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Zippy: Sis’s Puppy

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Life is full of strange twist and turns. Like the twist that brought me back to my hometown to live with my older sister, Cheryl. I never thought a circumstance would arise where I would find myself invading her privacy. But, she had just gotten divorced and was having trouble making ends meet and I had been laid off from my job as the company moved my job out of the country.

Luckily I had found a lower paying job back home but neither of us could make it on our own so Cheryl invited me to move in with her. We had always gotten along very well and as a kid I had always looked up to her as she was three years older than me. Even in my college years she became the girl of my fantasies when I masturbated.

Her clothes clung to her five and a half foot frame accenting her wide hips and large ass perfectly and usually showing a fair amount of cleavage between her large grapefruit sized titties. Cheryl never had trouble getting a date. In fact, she often would have a waiting list. While the guys ogled her body her personality was even more attractive to them.

She had a kind and caring personality but was also fun loving. Her smile and sweetness was like a guy magnet. But, since the divorce she had become a bit more gun shy and introverted. After staying with her a couple of months I began to see more and more of the old fun loving Cheryl returning. This made me very happy.

Gradually her clothes got tighter and skimpier again. My masturbatory thoughts also started to return to her hot body. I never dreamed that there would really be anything between us especially as I was engaged in my own active dating scene. Most weeknights we would eat together and talk about everything and nothing.

One night a few months back Cheryl brought up dogs. She went on and on about how much she loved puppies and that she was thinking of getting one. After all, dogs love to please their masters and would do just about anything for them. Dogs were loyal and gave the sweetest kisses. A good dog was always at your side and lived to be petted.

I just sat there and listened to my big sister attentively go on and on about the benefits of having a dog. As she cleared the table I excused myself to the bathroom. Instead I went to my room and looped a piece of rope in to my pants to make a tail. Then, I put on a headband and carefully folded two washcloths into it making a pair of floppy dog ears.

Not a sexual thought had entered my head. I was just going to play around with Cheryl and show her what a puppy could be like. Peaking into the kitchen I saw her near the refrigerator. I crept closer and then got down on all fours. It was then that she looked over and saw me. I panted and called out, Bow Wow; I’m Zippy your new puppy.”

“Come here Zippy, come to mama,” Cheryl responded laughing almost doubling over at the sight of her younger brother. I gave a little bark and eagerly scampered over to her side. Gently she patted my head and gave the command to sit. When I sat I noticed my nose was not more than three inches from her crotch.

“That’s a good little puppy,” she praised innocently. She rubbed her hand all over my head and leaned down to pet my back. As she straightened back up her crotch hit my face. She was still playing around and hadn’t noticed where I was as she hugged me against her. It was then I got a whiff of her womanly scent.

Burying my head into her crotch I inhaled deeply. Before I knew it I found myself nibbling at the crotch of her pants. Now I was ready to hear more about puppies as my cock had grown to full stiffness. At that moment I would have loved to be Cheryl’s obedient dog. Instead of pushing me away she held my head tight against her and petted me just as if I was indeed her dog.

Something felt so right about being petted by my sister. Just as I was getting comfortable with my head buried between her thighs she patted my head and pushed me away. She turned around leaving me the glorious view of her sweet butt. I stepped forward and began to nuzzle her big cheeks just as she walked away in a hurry to the living room.

Not sure of what to do I decided to keep playing our little game. Still on all fours I hurried behind her following her to the sofa. Cheryl was in her own world, not saying anything, as she turned on the TV. Not knowing what my sister would do I climbed on to the couch just as a dog would and put my head in her lap.

In seconds she resumed petting me. Her hand traveled all over my front and back sides including my butt but avoiding my crotch area. A couple of times her hand got close to my mouth so I licked it like a puppy would. After about 45 minutes she sighed and proclaimed, “Zippy, time to get my pajamas on and do the dishes.”

I debated whether or not to follow her to her bedroom. Thinking that this might be pushing things I thought better of it and stayed on the sofa. A few minutes later Cheryl returned wearing a fairly conservative white silky gown that came halfway down on her thighs. She went directly to the kitchen and ran the water to do the dishes.

Playing the game I scurried in behind her on my hands and knees. I got close to her then sat back on my hind quarters and watched her ass move back and forth as she washed and rinsed each dish. Deciding to live dangerously I got back on all fours and took the few steps to her. Gently I licked the backside of her knees a couple of times.

Hearing no protestation I licked a little higher. Once my face was under the material of her gown I moved up her thighs faster. Soon I could feel the soft hump of her ass against my forehead and could see that Cheryl was wearing thong panties. Immediately I began licking all over her beautiful ass cheeks.

Before long my tongue was working up and down in her crack around the thin strip of material holding the undies together. I debated pulling off her panties but realized a dog couldn’t really do that in this position. Then I thought about ripping the string with my teeth but that wouldn’t be behaving like a good dog and might put a stop to everything.

So, I licked and nuzzled my sister’s ass managing to circle her anus from time to time. The splashing of the dishes had stopped and Cheryl had spread her legs slightly as she pushed her ass a couple of inches back responding to my action. I was happy that this was apparently having the desired effect and nipped her butt in celebration before moving down between her legs.

I snaked my tongue to the crotch of her thin undies and licked and rubbed my nose all over the surface. Her legs melted a couple of inches further apart. Now I could really lick and suck. Moans of joy came from Cheryl as she cooed, “Oh Zippy, you are a good puppy. You are making mommy very happy!”

Soon her ass was grinding in my face as her groaning got louder. I felt her body tense as she came. I had hoped that this was just the beginning but Cheryl shoved my head away from her and spoke gently, “Zippy you are a good puppy but mommy needs to finish these dishes and go to sleep now.”

Crying just like a sad puppy I sadly walked away on my hands and knees. I went to my room and ripped off my clothes and jacked off wanting nothing more than to be my sister’s dog. I was smart enough to know that when Cheryl said stop she absolutely meant it and by respecting her wishes I would be amply rewarded in the long run.

The next evening nothing was said. It was as if Zippy didn’t exist. I tried to figure out ways of turning the conversation toward that taboo subject but nothing came to mind. While I did the dishes that evening Cheryl went to her room and changed for bed before watching reruns on television.

When I had finished my chore I walked past the living room on the way to the bathroom and saw her sitting there with her eyes on the screen. The gown she was wearing was a long flowing red silky number. But, what made my eyes pop out of their sockets was the plunging neckline. There really wasn’t any cleavage as I could see over half of her large milky white breasts.

Springing into action I ran to my room and made myself into Zippy. Waiting until I got nearby I sank to my hands and knees and ran as fast as I could and jumped into her lap. I put my front paws on her thigh and panted briefly. Then looking her in the eyes I dove forward and began licking her face just as a dog would.

Our tongues met from time to time kissing sensually. As I licked her face she would playfully slap me away until with one of her slaps I found my mouth on the meaty part of her upper breast. Taking full advantage I ernstly began licking her swollen boobies using my nose to nudge her gown from her shoulders.

Feverishly I kissed and licked from tit to tit. Cheryl placed one hand behind my head while the other freely roamed my body. Excitedly I sucked her boobs into my mouth and nibbled on them as Cheryl found my cock for the first time. Squeezing my cock through my pants Cheryl moaned, “Zippy seems to be a happy boy here with mommy.”

Nodding my head yes I sucked her tit deeper into my mouth sucking it harder while flicking my tongue over the nipple. The excitement level was too great. Between her moaning and the work out she was giving my cock I came in my pants in less than a minute. About this time Cheryl had enough and started to get up but not before I kissed her passionately on her mouth again.

I guess she felt guilty as she trotted to her room. This time I tried to follow but found her door shut in my face. The next day I got off of work an hour early. The house seemed quiet so I decided to climb in my bed and jerk off. Just as I had finished stripping down to my briefs I thought I heard a noise.

Investigating the noises I heard led me to my sister’s room. Her door was closed but I could hear Cheryl moaning loudly as she played with herself. My cock grew hard when I heard her call out, “Good puppy lick my ass. Oh yes, Zippy, mount me make me your hot little bitch. Get that knob inside of me.”

Running back to my room I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I found my ears and put them on and wrapped a belt around my waist and attached my tail to it. Slowly I opened her door and saw her legs spread wide. She was clothed from the waist up but my eyes focused on her naked hairy pussy.

“Zippy you make me so hot,” she gasped. I climbed between her legs and went down on her pussy as if possessed. I knew looking down that the first thing she would see would be the dog ears. I figured that she would go for it if it were her dog, Zippy, rather than her brother that she first thought of when her pussy was kissed.

It worked as soon she was grinding her twat in my face. I voraciously ate her out; licking, sucking and occasionally lightly nibbling and biting. She bucked me so hard that my dog ears fell off. Her pussy tasted so good and she came over and over again. I wanted to plunge my prick in her.

I climbed up her body and looked her in the eyes. She looked back at me and her expression suddenly changed. Sadly she said, “Hal, we can’t have sex you are my brother. Besides dogs don’t do it this way they do it doggie style.”

She gave me no further explanation as she covered herself. I knew she wanted to fuck me but evidently was having trouble handling the taboo guilt of wanting her own brother. As long as I was Zippy she could handle it. So not complaining I left her on her own for a while. After dinner that night I put a new plan into action.

Back in my room I made her a pair of dog ears and her own tail. For her tail I used a thin drawstring from one of my robes and tied a long piece of silk to it for the actual tail. I walked in placed the ears on her head and quickly tied the tail around her waist proclaiming, “What a cute puppy you are Miss Sassy. I’ll send Zippy right out.”

Jogging to my room I became Zippy in a flash. The game was getting very weird and corny but it was to the point that I would do anything to fuck my sister. When I returned to the front room Cheryl had turned off the TV and was on all fours in the middle of the room wearing nothing but her hot red bikini panties.

Taking the cue I stripped down to my underwear. Her tits looked huge dangling from her chest. As soon as I joined her on the floor we began to sniff each other. It was like a dance as we sniffed one another’s armpits and asses. Then our tongues met in a big sloppy, yet sensual, kiss.

Sassy (Cheryl) moved in behind me and used her paws to rip down my briefs which I then walked out of. Then she pushed her head between my legs until she attached her mouth to my cockhead. She sucked and licked me for a couple of minutes but I was hot and bothered and seemed to sense a bitch in heat and had to get inside of her before she changed her mind.

I wiggled free of her and turned around and ran my tongue up the sides of her titties. A few moments later I was behind her luscious ass yanking down her panties with my front paws. Her pussy was glistening with her juices. Sticking my tongue out I gave her cunt long swipes licking up that sweet honey.

Every time I did this she took a step away and wiggled her ass at me. I decided the heck with this playing around and grabbed her ass with my front paws and began climbing up her back. I finally got my paws on her shoulder blades as my cock brushed against her ass. I paused for a second catching my breath.

Thrusting my hips toward her cunt several times my cock finally found her hole and slid right into her pussy. I howled triumphantly, just as I figured I would if I were really a dog, as my balls slapped against her. It was such a nice tight fit and it caused me to moan very loudly, “Sassy, oh fuck, we are locked together now! I’m not coming back out until I spill my seed inside of you!”

“Gawd yes Zippy, give it to me, give me everything you’ve got,” Cheryl urged literally panting like the dog she was pretending to be. I used my hands like paws to grab the sides of her breasts and push them together. I slammed in and out of her in short hard strokes as her hips came up to meet me.

Our excitement level was so high that in no time we were both cumming. Cheryl’s body shuddered repeatedly with each orgasm while I spilled two full loads of spunk into her. I collapsed back on to the floor and lay on my side. My flaccid cock was glistening with our combined juices. My sister saw it and came over, still on all fours, and licked it clean.

Satisfied and fulfilled Sassy took off her dog ears and scampered back to her room and reemerged as Cheryl a few minutes later. This was my cue to resume our normal life together. So, I too, went back and got dressed and spent the rest of the evening pretending like nothing had happened.

When I got home the next evening my dog ears and tail were waiting for me just inside the door. I no more than had them on when my sister emerged as Sassy totally nude. I was still standing straight up when she thrust her chin against my cock. Quickly, I unfastened my pants and dropped them and my briefs to my knees.

Her mouth was attached to my erection instantly. I flung my shirt off and patted her head. I wondered where Cheryl had ever seen a female dog giving a male dog a blow job while he was standing on his rear legs but didn’t question it; it felt too damn good. As she sucked I reached down and fondled her tits; juggling them in my hands.

It didn’t take long before Zippy was lapping up Sassy’s rear end drinking up all of her sweet honey. Soon I had mounted her again and fucked her hard. We both took longer to climax this time as we were both more in control. After cleaning me off Sassy dangled her big boobs in my face. I enjoyed the next several minutes licking and nibbling on her twin globes.

A few days later there was a tube of lubricant waiting when I turned into Zippy. She really got into being ass fucked and would even take a couple of steps while we were engaged like she had seen female bitches do when males mounted them. I held on and just kept on fucking her hot ass.

It took about two or three weeks until I was able to make a successful pass at my sister without having the dog ears on. One night she was cooking dinner and I simply waltzed up behind her and cupped her ass cheek and whispered a greeting in her ear. She turned and I softly kissed her barely sticking my tongue in her mouth.

Cheryl looked up and saw that I wasn’t wearing the dog implements and just stood there pondering the situation. Finally, she turned to the stove and put down her spatula as she turned off the burner. Gently she put her arms around my neck and I pulled her into mine as she whispered, “Hal, make love to me.”

Our love making that evening was soft and tender. My sister shared her bed with me as we explored things we hadn’t done as Zippy and Sassy including our first true sixty nine together. I still have sex with my sister on a regular basis even though we both are now dating. From time to time we still have fun playing our game as Zippy and Sassy love to come out and play.

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