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Younger Sister Ch. 02

Category: Incest
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So it had happened. I had taken my sister with no forethought, standing in her kitchen, directly in front of her daughters hidden only with the island counter without the slightest fear. And after the girls finished their breakfast and got off to school, my sister had requested more. We fucked again, then we made love.

As we laid in the embers of our lovemaking, Cathy sucked my nipples, traversed down my torso and softly, gently licked and sucked my flaccid cock, grabbed my balls to lick them, sucking each into her mouth and played gently.

“Cathy”, I whispered softly, pushing her away from my crotch. “I do have to check in at the office”, I continued.

“When did you start having sex with mom? How often did you have sex with her”, she asked moving to lay beside me.

“Just after I turned 18”, I told her. “Long story, but she caught me having sex with one of the girls in my senior class over Christmas break. The next day, we”, my voice trailed off.

“We played several times a week for years. even after I married and started a family”, I finished. Leaning to her, I kissed Cathy on the forehead. “Got to run babe”, I stated rising from the bed.

“And how often can we have sex big brother”, she asked point blank.

“Will you be satisfied is I say very often”, I asked. “Has to be the right opportunity”, I offered.

“Any time works for me”, she quipped as she rose from the bed and sauntered over to me. Grabbing my dangling cock, she pulled me against her and kissed me firmly. Her eyes locked into mine. I saw a hunger there, My cock started to engorge. Her hand tightened, fingers curling around the flesh. “Ball’s in your court Rich”, she offered, leaning and kissing the head.

“Our secret”, I questioned.

“Oh god yes!” she retorted instantly.

As I headed out the door, we kissed softly, deeply at the front door. I was gone.

Two days later, I woke with a hard woody, needing release. I had dreamed of fucking Cathy during the rem period just before waking. My balls ached, I rolled over to my wife of 41-years, poking at her backside with my engorged cock. For several minutes. I attempted to get a response to no avail.

“Richard, it 4:30 am in the morning. Got back to sleep”, she muttered rolling away. I stroked my rigid cock. I would be visiting Cathy on my way to work.

Bill’s pick-up was gone when I arrived. I let myself in, Cathy was just making coffee in the kitchen. “Good morning sweetie”, I said as she turned, grinning broadly at me. Her face lit up, eyes sparkling. She glanced to my shorts, already tented, expecting release before my balls turned completely blue.

“I need to wake the girls in about fifteen minutes”, she remarked. I took her hand, leading her to the kitchen table.

“Take off your panties, sit on the edge of the table”, I instructed. She moved quickly. I sat , pulling the chair up close, reached to her cunt, sliding my fingers up and down her slit. Hardly even damp, I spread her lips and leaned to her, grabbing her clit and sucking it into my mouth. Cathy’s hand reached to my head, pulling me firmly to her body, my face thrashing her cunt with my tongue and lips. I sucked it deeper into my mouth, teeth holding her clit firmly as my tongue mashed it against my teeth. Her hips jumped upwards, shook side to side, slammed down but I held her firmly in my mouth. Her legs pulled up, spreading wide, her now soaked cunt for my feasting. I slid my hand up just below my chin, sliding two fingers into her body, shoving deep with my first penetration. Her breath exhaled from her body.

“Oh Jesus!”, she moaned as I stared into her eyes. “Make me cum Richard”, she ordered biting her lower lip as she sucked it between her lips. She watched me intently as I had my way with her. Two minutes passed, her breathing was growing raspy, shallow. “Almost”, her voice trailed off. “Yes”, she screamed, her hand immediately clamping over her mouth to keep her daughters from hearing. Her hips exploded into spasms as her orgasm washed through her crotch, her juices flooded my mouth and tongue, my cheeks coated as her legs closed over my ears firmly. I kept licking until her orgasm passed.

“Were you yelling at us to wake up Momma”, Karyn, the youngest yelled from upstairs?

“I’ll be up in a few minutes baby girl, go back to bed sweetie”, Cathy yelled softly as we parted. She grabbed her panties, pulling them on quickly. “This isn’t finished Rich”, she moaned directly at me. “Just delayed”, she offered smiling. She dropped to her knees, pulling down the front of my shorts. My hard cock jumped into view, her lips circled the head, sealed and started down my shaft. Instantly, my balls exploded, jettisoning cum into my cock, muscles contractions shooting the hot sticky fluids up and into her unprepared mouth. My body jerked, I grabbed her head, holding her in place as my hips thrust forward, spurted, pulled back and thrust forward again with the next spurt of my cum. She gagged slightly, grabbed the base of my cock and pumped the shaft, shooting each spurt into her mouth. Her eyes teared slightly, but each thrust went balls deep into her throat. I finished quickly, knees buckling as I humped her face.

“Sorry baby”, I whispered. I pulled away, stuffed my deflating cock into my shorts and plopped on the kitchen chair. I fisted my cock through my shorts. God he felt good. Cathy rose, her finger pushing a drop or two of cum at the corner of her mouth into her mouth. “That was a surprise”, I offered.

“Hi Uncle Rich! What’s a surprise”, asked Diane, the eldest of the girls? She looked to me, then her mom, then back to me.

“Good morning Diane”, I exclaimed, rising to get a hug from her. “How’s my favorite oldest niece this great morning”, I asked?

“Great Unc! You OK Mom? Your face is all red,” she asked in one breath.

“Really, I’ve been running around the kitchen all morning”, I guess she replied. “Did you make sure your sisters were awake before you came down”, you asked?

“They’re waiting for you Mom”, Diane responded like you should know that.

“I’ll be right back”, Cathy said heading for the stairs.

“So what’s up Unc?” Diane asked stepping over to me. She turned and sat down directly on my lap, straddling my thighs. Her ass landed directly over my cock. Diane had just turned 18, a smaller version of Cathy, slightly taller by an inch, but substantially thinner. With somewhat of a thick waist, she weighed in the range of 150-160 lbs, probably B-cup breasts, she looked good. Always dressed nice, fashionable now with the money required to do so. While hugs and kisses were the norm, and with the exception of Karyn, the other girls always sat beside me on the couch. So this was very different.

I placed my hands on her hips as she settled back against me, her head against my cheek. Reaching, she took each hand and pulled my arms to hug her, each palm placed directly over her breasts. My hands froze, no movement acceptable. As she did, she rocked her hips back and forth on my lap.

“Now this is nice”, she whispered, again grinding her ass slowly on my cock. “It feels so good”, as her hips moved forward and backward ever so slightly. “Don’t you think so Uncle Richard”, she whispered softly, her eyes locked into mine.

“Very, very nice baby girl”, I said, attempting to flex my cock so she could feel it.

“Let’s go girls”, drifted down the stairs from Cathy.

“We’ll have to do this again”, Diane whispered as she reached to the other side of my face, turning me slightly, pecked me on the lips and jumped up. All I could do was groan softly.

“Hi Uncle Richard”, the girls chimed as they all entered the kitchen. They each took their place at the table and dug into the breakfast of champions, sugar laced cereal. We all chatted as I watched Cathy, and stealing glances at Diane. She must know I am fucking her mom. Time passed quickly, and they were off to school, leaving me alone with Cathy.

“Coming big brother”, called heading up the stairs. I took a long gulp of coffee, draining the cup. Without replying, I headed to the stairs. Upon reaching Cathy’s bedroom, I found her naked, laying on her back, her head dropped over the foot end of the bed. Looking at me, no words exchanged, I quickly stripped, walked to the end of the bed, fisted my cock, and pushed it into her open mouth as her arms circled my thighs, grabbed my ass and pulled me balls deep into her mouth. I started fucking her face, rocking my hips back and forth. My cock began to engorge with more blood, growing in both length and girth. I leaned to pinch her hardened nipples, pulling her tit flesh upwards, and letting them pull free from my fingers, repeating several times. My cock was again at full staff. I needed her wet cunt wrapped around me now.

“I need you now”, I whispered to Cathy, pulling my cock from the depths of her mouth and throat. She scrambled, turning around as she lay down again, her head nestled in the pillows. She pushed two toward me, lifting her ass. I pushed them under her ass as her legs pulled up bent at the knees and spread wide. Her glistening pussy , her engorged clit inviting me in. I knee walked to her, fisting my cock, swiped the head up and down her wet gash. Moving forward, I slowly pushed into her body, inch by inch with each stroke invading her wet depths. Slowly, deliberately, I stroked long and deep. I grabbed her heels, pushing them away from me, raising the angle of her hips, aligning each stroke for balls deep penetration. Our love making was so slow, so peaceful, I closed my eyes just to focus on the feeling enjoyed by my cock as each slow thrust pushed deep, each withdraw caused her muscles to wrap my cock, wanting to hold me deep and refuse withdrawing completely. Every nerve was aware, each feeling the sexual bliss of our body functions of the moment.

“Can you make me cum again Rich?” Cathy groaned softly. I reached to her clit, my thumb mashing it to her body. Her hips thrust upwards involuntarily. As I continued my stimulation of her clit, her hips quivered, humped and ground against me as her body absorbed each thrust. Urgency now invaded her focus, her need for orgasm increased dramatically. her legs now circled my waist, heels on my ass, aggressively assisting with the power of each thrust.

“God Richard don’t stop!” she commanded. “Almost there”, she grunted. Her hips lifted, back arched as she thrust against me. Her body quivered, holding, holding, and the exploded into her orgasm as her hips dropped. I grabbed her thighs, now pounding my body to her, slamming my cock almost savagely to her. Flesh on flesh, the slapping noise filled her room. Pulling out, I grabbed her as best I could to help her.

“On your knees, I want you from behind”, I ordered. She scrambled quickly, getting to her hands and knees. I saddled to her back side, again fisted my cock, found her wet hole and slammed forward, burying myself balls deep on the first thrust. I reached, grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her back against me as I hammered her soaked cunt. Her groans egged me on, my orgasm approaching. I pushed her head down, driving her torso to the bed. her ass now high for my sole use. I grabbed each hip bone and lost all rational thought. I now fucked her like a single thought demon, only my orgasm was important. Sweat began to form on my torso as I slammed her backside, penetrating as deeply as my cock could, and then grinding against her flesh to get the tiny bit more depth. That second where fucking becomes orgasm approached, I slammed her, pulling her tight against me as my balls exploded into orgasm. Each spurt caused me to clench my eyes shut, pull harder to grind my cock deeper. Breathing stopped, all focus was on my cock jettisoning cum deep into wet hole.

“Jesus Richard”, groaned Cathy as the slid forward, me still buried in her cunt. I nibbled on the nape of her neck as I continued to grind my crotch to her ass playfully. My body quivered as I lay on her back. Slowly, my cock deflated, reluctantly withdrawing from her cunt. Now a sticky mess, I mashed it against her crack.

“Oh baby” I laughed as I humped her ass. I moved, allowing her to pull her legs together.

“Damn, I may not walk for a day or two”, Cathy whispered. “That was some good fucking”, she groaned, her voice trailing off.

“I’ve got to run little sister,” I stated. I jumped up and headed for the shower. I took a quick, hot shower, dried off and stepped back into the bedroom. Cathy was as I had left her, sated and content.

“That was fun”, Cathy stated rolling to watch me dress. “Come over any time”, she offered, grinning at me broadly. I finished dressing, leaned to give her a quick kiss, and was off. Glancing back, I saw her reach to her cunt. One more orgasm I thought. My cock chubbed. I grinned to myself as I ducked out the door.

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