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Your Precious Pet

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“That’s my good girl,” You praise me as you stroke my hair and pull it away from my neck and face. I am kneeling naked at your feet and you are fully clothed.

You fasten the buckle on the collar you bought for me. The lining is soft, but the hard, strong intent to control me is inherent in the leather and silver buckled design. I look into your eyes with complete trust as you test the ring at the front of the collar, onto which you will fasten a leash.

“You are mine now, pet,” You tell me. “You will obey me in everything I ask, correct?”

“Yes, sir,” I answer and smile and blush a little as I imagine all that ‘everything’ might mean to you, as I imagine the joy and pleasure it will bring me to serve you in every way.

“Good, we understand each other then,” You respond as you pull out a long leather leash that matches the collar.

You stand and pull my face to your groin with the leash so I can smell your scent and feel the hardness of your cock in your pants. My pussy responds immediately by leaking girl juices onto my inner thighs. The knowledge that collaring me has aroused you makes me wet beyond belief.

“Take my cock out,” You demand.

I lower your zipper and remove your beautiful cock from your pants. It is hard and the red head is already wet and shiny with pre-cum. It has been a month since I have seen it, had the pleasure and privilege of worshiping it. I am eager to suck you, but await your command like a good little slut.

You smile down at me with a knowing look in your eyes. You know what I am thinking and that I am desperate to take you in my mouth. You use the leash to pull my face toward your cock.

“Clasp your hands behind your back, open your mouth and hold completely still, my hot little bitch,” You tell me.

I obey immediately and you pull my mouth onto your cock using the leash and collar to control my head. Sliding the head of your cock between my lips, you begin to pump into my mouth as you force your member farther and farther down my throat.

My eyes water and I gag a little, but you continue to use me for your pleasure.

“It’s okay, you can take it, that’s a good girl,” You reassure me.

You begin to breathe harder and harder as you watch your cock slide in and out of my mouth. Suddenly you groan loudly and throw your head back as you begin to spurt your cum into my mouth.

You look back down at me and see that I am milking you and drinking all you have for me. You pump your hips until you are finished and notice a bit has escaped my mouth and is on my cheek. You pull your cock from my mouth, stroke the side of my face with your finger, gather your seed and feed it to me. I eagerly suck it from your finger…not wanting to waste a single drop.

You lead me on the leash to the couch and pull me up with you. You position me face down across your lap and begin to fondle and pet my bottom.

“You did well, pet,” You praise me. “I am going to reward you by playing with your sweet little pussy and ass now. Spread your legs for me.”

With that said, you run your hands along my inner thighs. They are sticky and drenched and you wet your fingers in my juices. You party my labia with your fingers and look at my pink, wet pussy for the first time in a month.

“Oh, baby, I have missed your hot, wet, little pussy,” You confess.

“Mmmm,” I half moan and half whine as your fingers insistently explore.

You sink your fingers deep into me and get them soaking wet. Then I feel your index finger travel to my rear hole. You repeatedly take my pussy juices to my asshole until it is well lubricated.

“Relax, baby,” You tell me as you begin to push against my back door.

Well lubricated, your finger slips in easily and you begin to move it in and out of my ass. You fondle, kiss and lightly bite my bottom as you fuck me with your finger. I wiggle a bit and moan, letting you know how much I am enjoying your attention to this part of my body.

“We are going to try the plug now,” You tell me as you reach for the small butt plug and bottle of lubricant we picked out together. Using your fingers, your apply lube on and all around my rear hole. You coat the plug with it as well and put the head of it against my asshole.

“Easy now,” You calm me as you stroke my back and apply pressure with the plug.

I take a deep breath and you push the plug in up to the first ridge. You slide it in and pull back without removing it to get me used to its size. You continue to stroke my back as you make reassuring sounds and ease the plug into me up to the second ridge.

“Okay, my pretty little bitch,” You tell me. “It’s almost all the way in. Just one last part…but it’s the biggest.”

I take a big breath and try to relax. My ass burns and throbs, but I am in a heated sexual frenzy and cannot wait for you to continue. You continue to work the plug in and out of my ass along the second ridge and when you feel me relax a little more, push it all the way in.

“Ohhhhh,” I cry out as instinctively lift my ass off of your lap.

“Sshhhhh,” You say as you push me back down with your palm on the small of my back and make sure the plug is in securely.

“Stand up now and let me see if you can walk with it in,” You tell me.

I rise gingerly from your lap and stand next to the couch. You stand up next to me. Using the leash and collar, you pull my face to yours for a tender kiss.

“You are doing well,” You praise me. “This will prepare you for my cock, little one.”

“You will wear this for a while and then we will play some more,” You finish.

I wear the butt plug for the next hour as we eat a light lunch and begin to kiss and fondle each other on the bed. You allow me to remove your clothes and I am delighted to finally get to see you naked again.

Running your fingers through my slit as we kiss, you see that I am wet and ready for you. You are hard again and ready for me as well.

“I want to fuck my sweet pussy while you are wearing the plug,” You tell me and pull me up to straddle your lap. “Ride my cock, baby girl.”

I obey immediately and take your cock in my hands and guide it to my opening. When I have the head positioned at my entrance, you yank down on the leash and thrust up inside of me all at once. I cry out because I feel unbelievably full with your prick in my cunt and the plug filling my ass.

Once seated on you completely, I cannot hold still. I being to rock my hips, taking you in and out of me over and over again. My large breasts sway in front of you and you grab them and begin sucking and biting my nipples.

“Oh, god, Master!” I cry. “You are going to make me cum.”

“Cum on my cock,” You grant your permission. “Look in my eyes and rock that hot little pussy on me until you cum all over my cock.” You demand as you stroke the side of my face.

I look into your eyes and see my own hunger mirrored there. Your nasty words turn me on even more and I tip over the edge into orgasmic bliss as I cry your name.

To be continued…

Part 2

“It is time,” You tell me. “No more shrinking from what I want and what you want to give me.”

“Yes, sir,” I reply as I bow my head obediently.

You raise me to my feet from where I have been kneeling at your side and gather me in your arms. Raising my chin, you look into my eyes. I see that you care for me, are not going to hurt me. I trust you.

“We have been preparing your pretty little bottom,” You begin. “It might hurt a little at first, but you will enjoy it and I will savor it knowing you have given it to no other.”

“Now, kneel on the bed and present my sweet pussy and ass to me,” You command with a quick, soft kiss on the lips and swat on my bottom.

Kneeling on the bed, you can see that the butt plug you inserted earlier is still in place. You can’t resist touching, kissing, licking and softly biting my pussy and ass from behind. You run your hands over my bottom and part my pussy lips with your fingers so you can see my wet, pink cunt.

“Mmmmm,” I hear you growl as I feel your tongue enter my pussy and you begin to gently tug on the plug in my ass.

“Ohhh,” I cry out as you gently slide the plug from my ass one ridge at a time.

You continue your ministrations to my cunt as you slide the plug from my bottom completely. My ass hole is dilated a bit and this pleases you, knowing it will make your venture into my ass a little easier now that you have prepared me.

You can’t wait to be inside me so you stand and slide your cock into my pussy from behind and begin to slowly pump. As you fuck me slowly, thoroughly, you open the bottle of lubrication and begin preparing my ass.

You wet my back hole and your fingers and slide your middle finger into my ass as you continue to thrust into my pussy. “Ohhhh, yes, please,” I beg you and thrust myself back onto your finger and cock. I can’t get enough. I am your hot little bitch in heat.

The sight of me fucking my body back onto your cock and finger are almost too much and you pull from pussy so you don’t cum in me too soon.

My ass is spread and ready for you. Ready for all you have to give me. You pull your finger from my bottom and begin to spread more lubricant on and around my hole. You drench your member in lube as well and bring the swollen, pink head of your cock into contact with my asshole.

You take me by the hips and push forward. My body resists the intrusion and I moan.

“Shhh, relax my sweet little whore,” You comfort me as you stroke the small of my back and continue to push forward. “I will be still, push yourself back onto me a little at a time.”

I take a deep breath and let it out as I try to ease back onto the head of your cock. You push forward gently at the same time. I take another breath to relax and you are able to slide your head into my tight virgin ass.

“That’s the hard part, baby girl,” you comfort me as you slowly begin to push farther into me until you are fully seated in my ass.

“God, you’re so tight,” you moan. “I won’t last long.”

You hold still for several long moments, allowing me to grow accustomed to your size until I start squirming under you, moving my ass back and forth on your cock.

“Ohhhh, yes,” I moan as I begin to enjoy the full feeling in my bottom.

“Please fuck me,” I beg.

That is all you need. You begin moving in and out of my ass with increasing speed as you tightly grip my hips. After only a few strokes you lose control, throw your head back and come.

“Yessss, coming in your sweet little ass,” You groan. “Take it all.”

And I do take it all, all your come, all your pent up need and desire, every drop you have to give me.

You have made me your slut in every way now. I am yours.

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