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An Accidental Awakening

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The tissue box is empty and my heart is in a million pieces. I sound like a cliché, don’t I? At least there aren’t pints of ice cream in my system. Oh great, that’s the only thing I have going for me – I didn’t binge on ice cream. Way to go, Ashley. The relationship I thought was the one and only of my life is over and it ended messy.

He cheated and I caught him red-handed or as my friend Cara likes to put it, dick in a whore. She’s right of course but I haven’t made it to my anger phase yet. I’m still firmly planted in broken and sad land. The worst part is I don’t know how to get out.

It’s only been three days since I caught Brent in bed with a girl he had just met and I’m still kind of amazed that life is supposed to keep going. I went from being in what I thought was a happy relationship living with the man I loved to living alone and being alone. Cara would kill me if she knew I was wallowing like this since she believes I should just set his stuff on fire and go get laid. If I’m totally honest a part of me screams hell yes at that idea but I’m still pulling myself up from the pile this breakup has left me in. I should probably just listen to Cara though. It sounds better than sitting in on the couch in sweats watching movies and crying even when they’re funny. So yeah, here I am being a blubbering mess waiting for something to happen. I don’t know what that is yet but I just feel like I’m in limbo. What am I supposed to do now?

There’s a loud banging noise. It’s annoying. I roll over and pull the blanket over my head. The banging starts again and I realize it’s not a dream but someone at my door. When did I fall asleep? I roll off the couch and make my way to the entry way dragging my blanket behind me. I can hear Cara cursing on the other side of the door before I even reach for the knob and find her looking highly annoyed when it’s open. She quickly looks me up and down before shaking her head and pushing past me. I don’t even bother glancing in the mirror next to the door before following her into the kitchen. She’s glaring at me as soon I as I walk in and I brace myself for the whirlwind that is my friend.

“So, is hobo chic the look you’re going for or did your shower break and you forgot how to use the sink?” Ouch! I don’t even try to answer that and plop onto one of my barstools and lean my head on my hand. I feel defeated and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how I look. Cara sighs. “Ok. I know how hard this is. Troy cheated on me after three years together, remember? I get it! But you can’t let it beat you down like this. It’s pathetic and I love you too much to let you. So, what are you going to do about it?” She’s looking at me expectantly as if I should already have a master plan. I blink at her a few times before shrugging and laying my head on the counter. When did I become this person? I’m not normally like this. A brief thought pops in my head that this might be what depression is but it’s fleeting and I’m soon distracted by Cara yanking my blanket off me and pulling me out of the kitchen.

I’m being dragged down the hallway listening to Cara mumble to herself that she has to do everything and that I’m a hot mess straight into the bathroom. She quickly flips the shower on and then turns on me with a determined look in her eye. I do nothing but stand there. “Ashley! Wake the hell up! If you can’t do this yourself then I’m doing it for you. You’re going to get your ass in this shower right now and when you’re done all this moping around is over. Do you hear me? Over!” She’s fuming. I take a deep breath but I don’t understand what she expects me to do. How does a shower fix this? Sounds like a lot of pressure for a bottle of soap and hot water. I realize I haven’t spoken once since she got here and finally find my voice. “I don’t think a shower makes everything all better, Cara.” She glares at me again and then rolls her eyes. I catch my reflection in the mirror and wince. So maybe a shower can fix at least one thing.

Just when I think Cara is heading out of the bathroom she whirls back around. We stare at each other for a moment. Finally she says, “I want you to get it all out in that shower. Cry, scream and swear if you have to. Hit the walls if it makes you feel better but get it all out in there. You have to release it and then move forward. You’ll be fine, babe. I won’t let you be anything else and you know that. Brent is an ass and you deserve better, so you fall apart in that shower but then you put yourself back together. I better see my friend out here clean and ready to live again because I will drag you kicking and screaming otherwise.” With that she closed the door and I felt myself smile a little at my determined and loyal friend.

I did exactly what she said. I cried and cried in that shower. I sat on the floor and sobbed. I threw a shampoo bottle against the wall. I screamed and cursed his name. At some point I realized the tears had stopped and I felt a bit of the tension release. I washed and enjoyed the warmness. I even shaved my legs which were in dire need of a razor. By the time I turned the shower off I felt a bit more like myself. Did the shower make everything all better? No of course not. It did help something though. Feeling clean has a way of feeling like a new start even if it’s just the start of a new day. I pampered myself a bit. I lathered on lotion, I braided my hair, and made myself put on a pretty bra and matching underwear. It wasn’t necessary but I took Cara’s words to heart and decided I needed a boost of confidence even if it’s a minor one.

As I wandered back out into the living room I was surprised at what she had accomplished while I showered. Trash was picked up and the blinds were open. The sink was empty of dirty dishes and I could hear the dishwasher running. I think she even sprayed air freshener or maybe lit a candle. Maybe I let housework fall by the wayside a little. Ok, fine it was a total mess in here. I should probably feel embarrassed by that and the fact that my friend just cleaned up after me like I was a child but I don’t. I just feel grateful. “There she is!” Cara is sitting at my dining table with two mugs of steaming coffee wearing a grin. I sit opposite her and sip my coffee trying to pretend like I don’t know what she’s waiting for. She knows she was right and she wants me to admit it. I give in. “You were right. I know that’s what you want to hear but I mean it. I needed that. I needed my ass kicked into gear and I really needed that shower.” I give her a real smile and she seems to release a breath I didn’t know she was holding. “Well, I hope you shampooed twice.” She gave a wink with that little barb and I can’t help but smile again. “Good then! You’re smiling again, you look like you’ve come back to life and I feel like a fairy godmother.” Oh how I love her.

We spent a while chatting at that table and drinking coffee. We didn’t talk about Brent or the whore but just talking felt good. She caught me up on some gossip and talked me into going out the next night with her and some of her work friends. She finally wound our conversation back to more serious topics and asked if I managed to work at all while I’ve been holed up in here. I haven’t and internally flinch at the amount of work that has probably piled up. I work from home running my own business of selling sex toys. I do quite well but I can only imagine the amount of backlogged emails, phone calls, and orders waiting for me in the other room. Cara offers to help sort through what needs to be done and we lose several hours in my home office returning calls and emails and talking with my distributor to make sure orders are filled and shipped. We manage a pretty big dent in the mess I made before Cara needs to leave for a drink meeting with a client. She’s in public relations so late night meetings are the norm for her. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I give her a big hug and thank her again before she leaves. As she heads down the hallway from my apartment she tosses a lighthearted warning over her shoulder that I better be ready for some fun tomorrow night because she will accept nothing less.

The next day I’m better. I get several hours of work in and even started up a new ad campaign as well as secured myself a booth spot at an upcoming sex toy show. I did laundry and ordered some new clothes online as an additional pick me up. I feel pretty good. I realize I’m simply pushing aside the pain and memories of my failed relationship but at the moment it feels like what I need to do. I don’t want Brent back for anything and everything that belonged to him is already gone so I just keep trying to find happiness even in small things like clothes, delicious coffee, and good music. My phone dings a little bit after lunch with a text from Cara, *don’t forget about tonight! Dress hottttt!!* Hmm. A night out dancing and drinking will be fun but I hope she’s not expecting me to hook up with anyone. I’m not there yet. But, if I don’t dress up she won’t let me leave here until I do so I head to my closet to surrender to the dress code demand.

Hours later I’m freshly showered and shaved. My hair and makeup are done and I’m in a good mood. I’m still not dressed but have narrowed down my choices to two options. Laid out on my bed are a fitted black mini dress and tight jeans with a red crop top. For a brief second I want to just wrap up in a fluffy robe and sweatpants but finally decide on the dress and killer heels. My feet will hurt later but I love how my legs look in this dress and it will be fun to feel sexy for the night. I still refuse to hook up with anyone but some flirting won’t hurt and feeling wanted will go a long way right now. Cara finally arrives looking amazing in a pink bandage dress and approving of my dress choice as well. If anything she looks surprised and a bit relieved. I give her a questioning look but she ignores it. We’re quickly outside and in a cab heading to a club to meet up with the other girls. I actually start getting excited the closer we get and realize how much I need this. Once again Cara is right and I wonder if she will ever let me forget it. Probably not.

The club is busy and there seems to be an endless line at the door. One perk of clubbing with Cara is you never have to wait in line. Everyone knows her and catering to her means good press for them. It’s a win-win for everyone except the annoyed people glaring at us from behind the rope. The girls give evil eyes while the guys ogle and try to get our attention hoping to piggyback their way in. It never works. Cara introduces me to her friends from work at the door and the four of us head in to the booming club ready for some fun. Drinks are up first and they’re complimentary as well. I start with a top-shelf cosmo and it goes down oh so smooth. This really was a good idea. There’s such a mix of people in this club and it just oozes sex. Hell, people are practically fucking on the dance floor. I’ve never been to this particular club before but I can tell that everyone here is looking for one thing -hot sex. I try to steel my resolve of not hooking up and think I may be the only one here with that goal. I’m questioning my choice of dress when Cara and her friend Jen grab my hand and we move through the crowd following Amanda straight into the center of the dancing mob. I shake off my doubts and let myself get taken away by the music. That’s why we’re here right?

Song after song the four of us dance together and I find myself getting pretty close to Jen. I’m not usually one for over the top girl-on-girl dancing but I just go with it when she pulls me in. I see Cara laugh at us but she’s quickly distracted by a guy rubbing up against her. It’s not long before I feel a set of large hands on my hips and a body against my back. Jen continues to dance in front of me and I allow this random guy to join in the fun. I tried looking over my shoulder to see his face but with the darkness and pulsing lights I couldn’t see anything other than he was tall. Oh screw it! It’s just dancing and if he knows how to move than who cares what his face looks like. We continue dancing and I completely forget about Jen and start to really move with this guy. Our hips find a rhythm and his hands start to wander away from my hips. First they move around to palm my stomach and pull me even closer. I grind against him more in time with the music and I can feel him growing beneath his pants. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy that it was because of me and I felt myself grin.

I look up to find Cara and the girls as the mystery man behind me continues to move his hands upward but they’re all gone except Jen. She’s dancing with some guy but he seems more into it than she does. We catch each other’s eye and she gives me a smile and wiggles in the guy’s hands. My mystery man has become pretty brave all the sudden and one hand has boldly cupped my breast. I’m surprised to find myself getting a little aroused as he gently squeezes but then a pang of guilt hits just as quickly. Guilt! Guilt for what? I haven’t done a damn thing wrong and deserve to have fun. I tilt my head back against his shoulder and continue to move against him. This isn’t like me at all but I’ve decided not to care. I thought I only wanted to dance and drink but I realize I want to feel wanted. I want to feel sexy and I want to have fun. So screw being prim and proper and I push my breasts into his hands and wrap one of my arms up behind his head. All the while Jen is watching me and watching the hands of this hard stranger behind me. One thing I haven’t decided is what I like more, this guy’s hands on me or being watched so intently.

I turn around in his arms to finally see his face and freeze as soon as I look up. Justin! No! He grins at me and I bubble over in anger and slap him across the face. Why did it have to be him of all people? I see his shock and confusion as I push him away and head straight for the ladies room. I’m reeling in embarrassment and anger. I’m mad at him but even more at myself. I can’t believe I was rubbing up against the one guy I would have paid money never to see again. The guy who is my only one night stand from two years ago that was by far the worst sex I’ve ever had. The idiot promptly farted and fell asleep as soon as we finished. He even still had the condom on as he passed out. Disgusting! I knock some drunken girl out of the way and basically steal the bathroom right out from under her. I can hear girls yelling as I pass and a couple of them bang on the door since I have completely skipped the line and locked them out.

Suddenly one of the doors to a stall swings open and a girl stumbles out and barely even notices that I’m there. She completely bypasses the sink and heads right for the door. The fact that it’s locked is beyond her comprehension and I literally unlock it and push her out. Just before I shut the door Jen appears and I let her in. Girls are still lined up outside and some try to push the door open but Jen tells them to fuck off before slamming it shut and locking it once again. There will probably be a riot out there soon. Jen has made her way over to the mirrors and is fixing her hair and I wonder why she even wanted to come in here. Looking around it’s not like it’s a nice place. It’s badly lit, there are random pieces of toilet paper on the floor, and stains all over that I don’t even want to think about. I turn back to Jen and blurt out, “So this night really fucking sucks!” She turns around and gives me a small smile, shrugs and says, “I’m pretty sure it’s worse for that guy you bitch slapped.” I snort. He’s lucky I didn’t knee him in the balls. Suddenly Jen laughs and I realize I said that out loud instead of in my head. What a night.

Before I know it I’m spilling everything to Jen and she listens intently. I tell her all about Brent cheating and catching him with that whore’s legs wrapped around his neck. “He never did that with me! Do you know how much I would have loved to be really fucked like that? But no! We did hum drum boring sex always in the same position and you know what? It sucked! I admit it! It sucked and I faked my orgasms on a regular basis. I should have screamed that at him when I kicked him out, see how he liked that. Bastard.” I’m rambling but Jen keeps listening and I don’t seem to have an off switch. I continue, “Just when I decide to let go and have some fun it blows up in my face! That guy I was dancing with was my worst nightmare come back to haunt me.” She looks at me expectantly so I keep going, “I’ve been with that guy before. His name is Justin and he should come with a warning label – worst sex ever! But you know what? That’s not even the worst part. The worst part is I haven’t had an orgasm in over a month!”

I slump against the counter and look up at Jen to find her gaping at me. “It’s been over a month?” She whispered that question in horror and I sadly agree it’s true. She seems to be thinking and then shakes her head no and says, “I don’t get it. I know you said you faked it with your ex but that’s what vibrators are for sweetie!” I laugh because she’s right and obviously I have no shortage of those around with the business but I haven’t used them. It’s not what I wanted and I say so. I didn’t want a battery and a quick buzz. I wanted something real. I shrug again and go for a change of subject and ask her what happened to the guy she was with. She smiles at me again and simply says, “He wasn’t the one I was interested in. I was just passing time.” So I was right, she wasn’t into him. I wonder why she doesn’t just go after the guy she does want. She looks fantastic in her tight jeans and top. Any guy in here would be all over her given the opportunity. After quite a pause she finishes with, “I’m not sure the person I want is interested.” Huh. I guess everyone has insecure days. I tell her she should just go for it and that she doesn’t need to be hiding out in a bathroom with me.

I realize the women outside are pounding on the door again or maybe they never stopped. I just sigh and start to walk towards it to leave when Jen grabs my hand and pulls me back. I’m completely caught off guard and wobble a bit on my heels but she quickly pushes me against the wall by the sink and says, “They can wait.” After the slightest pause she kisses me. It’s soft at first and I can tell she’s waiting for me to respond. Part of me wants to push her away because, well I don’t know why, because it feels so fantastic. I kiss her back without even consciously deciding to. I’m not drunk but maybe she is. I don’t know what this is and we’ll both probably completely regret this later but wow, she can kiss. Her hands move to my head and hold me to her mouth and I find my hands on her hips pulling her in closer.

Abruptly Jen pulls away and looks at me. Our hands haven’t moved and I think we’re both waiting for the other to speak first. I hear my voice say, “I didn’t know you were…gay.” She keeps the straightest face and says she didn’t know I was either. Hmm. Touché. I feel her hands start to let go of my face and the intense need inside me to still be connected to her takes over and I pull her to me and kiss her. Her mouth tastes so sweet and it seems like I can feel every stroke of her tongue all over my body. I haven’t been kissed like this is a long time. Maybe never! One of Jen’s hands slowly slides down the side of my neck to the skin just below my throat. Her touch tingles all over and I yearn for more. Her hand continues down my chest and skims over the top of my breasts just above the edge of my dress. My skin prickles at the contact. Her fingers continue their back and forth path and one dips below the top of my dress between my breasts. I actually give a very quiet moan and I can feel her smile against my mouth. Oh this is good. Simple yet so good.

I feel a sense of loss when her hand leaves my chest and slowly travels down my side. I move one of mine to her breasts instead and quite enjoy their heaviness in my hand. I cup her and give a squeeze and I’m surprised at my urge to pull her V-neck shirt down and expose her to me. Before I can examine that urge or even decide to act on it I feel her right hand reach the short hem of my dress and quickly slip beneath it to touch my leg. I lose all sense of thought or personal examination when I feel her hand graze my inner thigh and my body clench in response. I can feel that I’ve already soaked my pretty pink panties and it’s becoming harder to keep a steady breath. I want more. Her hand moves slowly up my leg and my dress moves upward with it. I’m not thinking anymore, just wanting – needing her touch. Our kiss has grown from soft and sweet to deep, passionate, and needy. When the first touch of her hand reaches my panties I moan into her mouth and my hips move on their own. If I could have wished for fabric to disintegrate I would have in that moment.

She could have teased me and made me beg for it and I probably would have whole heartedly but based on her heavy breathing and the gasp she let out at feeling the moistness through the fabric, there was no waiting for either one of us. She pushed my panties aside and gave me a long stroke from top to bottom and I just about came apart at the seams. If not for the wall behind me I would have been a puddle on the floor and she had only just touched me. I broke our kiss and tilted my head back against the wall and moaned as her fingers began to work in circles. My dress was limiting my movement and hers so I quickly hiked it up around my waist and opened my legs for her. Her hand rewarded me by dipping one finger into me and moving it in and out. Her left hand found my breasts and squeezed them through my dress. Her mouth kissed and licked my throat all while her hand picked up speed and added a second finger to its assault. I could feel my body climbing and my hips were meeting her hand thrust for thrust. The only thoughts in my head were ‘yes’ and ‘more’ and I heard those words spill out in between the moans.

I felt her teeth graze my throat just as her thumb began to circle where I was most sensitive. It felt exquisite! I could feel the heat growing between my legs and drips of my wetness run down my thigh. I knew I was close and reached out to grip the side of the wall for support. Her hand thrust into me harder and her thumb pressed down on me hard before rapidly moving side to side and I exploded. I came hard and loud in that bathroom and felt it from head to toe. Her hand kept up with me through the entirety of my orgasm then slowly massaged me down from my peak. I was panting and shaking by the end and didn’t open my eyes for a moment or two. When I did, Jen was smiling at me and slowly pulled her hand out leaving me exposed and empty. She looked at her hand which was covered in my juices and brought it to her mouth. I watched as she thoroughly licked each finger and then sucked them into her mouth. Her eyes closed as she sucked her fingers clean and I felt myself clench at the image before me. Seeing her enjoy the taste of me on her hand was the hottest thing I had ever seen. When our eyes met again you could almost hear the fire between us crackle and I hissed in a breath as she moved in to kiss me. I tasted myself for the first time on her lips and I liked it. I feel myself starting to question what it all means and I slam it down and deepen the kiss instead.

We’re suddenly brought back to reality when we hear a much louder pounding on the door and a man’s voice yelling for us to open up or he was coming in. Jen and I stare at each other for a second before bursting out in laughter. Can you imagine the bouncer coming in here and seeing me with my dress up around my waist and my panties pushed off to the side? Oh god! I hurriedly fix myself and check my reflection in the mirror. My hair is a bit messed up from Jen’s hands and me resting it on the wall but besides that I just look flushed and giddy. Jen is washing her hands as quickly as possible and hands me some paper towel to wipe down my legs. She winks as she hands them to me and I feel myself flush even deeper. In record time we make ourselves presentable and she tells me to pretend to be ill and miserable before she pulls open the door. The bouncer is livid! He literally looked like a big ball of angry red muscle. I would have laughed had I not been trying to pull off my best sick to my stomach and pathetic act. Jen launched right into apologies for locking everyone out and plays up the fact that I’m feeling sick and just needed to be alone. She goes on and on about how some asshole hurt me and I drank way too much trying to numb the pain and that she was just trying to protect her friend. Honestly, even I lost track of her story at times and she was talking so fast but yet sounded so sure of herself that you couldn’t help but believe her. Hell, even I started to believe her story for a second. When she was finished the bouncer didn’t seem like he knew what to do next. Eventually he gave a half-hearted reprimand for taking over the bathroom and then offered to call us a cab.

The club seems even more crowded when we make our way away from the bathroom. The bouncer leaves us to go call a cab and says he’ll meet us at the door. I get the feeling he just wants us out and I don’t know if that’s more because we caused such a big problem with the bathroom or Jen’s long story as our excuse. It takes several minutes for us to find Cara and Amanda. Cara is dancing with some guy and Amanda is curled up in a booth nearby having a very passionate make-out session. It’s funny to think that I normally would have judged her for making out with a guy she just met in a dirty club booth but since I just finished doing the same and more in a bathroom – except for the whole with a woman thing, I really have no room to judge. I manage to pull Cara away from the very enthusiastic guy she’s dancing with and have a yell in each other’s ear attempt at a conversation trying to explain that I need to leave. I can tell she’s just confused. One minute she thinks I’m sick and the next she thinks I’m getting kicked out. For goodness sake! I finally give up and grab a napkin off a nearby table and nab a pen from a passing waitress. I manage some form of shorthand saying I’m going home and Jen and I will share a cab if she and Amanda are staying. She stares at me like she’s trying to see through my head after all the random parts of the story she was able to catch over the music but finally nods and says she’s leaving too. We find Jen and Amanda by the door and I play up the sickness once again as we step outside.

The bouncer had called a cab for two women so when the four of us came out the cab driver was a bit flustered. We decided to just squish in anyway and make a two person back seat work for four people. Somehow Jen and I end up squished up against each other next to one of the doors and I will swear up and down it wasn’t on purpose. Cara and Amanda argued back and forth about who should get dropped off first while Jen and I tried to act natural. Maybe it should have been easy but it wasn’t. On one side I was pressed tightly against a door and on the other even tighter against Jen’s leg. The contact does things to my head. I think Jen is a bit flustered too and we’re both trying hard to pretend like it doesn’t matter. Once we’re on our way to Amanda’s apartment several conversations are started up and quickly die out. I can’t focus. All I can think about is how obvious we must seem as if we’re wearing some large banner. I don’t think its guilt that is coursing through me but a certain level of shock mixing with desire. I feel like it’s radiating off me like heat and Jen looks just as tense. I hear Cara call my name loudly and I jump. She’s looking at me strangely and asks what’s wrong with me and doesn’t seem to believe my simple I’m fine comment. I think she must assume I’m depressed over Brent again so I flash a smile which seems to confuse her more. I catch Jen’s smirk and I suddenly wish I was in a cab alone with my thoughts.

As we make our way down the streets only Cara and Amanda are talking. It’s pretty dark inside the cab and the lack of street lights in this neighborhood doesn’t give any additional light. I tried to sneak a look at Jen’s face but it’s far too dark to see any expression. Just when I give up and look out the window I feel a slight touch on the outside of my right leg. I tense. I feel it again and know Jen is doing it on purpose. She begins stroking my thigh right near the edge of my dress. What is she doing? She pauses as we pass through a brighter area but continues as soon as we’re plunged back into darkness. She begins stroking in small circles and I can feel goose bumps spread across my skin. She starts getting braver and moves her hand to the top of my thigh and along the hem of my dress. I can’t believe she’s doing this here in the car with other people right beside us, never mind the driver who could spot us in the rearview mirror with the right light at any point. I sneak a peek to see if the driver has done just that but he’s focused on the road ahead and I can still hear the girls chatting away. I don’t dare look at Jen and turn back to the window. When her hand slips down between my legs and slightly under my dress I fight to hold in a gasp. I have no idea if I succeed as all I can hear in my head is my own heartbeat and it’s pounding faster by the minute. Jen freezes only briefly before beginning those maddening circles along the highly sensitive skin of my inner thigh. This is so insane and such a turn on all at the same time.

Finally we pull up in front of Amanda’s apartment building and Jen quickly pulls her hand into her own lap. We all say goodbye and Amanda slips out of the cab. Cara slides over to make room and Jen and I are forced to give each other some space. Suddenly I wish the backseat was still full and squirm in my seat trying to relieve the built up tension between my legs. Damn Jen and her little circles! Cara is still chatty and spends the rest of the trip talking up a storm. Jen engages with her but I just stay mostly quiet. A little while later we’re outside Cara’s apartment and she gives us both hugs before hopping out of the cab and paying her share of the trip. I don’t know why but she stays at the curb and when the cab starts to pull away Jen slips her hand back between my legs and I see Cara’s jaw drop before we’re back in traffic and out of sight. Holy shit! Cara saw what Jen did. Jen doesn’t seem to know and gives me a smile before staring straight ahead. Maybe she does know? Oh god I don’t know and there are those circles again. What was I thinking about?

We have the most oblivious cab driver on the planet. Within moments of pulling away from Cara’s shocked expression Jen has completely cupped me between the legs and has slipped one finger under my panties. She has even shifted in her seat to give herself a better angle and never slid across the seat into the spot Cara left empty. I briefly think he may be gay but even if he was he would surely still react. Wouldn’t you? Oh this cab ride just might kill me. Her finger is giving me slow and gentle strokes just inside my panties and it’s driving me insane. There’s no relief with this attention and the tension builds even more. I wish she was wearing a dress so I could return the favor but her jeans make access quite difficult. I’m trying so hard to keep myself together but when her finger slides inside me I let a little moan escape. The driver doesn’t even flinch. Maybe that just sounded louder in my head than it really was. She repeats the motion a few more times and I moan again without even meaning too. This time I know she heard it and there’s no way the cab driver can be that deaf. It’s otherwise completely silent in this car, not even a note of music to drown me out. This time I catch his eyes in the rearview mirror when we’re stopped at a red light and I know he knows. Well, shit.

I give Jen a pleading look and if I’m totally honest I don’t know if it’s for her to stop or keep going. She just grins in response. Clearly she’s enjoying this. She leans in close to my ear and whispers, “This is so hot.” Surprisingly I agree but at the same time I can’t believe I’m even in this situation. The cab driver returns his focus to the road and Jen gives me a brief break when she slides her finger out and resumes her gentle strokes. A little voice in my head says to just enjoy it and not care about the cab driver but I don’t think I can. Nothing about this night is usual for me and it’s all going so fast I don’t even know how I feel about the bathroom activities never mind our exhibitionist style cab ride. I’m returning to my original thought that Jen must be really drunk when her finger slides into me again and thrusts in and out. My head drops backward of its own accord and I moan. I look into the rearview mirror and see the cab driver returning my stare. He shifts in his seat a bit and I think it’s to get a better view in the mirror but Jen hasn’t stopped her movements and I feel myself becoming lost in her touch again. I hear myself moan some more but seem to forget why that’s a problem. I turn my head toward Jen and she’s watching me with an intense gaze and her breathing is picking up. She really likes this. The cab rolls to a stop at a four way red light and she takes this as her cue to bring it home. Her hand picks up speed and so does my breathing. My hips are moving on the seat and I spread my legs as far as my dress will allow. She whispers in my ear again, “Let go.” Her hand’s thrusting continues and her other hand reaches around to rub me right where I need it most. I fall apart in the back of that cab with a set of dark eyes watching every move in the mirror. The last thing I see is his head turning around before my eyes close and my body quivers around Jen’s fingers.

A horn sounds and our driver quickly darts the cab forward trying to act natural. He fails. Jen has removed her hands and offers me one of her fingers staring at me intently. I keep her gaze and gently suck her finger into my mouth. Tasting myself for the second time I find myself wondering what she would taste like. This thought should throw me but it doesn’t. Maybe it’s because the look in her eye is all fire and desire. It’s intoxicating. Jen pulls her finger from my lips when we pull up to her townhouse and she pulls money from her pocket to pay the driver. Just when I think she’s getting out and we need to say goodbye she takes my hand and pulls me out of the cab with her. She tips the driver well and he sits there watching us until we’re around the corner and out of sight. I can only imagine the story he will be telling his friends later. I turn back to Jen and watch her unlock her door. When she looks up I lean in and kiss her. It’s gentle and sweet at first but quickly starts to deepen. I forget we’re still outside her house when her hands cup my face and her tongue starts another dance with mine. She takes a step backwards into her doorway and I follow with our lips still locked together. I can’t seem to get enough of her and it seems like it’s a mutual feeling. I don’t know how we went from just meeting for the first time tonight to devouring each other in her living room but the intensity is stronger than I’ve experienced with anyone else. I can’t seem to focus long enough to figure it out and decide thinking is better left for later. Why ruin whatever this?

Once we’re in the house and the door is shut Jen suddenly blurts out, “I didn’t expect this.” Hmm. I guess I’m not the only one questioning what this is. I clearly don’t have an answer for her and tell her I didn’t either. She sighs and drops onto her couch before continuing, “I feel like I forced myself on you. I doubt Cara even told you I date men and women and I can be pretty forward sometimes. Shit, I didn’t even stop to ask if it was ok and I knew you’re right out of a bad break up. Oh god! That was so shitty, I’m so sorry!” I have to say stop a couple times before she finally quiets and takes a deep breath. Wow! Most of what she said is true but do I feel like she forced herself on me? No. I don’t. I wasn’t expecting it but I didn’t want her to stop either. I wanted it and I wanted her. No, she shouldn’t feel bad at all. I try my best to reassure her of this and by the time I finish she seems calmer. I don’t know what all this makes me and I don’t know how I’ll feel about it tomorrow or three weeks from now but right this second I like it.

I join her on the couch and we sit in silence a few moments before I tell her about Cara seeing her hand between my legs as we pulled away from her house. Jen looks shocked for a second before bursting out in laughter. It is pretty funny. My phone is probably blowing up already with messages and calls from her and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jen’s is as well. As her laughter dies off she says, “Sorry I’m laughing. I should have been more careful but I can just picture her freaking out after we left. I don’t know what came over me in that cab. I’m not usually like that I swear! It was just so fun and hot to be touching you with people right there.” She ends with a shy smile and I grin back. It was fun and hot isn’t even the word for it. Jen has gone quiet again and I ask her if something is wrong. She shakes her head no but takes a deep breath. Suddenly she turns in her seat towards me and says, “Would it be crazy to ask you to stay tonight? I don’t really want whatever we’re doing to end yet. Will you stay?” I definitely don’t want to leave and I can’t imagine this being over before I get a chance to feel and taste her. Wow. When did I become such a sex fiend? I feel a smile spread across my face and I lean over and push her down to lay across the cushions. She gives a slight squeal at my sudden movement and I move over her to kiss her lips as my answer.

We’re all hands and tongues. My hands are traveling up and down her body feeling her lines and curves and hers are doing the same to me. My dress is limiting my movements but I’m able to move myself between her legs and start to kiss down her throat towards her chest. Her breathing has picked up again and she’s begun to push my dress up my legs and over my ass as my lips make their way to her cleavage. I inch her shirt down bit by bit and kiss every bare inch of her skin. When her bra comes into view I dip my tongue between her breasts and trace along the edge of lace on each cup. She sighs in pleasure and I reach down to pull her shirt up and over her breasts. She shifts position to allow me to lift it over her head and it gets tossed on the floor. My fingers dance over her newly exposed skin and I’m amazed at how beautiful she looks. My finger follows the same path my tongue explored along the lace and I pull down the fabric to expose her nipple. It’s pink and perfectly hard. I repeat the process on the other side and soon she’s completely expose. She’s closely watching my every move and I keep eye contact with her as I lower my tongue to her right nipple. Her eyes close as my tongue begins to swirl around the small nub and a small moan escapes her lips. Oh this is fun! I close my mouth around her nipple and give a little suck. She moans some more and I kiss my way over to the other nipple and repeat the same process. I really like this.

I begin a slow path down her stomach with my hand and follow with my lips until I reach the top of her jeans. I look up at her as I undo the button and zipper. Her breathing is a little fast she keeps biting her lip in anticipation. I quickly shimmy her pants down and let them fall to the floor. I almost laugh out loud at the first thought that pops in my head, that she looks delicious in just her lacey bra and panties. I return my lips to her stomach and kiss my way around the sides of the fabric. The skin on her legs is silky smooth and my hands glide up her thighs. I allow my fingers to graze her through the thin fabric and she sucks in a sharp breath in response. Before I can second guess myself I slowly pull her panties down until they join her pants on the floor. I can’t believe she’s naked before me and a small voice in my questions if I even know what I’m doing. I’ve never been with a woman before and a little insecurity makes itself known. As a distraction to myself I move back up her body and lean down for a kiss. Maybe she sensed my hesitation because as she kissed me back so moved my right hand back down and put it between her legs. I can feel the heat radiating from her moistness and slowly move my fingers in to feel it. I never break the kiss as I feel her slickness for the first time and enjoy the moan she gives into my mouth. Feeling slightly braver I slide my fingers through her folds feeling her slightly quiver beneath me. I can see why she enjoyed this so much earlier, watching and feeling her begin to fall apart because of me is a heady feeling.

My confidence builds as I move my hand through her wetness and slide a finger inside her. She groans and spreads her legs further apart. I take one of her nipples into my mouth again and begin slow in and out motions with my hand. When she whispers for more I add a second finger and kiss down her belly. I know what I want to do next but part of me is nervous. I’ve never gone down on a woman before and the anticipation level for both of us is through the roof. I know she wants it and when my lips graze the top of her mound she gives in to a deep shiver. I can do this. I know what feels good for me and I can just do the same. I continue thrusting my fingers in her warmness and take my first taste of her. Sweetness floods my mouth and the deep groan from above is the best motivation to keep going. I push my tongue deeper and lick up the fold until I reach her bud. It’s even better than I thought. Her moans are growing and so is my excitement. I swirl my tongue around and use my free hand to open her further. The two fingers inside her are covered in her wetness and I continue to pump them. I focus my tongue on her most sensitive spot and pick up intensity. When I peek up to see her face I find her eyes shut and her mouth open mid moan. She’s panting and begging for more so that’s what I give her. My hand speeds up and my tongue continues its dance. Her moans fill the room and I feel my own body clench in response. I can’t help but moan myself when I feel her body begin to quiver and more juice begin to flow. Her whole body tenses up and she cries out loudly when her orgasm hits. Her fists clench into the fabric of the couch and her hips buck wildly. I keep my mouth on her and lap up the warm gush of sweetness that pours out of her. I feel like my entire body is humming in response to seeing her burst around me and I savor every last second of it.

When she finally comes down from her climax I gently stroke her with my tongue and slowly extract my now quite tired fingers. My hand is pretty well soaked and she’s still trying to catch her breath. I did it! I can’t believe it and the first thing I think of is how much I want to do it again. I make my way back up her body kissing her belly and breasts as I go. When I make it up her throat to her lips her eyes flutter open and a small smile spreads across her face. I bring up my wet hand and stroke one finger across her bottom lip. She giggles before taking my finger into her mouth and sucking it clean. One of her hands takes hold of my wrist as she continues to lick her own juices. It’s incredibly sexy. When she finishes she roughly pulls my head down to hers and we lock in another intense kiss. She moves one of her hands to my back and starts to slide down the zipper on my dress. Once it’s down she sits us up on the couch and takes each strap off my shoulders one at a time. I slip off the couch and stand in front of her. The dress slowly moves down my body and piles at my feet. I kick off my heels while stepping out of my dress and she reaches out to stroke my stomach before standing with me. Still wearing her heels she towers over me and looks down at my pushed up cleavage. Using only one finger from each hand she traces the shape of my bra across each breast and around the sides meeting in the back. In one fluid motion she unhooks my bra and tears it off my body making my boobs bounce on my chest. I couldn’t even tell you where it went.

After a moment of just taking each other in she turns me around and pushes me down onto the couch. I land with a bounce and sit back on the cushion. Quickly, she reaches around her back and removes her bra before kneeling on the floor in front of me. I watch waiting for her next move. When she spreads my legs apart and kneels between them I shudder with need. Seeing her naked and between my legs makes my heart beat faster and I bite my lip to try to keep control. I’m pulsing with tension and I need release but I have a feeling she may take her time getting me there. She doesn’t move until I lock eyes with her again. I keep my eyes on hers as she leans forward and kisses me between my breasts. I shiver. One hand slowly sneaks up my abdomen and ever so lightly touches one nipple. How can such a small touch be so intense? She repeats the touch on the other nipple and watches my reaction. When she starts her little circles on my right nipple I moan and drop my head back on the couch. Oh the things those circles do to me! She uses her other hand to mimic the same motions on my left nipple and I almost can’t take it. I’ve always had sensitive nipples but this is too much and so amazing. I feel her hands leave my chest and her mouth soon replaces them. She takes turns sucking and teasing each nipple with her teeth until I’m crying out and my entire body is vibrating.

Her fingers quickly slip under the sides of my panties and she yanks them off my body. She moves back between my legs and spreads me wide before her. She moans her approval and leans down to kiss my inner thighs. She takes her time moving up one thigh and down the other without touching where I want her lips the most. The teasing is driving me mad and I hear myself begging in a husky whisper. She looks up at me with a sly smirk and shakes her head before returning to my thighs. I watch her as she kisses closer and closer but always stopping short. I groan with frustration but she just moves to the start of the other leg. It’s only when I toss my head back that I feel her pass her earlier invisible line and kiss just the edge where my legs meet my hot spot. She begins kissing around the border and holds my hips down when I try to move toward her lips. When she feels me stop fighting she lets the very tip of her tongue reach out and touches me at my center. I hiss in response and she does it again. After a couple maddeningly light licks I feel her full tongue lick me from top to bottom, tasting me. A long deep moan comes from deep inside me and I hear a smaller one echo from her. I can feel nothing but her mouth and my mind goes blank. She licks me again and pushes her tongue deeper into my warmth. If it wasn’t for her hands holding me down I think I might just float away in bliss.

Whatever control she had before seems to be evaporating fast as her tongue moves more insistently and delicious groans escape her mouth. My hips are trying to move around but she holds me tight to the couch and keeping me spread open. I keep trying to look down at her but the things she’s doing with her tongue feel so amazingly good that I can’t hold my head up. My breathing is heavy and my moans are getting increasingly louder. When she begins to focus her tongue on what is now the center of my universe I feel ripples of pleasure spread through my body and I know I won’t last much longer. I start panting the word yes over and over as she presses her tongue into me harder and faster. I’m right on the brink of exploding when she does something unexpected. I feel her teeth along my most tender flesh and my world explodes. I feel intense heat like pleasure rip through every inch of my body down to my fingers and toes. I hear a loud cry fill the room and my body tenses arching right off the couch. Jen’s hands are on my hips keeping me with her and her mouth is still on me. It feels like it won’t end and I want to cry out stop and never stop all at the same time. I could stay here forever.

When I finally glide back down from my climax Jen is gently kissing where her tongue had just been. Opening my eyes I look down at her and watch her worship my core. I can see wetness around her mouth and on her chin. My body is still twitching and there are tingles all over my skin. Everything is so sensitive right now I think I could explode into a million pieces at the slightest touch. When she finally pulls back and looks into my face I can’t help but smile. I reach down and place my finger under her chin and guide her up to me. When she is completely hovering over my body and looking down at my face I whisper kiss me and pull her in. Her lips are slicked in my juices and I taste my sweetness mixed with the taste of her mouth. It’s wonderful.

I would have never expected my night to end this way when I left my apartment only hours ago. I have no idea where we go from here and the answer to that might be nowhere. I find that I hope that isn’t the case. We eventually get off the couch and Jen leads me to her bedroom. We slip into her bed and lay there staring at each other lost in our own thoughts. We haven’t said much since we finished but it doesn’t feel like we need to right now. Tomorrow morning might be a different story but right now I’m sated and exhausted. As I drift off to sleep I wonder what this could mean for future relationships and find myself silently thanking that dirty whore for showing me how wrong my relationship with Brent really was. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be lying in bed with the taste of a woman on my lips and feeling content for the first time in a long time. Life is funny, isn’t it?

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