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Your Boy Toy

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You know how I always watched you, as you walked into my room, still slightly wet on your return from the shower down the hall. My senior year in college, fourth year in the dorm, and I had never seen a boy as beautiful as you, one whose firm pecs taunted me as your cock strained against the work-out shorts you lounged around in, the tip pressing against the fabric, right in front of my face on the days I would look up from reading a book on my bed.

But I never thought you were the type, you the all-American freshman with a girlfriend back home and an ROTC uniform in the closet. You always talked to me about your weightlifting class as I admired your tight abs, hard calves, wanting nothing more than to kneel before you, feel stream after stream of your cum pounding against the back of my throat.

I have never been with a guy before, so I’m nervous now, watching you sitting in my chair, chest bare, your short brown hair wet, muscles tense, and cock hard, pressing upward, begging for my lips, as you ask for help with your Spanish homework.

I walk over and reach past your textbook, taking your hard cock in my firm hand. You start to pull away, but I don’t let go, beginning a slow, steady handjob through the cotton of your shorts, as I lock my blue eyes onto your brown ones. I continue massaging your cock as you let out a slight moan.

“You look a little tense,” I say with a sly smile. “Why don’t you let me relax you?”

“O–okay,” you stammer. Perhaps this is your first time with a guy as well, but I take your response as permission to kneel before you, continuing to gaze into your eyes until I tilt my head forward and begin sucking on your nipples, allowing my hands to run along the outsides of your thighs, traveling beneath your shorts and teasing your nerve endings, as my lips slide down across your abs, allowing my tongue to twirl inside your navel, while I grab your shorts from the inside and pull them to your feet.

Your cock is standing at attention before me, long and hard, straining as it fills with blood. I lick my lips as a drop of precum squeezes from the tip, letting my gaze travel from it to your wide eyes and dropped jaw.

“Can I suck on it?” I coyly ask. You don’t say a word but nod decisively. “Well, since you’re not speaking to me, you may just have to wait a second,” I respond, leaning down to kiss the insides of your thighs, allowing my hands to travel around your hips and up along your chest. I’ve fantasized about this moment for so long that it takes every ounce of self-control that I have to not immediately pounce on your cock, but I want to savor the moment and draw out the pleasure and ache I sense as your hips rise when my lips pass inches before your cock.

Sliding my hands back down your torso, I allow my tongue to encircle your right ball. I continue lapping at it as you let out a low moan, then pull it into my mouth sucking on it, working it over with my tongue before slowly allowing it to roll out, so I can repeat the procedure on your other ball.

Your hips begin to rise and fall with desire, looking for a mouth to fuck, so I place my hands at the top of your hips and hold you down. “Behave,” I command, releasing you with one hand, so I can hold the base of your cock steady with the other, perfectly placed for me to run the length of my tongue from the base to the tip of your cock as I stare into your eyes. When I reach the tip, I flick my tongue along the string of precum that has been pooling there, while your hips try to press your cock to my lips, which I don’t allow, since you still haven’t asked me to suck you off. Instead, I run my tongue around the ridge of your cock, watching your body jerk and twitch with desire, with each lap my tongue makes. I then lean back down, placing soft kisses along the shaft of your engorged cock, teasing you until you finally burst out, “Please, suck it.”

“Oh, is that what you want?” I ask, grinning, my lips slowly parting as they drape above your cock, then press down. You’re so thick, and I feel my mouth stretching to take you in, but I still clamp my lips as tight as possible as they curl around the tip of your cock and then slide all the way down to the base, your shaft filling my mouth, and the tip of your cock throbbing against the back of my throat. I concentrate, making sure not to gag on your magnificent cock, then raise my head up and begin bobbing up and down on your cock, slowing periodically to look you in the eyes, then increasing my pace as I frantically gobble your cock.

I feel your body tightening and stiffening, your cock gorging, on the verge of a much deserved orgasm, but I’m not quite through with my fun yet, so I let your cock drop out of my mouth, slick with my saliva, and begin giving you a handjob, this time without your shorts in the way, allowing my hand to grip tight on your cock, jerking it passionately as I suck on your balls. You’re gasping with pleasure as my hand squeezes on your cock, the moans increasing in pace as your body once again nears an explosion, and I once again release you.

Your panting lets me know how badly you want to cum, as your cock stands before me, dripping cum from the tip, begging me to finish the job, so I suck on the tip, then begin stroking it with my mouth again, this time rubbing your balls in my cupped right hand, as my left reaches underneath you, so my thumb can begin massaging your asshole. You let out a yelp as my thumb hits a fresh set of nerve endings, and I plunge your cock all the way to the back of my throat, meeting your passion with a hearty moan that vibrates every nerve ending in your cock.

Shortly, I hear you scream, “Oh God,” then feel streams of your cum pounding into the back of my throat as your head pounds into the roof of my mouth. Your cock fills so much of my throat and mouth that it’s difficult to swallow, but I force myself to choke down every drop as I look into your eyes, your face twisted and jerking with the rest of your body. After you finish cumming, I continue to suck on your cock, squeezing the last drops into my mouth, savoring the sweet, salty taste of each drip.

When I’ve sufficiently cleaned your cock, I let it slide out of my mouth and pull your shorts back up, smiling at you the entire time. “Still need help with that Spanish homework?” I ask.

“Um…sure,” you respond, dazed and glowing. “Could you let me try that afterwards? I’m a little to expended right now.”

“I’ll be glad to, just as soon as you reload,” I answer, giving your covered cock a playful slap and grinning, feeling my own cock hard between my legs, knowing that the feel of your lips will be worth the wait.

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