and faster on him hearing him moan as he enjoys the sensations going thru his mind and body too. All of a sudden he reaches out and pulls my legs forward causing me to sink down on him as my legs come out over his body and he grabs me by the back of the knees. He starts to rock me as I am squarely on top of him and he is in as far as he can go. He rocks me back and forth faster as I feel him expand. His head swelling even bigger it is touching me deep inside. My orgasm cascading over me as I feel him shoot off and spray the deepest recesses of my pussy. He just keeps rocking me on top of him as my body and his meet in a pivot point. We slow down as our orgasms cease and I pull my legs back behind me and lay my sweaty body out over his. Feeling his cock soften slowly as it slips from my grip.

We both look over and Kat is softly stroking herself with a contented look and it sounds like she is purring. With us being spent and done for now Kat comes over to the bed and lays beside us as I am still on top of Tim. He rolls me over and snuggles into me as Kat covers us all up and we fall asleep in each others arms. Contented and happy.

As I started to stir the next morning I realize that Tim and Kat were already awake. They are in an embrace his head buried in her breasts as he was kissing right between them. They didn’t see me wake so I just watch to see what they will do. Her fingers running thru his hair as he starts to lick and kiss on one of her nipples. That tongue I remember so well from last night slowly covering her nipple and then flicking back into his mouth. She pulls him in tighter to her and he opens his mouth and takes as much of her breast into it as he can. A small moan escapes her mouth as I see him bite down on her nipple. She arches her back and pushes up at him shoving her breast in the air. His hand has trailed down till it is resting on her mound. I see her part her legs slightly to allow him better access to the treasures there. I can feel my nipples hardening as I watch their lovemaking progress.

My fingers slowly tracing circles around my nipples before I even realize I am doing it. Now I realize why Kat likes to watch at times. It is erotic in its own way. Trying to stay quiet so they don’t notice I’m awake I watch as I play, biting my lip to keep from making any noise. Tim slowly starts to work his fingers thru her lips stroking lightly on her clit. And he moves across to her other breast, licking leaving a wet trail I can see as he does. He does this so slow as he goes thru her cleavage and up over the swell of her breast till he tops out on her nipple. Kats legs parted more now as he is working two fingers into her as his palm rubs on her clit. My one hand going down to my pussy starting to touch softly above my clit not going inside to it yet, rubbing it thru the lips. The other still playing with my nipple starting to twist it a little harder. She is moaning louder now. He is pushing his fingers into her harder now, and I can see him biting and pulling on her nipple as he does.Her breast is stretching upward as he pulls with his teeth.

My fingers have made their way into my lips and have found that I am soaked already. Drawing my juices up and across my clit I start to rub on it. Little jolts that feel like electric shocks run thru me, as I take it between two fingers and squeeze it. Feeling it swell and start to pulse under my touch. I want to close my eyes and fall into the fantasy I always use for masturbation but I can not take them off my two friends. Their lovemaking has me hotter then I ever remember being in a long time from touching myself.

Tim moves down Kats body as he positions himself between her thighs to lick her. He glances over and sees that I am watching them and smiles at me as he lowers his head to her pussy. Knowing I have been caught watching seems to add to the thrill as he pulls her lips apart and slowly licks along the side of her clit. His head to the side alittle I think he wants me to watch even more as he bring his wife to an orgasm with his tongue. My fingers now are moving faster on my clit as I watch his tongue slipping over her clit and sometimes moving down to dip into her pussy. I move my other hand down so that I can slip two fingers in my pussy while I keep massaging my clit.He slips three fingers in Kat and she starts to moan loud and make little sounds almost like she is purring. His tongue moving rapidly over her clit as his fingers drive into her harder. Her body shaking as she screams out she is cumming.. Watching her orgasm makes me rub harder and stroke my fingers faster also as I feel my orgasm starting to take over my body. I can feel it spreading out from my very center. The waves of pleasure starting to crash over me. I hear my self cry out as I cum. My eyes closed now the sites I have been watching flashing thru my mind as I experience a hard pounding orgasm. Then as I am cumming I feel two hands close over my breast and squeeze my nipples. God it feels good to have more hands on me as I continue to orgasm. My body finally starts to slow down and I come down a little from the natual high an orgasm causes.

I open my eyes to see that the hands on my breast belong to Kat. She has a wicked little smile on her face and says ” You looked so beautiful while cumming I had to help. I hope you dont mind?”

I look at her then at Tim and have to tell her ” no I don’t mind.” My mind wondering why I didn’t have a fit from being touched by another woman. I guess it is because she help make my pleasure even more intense as I was cumming. With that Tim asks ” hey what about me here?” We both look at him and each other and we push him down. His cock standing tall as he lays on his back. Kat immediately goes for his cock and starts to lick it. So I reach up and kiss him, not thinking that he had just been licking his wife. My mouth closing over his as he moans from the licking Kat is giving him. Our tongues swirling around each other as I feel his body tense up. I look down and see that she has swallowed his cock and is cupping his balls in her hand as she does. I move down to his little nipples they are tight and hard. I take one in my mouth and bite down on it, gently at first. Then a little harder as he has done us. My tongue swiping across the tip of it as his body jerks from the attention he is receiving.

I hear Kat ask me to come down where she is. I move down till we are both staring at his hard stiff cock. Our breaths both blowing over it as we decide where to go from here. I have never been this close to a cock and another woman at the same time but Kat motions for me to lick my side of it. As I lick my side she turns her head and licks her side both of us going from the head down. As we get to his balls she sucks one into her mouth and I follow suit and take the other, causing him to flinch as we have him right where we want him. Our eyes meet as we suck on his balls and we motion to go back up. So we both let go of his bag and lick our way up his shaft again. He has raised up on his elbows so he can watch as we tease him with our mouths. As I lick just under his head Kat licks over the tip of it catching a drop of precum on her lip. Pulling back it trails from his cock to her lip and she flicks her tongue out and tastes it. With that she motions for me to try it also and I kiss the tip of his cock and pull back with it on my mouth as I lick my lips, tasting and liking the sticky fluid. My mouth then closing over his cock and taking all I can in it. Slipping up and down a couple times then pulling off so Kat can have it to. I can tell she is used to it cause she swallows him all the way to his balls and then back up. She does this a couple times and as she is pulling away I start to take him and our lips meet for a fleeting second. Not sure what to do I pull back and suck his cock into my mouth. Feeling his cock start to jerk I pull back and grab it with my hand and start to stroke it. The head swelling and turning purple. Kat moves in to help me our mouths close together as we wait for his juices. He thrust his pelvis up as he moans and says he is cumming. I feel the first surge run up his shaft as I stroke him. We watch as it shots from the little hole onto our waiting mouths. The first splash landing on my cheek. The second landing on her tongue as she leans closer. Then the shots come with less force slashing on both our faces as I let go of his cock and let it flop as he cum. It jumps up toward his belly as I release it and we follow it to get all of his cum. It jumps up and down with each spurt. Slowly stoping as the last dribbles out onto his stomach. His cock laying quiet now as we start to clean him up.

Each of us licking the cum off his stomach. Then Kat flicks her tongue out and licks the cum off my cheek. Her tongue feeling like liquid fire as it runs across my face. Then she looks at me and motions that I have some on my lips. I start to lick it off and Kat leans in and licks it off my lips at the same time, our tongues glancing off each other. Something made me touch her lips to mine in a fleeting kiss. It stirred something in me I am not sure about. I will worry about that feeling later right now I am hungry..

As we relax I ask them if I can use their shower. They are like sure and show me where it is. When I come out of the shower I smell food. I follow the smell and find the kitchen just as Kat is done fixing breakfast. She has made bacon and eggs with toast and jam. We all set down and eat as we talk about the things that have happened since last night. I tell them that I have had a great time and am so glad they invited me to their home. And that I hope we can always be friends even if we are not lovers. They both agree that they would have it no other way. Friends first and foremost we all agree to that.

After breakfast Kat says she needs a shower too and I volunteer to do the dishes since she cooked. She wonders off to shower and Tim comes over to show me were things are to do the dishes and says he is going to go help Kat. With that I start the dishes and am just washing away and thinking about all that has gone on. I keep thinking to the time Kat had my breast in her hands, and the kiss we shared as we were cleaning Tim up.

My mind is a buzz with thoughts untill I feel someones hands on my shoulders. I turn my head and see it is Tim and he is smiling like the cat that ate the canary. He leans against me and tells me we are alone for a bit because Kat is soaking in a hot tub. He is rubbing against my ass I feel his manhood starting to harden thru his shorts and mine. We start to push and rub back at each other playing a game of who gives in first. As I push back at him he reaches around and under my shirt to cup my breast and run his thumbs across my nipples causing me to moan softly. I can’t believe my body is responding so fast. But then I have a lot of time to make up for. He reaches down with his hands and pushes my shorts down. I feel him step back and think he is removing his but he pushes me over the sink instead. I lean over and he takes both his hands and pushes my thighs apart. I feel his hot breath on my ass as he licks straight down the crack. Starting at the top his tongue slipping thru the crack as he moves toward my pussy. I thrust my hips back at him giving him more room to move his head. When I lean over as far as I can my pussy is stuck out toward him and he licks long my two holes. His tongue grazing across my asshole on its way to my pussy, I am fully exposed to him and his tongue. I feel his thumb rub against my clit from underneath. His tongue plunging into my pussy. I realize now just how wet I am from thinking about the things Kat did.He licks back up toward my ass licking little circles around it then back down to my pussy again making me moan outloud. I hear him tell me how sweet I smell from my shower and that I taste so good. With his tongue in me and his thumb massaging my clit it isn’t long before I am pushing back at him close to having an orgasm.

He must sense I am close cause he pulls himself away and stands up behind me. He moves up and I feel him rub his cock along my lips, the head getting wet and pushing on my clit. He slips it back up and across my pussy and stops at my ass. I tell him “no I have never done that and am not ready”, and he lowers it back down and slides slowly into my pussy. I can’t believe I am making love in someone else’s kitchen, at their sink. I push back at him wanting it deep inside me I’m so hot from the tongueing he was giving me.

“I need to cum.” the thought in my head says. He starts to push forward and stroke into me. His thick cock stretching my hole as he goes all the way in. God the feelings in my body are taking over as he reaches around and grabs my clit with two fingers and a thumb, squeezing and pulling down on it making it stretch just like my pussy is. He is driving into me now with force, our bodies starting to glisten with sweat as we are starting to really go at it. His balls are slapping off his fingers that are on my clit. He releases my clit and parts my lips so that with every thrust his balls smack my clit sending tingles all thru me. His thrusting is getting more erratic. His cock swelling I can tell from the feel of it inside me. My body taking over as I shudder from my orgasm. It hits me with such force that my knees give and Tim is holding my ass up and my body is laying on the sink. He starts to slam into me with all he has to give. I feel him break over the top too as his seed hits the back of my pussy splattering the inside of me. He calls out “Leanne here it is I am cumming too.” His head pushing hard into the back of me. He holds there as we both go into the throes of orgasm and feel our release. My muscles clinching hard around him,the flexing of his shaft as he cums. He leans over and kisses my neck as he lets go of my hips.

We hear Kat as she enters and says “well looks like I missed all the fun.” And she chuckles. As he pulls out of me, his cock slowly deflating. She comes over and kneels down to clean him. She sucks him into her mouth and licks him clean including his balls. After she is done she says ” you two taste good together will have to have more of that some time.” With that said and done she stands and Tim and I pull our shorts up. We all go into the family room to sit and talk more. As we talk we decide to go shopping and get some sexy new things to wear in the bedroom. We tell Tim he is going to help.

As he gets ready Kat and I talk about what we are going to do to him on this little shopping trip.

After Tim got cleaned up and changed we all loaded in their van and headed to the Teddy’s R Us store. Where you can buy just about anything sexy for sleep wear and play wear which ever you call it. It is the only lingerie store around this small area. As Tim drives Kat has her hand on his leg absent mindedly stroking his thigh. I lean up and run my fingers thru his hair. We are both being naughty as we tease him while he drives and he can’t tease back. With traffic being heavy on a Saturday afternoon it takes awhile to get there. So we get to tease him unmercifully. My hands running thru his hair and down around his ears and neck. Kats hands stroking higher and higher up his thigh till she is rubbing along his crotch. I hear him moan as he shifts in his seat trying to get comfortable. I hear Kat laugh as she plays with his zipper teasing him about setting it free.

But I whisper in his ear “you have to wait till we have new lingerie before you can play back.”

As we pull into the parking lot Kat squeezes his cock thru his jeans as I lean around the seat and kiss the side of his neck. We then get out and leave him to rearrange himself before joining us in the parking lot. As Kat and I get on each side of him wrapping our arms in his we bounce thru the lot like three teenagers. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. The fun life they live is starting to rub off on me and I love it. The feeling of freedom to enjoy life and not have to worry about what others say around you. As we enter the store the clerk looks at us a little strange I guess because there are three of us and we are arm in arm. Tim’s face gets a little red as we roam the store looking for just the right thing. I think he is a little embarrassed by the comments from Kat and I. We are talking loudly and the clerk is watching us closely. As we hold frilly lacey little things up to us and ask Tim his opinion. When we find some we are interested in we ask the clerk where the dressing room is. She brings us the key and show us where to go. As we enter we wink at Tim and tell him not to run off. With that we disappear into the dressing room together.

Kat has brought in an emerald green lacey top and a skimpy little t-back to match. As she slips out of her top I notice that her nipples are hardening. She tries on the top and it fits well so she slips off her jeans and tries on the panties. As she slips them on I notice she has shaved this morning while she was bathing, her little mound all smooth and shiny. I catch myself staring at her as she slowly pulls them on. As I look away I see her watching me. A smile is across her face as she pulls them into place, and asks me ” what do you think?” I am blushing now knowing she caught me looking at her bare muff. I tell her it looks great and she steps out for Tim to see and asks him. I look out to see Tim his face red as he looks because the clerk is standing there talking to him. The lady doesn’t seem to notice that he is blushing because she is eyeing Kat in this outfit too. I can almost see the wanting in her eyes as she looks Kat up and down. And I must admit from the back she looks great her legs blending into her tight little ass with just the strap running between her cheeks. She parades in front of Tim for a minute then returns to the changing room.

Giggling she asks “did you see the lady from the counter staring at me.”

I tell her” yes.” then she ask me to try my things on and I slowly remove my top as she watches me not trying to hide the desire in her eyes. As my breast spill free she sucks her breath in. The sound of that making me blush even more. I am still not used to another woman looking at my body with lust in her eyes. But I have to admit it thrills me a little bit. My nipples starting to harden from the knowledge that it is turning Kat on to see me. I undo my shorts and as I bend to remove them I feel Kat’s hand brush my ass. I kinda freeze not knowing what to do as I hold still. I feel her fingers slowly stroke along my ass cheeks and move toward my pussy which is sticking out as I bend over. My breath coming in shallow rasps as i feel her stroke along my lips touching me where no woman ever has. My mind reeling with thoughts of is this right or wrong? As I try to sort it out I feel my clit start to harden so I figure it can’t be all wrong. My body is game even if my mind is still confused. With my shorts around my ankles she moves behind me and I hear her say ” just relax and enjoy this Leanne.” And with that she kisses me right on my ass cheek, her tongue snaking out to lick me there also. I feel her tongue graze over my ass making it wet and warm as she breathes on it. Her tongue slowly licking down my crack as I lean over the changing bench. Kat kneeling behind me in these cramped quarters. Still able to get her head down between my legs as I open up wider for her. Her tongue slipping past my asshole slithering further down toward my pussy, which by now is starting to become very wet. Kat reaches up with her hand and starts to rub my clit with her thumb as she stiffens her tongue and drills it into my pussy from behind. She starts to flick it in and out of my hole as my knees weaken a little and her thumb rides hard on my clit. I feel myself pushing back toward her face as the feeling of pleasure start to build in me. Her tongue slips down and runs beside her thumb along my clit causing me to spasm and jerk. Then as fast as she was there she is back to my hole lapping up my juices as they start to run out. She pushes hard with her thumb and then licks across my ass causing me to moan out loud. I feel my orgasm starting to get there as her thumb is massaging my clit so well she does know how to please. When her tongue goes back to my pussy and she shoves it in I hear my self moan loudly.

Then there is a knock on the door. The clerk asks ” is everything alright in there?” And I jump, feeling like a kid being caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I pull away from Kat as I straighten up and says “yes things are fine here, be right out.” My breath is labored as I try to regroup being so close to orgasm then having to stop. Kat with a smile on her face and licking her lips leans over to me and kisses me softly. Then tells me ” it will be alright baby I will finish you later.” With that she starts to change into her street clothes. My body shaking from the pleasure it is feeling and the fact we got caught as I pull my shorts up. My fingers trembling as I button them.

When we walk out Tim and the lady are looking at us. I can tell she knows and Tim is just smiling as Kat stops to kiss him and I see his eyes light up as he smells me on her face as they kiss. He draws her in and kisses her more passionately as I see his tongue sneak out and trace her lips tasting more of me as he does. My face is blushing so bad right now, the clerk asking if everything fit good. I hear Kat tell her “everything fits just fine we will take it.” I hide my face behind Tim’s arm as he pays for the things. As I know what all Kat means by fitting fine. We pick up our things and glide out of the store. The lady telling us to have a nice day with a knowing smile.

As we reach the van we settle in and then Tim asks ” Leanne, how did your things fit?”

With that question Kat bursts out laughing as I blush. I start to talk and all I can do is fumble with my words so Kat speaks up. She tells Tim that I never quite got to try my things on but we are sure they will fit. Tim looks at us quizzingly and ask what is so funny? I can’t believe Tim hasn’t figured it out yet. He asks “why didn’t Leanne try her things on?” I have calmed down enough to speak now and tell Tim ” we were a little preoccupied.” He lets us know that he knew all along as he grins like a gopher stealing golf balls.

We decide it is time to grab something to eat before going home. So we all agree on pizza. We go to one of the local pizza parlors. As we enter the sign says seat yourself, so Kat leads us to the back corner booth. One of the old round ones that that has only one opening. As we sit down the waitress comes over and asks us what we want to drink as she leaves the menus. We order our drinks and when she returns with them we tell her what kind of pizza we want. She tells us it will be about 30 minutes and walks away. We look around and see that the place is fairly empty except for up near the counter. While waiting we start to talk about the lingerie store. Tim wants to know what happened in the changing room. Kat looks him in the eye and says “you had her after breakfast, it was my turn.” I feel my face change shades again, not as bad as before though.

Tim says “I wish I could have watched.”

With that I tell him I wish I could have finished too. The clerk interrupted just as I was ready to cum. This is the first time this weekend I have been left hangin. To which Tim replies “how do you think I feel after the ride to the store?” As Tim and I discuss our feelings on being left to wait, Kat says let me fix that y’all and starts to slide under the table. We look around to see if anyone notices her departure. No one is paying any attention to us in the corner. Thank god for long table cloths. As I feel her hands on my shorts as she undoes them and pulls slightly till I raise and she slips them to my knees. The cool seat feeling good against my skin. I see Tim smile as I hear his zipper being drawn down. Tim scoots closer to me till we are side by side. I feel Kat’s fingers sliding along my mound searching for my lips. I hear her slurp as she licks Tim and he again is grinning like that gopher. Her fingers finding my lips and trailing down to my hole pushing, slipping in easily as I am still wet from the store. Feeling her fingers sliding around my hole, it feels like at least three. I can tell from Tims face that she is sucking on him good. I hear a soft moan escape his throat almost a growl. As the fingers playing now move to my clit causing me to moan also. Tim and I look around again to be sure we are still alone. Neither of us wanting to be denied our pleasure this time. Our hands wrapped in each others to keep from reaching under the table. It feels good to hold his hand and look into his eyes as we both start to climb to orgasm. Her fingers rubbing along both sides of my clit and one across the tip of it as she strokes me. Tim mumbles to me that she is deep throating him and driving him closer already. I can tell he is close from the shaking in his hands as we are still holding on to each other. Kat’s fingers now squeezing my clit stroking it like a small cock letting it slip through her fingers then grabbing it again. My body starting to react more to her touch as she continues. Tim’s eyes are starting to glaze over as I can hear his breathing change. His breath coming in short rasps. I can hear it in his throat as he starts to moan trying to suppress it. Kat’s fingers now dipping down to go inside me I feel three drift into me as her thumb goes over my clit. I hear Tim mumble I am going to cum. And I see his body stiffen as he must be starting to fill her mouth. Her fingers working feverishly inside me driving harder as she rubs my clit too. It spurns me on to know he is cumming in Kat’s mouth right here in public.

His body starts to loosen up a bit as we look up and see the waitress with our pizza coming to the table. She looks around and asks “wasn’t their three of you?” I have three plates. To which I answer as best as I can (considering Kat has now moved over and started to lick my clit) yes she will be back shortly. I think back to the changing room as she licks my clit and thrust those three fingers in me. My body starting to shake as I feel my orgasm coming on. Kat must sense it to as she sucks my clit into her mouth and licks hard as she holds it there. I hear a sound escape my mouth that almost sounds like a purr. A deep purr that sounds like a large cat. With that sound Kat turns her fingers upward and rubs right behind my clit from the inside. And I feel myself drop over the deep edge of the pool of ecstasy. Falling into an orgasm to match no other today. My body quivering and shuddering as Tim puts his arm around me to hold me as I am lost at this point. I feel Kat slow down on her fingers but she continues to hold my clit in her mouth as I come down slowly. Then after I have calmed down she turns loose of it and pushes my shorts up for me to finish pulling up. As she emerges from under the table she licks her lips as she sits in her place. Then she leans over and kisses Tim again with my juices all over her. Tim starts to lick her face clean as they kiss.

With that done Kat says ” lets eat, I am starved.” As we eat we talk about the days adventures so far. The waitress comes back and asks if we need anything else And we all chime in ” no we are satisfied, thank you.” When we are finished we head to the van to go home. Once on the way we talk about Kat not having gotten her pleasure while we have been out. To which she says ” to have eaten such a sweet pussy is pleasure enough.” But Tim and I agree Kat is in trouble tonight when we get home.

But that is another story yet again…

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