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Young People These Days

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Mark had moved in with his 19yr. old girlfriend, Donna, after the break up of his marriage. He was under no illusions that the relationship would last, but at 43 years of age he was thoroughly enjoying the unbridled sexual appetite of the teenager in the meantime. He was, as he readily admitted to himself, making hay while the sun shone! The main drawback was their rather cramped existence in the single room bed-sit on the second floor of what is delightfully known as a ‘multiple-occupancy’ house.

That meant that, as Donna was not a silent lover, everyone else in the house knew the frequency and duration of their lovemaking. This was something that had taken a little coming to terms with for the normally private Mark, especially as Donna, blessed with the self confidence of youth, couldn’t care less who listened.

Another problem causing friction between them was Donna’s gaggle of teenage friends. She enjoyed a certain cache for having an older lover and they seemed to drop by at the slightest excuse to allow her to exploit it, while Mark had little in common with most young people and simply found them in the way. And so it was that on a Thursday afternoon when Mark returned home with sex on his mind and an enormous erection in his pants, that he found Donna sitting with Amey, chatting about makeup and watching an Aussie soap on TV. She came and kissed him warmly enough, but she was soon back to giggling with her friend and engrossed again in things Australian, leaving Mark feeling frustrated and resentful.

Having made himself a coffee, using the diversion to lose his erection and get his irritation under control, he turned back and stood gazing at the two girls. How different they were. Donna was dark, tall, about 5ft 9ins, well built and busty. The sort of figure that would almost inevitably run to fat in later years but which, at this age, was every man’s dream, with large firm breasts rarely confined in a bra, a curvy arse and a belly just rounded enough to be interesting. Amey, on the other hand, tended towards blond, was several inches shorter and slim. Her figure was yet to reach its potential, for she was, as Mark reminded himself, only eighteen, and an immature eighteen at that. He had put her age at about sixteen when he first saw her, but her driving license proved otherwise. Her breasts were also usually without a bra and were still small and pert, though they seemed to be tipped by rather prominent nipples. Donna’s nipples only usually became that noticeable when she was feeling randy. Amey’s belly was flat and her arse firm, almost boyish, in total contrast to Donna’s very rounded buttocks. She would probably always deserve to be referred to as ‘petite’.

Mark mentally shook himself. He should not, he told himself angrily, be comparing the potential of two young girls just because he was feeling randy. It was bad enough in everyone’s eyes that he had shacked up with a nineteen year old, but to be checking out her friend, who looked to be not far out of puberty, was just too pervy. Still, having admonished himself, he had to admit that Amey’s full lips did look rather kissable! His erection was returning as well as his resentment! If only….!

He told himself again just how stupid and immature he was being, justified that by reminding himself of the age of his company and began looking for a way of getting his own back in true juvenile manner.

It was with this ‘revenge’ in mind that he went around to the back of the chair in which Donna sat, leaned over it and started to nuzzle her neck. This was a sure-fire way of lighting her fire – well, why shouldn’t she feel frustrated too? Not getting any discernable response he then began to kiss and lick her neck, knowing from experience that she could not resist that! And nor could she, for regardless of her friend sitting beside her, Donna raised her face backwards to be kissed, but didn’t argue when he used this movement to gain better access to her throat with his tongue and lips. Donna sighed, turned her head slightly and kissed his cheek, and then began to explore his ear with her own tongue. That wasn’t fair, he thought, typical woman! It was having the same effect on him as he was trying to have on her only more obviously. His erection immediately got noticeably harder, with the emphasis on noticeably!

Feeling just a little put out to have the tables so neatly turned on him he pulled away slightly, only just enough to kiss her on the lips but also enough to signal his admission of defeat. Donna smiled, kissed him again and then reached up, locked her hands behind his head, held him in place and went to work on his ear once more, giggling quietly into it as she did so!

This, Mark decided, was tantamount to a dare. It seemed that Donna was testing him, challenging him to see who would chicken out first and who would go furthest while her friend watched – and he could see that Amey was indeed watching from the corner of her eyes!

Never one to resist a challenge Mark went back to kissing her neck, nuzzling her with his lips and gently licking her with the tip of his tongue, quite sure that she would cry enough before he did. But when this wasn’t met with the expected white flag, he reached with his hands under Donna’s arms, still locked around his head, and cupped her breasts through her T-shirt. This overtly sexual act, he felt sure, would cause her surrender.

But it didn’t, so he began kneading them gently, squeezing them, lifting them, pulling on them gently. Donna’s breathing was coming harder into his ear (much like his own into her neck!), and her nipples felt like peas through the thin material of her T-shirt. Of course she wouldn’t let this go on in front of Amey, would she? Sooner or later it would surely become fuck or bust and then she’d have to give in and push him away! Mark took a look sideways at the girl sitting silently beside them and saw that, although she was supposedly watching the TV, her eyes spent more time looking across to them than on the set, and not only that, her nipples were standing out as well. Well, I’m not giving in, he thought, Donna will have to back off first. Though the pressure within his trousers was making him wish that Amey would give in first and go home! Jacking up the ante once more, Mark found Donna’s nipples through her clothes and started to pinch and pull on them, rolling them between his fingers, feeling them harden even more and hearing Donna’s soft gasps in his ear at each tug. Then her hands moved from his head to be placed over is own and, just for a moment, Mark assumed that she was finally capitulating and was going to pull his hands away. But far from it, what she actually did was to squeeze his hands harder onto her breasts, making his fingers dig in to the soft flesh until it must have hurt her.

Donna’s gasps were now loud enough for Amey to hear, but the younger girl sat still pretending to watch her soap, though Mark would have laid odds that she wasn’t following the story line, for he could see the real direction of her gaze. ‘Please give in’, he silently begged Donna, for there just wasn’t anywhere for him to take her privately and if this carried on he would soon have sticky underwear!

Again he increased the stakes. Reaching down he pulled at the hem of Donna’s T-shirt, pulling it out of her jeans so that he could raise it far enough to expose her full breasts, now tipped with long, hard, red nipples, for the world (well, himself and Amey) to see, and for him to openly massage. Donna didn’t seem to care and to Mark’s alarm he was beginning to suspect that she had reached the point where she was too hot to care about anything except the fire in her belly.

A moment later she pretty well confirmed that by taking hold of his hand and squeezing her own nipples with his fingers, doing it harder than he would have done and then pulling on them until they slipped from his supervised grip and the whole breast bounced back into shape. Kissing her again on the mouth and feeling her tongue slip between his lips Mark went for broke! He leaned further over, twisted his right hand free of her grip and reached down to fondle her crotch, feeling the heat of her cunt even through the combat trousers she favoured. Donna groaned, opened her legs a little to his fingers and began to knead her own neglected breast with her free hand, the other still squeezing Mark’s left hand onto her nipple. Mark glanced across to see Amey now watching openly, all pretence of TV viewing abandoned, her eyes locked onto Donna’s, who in turn was gazing directly and defiantly back at her friend while she slowly moved her hips against Mark’s touch.

Mark knew then that he had lost the challenge, though almost beside himself with desire and frustration, he knew that he was going to be the one to back off, to chicken out until they were alone. But by God then she was going to get a good fucking and no mistake! He was tempted to drag her to the bed anyway, but with Amey present he could imagine the trouble that would cause! In any case, he really ought to at least pretend a little maturity!

Regretfully Mark took his hand from between Donna’s thighs and began to slowly straighten up, his back protesting at being bent over the back of Donna’s chair for so long. The slowness of his movements gave Donna time to react and by throwing her left arm backwards around his neck she was able to draw him back down and whisper in his ear.

“Let’s do it!”

“What!” It was a surprised exclamation but Donna chose to answer it as a question.

“Let’s fuck!”

“And what about Amey?” He pointed out the obvious problem.

“She can watch if she wants” Donna looked at him half questioning, half challenging. “Would it put you off?”

Mark was stunned, but he wasn’t about to chicken out this time. “Not if it doesn’t worry you!”

Even though the conversation had been conducted in whispers Amey looked as if she had a good idea what was happening, for she gazed at the pair in some amazement and more than a little embarrassment.

“Sorry Amey, but the bastard has got me so fucking horny I can’t wait” Donna turned back to her friend. “If we bother you just watch the telly, but you can watch us if you want – I quite fancy an audience!”

Donna’s words shocked Mark, though he tried not to show it. She had never shown exhibitionist tendencies, or any desire for any kinkiness at all for that matter. Straightforward ‘normal’ sex and plenty of it was more her thing, or had been until now.

“I’ll watch you, please, if you don’t mind, I’ve never watched anyone doing it before!” Amey’s tone was surprisingly matter of fact.

“Right then Mark, let’s give her something to watch, – and this’ll teach you for trying to get me going. You didn’t think I would dare, did you?” Donna jumped up out of the chair grinning, grabbed Mark’s hand and almost dragged him towards the bed! By the time he had hesitantly unbuttoned his shirt she was naked and laying on the bed, her arms outstretched towards him. Mark was normally a somewhat shy and self conscious person, but he was just too randy to let Amey’s presence stop him. So after a moment or two’s wavering he overcame his reticence and slipped out of his clothes and into Donna’s arms

For a minute or so they just lay together savouring the feel of skin on skin and kissing gently, but the sound of a chair dragging on carpet made them both look around. The layout of the bed-sit meant that the bed lay sideways to the back of the ‘living area’, and Amey had turned her chair around and was pulling it closer to the bed.

“Ringside seat?” Mark queried.

“You said I could watch and so I might as well do it properly,” replied Amey, her innocent self assurance surprising Mark and causing a smile to flit across his mouth.

“Sit on the bed if you like”. There was sarcasm in Mark’s remark, but Amey treated it with seriousness and left her chair to come over and take up his offer.

“I don’t want to get in the way”. Amey sat on the edge of the bed behind Mark, twisting around and leaning on one arm so that she could watch the proceedings.

‘A bit bloody late for that!’ thought Mark, while at the same time thankful that Amey was now out of his field of vision. As randy as he was, he was still not very comfortable with performing for an audience, especially one so young! Donna had no such reservations it seemed, turning back to Mark she took his hand and placed it on her breast, the bullet hardness of her nipple confirming her readiness.

The beautiful firmness of Donna’s full breast allowed Mark to put Amey’s presence to one side, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ was the order of the day, and he kneaded Donna’s flesh gratefully. Very soon the excitement he still felt at touching such a youthful partner and that partner’s appreciative moans drove all thoughts of the watching girl put of his head and he bent almost automatically to take Donna’s other nipple into his mouth.

Donna was easily multi-orgasmic, seemingly able to cum at the drop of a zip, and she always behaved in exactly the same way. She was almost never silent during lovemaking, but as her orgasm stirred her moans would become a series of throaty ‘ooohs’, increasing in frequency until they ran together in one long cry at the moment of climax, the volume and duration of the final cry reflecting the intensity of that particular orgasm. In the early stages of their relationship this idiosyncrasy had worried Mark, who thought she must be faking orgasm to always react in this way, but he was now used to it and found a strange satisfaction in triggering a particularly loud reaction. He tried not to worry about what other occupants of the house might think.

Now, sucking and nibbling at one nipple while squeezing and tugging at the other, Mark could tell from her squirms and moans that the first climax of the day would soon be on it’s way. She had somehow managed to manipulate his leg so that it rested between her thighs and she was now thrusting and rubbing herself against it, the roughness of her pubic hair harsh against his skin until her overflowing pussy juices lubricated the contact. Her moans became more persistent and rapidly increased in volume until, pushing herself harder against his leg, she came with a rush, her cries loud and intense. Then she was squeezing him to her, smiling her pleasure, panting out her thanks, telling him how good he made her feel and how much she wanted him.

All thoughts of Amey were now lost. Mark raised his head and kissed Donna hard, long and passionately, mouths and tongues locked together in mutual adoration. It was at times like this when Donna’s frank and open manner struck at his emotions and he felt something very close to love for the girl. Suddenly, to have her slippery pussy and hard nipples pressed against him, while his own hard cock pushed back against her thigh seemed right and natural and Amey’s presence was irrelevant. He was entwined in a passionate embrace with Donna because that’s the way it was. There was no guilt, no embarrassment, and all his prudish inhibitions seemed to slip away unnoticed. Now he could behave with her exactly as he would in private.

For a few more minutes the pair hugged and kissed, drinking in the feel of each other’s bodies pressed close. Then Mark began to work his mouth down Donna’s body, trailing his lips over her skin, kissing her in random places, creeping ever closer to her cleft. Reaching and probing her navel with his tongue, Mark paused for a moment, stroking her upper thighs and lower belly with his fingers, skirting her pussy and making her wriggle with pleasure and expectation. He kept this up until she was once more moaning in anticipation of her next climax, then as his tongue once more descended and closed in upon her bikini line, so his fingers made their way nearer and nearer to her pussy. Finally the two found their targets at the same moment and two fingers slid home inside her as his mouth clamped itself around her clitoris. Donna hardly had time for her noises to build before she was calling out once more in the throes of an explosive orgasm, bucking and heaving against his hand and mouth.

Donna slumped back against the bed, but Mark gave her no time to rest, he knew from experience that she would soon be back and wanting more. Instead he just slowed his tongue a little, lazily licking the tip of her clit while his fingers thrust slowly in and out of her tunnel. Donna lay back, relaxed and enjoying his attention, just moaning softly to herself and stroking his hair fondly.

“I wish Luke would do that to me!”

Mark had entirely forgotten about Amey until she voiced that wish. Hoping it was a remark that needed no reply he carried on lapping and sucking on Donna’s pussy, his fingers still slowly working in and out.

“He likes me to do it to him, but he won’t do it to me!” She was still grumbling about her boyfriend.

“Then tell him, it’s either both or neither, you won’t do it if he won’t.” It was Donna who answered.

“But I like doing it; I love the taste of his cum!” Amey protested.

Donna paused before her reply, gasping at Mark’s finger movements searching for her ‘G’ spot. “You’ll have to either be firm on that point, or, if you can’t keep his cock out of your mouth, then get someone else to go down on you.”

“Like who, for instance. We can’t all be lucky and find a Mark.”

Donna didn’t reply, for one thing she had no answer, and for another she was busy calling out her joy as another climax gripped her. Mark had slipped a third finger inside her and was wriggling all three in a sinuous movement deep inside her pussy. She couldn’t help herself, she grabbed handfuls of his hair and pinned his head to her while pushing back against his face and hand with all her strength, trying to force his tongue harder against her and is fingers further into her cunt. This time she shouted her pleasure in a long drawn out howl as waves of ecstasy ran through her, only stopping when her orgasm finally abated and she was forced to draw breath.

As she finally relinquished her grip on him and collapsed back against the pillows in a sweat shiny heap, he pulled away from her pussy flexing tired fingers and aching jaw. “I guess you enjoyed that!” He grinned.

For a minute or two Donna could only gesture feebly with her hand, but when she finally got her breath back she pushed him flat against the bed and reached for his cock, gasping out, “Your turn.” Her hand closed around his shaft and her mouth slipped over the head of his cock, and she began sucking and milking him in an effort to repay the orgasms she had enjoyed.

Donna was good at giving a blow job, she could either bring him to orgasm quickly and explosively, or make it last, taking him to the edge time and again before allowing him to burst into her mouth. This time she was intent on giving him all the pleasure that she had enjoyed, and she was taking her time while he lay back, a dreamy smile on his face.

“What’s it like? What’s it like sucking a dick without a foreskin?” Amey had noticed that Mark was circumcised.

Donna paused, “Much the same as with, I guess, but I’ve never done one that’s uncut, so I can’t tell you.”

“I’ve only ever blown Luke and he’s got ever such a long foreskin. It gets in the way sometimes when I want to use my tongue. It must be different without.”

Donna lifted her head again, and Mark was never sure if her reply was from frustration at Amey’s interruptions or from sheer naughtiness. “Here, you try Mark, then you’ll know!”

Mark’s eyes shot open wide ands he started to rise from his relaxed position “Hey, hang on, it’s my cock your discussing, and I’ll say who sucks it!”

“Ok, then who sucks it?” Donna asked, sitting back and waiting for his decision.

Mark felt very much that he had been put on the spot, tables turned – again. Thoughts raced through his head. Was Donna serious or was it a joke. Was she testing his loyalty, but then what about her loyalty to him if she would allow Amey to touch him. Would their relationship cope afterwards? Would Donna cope with seeing it happen? Would he cope, for that matter, with having such a young girl going down on him? It might sound silly to most men, but the very thought of it made Mark shrink back. Because of Amey’s immaturity the age gap seemed so much greater than the seventeen months that separated her and Donna.

“Well?” Donna was pushing for an answer, but she was smiling her agreement with whatever decision he made, and he felt the pressure lift a little.


“Both?” The two girls echoed his answer in surprise.

“Yes, both. But with conditions. I don’t mind Amey doing it so long as I don’t cum in her mouth; I want to keep that for you, Donna. And, anyway, I still haven’t fucked you yet, so I need to keep my strength.”

Donna looked at Amey. “There you go, now you can find out the difference for yourself!”

Donna relinquished the grip she still had around the base of Mark’s burstingly hard cock and moved back to as Amey inched herself across the bed to take her place.

“Wait a minute.” Amey stopped dead at Donna’s words and looked at her friend enquiringly.

“You’re not going to do it dressed like that with us both naked. Take your clothes off!” Amey looked in amazement at Donna, but after a moment’s pause she slid from the bed and began to do as she had been told.

To Mark it seemed as though everything was slipping out of control. Part of his mind was revelling in the idea of being given a blow job by a naked nymphet, while another part rebelled at the thought of taking advantage of an innocent, even if he was actually no more than a passive participant. But even as Amey was stepping out of her thong his cock was twitching with expectation.

Amey’s body was everything Mark thought it would be. Slim – in fact very slim, firm, slightly adolescent with small breasts and narrow hips, but with the most amazingly erect nipples and, wonder of wonders, a neatly trimmed bush. He couldn’t help but stare at her, even though he told himself he shouldn’t. For all her immaturity, she was a very sexy young lady. As she climbed back onto the bed he caught a glimpse of a shiny wet pussy with wide labia and a rather long and erect clitoris, and he thought for a moment that he would cum on the spot. With effort he controlled himself and waited for what he now expected to be a fabulous experience.

He was not disappointed. Amey’s hand was small, lithe and cool to the touch as it wrapped itself around the shaft of his cock, gently but surprisingly expertly wanking him with smooth, firm strokes. Her mouth, when it arrived on his cock, was like velvet, with a tongue as lively as a bag of snakes, sliding and slithering around the head. Luke was one lucky guy, no wonder he wanted her to do this to him. Mark relaxed into heaven, with just a little part of him wondering how Donna was reacting.

In fact, he needn’t have worried. Donna was watching with a smile, not at all jealous and just happy to see the incongruous pair enjoying themselves. She had long bragged about her partner’s equipment and bedtime prowess, and after today she would have someone who could substantiate her claims. In a strange sort of way she was proud to have a partner of his age who could still attract the attentions of her young and pretty friends.

It didn’t take long before Amey’s attentions to his cock began to have the expected effect on Mark, and he could feel his orgasm beginning to bubble up inside him, his bag tightening and his cock twitching. Remembering his promise to Donna he tried to pull away, telling Amey to stop, but she fastened her mouth around him and continued sucking and slurping at him, bringing hi ever closer to cumming. Determined to have at least something go his way this day, he rather roughly pushed her away, rolling on his side to prevent her returning to her goal, panting from arousal and self denial. Even as he did it Mark wondered why. In normal circumstances he would have given his right arm for a blow job from someone as expert as Amey, but he still could not equate her expertise and her actual age with her apparent age, and his mind balked at shooting off into her mouth.

Now it was Mark’s turn to lie panting and desperately trying to regain control, but in his case it was from arousal and frustration rather than from a spent orgasm. Slowly he got back in charge of his feelings and apologised to Amey.

“I’m sorry, honey, but I promised myself and Donna that I would only cum inside her. You are gorgeous and I only wish I could have let myself, but I guess it’s just an attack of old fashioned loyalty.” He looked at her beautiful body with mixed feelings, but decided he’d made the right decision.

“Alright, if you won’t let me bring you off with my mouth, how about you do it to me?” Gone was the innocent of earlier that evening, here was a sexual young woman demanding her satisfaction. She never ceased to surprise him.

Mark’s heart leapt at that idea, he would just love to lick that fantastic young pussy, and he looked at Donna for her thoughts.

Donna was all in favour. “This I’ve just got to see.” She said, smiling broadly.

Mark turned back to Amey to agree to her request, but she was way ahead of him, lying flat on the bed, her legs spread and waiting. Amey’s pussy was a beautiful sight to Mark. Not only was it slick and shiny from her juices, but her clitoris was hard and waiting, protruding from its hood and looking even longer than before. Her labia were puffy with arousal, swollen and spread for his tongue, and even before he went down to her, Mark could smell her wonderful aroma, fresh and musky. He paused for a moment or two, drinking in the gorgeous sight and scent of a very randy Amey.

Positioning himself between her legs, Mark folded her knees back towards her chest, holding them there with a hand on each beautifully toned thigh, and then lowered his mouth to her pussy. Fastening his open lips over her cleft, Mark began to flick her clit with his tongue. Up and down and side to side he worked at her button, rewarded by gasps of pleasure and delight from his new partner. Nibbling on it, sucking on it, pressing on it with his tongue, even gently biting it, Mark was determined to give Amey as much enjoyment as possible from her first taste of oral sex. He was succeeding too, Amey was in rapture, her eyes squeezed closed, her hands hooked behind her knees to help hold back her legs, her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip and her body jerking and jumping from the darts of ecstasy sent through her. She was making strange little noises in the back of her throat, as if trying to hold back loud cries of joy, and her head was rolling from side to side. The watching and transfixed Donna knew exactly what Amey was feeling, she had been there many times, and knew that soon her friend would enjoy her first oral orgasm.

“Don’t stop, for God’s sake don’t stop!” Amey’s voice was tight her words forced out from clenched jaws.

Mark responded by moving one hand from her thigh and running his index finger around the entrance to her passage, teasing her with pretended entry.

Amey’s involuntary hip movements were getting stronger, her noises louder and more sustained, and her legs pulled hard and flat against her body to give Mark even better access to her soaking wet pussy. Amey was nearly there!

“I’m going to cum, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Oh my God, Yeesss! Yeesss! Yeessssss!”

Amey’s final vocalisation was almost as loud as Donna’s had been earlier, the ‘oh my God’ triggered by Mark ramming two fingers right up inside her tight little passage at just the moment when her orgasm struck. Amey didn’t react to orgasm in the same way that Donna did. She was just as loud, using words instead of sounds, but instead of bucking and pushing against him, she just went absolutely rigid, her spine arched her fists clenched, her eyes tight shut and her mouth a thin line across her face. Then, as it finally subsided she let out her breath in one long ‘whoosh’ and collapsed back onto the bed, panting, gasping, covered in a sheen of sweat and trembling from head to foot.

“Jesus fucking Christ, that was fucking good!”

Donna and Mark looked at each other in amazement; neither of them had ever heard Amey swear at all, let alone in such a blasphemous way and they were rather shocked.

It was as if Amey suddenly realised what she had said, for she blushed bright red and threw her hands up to her face. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that, – but it was good, it was the best ever for me and it sort of slipped out.”

For some perverse reason, the sound of such language coming from someone he still looked on as an innocent, regardless of what she had been doing, turned Mark on even more. He was now desperate for release, his need to empty his sac almost unbearable. He turned to Donna, rolled her onto her back and, spreading her willing legs, pushed himself into her hot wet cunt right to the hilt. With his cock buried deep inside her Donna wrapped her arms around him, holding him to her as he soaked up the sensations he so badly needed.

“You could have fucked Amey, if you’d wanted, I wouldn’t mind. In fact you still can if you want.” Donna’s whisper shook Mark rigid. He hadn’t expected any of this to happen and he certainly hadn’t expected his girlfriend to offer her young friend to him. He didn’t know what to make of it, but that could wait. Right now he just needed a fuck!

But even fucking Donna held one further surprise. As he began thrusting into her, building up speed and rhythm, he felt a small cool hand wrap itself around his scrotum, gently fondling and rolling his balls, weighing them, and even vaguely tugging them back as he pushed into Donna.

Donna must have seen his eyes widen in surprise, for she looked at him quizzically, wondering what had happened. Then she found out. Amey was venturing from Mark’s balls to the base of his cock and his thrusts brought her wandering fingers into contact with Donna’s pussy. Now it was her turn to register shock and, surprisingly, pleasure. Her eyes widening momentarily before a look of enjoyment passed over her face.

“Good?” She asked Mark, wanting to know what he felt about Amey’s interference in their coupling.

“Yes!” How could he say ‘no’ to such a combination of sensations.

Donna nodded and relaxed back to enjoy it.

Meanwhile Amey moved her hand so that Mark’s balls now rested in the palm of her hand and her fingers lay alongside his shaft pointing towards the tip. Although her hand was small and didn’t extend far along his shaft, this had the meant that the tips of her longest fingers now entered Donna’s tunnel as Mark thrust in. Both Mark and Donna responded by shuffling themselves into a slightly more open position, allowing Amey to insert herself further into Donna. Both of them were now thoroughly enjoying the unlikely contact, their arousal intensified by the physical pressure of Amey’s hand, and by the mental excitement of such unexpected but welcome assistance. They were both almost at the point of no return.

Surprisingly, it was Donna who came first, her trademark shouts echoing around the room, the power of her climax magnified by the twisting fingers lying alongside Mark within her.

No sooner had Donna cum than Mark began to show all the signs of approaching climax, Amey’s fingers were having much the same effect on him. Subconsciously he was looking forward to shooting his load with Amey’s hand in close proximity, so close that she couldn’t fail to feel his semen rushing along his shaft on its way into Donna’s womb. It was an exciting prospect. But as soon as Donna’s climax subsided Amey withdrew her fingers and let them rest on Mark’s scrotum. Feeling a little cheated, Mark rammed himself deeper and harder into Donna, determined to get the most out of the orgasm that was very nearly upon him.

But Amey had a hidden agenda. Just as she judged that Mark was about to shoot she moved her hand back, pulled open his arse cheeks with her free hand and thrust her index finger deep into his anus. The small size of Amey’s finger and the liberal coating of Donna’s juices that covered it made the sudden insertion completely painless, but it was still as shock. It was a good shock, though, and had the right effect, for Mark rammed himself forward in an instinctive effort to pull away from the invasive finger and at the same time exploded deep into Donna’s cunt.

Mark didn’t usually make much noise when he came, but this time the feeling was so forceful that a deep animal roar escaped from his mouth as his pent up frustration was finally released and he pumped spurt after spurt into Donna’s body.

Amey’s finger remained pushed as far as possible into Mark’s arse until his volcanic orgasm was spent and he lay on top of Donna, gasping and exhausted. The she quietly removed it, leaned forward so that her still hard nipples rested on Mark’s trembling back and whispered in his ear.

“I always believe in returning favours, don’t you?” She giggled quietly and moved away, leaving Mark to recall his own fingers thrusting deep into Amey’s pussy at the moment of her own orgasm.

Afterwards the three lay side by side on the bed, still naked and silently smoking after-sex cigarettes, the skin on skin contact now seeming natural and of no concern. That certainly wouldn’t have been the case only an hour or two before.

Mark was lost in thought. He still found it hard to accept that Amey, seemingly so young and innocent, should in fact be so experienced and open in bed. Maybe she hadn’t had a man go down on her, but it was a good bet she’d tried most other things. While Donna, – well, that had been even more of a surprise. He would never have believed that she could allow Amey to enter into their sex lives or their relationship. Nor would he have believed that she would perform so openly before someone else or react positively to the touch of another female. As for Donna virtually inviting him to fuck her friend while she watched, that was something he would never have expected in a million years. But that was also where his mindset drew the line. It was just about ok to have sexual contact with someone else with his partners consent, but actual intercourse was reserved for his partner alone. Well, it had been so far, but, he admitted to himself, the idea of fucking such a beautiful and nubile girl was very attractive, especially now that he had seen through her apparent innocence. Maybe on another day ….!

Just then the age difference, generation gap even, was brought home to him by a stray thought that went through his mind, making him smile to himself. He had just had the classic old man’s thought.

“Young people these days! It wasn’t like that in my time!”

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