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A Night Out…

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I sat at home on this particular Friday night. My wife, Susan, had called earlier from work to let me know, that she planned to stop off at a bar with some co-workers for a drink or two. This was fine, as it had been a long day and a night of television alone sounded really inviting. About 8:15 the phone rang, it was Susan. It seems everyone went their separate ways after one drink, but she was not ready to call it a night.

She asked me to please come join her. Well the thought of being in a bar with my wife, knowing that the drunker she got, the wilder she became, got me instantly excited. I agreed, hung up the phone, grabbed my jacket and was out the door. As I drove to the bar, my thoughts were filled with visions of Susan. I knew that once she was drinking, she would indulge my smoking fetish. Thoughts of her smoking Virginia Slim 120’s, blowing the smoke at me and teasing me were enough to give me a massive erection. I arrived at the bar, parked the car and headed inside with great anticipation of what the night would offer.

Once inside, I looked around for Susan. There, in a back corner table I could see her shoulder length red hair flowing side to side. She was wearing a nice white sweater that showed off her massive breasts wonderfully. She had a knee length black leather skirt on with black pantyhose and some nice heels. She was still wearing her black leather gloves, “Yes!” I had thought to myself. In addition to my smoking fetish, Susan knew the sight of her in any type of leather or latex would drive me into a sexual frenzy.

She threw up her hand and said, “Honey, over here!”.

I made my way through the bar to where she was sitting. She got up and gave me a big hug and a kiss.

“Oh thank you so much for coming out, I just wasn’t ready to go home yet”.

We sat down and motioned for the waitress. We ordered a round of drinks and as the waitress left, Susan reached out and touched my face.

“We are gonna have some fun tonight.”

She smiled a wicked smile and winked at me. Of course a big grin came across my face, as I thought of all the possibilities the night could bring. “What are you two doing here?”

I heard the all too familiar voice from behind me. It was Hanna, our neighbor and Susan’s “drinking buddy”, as we affectionately called her.

“Hanna”, Susan said,” Sit down and join us”.

Hanna sat down beside her and hugged her and kissed her cheek.

“Have you been here long?” Susan inquired.

“No, just got here, had a date, but the ass-hole cancelled on me. What are you two kids doing?”

“I was here with people from work, but then they all left. So, I called Ben and made him come out for a wild night on the town” Susan answered.

The waitress had returned with our drinks.

Susan picked up her glass and said, “Here’s to a wild night!”.

We clanked our glasses together and all took a drink. Susan got up and went to the ladies room. When she returned, she had a fresh pack of Virginia Slims and a pack of matches. She sat down and opened the pack and pulled one of the long white cigarettes from the pack and proceeded to light it. Hanna looked in astonishment.

“Since when do you smoke?”

Susan exhaled and spoke, “Oh, only when I’m drinking and I want to get Ben worked up”.

She smiled her wicked smile.

“Well give me one then, we’ll really get him excited!”

Hanna grinned as she pulled a cigarette from the pack. She placed it to her lips and Susan leaned over and lit it for her. Well needless to say, my hormones were raging by this point! Hanna was a little shorter then Susan, but had large breast as well. She had long thick blonde hair and a nice body to boot. The sight of my beautiful wife leaning over while smoking to light the cigarette of another beautiful lady was almost too much for to handle. My penis was throbbing and I thought I would blow my load, right then and there. Susan was well aware of the effect all this was having on me. She made sure all of her exhales were aimed right at me. She also, had begun to flirt with Hanna. After a few minutes of all this, Susan stood up and said she had to use the ladies room. This time, Hanna got up and went with her. The ladies were in the restroom an unusually long time. When they returned, Susan announced that it was time to go. She said we should leave her and Hanna’s cars here and all ride in the van. Since I was the soberest in the bunch, and by now the horniest, I agreed. I got into the driver’s seat, Susan got into the passenger seat and Hanna climbed on to the middle bench seat.

“You gonna be alright all alone back there, Hanna?” Susan asked.

“No I’m not, why don’t you bring your ass back here and keep company?”

Susan climbed back without hesitation. Susan immediately pulled out a cigarette and lit it up.

“Where’s mine?”

“Oh, I thought that we would just share this one, Hun.” Susan answered back.

As she exhaled her smoke and placed her hand holding the cigarette up to Hanna’s mouth. She inhaled then exhaled slow and seductively. I adjusted my ever throbbing stiffy.

“What’s going on back there?”

Susan took a long drag on her cigarette and said,”Oh, nothing much, Hanna and I figured we would just share a cigarette and make out, while you drive us home”.

Hanna leaned over and laid her head on Susan’s breast.

“Yeah, you don’t mind if I get it on with your luscious wife while you drive do you?”

I smiled and said “No ma’am, I don’t mind at all”.

As I looked into the rear view mirror, I saw Hanna look up and she and Susan began kissing long and deep. When they stopped, Susan took a drag off of the cigarette and exhaled inches from Hanna’s mouth, allowing her to take in the second hand smoke. Hanna was now on her knees between Susan’s legs, her skirt was pushed up to her waist. They began to kiss again. I tuned slightly in time to see Susan grab Hanna in a passionate embrace, while the hand with the cigarette found its way to Hanna’s ass and grabbed it firmly. I almost wrecked.

I regained my composure and adjusted the rear view, so I could see the action but still drive. The ladies continued to smoke, fondle and kiss the rest of the way home. When the van had stopped, we all got out and went inside. Once inside, Susan instructed me to sit on the couch until she called for me. I did as I was told. I sat down and watched Susan lead Hanna off to the bedroom. I immediately began to stroke my now aching cock. My shorts were soaked with pre-cum jizz. A few minutes passed and I heard Susan call me to the bedroom. I rounded the corner and entered the bedroom.

“Stop right there, Ben!”

“Turn around and remove your clothes, all of them”, Susan ordered, and I obeyed.

Once I was naked, she told me to turn around. I saw Susan still in her leather skirt and gloves and smoking a fresh Virginia Slim. She was sitting in our pappazan chair and Hanna was completely naked and sitting at Susan’s feet and smoking a cigarette and caressing Susan’s inner leg.

“Oh you were right Susan, his cock is about to explode. What should we do about that?”

“I think that he should stand in the corner and jerk off while you lick my pussy some more” Susan instructed.

I went to the corner and began to masturbate. Hanna rolled over onto her knees and began to lick her way towards Susan’s pussy. Hanna put her cigarette out and started to lick Susan’s pussy. Susan moaned and took a drag on her cigarette and blew in my general direction.

“Why don’t you come closer, so you can see her licking my pussy, I know you want to see this!” Susan insisted.

I walked over to the chair and saw Hanna licking furiously at Susan’s beautiful pussy. I felt Susan’s leather clad hand on my cock.

“I want to suck your dick while I smoke this cigarette and she licks my pussy”.

I was happy to oblige. Man, it doesn’t get any better then this, I thought. A smoky blow job performed to perfection by my wife while another woman eats her pussy. Just then the blow job stopped, Susan placed her cigarette in her mouth and wrapped both hands around Hanna’s head. She began to arch back and moan really loud! I knew she was about to cum.

“OH YES!!!! YES!!! YES!!!”

Susan screamed passionately as Hanna lapped up her juice as it flowed from her pussy. Susan pulled Hanna toward her and kissed her passionately.

“Now it’s your turn Hun.” Susan said.

She traded places with Hanna and got on her hands and knees between Hanna’s legs. Susan looked up at me and smiled.

“Mmmm her pussy smells so sweet, I hope it taste as good as it smells.”

Susan leaned forward and dragged her tongue up Hanna’s pussy and flicked it at her swollen clit.

“Mmmm it does.”

Susan started going down on Hanna. To my knowledge, this was the first time Susan had ever been with another woman. We had talked about it during the heat of passion, but I never imagined it would ever happen. Susan stopped and looked up.

“Ben, why don’t you come and mount me from behind, Hanna Hun, would you light a cigarette?”

I moved around behind her and worked my swollen cock up to her hot wet pussy. I slid right in, and she moaned as I began to pump her from behind. Hanna reached for a cigarette and lit it up. She made sure she exhaled right at me. Susan began to lick Hanna’s pussy in an all consuming rage. I could tell that she was really enjoying the taste of her friend’s pussy. We all knew Hanna was close to cumming. She placed the cigarette in the ashtray and began to fuck Susan’s face.

“That’s it baby! Suck my clit, just like that!” Hanna screamed out.

Susan was fingering her own clit while I fucked her doggy style, I knew she too, was close to cumming. Hanna screamed out just as I pumped my cock just right into Susan’s hot pussy. My dick shot its load up into my wife just as she and Hanna were screaming out in unison.

“Oh YES!!!!”

We had all cum at the same time. Susan slid up closer to Hanna and began to kiss her deeply. They pulled me up to them and I kissed them both. Susan reached for a cigarette and lit it up. The two of them took turns taking drags on the Virginia Slim, when Hanna noticed my dick starting to stiffen up.

“Wow Susan, you were right, His dick is getting hard again!”

Susan took a drag off of the cigarette, exhaled the smoke onto my dick and began to suck it. She stopped and looked up.

“Yes I know how to get him up, but I think I’ll need your help again getting him down”.

As Hanna got on her knees next to Susan, I knew this was going to be the night out that I would never forget.

The End

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