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Zachary’s Dad Ch. 01

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With it being the first time that Zachary Metzger had brought a friend over from school, his father, Thomas, had figured that it would probably be best for them all if he were to lay low throughout the day, give them their space. Most parents- it seemed as though they would jump at every opportunity to humiliate their offsprings, but not Tom. No… he was different.

Tom and Zachary had a rather solid relationship for being father and son. The fact that he is actually a teacher at his son’s high school had made it all the more surprising for him. He was only eighteen years old when he had become a father, and now it is his son’s eighteenth birthday. It was because of the short age gap that their relationship was more like that of two brothers rather than a father and his son.

For the past several years, Thomas had been living with his older brother, Paul, after splitting up with Zachary’s mother. Because he was currently single and didn’t have any children of his own, Paul really didn’t mind the company.

Once he had been sure that the two boys were asleep, he crept out into the living room to watch something on the telly. He could have just remained in his bedroom where he had already spent most of the day, but the tv in his bedroom was a piece of shit.

It wasn’t until around ten o’clock at night that Thomas had finally stepped out from his bedroom before quietly making his way toward the living room to watch the telly. He was almost sure that the two teenagers had gone to sleep which meant that he would now have the living room all to himself.

He honestly could have remained in his bedroom where he had already spent most of his day, but the tv in there was ancient and in desperate need of a replacement.

Thomas had always been a clean cut guy, his brown hair often cut short and brushed back, his face as smooth as that of a boy’s. He stands at five feet, ten inches and weighs about one hundred and fifty pounds. His pale blue eyes complimented his ivory skin. Beneath his blue flannell, he wore a faded, grey t-shirt with black jeans and a pair of brown Doc Marten shoes, size 9 UK/10 US. (I had actor, Andrew Lincoln, in mind when writing this character.)

Sprawling out onto the large sofa opposite the flat-screen, he pulled off his flannel shirt, throwing it back onto the arm of the couch before snatching up the remote. He made sure to keep the audio at a reasonable volume to prevent waking up either of the two boys sleeping just across the hall.

It was looking to be the beginning of a long, tedious night for the young German teacher, for he was to be spending it alone. Any other Friday night, he’d have either his brother or his son there to accompany him, but unfortunately Zach had been preoccupied all day, and Paul was to be working late that night.

After what had felt like an hour of mindlessly flipping through the channels, he had eventually stopped on the one that had been showing George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, a true horror classic (yeah, Rick Grimes watching a zombie movie).

By the time that the first ghoul had made its appearance, the bored began to hear what had sounded like footsteps treading toward living room and stopping just at the entrance.

He glanced up, finding himself staring into the dark, brown eyes of his son’s best friend, Rodney Parker. Like Zachary, Rodney had just turned eighteen and was close to finishing high school. He was a very slender boy with long, wavy, black hair that fell just past his shoulders. He had been wearing nothing but plaid boxer shorts and a pair of black and green striped socks. (Ezra Miller was who I had been thinking of when writing this character.)

Despite trying to avoid the two boys throughout the day, Thomas had already known Rodney, for the young man had been in one of his classes. He was a good student. He didn’t really act out, and his grades were average.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Tom said as he sat up. “Did I wake you?”

The teenager shook his head.

“Nah… couldn’t sleep,” he replied. “What are you watching, Mr. Metzger?”

“It’s an old zombie flick,” Thomas replied. “Just trying to kill some time before my brother gets home.”

“If you want, I could join you while you wait for him,” Rodney suggested, flashing his German teacher and best friend’s father a friendly smile. Tom returned the smile and nodded his head. “Sure, if you want.”

Rodney entered the room, taking a seat at the far end of the sofa. Thomas pulled his feet back to make room, but the young man stopped him, grabbing him by the toe of his shoes.

“Don’t,” Rodney said, tugging the Tom’s feet back out before resting them aross his lap. “You looked comfortable.”

The man furrowed his brows, staring at the teenager from the other end of the couch. It was a strange gesture, but he wasn’t going to make a bit deal out of it. He looked away from the boy, turning his attention back over toward the movie.

“So, was Zach awake?” He asked curiously, his attention fixed on the wide television screen.

“Nah… he’s out like a rock.”

They had spent the next several minutes saying nothing, just watching the old black and white horror film as it had played out- that was until Rodney had started asking questions.

“When will your brother be home?”

“He’s still got a couple of hours.”

“Oh.” For a moment, that was all Rodney had said. The tone in his voice had been strangely enthusiastic.

“So, how old are you, Mr. Metger?” Rodney then asked, looking over at the older man, rubbing his thumb along the smooth bottoms of his Doc Martens. “I mean, you look a bit young to be fathering an eighteen year-old.”

Tom chuckled softly. “I’m thirty-eight.”

Thomas chuckled softly. “I’m thirty-six.”

“So that means that you were around our age when you became a father.”


Another ten minutes go by, and the two say nothing. By this point, Thomas had already gotten over the uneasiness of having his feet resting upon the lap of a teenager that wasn’t wearing any pants- but that had soon changed once he had felt his shoes coming off.

Tom turned his head, gawking down at his son’s friend who was now rubbing his socked feet.

“Excuse me,” Metzger said suddenly. “What are you doing?”

“Just a massage.”

As if things weren’t awkward enough.

Tom had wanted so desperately to yank his feet away, but he did not want to appear rude hostile- not toward his son’s best friend. Despite his obvious discomfort, he allowed Rodney to continue.

He started off by kneading the heel of Tom’s foot, gradually working his way up toward the toes. His black socks were warm and dampened with sweat, for he had been wearing those shoes all day. The musky scent had hit the boy right in the face; Rodney didn’t seem to mind. As a matter of fact, it looked to Tom as though the boy were enjoying it.

Shaking it off, he went back to watching the movie once more, trying his best to ignore the situation, but it was becoming more and more difficult for him. It certainly didn’t help when Rodney had casually removed Thomas’ socks just moments later, exposing his long, pale bare feet.

The touch of Rodney Parker’s ice-cold hands grasping onto his warm, bare feet had sent a wave of shivers of Tom’s spine, but a part of him was actually beginning to like it.

“You know- you have some really nice feet, Mr. Metzger,” Rodney said suddenly, softly pinching each of his toes.

How was Thomas even supposed to respond to that? At that point, he was beginning to think that the kid had just been screwing with him. Kids these days do seem to have an odd sense of humor. But then he had felt something else brushing up against the sole of his right foot- something smooth, something warm. He knew right away that it wasn’t Rodney’s fingers. Whatever it was, it was getting firmer.

Tom’s eyes shot open, and he immediately shot back, finding himself staring at Rodney’s now-erect member poking out through the slit of his boxer shorts.

“What- I…” Thomas had suddenly found himself at a loss for words, trying to yank his feet away from the perverted teenager, but he wouldn’t let go of them.

“I want your feet, Mr. Metzger,” Rodney spoke sternly, looking his teacher in the eye. “I want to lick them.”

It was clear now that this boy was serious.

Tom’s heart pounded heavily beneath his chest; he was almost certain that Rodney could hear it from where he was sitting.

It was wrong- so wrong, but Tom had actually been more concerned about his son, Zachary, walking in and finding them like this.

“Don’t worry about your son,” Rodney said. “He’s not going to be waking up any time soon, and your brother’s still got a couple of hours. You said so yourself. Nobody will know.”

Rodney could easily tell how nervous he was making his teacher, but he just continued to smile at him, hoping that it would help calm him down.

Tom had gone quiet, thinking carefully about what he just said. He was right. Paul wasn’t going to be home for a while, and Zachary was a heavy sleeper.

He knew that he should have just pulled away from the strange teenager right then and there, but he had soon found himself raising his foot up to Rodney’s face. Rodney smiled again, licking his lips before slowly moving his head forward. He was giving Tom the chance to change his mind before it was to late, but to his surprise, he did not.

Taking this as a sign to proceed, Rodney leaned in further, wrapping his soft, plump lips around Thomas’ big toe and sucking softly on it. Tom’s left foot had remained in the boy’s lap; his large, erect cock, still sticking out from his boxers, rested against it.

Tom had been enjoying this a lot more than he had expected to. More than he had wanted to. He just sat there quietly, watching intently as Rodney’s tongue darted in and out from between his toes, hoping that Zachary catch them like this.

Rodney raised Tom’s foot, beginning to nibble on his heel before taking a long, hard lick up his wide sole.

It was at this point that Thomas had started to cooperate, pushing his toes into the teenager’s mouth. He had also raised his left foot, gently caressing the boy’s cheek with his toes. Followed up with a loud “pop”, Tom pulled his toes back out and turned his foot, allowing Rodney to tend to the top.

Rodney brushed his lips along the tops of Thomas Metzger’s right foot before giving each individual toe a light peck.

He had been fantasizing about this for years. Because he had only ever seen Zachary’s dad at school, he rarely ever got to see his bare feet. Luckily, there were a couple of rare occasions such as that time at the pep rally his sophomore year.

Because some of them were likely to go home wet, covered in whipped cream from having pies slammed in their faces or splashed with black and red paint, many of the teachers had chosen to dress a bit more casually that day, clothes that they knew they’d most likely have to toss once the pep rally was over.

Thomas had shown up that day wearing an old, white polo shirt, tan cargo pants and a pair of black converses. At one point during the rally, several teachers were nominated to be “humiliated” in front of the entire school by some of their students; Tom was one of them. Of course, this was all done in good fun, so no one was really getting hurt physically or emotionally. Fortunately for Tom, he did not have to endure a pie in the face like several of the other teachers did, but he did end up having a bucket of ice water dumped over his head and black and yellow paint flung at him. Most of it had covered his shirt and his arms, but were a few small spots on his neck and the side of his face.

Before having to go through all of that, Tom had made sure to remove his shoes and socks, setting them beside his son, Zachary, on the bleachers. Rodney, who had been sitting beside Zachary that day, considered actually snatching his father’s socks, but he knew that that would’ve been a bit too risky with practically the entire student body being around. That had been such a tease for him, but luckily, Thomas had spent the remainder of the day barefoot and sitting with them in the crowd once he was done having the school colors thrown at him. Because of this, he had gotten a good look at his feet which was enough for him at the time.

Snapping out of that thought, Rodney had finally chosen to move onto Thomas’ other foot, immediately going to town. Tom could even hear the sound of the long-haired teenager slurping on his toes from the other end of the couch.

Snapping out of that thought, the long-haired teenager had finally moved onto his teacher’s other foot, going to town.

Tom let out a small giggle the moment he had felt Rodney’s teeth graze his toes. Rodney glanced up from the man’s feet, cocking an eye brow.

“Ticklish, much?”

“A little bit… yeah,” Thomas admitted.

The moment that those words had left his mouth, Thomas knew that he was going to regret it judging by the shit-eating grin that had suddenly found its place on the young boy’s tanned face.

Before Tom had the chance to pull away, Rodney had locked his arms around his ankles, attacking his exposed feet with his teeth and nails. Thomas rolled over onto his side, kicking wildly and trying desperately not to laugh out loud. His face was turning a bright red as he bit into his flannel. Fortunately for him, Rodney had stopped seconds later, going back to worshipping his feet.

Rodney’s cock was a solid as a rock now and pointing directly at the ceiling. Tom, who was actally becoming hard himself, had began to massage his growing bulge over his black jeans.

The thirty-six year-old German man was a bit shocked when the boy had eventually let go of his feet and stood up. Before long, the teenager had stripped free from his boxers and steadily positioned himself at Tom’s large feet. Tom couldn’t help but stare intently at Rodney’s large, throbbing cock. Never would he have expected a boy his age to have a cock that big. Hell, from where he was sitting, the boy’s cock looked bigger than his feet.

Tom was pretty sure he knew what was coming next, and he was ready for it. He scotted back against the arm rest, giving Rodney more room at the other end of the couch. Rodney had then reached down, holding both of Tom’s feet together before glancing up at him. Like before, he was giving his friend’s father another chance to pull away.

“Go for it,” Tom said.

Smiling, Rodney proceeded to push his hard cock through the encasement of Tom’s bare feet.

Rodney thrusted repeatedly into Tom’s soles, his balls smacking against his heels. Because he had practically gotten every inch of the man’s feet wet with spit, his dick glided through easily although his shaft was still turning bright red from the friction, even moreso when he began to increase his speed.

His breathing intensified, and his stomach tightened. It was coming.

“I’m- I’m gonna c…”

Before he could even finish that setence, the thick, white fluids had erupted from Rodney’s cock, splashing against Tom’s soles. He pulled back, continuing to stroke his deflating member above the man’s feet until he had completely emptied out onto them. Neither one of them seemed to think about the mess that had been dripping off onto the cushions.

Rodney rubbed the tip of his cock against Tom’s soft feet, wiping it off against any dry spot that happened to be left. He had considered licking them clean, but that thought was quickly abandoned when he had noticed Tom pulling his own cock out. It was Tom’s turn to get off.

He figured that Tom did not have a foot fetish like he did, but he was completely fine with the other options.

Moving past Thomas’ spunk-covered feet, Rodney took the man’s entire length into his mouth, going as deep as he possibly could. Thomas threw his head back as he ran his fingers through the boy’s long, luscious locks before pushing his head down further. Rodney had started gagging on his cock but didn’t stop. This had gone on for another minute before Tommy had finally told Rodney where the lube was. The boy smiled, very pleased to see where this was going.

The young man returned shortly, climbing back up onto Tom’s lap. He squeezed the gel out onto two of his fingers before handing the body over to his friend’s father. While Tom was applying the lubricant to his cock, Rodney reached down between his own legs, getting himself ready.

It wasn’t long before Thomas had been guiding Rodney’s onto his cock, gently easing it into his tight, virginal hole. The boy gritted his teeth, digging his nails into the Tom’s sides as he felt his cock tearing into him. Once he was inside, Rodney took hold of Tom’s hands, intertwining his fingers with his as he began to move up and down.

The teenager had started off slow, for this had been his first time being fucked by a man. It hurt a lot, but he had continued bouncing up and down in Thomas’ lap. Thomas had eventually pushed himself up to face his son’s friend as he continued to ride him hard. Rodney leaned down, kissing Tom on his neck. When he had pulled away, he had noticed that he had left a mark. Have fun explaining that, Tom.

When the time had come, Thomas had finally spilled into Rodney, finishing it off with their first kiss.

“That was great,” Rodney said softly, smiling as he kissed Tom once more. “Would you like it if I lick up the mess I made on your feet now?”

Tom chuckled softly, nodding his head. “That would be nice.”

Rodney looked up, and his eyes suddenly widened. His mouth dropped. Tom had immediately taken notice of this and wondered what was going on.


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