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Introduction: My wife and I are what I would refer to as “soft core” swingers. We do not belong to any swinging group we just prefer just to meet singles or couples, get to know them and then see what occurs. We do not think that belonging to a swinging club is bad, it is just not our thing. We like to be a little more secretive and stay to ourselves when we play.

Since we have been playing with other people, we have been with a couple different couples along with some single females as well as some single males. We do not “play” all the time, maybe 5-6 times a year or so.

My wife (Denise) and I are both in our early 30’s and live in Eastern Kansas where she works in the health field profession and I teach and coach at a high school. Although we are getting older we still consider ourselves an attractive, fun loving couple that likes to go out and get a little naughty sometimes. My wife is a true blond, 5’6, 140#, 34c breasts with super sensitive nipples and a smoothly shaven pussy. She has her labia pierced as well as one of her nipples. She is bi-sexual with the right women and had her first experience late in her high school years and then experienced more when she got into college. She also had her first interracial experience in college. I, myself, am about 6’0, 235#, shaved head with a gotee. I am deeply into sports and although I have bit of a beer gut, I am not fat by any means. I am not overly hung but I do have a respectable cock that is almost 7 1/2 inches long when super erect. The best part of my cock according to my wife is the girth of my cock along with the large head which when excited gets the size of a large plum. My cock’s circumfernce is a little over 7 inches.

The story you are about to read is an actual event that happened earlier this March when my wife decided to travel back to our old college town and spend the weekend just relaxing, hanging out and shopping. I started this story soon after it happened and have finally had time to finish it.


We pulled our truck off of I-35 and pulled into the hotel on the outskirts of Emporia. It was a little after 7 pm by the time we arrived. We quickly checked-in, unloaded the truck and headed off to our room. I had a suprise for my wife waiting in room. All I had told her was that I had reserved a room but I failed to mention that our room had its own personal hot tub in it. When she walked into the room and saw the hot tub, she turned and looked at me and gave me a sexy, evil grin before stating that this was going to be a very interesting weekend.

The first night was just nice and relaxing. We went to eat at a local bar & grill called Coach’s, had a few drinks and some supper. While eating, Denise was able to keep things very interesting. We had dressed casual with me wearing a pair of khaki’s and a dress shirt and Denise wearing a relatively short black skirt and top that was very flimsy on top, over her top she wore a little sweater jacket. The drive took only a couple minutes and soon we were being seated in the crowded restaurant. It is not a fancy place but very well kept and the people that go there are usually middle to upper class and very good looking. The waitresses looked like they were all college age and so incrediably sexy in their tight shorts and tops. We sat down at a booth across from one another and soon was greeted by our waitress who was as cute as a bug. Her breasts looked so perky in her top and when she walked away after taking our drink orders I could not help but marvel at her tight ass packed so perfect in her shorts. Denise told me to put my eyes back in my sockets and we settled into some flirtatious conversations with each other. People were seated all around us and there was a table behind me that had a two couples seated at it. As we talked I saw Denise keep glancing back over my shoulder. I asked her what she was looking at and she said “Nothing!” but kept a smirk on her face when she said that. Denise then headed off to the restroom.

When she returned she took off her jacket before she sat down and reached across the table offering me her hand. In her hand she had stuffed her panties and told me to stuff them in my pocket before anyone sees. I also noticed that she failed to wear a bar and you could see her nipples were rock hard under her top. In addition, the top was so loose around neck line that whenever she leaned forward you could see all the way down to her nipples. She then leaned across the table and whispered what she was looking at earlier. She said that she kept catching the guys at the table behind me trying to catch glimpses up her skirt under the table so she decided to give them a little treat. As we chatted she would inform me of whether or not they were looking. Finally she looked at me like we were just talking and said that one of them nearly choked when he saw up her skirt. I told Denise to keep teasing them and have some fun. Soon our little waitress rolled around and asked if we needed another drink and wanted to order. Denise was leaning slightly forward looking at her menu and I knew the waitress had to have a perfect view down her top. As Denise was deciding what to get I looked up and caught the waitress with her eyes glued to Denise’s chest. When the waitress turned to take my order she looked me in the eyes and knew that she had been busted big time. Her face turned beet red as I smiled at her and gave her my selection. Denise followed me up and even went so far as to wink at the waitress after she ordered.

After the waitress left I told Denise that I had caught the waitress looking down her top. Denise giggled and said that she would not mind looking down the waitresses top either. She then confirmed that the gentlemen were still glancing in her direction and that she was making sure they had a good view. Our drinks showed up a couple minutes later but instead of our sexy, little waitress bringing them, it was one of the guy bartenders. He said that the waitress was busy and so he decided to bring them over instead. We knew what was going on, the waitress had probably told him about Denise and the way you could see down her top, because almost the whole time he was there his eyes were trying to get a peek down her top. We thanked him for bringing them and he left the table with Denise’s eyes now glued to his ass as he walked away.

It was not long that our food arrived. We ate and Denise continued driving the two guys crazy at the table behind me. At one point, one of them walked past our table to the restroom. After he walked by, Denise said that she had watched him glance down her top and that she had even noticed a large, prominant bulge in the front of his slacks. We had a few good comments about the guy and then went back to eating. The rest of our dining time was pretty much the same, with Denise flirting with the waitress as well as the guys. We finally left and headed back to the hotel for a little fun in the hot tub.

Back at the hotel we had a nice quiet evening with a little wild sex thrown in. We quickly settled in the hot tub with some drinks that we had brought along. Our coversations revolved around the guys and the waitress from Coach’s earlier in the evening. Eventually we took turns orally pleasuring one another while we took turns sitting on the edge of the hot tub. After that we had a nice, long and hard fuck session in every postion we could think of using the hot tub. Our hot tub session ended with me fucking Denise doggy style while she bent over the edge of the hot tub. I ended up cumming deep inside her pussy and then she dared me to do something we occasionally do. She told me to lay back and at which time she came over and put her pussy above my face. She then grabbed my head and forcefully pulled my face to her pussy making me lick my cum from her pussy while she diddled her clit until she had her final orgasm. After the sex was over we took our showers and then snuggled for the rest of the night watching TV and playing with each other under the covers. Our final session of the night came with me making up an erotic fantasy story about her and some well hung stud while she masturbated. Finally we drifted off to sleep.

The next day we slept in and had a nice continental breakfast from the hotel. Afterwards we headed out for a little shopping and just messing around. Later in the afternoon we headed back, sat in the hot tub and then took a couple hour nap. We had decided to go out drinking and dancing in the evening. We went and grabbed a quick bite to eat from SubWay and then went back to the hotel to change and get ready for the evening. I showered, shaved and changed into a pair of jeans, t-shirt and ball cap. However, Denise was dressed a bit more daring than I was. Coming out of the bathroom for the last time, she was looking delicious. Denise was dressed in a tight pair of black pants that zippered up the back with a cherry red, long sleeve, see thru blouse. She had left her blouse unbutton to expose just the smallest bit of her bra between her breasts. It was about 9 o’clock so after downing a couple drinks we decided to head out to the bars that sit in the downtown part of Emporia.

The bars were not as packed as we expected them to be. We found out later that Spring Break had just started so most of the students had already left at some time during the weekday’s. It actually made it a little better, you could get a beer quick and did not have to wait in any line to get to the bar or for that matter to just get into the bar. We hit a couple of the smaller bars and just went in to survey the scene, play a game of pool and have a couple drinks. Denise was flirtatious as ever playing pool and making sure that when she shot the cue ball that she would bend over pushing her ass out and letting her blouse drop down so any person could see down her shirt. At around 10:30 we decided to head next door to a bar that we both used to go to ALOT when we were in college. The bar is called Bruff’s. Downstairs are pool tables, a bar and a place to get something good to eat. Upstairs is another bar along with a dance floor, more pool tables and a large back room to hang out in.

We walked into the downstairs part, grabbed a table and ordered some drinks. As we talked we watched the other people shooting pool. A little later as we sat nursing our drinks and talking in walked a girl that looked very familiar to both of us. As she walked closer we recognized her as Traci. Traci was a girl that had graduated about 3 years earlier from the school that I taught at my high school. We had also hired her a couple times to babysit our son when we went out. She had been on the dance team and had definitely matured since arriving at college. Holy cow did she look hot. Her hair was shoulder length dirty blond and she was wearing a tight black top and a pair of jeans that fit her to perfection. We recognized her before she saw us. As she walked across the floor towards our table we kept our eyes on her until she did a double take when she recognized us. She could not believe that we were there and was so excited to see us. We explained what we were doing in town and then asked why she was still here since it was Spring Break. She explained that she had to work Monday thru Wednesday next week and then was planning on heading home for a few days before classes started back up. We asked if she was out with friends or was waiting for anyone. She said that her roommate and already left to go home that day and that she had just come out to have a beer and too see who else was out and about. Denise said that she was more than welcome to sit with us if she wanted. Traci agreed and took a seat with us at the table.

I went and retrieved a couple more beers and brought them back. We caught up about everything that had happened since that last time we had seen each other. Traci kept referring to us as Mr. and Mrs. and we told her that she did not have to do that anymore. After another round of drinks we decided to head upstairs to the dance part of the bar. The music was very loud as we went up the stairs. We were able to find a booth to sit at. Denise and Traci sat on one side and myself on the other. Since I was the DD I started drinking water. Denise told Traci to have a good time and that we would make sure she made it home safely. I went and got the girls another couple beers along with a couple “blow job” shots. When Denise starts to get a little drunk she starts to get “handsy” when she is talking to someone. She and Traci were talking up a storm and their side of the table and Denise was touching Traci’s arms as that talked. My imagination was going over the top while I watched the two women on the other side of the table. Denise finally blurted out that they want to go dance. I am not much of a dancer but I of course agreed knowing that I would be dancing with two very hot women. Both girls were feeling the effects of the drinks by then as we meandered onto the dance floor. The music was kinda some hip-hop dance music and soon the two girls were twisting, turning and gyrating to the sounds exiting the speakers. The dance floor is not too big so there was not alot of room to dance except close together in a group. We kinda all danced in a circle with each of us bumping and grinding into the other. The best part was watching Denise and Traci dancing with each other. As the dancing progressed we goofed around and would dance sandwiched together. Each had their opportunity to be in the middle of the group. I could not help but to let my hands slyly wander over their bodies as we danced and I could feel the blood flowing into my cock.

The music slowed down and Denise announced that she was heading off to the ladies room and urged Traci and I to continue dancing. Denise left to the restroom and Traci and I started to dance to the slow song. As we danced Traci and I chatted about how good it was to see each other again and how proud I was of her to be successfully getting thru college and was happy to see she had grown into such an attractive woman.. I also told her thanks for hanging out with Denise and I and that we were having a great time and that I hoped she was too. She said she was having a great time and really enjoyed seeing Denise and I again. She commented on how sexy Denise keeps herself and said that she hopes that she can still have as much fun as Denise and I do when she gets married. I kinda flirted with her and told her that “Denise and I have alot of fun together and we still have the attitude of living life to its fullest and just enjoy things as they come.” My hands were wrapped around Traci’s low back and I let my fingers hang over onto her ass. It was then that I felt Traci putting pressure with her crotch onto my leg and I am sure that she felt my cock pressing against her stomach. As the song ended we separated and I let my hand softly go down across her ass. Traci kinda just turned around and smiled back at me as she took my hand and guided me back to the booth where Denise was just arriving back too.

Traci said that the needed to use the little girls room so Denise and I sat down and waited for Traci’s return. Denise asked if I enjoyed dancing with Traci and I of course said yes. She then started to quickly tell me that Traci had been flirting with her all night. She said that it had started when we were in to booth. She said that Traci had kept her leg pressed up against hers the whole time and that she had even felt Traci rubbing her foot up against the calf of her leg. Denise then said what confirmed it was when we were dancing and Traci kept “accidently” touching her ass and at one point when Traci was dancing with her from behind she had let her hands fall to the side of her breasts and had ran her fingers along side them. I asked Denise what she did when she felt Traci do that and she said that she just gently reached back behind her and rubbed her ass letting her know that she liked what she was doing. Denise and I both decided to go for it and planned on asking Traci to come back to the hotel with us and sit in the hot tub and have some more drinks. Of course we also desired a little bit more than that.

When Traci returned to the table she slid in next to Denise and asked Denise if she was ready for another drink. Denise then told Traci that she had an idea of going back to the hotel and continue drinking in our hot tub. As Denise asked her this she had put her hand onto Traci’s arm and gently stroked it. Traci looked at me, then at Denise and then back at me before smiling sexily and saying that she would love too. Being the sober one, I told Traci that we would drive her over to her apartment and she could grab her swimming suit or whatever she wanted to wear in the hot tub. With that we left Bruff’s and headed to Traci’s apartment which sat only a few blocks from the hotel.

On our way to the apartment both girls were giddy and as I glanced over I could see they were sitting there holding hands. Both girls went into the apartment as I went up to the nearby Kwik Shop and grabbed some snacks and pop to mix with. I was gone maybe 10 minutes and when I pulled back into the parking lot, they were not outside yet. I waited another 5 minutes before they finally emerged walking with their arms around each other and with Traci carrying a bag. Denise slid in first and reached across and grabbed my cock. When I asked what had taken so long, they both just giggled and Traci replied they were just freshening up. Finally we were off to the hotel and the hot tub.

Once in the room, Denise and I went to change in the bathroom while Traci changed out there. In the bathroom as we changed I asked Denise what had actually taken them so long. She then proceeded to explain to me that as soon as they got into Traci’s apartment that Traci stepped in front of her and then started to kiss her. Denise said that they kissed for eternity and rubbed each other thru their clothes. Denise said that neither of them wanted to stop but decided to continue the fun later on. Denise also said she briefly explained to Traci about how open we sometimes are and made her promise to keep this to herself. Of course Traci agreed and told Denise about how she had just recently learned how much fun playing with another woman could be. Traci said that just a couple weeks before she had went to KSU to visit a female friend of hers and that while there they had been drinking wine all evening watching movies when her friend put the moves on her and they ended up going down on each other until the wee hours of morning. We then left the bathroom and found Traci waiting for us already in the hot tub wearing a light blue bikini that had an always wet look to it. Denise told Traci to stand up and show us her suit. She did and she looked totally awesome. Her breasts looked incrediable and when she showed us her ass my jaw just about dropped threw the floor. My first thought was of how hot it was going to be if I got to fuck her doggie style with her ass upward in the air.

Denise and I slipped into the hot tub with Traci. The hot tub was a 3-4 person one so no matter where you sat you were always in relatively close proximity to the person on either side of you. Denise and Traci were sitting beside each other and I was sitting more or less across from them. Denise and I had discussed in the bathroom that we did not want to waste alot of time just sitting and talking since it was already getting late and I told her how I wanted to sit back and watch her seduce Traci. It did not take long once we were in the hot tub to see that Denise already was putting the moves on her. Denise must have been playing with Traci under the water because as we casually talked Traci would occasionally let out a soft giggle and a moan. Denise then asked Traci if she would like for her to rub her shoulders for a little bit and help her releave some tension. Traci then moved over to a position leaning back into Denise’s lap and chest. With the hot tub being so small I had to slide over a little to give Traci room to stretch her legs out.

Once everyone was situated Denise started to caress Traci’s shoulders and neck, massaging her muscles and generally just relaxing her. As I sat watching the show start, all I could think about was how 3-4 years ago Traci was walking up and down the hallways of my high school and now I was watching my wife seducing her in preparation for some hopefully hot and wild sex. As a teacher however, I would never consider even thinking about playing with my students. For the simple fact that it is illegal and immorally wrong. However, once they turn 21 or so, I think it is ok, they have became their own person and are more socially mature and ready to make their own decisions. Traci definitely knew what she was doing and you could tell that she for sure was enjoying it. Denise by now had Traci’s head leaning back into her chest and had began to move her fingers from Traci’s shoulders down and was working them under Traci’s bikini top. Meanwhile, all of our feet were tangled together and we were playing footsie underneath the water.

I could now see that Denise had her fingers completely underneath the top of Traci’s bikini and she was toying with her nipples. Denise slid Traci just a little to the side and as Traci kept her head leaned back Denise moved her mouth down until their lips met. My cock was rock hard as I watched their tongues playing with each other and Denise continuing to manipulate Traci’s nipples. Then Denise stopped kissing Traci and began to slide Traci’s top off her shoulders. Traci looked at me straight in the eyes with the “oh my god I can not believe this is happening” look. She kept her eyes on me as Denise exposed her breasts. I have seen many a breast in my day and I would have to say that these were some of the finest that I have ever laid my eyes on. Not to big, not to small but just perfect with perfectly formed nipples jutting out of them. Denise cupped them and slowly began to play with them. Denise then looked at me and told me to come and have a little taste. With that I slowly worked my way over as Denise held both of Traci’s breasts in her hands ready for me to feed on them. I watched Traci’s face as I lowered my lips down and started to flick one of her nipples. Denise was telling Traci how much she could tell that I loved her breasts and how she could not wait until she had a chance to feast on them. I kissed, licked and sucked my way all around Traci’s chest while Denise and her kissed until finally my wife pushed me away and told me to sit back down and continue watching. Unfortunately I had to go take a piss so I slid out of the tub and wiped some of the water off. My cock was rock hard under my shorts and clearly visible to Denise and Traci as I toweled off facing them. I went ahead and mixed me another drink before I pissed knowing that I would need time to let my cock deflate a little before being able to take piss.

As I walked back to the hot tub I saw that Denise and Traci were sitting facing each other going at it like the two lust filled women that they were. Both now had their tops off and were playfully rubbing each others breasts. As I started to get into the tub, Traci turned to me and told me that in order to get in that I had to take off my shorts. Of course I obliged and stared into Traci’s eyes as I lowered my shorts exposing my thick cock. Her eyes widened as my cock hung limply between my legs and sensually she licked her lips. Denise told her that she would have to wait to have a taste until she herself was done with her. Traci just giggled and went back to kissing Denise. For the next five minutes or so my wife and Traci made out with each other. They took turns licking and kissing each others breasts and basically just having slow, passionately foreplay with each other while I watched and gingerly stroked my cock. Denise then slid into the middle of the tub and had Traci lean back. In the water, Denise was able to lift up Traci’s legs which caused her to arch her back and float on the water. Traci supported herself by stretching out her arms along the edge of the tub. Grabbing the sides of Traci’s bikini bottom Denise slid them over Traci’s hips and down her legs until she could remove them completely. Traci arched her back again exposing her young, beautiful pussy. She was shaved smooth except for a little patch directly above it. Denise looked at me and said “I am going to enjoy eating this very much!” With that Denise put Traci’s legs on her shoulders and slid forward while kneeling on the bottom of the hot tub. With her hands Denise rubbed Traci’s smooth skin around her pussy and then leaned in for her first taste. Traci kept her back arched as Denise licked and slurped her way into that young, fresh pussy. Denise had Traci moaning within a few moments and the louder Traci moaned the harder Denise licked her. Traci was squirming too much and it made it almost impossible for Denise to keep her tongue on-target so Denise told Traci to sit on the edge of the tub and lean back. As Traci grabbed a towel and folded it up to sit on, Denise floated over to me and asked if I would like to taste Traci. Of course I said yes and when I did she shoved her tongue into my mouth and had me taste Traci’s fresh juices from her mouth.

Traci was waiting on the edge of the tub as we finished kissing. Denise bent down and gave my cock one long lick before sliding back over between Traci’s legs. Traci had her ass hanging over the edge of the tub as Denise approached her. Denise started by giving her a long, wet kiss before working her way back down across Traci’s chest and down further until she was once again face-to-muff with Traci. Traci had her legs spread wide as Denise proceeded to go down on her and began to feast on her succulent pussy. I slid closer and sat on the edge of the tub so I could have a front row view of my wife going down on my once former student. My face was only about 2-3 feet away from where my wife had her face buried into Traci. I could see every movement that Denise’s tongue was doing. I watched as she alternated between flicking Traci’s engorged clit to sticking it deep into her pussy. Denise’s face was covered with Traci’s juices as she ate her out like a starved dog. By now Traci was squirming and moaning uncontrollable while telling Denise how good it felt. Denise too was talking back to Traci telling her how good she tasted and urging her to cum on her face. Denise then motioned me over and told me to hold Traci’s legs back because she was moving too much. I hooked Traci’s legs and then pulled them back to her chest while kneeling at the side of her head. Denise then went to work on trying to make Traci explode. I watched in awe as she moved her head down and began to work her tongue around Traci’s asshole while at the same time began to slide two fingers into her pussy. After working her ass over for awhile Denise moved back up and began to lick and suck on Traci’s clit while continuing to work her fingers in and out. I then worked into a position where I could keep Traci’s legs open wide and at the same time I reached down and held the top of her pussy lips open and pulled them back so that her clit stuck out and everything was out of the way for Denise to continue her playing.

Denise continued to pump two fingers deep in and out of Traci. With Traci’s clit openly exposed Denise also went to work with her tongue. I could plainly see as Denise’s tongue whipped Traci’s swollen clit making Traci whimper in passion. Traci started to breath and moan louder and harder as Traci worked her to the verge of orgasm. As Traci began to say how great it felt and was saying how she was going to cum Denise removed her mouth from Traci’s clit and replaced it with her fingers. Denise worked another finger into Traci’s pussy. With three fingers working furiously in and out of Traci’s pussy and the other hand rubbing Traci’s clit vigorously Denise continued to edge Traci closer to orgasm. Traci’s legs started to shake uncontrollably and I turned and watched her face as she threw her head from side-to-side and backward causing her back to arch off the floor. Denise was talking nasty to Traci, telling her how wet her pussy was and begging her to cum all over her fingers. All of a sudden, Traci’s body locked up for a few seconds and then she screamed that she was cumming. Her body then started to convulse uncontrollably and she let loose with another scream. Before she could finish screaming I dropped down and started to kiss her in an attempt to muffle the noise. Denise continued to rub and finger Traci until she was certain Traci could take no more. I pulled my face from Traci and slid down to Denise. I helped Denise lick Traci’s juices off of her fingers and then we both kissed passionately as Traci came down off of her “orgasm high”.

We slipped back into the hot tub and had a few drinks while relaxing. Denise and I sat with Traci in the middle of us, trading kisses and fondling her breasts while we enjoyed the warmth of the water. Traci got up out of the tub to go pee. While she was gone, Denise and I dried off and went ahead and got on the bed. We were making out hot and heavy when Traci emerged from the bathroom. When she approached the bed Denise and I both grabbed her and pulled her to us. We started off by kissing each other and even having a couple group kisses. Denise then slid down my body and started to suck my cock while leaving Traci and I to continue making out. It was strange at first when I first kissed her in the hot tub but by now I think we were pretty comfortable with it. As we kissed I also to advantage of playing with her awesome breasts both with my hands and with my mouth. Traci told me how much fun she was having and that she could not believe that Denise and I are as open as we are. I told her that she is more than welcome to visit us anytime she wants when she is home. She replied that this definitely was not going to be the last time we do this and she said that this upcoming summer was going to be very interesting.

After a bit more kissing/fondling, Traci said that she was going to go help Denise for a little bit. I was in hog heaven as I watched Traci lick her way down my chest and stomach and join Carol. Traci and Denise first started kissing each other and then Denise grabbed my cock by its base and aimed it at Traci’s face. Soon Traci was bobbing her head up and down and Denise was kissing her while telling her how sexy she looked and complementing her on how good she was sucking my cock. Traci then withdrew and gave it back to my wife to suck on for awhile. Soon though they were taking turns sucking it while the other watched. When my wife is really worked up she likes to try to stuff it all in her mouth. Traci watched as Denise soon had almost all my cock buried in her throat and kept trying to put more but had to stop each time she gagged. My cock was completely covered in saliva. Traci tried too but could not get anywhere close to getting it all. Denise said not to worry because by the end of the summer she would have it mastered too. They continued to lick, suck and slurp all over my cock, stealing kisses with each other in-between. I started to moan and warned them that I was about to cum. I thought they would slow down but instead they picked up the tempo even more. Denise grabbed my cock by its base and with her other hand started to jack me off while Traci kept her mouth over the head of my cock. I could not hold back any longer and exploded into Traci’s mouth. Denise held my cock in Traci’s mouth as I filled it with cum. When I finally finished they licked my cock clean and then kissed each other deeply, sharing my cum with each other.

I needed a bit of a break to recoup before returning for round two. I mixed another drink and then sat down and relaxed in a chair facing the bed. On the bed, Traci and Carol were slowly massaging each other and softly kissing. I almost had to slap myself again to make sure that I was not dreaming this, here was my sexy 31 yr/old wife making out with a hot 21 yr/old college girl that we had known for many years and who I before had only considered her just to be another girl who I had known from her high school days. Their kissing was intensifying as my eyes darted back and forth from watching them kiss to watching their hands exploring each other’s bodies. Denise was on her back and Traci had moved to a position on top of her so that their bodies could rub together as they kissed. Traci began to move down my wife’s body. She licked and sucked on Denise’s nipples and breasts for awhile before continuing down across Denise’s stomach until she reached her destination. I can not even begin to describe the erotic atmoshere that was in the room.

Denise opened her legs and then using her hands guided Traci’s face between them. They were slightly aimed away from me and I had an outstanding view of everything. I could see not only Traci’s tongue pleasuring my wife but also the expression on Denise’s face along with Traci’s prone body and her ass sticking up in the air. Traci soon had Denise writhing with passion and moaning about how good it felt. By now my cock was starting to harden as I slowly pulled on it. I had to hold myself back from joining them once again but decided to enjoy the show for a while more. Denise now had pulled her legs apart as wide as she could giving full access to Traci and her tongue. Traci continued eating Denise. All of a sudden Denise started moaning “Oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck, I’m going to cum”. Denise put her legs down and arched her back forcing her pussy hard into Traci’s face. She was pumping her hips against Traci’s face and then without warning slammed her ass back down on the bed and let out a curdling scream of pleasure. I exploded out of my chair and began to kiss Denise hard, trying to muffle her continuing screams as Traci devoured Denise. Denise finally had enough and pushed Traci’s face away from her now sensitive pussy. When I looked at Traci’s face it was wet and shiny with my wife’s juices. Traci then kissed her way back up to us and we shared a nice long passionate kiss. I made sure to kiss Traci as much as I could so I could taste the juices on her face.

We let Denise calm down before starting back up once again. I knew from experience that if we waited for a couple minutes Denise would calm down and be ready to go again. I also knew that it would take very little to once again push her back over the edge and make her cum again. I let the girls continue kissing and moved down between my wife’s legs. I positioned my cock at her entrance and slowly slid it into her. Slowly I began to fuck Denise as Traci kissed her and played with her nipples. Traci then rolled onto her side and said that she just wanted to watch for awhile. However, Traci did more than just watch. She raised one leg and began to play with herself as she watched. As we fucked slowly, Denise and I both watched as this college girl masturbated before our eyes. In addition she also talked to us as we fucked. Telling us how sexy we were and how hot it was to watch my fat cock go in and out. She continued to encourage us, rubbing her clit faster and faster with one hand while with the other hand she pumped two fingers in and out of herself.

Denise then reached out for Traci and pulled her up, indicating that she wanted Traci to get on top of her face. Traci moved onto Denise’s face as I pumped in and out of my wife. Denise started to once again lick Traci and fuck her with her tongue. As Denise did that, I pulled Traci to me and kissed her as I fucked Denise. Denise was once again working towards another orgasm when I took one of Traci’s hand and placed it down between my body and Denise’s. I felt Traci’s fingers exploring the area where Denise and I were connected. She let my cock slide between her fingers as it plunged in and out of Denise. Then she concentrated on rubbing Denise’s once again sentived clit. Within 30 seconds Denise was shaking violently underneath us as she had another series of orgasms.

I withdrew from Denise, had Traci lick the juices off my cock and then moved around to help Denise eat Traci out. When I got behind Traci I could see Denise shoving her long tongue into Traci’s pussy. I bent down and kissed my wife before adding my tongue to hers. After helping Denise lick Traci’s succulent young pussy for a couple minutes I moved my tongue slightly higher to her asshole. When I started to lick her asshole Traci let out a gasp and moaned deeply. That made both Denise and I lick and slurp even faster. I spread her ass and started to fuck her ass with my tongue until she was pushing back against my face while at the same time rotating her hips onto Denise’s face.

Denise then told me that she wanted to see me fuck Traci. I asked Traci if I needed a condom and she said “No” because she was on Depo. I moved onto my knees behind Traci and scooted forward. Denise then grabbed my cock and pulled it to Traci. I held Traci’s ass cheeks apart and watched as I slowly sunk my thick cock into her. I could only go in a little at a time because she was soooooo tight. I would go forward and then pull back slightly before going forward again. Each time I went forward Traci would gasp and moan. After 4 or 5 attempts I finally pushed forward one more time and bottomed out. I stayed still, allowing Traci to get comfortable before I started slowly thrusting in and out of her. All she could do was moan and squeal as I fucked her from the back and Denise licked her clit from the bottom. After a couple minutes we decided to switch positions. As we moved to another position Denise said she needed to use ther bathroom and would be right back.

Traci said she wanted to ride me when I asked what she wanted to do. I layed down on my back as I watched Traci climb aboard. Traci grabbed by cock and squatted down over it positioning my engorged head right inside of her. She let go of my cock and then in one big assault dropped her hips down slamming my cock deep into her pussy in one shot. When she hit bottom she let out an “Ahggggg!” and just sat there and smiled at me for awhile until her pussy became accustomed to my cock once again. It did not take long before she was rising and falling along the length of my cock. She leaned forward and I alternated between kissing her and sucking on her tender, fresh breasts.

I did not hear Denise come back from the bathroom until I felt the bed move at my feet and then felt her start licking my balls as Traci and I fucked. Denise played around for awhile and then moved up besides us. As Traci continued bouncing and sliding her pussy on my shaft Denise urged us on with some nasty talking, rubbed our bodies and kissing us. Traci and I had been fucking for over 20 minutes with her having several small orgasms as we went. I picked up the pace and really started slamming my cock up into her. Denise must have sensed I was getting ready to cum and moved back around behind Traci. I soon felt her hand rubbing my balls and cock when it came out of Traci. Traci moaned deeply and when I pulled her down to me and looked over her back I could see that Denise had her faced buried into Traci’s backside. Traci was beginning to moan louder which caused me to try to fuck her even harder. Traci then let out a big gasp and I felt her pussy starting to soak my cock and balls. This pushed me over the edge and I plunged my hips up and drove my cock deep into Traci when I started to cum. I must have had three big explosions inside of her before Denise pulled my cock from Traci’s pussy and inserted it into her own mouth where I finished cumming. Denise cleaned my cock of its juices while Traci and I came down from our sexual highs. As Traci rolled off me, Denise once again, being the little trooper that she is, cleaned Traci’s pussy off as well, eating my cum that was flowing out of her.

When Denise was done she slid up along side with us and we had one big group kiss. We got ourselves cleaned up and Denise and I convinced Traci just to spend the remainder of the night with us. After brushing our teeth we headed off to bed. With Traci in the middle of Denise and I we all held each other, talked a little and then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Denise and I awoke first and I convinced her to wake Traci by licking her. Denise started to lick her awake and I moved behind my wife and started to fuck her doggy style. Traci opened her eyes with a smile on her face as Denised licked her to a mini orgasm. I finished off by cumming inside Denise and then we all layed in bed awhile longer. Check-out time was noon so we had a couple hours before we had to leave. I went and jumped in the shower and cleaned up. When I came out the girls were snuggling together watching TV and softly playing with one another. Denise said that her and Traci were going to take a shower. Together they entered the bathroom. As I picked up the room and packed our luggage I could hear giggles and moans coming from the steam filled bathroom. I took our bags down to the truck and when I came back they were still in the shower. I decided to have a look and when I pulled the shower curtain back I found my wife kneeling in the tub with her face once again buried into Traci as she was leaning back against the wall. It was all I could do but smile and watch as Denise ate Traci to another little orgasm. I told them thanks for the “show” and was sorry that I missed everything else that had happened.

A few minutes later they emerged from the bathroom, finished drying off and got dressed in the clothes that they had set out earlier. It was about noon by the time we left the hotel. Denise and I then took Traci out for some lunch. At lunch we talked quietly about what had occured. Traci said several times how much she enjoyed it and would definitely be up for it again some time. We all agreed that after college gets out and she moves back home for the summer that we will have to get together a couple times and have some repeat performances.

We dropped Traci off at her apartment, gave her some good-bye hugs and kisses and then headed home but not before stopping off and buying a “Thank-you” card to send to her later on.

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