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A Fire Rekindled

Category: Fetish
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Dave stepped back to admire his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the wardrobe door.

“Not bad,” he nodded approvingly as he scrutinised his naked torso, “not bad at all.”

He stroked his downy chest, sucked in his belly and flexed his arms. Yes, definitely the remnants of a six pack on his abdomen and his biceps were well defined. A little excess weight around the waist maybe but for a man in his forties, with precious little time available to frequent the gym, he looked pretty good.

Dave smoothed down his dark hair and eyebrows before turning sideways on to the mirror. His gaze dropped lower and a devious smile crinkled the corners of his mouth. With a wicked glint in his eyes Dave watched his own reflection as he ran his hands over his firm buttocks and thighs, his fingers gliding effortlessly over the smooth nylon webbing encasing the lower portion of his body. His fingertips caressed the black mesh tenderly before explored the constricting waistband nestled against his skin just above the tip of his tightly sheathed penis. His hands halted on the bulge protruding from beneath the silky fabric of his delicate black pantyhose. Heart pounding he began stroking, encouraging his expanding cock to twitch and strain against its nylon prison. He slowed his pace. He didn’t want a full erection yet, not yet. Heather would help him with that…oh yes, she would make him hard.

A soft shuffling in the doorway made Dave start. He turned to find the love of his life draped demurely against the doorframe, a deliciously sexy pout adorning her richly painted lips. Heather’s luscious brown eyes lit up as they met his and those long lashes he adored fluttered innocently above her perfect white smile.

“You like?” she enquired seductively running her slender red-tipped fingers over her shapely, nylon clad thighs.

Dave drew in his breath. “Oh yes.”

His eyes drank in the sensuous sight of his wife’s toned body as she leaned against the door frame wearing pure white stockings with wide lacy tops….and nothing else. His throat dried up. She looked amazing, so sexy. She was easily as stunning as she’d been when they’d first met all those years ago.

“Well?” she urged the tiniest hint of uncertainty in her voice.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” he stammered, “absolutely stunning.”

Heather relaxed, her smile broadening. “I’m glad you approve.”

Dave became aware of the most delightful stirrings in his groin whilst the heat beneath the strengthened crotch of his pantyhose intensified. Beads of sweat adorned his brow and his palms glistened with clammy moisture.

“And me?” he asked nervously. “Do you like what I’m wearing?”

Dave wasn’t sure how Heather would react to seeing him in pantyhose for the first time. She’d seemed calm enough when he’d told her about his fetish but the reality of inviting her to stand in front of him whilst he was actually wearing them terrified him. Dave had kept his little fetish closeted for years, always assuming that Heather wouldn’t understand or approve. All that had changed now. A lot had changed.

Dave and Heather had come to an understanding, a new phase of honesty in their relationship, a change prompted by their children’s decision to move out. Gone were the hurried missionary position fucks they’d squeezed in after the kids had gone to bed, no more hushed fingering under the covers or hand jobs in the shower. Now that the house was their own again sex was back on the addenda — in a big way! Unsatisfactory fumbles had been replaced by hours of deeply gratifying love making where no holes were barred and no fantasies left unexplored. Empty nest syndrome? No way. They fucking loved it!


Heather’s impish smile licked her lips. “You look wonderful,” she mewed, “so hot. Can I feel?”

Dave beamed at her, distinctly relieved by her response. “Oh yes, please do. Feel away.”

Heather sashayed towards her husband her curvaceous hips swaying, her shapely c-cup breasts with the perky pink nipples bouncing up and down as she moved. Heather took care of her body and looked great for her age. She was lithe and sexy. She noted her husband’s approving looks with satisfaction and his obvious desire for her sent the delicious warmth of sexual arousal creeping through her veins. She stood before her besotted husband capturing his gaze as her hands slid downwards over his pantyhose. The heat radiating from her husbands engorged penis was scorching and it twitched and jerked most enticingly beneath the taught fabric.

“You’re so hot,” she breathed. “Do you like me stroking you through your silky pantyhose?”

“Oh yes, yes,” Dave groaned softly. He closed his eyes. “It feels so good.”

“And when I do this…?” she dropped to the floor at Dave’s feet pressing her full, moist lips against his encased cock.

“Oh Heather that’s wonderful,” he moaned. “Lick me, please, lick me, suck me, take me into your mouth.”

Heather tittered and cast a devilish smile up at her pantyhose clad husband. He was gorgeous, beautiful and the fact that he had finally come out about his fetish delighted her. She’d known for years of course; she’d found his tights and stockings at the back of his sock drawer but she hadn’t confronted him. The time hadn’t been right. It was now.

Heather opened her mouth and began to lick the hard mass confined beneath her husband’s nylon pantyhose. The material felt delightfully slippery beneath her tongue, a sensation which increased with the addition of her hot, wet saliva. It soaked into the fabric making it glisten with warm stickiness.

Dave stiffened and grunted. “Oh God Heather, that’s so good.”

Heather smiled to herself. She felt supremely sexy kneeling in front of Dave and lapping at his cock through a moist nylon web. She shuddered as a twinge tickled her pussy and a warm wetness as hot and sticky as the mesh beneath her tongue oozed from her exposed slit. Heather’s pulse raced and her naked loins began to undulate, writhing slowly as her pussy pulsated. She opened her mouth, wide, sucking her husband’s swollen cockhead inside her longing maw. She closed her succulent lips around it and sucked hard.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” cried Dave as Heather’s hot mouth surrounded his nylon swathed cock.

His erection strained against its elasticated prison begging to be released. Not yet. The confinement felt wonderful; restrictive almost to the point of pain yet magnificently free. For years Dave had worn his pantyhose in secret, steeling moments to wank-off in them whenever Heather and the kids were away. How he’d longed to share his furtive activities with his wife, how he’d wished she’d do exactly what she was doing at that moment. He smiled to himself as he recalled the question he’d finally found the courage to ask that very evening at the dinner table.

“Will you suck me off through a pair of tights?”

He’d said it quite out of the blue in the middle of a conversation about time-share properties and the look on Heather’s face had been priceless — total shock! Heather, however, liked the idea. Kinky sex appealed to her new-found wantonness and not thirty minutes later there they were in the bedroom all dressed up.

Heathers hands fondled Dave’s balls then stroked firmly along the length of his thick cock whilst her supple mouth increased the pressure on his sensitive tip. She licked as she sucked and her head bobbed back and forth skilfully fucking Dave’s mesh bound cock with her hot lips.

Dave groaned aloud as his balls tightened; his climax was close. “Roll then down, carefully. Do it Heather. Free me so I can come in your mouth,” he gasped urgently. “I’m close.”

Heather stopped slurping and licked her lips. She liked the taste of cum, she loved it and she was looking forward to sucking up every drop Dave produced. She’d milk him dry then kiss him to give him a taste of his own juices. A spasm made her shudder. Her own climax was building. She kissed her husband’s cockhead and kept kissing as she slid her manicured fingertips beneath the tight waistband of his pantyhose. Slowly, carefully she began to ease the pantyhose down. She manoeuvred the material over his throbbing cock gasping with delight as his eight inch length sprang forward hard as a rock.

Dave grunted loudly as Heather’s mouth swallowed-up his freshly emancipated cockhead and sealed tightly around it. His groans issued forth as his horny wife bobbed back and forth sucking hard at his cock, expertly capitulating him towards a magnificent orgasm. Dave’s buttocks tensed as he fought to keep his balance against Heather’s thrashing movements. His balls tightened, his cock twitched…soon…

Grasping her husband’s stiff shaft in a firm grip Heather began to stroke it hard whilst her mouth worked his tip. She felt the increasing heat of his erection and swooned as she tasted the honeyed sweetness of pre-cum.

“Oh God…” she moaned as his sweet juices filled her mouth.

She swirled her velvety tongue over Dave’s purple head lapping up his secretions then resumed her sucking, harder now, with one hand stroking the tingling slit between her own thighs. Her fingers circled her clit, rubbing it, stroking it, making it burn. Secretions oozed from deep within her lubricating her movements.

“Oh God…” she cried.

As her own body shook with the first delirious jolts of her climax Dave grasped the back of her head forcing his cock deep into her throat. His balls contracted and loud feral grunting accompanied the ejaculation of his hot, sticky cream straight into Heather’s gaping throat.

“Oh fuck, yes, yes,” he rasped as he expelled rope after rope of sticky cum.

Heather sighed with bliss as the sweet tasting cum filled her mouth to bursting. She opened her throat and swallowed it back thrilled by the smoothness with which it slipped down. A smile spread across her face as Dave relinquished his grip on her. She looked up at her husband with adoration. Twenty years of marriage and she’d never loved him more. How many couples could say that? And she knew just how to show her appreciation. Her tongue flicked out and gently lapped at Dave’s sticky cockhead, cleaning off the remnants of his creamy load.

“Oh sweetheart, do that some more,” breathed Dave shuddering.

“With pleasure,” she purred.

Taking Dave’s cock delicately between her fingers Heather began to lick him, alternating between his shaft and tip. Her lapping remained slow, tender, her licks interspersed with gently wisps of air blown out from between her puckered lips.

“Oh God…” he groaned.

“Too much? Too sensitive?”

“Yes, but don’t stop,” he urged, his pained expression giving way to one of sheer bliss.

Heather smiled and continued her work, kissing and licking until Dave’s cock was completely clean.

“My turn,” she whispered.

Taking hold of the elasticated waistband Heather carefully manipulated Dave’s pantyhose back over his receding erection, returning it to its mesh cage of restricting black nylon.

“Now me, my turn,” she repeated, “give me what I like.”

“My pleasure.”

Dave dropped to the floor beside her. He kissed her mouth firmly whilst easing her backwards on to the floor. He hooked her slender legs up over his shoulders as he dived between her thighs heading for the delicious tender slit set amidst her neatly trimmed curls of pubic hair. Dave’s passion soared as his tongue encountered the creamy stickiness of Heather’s cunt. He licked her greedily, sucking up her juices whilst stimulating more.

Heather groaned. She tightened her silken legs around Dave’s earlobes gripping him in a nylon vice whilst his hands clutched at her thighs exploring the exquisite texture of her elasticated stocking tops. Grunts of pleasure issued from both of them as Dave’s tongue plunged deep inside his wife’s burning cunt, licking and slurping whilst his lips sucked thirstily at her flowing juices.

Heather let out a sharp squeal. “Make me come, I want to come.”

Another orgasm was brewing inside her but it would take some expert fingering to unleash its full fury. Dave knew exactly what to do…

“Oh fuck, yes!” she cried as she felt the steady rub of Dave’s fingertips against her pulsating clit. “Yes, YES!” Her body bucked as the exquisite waves of her orgasm cascaded through her. “Oh God! “Aaahhh, fuck!”

Heather exploded! Her orgasm produced a rush of squirting juices which issued forth without warning. Her torrent hit Dave full in the face coating his skin with slippery, hot girl-cum fresh from her fiery cunt.

Heather’s body stiffened then dropped to the deck limp as a rag dog. Her chest rose and fell rapidly and a mist of sweat clung to her upper lip. She looked-up into the face of her shocked husband and immediately began to giggle, a huge smile adorning her youthful face.

“I guess I’m a squirter!” she laughed. “Who knew?”

“Certainly took me by surprise!” Dave gaped gazing at his wife in awe. He wiped her slippery juices from his face, flicking them back at her whilst Heather giggled harder.

“I love you,” he declared beaming at her.

“Back at you.”

“And these?” he asked stroking his silken crotch. “Any problems?”

“Seemed to work well enough for me.”

“They did, didn’t they?” Dave ran a hand over the sticky mess clinging to the fabric. “Might need a bit of a wash now!” he grinned sheepishly.

“Definitely – messy bastard! Don’t take them off yet though. We’re not done, are we?” she smiled eying up the steadily growing bulge beneath her husband’s pantyhose.

“Nope,” he agreed eagerly, “I don’t think we are.”

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