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Two Weeks in Vegas!

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Adam had just turned eighteen. His aunt Kelly had sent him a plane ticket to come spend two weeks in Las Vegas with her and her daughter’s Trina was twenty-one and Lisa was twenty-seven.

He arrived at the airport at nine fifteen on a Wednesday evening. His cousins were waiting on him, holding a big sign that said Adam’s Family. They always liked to joke around and he laughed at their sign.

Trina was dressed down, she wore sweats, a baggy t-shirt and sneakers. Lisa on the other hand was dressed up, she wore a tight skirt, kinda short with a silky tank top and strappy dress sandals. She had her hair done and nails polished and wore make-up. Trina’s hair was in a ponytail and she didn’t have her nails or make-up done.

They rode back to aunt Kelly’s listening to the radio and singing loudly. They laughed and had a good time. When they got home, Trina disappeared and wasn’t seen for the rest of the night. Adam stayed up with his aunt and Lisa til well past one in the morning.

When he awoke the next morning, it was just past ten. Aunt Kelly had gone to work and Trina’s boyfriend pulled into the driveway at ten thirty, honking for her. She ran out the door shouting that she’d be home by six.

That left Adam and Lisa. Lisa offered to show Adam around town, they went back to their rooms to get ready. Adam put on jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed off his muscles and abs. He’d been working out and was hoping to meet atleast a one night stand in Vegas. He had a reputation to live up to back home.

They left the house around eleven. Lisa wore another tight skirt, this one showed off the curve of her hips and the roundness of her thick ass. She wore heels this time, still strappy, but fancier than the sandals of the night before. Her tank top was tight, showing off her breasts. She had a silk shirt overtop, unbuttoned halfway and tied at the waist. She had fixed her hair and her nails were freshly painted.

He joked with her, “All dressed up to take your little cousin out on the town? What are you trying to do, seduce me?”

His laughter made her smile, she joked back, “You never know do you?”

They drove to a couple casinos he wanted to see, took photos with a few of the sites on the strip and then had lunch at the MGM Casino and Show Room.

Afterward, she asked if he’d like to meet some of her friends where she worked. He was thrilled to meet women, someone he could actually have sex with.

When they pulled into Big Rick’s Tits and Asses, she turned to him and smiled. “Yeah, I work here.”

They went inside the club, he saw instantly that it was a strip club with members only priveledges. Downstairs there was a huge stage with three stripper poles, two smaller stages had one pole each. Booths to let the customers relax, side rooms for private dances and little booths were they could pay to watch the girls make out or touch each other. Lots of options for a sleezy strip joint.

She took him upstairs to meet her boss, Big Rick. She didn’t tell him that Adam was a relative though, just that he was visiting from Virginia and he would be in town for 2 weeks. Big Rick opened the double doors behind the waiting area, showing him a whole other dimension of the club.

Big Rick grinned at Adam, “Go ahead, look around. Maybe Lisa will show you how she became one of our most popular dancers.” He slapped Adam on the back and left the two of them to explore.

The doors opened into a lounge. There was a long bar on one side and small tables and lounge chairs all around. Couches and overstuffed chairs covered the other two walls.

Lisa walked over and got two Jack and Cokes from the bartender and led him down a small private hallway.

“These are the scene rooms,” she said, “Customers pay anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars to have one of the girls be their ultimate fantasy. They have to be members to come this far though.”

She showed him the different types. School girl, the room had classroom desks and a big teacher’s desk. The walls were covered with a chalkboard and school posters. A torture room with racks and whips, complete with toys and many exploratory play things. There were about ten rooms, she’d laughed and told him she’d used every room atleast five times.

In the Nurse room, it had a hospital bed and nurse’s tools spread out on the counter. She walked across the room to show him that the tools were actually vibrators and dildos. He laughed and joked about probing someone with one. She bent over to show him there were actually hand and foot restraints to tie you up. While she was bending, he noticed how good her ass looked in her tight skirt. The skirt was pushing up and he could see her bare ass. She wasn’t wearing any panties!!

He couldn’t help but picture Lisa dressed as a school girl, on her knees pleasuring some old man. He had to snap out of that, he was almost getting hard thinking of his cousin naked!

When they reached the end of the hallway, they reentered the Lobby. They got another drink and she led him down another long hallway. This one led to bigger party rooms, where the club members could hold their own intimate gatherings. Each room had a few rounds tables and in the center a small stage with it’s own stripper pole. “This room cost fifteen thousand for the members and twenty for non-members. Some companies in the area even held annual gatherings here,” she explained.

Further down, were a few rooms with huge California King sized beds covered with fluffy pillows. There was a mini bar in the corner, a sex swing hanging from the ceiling and a few different positioners. She explained that some of the club members liked to have orgy parties, where they could have thier friends and girlfriends join the fun. “The girls get paid atleast twenty thousand for an orgy and if they actually had sex with the club member, they get another ten thousand,” she finished up plopping down on the bed. She lay back and he could see right up her skirt. Her pussy was bare, slippery looking.

When they got back down to the club, he was ultra horny! He couldn’t think of anything else but taking Lisa upstairs, buying a few hours in the nurse area and having her deep throat him! He quickly got to the bar and downed two shots, then ordered a beer. He planted himself in front of the stage while Lisa ran down to the employee area to get something from her dressing area.

His mind began to wander, he could imagine Lisa naked. He could see her grinding on the pole in front of him. For being his cousin, she was pretty hot! He had to snap out of this, he couldn’t act on something like that!

Suddenly Lisa was behind him, wearing a completely different outfit. She wore a skin tight leather dress, her breasts overflowing from the top. She wore boots up to her thighs and her hair was down, flowing over her shoulders in curls.

She pulled him out of his seat and she locked her arm through his. “Come on big guy, we’re going to head to the strip!”

She took him to clubs all over the strip, showing him gambling parlors and strip shows. Hell they even won a thousand bucks! He was having a great time, feeling great after the drinks they’d been having. She had gotten a little tipsy and was clinging to his arm now, she’d even kissed him when they’d won the thousand dollars. His cock was going crazy, his mind was racing!

They finally headed home when it had become dark, the sky was black and the moon shown above them. She had slipped under his arm, she’d had way too much to drive. They made it home and parked in a side lot. She had begun kissing his neck, running her hand under his shirt.

He had pulled away at first, letting her know it was after four in the morning and they were close to home. He didn’t once utter anything about the fact that they were cousins. He’d wanted her as badly as she’d wanted him by that point.

She’d laughed, “Then let’s go inside, get ready for bed and then sneak down to the basement and meet me.”

He’d gotten out of the car and went inside. He wasn’t sure what to do, he now had the opportunity of his life, Lisa was sexy and loved sex. He didn’t want to disappoint her, she was his family and he loved seeing family happy.

He showered and put on pajama pants and a tank top. He’d quietly snuck down the steps to the basement, leading the way with his phone light. He’d found a light switch which in turn helped him find a lamp and dim the basement back up. He’d explored for about ten minutes, looking for a place for them to shag at.

His thoughts were to spread out the big comfy blankets that were in a heap in the middle of the floor, make a small love next in the furthest back corner. Anyone coming down to the basement would have to walk down all the stairs, go left or right about five feet and then walk to the back before they would be found. He figured by then, they could hide. He’d found a small nook that they could crawl into to stay hidden until the person went back upstairs.

With his escape route all planned, he’d went to the stairs to wait for Lisa. He sat there for another twenty minutes, smoking a cigarette and getting nervous. When he’d snubbed out his cigarette, ready to head back to his bed on the couch, she opened the door and snuck down to him.

He’d pulled her to the back of the basement, showing her the love nest he’d created. She smiled and tugged his pants down, showing off his cock. She touched it, leaning her lips over and locking them with his. They stood that way for a few minutes, lips locked, tongues exploring each others mouths. Her stroking him, cupping his balls after every few strokes. He kissed down her neck, making a path over her body, “Show me your body,” he breathed into her neck.

She stepped back, letting him go, and pulled her night shirt over her head. She stood before him entirely naked, her body tanned and sculpted. That of an angel he thought.

He pulled her close again, kissed his way down to her breasts. He nibbled the hard nipples that protruded at his mouth. She was fully turned on and he was ready to extinguish the fire her body was producing.

They fell to the bed he’d made them, his hand went to her bare ass, cupping it and massaging her. He caressed her ass, then her thighs. He spread her legs and his fingers plunged into her. She was kissing his neck, his chest. She’d even left nail marks in his back.

He rubbed her, teasing her clit with his rough hands. His two fingers inside of her while his thumb rubbed her, tracing all the lines of her clit. He’d found every spot that made her wiggle, cry out or cum. She was soaking wet, his fingers sliding inside of her over and over. She was so juicy it made him drool.

He kissed down her body, licking and teasing her til his tongue found her love button. He’d pressed that button, the most tender spots on her clit. Teasing and tonguing her, til she soaked his face with her scent. He’d french kissed her clit until her body shuddered with pleasure.

When she was finally able to move, her mouth found it’s way to his hard cock. She bobbed her head over his cock, taking almost every inch inside. Her throat was tight around him, her fingers tugging at his ball sack. His dick was pulsing, sending heat to her mouth. It was about to explode and he was ready to be inside her already.

He pushed her back, spread her legs and slowly lowered himself to her. His cock touched her entrance and he rubbed it over her clit, teasing her, “Are you sure you want me to fuck you? This is your last chance to stop me Lisa!”

She lifted her hips, allowing his head inside of her, “If you stop now Adam, you’ll regret it! Now, Fuck me!”

He entered her, her legs found his hips and locked on them. He pumped into her, she was tight even though she’d been having sex often. He could feel her vagina muscles tighten on him. The friction was enough to send him over the edge. He sprayed his cum inside of her. She was full of his cum and it dripped out.

He pulled out of her, his cock slightly limp. He lay next to her while she caught her breath. She leaned her head against his chest, teasing his nipple with her tongue.

“So I guess I was able to seduce you today, don’t you think?” She asked.

He just looked into her eyes, “You didn’t wear any panties on purpose?”

He just knew his vacation had gotten much better!

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