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Your Fantasy Come True

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You and your boyfriend, Todd, had had this conversation before. You had always been a little curious about what it would be like to be with a woman, and Todd was very happy to listen to you fantasize about that.

“What if we made your fantasy come true?” Todd whispered in your ear as he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

“Tonight, at the club, maybe we could find a hot little chica, bring her back here, and then I could watch while you explore your curiosity.”

His hands slowly moved down towards your moist pussy, lightly rubbing it through your skin tight black mini skirt. “Mmmmmm.” you murmur “I would love that! Now let’s hurry and get ready, I’m suddenly very excited about going out this evening.”

Wearing a black velvet mini skirt, a silver halter top, and 6 inch ‘fuck me’ pumps, Todd can’t stop staring at you. You walk down to the street slightly ahead of him, making sure to add a little wiggle to your walk.

Todd hails a cab and opens the door for you. As you enter the cab, you bend over far enough to make sure that Todd sees that tonight you happened to forget to wear your panties. As Todd climbs in after you, he slips his hand between your thighs, moving them apart, as he leans forward and tells the cabbie which club to go to.

He sits back, his finger now rubbing at your clit in a circular motion, making your pussy hot and moist. You feel Todd looking over at you and turn your head to meet his gaze. Leaning over to him, you trace his lips lightly with the tip of your tongue.

You then push your tongue into his mouth just as he thrusts his finger deep into your cunt. He begins pumping away at your pussy as you start grinding against his hand. Your kissing becomes more passionate and then subsides as you lean back against the door and begin rubbing your hard tits through your shirt.

Todd’s cock is rock hard and pressing against his pants. You reach over and stroke it, pressing a little harder right near the head.

The cab begins to slow and you sit up. You’re extremely hot now and definitely ready to look for a hot girl. You both climb out of the cab as Todd grabs your hand and head straight for the door, skipping the long line.

“Hello Mr. Mayes.” says the doorman, “Are you ready for a good time this evening?”

“You don’t know the half of it.” Todd answers, smiling and squeezing your hand.

Scouting out a table you both sit down and Todd orders a couple of drinks. You look around, checking to see if any of the ladies caught your eye. Not yet, maybe you’re just a little nervous, a few drinks should help.

Todd orders a few more rounds of drinks, causing you to open up and become a little more sexually free. You’re soon dancing for Todd as he sits back in his chair and watches you, his cock showing his approval of your dance.

“Come and dance with me.” you say as you grab his hand and lead him out to the dance floor. Your soon grinding your ass against his engorged member, his hands working their way under your skirt. You smile as you feel one of his fingers entering your wet pussy.

You continue to grind against his cock, his finger working your pussy. You look up and see a gorgeous, big tittied woman watching you and rubbing her pussy through the front of her red mini dress. Her blonde hair tumbled down her back in beautiful curls and her long legs moved in a sultry dance of seduction.

Catching her eye you stand upright. “See that hot babe in the red?” you say to Todd. “Oooo yeah, that’s what I thought you would like.” he replies. Looking back at her you slowly lick your lips as you begin to move back and forth.

Todd is standing behind you, pressing his cock against your ass, his hands rubbing your stomach, every once in a while rubbing against your breast, driving you wild.

The woman starts to walk over and as she comes close you pull her over and begin grinding with her also. Your hands are massaging her ass as one of her hands has found its way under your skirt and was massaging your bare ass, her fingers teasingly close to your dripping wet cunt.

The three of you dance together for several songs and when you become thirsty, you invite her to the table for a drink or two.

“My name is Jen,” you tell the stranger, “this is my boyfriend Todd. What’s your name?” “Ginger.” the girl replies “And I must say I haven’t seen a woman move that sexily in a long time.” she says grabbing your thigh.

This compliment and her forwardness puts you at ease and you feel no embarrassment in asking her your next question. “Have you ever been with a woman?” you ask Ginger. “Why, yes, I have several times. Are you interested?” she asks and leans closer.

You can’t help but to look down at her breasts, peeking out from her red dress, she notices you looking and smiles. “I am curious. Would you be interested in accompanying us home to help me explore my curiosity?”

“What about your boyfriend?” she asks. “He wants to watch, and then, well, we can see what happens.” you say, surprised at how the alcohol has made you loosen up.

“I’m definitely interested in that.” Ginger says. The three of you have a few more rounds of drinks and a couple rounds of shots before working your way outside.

Todd hails a cab and as you’re waiting on the curb, you and Ginger are already feverishly kissing each other and grabbing each other’s breasts. The people in line are enjoying the show, as is Todd.

Soon a cab pulls up and you get in before Ginger, teasing her as you did to Todd with your exposed pussy. Ginger follows you into the cab, and Todd her. You immediately begin frantically kissing again as you’re both seated, Todd telling the cabbie where to go and then sitting back and watching.

You look down and notice his still hard cock. Poor Todd and his dick, it’s been hard all night and is probably aching to fuck. Not to worry though, you have some ideas about what to do to him later that he should like.

The cab arrives at the house and the three of you climb the walkway to the front door. Todd unlocks the front door and the three of you enter and hurry upstairs to the bedroom.

Todd takes a seat on the chaise and prepares to watch the show unfold before him. Ginger leads you over to the bed and removes your shirt, exposing your large breasts and erect nipples.

She leans over and begins licking your nipples, causing ripples of ecstasy to move through your body. As she is gently biting your tits, she reaches around and unzips your skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

You stand before her now, completely naked wearing only your high heels. Ginger begins to kneel to remove your shoes, “Leave on the shoes, please.” Todd says, “That’s the one thing I ask.”

Ginger stands back up and you reach over to unzip her dress, pulling it to the floor. Her red lace thong and her red stiletto heels is all she is wearing now.

She pushes you back onto the bed and lays on top of you, rubbing her body against yours. You like the feel of her stomach against yours, her tits, her pussy, her clit…

Ginger slowly glides down your body, briefly stopping to suck and nibble at your tits before moving down towards your wet and ready pussy. She slowly spreads the lips of your pussy and begins softly licking all along the slit, from bottom to top.

She then begins flicking her tongue against your clit, driving you wild. As your body squirms in desire, Ginger sticks her finger deep inside your cunt and begins to pump your pussy. This pumping along with her tongue action causes your pussy to explode.

Ginger hungrily laps at your pussy as you come once, twice, and finally stop. She sits on the bed and it’s your turn to push her back and pleasure her. You pull off her lacy thong, bend down on your knees, your face level with her shaven pussy.

You look over at Todd, his pants and underwear now on the floor in a heap and his hands rapidly moving up and down his shaft. You motion for him to come over behind you and as he does, you grab his cock and guide it into your still dripping cunt.

You bend forward and begin to explore Ginger’s pussy with your tongue as Todd begins to thrust deep into your pussy. You first use your tongue in circular movements over her clit, then begin to tongue fuck her, using Todd’s thrusting movement to push deep, deeper…

Soon your movement drives Ginger into the throws of orgasm, you can feel her pussy contracting around your tongue as her juice flows into your mouth. Getting Ginger off incredibly turns you on and just as Todd’s cum fills your pussy, you also orgasm grinding up and down on Todd’s pulsating cock.

The three of you collapse in a heap, still incredibly horny. “Have you ever wanted to be with two women?” you ask Todd. “Well, yeah, but I never wanted to ask you in case you got pissed or something.” he replied. “Well, this is probably your only chance, if you want?” you say. “Of course I want to! Ginger, how about you?” he asks her.

“I wouldn’t mind in the least, as long as a some of that big cock is coming my way.” she replies. Pretty soon Todd is sitting back against the headboard as Ginger sucks his cock and you put your tits in his face.

You climb off Todd and as Ginger is working his dick, you go behind her, making sure Todd is watching, and spread apart her legs. You lick along her slit, before forcing your tongue into her pussy and up to her clit. Sucking and nibbling at her clit, you slowly insert your finger and begin working her pussy.

Ginger stops sucking off Todd, causing you to sit up. Todd slides down, as Ginger lowers her wet and ready cunt onto his engorged member. You get hot watching some other girl fuck your man. You can’t help but begin to play with your pussy.

Todd looks over at you and smiles as he pulls you over and onto his face. His tongue begins hungrily lapping at your wet pussy and he uses his finger to gently massage your clit. His tongue is now thrusting deep into your cunt.

Now you can feel Ginger as she begins stroking your asshole with her finger. She pushes her finger into your pussy with Todd’s, getting it nice and wet. Ginger then forces it into your ass, causing you to cry out in orgasm.

Pussy juices flow into Todd’s mouth and knowing that you’re coming cause him to climax also, his tongue movements becoming faster and faster. Todd’s pulsating penis filled Ginger’s cunt with jizz. She cried out as she too came again.

After this romp they all just laid in bed. The night was still young, what else would happen…

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