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A Happy Veteran

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Long before I met my current wife I fought in the Viet Nam War. That automatically makes me old. I’m 67. I’ve had a good life with plenty of success. Unfortunately, after the war I made a poor decision to get married to someone I had not known prior to my service. It was a mistake that lasted 10 years. The sex in my first marriage could not have been worse. For some unknown reason, my wife got turned off by sex. Maybe I was not satisfying her.

I still have no idea what went wrong, but within months of marriage my wife no longer was willing to fuck. If I approached her she would grab my cock and stroke me until I had a cum load. Sadly, this lasted 10 years.

I met my current wife as an aerobics instructor at my health club. I was not confident in my sexual abilities after ten years of hand sex. Luckily, I was in my mid-30s when we first started fucking. I overcame my inability by using my resilience to cum multiple times. If I had a quick cum, I didn’t even pull out, I just kept fucking and my dick was hard again quickly. Still, I had to work with my wife to get better sexually. She was eager to help. She loved sex and wanted it a lot. She became my teacher and a very good one.

My wife is very attractive. She is in her early 60s with a big ass, 36DD tits, long legs, beautiful naturally curly hair and creamy smooth skin. She loves pretty, sexy bras and panties. She loves to dress provocatively, but usually not at home where friends or family might see her. She is both conservative in public near home and wild in the house or out of town. For sure she is beautiful and an amazing fuck. Her pussy is still tight and always dripping wet.

Over 30 plus years, sex became a major part of our lives together. We communicated about sex, read a lot about sex and were always trying new things. I still feel as though I have one of the greatest sex lives of many 67 years old. My wife fucks me a lot. I satisfy her a lot. I always want her to enjoy at least one orgasm before I put my cock in her. The only exception to that is when she begs for my cock saying, “I need your cock in me before I can cum.”

I am a university professor as a second career. In my 50s I got my Ph. D. It is a rewarding career. I was speaking at Texas Tech about connecting veterans with troubled high school kids when a retired Admiral came up to me and said, “You should present your work in Viet Nam.” I said no, but the thought of the idea kept resurfacing constantly. I contacted the Admiral and presented at Ho Chi Minh University, in Sai Gon. It was a very rewarding experience. My wife and I returned to Viet Nam with Study Abroad students several times after that. We taught English for a month in VN several times. My old war memories were now competing with new memories of my time in VN as an educator.

Eventually, I had an idea. My wife is sexually adventurous and eager to try new things. I said to my wife, “I want to go to Viet Nam to fuck you at every location that I served in 1969 to 1971. We are not taking any students or anyone else. We are going on both a romantic and wild sex trip to put sexual memories of VN right next to the memories of war and education.”

Her simple response was, “I love the idea.”

We planned the trip. We would fuck on top of the concrete bunker at ConTien, near the waterfall west of the runway at Khe Sanh, near the airport at Phu Bai and anywhere else we got the urge. The sex would be wild and crazy at each location to create sexual experiences no one could forget. We would also visit Hoi An, Sa Pa and Hai Long Bay for romantic days and nights in a setting full of natural beauty. The trip would be 30 days of sex and romance.

We planned the trip for summer, six months away. I asked my wife to join me in a health and fitness plan that would put us in the best shape of our lives. I wanted the leanest body I could get to make my cock as hard as possible. I wanted a flat stomach to make my cock look and feel as big as possible. My wife wanted a flat stomach to make her 36DD tits look even bigger. She wanted her waist even thinner to make her ass tight and look even bigger and more beautiful than it is. We would encourage each other. We would remove sugar and white flour from our diets and reward our successes along the way. We would stop all eating after 7pm each day. We even worked out together.

When the time for the trip came around I was feeling and looking good. My wife was extremely hot looking. Her thin waist definitely made her tits look gigantic. She was so sexy. I had stamina and energy. This was going to be a lot of fun and pleasure.

Over my lifetime my wife has introduced me to many things sexually. I have loved panties forever. I especially love silk panties. I love fucking my wife while she wears panties. I wanted to wear panties myself, but was embarrassed to tell my wife. I wore some men’s underwear that I bought online that was supposed to be sexy. I still wanted to wear ladies silk panties.

Finally, I got to the point that I told my wife I wanted to buy a pair of VS panties for myself. She not only eagerly agreed, but she said, “You can wear my older panties anytime you want. They are too big for me. They might fit you. I can’t wait to see your cock stretch silk panties.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Why was I embarrassed to tell my wife? My fantasy was going to come true and last the rest of my life. We went home and searched through her pantie box. My wife said, “Try this peach pair on so I can see your cock in them.”

The sex that night was high energy. That weekend my wife bought me my own pantie box. I was so fired up sexually we had sex nine days in a row.

My wife felt the sexual energy and encouraged me by taking me to Victoria Secrets to buy us matching panties. She often asked me to let her pick out what panties I would wear out to dinner. She gave me panties for my birthday and Christmas. I loved every second. Whenever I put her panties or the gift panties on, I got an immediate hard on. I also wore panties to fuck my wife with my cock pulled out of the leg hole of the thin stretchy silk. We loved wearing panties together. Panties became an important part of our sex lives together.

Sexy, fuck me panties were the first thing we packed for our trip. We also packed vibrators, a strap on dildo, nipple toys and lots of lube and lotions. The day came and we were off to Viet Nam on our sexual adventure.

My wife usually hates the 30 hour set of three flights to VN. We were sitting at Starbucks at the airport waiting to board our first leg and my wife said, “I am so excited to take this trip. My pussy is a little wet right now.”

My reply was, “I wish I could lick your nectar. I love your taste and smell.”

We boarded the plane for the flight to NY. Everything was on time and the flight was smooth. We transitioned in NY to Japan Air Lines. The flight is 13 hours to Tokyo. It can be a long, long flight. The plane actually chases the sun. It’s daytime most of the flight. Everyone usually keeps their window shade closed, blocking the sun. It gets dark and people try to sleep.

We were lucky. My wife and I had seats on the left side of the plane in a three seat row. The additional seat in our row was empty. Empty seats are rare on these flights. We smiled at each other. My wife said, “You are in for an oral treat once everyone on this flight gets tired.”

I was excited to say the least.

About six hours into the flight my wife laid down as best she could with her head on my lap. She had a JAL blanket. She covered her head and unzipped my pants. She pulled out my cock and started kissing and sucking. Her head was bobbing up and down under the covers. There was very little movement in the plane and no one noticed.

I usually do not cum from a blow job. It just gets me going for some fucking. This time was very different. The excitement of oral sex at 30,000 ft. was so erotic. I blew a load into my wife’s mouth. She swallowed and kept sucking to get every last drop. Then she sat up and said, “That’s a Thank You for serving our country many years ago.”

All I could say was, “You are amazing.”

We kissed. I knew this trip was going to be everything I dreamed about.

We arrived in Sai Gon at midnight. We had prearranged our transportation to the Liberty 2 Hotel. We easily got checked in and now the challenge was to adjust to the 12 hour time change.

My wife showered and walked out of the bathroom just wear silk panties. She said, “I’m so happy to be here. I usually hate quickies, but would you like a quick cum load to celebrate our trip. We’re both tired, but I sure would love you to pound my ass on the balcony overlooking the street. ”

I said, “I’m tired and also ready to cum. Let’s do it.”

We always get room 608 if it is available. It was and we fucked on the balcony. I love the balconies at Liberty 2.

The next day we shopped and did our best to avoid a nap so we could adjust to the time change. That night we went to a relaxing romantic dinner at the Rex Hotel. My wife picked a pair of black panties for me with a floral print. They felt so good on my cock. We shared a bottle of wine and returned to our room for sex. My wife sat on the side of the bed and played with my cock in the panties she picked. With her hands on my pantie covered cock she licked and sucked my nipples. I ate her pussy and then stood on the side of the bed with my wife’s ass right at the edge. I pulled her panties to the side and got my cock out of the left leg hole of my panties. I put her legs over my shoulder and stroked her pussy so slow and then so fast. When I gave her a few hard strokes her big tits bounced.

Eventually, I said, “Stand up so I can fuck you from behind and watch my cock go in and out of your pretty panties.”

She bent over the bed and took my cock like she loves it best. I grabbed her hair and pounded her a few times mixed with the slower strokes where the head of my cock just barely gets to her the edge of her pussy lips before I slam it back in her. She said, “My god, I love this so much. Now I want you behind me on your knees.”

She climbed into the middle of the bed on her side. I slipped my cock in her and slowly pumped her pussy. This position allows me to get the deepest into my wife. Eventually my wife said, “I love your thick cock in me so much, but I also want your cum load. Give me a big load, baby.”

I was ready to cum, but had been holding off as long as possible. I let the feeling grow in me and it was not long and my cock was exploding in my wife. I laid next to her and from behind played with her nipples and stroked her hips. I said, “I love you, honey.”

She said, “This is going to get wild when we get to your actual locations of your service. I’m going to turn into a wild whore.”

All I could say was, “Thank you for enjoying this whole idea.”

We eventually made our way to Dong Ha, a primitive area of VN. We hired an English speaking driver with a Toyota Four Runner. We wanted to go to locations of our choice whenever we wanted. We paid for the driver to stay with us including his overnight hotel when necessary. Our first location was ConTien.

ConTien is on the old DMZ. The North Vietnamese flag could be seen by the naked eye each and every day I served there. The base had never been successfully defended in an attack. It was always overrun. Thankfully we were never attacked while I was there. Con Tien has a large concrete bunker on the very top of the hill. That was the spot we picked for this soon to be very special memory.

We drove to the location in late afternoon so we could be at the bunker at sundown. As we drove to the location from our hotel, my wife said, “There is something I haven’t told you.”

I said, “This is probably interesting. What is it?”

With a devilish smile she said, “I’ve paid the driver a little extra to record our sex tonight. I hope you aren’t angry. He has our video camera.”

I said, “This is for both of us. If you want a recording, so do I.”

We had a blanket and small bamboo ladder to get on top of the bunker. We used the camera to record the Vietnamese flag flying miles into the distance from the top of the bunker. The South China Sea was easily visible as well. We handed the camera to our drive. He left his driver side door open and stood so he could balance the camera on the roof.

My wife was wearing spaghetti strap top with no bra and a short skirt. She flashed me as we stood on top of the bunker and did a little sexy dance. Then she kneeled in front of me and pulled out my cock to suck. She then undressed me except for my panties. She pulled her top and skirt off to show she was wearing matching panties. She bent over standing up and patted her ass. She said, “Fuck this big boy.”

I was harder than I had been in years. I got behind her and pulled her panties to the side. My cock was out with my panties still on. I pounded her pussy real hard. It took a while, but I was ready to cum. My wife said, “When you cum, pull out and squirt your warm cum on my panties. Then rub it all over my ass.”

I did. I was like we had filmed our own porno movie. Finally, my wife sucked the last drippings out of my cock, took off her panties and said, “These panties will never be washed. They will be saved like they are full of cum forever.”

We went to our hotel. The video was super clear and well done. We had one memory in place and a very good one at that. The next day we were headed for Khe Sanh.

Khe Sanh was the location of two battles in the VN War. One was early in the war and is the main battle. The other was late in the war and known as Lam Son 719. I participated in Lam Son 719 and lived underground at night near the Khe Sanh airstrip for six weeks and flew each day as an aerial observer. Both times Khe Sanh was a horrible battleground. There is a waterfall just east of where the runway was. That is the site of our next sexcapade. We again planned early evening near sundown.

Our driver drove us as close to the waterfall as possible. My wife and I had to walk a little to the waterfall so we carried back packs for the adventure. When we arrived at the waterfall I was disappointed that the water had turned to a trickle due to a hydroelectric plant in the area. My wife went a few yards away to change clothes behind a large bush. She returned wrapped in an American flag and what looked like stockings. Our camera man was with us again.

My wife opened the flag to reveal she was in a lace body suit with holes for her bare tits. She looked amazing. Then I realized she was also wearing the strap on with the big black cock.

She said, “So you thought you would be the only one doing the fucking? Tonight you are bending over and I’m doing the pounding.”

I said, “You know how much I love this. I hope I get to cum a big load, too.”

My wife said, “Strip, I’ll tell you what you get.”

I stripped to my panties. My wife said, “Keep those panties on. I want to see this cock go in and out of your panties.”

Then she said, “I have the lube. I’ll take good care of your ass, but first I want to fuck your mouth. Get on your knees.”

I did as I was told. My wife grabbed the back of my head and truly fucked my mouth exactly the way I fuck her mouth at times. Then she said, “My nipples are aching for your tongue and lips. Lick and suck my nipples. I’ll lube and stroke your cock for you.”

Then she said, “Time for a good fucking. Bend over. Let me see that sweet ass in panties. Pull your panties to the side and spread your ass open wide. Here comes some real ass pleasure.”

I did as I was told. My cock was hard and I was ready for ass pleasure. I felt the big black cock on my ass hole and said, “Give it to me baby, hard and deep.”

She slammed it into me and fucked me like a woman possessed. It felt so good, but I didn’t cum. My wife took the cock out of me and said, “I’m done. I want your cock in my ass. Lube me up. I want your cock and cum in my ass.” She took off the strap on and bent over still wearing the body stocking.

I said, “Stand back up for a few seconds. I want a mouth full of titties.”

I sucked those big nipples while my wife twisted and pulled on my nipples. Then she stroked my aching cock. It needed attention. I needed to cum and she knew it. I had no intention of cumming in her hand. I wanted that tight ass. I bent her over. I lubed her up and fucked her in the ass from behind, standing up. I was ready and the load was gigantic.

My wife was on fire. She said, “Fuck my ass sir. I want to take care of my veteran, who wants to fuck my ass.”

After a few pounding strokes my wife said, “Come on big boy, fuck me harder. I can take all you’ve got. Fuck my ass in panties, baby. I want your cum.”

The dirty talk put me over the edge and I exploded my cum in her ass. After I came I laid her on a blanket and ate her pussy. My cum was dripping out of her ass as I licked her juices. I sucked on her engorged clit. My wife had a very strong orgasm to end the adventure.

What a special time at Khe Sanh! The video was wild.

We had plenty more good times on this trip. It truly was a sexcapade. Hoi An was special as always, Sa Pa and Hai Long Bay were romantic, but nothing can match two great fucks with my wife at my old base camps and I have video to prove it.

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