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Your Lucky Day…

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It’s been 6 months since I first hired you at my law firm. You’ve done and excellent job, too- staying late to make sure everything has been filed, taking work home with you, getting to work early. I can’t think of a single employee that works half as hard as you. But aside from all of these qualities, what I appreciate most is your, umm, obedience in all things. I know from asking around and the amount of work that I dump on your desk that you don’t have a girlfriend at the moment.

And the way clothes caress your hard, fit body as you move, well, it makes me want to know if it feels as good as it looks.

And this evening after everyone goes home, I intend to find out.

I’ve seen your gaze lingering at my cleavage on more than one occasion. And yes, these firm 42Ds are 100% real. And also, in case you’re wondering, my complete measurements are 42 29 36. I work out diligently to look this good.

It’s 6 o’clock and the receptionist has gone home for the evening. You’ve just walked into my office to bring me some files that I requested earlier.

“Will that be all for the evening, ma’am?” you ask.

“No, Mark. There’s one more thing I need from you this evening. But first, could you make sure the front door is locked? I wouldn’t want anyone walking in unannounced.”

After you leave my office to do as I’ve asked, I slip my panties from beneath my short skirt, and remove my blazer. My panties are already moist from thoughts about what I have planned for you this evening.

You return and announce that everythings locked up.

“Have a seat, Mark.”

You take the seat across from me. I’m silent for a while and you begin to fidget. I smile inwardly.

“Do you like working here, Mark?”

“Yes, ma’am, I do.”

“You don’t have to call me ‘ma’am’. There’s no one else here but the two of us. Call me Vanessa.”

“Yes, ma’am-uh, Vanessa.”

“Good.” I smile.

I stand up and walk around the desk and sit on top of it in front of you. I scoot back and slowly cross my legs, watching your eyes drop to peek at my glistening pussy.

Drawing your attention back to me, I say, “I know you’ve been working hard and have probably been denying yourself a lot of things in order to get the job done. Tonight I want to reward you.”

I uncross my legs and spread them just a little. Your eyes drop again. My pussy is contracting with anticipation. I rise from the desk and walk around behind you, removing the rest of my clothes…my blouse and skirt, leaving on my high heeled shoes.

I lean forward and begin caressing your shoulders, pressing my firm breasts against your back as I take your earlobe between my teeth gently. From this vantage point, I can see your cock starting to harden and press against your slacks. I kiss my way down your neck, licking, sucking. I can feel you tremble as I slide my hand down your chest to caress your cock through your pants.

I straighten and walk back to my chair behind my desk, look you in the eye and ask, “Are you ready for your reward?”

“Yes, Vanessa.” I hear you say huskily.

“Then come here.”

In instant you’re standing in front of me. I stand and begin loosening your tie. As I unbutton your shirt, I kiss and lick every part of skin that I expose. Your neck, your chest, your stomach…I don’t know how long I can wait to feel your hard, thick cock inside of me. I remove your belt and begin working one your pants. As they slide down your hips, I kiss your thighs, deliberately ignoring your straining cock. I can feel your hands fondling my tits, squeezing my nipples. I feel a gush of wetness coming from my pussy.

I lick my way up the inside of your thighs. I run my tongue around your balls and begin caressing your cock with my hand. I hear you moan my name. I suck one of your balls into my mouth as I continue to tongue it. Then I hum so that you can feel the vibration all through you. I release that ball with an audible smack and start working on the other. After nursing upon the second one, I run my tongue up the length of your marbalized cock. Your hands go to my hair as I feel your hips thrust forward, eager to fuck my warm mouth. I circle the head with my tongue and you slide into my wet, hot mouth.


Your cock is so huge, that I have to remember to relax the muscles of my throat to be able to take you. With one hand in my hair, you start to thrust in and out of my mouth. It’s been so long since I’ve had such a delicious cock between my lips. One of my hands slides down to play with my pussy while the other gently strokes your balls. You begin thrusting harder and deeper into my mouth.

Your breathing gets heavier, and I hear you say, “Take it all, bitch!” Deeper and faster you go. I can taste your precum on my tongue as your dick hardens even more. I know you’re about to blow, so I double my efforts, sucking you harder and you have both hands fisted in my hair pulling me closer each time you slide into my mouth.

Suddenly, I feel your hot, thick cum hitting the back of my throat. I look up into your eyes as I swallow as much as I can as fast as I can. There’s nothing like the expression of a man cumming. I never knew a man could cum so much. By now, my pussy is soaked, the lips and clit swollen and throbbing.

As your breathing slows, you drop to your knees in front of me. “I can’t remember a woman ever blowing me like that!”

I smile and think, “Wait til he feels my pussy!”

I notice you’re silent and just staring at me. Without another word, you lean closer and begin kissing me. Mmmmm, I love the feel of you lips against mine, your tongue sliding slowly, and sensually between my lips, inside my mouth to tease and mingle with mine. The sensation goes straight south and I begin to imagine what it would feel like inside my pussy.

Your mouth leaves mine and I moan as I feel you kiss your way down my body, your hands touching me everywhere as you go.

I love to have my tits squeezed, sucked and touched. And whether you’re doing what comes naturally or you’re psychic…I neither know nor do I care at this point. Your tongue, teeth and hands on my tits are driving me towards an orgasm. I squirm in my chair to try to relieve some of the tension. You slide your hands between my thighs and they spread without further encouragement. I feel your fingers brush my hot, bare pussy and I feel a shudder go through my body. I bite my lip to keep from screaming as you find my clit and rub it.

By now your lips have reached my navel and I’m panting your name, trying not to pull your hair.

“Oh, Mark…PLEASE!!!”

I see you smile before your mouth touches my mons. I jump. Then I feel your tongue tracing the inside of my lips, avoiding my clit. By now I’m shaking. When you circle my hot hole, I cry out beginning to feel the first stages of my orgasm. You slide a finger in as your tongue starts to circle my clit then suck it into your mouth.


My pussy contracts around your finger as you fuck my with it and I can swear I see stars while pussy juice gushes around your finger, yet you don’t stop. Instead you slide a second one in as you tongue my clit and fuck me harder.


I hear your murmur, “Damn, your pussy is so tight!”

I can barely speak as another orgasm approaches, “…been a while…OOOHHHH SHIT!!! MARK!!!” I scream your name over and over as I grind my pussy against your hand, my juices covering it and running down onto the chair.

After my breathing has slowed a bit and you have licked my pussy semi-dry, I notice that your cock is once again standing at attention. I reach out to touch it, look into your eyes, and tell you, “I want this in my pussy now!”

Fortunately for me, though, you have other plans.

You shake your head and smile. “You’ve been in control long enough…it’s my turn and I promise you’ll like it.”

“Stand up and bend over the desk, Vanessa. Then spread your legs.”

I hesitate for a moment, then I comply. Right about now I’d probably agree to bark like a dog for that cock.

At first I just stand there, my legs trembling with anticipation. The next thing I feel is your tongue sliding straight through my lips and into my pussy. I grip the desk as my legs nearly give out.


Your hands are on my hips, pulling my back then, pushing me forward as you tongue fuck me. I tighten the walls of my pussy around your tongue trying to grip it each time it slides in. Your hands move to grip my ass as you pull my cheeks apart and slide your tongue into my ass giving it as much attention as you gave my pussy. Once again, I feel your fingers enter my pussy and I’m screaming like a banshee.


And do you ever!

Removing your tongue and fingers, you position yourself behind me.


Always obedient, you shove it into my pussy to the hilt. Never have I felt such pain and pleasure. I spread my legs wider because I want to feel you deeper. You’re ramming in and out of my pussy like a madman. I’m already about to cum.


You lean over me and pinch my nipples, all the while, fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. Then you slide your arms beneath mine and wrap them around my shoulders, pulling me and my pussy even harder against you, until I can feel your cock knocking against the mouth of my womb. I see stars as I cum this time.

“OHMYGOSH-ICANTSTOPICANTSTOP…” I can’t stop cumming. With one final shove, I feel you shoot your load deep in my pussy. Your cock throbbing in time with my pussy’s contractions.

After catching our breath, you sit down and drag me onto your lap. I rest my head against your chest, completely sated for the moment. I look up to you and ask, “Do you think this is a rewarding enough company for you to make a career here?”

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