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Youthful Cravings: My Forbidden Mom

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I didn’t think I was normal at first, and not for a long time after that. I mean, boys don’t fantasize about their mother, do they? Well, I didn’t think so at the time.

It started about as soon as I was old enough to do it. It’s not hard to imagine why. She was a young boy’s ideal; an intoxicating combination of warm smile, sweet smell, and full breasts.

The pictures that turned me on were the ones that resembled her in some way. Maybe just the color of their hair resembled hers, or they looked more like women than girls. The girls that turned me on were almost always curvy. I was always proud that she was my mother, especially when the other guy’s eyes widened when they saw her.

We always got along and I thought she was a good mom. She worked hard, but she never threw it in my face. I hardly ever asked her for anything after reaching my early teens, because I knew she would get it for me. We didn’t have a lot of money but somehow she would work enough to get me what I wanted. That’s probably why my first sustained sexual fantasy was one in which I did ask her for something.

She‘s sitting at the breakfast table and there’s nothing complicated about the way it all unfolds. I walk in and say something like, “Mom, you look so beautiful, would you do something for me?”

She says, “Of course sweetheart, what is it?”

I say, “Would you take off your top for me so I can see how beautiful you really are?”

She smiles and says, “Oh, what a sweet thing to say to your mother.” She unbuttons the white shirt with little purple flowers that she usually has tucked into her jeans, from the top down. She then pulls it open like a curtain. My mother isn’t wearing a bra and she exposes those wonderful breasts to me. “Is this what you wanted, honey?”

It isn’t hard for me to imagine the smile that graces her face because I’ve seen it so often. In my fantasy, her smile says, ’I’m proud of the way I look, and you can touch me if you want to.’ I step close to her and put my palms on the full flesh and then slide them down over her nipples. I feel them harden as I lightly tease them erect. I lift both breasts and bend to kiss her. As we kiss, with her tits in my hands, that’s all I need. Of course I never actually did any such thing but I did think about that and many other possibilities until she was practically my only fantasy.

As I got older and went through high school, there was a change in her. I could almost see the joy seeping out of her. I couldn’t imagine what her inner life was like at the time, and I never understood the depth of her feelings until she talked to me about it. In a sense, that’s what brought us closer together.

I had come to some understanding of what I felt about her, thanks to a special place on the internet, and a person named, ‘Lovey.’ I didn’t fight it anymore, and I knew I couldn’t force it, so I accepted it, for the moment. Even if it didn’t take the form I wanted, Mom and I had a loving and warm relationship when I compared to the ones my friends had with their parents. We talked all the time, but we’d never really had a meaningful conversation that touched on who we were inside, until Graduation Day.

It was late when I got home after celebrating with my friends and she was still up. She looked so sad sitting on the couch. She was obviously not watching the TV that was on because the sound was too low to hear anything. I said, “Hey mom, what’s up?” Then I noticed the tear rolling down her cheek. I said, “What’s wrong; are you okay?”

She looked like she was trying to say something but nothing came out, except for more tears. I sat by her, confused, and she hugged me. I held her for a moment and I tried to get her talk. “Tell me mom…it’s all right…did something happen with Brian before he left?”

I knew that Brian was going overnight on business, because he said so after the graduation ceremony. Brian was the guy who had been living with mom for about a year. He was a nice man as far as it went and I’d never as much as heard him raise his voice to my mother. In fact, it was always,” Yes Christine, sure Christine, of course Christine.” And actually, I found that strange, because even though I didn’t have a lot of experience with women, I would call my girlfriends, “Baby,” or “Sweetie,” like my mom called me; but all he ever called her, was Christine.

“No, it’s not Brian,” she finally said. She stayed in my arms and started talking softly. “It’s just everything…Its Auntie Pat, I spoke to her and she’s sick.” Pat was just about our only relative, mom’s Great aunt who lived about 150 miles north of us. She ran an antique business that had more junk than antiques, but she was a fun lady and we’d visit a couple of times a year.

Mom was sniffling and said, “And it’s me… I feel like my life is over…you’re going to be leaving soon and as far as Brian goes…well, I don’t like to admit it to myself but I think the main reason I got involved with him was just not to be alone…but there’s nothing there…there’s nothing anywhere.” She got quiet again.

That was the most my mother had ever told me about herself. I almost didn’t know what to say. I was holding her and she felt good in my arms; she felt good against me. “Mom, we can go visit Auntie Pat and it doesn’t have to be Brian, it could be anybody. You’re great looking and you could have any guy you want. I would love to find a woman like you.”

There was a soft snicker. She pulled back and smiled enough for me to see the dimples I’d almost forgotten she had. “Thanks baby, but the truth is that I’m almost forty, and starting to fall apart.”

As far as I could see, lots of women would be happy to ‘fall apart’ the way she had. “Why is it so hard…so hard…” she asked into the air. The tears started to fall again, and this time, I was possessed to hold her arms and kiss her face.

I just wanted to console her. “It’s okay mom, it’s going to be okay.” I kissed more of her tears away and she kissed me back. Before I knew what happened we were kissing on the lips. At that moment, you couldn’t convince me that the earth wasn’t flat, because I fell off.

I thought that reality was about to replace my imaginings and my heart started keeping time with those Irish dancers. I was afraid to believe it. With my eyes closed, for a moment, I thought that maybe it wasn’t happening; maybe I was kissing a voluptuous girl named Christine. I reached for her breast and began to fondle it. It felt larger in my hand than I imagined.

Most of the clothing mom usually wore hid the fullness of her breasts; there was no hiding anything as I massaged my mother’s big tit until my hardness started to strain.

I said, “Mom, you feel so good; you’re so beautiful.” She didn’t say a word but I could hear a small moan in her throat as we kissed and I felt her.

It went on for about a minute and that was long enough to send a thousand thoughts through my head. One of those thoughts sent a picture to my mind which had me on top of her, miraculously, inside her. Then she broke the kiss and said, “No baby…no…I’m sorry, it was my fault.”

“Mom…” that was all I could say before she ran out of the room and locked herself in her bedroom.

I tried to talk her out but all she would say was, “No honey, I’m okay, just go to bed.” There wasn’t going to be any miracle that night.

Everything was strained and strange between us following that incident. Mom was more quiet than usual, and whatever room I was in at a given time, she seemed not to be in. It didn’t stop me from thinking about her.

The most vivid fantasies are usually the ones triggered by reality. In my case, I came home one day and mom was exhausted and asleep on the couch. My first thought as I looked at her, was that I wanted to hold her and kiss her and tell her I loved her.

I got aroused looking at her. Her blouse was still buttoned, but because it was pulled, I could see in to a rounded portion of the white bra and that held her breast. One of her legs was raised enough so that her creamy thighs were exposed up to her panties. I couldn’t see her pussy, but I could imagine it.

It doesn’t seem like much but I watched her for a good long time and it was enough to send my imagination into dozens of scenarios for weeks. In most of them I would hold her legs up and couldn’t even wait to get her panties off. I’d pull them to the side and my cock would just sink into her pussy. Of course when she realized that I was stroking inside her, it would feel so good…etc. etc.

The next step into reality confusion we took a while later. I had come home late and wanted to tell her something. Brian was away and I could see that the light was on in her bedroom so I knocked at the door and said, “I just want to tell you mom that I won’t be coming home tomorrow night because I’m going to the lake with John from work.”

She said, “Come in honey.”

She was sitting up in bed reading and she had a loose fitting nylon nightie on. I couldn’t see through it, but the top was low enough to see the flesh of her boob bubble up when she moved. “How come you’re going at this time of year?” she asked.

“They’re having some kind of festival and the club is opening and we thought we’d just get away…meet some people.”

She laughed, “And hopefully, some of those ‘people’ will be girls, right?”

“I guess.”

“Well, have a good time, I’ll miss you.”

She must have just bathed because there was a faint fragrance of powder coming from her and when I said “Goodnight,” and bent down to kiss her cheek, I could feel the heat rising from her body. I stayed by her face and knew I should probably shut up but she looked so good to me, so I said, “Mom, you’re a terrific looking woman.”

I heard her breathe, but she didn’t say anything. I gave her butterfly kisses on her face and neck and she said, “Honey…”

I reached in and took one of her breasts in my hand as I continued the little kisses. It felt satiny from the powder. Without squeezing, I fondled it only with my fingers, letting the tips glide over the smooth flesh. My nail crossed the nipple and I could feel its length when I rolled it gently between my fingers. She was breathing hard.

It wasn’t long before she took my hand out of the gown. She said, “Sit down baby.” I sat by her on the bed. “Honey, we can’t keep doing this; it could lead to something we’ll both regret. Mattie, I know you don’t mean anything bad, but we have to get back to normal…we have to, okay?”

I said, “Okay, we’ll get back to normal,” even though I had no idea what that was. I said, “Goodnight,” again and spent one of those nights where I couldn’t find a position that would let me sleep.

After that, we talked as if we were polite strangers, when we talked at all. I worked most days and was going to school at night to learn researching for law firms. So the only time we saw much of each other was on the weekends. Then all of a sudden she was working some Saturdays. The next thing I knew, she said, “Matt, the company wants to put me up at a hotel in the city so I can work the weekend instead of Mondays and Tuesdays. It’ll mean more money so I’ve decided to do it. You’re okay here by yourself aren’t you?”

I said, “Sure, mom.” what I really wanted to say was that I’ve rather spend the weekend with her, in bed – not something a son usually says to his mother.

By that time, December had whitened the streets and I felt cold inside and out. I started to wonder again if I had talked myself into a feeling that was so nuts it would make me miserable forever. Even the look on the face of the Santa Claus who was collecting on the corner seemed to say, “What the hell are you thinking, man?”

Mom had asked Brian to leave and I wasn’t seeing anybody special. I spent a lot of time online with people who understood what I was going through and that gave me stamina to do something. Anything was better than what was going on. On the Saturday night before Christmas, I spent an hour on the train and showed up unannounced at the hotel where she stayed. I knocked at her door and when she heard it was me, she said, “What’s the matter…wait a minute.” When she opened the door, she was finishing tying the robe that was two sizes too big.

“Honey, what are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you mom,” I said. “You can’t keep running away from me.”

“What do you mean…I’m not running…?”

I came in far enough to close the door and I put my arms around her and kissed her. She didn’t fight me. She pulled back long enough to say, “Oh honey, we can’t…” I kissed her again. I undid the sash on her robe and put my hand inside. She had on a white bra and panties. I unhooked the bra and the sweet flesh spilled into my hands. As the robe fell around her feet, I reached for the light switch and flipped it down. There was enough light coming from behind the curtains for me to see that she was moist when I pulled down her panties.

I led her to the bed and as she turned onto her side away from me, I undressed as I looked at the sensuous curve her hips and ass made. I pushed her hip down with one hand, and her body straightened onto her back, but her face remained toward the wall. I opened my mother’s legs and brought my cock to the opening. My first penetration was gentle but incomplete. I hadn’t slept with that many girls, but a few of them had complained that my size made sex uncomfortable for them. I didn’t want to hurt my mother.

I gently pressed in until almost all of me was inside her pussy. I stroked in and out. It felt so good, and then my urges and concerns all hit me at once. I wanted to go faster, and slower, and harder, and softer, and deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

I heard her whimper and I wasn’t sure if it was because she was crying, or it hurt, or it felt good. Against every instinct and urge, I became still inside her. I said the last thing I really wanted to say, “Mom, do you want me to stop?” She didn’t say anything. After what seemed to be an eternal minute, I felt her hips start to move under me.

She started softly moaning as the rhythm of my sex going into hers became synchronized with our movements. Even though the events leading up to me being where I was seemed real and comprehensible, the result was not. I was inside my mother’s pussy, with her wetness all around my cock, and we were having sex. No, it was better than sex. Well, better than any sex I’d ever had.

My mother wrapped her legs around my back and that took me deeper into her. By then my whole cock was penetrating her pussy with each thrust. At the conclusion of each deep entry she made an “Mmmm…” sound that combined a short cry with a breathy release. I had no doubt about those sounds; I was pleasuring her.

That spurred me on and as I penetrated somewhat harder and faster I said, “Mom it’s so good…nobody could ever be this good for me…I love you mom.” She didn’t say anything and it bothered me for a fleeting moment until I re-focused on the physical connection. With each stroke she clenched as I withdrew, as if she was trying to hold me inside her, and keep me there between her legs. It was tight enough to make it feel as if her pussy was milking my cock.

I could hardly believe that my mother was letting me do what I had fantasized over for so long. I took one of her breasts and started sucking hard on the nipple as my thrusts took us both higher. Her sounds were getting higher pitched and coming closer together. I was hoping she could come soon because I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer.

I raised myself a bit and she unclasped her legs. I held her by her ankles and spread her legs wide apart. She looked so sexy in that position I almost came right then. I watched in fascination as some of the pink inside her pussy moved in and out with my penetrations. Her mouth now was opened in a wide silent ‘O.’ I began giving her all I had as my unstoppable orgasm approached.

It hit me at that helpless moment that I was about to come inside my mother’s pussy and I wasn’t wearing a condom. I didn’t know if she was protected and it flashed that I could possibly make my own mother pregnant. I said in an almost panicked voice, “I’m coming mom, I’m coming.”

As if she were reading my mind she said, “Yes, come inside me.” The only other words she said as she began to thrash were “Oh God…oh God…” over and over. I penetrated and fired volley after volley of cum into my mother’s pussy. The feeling of those releases was something new. It surprised me how hard my cock remained and how many times I penetrated deep into mom’s belly to let go what I thought would be the last stream of seed I had in me. They kept coming. I kept coming, and mom kept coming.

When it was over, she turned to her side again and buried her face in the pillow. I spooned into her with my wet cock on her ass and held her around. Neither of us said anything for a long time. The only sound was that of the occasional kiss I would plant on her back as I held her trembling frame.

We both slept very little and intermittently. Each time I woke up I wanted her again, but she had put on the robe while I was asleep and the most she would let me do was hold her. In the morning when I awoke, she was sitting on a chair and staring out. I couldn’t get more than a sound that signified ‘yes,’ or ‘no,’ out of her. Finally I asked her if she wanted me to leave and she said, “Yes.” it was like someone walking on my chest.

We finally talked about it on the following Monday night. I had spent the day half-heartedly looking for an apartment. I really didn’t want to find one. She said, “I can’t stop thinking about all this Matt, but I realize now that I have to apologize to you. I don’t know how I let it get that far but there’s only me to blame. My God, I’m your mother; I’m the one who should be responsible…I’m the one who’s supposed to protect you…” Her eyes started to fill.

“Mom, I wanted to do it, I wanted you, and I love you.”

“No honey, you don’t understand. You’re just a boy… and you have strong desires, and they blind you, but I should know better. I’m your mother. I’m so sorry baby. Listen, I want you to talk to someone, someone who’ll help you understand and get over this thing.”

I almost let my smile become a laugh. “Mom, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not a ‘boy’ anymore; I can actually drive and vote and…” I caught myself from getting too sarcastic and said seriously, “And I don’t want to talk to anyone except you. I don’t think we did anything wrong, and you don’t know how long I’ve thought about it. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted be with you like that.”

“Well, you’re still my boy…and people don’t do this kind of thing…it’s just not a normal thing for you or me…it’s wrong for a mother and son to…” She was becoming agitated

I started talking softly and she relaxed a little as I spoke. “Mom, that’s just not so. There are people who can love like that, yes, mothers and sons. Mom, we’re not the first and not the last. I’ve been dealing with it for a few years now so it doesn’t even seem strange to me anymore. I’ve thought about it, read about it, and done something about it.”

“What do you mean Matt?”

“It’s an internet thing,” I told her. “There’s a site that I found after going through mazes and circles and dead ends. It’s a place where people like us talk to each other. It doesn’t say anything about incest in the title and it’s not public like they’re trying to sell stuff or anything. It’s just the people who get there mostly by word of mouth. They help each other to understand and deal with what they’re going through. Mom, will you take a look at it with me? It helped me to accept who I am and what I want, whether I get it or not. Mom, I’m not trying to convince you to do something you don’t want to, just to understand it.”

“Okay Matt, I’ll look at it, but please, not today. I have to…I don’t know, just not today.”

“All right, whenever you’re ready.” I gave her a hug and said, “Thanks…for being my mom.” She gave a little laugh-cry combination and put her face in my neck.

I went to the site that night and chatted back and forth with a woman who called herself ‘Lovey.’ She was one of the mothers that I had always found insightful even before I participated and had been just ‘observing.’ Basically she told me not to push and to let my mother come to grips with what had happened between us in her own time. I thought it was good advice. I hoped that Lovey would be online if my mother decided to look in.

Mom and I were a little easier with each other after that. We even talked more about my father than we ever had. She had avoided the subject as much as possible when I was growing up. I didn’t know much more than that he had died after they had been married for only eleven months.

The stories she started telling me, showed me how much she had loved him, and that she hadn’t moved on. I guess that was why she never got married again or ever had relationship that lasted more than a year or two. I was glad she was opening up to me; it made it warmer between us.

A few weeks after we made love, she started asking me questions about the site. I said, “Mom, why don’t we just take a look at it and you can see for yourself.” She sort of raised her eyebrows and smiled in nervous anticipation and we went to the computer. It was in a small room and we sat side by side in front of the screen.

Lovey wasn’t online but I showed mom how to look at her previous postings. I read a few sentences out loud from one of the first things that Lovey had put up. “I enjoy sex with my son because it lets us explore the physical dimension of the love we share. It makes us both more complete. When he’s hard for me, it makes me happy.” I stopped because I could see that mom was getting uncomfortable.

“You know mom,” I said, “maybe it’s better if you just read this stuff on your own.” I put it into the Favorites, which I hadn’t done before, fearing she might open it out of curiosity. “Now you can go and check it out whenever you want, and if you see Lovey on line, talk to her.”

“Okay honey,” she said, “I don’t think I’m ready to talk to anyone, but I’ll see.” She wasn’t ready to chat but she was ready to go to the site almost every night for weeks. It was hard for me not to ask her about it, find out what she was thinking, but I figured if she was going back to it, she was interested, not horrified.

One night I couldn’t contain myself. After she came off the computer, I asked, “How’s Lovey?”

She laughed, “She’s fine, I guess. I didn’t chat with her but I did read everything she wrote. She’s a smart lady and it just never occurred to me that people could look at…this stuff…from such a different perspective. God, it’s a whole other world out there. I couldn’t believe how many people…and I guess I can see now that what happened between us maybe wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was. I don’t think I could ever live like Lovey does, but I can understand it better now. You know Matt, her relationship with her son; it sounds almost like they’re married.”

“They are mom. We’ve e-mailed a few times and they actually had a ceremony of some kind and wear rings. They’re as married as anyone as far as they’re concerned.”

“My God.” Mom was shaking her head in amazement at it all. “You know honey, I’m glad you made me read all that because at least I don’t hate myself for what happened. And I want you to know that when it happened, no matter what I thought about it afterwards, I couldn’t deny wanting you. I just hope you’re okay with it and that it doesn’t bother you later on because…”

“Mom, I’m more than okay, it was the most beautiful thing…being inside you…” She covered my mouth with her hand and smiled opening her eyes as if she was surprised I could even say it.

“I’m still not ready for that, baby.”

“Okay, then how about a kiss that just say’s ‘I love you?’”

She smiled and kissed me. It moved gently from a mother’s kiss to a lover’s kiss but I left it at that. I didn’t touch her although my hands ached for her breasts as much as my cock ached for her pussy. Her smile told me I had done the right thing.

Mom stopped working weekends and we spent the time together. She even had time to make me a shirt on my twenty-first birthday. Mom didn’t stop looking at the internet site and even chatted sometimes with a couple of the women. I felt as if she were my girlfriend when we went to the movies, or the park. They were sunny days.

It was two months after I first had sex with my mother that I touched her again. We were home on a Sunday afternoon watching a baseball game, munching on popcorn. Every once in a while, I reached over and kissed her cheek or her salty lips. She did the same until the game we were playing shortened the interval between kisses and our lips were sealed together. I was wearing thin cotton shorts and my hard was definitely on. She laid her hand on me and my cock raged. She reached underneath and took the stiff mass out. She said with more air than voice, “I’ve always wanted to tell you how beautiful this is, since the first time I saw it.”

She bent down and took the swollen head into her mouth. What many sons have wanted their mother to do, my mother was doing. I thought I was dreaming. My fantasy was being played out before me. My mother told me I had a beautiful cock and she was sucking on it. I watched as her tongue slid out of her mouth and washed back and forth under my shaft. She took more of me into her mouth and wrapped her fingers around as much of my width as she could, and squeezed. I wanted so much to fuck her.

She let me take off her clothes and touch the places I wanted to possess. I fingered around her pussy lips and lovingly massaged the slippery button under her hood. She said, “Yes baby, there, there,” as I stimulated the sensitive nub.

I tried to maneuver her into a position where I could enter her but she wasn’t going to let me. Instead, she turned herself, taking my cock back into her mouth while her pussy faced me. I knew what she wanted, and the couch was large enough to accommodate us.

We mutually sucked on each other’s genitals after finding a comfortable position. She painted my cock with her tongue between the suctioning she was applying to the thick knob. She was on top and I could see her head bob as she struggled to take more of my thick flesh into her mouth.

I licked my momma’s vagina and then I sucked hard on her clit between my lips, drawing it in. She had to take her mouth off me momentarily to moan, “Oh Matt, I love your beautiful cock, I love to suck it, I love what you’re doing to my pussy, don’t stop, God, don’t stop.” I knew her desires were overwhelming her because she never spoke that way.

Her words stroked my cock almost as much as her mouth did and I feverishly worked on her pussy and clit. I wanted to devour her as she was devouring me. We’d gone from gentle kisses to frenetic sucking without a space in between. I licked and sucked, mimicking what she was doing to me until I couldn’t stand it anymore. When she cupped my balls and started massaging them as she sucked, I erupted without warning or control. It was after the fact that I said, “I’m coming mom, I’m coming in your mouth.”

The first shot must have hit her throat like a blast because she had to pull back. I could almost picture the white cords of cum that would fill my mother’s mouth. She opened her lips and took me back. I kept firing and my mother kept taking it.

As I came and the urgency and fog cleared from its earlier intensity, I returned to her clit and sucked it in between my lips. I used my tongue to massage it until I felt my mother jerk in my hands. I was holding her ass as I ate her. She stiffened and then she began to spasm and she cried out. “Matt, I’m coming, oh God, I’m coming, Matt, Matt, Matt…” I licked and lapped at her fluids as she shuddered and came. Her body trembled and I wouldn’t stop sucking. With her last sigh, she kissed my wet cock and collapsed on my legs and said, “Oh Mattie, you are very good…and I must be crazy.”

She turned and came to my arms and the satisfied smile that made deep dimples on her cheeks thrilled me. It felt as good to look at her like that as it felt to come. Well, almost.

I thought after that experience that the flood gates would open. I imagined us fucking every night until our brains fell out. It didn’t happen; just the opposite. The next day she said to me, “I think you should go out more and spend time with women more your own age.”

I was frustrated. “Mom I don’t want to, I want one woman, she’s your age and she’s you.”

“Listen baby, you haven’t had enough experiences, you haven’t been with enough other people to know if this is anything more than a sexed up thing just because I’m your mother. I know it sounds crazy for a mother to say, but I don’t want you to become too attached to me.”

“Mom, we can do this, Lovey and John…”

“Oh that’s absurd…it sounds romantic and all, that but how could a marriage between a mother and her son work out?”

“Well mom, you once thought that any kind of lovemaking between a mother and her son was absurd, didn’t you?”

“That’s different. Honey, I’m not saying it doesn’t feel good or that I’m sorry now that it happened, but you have a life to live.” There was no way I could talk to her until I agreed to see other women so I could have what she called a ‘normal’ life.

For weeks we had simulated sex like you see on those miserable soft-core late night TV movies. We kissed and rubbed up but she wouldn’t get serious, until I started seeing Debra seriously. Deb was girl I had met at one of my night courses at the college. We had worked on a project together, and went out on a few dates.

I started calling her more regularly and we usually had fun. When I stated coming home later and later, and then once not at all, mom gave me a mock interrogation. When she asked me point blank if we were having sex, I saw no point in denying it, since she herself was the one pushing me to go out.

It seemed a bit silly to me at that stage of the game, but mom said she wanted to meet her. I really didn’t know why and mom said, “I just want to stay in your life sweetie, and this way I can picture who you’re with.”

It sounded strange but so did everything about my mother and me, so I said, “Fine.”

Deb came over for lunch one Saturday and it was all very nice. I did get a bit uncomfortable when we were leaving and mom said to Debbie, “Take care of my boy for me; he needs lots of TLC.”

Most nights when I saw Debbie, mom was waiting up and I got ‘debriefed.’ I didn’t mind and so I gave her the details. One night mom seemed especially interested. She’d had a couple of glasses of wine and she was giddy as if she’d been smoking something rather than drinking. The questions were coming hot and heavy. “What did you do? Did you kiss for a long time? What was it like?”

I said, “You know, mom. We kissed for a bit, and it was fine.” She wasn’t satisfied with those kinds of answers. I was reluctant, but she cajoled me until I told her, “Okay, we were in her kitchen and we kissed for about ten minutes. She always works her tongue nonstop; sometimes I think she’s going to choke me with it.” Mom laughed.

“I took off her top she started to rub me…down there.”

“Oh come on Mattie…’down there’… after what we’ve been through, I think you can talk to me as if I’m over eighteen; I am you know.” She laughed again and sat next to me on the couch. She then reached for the lamp and said, “It’s too light in here for a bedtime story. Now go on…go on.”

“Boy you are funny sometimes mom. Okay, anyway, I massaged her…tits…for a while; satisfied now that I said ‘tits’?

She laughed and said, “Oh go on – wait, what are they like?”

“Well mom, nothing like these.” I reached over and took a handful of my mother’s breast and fondled it. I expected a playful slap or something, but none came. She closed her eyes and said, “Mmmm…” I continued my story and continued feeling her.

“We took off our clothes and went into the bedroom.”

“Was she surprised the first time she saw this, baby?” Mom put her hand over my cock.

“Yes mom.”

“Did she like it, baby?”

“Yes mom.”

“Did she like it as much as I like it baby?” She was rubbing me into a raging erection.

“I don’t know mom…I don’t think so.”

Her voice was becoming sing-song and childlike. “Did she make it as hard as it is now baby…as hard as momma makes it?”

“No momma, nobody does.” My cock was out by then in my mother’s warm hand, and she was slowly stroking up and down.”

“Did she take it in her mouth, baby?”

“Umm, yes mom.”

Mom went on her knees in front of me and said, “Like this honey?” And then she took the knob between her lips. She gave a suctioning kiss and played around the tip with her tongue before taking more of me into her mouth. I stopped talking and closed my eyes and leaned my head back as mother sucked on me. She used both hands on my shaft and balls and it felt like two women working on me at the same time. I thought the talking part of the night was over until mom stopped sucking long enough to say, “Were you inside her, baby, did you put it inside her?”

”Yes mom, I put it in her and I fucked her.” By then I realized what she really wanted to hear and I said it. “But it was nothing like being in your pussy mom, that’s the pussy that drives me crazy, your pussy mom, your pussy.”

She was moaning with her mouth full of my cock. Her sounds said, ‘keep telling me,’ so I kept telling her. “When I’m inside you, I know that’s the best place to be, fucking my beautiful mother, pushing into her wetness, feeling her big tits, coming inside her pussy, filling her pussy with my cum.” I was getting crazy and getting ready to come as she was sucking and rubbing faster and faster. “OH, OH…coming inside your mouth…mom…I’m coming in your mouth…in your mouth…in your mouth.”

She drained all the seed that had built up and licked the length of my cock as she said, “Mmmm, my Mattie…that was good baby, mmm…my sweet love.” It was as if going with Debra in some way had given her permission to do what she did. I sure didn’t understand it, but at that moment, I couldn’t have cared less. All I knew was that I was where I wanted to be.

I wanted to do for her what she had done for me, but she wouldn’t let me. We were done for the night, but I wasn’t complaining. She snuggled into my arms on the couch, and she seemed happy. Every once in a while she kissed me, one time putting her lips on my pants over my cock. When she felt me harden, she kissed it and laughed. “You do come back quickly, don’t you?” She laughed again and it sounded like wind chimes to me.

Every situation is different but usually after people have had serious sex, they keep having it. For me it seemed like I kept going back to square one with the never-ending, always there, wanting. But in a strange way, even the wanting felt good. It made me warm and loving. It was like anticipating a trip. Sometimes you don’t get to go, but it still felt good to plan and think about it.

On a day when I was sitting in the kitchen watching mom do the dishes, my mind was ‘playing’ as usual. Actually, I was thinking that even though I hadn’t seen that many in the flesh; I’d never seen a better ass than my mother’s. But I couldn’t do anything about it.

I’d never understood why there were so many pictures of women in the kitchen on the Net until that moment. It was sexy as hell. She had one of the long tees she liked to wear tied under her boobs, and her shorts hugged those rounded globes. No wonder I was hard most of the day and always thinking about the last time we had sex. She must have realized I was looking at her and she said in a sing-song voice, “What are you doing?”

I answered in the same kidding voice and said, “It wouldn’t take an Einstein to figure it out if you were looking at what I’m looking at.” She turned and gave me a ‘you bad boy’ smile.

It was the Debbie stories that helped me out most of the time. I have to admit that I was less than honest in some of my descriptions of what went on between Debra and me. But the point was that it turned mom on and allowed her to do what we both wanted to do.

There was the one with Debbie about anal sex that I embellished. Deb and I had tried a few different things over the months and played around with her fantasies of bondage, but when I asked her about the rear entry, she wouldn’t even consider it. She said it was quite enough having me in a place that “…didn’t have enough room as it is.”

When I came home that night, mom wasn’t on the couch where she usually waited for me. I figured she’d had enough of the Debbie stories and had gone to bed. Then I heard her call to me after I shut the door. I went in to her room and she was sitting on the bed with only a dim light coming from a small lamp across the room. It was too dark to read so I guessed that she was just waiting for me to come home.

Her smile told me that she was going to be receptive to me that night. I also knew by the way she was dressed, or more accurately, undressed. It was the sexiest thing she had ever worn for me and the first time she had ever signaled that she was ready to have sex with me. Her eyes were made up with blue eye shadow and her hair was down, and she smelled delicious. She wore a see through nightgown as sheer as you could get. Two shades of blue colored the two thin layers of nylon. They still allowed me see the dark circles of her large nipples. There was no way I wasn’t going to fuck her that night.

She still wanted to go through the Debbie ‘Thing’ and I was glad play. “How was your night with the little miss?”

“Fine mom.” I smiled.

“And what did we do tonight?”

“We…did something very special.”

“Ooooh.” Her eyes widened. “And what was that, pray tell?”

“Well,” I sat by her on the bed. “We did something I’d never done before. And it had a little to do with this…” I took her tit into my hand, and as the gauzy material slid over it, I could feel her nipple becoming erect. I fondled her for a while.

“And it had a little to do with this…,” I went on. She took a breath as I reached under the nightgown to touch her naked pussy. I rubbed it slowly and teasingly, letting my finger enter the wet confines every once in a while. I then smeared the juice over her clit. My mother liked that. She didn’t have to tell me she liked it. Her body and the excited look that sparked her eyes told me she liked it. “But you’re so much softer there than Debbie is,” I said. “So much wetter, your pussy is so much sweeter mom. And this is something I would never do with Debbie.”

I lifted her legs by the ankles and she went on her back. I held her legs apart for a moment to take in the sight and then slid my hands to her thighs as I kneeled and mouthed my mother’s wet vagina. I sucked on the swelling lips that were becoming engorged and teased around her clit until she took my head in her hands and urged me to make contact with the button that sent the rush of pleasure signals to her brain.

Then I stood, and she was surprised because she was just settling in anticipation of me sucking her until she came. I said, “And this is the special part mom.” I turned her and directed her until she was kneeling on the edge of bed facing away from me. I told her, “Stay right there.” She did, while breathing hard. I reached back to the drawer that I knew had the lubricant in it and filled my fingers. I began applying the cool stuff over her asshole.

She said, “Oh Matt, I don’t know…”

I spoke softly as I inserted a slippery finger covered with gunk directly in her small hole. “Mom, if Debbie could do it…can’t you? She opened herself for me and she’s just a girlfriend. Wouldn’t my mother…, who loves me, do it for me?”

“Yes Mattie…yes.”

I rubbed the remaining lube on my shaft and tip and approached her. As I placed the thick knob directly on her pink pucker I said, “And your ass is so much nicer, so much rounder, and so much sexier.” Not that there was anything wrong with Debbie, but I really was turned on much more by the shape of my mother’s ass. I couldn’t believe it would have looked any better when she was twenty.

I pressed in and felt the heat and pressure immediately. So must’ve my mother, because once I passed the ring, I could feel her tighten nervously around my cock. She began saying,”OH…OH…OH…”

I stroked her back with my hand and said, “it’s okay mom…relax, if it’s too much I’ll stop.”

“No…Okay…” She said that sort of talking to herself and then she said, “I’m all right honey…don’t stop.”

I could feel her relaxing and I said, “Yes…like that…sweet girl…yes…” I pushed in farther and began to stroke through the lube and her hot tight squeeze was exquisite as her ass grabbed my cock. “Oh mom, Debbie couldn’t take this much, she couldn’t take any of me like you can…it’s so good having you like this.”

“Oh God baby, what are we doing…you’re inside me…in my ass…”

I could feel the agitation building so I said all the loving things I could, not just because I wanted her sex, but because I believed every word. “Mom, we’re loving each other, that’s all. I love you and you love me. I want you, I’ll always want you, not Debbie or anybody…or any other body. I’m inside you because that’s how lovers are…inside each other.”

“Yes honey…yes.”

I stroked into her and she was beginning to push back so that almost my whole cock was penetrating her tight channel. I started to more fully penetrate in and out of her ass, and I must have been making pleasurable noises because she said, “Yes it feels good doesn’t it baby…oh God, it’s so hot and hard in me. But it feels good when momma takes you inside her like this, doesn’t it?”

“I said, “Yes mom, ahhhh… only you could take me this way…take so much of me up into you…you don’t know how good it is to be you so tight…pulling on my cock…loving me.” I thought how special my mother was to be able to give her son her body that way, out of love. I also knew that I could only be satisfied with her, and that I would do all I could to make her mine. I wanted all of her and my desire in that moment drove me to repeated deep and hard penetrations into that tight forbidden place that my mother had opened for me.

She moaned and said, “Baby, baby…please…come. I don’t think I can do this too much longer. “

“Yes mom…I’m almost there…Mom…mom…touch yourself. I want you to come too, when I do. I want you to feel what I feel when I fill you.”

I stroked fully and just before the first explosion into her ass I said, “Yes…yes…your taking it all…my good girl…I love you.”

“I feel it now baby…yes, I can feel you coming in me.” She reached under and rubbed with the flat of three fingers over her clit. I’d never seen her masturbate and it was exciting to watch, as if I needed more stimulation. After my long strokes into my mother’s ass became full and regular, I didn’t know anymore who was taking and who was giving. It didn’t matter because we were in each other.

She rubbed herself quickly and said, “Yes honey, come in me, come in me, I’m coming with you…coming…coming.”

My strong releases filled her to overflowing as I drove my wet meat through the tight ring over and over. She made noises I’d never heard before. I probably did too except I was too busy coming to pay any attention to it. With her ass filled with my cum, I slid easily in and out until I was finished or until I thought I was. And then she squeezed me one more time and I came some more into her.

When we were both done I turned her and kissed her passionately and said, “That’s what it feels like to love someone, doesn’t it mom?”

“Yes baby…” She kissed me long. “Yes love.”

My mother meant so much more to me than just sex, but I still couldn’t help thinking that she was the best piece of ass I’d ever had. I said, “Wow. Mom, why would I go out with anyone else when…?”

She took a deep breath that had some frustration in it. “Oh honey…because I want you to; because I want you to do it for me. Because I think it’s the right thing to do.”

I just sighed and shook my head and said, “Okay mom.” I held her tight and we waited for dawn to see where it would take us.

Where it took us within a week was more like chaos than Paradise. Mom got notice that her company, being a subsidiary of Talco, was also going out of business. That she was distressed was an understatement. All we talked about was money and how we’d get by. I offered to quit night school and get a better job, but she wouldn’t let me. Auntie Pat offered to have mom come in with her in the antique business, but there wasn’t enough there to support us all. After a while, we decided to sell the house and use what was left after paying the bank, to live on. We started looking for a small place to rent until she found a decent job.

When the decision was made, we both felt better. “It’ll be an adventure,” she said. “We’ll be in a new place that’s ours and…I don’t know, we’ll make it fun, won’t we baby?” She wasn’t so sure, but I gave her a small kiss and assured her it would be. At that time, our small kisses had a way of turning into big kisses.

We found a furnished one bedroom place in another town about an hour away. It was a one bedroom apartment that was over a dress shop owned by a woman named Lorna, who was maybe in her mid-thirties.

The apartment had a long flight of stairs that seemed like five after carrying all our stuff up. As I unpacked, I looked at the great shirts mom had made me for different birthdays. She could do anything with a sewing machine and had made a lot of her own clothes.

It was an adjustment at first. The apartment had only one bathroom and we had trouble fitting our stuff in. The place was a lot smaller than the old house, but it was ours, and the nice thing was that after the shop closed at six we could play music as loud as we wanted, or dance as hard as we sometimes did to let steam off.

We made some noise that first night. I said, “Mom, I’m glad we’re here, I’m glad you’re here, and I want you.”

She said, “Yes baby, okay…I’m here.”

I kissed her and waited for her. For the first time, she undressed me before I undressed her. When she stood naked before me, I thought I could never ask for more. “Mom, I’m so proud of you.”

“For what sweetie?”

“For being you, for being able to love me this way, for being so beautiful.”

She got on the bed and opened her legs for me. “Come love me sweetheart,” she said.

I penetrated her quickly and I felt lucky because our fit was so good. Her pussy was perfect for my size and whatever it is that makes it right between two people physically, we seemed to have. I sank my cock into my mother’s waiting pussy and the fisting action of her channel around my cock did its work. I could feel my cock strain as it got as hard as it possibly could. She made those nice noises that always made me feel good.

Unexpectedly, she urged me over and ended up sitting on top of me. She said, “Let me do it baby.” I stayed as still as I could as she raised and lowered herself on my cock. “It feels good this way, honey, ummm…in my pussy…in your momma’s pussy…” The rhythm of her words matched the movements of her hips as she used the stiff mast to penetrate herself. “Yes…inside your mama…the one who loves you…mmmm…”

Her full breasts were presented to me and they undulated as she moved. I took them in both hands and rubbed them, using mostly my thumbs under her nipples. They looked huge from the angle I viewed them and I marveled at how little sag they had for a thirty-nine year old. I put my hand behind her back to draw her closer until I had one of the nipples in my mouth. I sucked them as if they were swollen with milk. My mother moaned as I sucked and after a while she sort of shook during a little spasm, and then she leaned back.

Her eyes were closed, her hands were on my thighs and her chest was thrust out. She used me for leverage and raised and lowered herself in earnest. That time, I used my hips to meet her on the way down to thrust more of my cock up into her pussy. Each penetration seemed to take me to the end of her and she responded with a guttural cry from deep in her throat. “Yes my baby,” she said, “Yes, give me all of you, yes baby. Oh Mattie, I love you inside me like this…so good baby…I need it…and you Mattie…I need you.”

“Yes momma, I’m here, I always want to be with you…like this …like this.”

My cock was being swallowed by my mother’s pussy again and again and her wet flesh stroked and squeezed and rubbed the shaft. She was wet enough so that even when my cock was completely out of her pussy, it still penetrated the slippery opening much easier than it did when we had first started.

We fucked as if we had been lovers forever, with her pussy knowing my cock. Each place it found to touch inside her, was new, and yet familiar at the same time. I pulled on her tits and pinched the nipples tight between my fingers as she squealed and arched, and I felt the beginnings of her orgasm.

I thrust up deep and complete into my mother’s pussy as she bounced faster and harder until she said, “Come in me Mattie, come in my pussy…come in my pussy, Mattie…” I let go and shot a hard stream of cum up into her. She said, “Yes, yes, yes…” with each penetration and each release. She smiled and the word ‘Yes’ came out almost as a laugh as her pussy filled with her son’s cum and she used my cock to finish herself and come, in long, satisfied, sighs. I loved hearing her say that she needed me.

Even though it was wonderful when we made love, there was still some hesitancy on her part, a reluctance to letting us become full-time lovers. And so, it was more ‘special occasion sex’ than anything on a regular basis, but it was lots better than nothing. Maybe she figured that if I wasn’t getting enough at home, I would keep seeing other people. I wasn’t sure about anything, except how many times I would have taken her if she let me.

It was two months later when mom found a job; it was almost panic time. After all the ads, the traveling and the interviews, she got a job at the shop downstairs. It happened that one day mom was down talking with ‘Landlady Lorna,’ as we had come to call her. When mom asked how business was, Lorna said that she was starting to get more business than she could handle and that she would have to take on a seamstress to help her with alterations.

Mom brought her upstairs and showed her the curtains and some of the dresses she had made and Lorna hired her. We never thought to ask because when we first moved in, Lorna had remarked how nice it was to be a ‘One woman operation.’

We became closer with Lorna. I stopped in often and she had dinner with us sometimes after the shop closed. Mom became her confidant and friend. She told her about a rough childhood and mostly bad experiences with men, especially with the one she was married to for five years.

Mom said that Lorna was very interested in us and asked a lot of questions, especially when mom told her that we saw other people. Actually mom didn’t see anyone. The closest she came to a relationship besides ours, was talking with a couple of the guys at the coffee shop before going in to work.

We never told Lorna that we were mother and son because we thought that in a new place where nobody really knew us, it would be nice to be free to hold hands and be together like a normal couple. We didn’t want to need to be ‘careful’ all the time. So we made up a story about how I had been a neighbor and the son of her best friend, leaving enough of the truth in so that we wouldn’t forget.

Meanwhile, I still traveled back home to see Debbie, but I was getting tired of the two hour round trip. And more importantly, I knew I couldn’t get from Debbie what I really needed. The last time I saw her was the night of the video, and the breakup. I got it into my head that if I had a video of Debbie and me having sex, I could show it to mom.

I figured that either of two things could happen. She’d get turned on by it and we’d have some good sex, or she might get jealous actually seeing me with someone else and tell me to stop going out with her. Either or both would have been fine with me. Of course I knew that there were always other possibilities. Some people say there are infinite universes that are created each time things go one way or the other, but I was satisfied with those two choices in my one universe. It was a universe that more and more, revolved around my mother.

Debbie was less than keen on the idea of making a video; she didn’t understand why I would want to make one. It didn’t matter what mumbo jumbo I gave her about how it showed she loved me and how much fun it would be to watch it later on. I wasn’t about to tell her the real reason.

We got as far as the kissing scene and the touching scene but when we got to the stripping scene, she shut it off in the middle. We finished making lackluster love that was less than inspired. I took the camera and tape and as we were saying goodbye at my car, I decided that I should just end it, even if she was my link to normality as far as mom was concerned.

I said, “Deb, lets go back inside, I want to talk to you.” We went in and I took a deep breath. ”Listen Deb, I think you’re a terrific girl, but I don’t think this is going anywhere.”

”Why, because I didn’t want to make a fucking video?”

“It’s not the video; I’m just not the right person for you.”

She started to sneer, “You mean I’m not the person for you, don’t you?”

It went downhill from there, but after a long few hours, I left, with the yelling and a few tears all done with. We kissed and promised to stay in touch and see how we felt after a while. That was fine because we both knew it was over.

A few days later I tried to decide if it was right or wrong to show my mother the tape. I ended up showing it to her because I couldn’t resist at the time. We were home in the evening and watching TV. She was resting up against me and she was stroking my arms and chest – not really where I wanted her to be stroking, but it felt loving. We didn’t have Cable and there was absolutely nothing on that interested us. Mom said, “Maybe we should start renting videos; the supermarket has some for a dollar a night.”

“Well mom, I happen to have one right here. It’s called ‘Debbie does Matt,’ interested?”

She looked at me quizzically, “Are you kidding?”

“No mom, it’s the real deal, should I put it on?”

She said, “Okay.” She didn’t sound certain, but I put it on.

We watched as Debbie and I kissed while my hands began roaming over her body. Of the two choices I had envisioned, number one seemed to be the winner. She wasn’t jealous but if her hand on my cock was any evidence, she was getting turned on.

A few minutes into the action and mom had my cock out, slowly stroking up and down on the hardened rod. It never took much when she touched me. When I got Deb’s bra off, mom said with a smile, “You liar, she does have nice tits.”

“I didn’t say she didn’t have nice tits mom, I just said they weren’t as nice as yours.” Of course it wasn’t long before mom had let me bare her breasts, and I was fondling and sucking on them. At that point, the video went to snow.

“That’s it? That’s as far as you went?”

“Mom, let’s just say that’s as far as the video went. Now I think we should rehearse for our own video and see how far we can go…starting by going here…” I put my hand between her legs. “Here at your sweet pussy, the sweet pussy I can’t get enough of…” I looked up and made a face at her. “The sweet pussy I DON’T get enough of.” She laughed and we kissed for a while.

Her tongue slid over mine and I was satisfied to just keep kissing her and feel her wonderful breasts in my hand. They were so big, they were my mothers, and yet I was holding them. I moved from tit to tit, pinching and pulling on each nipple until it thickened and swelled. I cupped and weighed each heavy globe in the same novel delight I always took, as If I was holding my mother’s breasts for the first time.

When she went back to stroking my cock, I wanted more. I put my hand inside her panties and fingered the slippery opening. After that, we got our clothes off pretty quickly and mom started to mount me in such a way that would allowed us to hold each other.

Mom’s tits were tight against my chest; her cheek was against my cheek as we held each other around. She slowly lowered herself carefully onto my cock, easing it in, inch by inch so her juices could lubricate the shaft as it penetrated. A moment later, I was completely inside my mother’s pussy. She gave a sigh of relief when she sat on my thighs with her pussy filled.

She ground slowly at first and I pushed up as much as I could, given the position I was in. I held her to me and said, “Beautiful Christine, do you know that you’re my love?”

She said into my ear, “Yes Mattie, I know.” I could almost hear the unspoken words, ‘But don’t love me too much, Mattie.’ The tone of her voice set me off. I wanted to stroke into her, penetrate her pussy, long, and strong, and hard, under my own control. I raised myself, lifting her, putting her on her back.

I took her the way I wanted to, each stroke longer and harder and deeper into her pussy. I was probably giving her too much because she grunted each time I hit her cervix. But she didn’t tell me to stop and I didn’t. I sped up and kept driving myself into her. Had I continued at that pace, I would have come after a minute or two but something clicked as the effort dispelled some of my excess energy.

My calmness returned. I told myself that she was who she was at that moment, and forcing the situation wasn’t going to give me what I wanted. I went back to making love to her. I gently stroked into her center with the love that had returned to me. I changed the angle and I could feel the pressure as my cock pressed along the walls off her pussy and I said, “Does that feel good mother?”

“Yes darling…it feels good.” She looked up at me and touched my face with a smile that touched my heart. I was stroking into my mother’s pussy and she was telling me that it felt good. I told myself that should be enough for anyone.

She wrapped her legs around my back and I could hear the wet sounds as we connected on the level that needs no words. And there were no words as I filled her pussy until there was no more room, except for the love I was feeling and hoping she too was feeling.

She took me inside her as a woman takes the man she loves until we were breathing hard. I stroked her with long, complete entries. I put myself deep into the place usually forbidden to sons. I said, “This is where I want to be mom, always inside you, like this.” She made a nice noise and I wanted to make her come.

I opened her and stretched her and fingered her clit until I could hear her approaching orgasm. It sounded as if she was trying to catch her breath in short spurts. My mother bucked, and humped, into the sustained arching of her back that told me that she was coming.

I continued penetrating into the wetness as she let out a long moan of pleasure at her release. I didn’t stop until I filled her pussy with the hot releases of cum that expressed my desire for her. When I finished and told her that I loved her and always would, I thought I saw a tear at the corner of one of her eyes. The next day, I threw the tape away and told mom that I had broken it off with Debbie. I was a bit surprised when she said, “Oh well, you’ll find someone else.”

As wonderful as that time was, we didn’t progress to where I wanted to be. I was still getting rebuffed by mom on too many nights. I wanted a break so I suggested to John that we use his parent’s house at the lake for a short vacation. With two other guys, we went up for a four day weekend.

John knew some nurses who worked up there and they came over at night. There was a lot of beer drinking, making out, and some couples made it up to the bedrooms, but I was satisfied to keep it light. By the third night I was getting restless and I called mom at about ten.

She said, “Sweetheart, I’m glad you called…I’m missing you.”

I didn’t say anything. She said, “I hope you’re having a good time…I’ve been thinking about you…the house is so empty. I’m lonesome without you, Mattie.”

“Mom, do you want me to come home?”

“No honey…I’m fine; I was just saying, you know…and anyway, you don’t have your car and it’s so late.”

“I’m going to let John drive me to the train; you go to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“No baby,” she said. “Wake me up when you get home.”

I got home before three and went to her room. She was awake and wearing one of my old shirts. She looked up and smiled, “I wore this to keep me company; I like the way it smells. It’s only been a few days but I missed you so much. Are you angry with me? I didn’t mean to make you come home and…”

“I’m not angry mom.” I started unbuttoning the shirt and she closed her eyes. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties and the delight of her bare body sent a charge through me. We said very little and after I undressed her, there were only a few kisses before I was inside her.

It was unusual in that the lovemaking was quiet. She held me inside her after I had penetrated deep into her pussy. She hugged me tight to her and didn’t let me move. She massaged my back and wrapped her legs around me and said, “I missed you Mattie, I missed having you here.”

I kissed her and felt the softness of her tongue as it made love inside my mouth. Lips, and mouths, and tongues; the same as I had joined with other women, but it’s not the same with someone you love. With mom, I wanted her heart to also be there. I heard her making sweet sounds and wondered.

I put my cheek on her cheek so I could feel even more of the soft skin that touched me from her legs on my back to her breasts that were pressing into my chest. I reached my hand under her and took as much of her ass in my hand as I could while pressuring my cock to go even deeper into her pussy.

I moved every now and then because I couldn’t stand it and she ground her hips. I stayed hard inside her and then held one of her breasts as she whispered, “Mattie, my Mattie, in me…inside me…inside me…” Her nipple was thick and rubbery as I stroked it with my thumb.

She didn’t want to change positions and when she finally started to move, her orgasm came quick. It was as if a switch had been flipped. She became as active and noisy as she had been quiet. She thrashed and humped and clawed at me. I reacted in kind and speared my cock into my mother’s pussy with fast, hard, and deep thrusts. “Yes Mattie, she said. Take me, take me, fuck me.” I’d never heard her say it, but I liked it, and I liked doing it. “Make me come Mattie, make me come…”

“Yes momma, yes,” I told her as I gave her my whole cock time after time. I was usually aware of not pounding hard into her because she seemed stretched to her limit, but I lost control with my own orgasm approaching. As she cried out that she was coming, my cock was a solid greased rod entering the soft lips of her vagina and the tender pink of her pussy. I couldn’t hold back any more and I loved the feeling that I was about to come inside my mother’s pussy. I released the thick viscous cum that had built up for her and it quickly filled the channel that was grasping at my cock.

I said, “It’s for you momma, only for you, all my cum is for you.” I gave her my love with each release and stoked into her wet pussy until I couldn’t come any more. I rested on her breasts and kissed her neck.

When we both finished she held me tight and wouldn’t let go; she kept me inside her and told me again that she had missed me. She kissed me and they were kisses that were beseeching, and she whimpered as she gave them to me.

For the next few days mom seemed very quiet. She smiled at me a lot but didn’t want to talk much. I didn’t push her and she didn’t offer, so we didn’t have sex. It had been quite a quite a while since everything had begun, and I still wasn’t sure where it was going or what was coming next.

What came next was my next date. And that next person I found wasn’t far from home. The next person actually found me. The next person was Lorna.

She liked to talk and she was entertaining, so I often went down to keep her company. Her favorite topic was how miserable people were to each other. After reading the paper one day, she said, “These people are animals, no, they’re worse – they’re human. I think it’s hopeless Matt. Can you believe what we do to each other?”

“You know Lorna,” I said. “When I was young, and asked my mother about these things, she said that it was up to me to make the world better by doing something for someone every day, and I think she was right. I’m always amazed at what a smile or a kind word to someone does.” I looked at Lorna and smiled, “And by the way Lorna, you look lovely today.”

Her eyes lit and she got up to give me a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you matt…I think your mom must be a special lady.” Before I left she said, “Matt? Why don’t we go to a movie sometime?”

I said, “Fine,” but what I was really thinking made me laugh – that I’d have to check with mom first.

Mom said she was surprised that Lorna would ask and “…isn’t she too old, and is it a good idea to go out with my boss and…”

“Okay forget it,” I said. “I’ll tell her I can’t make it.”

“No…what the hell. She’s always going on about how cute you are, and maybe it would be worse if you say no. Just be careful, okay?”

I was going to ask, “Be careful about what?” because she seemed a bit upset, but I let it go and said “Sure.”

I guess when you’re making a sand pile, after a while, it falls over. It only takes a few grains at the end, and you can’t tell to which side it will fall. I can’t name all the grains of sand, but the last one ended the way mom and I had been. The grain of sand was Lorna.

Lorna and I went out a few times and mom never asked me a thing about it, unlike what had gone on when I had been seeing Debbie. Until, that is, the night of the avalanche. We had gone out to dinner and gone back to Lorna’s house. The kissing that she seemed like so much was progressing to touching. I could see where we were heading and said, “I didn’t have much luck with my last few relationships and…”

“Matt.” She said, “I think you’re going to get ‘lucky’ tonight.”

I came home very late and mom was waiting up. Her eyes were red and she looked like she’d been crying. She had a serious look that edged on anger. “Did you fuck her?” she said. I got a little pissed.

“What’s the difference? You wanted me to go out didn’t you? You wanted me to be ‘Normal’…didn’t you?”

She started to cry and I softened. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m sorry about everything. I don’t know anything anymore.” I put my hand on her shoulder and the tears came down and her sentences just ran together. “I was working on that wedding dress I’ve been altering for the last few days and I just started crying and I thought of you with Lorna and how she’s almost as old as I am and what if you ended up with her and I love you and I was watching CNN and all the terrible things going on in the world and I thought of what I always used to tell you, that there’s only two things that are important in your life…”

“I know mom, the first thing is love, and the other one doesn’t matter.”

She laughed through her tears. “You remembered didn’t you sweetheart? I was the one who forgot. But it is true. The only good thing is loving someone and taking care of them and I love you…I love you.”

I kissed her. “Well I love you. And Lorna and I just talked, that’s all. I realized I don’t want to get serious with her.” I kissed my mom again and started to tease her. “But now let me get this straight, you do or you don’t want me to go to bed with Lorna?”

She laughed, “I don’t.”

“Then who?” I said.

“Then me,” she said.

“Only you?”

“Only me…only me, baby.”

We kissed and I put my hand between her legs. “Only your pussy, mom?”

“Yes baby, only my pussy.” She started running on again. “Only me for everything; only you for everything. We can do it, can’t we baby? I was so afraid if I Ioved you like this you, somehow I might lose you like I lost your father, but you won’t go, will you baby, and it’s so good between us when you love me, and I want to be yours and be like Lovey and be…”

I kissed her deeply and unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts never felt as good in my hands as they did when I slid them under her bra that night. Her pussy never felt as wet to my fingers as it did that night. I never felt as loved, and wanted, and needed, as I did that night.

It didn’t take long for our clothes to be in a pile on the floor. The sheet that would soon be soaked with our sweat was cool to our warm skin. My mother opened her legs to receive me as wives and lovers have done for their men forever. I entered her and the wet confines of her pussy grabbed me, took me in, and welcomed each penetration.

I locked myself into her and enjoyed the wonderful torture of not moving while being as deep inside her pussy as I could get. When we could stand it no longer, our hips slowly rotated, my penetrations slowly lengthened as I moved in and out of her pussy. “Like this forever baby.” She said.

“Yes mom, forever.”

After loving her with long, deep, penetrations, I kissed her and retreated from the warm pussy that held me so lovingly. She made a questioning sound that asked, ‘Why are you out of me?’ and I turned her over and entered her pussy doggy style. She sighed as I entered and she pushed back with each thrust. “And like this forever, mom,” I said. I dug my thumbs into the meaty globes of her perfectly shaped ass as her pussy massaged my cock.

“Yes honey, any way want me baby, anything you want baby…just want me.”

“I will mom, I do, I want you all the time.” I pushed in deep with each thrust until I was up against her ass. I ground and stayed and felt how deep and hard I was inside her pussy. I increased the tempo and she moaned. I touched her pucker and teased it, feeling the soft skin around the tight ring.

She said, “Yes baby, do it there.”

I took my glistening cock out of her pussy and went into her ass. “Yes, there baby” She said. “For you love…for me…yes.”

Her juices on me allowed me to penetrate her. I went into my mother’s ass with the full length of my cock and said, “For us mom, everything for us.”

“Oh yes, God yes, you’re so big in me, so deep in me.” She moaned loudly with each penetration, but they were sounds of pleasure. She took me in as she gave herself, and it was so much more than fucking. It was the physical expression of what can’t be said.

She reached back and spread the full round globes to open herself even more, to show me how opened she was. Each entry into my mother’s ass sent sensations through my cock. I stretched the narrow channel to its limit but she took every inch until I was up against her fingers. I put my hands on hers and continued to drive into her. We synchronized our movements and she let out one long sound that was a moan and a sigh together. I was surprised when she told me she was coming. I kept driving and as she came she said, “Oh my God…OH…OH…OH…”

I know that the brain is what really triggers orgasm and that sometimes it can surprise us, but I was still stupefied enough to almost stop what I was doing. Mom was actually cumming; fluid was coming from her pussy onto the sheets. I was stunned that my mother could cum like that, especially considering where I was inside her.

I listened to her noises and kept penetrating until I was about to crest myself. Her spasms were involuntary at that point and it felt like she was milking my cock. It was impossible not to come. I almost jerked back with the force of the first shot of cum that I sent into my mother’s ass. One after another I released my love into the hot, tight, channel that my mother had opened for me. The slippery fluid allowed me to pierce the rubbery ring and enter her at will to give her all I had.

She was just finishing her orgasm as I was coming. “Yes baby, “she said. “Come inside me…so deep inside me honey…love me…love, me…love me always baby…always like this…like momma’s going to love you…with all of me…every part of me…love…love…that’s all that matters” I could feel the swell and recoil each time my cock let go inside my mother’s pussy. She shuddered in her last spasms and let out a long sigh as the last of my releases entered her and coated her channel with the warm evidence of my love and desire.

We held each other afterwards and mom said, “It really is all that matters, isn’t it honey…just loving each other?”

I kissed her and I could even taste her love. “Yes mom…it’s the only normal thing there is.”

We stayed with Lorna for about a year. I had graduated and unfortunately Auntie Pat died, but she left mom the shop. We moved up north and mom got rid of the antiques and opened her own dress shop, which is doing very well. I’m a law assistant and we’re living a pretty normal life; we’re wearing rings. We still only have sex on special occasions, but every day is a special occasion now.

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