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A Birthday Surprise

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“Come on Brian, seriously. What do you want for your birthday?” Rachel pressed. She’d been after him for a hint, some idea of what he wanted or needed. And though his birthday was still several weeks away, there really wasn’t anything he could come up with.

Brian and Rachel had known one another for several years. Theirs was a “platonic” though very friendly relationship.

Rachel was a lesbian married in every sense of the word except “legally” by archaic State laws. Brian was also friendly with Rachel’s spouse, Teri, though far less personally, as he hadn’t worked with Teri. Which is where he’d gotten to know Rachel so well, working with her day in and day out.

Even with their obvious differences, Brian and Rachel could talk openly with one another about any subject. As friends, they often teased one another, which occasionally bordered on outright flirting to those who didn’t know them as intimately as their closest friends did.

“There isn’t anything I can honestly think of that I want or need.” He told her seriously, and then throwing her one of “those” looks as she’d called them. During those times when they’d spoken candidly with one another about their lifestyles, relationships, Brian had admitted to Rachel he’d often thought of her being with Teri. It was after all, every guys fantasy, and certainly one of his, seeing two girls together. He’d long ago intimated that if she and Teri ever felt like videotaping themselves on camera, he’d be more than willing to lend a helping hand. She of course had teased him unmercifully about it, knowing full well he just wanted to see the two of them together.

“That’s never going to happen Brian.” She scolded, teasing him back. “So keep thinking buddy. You might want it, but you’re never going to see Teri and I together. Hey, maybe that’s what I’ll get you! A nice X-rated lesbian movie!”

“Not quite the same Rachel. I’ve got a few of those. Besides, I think it would be far more erotic actually seeing it for real, and especially someone I know.” Rachel smiled, laughing the suggestion off as she always did.

“And besides, even if I was interested, Teri would never go for it, and you know it.” Which was true. Teri was distrusting towards men enough as it was. And though she had gotten to know Brian well enough to be somewhat comfortable around him, he’d never have with her the same intimate, friendly relationship he had with Rachel. “Oh, and before I forget. I called your wife to set up appointments for Teri and I. We’re coming over this evening for massages.”

Brian’s wife Darlene worked out of their home as a Massage Therapist. Both Rachel and Teri had been coming to her on a regular basis. “Cool. Maybe you guys would like to hot-tub with us afterwards.” Brian offered. Now Rachel gave him one of her patented looks. They had “tubbed” with Brian and his wife before, but had always worn swimwear whenever they’d been invited. He had again “teased” her about doing so naked, as he’d honestly preferred doing it that way himself. Out of respect for them both however, he’d always worn a pair of trunks whenever they’d come over to sit in the hot tub.

“Boy…you never give up do you?” Rachel said knowingly.


“You know damn well what. If you can’t see the two of us actually getting it on, seeing the two of us naked would be the next best thing wouldn’t it?”

“Ah come on Rachel, it’s not that big of deal…really!”

“For you maybe. You sitting in the tub with three naked women…it might just become a big deal!” Brian knew what she was really referring to of course, especially when she glanced towards his crotch by way of emphasis.

“Even if I did…which I wouldn’t, I’d make sure to stay beneath the water. You’d never even know.”

“Ah huh.” Rachel was smiling however. “You know, it really wouldn’t bother me. I could care less. But you know Teri. And besides, what would your wife think?”

“You know Darlene, she wouldn’t care, and besides, she gets to see the two of you naked all the time whenever you’re getting a massage. Why should she care?”

“That’s not what I was referring to and you know it.” Brian laughed. He did know it. And so did she.

“Well, give it some thought. It seriously is better if you can relax and enjoy it without anything on.”

“I’ll talk to her about it Brian. But don’t hold your breath.” Brian made a face, puffing out his cheeks pretending to actually hold it. Rachel laughed. “You’ll turn blue long before that happens.” Brian sucked in air.

“Well, it was worth a try.” He kidded her. “See you this evening then I guess.”


Later that evening, Rachel and Teri had come over for their massages. Darlene was just finishing up with Teri when Rachel came down to the den where Brian was watching TV. “Still planning on tubbing?” He asked when he saw her. Rachel nodded her head yes, but he also noticed when she did that she was grinning widely.

“You’re kidding!” He exclaimed. “Really?”

“I mentioned it to her just before we came over. Told her it was kind of silly wearing swimsuits, especially as Darlene would be there too. And besides, it is dark outside, and as long as you keep the underwater lights off, I think Teri will feel comfortable enough.”

“So…she really did agree to do it then huh?”

“Yep…surprised me too.”

“And you’re ok with being naked in front of me? Really?” Even before Brian had finished asking the question, Rachel began removing her clothes.

“You do have some extra bathrobes or something we can wear outside though don’t you? She questioned him.

“I’ll be right back!” Brian told her, running from the room to fetch two extra one’s for them. He returned a few minutes later, to his surprise, Rachel was in fact naked, sitting on the couch.

“Here.” He said handing one of the robes to her. “I’ll leave the other one with you for Teri, and then head outside and open up the tub.” Dashing outside, Brian lifted the cover to the tub, securing it. Removing his robe, he quickly climbed down into the wonderfully hot soothing water and waited. Seconds later he saw Rachel open the sliding doors to their den stepping out onto the deck and make her way over to where the tub was. Silently, he watched as she quickly removed her robe, hanging it up before stepping down into the swirling water.

“Be careful, it’s slippery.” Brian said, beginning to stand in order to help her down into the tub. He came out of the water slightly as he did and Rachel glanced down at him.

“Thought you said you’d keep that thing out of sight.” She said teasingly.

“I said I would if I became aroused.” Brian countered. “And as you can see…I’m not.”

“I have a feeling it won’t stay like that for long though.” She warned him. Truth was, Brian did feel a slight awakening and quickly located himself in a neutral corner of the tub as Rachel stepped in, sitting across from him. “Teri and Darlene should be just finishing up.” Rachel said looking towards the sliding doors. Brian didn’t follow her gaze however; he was too busy staring at her partially exposed breasts. Not only hadn’t he expected this to actually happen, the fact that it had, and that Rachel was now actually sitting inside the tub with him naked, had taken him by surprise.

He’d tried very carefully not to stare at her when she got in. But he wasn’t about to waste this perfect opportunity to actually see her naked without taking advantage of it either. Rachel certainly wasn’t a big woman, far from it. “Petite” was the best word to describe her, though “Hard-bodied” was another. She was taut, firm “well-toned” he thought as he saw her descending down into the water. Her breasts though small, were certainly alluring. Pink-tipped, her hard little nipples protruded invitingly off her chest. For a brief second he imagined Teri sucking them. A second after that, he could see himself sucking them.

“Ah hem!” Rachel said clearing her throat, which immediately drew his attention back to her face and away from her tits. Though he noticed in doing so, she had made no effort to slip further down into the water to conceal them either. “Might as well get a good look and get it over with.” She said actually flirting with him. “Otherwise you’ll be trying to sneak peeks all night long and none of us will feel comfortable!”

“You’re right. Guess I’d be a little more discrete, especially when Teri comes out.” He admitted. The sound of the sliding door alerted him that she and Darlene had in fact finished their massage as they made their way outside towards the tub.

Surprisingly, Teri reached the tub first, quickly removing her robe, though she turned slightly off to one side in doing so facing away from him. Brian tried to focus his attention back towards Rachel, noticing when he did that she was grinning at him, even winking. Though she didn’t exactly “dive” into the tub as soon as she had hung up the robe, Teri did submerge herself rather quickly and then made her way over to the opposite side of the tub from where Brian was sitting. He’d gotten only the barest glimpse at Teri’s breasts, only slightly larger than Rachel’s though her pubic patch was nearly identical to hers. Darlene had followed suit, stepping down into the tub. Brian was delighted his wife had also decided to strip naked. Having the three of them with him was a nice bit of naughtiness, even though he couldn’t mention that to any of them under the circumstances. Yet…having that private little thought was a nice pleasure to entertain.

Being a bonafide, card-carrying “tit-man”, Brian smiled inwardly to himself at having three different sized, shaped, pairs of boobs to sit and look at, quietly enjoying them. Problem was, Rachel was the only one who didn’t appear as self-conscious at revealing them. Even his wife Darlene tended to keep herself more below the water line than above, and Teri certainly did. All in all, it was still a rather enjoyable experience, though Brian was careful to keep his “arousal” carefully concealed below the water. When everyone had finally had enough Brian realized he would have to come up with an excuse, ensuring he was the last to get out for obvious reasons.

“I’ll leave last so I can shut the lid and secure the tub.” He said to no one in particular. Rachel looked his way smiling whispering to him as she did.

“You need to be last out to close the lid huh?” She said jabbing at him with the thought. “Sure you do.”

The fact that he did get to sit there a moment longer, watching all three of them step out was an additional bonus yes. But he really did need to ensure he was last out, especially as he did have a hard-on. Even Darlene wouldn’t have appreciated him waving that about, even if it was in front of Rachel and Teri.

They sat for a brief while longer inside the house. Brian was glad to see that Teri seemed even more friendly than usual. A good sign at least that she hadn’t been all that uncomfortable being naked inside the tub with him. And as for Rachel, she’d at least been a bit more so, giving him occasional glimpses of herself, which he’d certainly gotten to enjoy.

“Well Brian…see you at work tomorrow.” She’d told him just before leaving. “And be thinking about your birthday.” She’d reminded him.


Sure enough, the following morning at work, Rachel asked Brian what he wanted for his birthday. And once again, Brian told her, “Watching you and Teri having sex.” He’d responded teasingly. It became a running joke between them. Every morning she’d ask, and every morning he’d answer with the exact same response. Finally, with only three days remaining until his actual birthday, Rachel approached him one last time.

“Ok Brian. I really am serious here. You’ve left me with little or no time to shop for anything, so…what do you want for your birthday?” Brian answered her, and though still joking, he used the same serious tone of voice that she had.

“Like I said Rachel. You know what I want. I don’t need anything else.” Frustrated, Rachel left his side without making any of the usual jokes and quips back at him that she usually did. For a brief moment, he thought of catching up to her and apologizing, thinking as he did that she’d eventually let it go. He honestly didn’t need or really want anything, and he didn’t want Rachel spending any of her hard earned money on him anyway. The day passed without his speaking with her any further either. Brian was just preparing to head home when Rachel cornered him in the hallway.

“Ok Brian, you get your wish.” She told him.

“What?” For a second he was sure he hadn’t heard her right.

“There’s only one catch however, Teri doesn’t have any idea I’m doing this.”

“Ok, you lost me Rachel. What do you mean she doesn’t have any idea? How’re you supposed to pull that one off?”

“First off, can you get away for a while Friday night?” She asked carefully.

“Yeah, sure. It’s Darlene’s night out with the girls, why?”

“Good. Then you come over around six. Teri and I should be home around six-thirty. Park your car around the block. I’ll leave the side door open. We hardly ever use it, so Teri will never know it was unlocked. Go downstairs to our bedroom. I’ve made a place for you in my closet. Teri never goes in there as her closets on the other side of the bedroom. I’ve put a stool inside for you to sit on. I’ve also adjusted the slats in the doors so you can see more easily without being seen, provided you sit towards the back…and for heavens sake, be quiet!”

“You’re serious about this!” He stated a moment later realizing that she was.

“Well? Do you want to or not?” She challenged him. “I won’t ask you, or attempt this again. Either yes…or no. But you’d best be telling me now.” She added.

“How will I get away later?” He questioned growing more and more excited by the minute.

“Because we always go out for ice-cream afterwards.” She said smiling for the first time. “Especially if it’s a rather intense session. And I have a feeling…it will be. After we leave, you go out by the same door you entered. Teri will never even know you were there. You get to finally watch…which you can consider your Birthday present from me. Well? Yes…or no?”

“Hell yes!” Brian answered.

“Just remember to be damn quiet Brian. If Teri finds out about this, we’re both dead!”


Brian had parked his car around the next block, hurriedly making his way over to Rachel and Teri’s home. As he’d been told, the side door was indeed unlocked. Letting himself in, he stood there for a moment listening quietly, but there were no sounds of anyone inside the house. His heart was beating wildly. He couldn’t believe he was actually doing this, though it was just as wild that Rachel had agreed to go along with it. Making his way downstairs to their bedroom, he quickly opened the closet doors. He saw the stool situated at the back of the closet. Sitting down, he pulled the doors shut and saw that he had a perfect view of the entire bedroom. Remembering to stay well back inside the closet lest he be seen, he made himself as comfortable as possible, and waited. After perhaps ten or fifteen minutes, he heard sounds coming from somewhere upstairs and knew immediately that Rachel and Teri had gotten home. He could hear laughter, knowing from the sounds of that, that they were at least in a good mood.

“That’s promising.” He thought to himself. Though his heart had quit pounding inside his chest, he was still excited, slightly anxious as he waited there in the dark inside the closet. Moments later the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs reached his ears. Rachel entered the room, making her way over to the closet though she didn’t open it.

“Brian? You here?” She whispered.

“Yes.” He answered softly, simply. He heard Rachel giggle.

“Just remember to be quiet.” She reminded him unnecessarily. “Teri’s putting a few things away and then she’ll be coming downstairs. Oh, by the way. Happy Birthday!” Brian watched as Rachel removed her clothes, soon after climbing up into the bed. He saw her fumble briefly with the nightstand, and then heard the soft buzz as she began using a small purple vibrator on herself. Even seeing this was exciting as hell, he’d have been more than willing to have settled for watching Rachel masturbating with the toy had he of known.

“Hmmm, that looks like fun!”

Brian realized Teri had come downstairs entering the bedroom. He’d been so absorbed in watching Rachel pleasuring herself that he hadn’t heard her until she had entered.

“Care to join me?” Rachel quipped. “I got fresh batteries for yours too.” Brian watched as Teri began removing her clothes. Seconds later she crawled up onto the bed joining Rachel. He heard Teri laugh seductively as Rachel reached over placing the softly humming toy between Teri’s legs.

“Let me do you too.” Teri said. Lying side by side, the girls teased one another with their toys. From his vantage point, Brian had a clear view of what was taking place. Watching as Rachel slid the purple toy up and down Teri’s fur-lined slit, he felt his penis stiffening in response. Glad that he’d chosen to wear a pair of sweat-pants, it was easy for him to reach down inside, clasping his hard prick in his hand and begin teasing it as he watched.

“Damn I’m horny!” Rachel admitted. “Let me lick you while I fuck you with this.” Brian then saw Rachel get up on her knee’s leaning over Teri as she did. He saw her bending over, slipping the tip of the toy just inside the entrance of Teri’s pussy. Simultaneously, she began licking what he knew had to be her clitoris. Teri moaned in ecstasy, causing Brian to secrete a nice fat drop of pre-cum, which he then used to lubricate his prick with.

“Oh god that feels good!” Teri moaned softly. “Keep licking it like that…yes, just like that Rachel! Ohhh!” Brian felt his prick leaking even more juice, his arousal level going up by leaps and bounds as Rachel continued licking and sucking her pussy. “Let me…let me do you.” Teri managed to get out after a few more minutes. Rather than exchanging places, Rachel merely slid up intending to sit down on Teri’s face. As she did, Teri caught her momentarily, sucking on Rachel’s soft pointed breasts. Brian’s prick was throbbing. He wondered what it would feel like to do that himself. Rachel’s nipples had looked so incredibly hard, stiff. He could just imagine what it would feel like to be rolling them around inside his mouth, licking, sucking them the way that Teri was obviously doing. He could hear Rachel’s soft-moaned pleasures adding to his ever-increasing excitement.

“Now let me lick you.” Teri urged her. “Come, sit on my face.” She said playfully. Rachel soon settled herself down over Teri’s head. At this angle, Brian couldn’t see as much as he had been, but the sight of Rachel’s beautiful firm ass slowly rotating up and down, side to side over Teri’s face was erotic enough. Just hearing Rachel’s moans and groans was driving him crazy. Careful so as not to make any noise, Brian pulled the waistband of his sweats down sufficiently to finally free his prick. Better able to play with it now while he watched, he continued to slowly stroke his shaft up and down as Teri and Rachel once again adjusted their positions, now lying side by side caressing one another’s breasts.

The sight of the two girls lazily caressing one another was the most sensual, erotic thing Brian had ever experienced. Feeling the exquisite pressure and need building, begging for release, Brian had to quit stroking his prick momentarily or he’d soon reach the point of no return.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a threesome with a man?” Teri asked as they lay fingering, toying with one another. Brian froze listening intently. He’d nearly lost it as it was, hearing this…he almost did so without even touching himself.

“I’ve been curious about it Teri. We’ve talked about it before. But you know I’d never do anything to jeopardize our relationship. It might be fun though, just to see what it’s like.”

“I know you wouldn’t, but the thought of doing something a little different, a little wild is interesting though isn’t it?” Brian couldn’t believe he was hearing this. And though he took it for simple “pillow talk” he couldn’t help but sit there imagining being with the two of them in some sort of wild sex-play.

“Besides, I don’t really know of anyone I’d be very comfortable with you being with.” Teri told her.

“What about Brian?” Rachel questioned. “You seem to be getting along with him quite a bit better, now that you’ve gotten to know him.” Brian almost fell off the stool he was sitting on. Holding his breath, he couldn’t believe what he’d just heard.

“Maybe. I guess it would depend on if he was willing to accept it as a one-time thing. You know, I wouldn’t want anyone thinking or expecting it was going to happen again either. Think he’d agree to that?” Teri asked.

“I don’t know, maybe we should ask him.” Rachel said in agreement. Brian was dying inside the closet. Here they were discussing the very real possibility of including him in a threesome, and here he was, sitting inside the closet unable to say or do a damn thing but listen…and watch. Rachel rolled over once again placing herself between Teri’s outstretched legs; she began teasing her pussy with her tongue, all the while continuing to talk to her.

“Brian’s probably the only man I would be comfortable with.” Rachel confessed. “As long as you were ok with it too.” She questioned still licking Teri’s quim.

“Ah, damn…that feels good Rachel. Ah yes, maybe we should ask him then. What do you think?” She said stuttering slightly as Rachel licked her rapidly with her tongue.

“Think we should…might be fun.” Rachel spoke, her mouth still firmly buried deep inside Teri’s pussy as she did.

“Brian? You getting all this?” Teri suddenly spoke up saying. “Sound like anything you might be interested in doing?” Shocked, Brian sat upon his stool, frozen in place, unsure if Teri was merely teasing, acting as though he might have been in the room. The last thing he wanted to do was overreact, blowing his chances, freaking Teri out in the process by his actually being there.

“Guess not Rachel. He doesn’t appear too interested. Perhaps he’d rather continue to just sit there inside the closet jerking off.”

“It’s ok Brian, you can come out now.” Rachel said coaxing him. Sheepishly, Brian stood, quickly hiding away his erection back inside his sweatpants before venturing out of the closet into the room. Rachel looked up at him as he did, smiling. “Your birthday present just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it?” Laughing, Teri joined her.

“Can you see the look on his face? It would make a great commercial.” Teri offered.

“Yeah it would.” Rachel began. “Hundred dollar blue cotton sheets, sixty dollar vibrators, two lesbians playing with one another. Man caught sitting in the closet watching them….priceless!” Rachel and Teri both wailed in laughter then. “Oh come on Brian, Teri and I talked about this earlier. You really didn’t think I’d actually try and fool her by having you sit there in the closet without her knowing about it did you?”

“Well, yeah…I guess I did.” He said feeling more than a little stupid at the moment. “I have to admit Rachel, the two of you really had me going there for a moment. I was scared to death!” He admitted to them. Tentatively he made his way over towards the bed. “You serious about this? I mean about my joining you?” He asked nervously.

“Just as serious as I was earlier about saying you shouldn’t expect this to be any more than a one time thing.” Teri said honestly. “Rachel’s admitted to me in the past that she was curious as to what it would be like to be with a man. After I’d gotten to know you a little better, it was actually at my suggestion, that if Rachel was still curious, that I’d be ok if it was you. As long as she was of course. I have no desire to do anything with you myself, and as long as you understand that, I think we can still have a little fun together. What do you think?”

“I think it sounds like a great idea. And one hell of a Birthday present too!” Brian quickly began stripping off his clothing. Rachel turned back around and began going down on Teri’s pussy again.

“Slide in behind her Brian.” Teri told him. “I won’t mind watching this.” She added lustily. “Seeing her being fucked from behind while she’s licking me sounds rather exciting.”

It wasn’t as though Rachel was a virgin or anything. But the “unknown” of having ever truly been with a man before was something Brian was very much aware of. Even as he came up from behind her on the bed, he simply didn’t jam his prick inside her cunt. Taking his time to explore her, possibly excite her a little more, he slipped a finger inside that tight wet groove, worming it around a little as he did. “You ok?” He asked whispering.

“Oh, fuck yes. That feels good actually.” Rachel purred.

“Hey! Just cause you’re having a good time…don’t forget about me!” Teri teased the two of them.

Rachel’s near perfect heart-shaped ass presented him with a golden opportunity, and one in which he couldn’t pass up. Bending over, he slipped his tongue between the pouty pink lips of her pussy, licking her and allowing the tip of his tongue to slide up the entire length of her slit.

“Ohh!” Rachel moaned pleasurably. Brian licked her again, repeating the process over and over. He realized as he did that her pussy was perhaps the sweetest he had ever tasted. Finding himself intoxicated with her scent, Brian continued to devour her, finding the hard little nubbin of her sex and attacking it with excited, aroused vigor. Rachel began matching his technique, strokes, as she in turn continued going down on Teri. Moaning just as loudly as Rachel was, Brian enjoyed the erotic duet that was suddenly being sung as the two women enjoyed their simultaneous oral pleasures.

“Oh Brian, fuck me…please fuck me now. I want to feel your prick inside me, I want to know what it feels like.” She groaned hotly.

“Go ahead Brian, slip your cock inside her.” Teri said adding to the excitement. Brian felt his cock lurch with desire. Repositioning himself, he placed the head of his swollen hard erection at the opening of her sex, gently easing the tip of it inside her until he felt her lips wrap themselves around the knob of his prick. Only then did he continue to slip the balance of his length inside her, doing so slowly, allowing Rachel to become adjusted to his filling her.

He wasn’t surprised by her wetness. He’d already experienced the abundance of that with his mouth. But even as he slid deeper and deeper inside that tight little passage, Rachel released an additional torrent of juice that bathed his prick in warmth that surprised him, nearly causing him to jettison his climax inside her far too prematurely.

“Oh Rachel! Your pussy, its so fucking tight…so wet!” Brian managed to say through gritted teeth. He was using nearly every ounce of his willpower at the moment to ward off the unexpected sensation of orgasm that had inched its way totally unannounced up the length of his shaft. Buried fully to the hilt inside of her, he remained, unmoving though the caress of Rachel’s pulsating contractions as she surrounded him threatened to bring down the barrier that he was fighting so desperately to maintain.

“You like that huh? You like the way my pussy feels around you?” Brian didn’t dare answer her, to have done so would have taken more energy and strength than he had at the moment in keeping the jettison of his cream from filling the inside of her womb.

“Maybe he needs a pair of fresh batteries.” Terri joked, watching the almost agonized expression on Brian’s face as he fought desperately for some measure of control.

“Make him cum Rachel…go on, do it. I want to watch the poor boy lose it inside you.” She urged. “Don’t worry…we’ll get him all nice and hard again for you.” She added.

Brian felt Rachel’s silken glove once again clasp itself about his shaft. She contracted, released, contracted again pushing back against him, then pulling away. His penis slipped nearly all the way outside of her before she suddenly thrust back once again, capturing it entirely.

“Oh fuck…don’t do that!” Brian moaned. “It’s too good Rachel….it’s too soon!” He pleaded. Rachel didn’t listen though, rocking back and forth against him once again, increasing the tempo of her back-asswards fucking.

She had learned long ago during one of their many conversations that Brian had undergone a vasectomy. Something of which she certainly must have discussed with Teri. “Fill her pussy Brian…fill it, shoot your jisim inside her Brian…shoot it! Shoot it! Shoot it!”

It simply was too much. Having watched them from the closet, stroking his prick as he enjoyed the erotic spectacle before him, he’d gotten too close then. Now, Rachel’s extremely tight, though slippery pussy was milking him of every last vestige of willpower that he had. Hearing Teri’s unbridled coaxing of him to spill his seed inside her was the catalyst that sent him spiraling over the edge into the precipice of orgasmic delight. Brian felt the first searing, mind-blowing jettison of his spunk splatter against the inside of her womb, felt surge after surge of his spendings filling her, even as she continued thrusting back against him in a wild maddened frenzy of her own. Surprisingly, she was coming too. Rachel let out a semi-muffled cry as her climax began. Clenching her teeth, she tightened, straining against the pleasure as it seized her, turning her in a sense, inside out.

Brian didn’t even recall pulling out of her or collapsing onto the bed beside her. Rachel was lying upon her back when he slowly began to regain his senses. “Still curious?” Teri teased smiling.

“Curious to see if he can get it up again, yes.” Rachel replied somewhat dreamily. Teri laughed.

“Oh, I’m sure he will…after all, you and I certainly aren’t done yet. Now that the two of you have had yourselves a nice wet gushy little orgasm, I think it’s time I had one.” Teri moved up, lowering her glistening wet pussy over Rachel’s face. Brian watched momentarily as Rachel’s tongue slithered up inside her, spreading apart Teri’s lips with her fingers as she began tickling her hard erect clit with her tongue. He’d barely finished experiencing his orgasm yet felt his prick twitching with renewed interest. Rachel had drawn her knees up slightly making herself comfortable while she began licking Teri’s pussy in Ernst. Having done that, Brian once again decided to take advantage of the situation and immediately extended himself on the bed lying between Rachel’s legs.

“God your sweet!” He told her, licking the wet sticky furrow of her split.

“Enjoying that cream pie Brian?” Teri asked as she sat on Rachel’s face enjoying the tonguing she was receiving herself.

“Very much so.” He said with a muffled thick tongue as he probed her sweetness, gathering the rich creamy nectar that he found there. Rachel was lost in ecstasy at the moment, unable to respond as she drew once again nearer and nearer to a second unexpected orgasm.

“Fuck!” Teri exclaimed. “She’s gonna cum again, and I still haven’t had one!” As if on cue, Rachel did come at that moment, moaning her obvious pleasure into the juicy wet folds of Teri’s pussy as she did. “Go baby…go!” Terri urged her, enjoying the experience as Rachel once again exploded in sweet agonized pleasure. Brian felt the onslaught of Rachel’s juice suddenly smearing his face. Her lubrications suddenly multiplied in a copious expulsion that filled his mouth. Like a drowning man, Brian slurped down the pearly juice that Rachel continued pumping from the deepest recess of her pussy. Gripping Teri’s ass-cheeks, digging her nails into the soft fleshy meat, she burrowed her face as well as her tongue inside Teri’s cunt, triggering finally, Teri’s orgasm where she quickly joined her in a low deep-throated moan of needful release.


In the afterglow of their temporarily satisfied lusts, Brian lay sandwiched between the two women, one on each side of him. Happily, he had slid his arms around and beneath their shoulders, cupping one of Rachel’s breasts in his hand, and one of Teri’s in the other. Softly, gently he kneaded them like a contented purring kitten. Eventually Rachel stirred from her revelry, the first to have done so. Brian felt her soft touch upon his now very flaccid penis. She began caressing him with a softness that was at first hardly noticeable. Eventually, he began to grow however, slowly filling her hand as he thickened noticeably within her palm. Sliding down out of his grasp, he caught his breath in surprise when he felt the delicate tip of her tongue encircling the head of his penis, lightly licking him as she re-awakened his arousal.

“My, my…aren’t we being the adventurous one?” Teri stated coming awake. Rachel smiled.

“Thought I might as well satisfy all of my curiosity’s,” she said innocently. The feel of her warm dainty lips as they began traveling up and down the length of his shaft brought a wave of delightful goose bumps that spread across his entire body in a millisecond.

“Never thought I’d feel you doing that.” He told her. Rachel giggled almost hungrily.

“Thought I’d at least see for myself what it was like. Not nearly as bad as some of our friends have made it out to be.” She offered. Brian was swimming in pleasure. Almost too tentatively Rachel continued running her tongue up and down the sides of his prick, thrilling him as she continued teasing him with her gentle caress.

“You’re not going to keep doing that…until he comes are you?” Teri questioned. Smiling around his penis now with her lips, Rachel smiled winking at Teri before removing her mouth in order to speak.

“I’m not quite that adventurous…no.” Rachel admitted. “And besides, I want to fuck him again, but this time…I want to be on top.” She stated simply. Almost immediately, Rachel swung herself around sitting down atop his lap. “Why don’t you let Brian lick you?” Rachel asked Teri. “I think you’ll like the way he does it actually.” Brian was surprised when he heard Teri’s response.

“Sure…why not. I could tell when he was eating you that you were enjoying it, so…maybe I will too!” Just as Rachel had done, Teri now sat up, swinging herself over, lowering her pussy down towards his face. As she did, Brian felt that same silky-soft sensation as Rachel slowly began to slip her lips lovingly about his throbbing erection.

“Fuck! This is nuts!” Brian cried out. “I can’t get over the way your pussy feels Rachel. This is incredible!”

“Yeah…I’m rather enjoying the way this is feeling too.” She admitted. “And never thought I’d ever be saying that either.” She added.

“Well…don’t you be getting too used to it.” Teri warned good-naturedly. “Cause like I said, this is only a one time thing you know.”

“Well then…I plan on enjoying it while I can.” Rachel shot back. Hearing this, Brian was determined to see to it that Teri had at least as good a time as Rachel was obviously having. Though he found it a bit difficult to really concentrate as Rachel began to slowly move herself up and down, side to side in a circular motion as she allowed herself to experience all the sensations associated with having a man’s prick inside her. He did however begin flicking his tongue into Teri’s pussy, surprising her a little with the softness of his probing, tickling her clit just as he knew Rachel had enjoyed him doing to hers.

“He really isn’t bad is he?” Teri said in surprise.

“Told you you’d like it.” Rachel stated between breaths. She was beginning to pant now, laboring with the ecstasy and pleasure of their coupling. “And don’t you dare come as soon as you did last time, either Brian.” She warned him. “Cause I want to enjoy this…for a long, long time.”

All Brian could do was muff an agreement that he was in no danger yet of doing so. She seemed to understand him however, even with his mouth full of pussy at the moment. Reaching out towards one another, the girls were soon fondling, caressing, and playing with one another’s breasts. Leaning forward, they kissed one another passionately, tenderly, all the while beneath them both; Brian continued to ease his prick in and out of Rachel’s tight, wet cunt. Likewise, his tongue continued to swirl and dance atop the super-sensitive nubbin of Teri’s clitoris, driving her ever the moment closer to climax.

“Oh, I am going to…and soon too Rachel!” She exclaimed in surprise. “It does feel good…really good!”

“Oh yeah…me too.” Rachel added. Brian felt her picking up the pace slightly as she began humping herself up and down the length of his shaft. In doing so, Brian felt the first signs of his own pleasured release building, and wondered if it were somehow possible to gage a simultaneous orgasm with them both.

“Oh God Rachel…I’m close….really close…come with me baby!” She urged. Rachel was thrusting herself wildly now, her fingers leaving impressions in Brian’s thighs as she reached back, balancing herself all the while thrashing against him in unbridled lust.

“Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh….oh….oh, Yeah!” Rachel screamed out, joining Teri just as she screamed out her own wanton enjoyment. Smiling, even as he continued sucking Teri’s captured clit between his lips, he felt the ejaculation of his prick as it exploded deep inside Rachel’s pussy. She in turn felt his prick expand, release, expand again, heightening her continued pleasure, causing her to moan, clenching at his legs, his chest with complete and total abandonment.

Simultaneously, they came together, the riptide of lusty pleasures passing from one to the other in a crazy game of chase that wouldn’t let up for some reason. Just when a surge of pleasure would pass, another would begin. Over and over it went until Brian’s cock, spent, wilting, slipped from Rachel’s quim, a torrent of their mixed juices flowing out of her split, bathing them both in it’s rich creamy, sticky texture. Teri finally collapsed, toppling over onto the bed, joining Rachel who had moments ago done the exact same thing herself. Only Brian remained, as he had been, his faced drenched in Teri’s juices, his prick coated, and his balls syrupy with their combined spendings.


They had soon taken up what was quickly becoming their favorite position to relax in, one on each side, with Brian comfortably in the middle.

“Well, that was certainly interesting.” Rachel stated after a time.

“I’ll say.” Brian agreed. “By the way Rachel…I know your birthday’s still several month’s off yet, but maybe you’d best start thinking about what you want me to give to you.”

“I already have a pretty good idea.” She said. “And that far away, hopefully it will give you plenty of time to start working on it.”

“Oh? And what’s that?” Teri asked curiously. “Another threesome?”

“Yeah…maybe. Only this time, with Darlene, Brian and I.” Brian’s eyes popped open having heard that.

“Damn good thing I have a few month’s to work on that. I might need it.” He said snickering to himself, wondering indeed if something like that was even possible.

Once again silence found them for a brief time.

“Brian?” Teri asked.


“When did you say your wife’s next night out with the girls was again?”

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