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Young Luci Cleans For Older Guys

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I had one year to go in my studies, at university, for my degree in public relations, arts, and media studies. I was starting to get a bit desperate for money. All my university bills were due. I was working part time in a coffee shop, but that had more or less stopped, since I had refused to have sex with the owner, even though he offered to pay me 200 dollars. I just did not fancy his big fat sweaty body on mine, and I knew he would want more and more if I agreed.

I was standing looking at the notice board, seeing if there was some sort of work that I could do. Then I noticed an ad wanting “HOME HELP” cleaning people for the elderly. It said that you work your own hours, they supplied everything, you just had to have a police clearance, be reliable, and have your own transport. They would pay for petrol. There was a phone number.

‘Hey that sounds ok,’ I thought, so I gave them a call, arranging an interview.

The lady that answered was very helpful, asking if I could come around and see her now, as she was in the office, and she was desperate for someone to start right away.

I had no more classes for that day, so I went straight around to see her. I was a bit surprised that the meeting was at her house. I knocked on the door and waited, listening. I could hear her running to the door, whilst talking on her phone. She opened the door, saying “Thank God, you were quick,” then replying to whoever she had been talking to, “Yes, yes, it’s all under control, yes she will be there tomorrow, okay thanks, byeeeeeee.”

“So, you are Luci?” she checked, as we walked through to the rear of the house where they had a big office built on, “would you like a coffee or something?” Before I could answer, she added, “Oh sorry, my name is Jean, thank God you are here. At the moment it’s a mad house. One of the girls has upped and left, went with her boyfriend. He wants to travel, don’t know where they are going to get the money from, he is such a loser. She works, he spends, I feel sorry for her.”

This woman was in her 40″s, around 5-4, but she still had a nice figure. She was dark-haired, wearing a white nurses overall, that zipped all the way down the front. I could see her nice still quite full breasts, cupped in a white uplift bra. I found out she was worn out. She told me she had split from her husband, and had 2 children to look after, 13, and 12, while trying to run her business, but they were good, and tried to help her as much as they could.

We sat down with our coffee, and Jean began to explain what the work entailed, and how much she was willing to pay me. With what I was getting at the coffee shop, this was quite a bit more, but it also took into account having to use my car. At least I was going to get paid for using it, if it would last.

“Luci, it might not seem much at the moment, but you can earn extra from the clients. They might ask you to do some shopping, cook them a meal, but don’t forget I only pay you for the hours I allot you, okay. But some may ask for extras,” Jean said with a strange sort of smile, “you will soon find out what that might entail, but they mean no harm … that is entirely up to you.

“Look, I am going to see one now, would you like to come with me, see what I do? He is very nice, but they are all like that. If I have trouble with any of them, I just stop working for them. But up to now, we have not had any complaints, and we are growing pretty fast, word is getting out about what we do,” she said laughing.

“Yes, why not, I don’t have anything to do today.”

We jumped into Jean’s car, and as she drove, she was explaining more about the job to me, “Luci, sometimes you have to be careful when you are doing some of the older men, who live on their own.”

I looked at Jean puzzled.

She started to laugh, “Well, they might try to touch you, feel your bum, or pat it as you walk past, so be careful when you bend over or what you wear. Some ask you to help them shower, they might want you to wash them, that’s up to you. Be careful, it’s all in fun, just beware of it, don’t let it go too far, the other girls seem to get on with it okay, but I thought I should warn you.”

That must be what she called extras, for she implied that these are very wealthy guys. “But if I hear about you taking them for a ride, or doing the wrong thing,” she warned, “I will come down on you hard. Please don’t, I think they will love you, but that’s up to you. Just be careful, some have friends in very high places,” Jean said looking at me, and smiling.

I am a true blonde, around 5-9, slim, hair down over my shoulders, 34c – 24 — 35. I am open-minded, and have, what I have been told, is a weird, quick sense of humour. I don’t smoke, I do look after myself. For what I have planned for my future, I need to look good.

We arrived at the client’s house, it was quite big. When I remarked about the size, Jean said “Yes, they are quite big, most are very wealthy, that’s why they can afford cleaners to come in, and clean for them, also they love their own independence. Most just want some company, that’s why I know they will love you. Now this guy, he is 71, but like most older guys, he has all his faculties about him, especially his brain, which is very quick. Don’t underestimate him, like many people do with elderly people,” she laughed, “well you will find out soon enough. They will love you Luci, you are the youngest I have ever employed, so just be careful, but I think you will get on well with them, you seem very mature for your age, and easy to get on with.”

As soon as Jean rang the bell, the door swung open, “Hi Jean, so who is this?” he asked, looking at me with a big smile on his face, as we walked into his house, which to me, seemed clean already, and smelt nice.

“Now Chris,” Jean said, “I want you to be nice to this young girl, her name is Luci, so don’t frighten her away, otherwise you know what will happen.”

“Now why would I want to frighten such a delicious girl like Luci away,” he replied, taking hold of my hand and kissing it.

I looked across at Jean, blushing.

“Now see what you have done to her, Chris.”

With that I burst out smiling, “Its okay Jean, it just caught me unawares, no one has ever done that to me … thanks Chris,” I said, smiling at him.

“Oh, I can see we are going to get on great, Luci,” Chris told me while looking over at Jean, “would you like me to show Luci around, while you do what you have to do?”

Jean looked back at Chris, “Yes that would be okay, I will see you in a while, would you like help in your shower today?”

“Yes please, do you think Luci could help me shower?” Chris asked, with a knowing smile on his face.

“Not so quick Chris, let Luci get used to you first, just show her around, then I will shower you, when I am ready.”

It was quite a big house, two floors, 5 bedrooms, with four toilets. When we went down to the basement, where the 3-car garage was, he led me into this huge room, that went under the house.

“Well, what do you think Luci?” Chris asked, “this is what I call my toy room.” My mouth must have fallen open. Chris laughed, “Its okay Luci, everyone does that the first time in here.”

On one wall, there was this huge TV screen, up on a small stage. It was like a small cinema, with seats, and some settee’s, and a bar in one corner. There were two huge fridge’s, full of whatever you wanted, a full size billiard table, a couple of poker machines, juke box, cabinets which when opened were full of DVD’s, games, and a table with two computers on. I stood there, taking in all of this in amazement.

Chris went over to one of the computers … suddenly flashing lights came on, and music seemed to come from everywhere, like in a disco. Then the lights went off, and a movie came on the screen. ‘No, it was not porn,’ I looked around.

Chris laughed, “It’s okay Luci, I have surround sound speakers.” I thought I heard a car drive from the side, then I saw it come on the screen. It was unbelievable, the sound was so real. “Luci, have a look at the juke box, then pick a tune, and press the buttons.”

I walked over to the juke box, picked a tune, pressed the buttons, then a video, came onto the screen, playing the tune I had selected, ‘REM, Losing My Religion.’

“So that is who you like Luci, I like them too.”

I looked at him, “God Chris, how many songs do you have stored?” I asked.

“Well, there must be around 1,000 … but I update them from time to time, all you have to do is press a button.”

He walked up to me, looking at the jukebox, putting his hand around my waist, “So what else do you like, Luci?”

I slipped out of his grasp, laughing, “No wonder Jean warned me about you.”

Chris smiled, “Sorry Luci, if I offended you.”

“No, it’s okay, I just was not expecting it so quick, let me know next time,” I said with a laugh, not realising what I had said.

“Oh that sounds good, so there will be a next time?”

Just then we heard Jean shout down to us. We headed back upstairs, Jean was at the top. When she saw us, she said, “I hope Chris did not annoy you too much.” She was happy and smiling.

“No, he was good. What a place, I have never seen anything like it”.

“Is Luci going to help us with my shower, Jean?” Chris asked.

“No, Luci can make us each a cup of coffee, if she would like to, while I do you.” Jean looked at me, “Chris can only bend his knees a bit, his back is not the best, so he has trouble washing himself, I will explain it to you later”.

So I went to the kitchen, where there was a coffee machine. All I had to do was press the buttons, it would do the rest. I stood there puzzled, ‘why would Jean want me to do that? If I made the coffees now, they would be cold by the time they finished with Chris’ shower.’

I sat there for ten minutes, wondering what they can be doing. Eventually, I went looking for them. I could hear whispers and moans coming from one of the downstairs bedrooms, so I crept along, wondering what was happening. The door was partly open, so I sneaked a peep.

There was Jean, with just a thong on, kneeling on the bed, leaning over Chris, as he lay on his back, ‘nude’ and playing with his cock and talking to him.

It was unreal, I listened for a minute, then I realised she was telling him all about someone fucking her, while Chris’ hands played with her breasts, and her bum. She made a funny noise, then my gaze followed his hand down to his fingers. I could see that Chris had his fingers on her pussy. He must have done something to her, because she was telling him, “Oh God Chris, that is so nice, you will have me cumming.”

Then I realised he must have his fingers inside Jean. I stood there mesmerised, wondering what I should do, if anything, they both seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Then Jean cried out, “Oh, oh God, Chris, Chris, I am cumming, oh fuckkkkkkk.” As she said that, she stopped playing with his cock, which I have to say was quite big, bigger than any others I had seen, or touched, not that there were that many.

As Jean stopped playing with his cock, she lay her head on Chris’ stomach, taking his cock into her mouth. He must have kept his fingers inside her, because she kept moaning on his cock, wriggling her bum, and I could hear those wet sex sounds coming from her so wet pussy.

Jean lifted her head, looking at Chris, “Okay big boy, it’s your turn now.” With that, she raised herself, placing herself over his hips, then holding Chris’ cock, she placed it at her entrance, and slid down it in one go. I could not believe it, but she was so wet, she took it all.

“Oh my God, Chris, you fill me up so nice, and so much.”

“Is it bigger than your husband’s?” he asked.

“Oh God yes, a lot bigger, and thicker. When you first push it into me, it still takes my breath away, with the size of it.”

She placed her hands on Chris’ chest, as he took hold of her ample breasts, playing with the big hard nipples. After she sat there for a while, getting used to the width, and size of Chris, Jean leant forward, letting her breasts rub on his chest as she started to ride him … to fuck him.

I just stood there, watching Jean fucking Chris. I thought, ‘God we were here to clean,’ then I thought with a giggle, ‘that could be one way of cleaning too.’

As I stood there watching, I felt my body starting to respond to the scene, watching Jean fuck Chris. I thought, ‘I wonder if I will be expected to do that?’

I could feel some moistness running into my thong, seeing Chris’ cock, ‘God, I don’t think I could manage that, it looked so big, thick, bigger than I have ever seen.’ I started to wonder what it would feel like, opening me up, going in so deep, could I really manage it? What would it feel like?

I wanted to open my jeans so that I could touch myself, I had not had sex for a long time, what with my full on university studies. Watching them fucking was getting me so hot.

I could see that Jean was enjoying herself too. She was groaning, telling Chris how beautiful and big and thick he was. So deep, he was inside her, as she rode that beautiful cock. I could see her eyes rolling to the back of her head, ‘Oh my God, she is going to cum again,’ I thought.

I could not help myself, letting my hand slide into my jeans, searching under my thong, ‘wow, was I wet.’ It felt like I had wet myself, I was soaking, I could not believe how wet I was. I touched my already swollen bud, letting a finger slide into me, thinking ‘Oh God, I wish that was Chris’ cock pushing its way into me, bursting its way into my stomach, invading my body, with that big cock.’

I had to stop, or I would be cumming. I did not want to cry out with the pleasure I was feeling, but when I saw Chris pull Jean further onto his cock, I nearly screamed out loud from the orgasm that I was giving myself. I had to bite into my arm to stifle my scream. God, it was so intense.

Chris had grabbed Jean around the waist, pulling her further down onto his cock, as Jean started to cry out, “Ooohh Chris, ohhhhhhh Goddddddd Chris, oh fuckkkkkkk,” pulling Jean all the way down onto his big, thick cock. She threw back her head, as he held himself so deep inside her.

Chris began to raise his hips, trying to get it all inside her, “Oh, oh God, Jean, here it cums,” he called out, and they both cried out together with the pleasure they were both feeling as they came together,

‘Oh God, I wish it was me,’ I thought, as I leaned back against the wall, recovering from my orgasm.

Jean just lay flopped on top of Chris, as they both kissed each other. I could see it was a normal thing, the way they were so comfortable together. They were laying there like two lovers, kissing in the afterglow of beautiful love making … OR JUST FUCKING!

I quickly zipped up my jeans, my fingers were so wet, sticky from swirling around in my juices. I ran back to the kitchen, quickly washing my hands, then once again switching the coffee machine on. I grabbed a magazine that was lying there and quickly sat down, pretending I was reading it.

As Jean and Chris came back into the kitchen, I wondered if they would notice the wet spot in my jeans. My thong was very small, and pulling up my jeans quickly, it had become trapped in between my outer pussy lips, and was hitting my swollen clit, every time I moved. I would have to go to the bathroom, to adjust it, even though it felt nice.

Jean looked at me, she was still quite flushed, “So, have you made the coffee?” she asked with a laugh, “something came up, while I was showering Chris.”

I just smiled at her, “Hey, you should have shouted out to me, I might have been able to help you, two would have made it better.”

She looked at me puzzled, “It’s okay, we got around it,” Jean replied, as she looked over at Chris, who was sitting there just smiling and looking quite content.

“Jean can manage very well,” Chris said, with a big grin on his face “she has been looking after me for nearly a year now, she does not seem to have any problems … at the moment, but I will keep that in mind.”

We sat there having our coffees, with Jean explaining what we do there, in the way of cleaning, “But I always look after Chris,” Jean said, smiling, “I know how he likes to be kept clean.”

‘I bet she does,’ I thought smiling at her, leaving her with that puzzled look.

“So what do you think Luci, do you think you can manage the job?”

“Yes why not, I might even get to like it,” I replied.

“Hey, that’s great Luci,” Chris said, then turning to Jean, he asked, “can she come here tomorrow?”

Jean laughed, “You are not due tomorrow, Chris, your next visit is in two more days, so you will have to wait, and don’t get all excited.”

As we stood up, Chris came over to me, taking my hand, kissing it, “Bye Luci, see you in two days, I will look forward to it,” he said with a big smile.

As we got to Jean’s car, she asked, “Luci, will you drive please, I feel a bit tired.”

I simply smiled and got into the driver’s seat.

“What?” Jean asked.

I just shook my head, still smiling.

“Oh God, did you hear us?” Jean asked, “tell me, did you see anything?”

“Hey, I could not help but hear,” I told my new employer, laughing, “you seemed to be enjoying yourself.”

“Oh shit, Luci, please don’t say anything.” She took hold of my hand, “Luci, I think we are going to get on great”.

“Its okay,” I reassured her, “what you do is your business.” I burst out laughing, as Jean went all bright red.

Jean looked at me, and burst out laughing with me, “God, for an older guy he can still teach me a lesson or two. Pity my husband was not like him, I would not have let him get out of the bed, he is a ‘big boy’.”

Jean seemed to turn serious when she told me, “When you go there Luci, you will have to watch yourself, and with some of the other guys. Even though they have turned 60, they still like to touch, so be careful. But Luci, look, please don’t take this the wrong way. If you don’t mind them touching you, you can let them if you want to charge them. The other girls do, so much for touching your bum, your breasts, some will ask you to touch them, some will ask you to show them your breasts. It’s up to you how far you don’t mind going, and how much you want to charge. It can be fun, they are great guys, just don’t get too greedy, they will soon let me know.”

We arrived at Jean’s house, “Luci, do you still want to try it? I don’t mind if you don’t.”

I thought about all my bills coming up. Even if I did not let them touch me, I would still be getting paid more off Jean.

“No, it’s okay,” I said,” when would you like me to start?”

“Would you like to start tomorrow?” Jean asked.

I thought about what I had on tomorrow, it was a free day, no lectures. “Yes, tomorrow is a free day, what time and where do I have to go?”

“Look, come around here at say 9am, and I will have two jobs for you. One will be for 2 to 3 hours, he is very nice, Tom is his name, I think you will get on great with him. The other is for 3 hours, he is very nice too, or would you like to just start with one?”

“No give me two, and let’s see what happens.”

“Ok, right, what size are you, I need to give you some uniforms.”

“10 or 12,” I replied.

Jean went out of the room, coming back shortly with 3 brand new overalls. They were white with the companies name on the side, “When you have been here for a while, and you are happy, I will get your name embroidered on them, but you need a name tag for now.” With that, she got out a plastic tag holder, and used the computer to print my name in big letters so that the older clients could read it.

I whizzed back to my room in the university, feeling relieved, knowing I would soon have some money to pay my bills, and my credit card which was maxed out. I had a shower, then thought, ‘Hey, I wonder if my uniform fits?’ I should have tried them on, so I opened one of the packets, undoing the zip, which went all the way down to my waist. Stepping into it, zipping it up, to about 6 inches from the top, I looked into my big mirror, ‘hmmmmm, it’s not too bad.’

Then when I went to bend over, wow! With being tall, you could nearly see my pussy, for I had not put on any underwear, ‘God I will have to be careful when I bend over,’ I thought, ‘I don’t want to give them a heart attack.’ I thought for a bit, then it hit me, ‘Where are those white short shorts I have?’

I found my shorts, holding them up, thinking ‘God, they are short.’ So I tried them on, over a thong, they were a bit tight. I was lucky they were made of a stretch material, Even so, when I bent over, they went into the crack of my bum, but at least they would not see my pussy.

So the next day, I showered, got dressed, read the notes Jean had given me, what I was to do at my first job. His name was Tom, and off I went, feeling excited, wondering what he would be like.

I was thinking of what I had seen Jean doing, wondering if all the guys were like that, wondering what they would expect me to do, if anything. I could feel my stomach fluttering, as I turned into the street where Tom lived, feeling tingles running all through my body, silly thoughts running through my head.

I arrived at Tom’s house, I could not believe it, it was huge, on about 5 acres, a 4-door garage, and a small house at the side.

As my notes instructed me, I drove around the side of the house, to a big side door. I nervously got out of my car, walking up to the door. Just as I went to ring the bell, it opened, giving me a bit of a fright.

“Hi,” I said, “my name is Luci, I have taken over your cleaning duties.”

“Okay, so what happened to the other girl?”

“She has left,” I replied, “something to do with her boyfriend, I heard.”

“Hmmmmm okay, you had better come in, and let me show you around.”

He was around 6-2, grey hair, cut short, he still stood very erect, looking very fit, looked like he might have been in the Army when he was younger. He had light brown slacks on, and a dark brown tee shirt. His whole body looked tight, lots better than many younger guys I have seen, he was fit.

He stood aside as I walked in, “Ummmmm, that’s a nice perfume you use,” Tom said appreciatively.

I looked at him smiling, “Thanks, glad you like it,” I replied nervously.

We went into the kitchen, Tom looked at me and asked “Did the other girl tell you what I like?”

I looked at him curiously, wondering what did she do? Cleaning to me was all the same, “No, I never met her, she left in a hurry,” I told him.

He laughed, “I bet she got herself knocked up, with that loser she had hanging around her, taking drugs and that. He just used her for money, I would not be surprised if she ends up doing tricks on the street.”

Not knowing the other girl, I did not know what to say. I looked at Tom, “So, would you like to show me what you like?”

He looked at me smiling, “Okay Luci, as this is your first day, I will explain it to you, but you don’t have to do it, if you do not want to, okay?”

“Yes, that would be great.”

“Okay, here goes, I used to get her to do the cleaning in a thong. I have a few thongs upstairs, still new. Sometimes, I would get her to massage me, if you know what I mean, but it was not every time. I would love to see you in a thong, I bet you have a real hot body, I bet all the guys hit on you”, he laughed. “I am not as young as I used to be, but don’t forget we older guys still like to see, and touch ladies, and there is one thing I miss, the feel of a young girls tight butt, and I have to tell you Luci, yours looks great.”

I looked at him amazed, “Wow, I was never told I have to do that,” feeling myself starting to blush.

“Hey Luci,” he said,” I pay extra for you to do that, and since it’s all in cash, it’s all yours, if you know what I mean. And seeing what you look like, I would love to see you in a thong.” He looked me up and down, taking in my body, “I used to pay her $50 to wear a thong. Then sometimes I would get her to give me a bit of a massage, and pay her an extra $100. But for you, what say I give you $200, just to do a massage in your thong, and touch me. How does that sound?”

He must have seen the look of astonishment on my face, “Hey Luci, don’t take it the wrong way.”

“No, it’s not that,” I replied, attempting to assure him that I wasn’t offended, “it’s just that I thought when guys got older, they did not bother with sex.”

“Luci, let me tell you a thing or two. Even though we get older, guys don’t stop thinking of sex, we think of the ones who got away.” He burst out laughing. Just then the phone rang. He held up his hand, putting a finger to his lips, indicating for me to be quiet. He then put his hand over the phone, “Luci, I have to take this, I will be in my office, start what you have to do, then I will call you, okay?”

I nodded my head, and walked out of the kitchen, thinking how I was starting to warm to Tom. He was so casual, down to earth, fit, and so clean looking, so pleasant to talk to.

I was to be here for 2 to 3 hours, so what shall I do? Yes I really needed the money, and $200 would go a long way to help me, on top of the hours that I would get paid for being here cleaning. ‘Oh God, what shall I do?’

I could feel my breasts starting to tingle, at just the thought of walking around in a thong in front of this man. What if he wanted me to play with him? Its not as if I have not played with other guys, but this was for money, was I being a whore? All these thoughts were running though my mind, as I went up the stairs to see what I had to do there.

I walked into the main bedroom, it was huge, with a nice big balcony looking out over the ocean. I did not realise he was so close to the sea, it was unbelievable, I stood there just looking out.

I heard the phone in the bedroom ding as he replaced the receiver downstairs. Thinking that he had just finished talking, I went into the bathroom to start to clean. But I just stopped there, it was spotless, everything was in its place. Walking back into the bedroom, it was the same, the bed was made. I walked over to the wall, looking at all the photographs hanging there, they were all of him in the Military, in his uniform, with other soldiers, all with guns. You could tell he had been shooting it, lots of shots in the jungle, then I realised it was Vietnam, he must have been there. There was a case with all his medals in, ‘Oh wow, a real live hero,’ I thought.

As I was looking at his pics, his voice startled me, “So there you are Luci,” he said making me jump. I had not heard him coming up the stairs, or even walking into the room, he was so quiet.

“Well do you like the pics?” he asked, “they were in the bad old days, lots of guys did not come back, I was one of the lucky ones.”

He told me a bit about them, but not too much. I could see it was paining him, bringing back memories, but I think he wanted to talk about it to someone. “Hey Luci, let’s go and get a coffee?” he suggested.

I looked around, “So what did the other girl do for you?”

Then I saw the glint in his eye, and a little smile, “Well, to tell you the truth, Luci, all I really want is to watch a beautiful girl walk around in a thong, there is nothing nicer than the female form.”

As we walked down the stairs, I could feel his eyes on my bum, watching it swing as I carefully negotiated each step. I got a funny feeling in my body, starting to make my breasts, and nipples tingle, then feeling it running down into my pussy. ‘Oh God,’ I thought ‘he is turning me on.’ I never thought older guys still thought of sex, but it was a nice feeling, and I did like him. I thought he would have been a great example in the army.

We went into the kitchen and Tom poured out two coffees, “So Luci, what do you think, it’s all up to you, no pressure,” he said.

I could feel my body getting those feelings some women get when they fancy a guy, my nipples were hardening, and I could feel some moistness slipping into my pussy. ‘Just as well I have those shorts on,’ I thought, ‘my very brief thong would not have stopped it.’

I sat there looking at Tom, once again I liked the look of him, and I have to admit I was thinking of the money. ‘If I say no, he will ask for someone else.’

“Okay Tom, let’s see how I feel. If I start to feel uncomfortable, I will get dressed, okay?”

“Luci, that will be great, let’s just see how it goes, would you like me to get you a thong, or what would you prefer?”

I looked at Tom, seeing the expectation in his face. I stood up, and I slowly pulled down the zip on my uniform, hearing him gasp as I let it slide down off my shoulders.

I did not have on a bra, and my breasts are quite firm, so my 34c breasts, with hard nipples, stuck out. The uniform slid over my tiny shorts, leaving me standing in just my white tiny shorts, and my shoes.

“Oh God, Luci,” he gasped, “where were you when I was younger?”

I could see the start of an erection in his tight slacks, ‘Oh my God, he is getting hard,’ I observed silently. I undid the zip to my shorts, pulling them down over my hips. With them being so tight, they nearly took my thong down with them.

I could feel Tom’s eyes burning into me as I turned around, so that my back was to him, knowing he would see my so small thong covering my wet pussy. I just hoped he would not see how wet I was.

I looked at Tom, his eyes were wide open, staring at my hard breasts, my oh so hard nipples. I had to wriggle my hips to get my shorts down, all the time feeling Tom’s eyes on me, feeling my juices starting to slip into my pussy.

My short, short shorts slid to the floor, I stepped out of them, feeling the cool air hitting my body, my nipples.

I am proud of my body, I do not smoke, I exercise 3 times a week. For what I want to do in the future, I would have to look nice. I might try some modelling, but I wanted to get into TV work.

“Oh God, Luci, you are so beautiful, I wish I had met you when I was younger, you would not have got away.”

I stood there in my brief thong, with my hands by my sides, not knowing what to do with them, feeling my face starting to blush. I had never stood there like this, in a very brief thong, with my nipples so hard, watching someone stare at me, like Tom was. I could see the lust, desire, and the admiration in his eyes. I knew he wanted to touch me, I could also see the outline of his cock, which had not been like that before.

I looked at him, starting to feel relaxed, “Okay Tom, what do I have to do, to clean, the place looks spotless to me now.” To emphasise my point, I was looking around.

“Why don’t you just relax, get used to it. Say, why don’t I show you my thongs, you might like them?”

I smiled at him, thinking about what he wanted. He wanted to watch me walk up the stairs with him behind me, so that he can watch my bum.

We got to the stairs, I stopped, looking at him. “Ladies first, Luci,” he said smiling.

I felt my pussy tingle, feeling a little bit of my secretions run into it. Once again, I looked at him, “Why don’t we both go up together,” I asked smiling.

Once again he laughed, “No, you go first, I am a bit slower than you.”

I could not help from laughing myself, “Okay, but I think the day you will be slower than me, is a long way off.”

With that I started to walk up the stairs … walking up them quickly, smiling to myself.

“Hey, slow down, Luci, don’t forget how old I am.” He said it with a laugh in his voice.

I looked around, he was right behind me, “I thought you wanted me to go slow? You are right behind me,” I teased.

Tom just laughed at me again, “Well, you did stop here, that’s how I caught up to you”.

We both burst out laughing, ‘Oh God, he was getting to me.’

He gave my bum a little squeeze, as I resumed climbing the stairs. So I slowed down, taking each step carefully and accentuating every hip movement, giving my hips a bit more of a swing, and raising my feet a bit higher. That made my bum swing more, “Is that ok for you, Tom? Is this slow enough for you?”

“Oh God Luci, you have the nicest butt I have ever seen, and I have seen some,” he boasted.

When I reached the top step, I was wondering which room to go to. Suddenly I felt Tom touch my bum again, that sent shivers running all the way through me, feeling my nipples tingling, wanting to be kissed, touched.

I looked around at him, “Oh I’m sorry, Luci, but I could not help myself.”

“Tom, it’s ok, I don’t mind, it’s nice that you find me attractive, I find you very relaxing to be with.” I leant over to him, and gave him a kiss on his cheek, and took his hand, “okay, where do we go?”

I was starting to feel very relaxed and safe with Tom. I knew he would not step out of line, and that he would stop if I asked him to.

He took hold of my hand, leading me down the upstairs hallway to a bedroom. I looked in and saw that it had mirrors all around the walls, with weight benches, all sorts of fitness equipment, and a massage table, with oils nearby.

“So this is where you work out?” I said to Tom.

“Yes, and I give great massages,” he told me confidently with a laugh, “perhaps you might let me give you one someday?”

I looked at him “Yes, why not, as long as it is gentle, I love getting massages.”

He went to a small draw, opening up the top, pulling out some thongs, he looked at me, saying, “I think this will do you, Luci.”

I took the thong off him. When I looked at it, I realised it was one of those thongs called “Brazilian thongs” they were very small. It would barely cover my pussy, just as well I keep it nice and shaved. I held it up looking at it, seeing the smile come on Tom’s face.

“Luci, I have been looking for a girl like you, to try them on, you have the figure to wear them.”

I looked around wondering where I should go to get changed. Tom saw my quandary, smiling, he suggested, “Change next door if you want Luci.”

I went next door, slipping off my own thong, which I thought was small until I saw the one Tom gave me. I noticed that mine had some moistness on it. That was when I took off my clothes for Tom. It was the first time I had ever done anything like this, but I had enjoyed his lustful gaze on my body. That was what got me tingling, feeling his eyes taking in all my body, nearly all tanned, with just a small white line where I had worn a thong. The white line covered my shaven pussy, while my full high 34c breasts, my 25″ waist, my 35″ hips, and long legs were all tanned. That’s when I felt some more of my juices run out of my pussy, thankfully he did not see it.

I put on the thong he gave me, ‘Oh God, it was brief.’ I might as well have not had one on. It had a very small piece of silk that fitted into my pussy, the rest was just strings. I could feel it rubbing on my clit as I walked around. No matter what I did, it seemed to bite onto my clit. Maybe that was the idea, to help keep me in a high sense of arousal.

My nipples were so big I thought that ‘you could hang your coat on one.’ I could feel my clit being stimulated every time I took a step.

I walked back into Tom’s ‘gym,’ “Oh God Luci, you really look great in that thong, I knew they were made for you.” Tom said it with his eyes wide open and full of lust.

I could feel some more wetness run down to my already wet pussy. I had never been complimented like this before. Tom made me feel real good, then I thought back to what I had seen Jean do yesterday, thinking, ‘I wonder what Tom’s cock is like?’ Wow, I wondered where that came from, I could see a nice bulge in Tom’s slacks.

“Turn around, Luci” he directed, “oh God Luci, your butt is so tight,” he enthused as I turned around, doing a little dance, making my bum sway, seeing my body from all different angles, through all the mirrors on the walls.

Tom stood there admiring me, I could see that he wanted to touch me, because I could see quite a large lump in his pants, which was starting to grow bigger. He had obviously had that hard-on for a while, for I could see he had adjusted himself, and it was lying on his thigh. ‘Wow, for an old guy, he seems well equipped,’ I thought. I nearly resorted to the old cliché, ‘Is that a gun in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?’

I just could not help myself, I began to giggle, and then Tom did too. That broke the ice. I knew he wanted to touch me, so I thought, ‘Hey, I do really like Tom, even though we had just met. But here I was more or less nude, so what the hell, as he had said all older guys still like to see, and touch.’

With that, I walked over to him. He stood there looking at me, then I put my hands on his shoulders, slowly pulling him close to me, his hand went around me, “It’s okay Tom, you can touch me as much as you want,” I said looking into his eyes.

I felt him shiver as he pulled me close, he was gentle as I felt his hands start to explore my quivering body. I had never done anything like this, I put my arms around Tom’s shoulders. With him being a bit taller, that tends to pull a girl’s body onto the guy, he must have felt my hard nipples boring into him, through his thin tee-shirt, as he kissed my neck, sending all sorts of tingles through my body. As his hands went down my back, caressing it, I thought, ‘Oh God, if he keeps doing that he will be able to fuck me.’ Having my back stroked is one of my weak points.

I could feel his hardening cock starting to push onto my stomach, as his hands went onto my bum, gently cupping my cheeks, pulling me onto him, I slowly let my hips start to rub back to him, swaying my bum slowly, as he pulled me close to him.

My heart started to quicken, feeling Tom’s hardness pushing onto me, and his hands caressing me, touching me, so gently. I wanted to feel his hard cock in my hands. He felt BIG, but then again I have not had many lovers. He would be only my third, if I did let him fuck me, and my body was saying yes at this time. All my womanly juices were running into my pussy. I thought I could feel my pussy opening up, like a flower to the rain, wanting to take what was being offered.

He leant down, taking one of my so hard nipples in his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue, gently biting it, sucking it. I hung onto his neck, feeling my knees starting to weaken. I wanted Tom to just pick me up, take me to bed … anywhere, just fuck me, fuck me, that’s all I could think of. Tom’s hard body on mine, with his big cock inside me, fucking me, doing what he wanted to me, for as long as he wanted. I could feel all his experience in his wondrous hands caressing me, cupping my bum, pulling me onto the still covered cock.

As he was kissing my breasts, I was leaning back a bit, so I let my hands slide down to his slacks, feeling that beautiful hardness laying there, waiting to be freed. I looked into Tom’s eyes, seeing the lust in them, “Tom would you like me to hold you?” I could feel myself blushing, as I said it, but the look on Tom’s face was of pure lust, and pleasure. I knew I had said the right thing.

“Oh God yes, yes please, Luci,” he cried, as I started to undo his belt. I felt his cock twitch as my hand touched it, then I undid his zip, letting his slacks fall to the floor. He had on tight little boxer undies, more like my shorts. I could feel his cock wanting to be freed, so I started to slide them down, but they stopped. It was his big cock stopping them from dropping any lower. I reached in, ‘Oh God, it was so hot, so thick, and big.’

I heard Tom gasp as I took hold of it, feeling the heat in my hands as it throbbed, so hard, feeling some pre-cum on the head of this beautiful cock, as I slid his tight boxers down. When I looked at it, I knew why he needed tight boxers. To hold his cock in! I looked at it, wondering how many other girls have had hold of it, felt it enter them, fucking them. How many others have sucked it, tasted his sperm, ‘Oh God, what am I thinking.’ But I would do it if Tom wanted me to.

Tom lifted me up, then once again cupping my firm hard bum, he positioned me so that his cock went between my legs, “Oh fuck!” It felt like an iron bar there, I could feel some of the veins rubbing on my pussy. Then as he started to slide me on it, I could feel that thong rubbing my clit.

“Oh God Luci, what are you doing to me, much more of this and I will cum,” he cried, “it’s been so long, and your pussy feels so wet, so hot.”

I clenched my legs tighter, getting a better grip on that beautiful hard, hot cock, as I felt my thong rubbing on my clit, as all my juices ran onto his big cock, as Tom dry fucked me.

I don’t know about Tom, but I knew I would not last much longer, the sensations going through my body, with him fucking me like that, kissing my breasts, as I held onto his neck. I had never felt like this before, I was wishing he would let his big cock slip into me. I wanted to feel it so much.

I tried to get his big cock to slide inside me, but that damn thong on my clit, and in my pussy, stopped his cockhead from impaling me, sliding into me, fucking me. I wanted it inside me, so hard, so big.

I could feel my body, my pussy wanting release, then I felt him start to rub that big cock between my legs faster, as my clit, rubbed on his so hard, so fucking big, hot throbbing cock. I was cumming, “Oh fuck Tommmmm, Tommmmm, uugggghhh, oh, oh fuckkkkkkk,” I screamed, as wave after wave of pleasure ran through me, “Oh God, oh God, Tommmmmmm.”

I hung onto his neck, biting it, sucking it, as my orgasm seemed to go on, and on. I just hung there like a limp doll, as my pussy felt so hot, pulsing, letting my hot juices run onto his cock.

After I came down, feeling my hard nipples still sticking into Tom’s chest, they felt so nice there, so tingly, so sensitive, as he gave them one last kiss, sending shivers all through me again.

I put my hands on each side of his face, staring into his eyes, “Tom, that was so nice, I am glad I have met you, hope you don’t mind, but one day I think I would like to take it further, and please don’t offer me money.”

We stood there looking at each other, “Oh God Luci, I would love to do that, just let me look at you. I have never seen any girl do that before, you are so hot,” he said, as he kissed me, “that was so unbelievable, so hot.”

I kissed Tom, still feeling that big cock on my so wet pussy, as I felt my body starting to come down from so much pleasure. I let my hand slide down to his, still hard cock, holding, wondering how he was still hard, “Tom can I make you cum please?” I asked.

He pulled me close, “Oh God yes Luci, but I enjoyed what just happened. As I say, I have never seen a girl do that before. In all my years, you were so hot, I will never forget that.”

I kissed him, saying, “Thanks Tom, but the pleasure was all mine” as I started to laugh. Taking his hand I led him over to his massage table, “Tom would you like to lie down, I would love to make you cum.”

With that, Tom got up onto the table. I reached across for the oils he had there, asking him “Which is the one you like to use?”

I looked at his still hard big cock, and smilingly I said, “Tom I know it might hurt but would you lie on your stomach.”

He started to laugh with me, putting his arm around my waist saying, “Luci I think we are going to get on great,” as he patted my bum, before he turned over.

I started to rub his shoulders, I could feel the stiffness in them, “Wow Tom, you are so stiff,” I told him.

He laughed, “Yes, that’s for sure.” Then I realised what he meant, and I laughed with him, giving him a gentle slap on his bum with my open hand.

I poured more oil on his back as I worked my way down his so hard, still well defined body, ‘I bet there are lots of young guys who wished they had his body,’ I thought.

When I got to Tom’s bum, I felt it clench in reaction. Laughingly, I said to him, “I don’t think you like to be touched there.”

“That’s for sure Luci,” he replied, “no one goes there.”

“Okay, but maybe next time. You never know, you just might like it. I was only going to massage you there.”

I worked his thighs, his legs, getting him to open them, letting my hands go up by his testicles, touching his balls, gently stroking them, feeling him jump, “Hey, it’s okay Tom, I will not hurt you, just relax.”

I poured some oil on my breasts, jumping up on the table, as Tom looked around, wondering what I was doing.

“Now just relax Tom,” I said, as I lay down on top of him, raising myself up on my arms, letting my breasts rub on his back. As I started to slide up and down his body, letting my breasts go in between his legs, rubbing my hard nipples on him, kissing the back of his neck every time I went up there.

“Oh God Luci, where did you learn to do that? I can feel all of you, it’s unbelievable, more, I need you to do more.” he said laughing.

I knew I was keeping Tom aroused, I could tell by his breathing, and moans, so I thought I had better do what he wants me to … play with him, give him some release.

I jumped down off him, and Tom looked at me, “God Luci, why did you stop, I was enjoying you doing that, feeling your tight young body on top of me.”

I laughed, “Just turn over big boy,” I said with a big smile.

He turned on his back, and then as he lay there, I put some oil on his chest, rubbing it all over him. He was smooth, thank God. No hair to rub on my nipples, which were so sensitive at the moment.

His cock was standing up, so hard. I took hold of it, as Tom held his breath, “Well, what we are going to do about this Tom?” I asked, “it’s going to get in the way.”

“Well you can do what you want with it Luci, it’s all yours.”

“Wow, do you mean that big thick thing is all for me? It’s too much for me, I have never seen anything that big and thick before, I don’t know what I can do for it.” I was teasing him, a big smile on my face, letting Tom know that I was joking with him.

I finished rubbing the oil on Tom’s chest. He was holding my bum, feeling it, sliding his hands all over it, “Luci, you must have one of the tightest butts I have ever touched,” his fingers searching for that forbidden entrance.

“Okay big boy, open your legs,” I ordered as I slipped off that thong, letting him see my shaven pussy.

“Oh God Luci, that looks so nice, that is one beautiful clean pussy.”

He watched me in anticipation, so I jumped up, and knelt between his open legs. I took some more oil and splashed some on my breasts, then I leant over him, letting my breasts rub up and down his chest, going in circles, so that the oil was all over his chest.

I could feel that big hard cock on my stomach, and breasts, as I slid up and down on him. As I went down, I would stop, and lick the top of Tom’s cock, feeling him jerk with the touch of my tongue on his cock. Sometimes I would stop and blow on it, making him look up and see what I was doing.

He grabbed my arms, “Oh God Luci, what are you doing? I have never had a massage like this, but keep doing it, don’t stop,” he said moaning, and laughing at the same time.

I laughed with him, wondering, “Oh my God Tom, I wish I had met you when you were younger, I bet we would have had some fun times.”

He was moaning, as I rubbed my breasts on his cock. I knew he was close, so I thought now is the time for him to enjoy me. I pushed his big cock down onto his stomach. He looked at me wondering what I was going to do now.

I did not need oil on it now, for I was so wet with my juices. So I placed my knees on each side of his body, then lowered my so very wet pussy onto his so hot and hard cock, as it lay back on his stomach … all hard and hot. Then I started to slide back and forwards on it, feeling it rub on my clit once more, feeling the heat from his hot throbbing cock, sending thrills all the way through my wet pussy, as I rubbed my clit on his cock.

I wanted to feel that nice big hard cock slip into me, fuck me, feel it so far inside me, shoot all his hot sperm inside me, fill me, but I thought that will be something nice to save, to look forward to with Tom.

I leant over him, so that my hard nipples ran up and down his chest, letting him put his hands on my hips, and my breasts as I moved over him. I looked down at Tom, seeing his eyes opening and closing. He smiled up at me, and I leant down to him kissing him, “Tom, let yourself go, please let yourself go, I am very close to cumming too.”

I rode harder down on Tom’s cock, seeing the pleasure come into his face, “Oh, oh God Tom, I am cumming, cumminggggg, I called out to him, holding myself down on his big hot, hard cock, as wave after wave, of pure pleasure rode through me. I was screaming with pleasure, as Tom pushed his cock harder onto my swollen clit. My orgasm just seemed to go on, and on. I grabbed hold of Tom’s cock in my hand, pointing it to my breasts, stroking it, saying “Cum Tom, cum Tom, all over my breasts.”

He grabbed hold of my arms, “Yes, oh God, yes Luci, Luci, oh ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkk, Luciiiiiiiiii, oh fuckkkkk.”

I felt all of Tom’s hot sperm hit my breasts, it seemed to go everywhere. It just gushed out, splashing my breasts, as I milked it over them, seeing and feeling all that hot sperm on my breasts.

Tom pulled me down to lay on him. I could feel his heart pounding as I kissed him, holding his head, just laying on him, as we both came down from that loving feeling that had run through both of us.

I was still holding his cock, feeling it start to soften, “Tom, I think you have just surrendered.” I was looking down at his limp cock, and we both burst out laughing.

We lay there for a few more minutes, then I slid down off Tom, “Hey Luci, let’s go shower, get all that mess off you.”

“Look, you use this one, I will use the one next door,” he suggested.

I looked at him “Don’t you want to wash me?” I asked, giving him a cheeky smile.

The ringing of the phone interrupted us, “Shit,” he said “I have to answer that, sorry Luci.”

He jumped up, smacking my bum, and ran out of the room naked.

He was still on the phone when I went downstairs. I made some noise so that he knew I was there. “Look, I have to go, I have someone here, very important, talk to you later,” he said hanging up the phone.

“Give me a minute, Luci,” he said “would you like to make some coffee for us” and he headed back upstairs.

I had just finished the coffee, when he reappeared, walking back down the stairs with his robe on, “Sorry about that,” he said, as he came over and kissed me, putting his arms around my shoulders, holding me to him. “Luci, that was the most beautiful moving experience I have ever had,” he said, “I will never forget that, I only wish I had met you sooner.”

I looked into his eyes, “Tom, I have never ever done, anything like that before. Please believe me, I have never done that … all that was from what I had heard or seen, but I just felt you would like that.”

Once again, his phone rang. I smiled at him, “Go answer it, I will see you again next week, okay?” and I gave him a kiss on his cheek.

“Hey, your money is on the table, don’t forget it” he called to me as he went to answer the phone.

I went to the table, there was $500 there. I looked at it, and counted it, and put $300 back. Tom and I will sort it out next time.

As I drove away, I wondered what was in store for me at the next job.

The End

Wow, sorry it took so long to write another one, guys. If you liked it, please let me know.

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