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A Night in Vegas

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Michael was my best friend growing up. We’d lived across the street from each other since we were kids, went to the same college, and roomed together at school. We had a lot of fun in college (See “A Shot in the Dark”) and decided one year to go to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve.

We got to Vegas December 29, and were planning on leaving January 2nd. Plenty of time for fun in the desert.

We’d heard about the New Year’s Eve celebration that goes on in Downtown Las Vegas. They would close Fremont Street and everyone would hang out partying, drinking beer out of plastic cups (provided by the Vegas police) and having a great time.

We were partying pretty good, drinking beers and counting down the New Year. We ended up next to a group of college girls, and managed to stay near them as the clock passed 11:59 PM. The countdown to a new year started.



I turned towards the girls who were giving each other friendly New Year’s kisses, when one, a gorgeous redhead, turned around towards me, and we ended up face-to-face, our mouths an inch apart. Swept up in the celebration, we kissed — a quick peck at first, but for a moment, our mouths opened and our tongues found each other. She broke our kiss first, and, slightly embarrassed, went back to partying with her friends.

At 1:00, the police came out in full riot gear and cleared the street. The riot gear was to show they meant business, but it was unnecessary. We all scattered into the local stores and casinos as the party ended and street sweepers cleaned the street. By 1:30, you could hardly tell there was a party.

Mike and I ducked into McDonalds for some burgers as the cleaners did their job, and finished our meal and were back on the street shortly after the cleaners finished working. We wandered around for a while, and were about to head back to the Strip when we saw the redhead I kissed at midnight, wandering aimlessly, crying. I ran up to her, introduced myself (her name was Anna) and she immediately recognized me as the ‘guy she had kissed’. I asked her what was wrong.

“I can’t find my friends,” she said. This was 1988, before people (other than drug dealers) carried cell phones. “I came here with three of my friends but we got separated when the police cleared the street, and I still can’t find them. I’m afraid I’ll never find them and Michelle drove us here, so I have no way of getting back to the hotel.”

“What about a cab,” Mike asked.

“I can’t afford one. I only have $5 on me. I didn’t bring much cash because I was afraid of getting mugged with all these people here, and we weren’t planning on doing any gambling tonight.”

“Don’t worry, Anna,” I said. “We’ll help you look for your friends.”

Anna stopped crying and managed a weak smile.

“You would,” she asked. “That’s so sweet of you.” She kissed us both gently on the cheek. She took our hands in hers — me on the left, Mike on the right — as if it was the most natural thing in the world. We checked out the different stores and casinos on Fremont Street, but by 2:30 we still hadn’t found her friends. Anna was starting to get upset again.

“What hotel are you staying at,” Mike asked.

“The Excalibur.”

“We’re neighbors! We’re staying at the Luxor. Do you have your room key?”

“No. They only gave us two keys, and Michelle got one, Veronica got the other,” Anna sobbed.

“Oh,” I said. “Well, look, it’s getting late, and we could look all night without finding them. Why don’t we get a cab and give you a ride back to your hotel? For all we know, they went back there, figuring you’d take a cab back. They could be in the room right now waiting for you.”

Anna stopped crying. “That would be great,” she said. “I’ll pay you back when we get back to the room.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s our treat,” I said.

“You guys would do that for me? Thank you so much.”

We got in a cab and told him to take us to the Excalibur. Mike sat near one door, me near the other, Anna in the middle. She was starting to relax a bit, and I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was around 5’10” tall, with dazzling green eyes to go with her long red hair. Her breasts were round and firm — I guessed around a 36C or so, and her nipples were pressing against her shirt. She wore a skirt, which ended about two or three inches above her knees when she was standing, but rode up half-way up her thighs when she was sitting.

As the cab turned around to head back down towards the hotel, Anna took our hands in hers again. “Thanks again, guys, for helping me tonight,” she said.

“No problem,” I told her. “We couldn’t very well leave you there all by yourself, right?”

Anna released Mike’s hand and turned towards me. She put her free hand on my other arm and pulled me close for a kiss. Soft, short kisses at first, that turned more passionate very quickly. My hand moved to her side, holding her close as our mouths opened and we pressed our tongues into each other’s mouth. I moved my hand over to cup Anna’s breast as we kissed, my thumb rubbing her hard nipple. Anna moaned into my mouth as we kissed, my hand caressing her firm breast. Anna moved her hand down my arm and dropped it into my lap. She rubbed my cock through my pants as we kissed, and I felt like I could cum right there. After making my 7″ cock rock hard, Anna broke our kiss.

I noticed Michael looking out his window uncomfortably. Anna noticed it too, and turned her body towards him. She put her hand on his arm and said “Mike.”

He turned towards her, a look of disappointment on his face. It quickly turned to a look of shock as Anna kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth the same way she did with me.

Mike was confused, but went with it. Anna wasted no time rubbing his cock as he slid his hand under her shirt to squeeze her tits. Anna breathlessly broke their kiss and turned to face the front of the cab. We were both sitting there with raging hard-ons as Anna noticed the hotel was just a few blocks away. “Almost there, guys,” she said.

The cabbie pulled up to the door of the hotel, and we paid for our ride. We went inside and walked Anna to the front desk. Using a courtesy phone, she called her room. No answer. She turned to the clerk.

“I’m locked out of my room. My friends have the keys, and I got separated from them. Can you let me in?”

“Let me look up your account,” the clerk replied. “What’s your name?”

“Anna C———” she said.

“I’m not showing you in the register. Is the room in someone else’s name?”

“Yes, it’s in my friend’s name. Michelle Y—-.”

“I’m sorry,” the clerk said. “I can’t let you in if your name isn’t in the register.”

Anna started to cry again.

I hugged her close. “You can come back to our room and hang out until they come back,” I told her.

She sniffled. “Thanks, Jake. You guys really are too sweet.”

We headed outside to the Luxor. We got to the hotel, entered the elevator, and pressed “7”. As the elevator doors opened, we held hands again as we led Anna to our room. We entered the room and sat down on the closest bed.

There were two “Queen-sized” beds in the room, a large TV, and a refrigerator which we stocked with some beers. I got us some beers and Mike found a movie on TV, and the three of us sat there and watched TV. Mike and I both wanted to fuck Anna, but were not sure how to broach the subject of a threesome.

When we finished our drinks, Mike got up to get us another round. I turned to Anna, and with my hand on her knee, leaned in and kissed her. She returned my kiss, our tongues probing each other’s mouth. I eased Anna down to the bed and took off my shirt. I laid on her right side and kissed her again, my hand sliding underneath her shirt to feel her firm breasts.

Mike came back with the beers and saw what was happening. He put the drinks on the dresser and joined us on the bed. Anna was in the middle, with Mike and I on either side. I broke our kiss, and Anna turned towards Mike and kissed him as I played with her nipples. I pushed her bra up over her breasts so that my hands were playing with her bare flesh.

Anna sat up and pulled off her shirt, and unhooked her bra. Her breasts hung there as if defying gravity. She had large, pink aereolas the size of a silver dollar, and her nipples were hard, pointing at us invitingly. Mike ripped off his shirt too, and the three of us laid back on the bed, bare-chested. Mike and I were sucking and nibbling on her breasts, teasing her nipples with our mouths. Anna was in heaven, and she arched her back to give us better access.

I moved my hand under her skirt and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. Anna lifted up her hips, and I pushed her panties down her thighs. She kicked her legs a few times and worked them off, leaving her in just her skirt. I reached back down to her pussy, and discovered that she was completely shaved. I started rubbing her slit up and down, spreading around her juices. I pushed two fingers inside of her, making her moan even louder as Mike and I continued sucking on her nipples. Her pussy was so tight, it felt like my fingers were going to be crushed.

I turned to Mike and said, “Man, you gotta feel how tight she is.”

Mike moved his fingers down to her pussy as I moved mine up to her hard clit. I started rubbing her button in slow, clockwise circles as Mike fucked her with his fingers. “Oh shit that’s tight,” he said. “It’s gonna be like fucking a vise.”

Anna was thrusting her hips at our hands as we fingered her tight pussy. Mike moved down the bed between her legs and started licking her pussy as I rubbed her clit. I could hear him lapping away at her, moaning into her cunt as Anna’s orgasm built inside of her. I rubbed her clit faster and faster as Mike worked his tongue in and out of her hole. Anna’s breathing was getting erratic and I knew she was going to cum any second. I bit her nipple, and sucked it hard into my mouth as she exploded all over Mike’s face. He mumbled how good she tasted as he licked up all her juices. She came again as I kept the pressure on her clit and Mike kept fucking her with his tongue.

After an orgasm that lasted at least two or three minutes, Anna pushed us away. We both quickly stripped off our clothes. Anna grabbed Mike’s cock and sucked it into her mouth. He was thrusting his hips at her, fucking her face as she sucked his cock in and out. His eyes were practically rolling into the back of his head as she worked her mouth all over his hard shaft. Mike told me I had to taste her sweet cunt, so I got between her legs and started licking and sucking her pussy. He was right, she tasted incredible. I reached up to play with her nipples as I ate her pussy, and it didn’t take long until she was cumming again, coating my face with her sweet juices. I licked up as much as I could, before telling her to roll over.

With Mike’s cock in front of her face, Anna got on her hands and knees. I held onto her hips with one hand and guided my cock into her warm pussy with the other. Even after three orgasms her pussy was as tight as a fist. It took me a few hard thrusts to work the full length of my 7″ cock inside of her, but we quickly got a good rhythm going. Anna took Mike’s cock back into her mouth as I fucked her, and as she thrust her hips back at me, I would thrust my cock into her, pushing Mike’s cock deep down her throat. I reached underneath her to fondle her firm breasts, pinching and pulling on her hard nipples. Anna loved it, and started fucking faster and harder. I saw Mike grab the back of her head, and by the look on his face knew he was about to cum. He pulled her towards him, sending his cock all the way in her mouth as he came with a loud grunt.

Anna swallowed every drop of his cum, and as she let his cock slide out of her mouth, she turned towards me and moaned, “Ohhhh Yeeessss Jake…..Fuck me…FUCK ME HARDER….”

I slammed my cock inside of her — barely pulling out before thrusting deep inside her pussy again. I moved my hands to her hips as I pounded her tight cunt. Mike was watching me fuck her, and reached down to squeeze her tits. Anna’s next orgasm was quickly building, so I reached down to her pussy and started fingering her clit with each deep thrust of my cock. That was all it took as Anna slammed her ass back at me, driving my cock as deep as it could go as she shuddered in a massive orgasm. Her pussy muscles were clenching around my cock as she came, as if trying to milk the cum out of me. I couldn’t last anymore and with a loud moan I came, shooting my load deep inside her tight pussy.

I pulled out and collapsed next to her as Anna lay face down on the bed. She leaned up and kissed me, as Mike started caressing her bare back. She moaned softly, and Mike moved his hands down to her gorgeous ass, rubbing and squeezing it. I didn’t think she’d be up for more, but soon she was swaying her hips back and forth, and I knew we were heading for another round. She reached out to my cock, still slick with our juices, and she started rubbing me up and down. She started with her hand at the base, then slowly brought it up to the head. She’d cup the head of my cock with her palm, before moving back down again. Mike was rubbing his cock and I saw he was hard and raring to go. Mike lifted her hips, and Anna turned around at him and smiled. She got back on her hands and knees, and said, “Go slow. I’m a little sore, so go slow.”

Mike slid his cock into her tight pussy, his entry eased by my cum mixed with hers. He started thrusting in and out of her, holding on to her hips as she slowly started to respond. I watched as he used long, slow strokes in and out of her cunt, filling her to the hilt with each thrust. Anna started meeting his thrusts with her own, and their rhythm quickened. Anna kept playing with my cock, rubbing it up and down, occasionally moving down to fondle my balls.

“You’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that,” I said.

Anna moaned softly, and gave my cock a long lick. “Mmmmmm,” she said, teasing me. “I love tasting my juices on your cock.”

With that, she dropped her head down and swallowed me whole. Her mouth felt incredible. She swirled her tongue around my shaft as she bobbed her head up and down. Each time Mike pulled out of her pussy she pulled her head up; each time he thrust back in, she took me deep in her mouth. Mike started thrusting harder into her tight pussy while she sucked my cock. I was sitting on the bed, my legs spread wide underneath Anna as she got filled by our cocks at both ends. I reached underneath her to play with her firm breasts. I loved squeezing them, and rolling her nipples between my fingers. Anna started slamming her ass back at Mike, her orgasm building again.


Mike was driving his cock in and out of her tight cunt, barely pulling out before pounding it back in. Anna was moaning loudly and I played with her nipples, and briefly forgot about my cock. Mike thrust in her one last time as he groaned, shooting his cum deep into her tight pussy. The deep assault of his cock sent Anna over the edge too, and she came hard, her body collapsing weakly on the bed her orgasm subsided. Mike pulled out of her and moved to the other bed, where he too, collapsed. I was the only one still ready to go, with my cock still hard from Anna’s unfinished blowjob.

Anna looked up at me and smiled softly. “Sorry to leave you hanging like that,” she said. I just couldn’t concentrate any more.”

“It’s OK,” I reassured her. I moved next to her and kissed her softly.

“I must look horrible,” she said.

“No,” I said. “You look beautiful. Exhausted, but beautiful.”

“Thanks, Jake,” she said. “That was the most incredible experience of my life. I’ve never had two guys at once.”

“Well, you certainly looked like you liked it,” I said.

“Oh, I did. I did. How about you?”

“I loved it,” I said. I kissed her again. “Thank you.”

I looked over at Mike. He had passed out on the bed.

“Looks like we wore him out,” I said, laughing.

Anna looked at my still semi-hard cock. “But it looks like you could go some more,” she said.

“Yeah, well…”

I didn’t want to sound like I was complaining, but she DID leave me hanging, so to speak.

She kissed me again, and rubbed my cock slowly. The clock on the end table caught her eye.

“Holy shit! It’s 4:30 in the morning! I really need to see if my friends made it back yet, and let them know I’m OK.”

She borrowed the phone and called her room. Someone answered, though all I heard was her side of the conversation.

“It’s Anna.”

“I know, me too. We got separated when they cleaned the streets.”

“No, I met some guys who helped me look for you, and they were sweet enough to let me share their cab back with them.”

“No, the Luxor.”

“No, I think I’m going to stay here tonight. I’m too tired to walk back.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. The guys are really sweet. We just sat up and watched movies.”

“OK, I will.”

“Yeah, how about 1:00 for lunch?”

“OK. Good night.”

She hung up.

“I’m glad you finally got in touch with them,” I said.

“Me too. They were getting very worried about me. We’re all just glad everyone’s OK. Now at least we can all sleep with a clear head.”

We kissed again — a slow, lingering kiss as our naked bodies pressed together. Anna broke our kiss and said, “I need a shower. C’mon, you can help me clean up.”

Mike was still sleeping on the far bed. We headed into the bathroom and closed the door. I turned on the water in the shower to let it warm up. Anna asked me, “Do you mind if I pee?”

“I guess not,” I said.

Anna sat down and relieved herself, sighing. I’d never watched a woman pee before, and I admit it was a little erotic. When she finished, I told her not to flush, and I went to the bathroom, too. It was also the first time I’d ever urinated in front of someone (outside of a men’s room), and it was weird having her watch me. But also, as it was watching her, a little erotic.

The bathroom mirror started steaming up and we got into the shower. We took turns letting the water cascade over us, rinsing away the sweet smell of our sex. I stood behind Anna, took the soap and started washing her from behind. I was kissing her neck as I ran my soapy hands up and down her chest, caressing her breasts, teasing her nipples as I moved down her stomach. Before reaching her tight pussy, I moved my hands to her back, washing her back, slowly working down to her firm ass. I kneeled down on the hard shower floor as I moved my hands down her left leg, then back up her right. As my hand moved back up her thigh, I slid it across her pussy and up to her clit. Anna breathed in sharply as I rubbed my slick fingers up and down her pussy.

Anna leaned forward, pressing her hands against the far wall as I teased her pussy. I slipped two soapy fingers in and out of her slit, finger fucking her before bringing them up to her clit. Anna’s ass was pointing straight at my face, so I took the soap, spread her ass cheeks apart and cleaned her puckering brown hole. I rubbed her anus with my index finger, just as I did with her clit. Anna was moaning loudly as I teased her, and with one hand still rubbing her clit, I slid the tip of my index finger inside her ass. Anna was moving her hips back and forth as I played with her clit, and I caught her on a back thrust as my finger slipped in her ass, past the knuckle.

Anna was moaning in pleasure as I teased both her holes, and when I pushed a second finger in her ass, she came again. Her cries of pleasure echoed through the bathroom as her ass squeezed my fingers tight inside of her. As her orgasm subsided, she relaxed enough to release my fingers from her ass. She turned around and helped me stand up. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed furiously as the water rushed over us, my hard cock pressing against her stomach. Anna took the soap from my hands and started washing me. She teased me, massaging my body all over with her soapy hands, but carefully avoiding my aching cock. As she washed my legs, moving down one and then up the other, my cock twitched inches from her mouth, aching to be sucked.

Anna smiled at me as she brought her soft hands up to my balls, rolling them gently in her hands. I moaned in pleasure as she caressed me, my cock ready to burst. Anna opened her mouth and sucked the head of my cock, her hands still rubbing my balls. I moved my hands to her head, holding it softly as she moved back and forth on my cock. I was so full from earlier that it didn’t take long before I shot my last load of the night deep down her throat. Anna swallowed every drop, and when she had milked me dry, took the soap and made sure I was completely clean before standing up and kissing me again.

We decided to get out of the shower before we drowned. We dried ourselves off and went back to the bed. Normally I’d wear clothes to bed, but Anna didn’t have anything to sleep in, so we got under the sheets naked. By now it was 5:00am, and we both fell asleep quickly. At 11:00 I was awoken briefly by the sound of the shower. I looked up and saw Anna, still naked beside me and figured it had to be Mike. I fell asleep again, and woke up when I heard hip rustling in the dresser drawers. I managed a weak “Hey.”

Mike replied, “Hey. I’m going down to have some breakfast and play some craps. I’ll meet up with ya later.”

I mumbled something like “OK, later” before passing out again.

The next time I opened my eyes, I saw it was 12:15. I woke up Anna. “Hey…don’t you need to meet your friends soon?”

She looked at the clock. “Yeah, I should head back. I told them I’d meet them at 1:00 for lunch.”

She got up and walked to the bathroom, as I stared at her sexy ass. She came back into the room, and to my dismay, started getting dressed. I got out of bed, my half-hard cock hanging below me, and got dressed too.

“I had a great time last night. Will you walk me back to my hotel?”

“Of course,” I said.

As we walked back to her hotel, Anna asked me, “Do you want to have lunch with my friends?”

“Yeah, that’d be great.”

She smiled at me, and put her arm around my back as we entered the hotel. It was 12:35. Anna called her room to see if anyone was there. Thankfully, one of the girls answered, and Anna said to me, “Come on upstairs with me. I want to change my clothes, and you can meet my friends.”

I went up to her room with her, and her friends were waiting with the door open for us to arrive. With high-pitched squeals Anna raced to her to the door and gave a blonde girl (Michelle, I would soon learn) a huge hug. I caught up to her, and Anna made the introductions.

“Michelle, this is Jake. He and his friend Chris took care of me last night when I couldn’t find you guys.”

Michelle gave me a big hug. I wrapped my arms around her back and after a tight squeeze that made my cock stir, she released me. “I’m so happy to meet you, Jake. We were all so worried about Anna. Come in, come in.”

I went in the room and met the other girls. Turns out they were all sisters in a sorority in college. Besides the redheaded Anna and the blonde Michelle, there was Cathy, another blonde, and Veronica, a brunette. Everyone was glad to meet me, and disappointed that Mike wasn’t there, too. Anna modestly asked me to wait in the bathroom while she got dressed. I closed the door but could still hear some of the conversation through the door. I knew Anna was telling them about last night, though in how much detail, I wasn’t sure.

There was a knock on the bathroom door, which opened before I could say anything. It was Michelle. She came in the bathroom and closed the door. “Anna told us what happened last night,” she said.

“Really,” I asked. “How much did she tell you?”

“Everything. Sisters have no secrets.”

I still wasn’t sure if she told them about me and her, or that she fucked me and Mike together.

“The four of us are leaving tomorrow,” she continued. “And we’re gonna have a little party in the room tonight. Around 9:00. You and Mike are invited.”

She took my hands in hers and pressed them into her firm breasts. I squeezed them playfully. “Mmmm that feels so nice, Jake.”

She kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I put my arms around her, and slid my hands into the back of her jeans, squeezing her ass. She broke out kiss, and lifted her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her breasts, a little smaller than Anna’s, hung there invitingly. I bent forward and sucked one nipple into my mouth, then the other. Michelle moaned softly. She moved away from me and pulled down her shirt.

“We’d better get back before Anna starts to miss us,” she said.

She opened the door, and we walked back into the bedroom.

“Did Michelle tell you about tonight,” Anna asked.

“Yeah, we’ll be there,” I said.

“Good! Now let’s get some lunch, I’m starved,” said Anna.

We ate at the buffet, and I got to know Anna’s friends pretty well. As much as it pained me, I had to leave them after we finished eating. I had to go find Mike and let him know we had new plans for after dinner.

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