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Young Pups Learn New Tricks

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It was a Friday and I had a test, I didn’t want to go home afterwards because the kids weren’t going to be there, and I really didn’t want to be alone after such a hard test. Oh the wonder of it all, what was I thinking going back to school. I could be making money right now, and not having to worry about anything other than enjoying my new found self. Something inside of me just won’t let me settle.

I decided to call my sister. We have been trying to mend our relationship or better yet create a new one so I figured what the hell we should do breakfast. I called her and she invited me over.

We had a great morning at a greasy spoon near her home in downtown Orlando. It was country, yet quaint and the familiar smell in the air reminded me of the greasy spoon back home in NY. I wasn’t thinking about my test, just my yummy omelette with Spinach, tomatoes and cheese. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat it all but, I would take it to go and eat it through out the day.

We went back to her house and we watched TV together. This is one of the hardest things to do for me since I hate sitting still and watching television. I always find that I need to keep in motion otherwise I go nuts…

Her boyfriend came home early so we started watching movies in her house, my nieces weren’t going to be home either so it was just the three of us until I heard the knock at the door. Low and behold it was the kid…

Now if I haven’t mentioned it before the kid is my future brother in laws little brother… Yeah I know what the fuck was I thinking. Key word is thinking and I wasn’t, I wasn’t thinking at all. Had I been thinking I would have maintained my initial response of no, instead of “duro papi”.

Anyway he had a big smile on his face, and tried to walk in casually without fully addressing me. This type of behavior I was OK with, it was along the lines of our discussion. I wondered though how did he know I was here, then it hit me of course his brother told him, and shit he probably tells his brother everything. One thing I don’t want is my brother in law getting any freaking visuals. Not something that is conducive to good family dynamics.

I was sitting next to my sister on the sofa; the a/c was really pumping, and since I had on a summer dress I was a little cold. I was wrapped in a blanket with my feet up on the recliner seat when the kid propped up next to me. He made his way under the blanket with me and gave me a wicked smile. Shit, I am going to start listening to the throbbing between my legs, and totally disregard the messages from my brain again. Why is it when it comes to sex I can’t think straight? One of these days this thought process is going to get me in some serious trouble.

I leaned into him when he went under the blanket, and I let my legs ease apart to invite him in. He didn’t hesitate and he let his fingers do the walking. While we were sitting there watching Underworld Evolution he made his way between my legs to find that I was already wet in anticipation. I love to do things with the thrill of getting caught. When he slid his fingers in I did my best to hold tight, thinking all the while thank God I always kegel.

The movie in my head began to play, and I just imagined him inside of me with the audience and all. I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle it but, I didn’t care I wanted him inside, and at this point I didn’t care who knew. I let my hand make it’s way between his legs and he jumped. His penis was at full attention before I even arrived but he was far from relaxed. I needed to get him where I could have him because I wanted him now.

I have never been one to beat around the bush or play with words; so it was simple I was going to have to take control of the situation. In my head I imagined how good it would have been if he would have just carried me to a room and flipped me over, and fucked me, but obviously my head was always in XXX and his was battling between PG 13 and R so I was going to have to tone it down.

I softly whispered to him lets go to the room, I was surprised by the look of shock since this was where it all began. He didn’t take but another second to quickly adapt to the plan and start getting up. We walked hand in hand into my nieces bedroom without saying a word. At this point words were obsolete actions were all that were required.

This time it was rough and more my speed, we were battling for control and I loved it. He grabbed me rough and desperately pressing his palm against the side of my face. He was looking straight into my eyes as he pulled my hair and incited a gasp from me. My neck was completely exposed to him and he went all in. I knew there would be marks but at this point I welcomed every bite and kiss, I enjoyed him in control. I struggled to dominate, I grabbed his hair and moved his face so I could capture his mouth. I devoured him and started gaining the upper hand. In desperation we both seemed to be dancing around against the walls, taking each other in, trying to dominate the other. This was what I enjoyed, I enjoyed that he wasn’t giving in, he was challenging me, and the challenged was welcomed.

Finally it seemed he had, had enough. He grabbed me from behind, lifted me so that my legs parted around him then he threw us on the bed… Yes, he threw us both and landed right on top of me with a thud. He made sure I was naked it was all of his own doing and he took off his own clothes leaving me to do nothing but to take every inch of him and commit it to memory. His body was beautiful, he was untouched by scars and the only evidence of any marking were his beauty marks, tattoos and moles. I devoured as many as I could of course paying special attention to my favorite lion head. He grabbed my breast and I felt him suck and pull with his teeth. He brought me to the brink with the beautiful pain I felt with every bite and nibble. Oh my he was learning how to handle me. My clit was throbbing, and I knew it wouldn’t take much for the explosion that was building. I wanted him inside but I needed to taste him and then to my surprise and pleasure, he stood straight in front of me, penis erect, pulled me by the hair, and then brought my mouth to his penis, then fed it to me with his hand.

He was actually moving my head on his penis and I was enjoying it. I enjoyed that he was feeling confident enough to take control, that he had learned how to man it up in the dark. I sucked on him hard and fast and I could feel his desperation. Today however would not be the day I would let him come in my mouth. There was more to be done and I needed my release.

I indulged in him for about a half hour when I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed him inside, I looked up at him with a pleading look to see if he would understand I needed to get fucked. He responded quickly. He laid me back and made his way on top of me, I brought his face close and I whispered in his ear I want to hear your pleasure I want to hear you growl.

At first he smiled in disbelief until I pulled him inside and his eyes opened wide and I groaned in his neck. I whispered again I wanna hear you, and then it began. At first the noise he made was weak and almost forced, I squeezed him inside in warning. He heeded the warning and what followed was the best fucking animal growl I have ever fucking heard from anyone!! His breath on my neck when he growled drove me insane and to the brink. I couldn’t hold back, I didn’t want to hold back, that orgasm that engulfed us both was intense and hard. I couldn’t seem to get enough of him, I couldn’t seem to have him deep enough, I was going crazy in ecstasy and I wanted more. The more he gave, the harder he fucked me the more and the harder I wanted it. He knew what he was doing now and it gave him confidence. The confidence that made him more attractive than he would ever know. He stood on his knees, lifted one of my legs, turned me on my side and fucked me hard. I loved it! I loved looking at him as if a predator on his perch and I was his prey. All I could think of was that I wanted more, and then he fucking growled, and again I came undone, the orgasms were back to back, I had no control over them, I couldn’t stop twitching or writhing beneath him. I was digging my nails anywhere I could, I was pulling my own hair, and squeezing my own breast in desperation. This has been the best so far with him and if it was like this from now on I would definitely be pleased. Oh God I know that look, he is going to blow!! I squeezed hard and his spasm touched something inside that I couldn’t control, I was cuming too, we were cuming together for the first time…

A few minutes later as he lay next to me our breathing finally evening out, he started laughing. He was so fucking pleased with himself. I had to laugh too, I was pleased with him as well. While we were cleaning up and getting ourselves back together I started talking to him and telling him what a great job he did, and I let him know what I enjoyed most. He took in everything I said as if making mental notes for next time. As I finished getting ready he pulled me close and kissed me. It seems that before the night was over we would be doing it again, and I couldn’t think of anything I would enjoy more.

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