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Yudish’s Chaya

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My name is Yudish and this is my true story.

When I was 21, my family and I lived in a small village called Panchvati. Our house was the last one on a no-through road. It was not big but quite comfortable for the family considering our low income. Both my parents worked as vegetable planters and we mostly ate food which they cultivated. Sometimes my father would go fishing to bring some more food. I was very happy with my life back then.

Along with my parents and I, there lived my elder sister Chaya who was 25 at that time. She worked in a textile factory at Ile d’Ambre. She was my best friend. Whenever I was in trouble or wanted something, I always turned to her. And she would gladly help me. We were each other’s confidante.

This is one of the secrets we have in common.

One thundery night, we were the only ones at home. Late during the night I was awoken by Chaya’s screams. I rushed to her room, got in and lit the bulb. She was sitting upright on her bed and had a frightened look on her face. She hugged me tight.

“The thunder and lightning scared me,” she mumbled.

Controlling a fit of laughter, I calmed her. I switched off the light and came to bed. We lay down and tried to sleep. Every time there was lightning, I could feel her shake with fear. Finally, after half an hour, she turned around and held me tight.

There was nothing odd about this situation. Normally during these kind of nights, she slept next to mom. But when she was not there, it was my responsibility to soothe her. Except that it happened on very rare occasions.

This time it was different. When she held me, it was very tight. Her legs were on mine and I could feel the heat of her midsection on my thigh. Her chest was on my arm and it was big and soft, also telling me she was braless. It’s easy to imagine what was happening to me.

It is a well known fact that when you are high on adrenaline, you get excited. This thundery night was an example of such a situation. Soon the sensations that started in me were making me uncomfortable. I could feel the palm of my hand getting moist. My throat and tongue were dry. The most visible effect was the tent in my pajama. This, I could not hide.

As good as it felt to have Chaya against me, it was getting equally dreadful. What if she found out? What would she think of me? What would be her reaction?

The questions came to my mind but I could find no solution to them.

Then the unexpected happened.

My elder sister’s drifted to my hard cock.

I could hardly breathe. My heart rate accelerated.

“You are so big. I didn’t know my little brother had such a big package.”


Then she lifted her head and kissed my lips. I tentatively kissed back. Soon our lips parted and she inserted the tip of her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues were soon doing a ballet in the small space they had, going from my mouth to joining again in the other’s. We both were very excited and breathing heavily. But neither wanted to let go.

After some time kissing, she guided my hand to her breast. She held it there for fear I would remove my hands. But I had no such intention. I played with her tits over her clothes. They were big rounded with hard nipples. She was pushing them in my hands wanting me to touch them all over.

When we finally separated after a long time, thunder had stopped outside. But a storm had already started in both of us. Chaya and I knew things had taken an unexpected turn between us. But I didn’t allow any time to have regret or even think. I took the bottom end of her blouse and pulled it up. She raised her arms to assist me. Then I tugged on her pajama bottom. She hesitated for a slight second then lifted her ass off the bed to allow me to pull it down. She was now in her panties only.

From the dim light in the room I could see little of her. But that didn’t stop me from lowering my head and taking her nipple in my mouth. She hissed in her breath and held my head in place amorously. She was as excited as me. From one hardened nipple I shifted to the other.

Meanwhile my hands wandered to her panty covered vagina. The gusset was wet. She released my head and laid flat on the bed giving me liberty to her body. I kissed my way down while my fingers pulled on the waistband of her panties. Again she helped me by lifting her pelvis. The panties stuck momentarily to her vaginal opening and then gave way to my pulling them down.

Chaya lifted her feet to take them out of the way. I dove into her wet pussy and started licking all around before finally circling in on her clitoris. She moaned her pleasure loudly. At the same time, she pushed my face in her pussy.

A while later I moved up her body, removed my shorts, and laid on her. My hard penis on her wet vagina. She kissed me fevorously. Then she tilted her pelvis to allow my prick to slide smoothly into her wet pussy. I controlled the penetration to savour the first time I entered my elder sister.

Her sheath enveloped my sword with warmth and a tight hold. Once in her, I didn’t move my dick. We remained still, both appreciating the fact that we had pushed a line which we won’t be able to tell any soul. Her gentle push upwards signaled me she was ready. I pulled out till the tip and penetrated her again, slowly and delicately.

“Fuck me,” she hissed.

Little by little, I increased the pace and changed my angles of penetration. My sister was humping from below to meet my thrusts. We were both breathing heavily and enjoying the fuck. Soon I was going in and out at a rapid pace and Chaya encouraged me to go harder and faster. She was nearing orgasm.

When it hit her, she was uncontrollable. She shook from head to toe, her nails dug in my arms and back, she even screamed in my ears. I held on to her and kept on pistoning her. Her orgasm seemed to last longer this way, which boosted my male ego. After some time, she pleaded for me to stop because she was sore and it started hurting her.

“Stop… Stop.. I can’t take it any more… I will die if you go on… OHHHhhh! That is so good… But you have to stop… Please…” She said between breaths. She even started pushing me away but I held still.

I could feel my peak coming shortly. I continued thrusting in her but at a slow pace to prolong the pleasure and build enough of an impression that she would be mine for ever. Yes, I didn’t want this to be a ‘one night stand’.

When she had somewhat regained her composure, I resumed rapidly thrusting in her. She started enjoying herself again and held me tightly. This time, she whispered words of encouragement in my ears. We quickly reached the point where our orgasms started.

I came first, sending ropes of cum inside of her. She came when she felt my sperms inside her. We held onto each other as if our lives depended on it. I pushed myself in her, allowing my cum to collect in her.

As we regained our strengths, I slipped off my sister and laid on the bed next to her. I closed my eyes to recollect what had happened since I was woken up by the thunders. I introspected myself for feelings. First, I felt pride in being able to make a woman cum. Then, elation that she was my elder sister. Lastly, I found no guilt or apprehension for what I/ we had done. All in all, I was happy it happened. But I also knew that it was my cock doing most of the thinking and not my mind. So, I put off my mind for a while and basked in the achievement.

Chaya was first to move. She turned on her side towards me and hugged me, purring like a cat. She allowed her hand to roam on my chest and her legs on mine.

“Wow,” she said.

And we both laughed uncontrollably till I turned and kissed her.


And so was my first time with my sister, Chaya. Till date we still get together publicly and privately.

I love you my Chaya.

The end.

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